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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  June 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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hydeck who is sleeping in. good morning, monika samtani. we begin with howard. good morning. going to abnice weekend. -- to be a nice weekend. it's good today, good tomorrow, good sunday. we're good for three, four days. let's talk about this friday morning because we've got good visibilities and a chill in the air with -- there you go, the capitol dome in the background. 79 degrees at noon. we're going to warm up nicely. dry air easy to heat. we'll get in the low to mid-80s for highs. whatever your plans are today, outside i don't think there's going to be any problems. just don't forget the sunscreen. satellite and radar from yesterday afternoon, here we are at 5:00 p.m. the scattered showers and thunderstorms which came across the region are all gone. we cleared out nicely. clear skies and light winds. we're down to 51 in frederick and martinsburg. 54 manassas. 62 on the bay and 54 in la plata. 5:00 a.m., here's monika. she's got the latest time saver
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traffic. starting off with some news on a water main break south of the beltway on telegraph road near franconia road. it's closed between wilton and sharon chapel road. again that is just south of the beltway on telegraph road with crews on the scene. so you want to be aware of that. the beltway itself at telegraph not a problem. 95 still looking good out of dale city. it's friday morning light coming toward woodbridge, the occoquan river and springfield. there had been some overnight construction in springfield on the inner loop toward braddock road so a little slow through that area. let's take you live outside. first of all the northbound side of i-395. this is nice and light at duke street. no problems as we head for the 14th street bridge. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are fine. now to the other side of the town. no issues between college park and bethesda. a quick look at university boulevard. all lanes are open. a look at 270 at 5:09. >> thank you, monika.
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former d.c. council chair kwame brown now has to court appearances today. >> brown resigned yesterday. wes' expected to enter guilty pleas both in federal and d.c. superior court. delia goncalves is live outside u.s. district court with details. good morning to you, delia. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. this is a pretty rare move. very rarely does one defendant actually appear in two separate courtrooms on two separate charges but indeed kwame brown will appear in two courtrooms. first up, he's going to answer to the bank fraud charges here in federal court later this morning. let's take a look at some video of mr. brown and the last days of his council reign. 41-year-old brown will plead guilty to falsifying bank documents in order to secure a loan to buy a luxury boat and a new charge, brown faces a misdemeanor campaign finance violation. an audit found $239,000 had
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been transferred to brown's brother's now defunct consulting firm. the campaign also failed to register 60 grand that his brother controlled. despite the ongoing investigation and turmoil in the council, members believe they can move beyond this. here's what marion barry had to say. >> i can guarantee you that council will be stronger than ever before, and the acting chair will be stronger than ever before. and i'm so glad this is behind us now and it is, that we can now focus on the real work of government. >> reporter: however, they do have to answer to the residents of the city, many who are shocked, disappointed and feel betrayed by the ongoing corruption scandals that are now blanketing several members of the council and an ongoing investigation in the mayor's office as well. brown again will be here in federal court later this morning he will head to d.c. superior court to answer to the
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misdemeanor charge later this afternoon. coming up at 5:30, hear from another council member and what he demands from the next chairman. jessica, andrea, back to you. >> delia, thank you. delia goncalves live outside the wilson building this morning -- outside court rather. suicides are killing more u.s. troops than the war in afghanistan. that's according to pentagon statistics obtained by the associated press. 154 active duty troops have committed suicide so far this year. that's an average of one a day. the suicide rate has leveled off for the past two years until this year's 18% increase. sexual assaults, domestic violence and alcohol abuse are also up. it's believed the weak economy may be a major factor since civilian suicide rates are also on the rise. the second child involved in tuesday night's crash in fairfax city has died. 5-year-old faith williams and her 7-year-old sister victoria were riding in their mother's
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honda civic. 27 williams was speeding when her car sideswiped another vehicle, hit the median strip and plowed into a minivan along route 29 near germantown road. the minivan driver remains hospitalized with serious injuries. a judge has sentenced the liquor store owner at the center of a 9 wants you to know investigation. richard kim owns the town square market in northwest d.c. last month kim was convicted of selling alcohol to a minor. the judge has given him a 30- day suspended jail sentence and a $550 fine. 24 months of unsupervised probation and 20 hours of community service as well. the d.c. alcohol control board could also decide to revoke kim's liquor license next month. the time right now is 5:05. i am watching your money and world markets. they've been heading lower yet again this morning. traders concerned that fed chairman ben bernanke did not actually commit to new stimulus measures for the u.s. economy. in testimony on capitol hill
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yesterday. checking the numbers the dow stands this morning at 12,460. it actually finished the day up 46 points but red arrows other places nasdaq closed down by 13 and the s&p 500 was down by less than a point. the founder of best buy has resigned from the company's board. he is 71-year-old richard choles. he -- schulze. he owns 20% of the firm and says he's exploring options for his ownership stake. that's fueling speculation he might leave a private takeover of best buy. say aloha. later this morning there will be a lieu was -- luau style party as united launches a new flight to honolulu, hawaii. but last night's theme was all irish. united gave a grand sendoff to its first flight from dulles to dublin, ireland. passengers and crew enjoyed
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traditional food and music at the gate. we were also promised riverdancing. i don't know if it actually happened. >> i don't hear it. i can hear the clacking of the taps on the floor. today a judge could drop charrings in the wikileaks case against an army private. that story is coming up. plus, we'll tell what you boy scout leaders thought of thousands of -- [indiscernible] it will take a game seven to determine which conference team is headed to the nba finals. it's seven after the hour. we'll be right back.
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we're coming up on 5:09 on this friday morning. it's a beautiful start to what's going to be a great day ahead. weather wise no complaints out there. we're starting with 50s and 60s. as we go throughout the day, sunshine all day long. lunch time a lot of people are going to be out on the sidewalks and the stresses just enjoying this -- streets just enjoying this one. high near 85. 6:00 p.m. still beautiful and 82. your full weekend forecast with some heat in about five minutes. let's go to monika with time saver traffic. in alexandria the beltway is fine but just outside the beltway fairfax water working on a water main break closing telegraph road between wilton road and sharon chapel road. in my next report, we'll take a closer look at virginia roads at 5:16. back to you. the time right now 5:09. today special envoy kofi annan is scheduled to meet u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton to discuss syria with another reported massacre of
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civilians this week, it's believed syria is on the verge of civil war. russia and china have vetoed sanctions of military intervention proposals. at fort meade a military judge is expected to rule on defense motions to dismiss ten of the 22 charges against army private bradley manning. manning is accused of leaking classified documents to the wikileaks week site. his trial is scheduled to start september 21. despite nearly 300,000 signatures collected by the group, the boy scouts of america say gays will not be allowed to be part of the organization. both sides met in oarltd to discuss the -- orlando to discuss the issue. scout leaders and officials say allowing openly gay leaders or scouts would, quote, become a distraction for the mission. tomorrow is the 9th of the month but we're not waiting for you to call your buddy. today we'll focus on male breast cancer at 5:49.
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in sports at 5:22, robert griffith iii talks about the progress he's making towards becoming a successful n.f.l. quarterback. >> next at 5:15, howard will reveal just how high he thinks it will go in the seven-day forecast. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. good morning. women come back to 9news now. it's 5:13 and 61 degrees. really not too bad out on the
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roadways i'm happy to say. if you're planning to head over on the beltway, north, south, east, west, all lanes are finally reopened after all the overnight construction. we're going to zoom into the northbound side of 95 coming out of dale city to woodbridge. no problems to report. we're looking good all the way into springfield and then in springfield there had been that construction on the inner loop of the beltway between 95 and braddock road. let's take a live look there on the northbound side of i-95. again just bunching up a bit here leaving route 6:44 and a quick look at 395 as well on the northbound side which is not too bad as you travel here at duke street. we'll take a look back at the maps again, this time to the other side coming from the west on 66, the dulles toll road you're fine. north of town looking good out of college park. we'll take another look outside and there are no issues to report as you head south on 270, 95 and across the american legion bridge on the west side of town. by the way metro is working on four of its five rail lines
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this weekend. the orange line will be closed between east falls church and west falls church for work on the silver line connection. shuttle buses will get you around the closure. on the blue line, trains will single track between stadium armory and addison road. the single tracking on the red line will be between tacoma and forest glen. on the green line there will be single tracking between college park and greenbelt. coming up in my next report, we'll take another look at area roads at 5:24. back to you. >> thank you very much and we're here with howard bernstein. you're in the pink and so is the forecast. >> tomorrow will be buddy check 9 day. another great thing going on tomorrow, the american heart association charity i like to support. they also do great work. the lawyers have heart 10-k run, they'll do it tomorrow morning starting at 7:00 a.m. at the washington harbor in georgetown. it's going to be a beautiful morning to get out and you can support them as well. >> get out early because it's going to heat up. >> it is going to get toasty.
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we have a great day ahead. temperatures are still comfortable right now. it's pleasantly dry. a really fine morning. we start with the bus stop forecast. we're talking about sunshine and comfortable temps. in the 50s and 60s. sunrise about a half an hour away now at 5:43. so we're looking good for the morning and we're looking good for lunch time. really good in fact. i think a lot of folks will be enjoying this whether they do recess or field day might be going on at the schools. 79 degrees. this afternoon about 85 by 4:00 p.m. by 5:00 83. northwest winds at at 10. it's going to be a beautiful day. yesterday a few showers and storms yesterday afternoon and evening. they're all gone. we've cleared out nicely. temperatures in the the low 50s. cumberland at 50. luray is at 51. it's 55 in easton and baltimore. 52 in gaithersburg. pax river naval air station and reagan national 61 degrees. a little bit of light right now
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on the eastern horizon. 61. winds south, southwest at 5 miles an hour. the humidity at 72%. so this air mass is nice and comfortable and we look at the weather headlines, a fantastic friday but a hot weekend ahead. temperatures will be going up into the upper 80s, even low 90s by sunday. we head toward monday, that will be our next chance of that stray afternoon thunderstorm. until then, i think we're looking really fine here the next few days. we did have the disturbances. they kept coming for several days on and off here. this storm in the atlantic finally starting to pull away. out to the west there's very little except high pressure coming toward us. as our winds turn more southerly, southwesterly over the next couple of days, that will allow the warmer temperatures to move in. future cast is all quiet although if your travels take you up into pennsylvania, here we are this afternoon and again on saturday afternoon. we'll see a decent chance of showers and storms up there. the farther northeast you go, the higher the rain chances. 85 today. tonight we're in the mid-60s in
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most areas with a few in the upper 50s so not as cool. tomorrow upper 80s to near 90. sunday low 90s. as we look ahead toward next week on the seven-day forecast, monday 87. there's the threat for the afternoon storm. a little cooler tuesday, 84. and wednesday into thursday, that's our next front. that will produce more showers and storms likely wednesday into thursday. thursday's high only around 80. it is now 5:18. back to andrea and jessica. >> thank you, howard. the nationals head to beantown after missing out on the sweep of the mets. >> it is 5:18. we want to take another look at our question of the morning. it is 66% ever adults use these even though they were originally marketed to kids. is it a, video games, b, piggy banks or c, gummy vitamins. >> here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. lynn wrote, for me it's a. don't have money for piggy bank
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and drink a health shake for the vitamins. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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it is 5:21 on this friday morning. really nice out there. clear to partly cloudy skies. starring in the 50s and low 60s. by 9:00 we'll be about 70. lots and lots of sunshine. there may be a patch of clouds off to the south of us, well to
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the south. we'll go toward lunch time. sunny skies. upper 70s, even 80, 18 in frederick. we're going to see highs get to the low to mid-80s. for your afternoon plans, absolutely gorgeous. maybe a shower across parts of southern pennsylvania. andre came and jess, over -- andrea and jess, over to you. >> there will be game seven in the eastern conference finals. >> robert griffith iii talked about making a big leap forward. good morning. i've only got a chance to see robert griffith iii three times during the last three weeks. the redskins only make one day of practice available to the media. the last time we were all there was last thursday. what a difference a week makes. rg3 seemed a lot more comfortable, calling plays and making plays. maybe they had a -- maybe it had a little to do with an aha moment he had on wednesday. he didn't pinpoint one specific play but said he was starting to settle in as the starting
5:23 am
qb, getting used to the speed of the n.f.l. >> it's not faster in practice by any means because on game day everybody is a little bit faster but i think i have gotten a little bit of a grasp of what it's going to be like on game day just based off of practice. >> he's learning really well and learning fast. we're getting to a point where we're comfortable and working on timing and everything like that eight coming together. >> now to day baseball get the mets. scoreless in the 5th but the mets change that. two-run homer to right field. 2-0 mets. they would add another run in the 7th. here's the nats' lone bright spot. ryan zimmerman, a solo shot in the ninth, his third of the season. naptions lose this one 3-1. eastern conference finals game six in boston. celtics trying to close it out but lebron james said i'm having none of that. three right here of haze game high 45 points.
5:24 am
heat win to force game seven saturday night in miami. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great friday. a major construction project will disturb a historic area of the district. that story is coming up. >> plus, we'll preview today's court hearings and expected guilty pleas from former d.c. council chairman kwame brown. >> if you're planning to head over on the northbound side of i-95, here's what it looks like in newington but just east of this point, telegraph road is closed south of franconia road with a water main break. coming up in my next report, a closer look at virginia roads at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. happy friday. i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. thank you for joining us. monika will have traffic in a moment and we're going to start
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with weather first with howard bernstein. good morning. it's a great morning out there. pretty skies. right now i want you to look at this camera shot we've got for you looking at the capitol. it's a gorgeous morning out there. i love this time of day where the sky is kind of lit and the capitol is still lit. sometimes we get some high clouds behind that but this is still -- i think this is going to be the beginning of a very nice friday across the area as temperatures will be climbing into the 80s. right now we've got 61 in town with some low 50s in other spots. 79 by noon. we'll warm up nicely with sunshine and by 5:00 83 after hitting about 84, 85 for the high a little bit earlier than that. showers and a couple of storms last night have all moved away and all fallen apart. we're left with generally clear skies. temperatures ranging from the low 60s here in town and also annapolis and down toward the pacs naval air station where it's 61. it's 52 winchester and culpeper. 54 in manassas and 53 up in
5:29 am
gaithersburg. today sunny, pleasant, not humid at all. you're going to love this one. if you have today off like mike hydeck, you are in good company with highs in the low to mid- 80s. let's go to monika samtani. weather has delivered. how about traffic? i would say we're -- it's delivered, yes. if you're traveling outside, it's really not too bad. we have just one little hot spot so i think we can deal with that overall. i'm going to start with the west side of town where things look great on the dulles toll road coming from sterling and 66 coming from manassas. we'll take a live look outside and show you what it looks like if you're planning to head north at backlick road in newington you're final. the one hot spot is telegraph road just outside the beltway, south of franconia road. a 12-inch water main break. fairfax water has been on the scene since overnight. it's taking a while to fix it so in the meantime choose your alternate route if you want to travel through that area in alexandria just south of the beltway. let's take you back over to the maps and this time we'll hit the inside of the beltway on
5:30 am
395. not bad at duke street and a live look once nor outside which is -- once more outside which is final. we'll go to the north side of town at 5:38. the culpeper police officer now charged with murder has a court appearance today. >> a special grand jury indicted daniel harmon-wright last month. in february harmon-wright shot and killed 54-year-old patricia cook while she was sitting in her jeep. the officer claims cook drove off with his arm stuck in her window but investigators say they have evidence contradicting that story. the accused east coast rapist has a competency hearing today in prince william county. there are reports aaron thomas plans to use an insanity defense. according to court papers obtained by wtop, thomas' lawyers plan to question their client's sanity at the tile of his -- time of his alleged crimes. he's accused of raping two teenage girls on halloween night back in 2009 in woodbridge. d.n.a. has linked him to 14 other
5:31 am
attacks. after a new charge surfaced yesterday, former d.c. council chairman kwame brown has two court hearings scheduled today. excuse me. brown resigned wednesday after federal prosecutors charged him with bank fraud. but now he faces a count related to his 2008 campaign. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live outside u.s. district court with more on this story. what's that about, delia? >> reporter: when we first heard about the bank fraud charge, we thought that would be. however, many folks were confused because we understand this campaign finance investigation has been ongoing for some time. finally we now know that kwame brown will have to answer to at least one charge in connection to his 2008 campaign for reelection for chairman of the city council. let's take a look at some video. we now know that kwame brown may avoid jail time for his plea and resignation from office. the 41-year-old faces federal bank fraud for inflating his
5:32 am
income on a loan application so he could buy a boat. according to prosecutors, he allowed more than $230,000 from his 2008 campaign to be funled to his brother and $60,000 of that was no accounted for. brown's brother is not facing charges himself but kwame brown will plead guilty to the misdemeanor today. meanwhile the council is working to replace kwame brown and address this ongoing controversy. here's what tommy wells had to say. >> i'm looking for someone who can really lift up and understand we're in a crisis. it's not just the two people that stepped down from the council, that there really is a whole issue of campaign finance and it's touched every council member or at least almost every council member and they're going to have to really speak to that, that the issue of their own ethics and how they're going to lead the council. >> reporter: mary cheh is the -- is now acting as council
5:33 am
chair until a meeting is -- until they call a meeting and they will then replace kwame brown with an interim chair. that person will serve for the next 114 days. that will happen next week, possibly wednesday when the interim chair will finally take that seat until a special election will come for final replacement in november. coming up at 6:00, we'll have more reaction from the business community and how they think d.c. and businesses can move on. back to you, jessica, andrea. >> delia goncalves, thank you, outside district court. tonight family and friends will hold a viewing for imagene stewart. she founded the house of the women's center and for decades helped women and families who might otherwise have been left to the streets. imagene stewart died last month
5:34 am
from breast cancer. tonight's viewing is at the bacon funeral home on 14th street northwest. tomorrow's funeral is at columbia lodge number 815. two members of a tree trimming crew are recovering after being hit by a truck. the workers were set up on new hampshire avenue in brighton dam road yesterday morning. montgomery county police say a box truck blew past the flaggers and piled through the work zone. the delivery truck driver has been charged with negligent driving and other traffic offenses. the workers have serious injuries but are expected to recover. montgomery county is once again tops in the country when it comes to graduating students. that's according to education week's diplomas report. it shows montgomery county public schools has the highest graduation rate among the 50 largest school districts at 87.6%. that's four straight years the county has topped the list. other d.c. area school systems did well, too. fairfax county ranked number two and prince william county
5:35 am
came in at 13. the time right now is 5:34. i'm watching your money. if you live, drive or spend some of that money seeking entertainment options in the u street corridor, a big construction project is headed your way. starting on monday ddot is starting a facelift project in the historic d.c. neighborhood. the 1968 riots left the community scared and then metro construction upended the corridor in the 1980s. this project to widen sidewalks, upgrade streets and improve intersections and landscaping should take about a year. >> i feel like with all the night life around here, it could be pretty complicated. >> we did survive years ago, the construction of the subway which diagnose up the ground for miles. we did survive that. >> a manager at ben's chili bowl says he thinks the project will turn out to be a good thing but some other business owners worry the massive
5:36 am
construction zone will turn off newcomers to the area. freebie alert. a summer free friday night movie kicks off at gateway park in rosslyn. this year's theme is friday night is election night. movies will run every friday from tonight through august 24 starting at dusk except in the event of severe weather. tonight's film is election. we know people haven enjoying mike's cool schools segment so we know you'll tune in tonight for his prime time special "cool schools: the future is now." you'll see both teachers and students who are taking education to the next level. mike will highlight new technology and great teaching techniques. he'll also interview some of the region's key decision makers about the future of education. "cool schools the future is now" airs tonight from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. right here on wusa9. an oscar winner takes the stand today in his effort to defend himself from a suit by a fellow actor.
5:37 am
the story coming up. >> plus, a young man who was wrongly imprisoned for years gets a workout with the redskins later today. we'll be right back.
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good friday morning. a beautiful morning out here. pleasantly cool. the air still nice and dry, clear skies. we're going to have a great, great friday weather wise as temperatures climb into the low to mid-80s. you can expect sunshine this morning, this afternoon, all day long. 70 by 9:00. by noon 79. northwest winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. high about 85 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature still in the low 80s. enjoy. the weekend forecast coming up in a few right now. monika samtani, happy friday. happy friday. it is happy friday for those of you who are heading south on i- 270 here at route 109. you can see how light it is heading toward germantown and the point where the lanes divide. in my next report we'll take a look at the beltway north of
5:40 am
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with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from ow facebook. -- from you on facebook. making news now coming up on 5:41, people in parts of colorado will spend their weekend cleaning up after several tornadoes hit last night. not only did some twisters cause damage, the hail that fell got close to golf ball size. there are no reports of any serious injuries. kevin costner expected to be back on the stand today in a new orleans courtroom. fellow actor steven baldwin is suing costner. baldwin says he was duped into selling his share of costner's company just before bp spent millions with the firm which makes cleanup devices used after the gulf oil spill. today a young man who's been cleared of rape charges is expected to work out for the redskins. linebacker brian banks was a promising college prospect ten years ago when a classmate accused him of rape. banks took a plea deal on his attorney's advice but he was exonerated last month after the accuser admitted she lied.
5:42 am
just how many days will we see temperatures in the 90s next week? howard's full forecast is coming up. >> plus, as father's day approaches, today's buddy check 9 focuses on a male breast cancer survivor. >> let's see who is celebrating a birthday today. former first lady barbara bush is turning 87. actor and comedian jerry stiller is 85. and potty mouth fashion critic jone rivers is 76 or rather 79. >> she won a golden globe for playing the good wife actress julie margulies is 45. plus, producer heather wants to wish a special happy birthday to her dad education in vienna, virginia. happy birthday, dad. ughhh.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:45. i'm wearing this wrist band. men against breast cancer held their first dudes party last night. that's why our news dude mike hydeck was. that's why he's not here. he was kind of partying a little hard last night. >> that's okay. he deserves a day off. he has a big special tonight at 8:00, the cool schools special. i urge you to watch that or set your dvr and i urge you to enjoy the day because it's going to get on the over the weekend. it will be 90ish the next couple of days. we've got temperatures 61 in town. 50s and 60s on our bus stop forecast this morning. sunny and pleasant out there. sun rise a few minutes ago at 5:43. we're going to have a sunny and warm day but not humid. by 11:00 77.
5:47 am
1:00 81. we'll get to mabel 85 today but it's going to abdry 8 a with northwesterly winds at 5 to 10. you'll notice the temperature at 5:00 p.m. still 83 degrees. so a beautiful afternoon in store for us after what was a little bit of unsented weather yesterday -- unsented weather yesterday afternoon with the -- unsettled weather yesterday afternoon with the showers and storms that came through. we're down to 52 in gaithersburg. out to the west sterling 51. haymarket, manassas at 54. 57 for springfield. and 53 up in upper marlboro. just seeing a little bit of the sun glinting off the capitol dome. it is a pretty, pretty morning here in washington. 61 degrees. humidity 72% and a wind now south, southwest at 5 miles an hour. as winds go more southwesterly over the next couple of days, we're going to see temperatures warming up. the middle of the country we have high pressure here. that's what's aheaded our way. bigger storms in the northern plains, down across the gulf
5:48 am
coast but out ahead of this front, this is helping to bring in the warmth. in fact, we've got temperatures in places like minneapolis 73 at this hour ahead of the front. for us there's nothing headed our way except for sunshine. a couple of high clouds may pass across the region. any showers and storms will be confined into pennsylvania, north and east of there. here at 6:00 it might sneak into northeastern maryland. tomorrow morning we start with more clouds and showers up in pennsylvania and new york and you see in the afternoon how this stuff stays well north and east of us. going up to scranton, binghamton, north jersey, you may run into that. today 85. tonight we're dipping into the 50s and 60s. more 60s this morning. 89 tomorrow. 92 sunday. going over to the beach water temps in the mid-60s. air temperature saturday mid- 80s. sunday around 91 and monday we'll be dipping back into the 80s. looking at the rest of the seven-day forecast, by monday we'll have a chance for an afternoon thunderstorm, temperature still on the warm side 87. another afternoon storm tuesday, 84. a few more storms wednesday
5:49 am
into thursday with the next front temperatures by thursday dipping to 80. 5:48. let's go to monika now, time saver traffic. things still doing all right but we have a few issues. >> we do. we have a couple of issues. i'll start off with d.c. where massachusetts avenue is closed basically between nebraska avenue and wisconsin avenue with an overturned vehicle and crews are on the scene trying to deal with that on the northbound side of i-95 no issues as you come up from dale city to woodbridge and into springfield. it's what we call friday morning light. but in der diser ya, just south of the beltway, tell -- alexandria, just south of the beltway, telegraph road is closed near franconia road. you want to choose an alternate route there as well. let's take you over to a live picture on the northbound side of i-95 and 395. this is pretty much what it looks like. you've got a few brake lights in springfield and a few brake lights as you approach seminary road. this time to the other side of town. no problems on the wg parkway as you head into the downtown area. a quick look at the american
5:50 am
legion bridge. a good indication of the west side of town and the beltway. tomorrow is the 9th of the month. this is your early reminder to call your buddy and tell them that early detection does save lives. with father's day coming up on june 17, we also want to remind you that men get breast cancer, too. william brown will be spending father's day with his eight children, five grandchildren, and three great grand children. he has a lot to celebrate this year as this will be william's first father's day cancer free. >> reporter: william brown feels blessed every day but especially on father's day. he's extremely proud of the four sons and four daughters he raised with his beloved wife of 63 years married. >> i get emotional when i think about her. she's the best wife a man could
5:51 am
have. >> reporter: the 86-year-old state department and national cancer institute retiree spends lots of time fishing on the chesapeake, cape cod or here volunteering at our lady of perpetual health catholic church. >> i'm not one to sit home and wait -- [ inaudible ] i'm gone. you'll have to catch up with me. >> reporter: every tuesday for nearly 20 years, william arrives early at the parish hall to help cook lunch for 75 seniors. >> just about ready. >> reporter: their friends come to play cards and eat good food. he's only miss add couple of days but not when he was diagnosed with breast cancer. were you aware that men could get breast cancer? >> it never crossed my mind. >> reporter: breast cancer is less common in men but about 2100 new cases will be
5:52 am
diagnosed this year and more than 400 men will die from breast cancer. >> they're not accustomed to thinking about examining their breasts. they don't do self- examinations. >> good morning. >> reporter: dr. robert warren is co-director of the breast health center at lombardi and mr. brown's surgeon. >> men are often diagnosed with larger lesions in later stages than women because they're not getting examined. >> reporter: in william's case, they watched the lump in his breast for nearly 12 years. >> i started feeling a sensation and it got somewhat larger. i just told him, we'll have to do something soon. >> reporter: luckily william's tumor was very slow growing. he had a mastectomy, his lymph needs were clear and now he's on tamoxifen. >> it will reduce the risk of developing a recurrence or new breast cancer. >> reporter: giving william brown a lot more time to enjoy
5:53 am
life. >> job well done. >> job well done. >> such a delightful manual. the risk factors include growing older, high estrogen levels, radiation exposure, especially in adolescence, a syndrome which is having an extra copy of the x chromosome and a strong family history or presence of the breast cancer gene mutation. to see this story again, go to and click on morning show. to keep yourself and your buddy in check, text buddy check 9 for a monthly detection alert sponsored by washington radiology associates. >> what a great guy. >> he is. he caught a hundred croaker the other day on the eastern shore and was cleaning them when i spoke to him yesterday. high profile state department job, high profile job with the n.i.h. he cannot be lazy. >> you can't stop that guy. coming up, we're going to preview today's court appearances by former d.c. city council chairman kwame brown.
5:54 am
>> up next, our entertainment insider joins us with a review of the new movie "prometheus."
5:55 am
5:56 am
there are a couple of new movies opening nationwide this weekend. if you have young kids, they're probably asking to see madagascar 3. in this one, al leg the lion, marty the see bra, gloria -- zebra, gloria
5:57 am
the hippo are still fighting to get home to the bib apple. their journey takes them through europe where they find the perfect cover, a traveling circus which they reinvent madagascar style. the director is offering up prometheus, described as a prequel to the popular alien franchise. denise got a sneak peek at prometheus and joins us with more. thank you for being with us. it's been over 30 years since the original alien. sir ribley scott, is he trying to tie up loose ends right now? >> it's been 30 years. he steered away -- [indiscernible] he wanted enough of three things. he needed originality. he needed strength and he needed truth. i think he got all of them in spades in this movie. >> really? >> oh, yes. >> it's amazing detail, effects driven movie, true ribly scott
5:58 am
style. he says this is 20% alien and 80% new idea. so the people, the few people who didn't see alien, are are they going to get this? are they going to like it? >> absolutely. this is a prequelese nonproquell. if you haven't seen alien, you can still get the story because it has all the factors that a good sci-fi horror film will have. remember, this is in 3-d. so you're going to get your money's worth. while it's a little more expensive, -- [indiscernible] you're seeing the actor in a real set that looks like a space ship. you're seeing the actor interacting with real things. that makes the shooting a lot more organic and gives you better depth of feel. >> you mentioned the space
5:59 am
ship. in greek mythology, prometheus means titan and in this case it's a spaceship. >> you don't have to be an expert to know that when you're traveling to far away planets to meet maybe your creator and the space ship named prometheus, things may not end up very well for you. >> you have to watch it to find out. scott says he was influenced by 2001 a space odyssey. did you see similarities? >> absolutely. there's a very smart droid who although he's a droid and not a human, he thinks a lot like a human and he has his own agenda. any time you do sci-fi and you think of sci-fi, if you know anything about the genre, you know about steven hawking, he did say if aliens came to visit us, it could end up just like when columbus came. it did not


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