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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> we thought we would end your day by showing you $100 million of your tax dollars going up in smoke. that is the rough cost of this global hawk unmanned drone that crashed on the eastern shore earlier today. this just may be the precursor of stories we'll be seeing in the coming months as drones are more and more frequently used by law enforcement agencies right here in the u.s. of a.
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gary nurenberg is in our satellite center with more on why. >> reporter: it's because congress ordered the federal aviation administration to come up with rules that would allow more drone flights over commercial united states airspace. a huge market for defense contractors who lobbied heavily to make that happen. those burning tax dollars are the remains of a military drone. the military has used them increasingly in recent years to survey and kill terrorists abroad. we heard last week how one launched missiles to kill al qaeda's number two in pakistan. now we're seeing them more often in the united states. >> i think there's an inevitability that they're going to be part of our everyday life. >> reporter: this is a police drone in miami. >> they can hover and it can move, so we can use it to gather realtime information. >> reporter: but there are dangers. a drone crashed into this c-130 in afghanistan last year and the congressional research service says unmanned drones have accidents at far higher
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rates than unmanned air crafd. congress wants more drones in commercial airspace and commercial pilots are worried about drone operators hundreds of miles away from their aircraft. >> they want those people to be trained to the same level of safety and security as current pilots are for airlines. >> reporter: mark wise is a retired airlines pilot. >> we have hardened cockpit doors, air marshals, federal flight deck officers on board aircraft. it's very difficult for somebody on board an aircraft to take over an airplane. >> reporter: when people think of drones they think of small aircraft, but they're not. the drone that crashed in maryland was 44 feet long. if you start where kathy is here, past jeff and go all the way over to where mike the director is sitting, that's 44 feet. that's the length of the aircraft. the wingspan is three times longer, 130 feet. you couldn't fit it in this news room. >> they can cause an enormous amount of havoc if you bring
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them into a building, if you hit another airplane with that. if somebody hijacks thefrequency and operates it remotely. >> we'll hear more buzzen than we do now. >> thank you, gary. breaking news tonight out of rockville where a person was hit by a csx train. it happened around 9:15 on the tracks at randolph road. the adult man taken to an area trauma center. train traffic has been halted in both directions as they investigate what happened. we'll bring you more information if we get it before the news is done in 30 minutes or so. and new information in the last hour about commerce secretary john bryson. the white house says bryson is going on medical leave as he undergoes some testness evaluations. the 6-year-old was cited for felony hit and run after two traffic accidents in california over the weekend. the commerce department tells
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the associated price bryson has limited recall of the events after suffering a seizure, and he is not yet been formally charged. some rain in the forecast as the 9 weather team declaring tomorrow a code yellow day. anne is in tonight with the top of the details for what's coming up. anny. >> big changes coming this way with showers and thunderstorms for tuesday, a very wet day. also concern about the possibility of flash flooding, because some of the storms could produce locally heavy rainfall. here's a look at live doppler h.d. to the west and south of us, the green, the light rain and showers we're seeing. a closer look at doppler, moving in from the west and southwest. the heavier stuff in charlottesville. you can see they're making their way through. they'll be scattered tomorrow morning as you're heading into work. overnight cloudy and muggy with storms and showers arriving. lows in the upper 60s to lower 70s. as you're waking up tomorrow, do not forget your umbrellas.
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you will definitely need them as we're looking at pretty heavy rain and thunderstorms for tomorrow. derek, back to you. new at 11:00, a dingo really did eat her baby. a coroner in australia ruled it killed a baby in 1990 in a case that made headlines all over the world. the girl disappeared from a tent during a family trip to the out back. the mother was convicted of murder and sentenced to life. that conviction later thrown out. tearful parents were in court for today's ruling. this murder mystery made it to the big screen with the 1988 film a cry in the dark starring meryl streep. tonight, the family of a d.c. man who died last week in police custody is calling for a full investigation into anthony chambers' death. as matt jablow tells us, police say chambers died after attacking several officers but the family is not buying that explanation. >> had he ever been in trouble with the law? >> no, not really. >> funny, caring and
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hardworking. that's how 38-year-old anthony chambers was remembered tonight by his sister. >> real nice guy, liked to rap, liked music. >> and by his 12-year-old daughter. >> i think it's sad, because my father didn't have to die. >> reporter: at a candlelight vigil and protest march three days after chambers died in police custody. >> racism must be stopped. >> amen. >> reporter: it was right around 3:00 friday afternoon when according to d.c. police, four officers were called to the unit block of peach street southwest to help several members of the department of mental health who are apparently interacting in some way with chambers. when police arrived, they say chambers attacked the officers, at which point chambers was put in handcuffs, lost consciousness and then died after being taken to the hospital. >> six or seven cops put their hands around him and beat him. >> reporter: but that's not at all what happened, according to chambers' sister, who says she was in the apartment when her
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brother was attacked and killed for no apparent reason by police. >> what they did was they restrained my brother and started choking him. they strangled him to death. >> reporter: and who tonight is calling for justice. >> they attacked him. i witnessed it all. >> reporter: d.c. police would not comment on the case beyond saying that anthony chambers' death is still under investigation, and that the cause of death had not yet been determined by the medical examiner. a source told me tonight that one of the police officers involved suffered several broken facial bones after being attacked by chambers. derek? >> thank you, matt jablow. disturbing video out of florida tonight where a woman's recovering after being set on fire. we have to warn you, this video is a bit graphic. the woman was waiting for the father of her 4-year-old son outside a 7-11 early this morning. but instead of dropping off the kid as planned, police say the man poured gasoline on her and then set her on fire as she tries to run away.
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roosevelt was found hiding in bushes several hours later. the unidentified woman is expected to survive. a civil lawsuit filed against the culpeper virginia police officer may be expanded to include the entire police department. that according to the attorney who represents the widower of patricia cook. cook was shot and killed last february while behind the wheel of her jeep. officer daniel harmon-wright is charged with murdering her. he was on duty at the time. this past weekend, harmon- wright was freed from jail pending trial after he posted bail. a man accused of intentionally driving a stolen car into a northwest d.c. office building was formally charged today with arson and assault with intent to kill. police say charles more real ball of new market, maryland, doused himself and the car with gasoline before then plowing into the connecticut avenue building last friday. according to the charging documents, ball said, and we quote, i want to speak to the fbi. i did this to get their attention. ball reportedly said his family
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was in danger and the frederick county cops wouldn't do anything to help him. the first witness to take the stand in jerry sandusky's sex abuse trial said he felt responsible for what happened to other victims because he didn't step forward sooner. the now 28-year-old man said the former penn state assistant football coach gave him gifts in exchange for sex. sandusky faces 222 criminal counts that he abused boys over a 15-year span. did a hotel ignore health inspectors to close, staying open and exposing guests to danger? reporter russ reveals the documents that have a marriott pool in some on the water. >> reporter: according to this d.c. health department memorandum, it was closed friday because of an imminent health hazard. once inspectors walked out the door after that inspection, the memorandum indicates the hotel allowed guests right back in
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the water. marriott markets the 1300 room park hotel on woodley road there northwest d.c. is one of washington's premier destinations so imagine the surprise of gists who wanted a dip in the pool this weekend, perhaps after a day at the nearby national zoo when they saw this sign saying the pool is currently closed for unforeseen maintenance. but according to documents obtained by 9 wants to know under the freedom of information act, the closure was actually ordered by the d.c. health department alleging staff was unable to provide certification of lifeguarding and cpr training, that the water system was in disrepair and conditions created a hazard to the public. marriott wardman park was also cited for ignoring the citation and reopening. they declined an on camera interview saying in a statement we take matters of safety and security. the pool is closed until
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further notice. >> we asked a spokeswoman about the incident and she said it would take 25 hours for them to give us information about a what happened. a pool safety consultant said this sort of incident is a really big deal that could make the hotel vulnerable to an accident and even more vulnerable to a potential lawsuit. i'm investigating reporter russ potosak. 9 news now. the u.s. coast guard thinks today's report of a yacht explosion off the coast of new jersey just may have been a hoax. a distress call this afternoon indicated the vessel blind date hat gone down with 21 people on board but everybody was able to make it to life rafts. tonight the coast guard said it searched the location that was called in, but could find no evidence of anyone or anything. the polls will be open at 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. for tomorrow's virginia primary. the voters will be casting
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ballots for u.s. senate, u.s. house and alexandria city council races. we've got a complete voter's guide for you at, and of course, we'll have the results tomorrow night on 9 news now at 11:00. still ahead on 9 news now tonight, a mile of forest gone, burned up every single hour in colorado as massive wildfires ripped through the western u.s. also a very special night for local teenagers who suffered from chronic or even life- threatening illness. we'll put on the tuxedo and cure sage and take you -- corsage and take you top an extraordinary prom night. coming up next.
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>> back now with a commuter alert about some work on the beltway. tonight crews will be shutting down three of the four lanes on the outer loop between georgetown pike and the oak street overpass. that work all part of the express lanes project. all the lanes should be back open again by 5:00 a.m. that. work is scheduled for every night this week. that is weather permitting. prom season may be winding down now for most folks, but tonight in arlington, a special prom for teenagers with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. as christen fisher tells us, the entire event was organized
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by one very special 17-year-old girl. >> reporter: sarah sanders hasn't even been to her own prom, but tonight she's running the no worries now prom at the top of the town. >> it's for chronic and life threaten illnesses and a day for them to have no worries. it really is important to ensure that everybody gets to go to a prom. >> reporter: people like 14- year-old alexus who is type one diabetes. >> you have to worry about what you eat and how much you eat. so that kind of drives me crazy. >> reporter: and then there's the daughters of margie and doug. >> they don't make cholesterol. >> reporter: the no worries foundation has been holding these kind of proms in california for the last four years, but this is the first time it's come to washington. >> you don't want to be special in that way, because you have a critical illness in your family or something, but after you've gone through it, you know, it was kind of nice to have special things like this to go to. >> reporter: there's food, pictures, and of course a d.j.
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♪ [ music ] >> i tell you what, the only thing really different about this prom is that the parents are here. but these kids, they don't mind one bit. they say that if tonight is a night for no worries, then they want their parents to have no worries as well. >> i feel more comfortable now she's here. >> i think it's beautiful. i'm like in awe, also. >> reporter: and the parents couldn't possibly be more impressed with the girl who pulled it off. >> it's amazing. >> nothing i would have even attempted when i was 17, i can guarantee you that. >> reporter: in arlington, kristen fisher, 9 news now. >> that's one amazing young lady. she'll be graduating next weekend. she's off to the university in omaha and will have a double major, health administration and medical anthropology. students in virginia have wrapped up a school year that has been far from normal. that earthquake that rocked us last august badly damaged their high school so the students had to move into temporary classrooms. seniors say it actually brought
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them closer. >> you basically saw immediately right after the earthquake, people definitely got together and you saw people who never talked hugging each other and comforting each other over the earthquake. >> it's still amazing. it would have felt amazing anyway, but this year it felt like we had so much more accomplished as a school. >> meantime the federal government awarded the county $19 million toward rebuilding their school. the total cost for repairs though? $43 million. tonight the u.s. forest service says it is dealing with 20 huge forest fires in the western part of the country. three of them are big enough to need what are called type one management teams, two in new mexico, one in colorado. the fire in northern colorado has destroyed at least 118 buildings. tonight, the crews say the fast- moving blaze is destroying one mile of forest every hour. >> zero percent contained. it's a wildfire, very large,
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unpredictable aggressive wildfire. >> zero percent contained. so far though, nearly 2,000 people have had to evacuate and right now firefighters just don't know when they'll be able to get this one under control. western kentucky would love to have some rain. church members across the region joined forces praying for relief from a two-month dry spell. farmers in the area say without rain soon their crops will face ruin. farmer kenneth crooks says normally in april and may he sees about 8 to 10 inches. this past april and may he barely measured two inches. they need rain there, could use rain in colorado. we are going to get all the rain tomorrow. >> we, of course, still need the rain, too. we're about 4-5 inches below the average for the year. quite a bit of rain tomorrow. quite the soaker in store for us on tuesday. make sure you locate your umbrellas and you want to bring those umbrellas with you before you head out the door for work tomorrow morning. all right, so we've got our michael and son weather camera tonight. cloudy skies out there. still muggy.
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temperature now at 11:00, 79 degrees. it's pretty warm still at this hour. winds are coming in from the south at around 9 miles per hour. here's a look at the doppler. you can see most of the action out to the west and south of us. the green showing the light rain. the yellow the more moderate stuff. you can see around about way a little coming in out to the west around fairfax crossing 66. >> gaithersburg getting a little bit. this is all light stuff. we'll see more intense rain falling by tomorrow. right now temperatures still mild. mid-70s in gaithersburg. 75 in fredericksburg. lower 70s in winchester. cumberland, you cooled down to 68 degrees. we will not cool down a whole lot more, down to lower 70shere in downtown. the satellite radar picture showing us we've gotten energy pulling in from the south. a little tropical moisture as well. a cold front coming through on tuesday. this is the one day rain event. after that we'll feel much cooler drier air come in. scattered showers arrive by
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tuesday morning, impacting that commute. showers and storms for tuesday afternoon. flash flooding possible. i think we get one to two inches of rain once the system comes on through. watch out for some isolated flash flooding. then drier air moves in for wednesday. so here's a look at your 9 futurecast. the clock is right above myhead. we will put this into motion. tomorrow morning at 7:30, basically scattered showers moving in. the yellow around hagerstown showing moderate rainfall. in the afternoon, the beltway is wet and also much of the d.c. metro area. tomorrow evening as well, we're looking to be wet, and again, some of the thunderstorms could produce some locally heavy downpours along i-95 and points west. you can see after midnight tomorrow into wednesday morning, a lot of that clears out. overnight, cloudy and muggy with showers, thunderstorms. lows will be in the upper 60s to lower 70s. we have declared tomorrow a yellow weather alert day because of the showers for tuesday. highs in the lower 80s.
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on wednesday, lower 80s and breezy but dry. thursday, flag day, only chance for showers. friday and saturday look really nice, lower 80s, plenty of sunshine, and for dad on sunday, father's day, looking at lower 80s as well. a little drop on there, only a chance for a shower. otherwise it looks pretty good for father's day. partly cloudy conditions. tomorrow will be a one day soaker. we still need the rain, so we'll take it, but watch out for the possibility of flash flooding. >> we will look out. thank you, anny. let's talk nationals. not rained out tonight. >> they're in toronto in a dome. they are still hot, hot, hot right now, the nationals. their pitching of course been stellar, but tonight their back woke up. tonight we'll tell you how one national is using social media to get a date. and lord stanley's cup has a new home tonight. sports is next.
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one down, four to go. the nationals off to a great
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start at interleague play. not only did they finally get their first win at fenway park, but they capped the weekend off by sweeping the boston red sox. tonight they headed north of the border to face toronto. bryce harper getting things started early for the nats with one on in the first. a base hit to right field. steve hustling home. he slides, beats the tag and just like that, it's 1-0 nats. harper would eventually come home. harper back on second. adam laroche, another hot bat making it look easy. puts the nats up by 3. but the bats aren't the only thing wheeling and dealing tonight. pitching, stellar. picks up the win. 6-3 over the blue jays. it's the nats first four-game win streak of the season. now, when you're a major league pitcher, i wouldn't think it would be that difficult to get a date. the nats gonzalez however using
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social me media to find a date for the gala. he said must be 21 or older. i don't think he'll have much of a problem getting a date. all right, folks, we have a new stanley cup champ tonight. the los angeles kings took a 3- 0 lead in their series against new jersey but the devils rally to cut the deficit to one. tonight it was obvious early on who would be crowned king. new jersey picked up a 5-minute major penalty halfway throughout the first period and the kings capitalized. three goals in less than five minutes. kings win 6-1 to foist lord stanley's cup. it's their first nhl championship in franchise history. redskins hit the practice field again tomorrow, the mandatory mini-camp and final week of practice until training camp starts in late july. today they got their physicals.
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tomorrow practice begins and runs through thursday. mike shanahan's old home has a new tenant, peyton manning, shacking up in a 35,000 square foot house. look at that beauty. he's doing that while he looks for his own place. the mansion boosts a bowling alley, a kid's arcade and a 3,000 square foot garage. this is jackson dortman. his whole family is there except for his dad, or so he thinks. his dad is a national guardsman, been on deployment and he had no idea that he was there. so nice surprise for that family. always good to see the kids get excited with all that. >> really nice. and i have it on good authority that anny will be his date. >> very good.
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>> we're going to go home. we hope you had a nice evening. thanks for joining us. don't forget we're always on at watch letterman, or don't. we'll see you later.
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