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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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our camera lens. mostly overcast skies. 75 by noon. 77 at 5:00 fl. you'll notice the scattering of the showers and thunderstorms on and off all day. not an all day rain but the threat all day. the moisture is flowing in from the south across the carolinas right up through new york state and in toward an taker crow, can -- ontario, canada. for us we're seeing the heavier showers in pennsylvania. we've seen some showers push through generally north of us although west of town we still have light showers. the heaviest stuff from baltimore to the eastern shore. light showers scattered about along and west of route 15 and up toward northern loudoun county, frederick and i-81. it's muggy start. what about the commute this morning? i'll toss it over to monika samtani and let you know what you can expect. we have quite a few issues. the list is growing with the wet road conditions. first of all i just got word of an accident on the northbound side of 295 at the 11th street bridge. some good news on the southbound side of the gw parkway for over an hour.
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park police have been dealing with a fallen tree at the exit for the c.i.a. building and they've been telling us it's been cleared up. also an accident southbound on the bw parkway right after route 202. that's going to affect your drive if you're trying to get into the northeast corridor. if you're planning to head over here on the beltway at oxon hill, all the southern maryland corridors are looking great to the beltway to 210 and over the wilson bridge. we'll take a last live look as well. on the northbound side of 95. you've got off and on delays as you leave dumfries toward springfield but at least the lanes are open. in my next report, we'll take another look at 66 this time at 6:11. it is not going to be an easy day for attorney general eric holder. he is going to capitol hill today to answer some pretty tough questions. >> the senate judiciary committee wants to know about some leaks from the white house. delia goncalves is live on the hill with a preview. they have a lot more to ask him
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than just that, too, right, delia? >> reporter: absolutely. the answers will certainly -- the answers i should say will certainly lead the investigation one way or the other and the perception that congress has of eric holder and whether or not he can head up this investigation. he has called on two local u.s. attorneys d.c.'s and maryland's to lead the criminal investigation into the leaks, but a lot of folks say he is not qualified and cannot be trusted to lead the investigation. in fact, senator john mccain will introduce a senate resolution today calling on the president to appoint a special council. mccain is among those who think the leaks about drone strikes and al qaeda plots came directly from the white house, but others including senator diane fine stain, chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee say a special council will simply take too long.
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>> the notion that my white house would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. >> this is not finger pointing at anybody. what we're trying to do is say we have a problem and we want to stop that problem. >> reporter: we're also told the senator will be crafting legislation to try to crack down on these possible leaks in the future. coming up at 6:30, we're going to have more on those questions you alluded to. the additional questions that will be asked of eric holder here on the hill and more on why some people think he's just not the right man for the job. andre ya? >> delia goncalves reporting live from capitol hill this morning. thank you. secretary of commerce john bryson is taking a medical leave of absence. he suffered a seizure saturday and got into two hit and run crashes in southern california. because of the seizure, bryson apparently has little memory of
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those crashes. the white house offered its support to secretary bryson and his family. deputy commerce secretary rebecca blanc will now serve as acting secretary. tomorrow the d.c. city council will pick its temporary chair. kwame brown resigned from the post last week. councilman vincent orange says he will run for the spot. councilman phil mindsleson is -- mendelson isle expected to run. both spoke with our bruce leshan. >> if you look at my record and the record of mr. mendelson you'll see the majority of the time he's on the side of the 10- 2 vote or 12-1 vote. i'm generally with the majority. >> reporter: does it matter that in a majority black city you're white? >> it shouldn't but, yes, it's still an issue for many people. >> there will be a city wide election to permanently fill the chairman's seat that will be held election day november 6. montgomery county asked pepco to trim trees to prevent blackouts after storms. now the county may be cutting
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back on that trimming plan. the county council will hold a public hearing tonight at 7:30 on a bill that would limit the tree trimming. pepco says it needs to be down so it can stop out alleges after storms this summer. some customers are mad that neighborhood trees are being taken down. protesters held would they dubbed a new orleans style funeral monday outside pepco's headquarters. they came to bury a proposed $42 million rate hike by the power company. the group this is our d.c. says the hike is not needed saying pepco should cut pay to its executives. 6:05. jessica doyle is watching your money and how you will be spending it on dad. >> are we in a generous mood this father's day? >> yes, dad, we are. that's right. deer old dad's day is sunday. consumers are expected to spend more on dad this year. a survey from the national
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retail federation finds americans will spend about $12.7 billion on the event. that averages out to be about $117 per person. and it's up 10% over last year. shoppers will spend about $2.3 billion on the special day with dad. we're talking about a round of golf, maybe a nice dinner, tickets to the ballgame perhaps. they're also going to spend $1.7 billion on apparel because you know how much dad loves the new ties he gets every year. $1.7 billion on electronics. gadgets of course always popular with dad and consumer reports says tablets and smartphones will be among the most popular father's day items. if you're a tech novice, some tims to keep in mind. >> before you go out to make your purchase, do your research. know would you want to buy. it's just too easy for stores to recommend something else that they say is just as good but you want to know yourself
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that it's just as good. >> of course it almost goes without saying research those prices and products online. that way you won't be running from store to store thinking you've got the best deal. of course bring your own smartphone where you can do it in store. >> just ask dad what he wants. dads don't care. this is what i want. no surprise needed. >> what if he says he wants nothing? what do you do then? >> you can believe dad. >> really? >> moms you can't believe. >> you can't believe mom. >> you can't believe dads. after ten years, an official groundbreaking today for the the new national children's museum. there will be a ceremony at the st. along st. george boulevard at national harbor. the children's museum opened in 1974 and closed eight years ago. the first phase should open by the end of this year.
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>> that's excited. 6:08. coming up in five minutes, our investigation into safety conditions at a local hotel pool. find out how this well known hotel responded ?rz howard says grab that umbrella as you head out the door. up next find out when the rain will really pick up and when it will be moving out. thanks for starting your tuesday morning with 9news now.
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it's not going to be as warm today. we'll have plenty of clouds. scattered showers this morning and scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. highs approaching the 80-degree mark. we'll have the full forecast in just a few minutes. here's pennsylvania avenue at minnesota avenue. this looks fine through the intersection, but on the northbound side of 295, watch out for the accident activity at the 11th street bridge. more on area roads coming up once again at 6:17. it 16:11 on this tuesday morning. here's a check on some of the stories making news. a second witness is expected to take the stand today in the trial of former penn state football assistant coach jerry sandusky. yesterday the first witness said he regrets keeping the alleged sexual abuse a secret. sandusky faces 52 counts. an elite crew of federal
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firefighters is now on the ground battling the wildfires in colorado. the flames so far have killed at least one person who had refused to evacuate. crews are now flying in more air tankers to battle the flames and they're doing it from above. "good morning america" co- anchor robin roberts announced yesterday she has mds. that's a blood and bone marrow disease. she has begun chemotherapy and will get a bone marrow transplant early this fall. her sister will be her donor. schools are getting out across the country. that means it is tourist time. they flood into washington by the millions packing hotels across the region. >> but did a high profile hotel in the district ignore health inspectors' closure orders staying open and exposing its guests to danger? >> in its 9 wants you to know investigation, we have the documents putting a marriott pull in hot water. >> reporter: according to this d.c. health department memorandum, itself marriott
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parks hotel was closed friday because of a, quote, eminent health hazard but once inspectors walked out the door after that inspeck, the memorandum indicates the hotel allowed guests right back in the water. marriott markets the 1300-room hotel on woodley road in northwest d.c. as one of washington's premiere destinations so imagine the surprised guests who wanted a dip in the pool when they saw this sign the pool is currently closed for unforeseen maintenance. but according to documents obtained by 9 wants to know under the freedom of information act, the closure was actually ordered by the d.c. health department alleging staff was unable to provide certification of lifeguarding and cpr training that the water system was in disrepair and conditions created a hazard to the public. it was also cited for ignoring the citation and reopening despite the closure order.
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marriott declined an on camera interview saying in a statement, we take matters of safety and security very seriously. we contract with an outside pool management. the pool is closed until further notice as we look into this situation. we asked the district health department spokeswoman about the incident and she said it would take 24 hours for them to give us information about what happened. a pool safety consultant tells us this sort of incident is a really big deal that could make the hotel vulnerable to an accident and even more vulnerable to a potential lawsuit. i'm investigative reporter reduce ptacek, 9news now. >> if you have a story tip you'd like russ to investigate, you can send an e-mail to him. howard is here this tuesday morning. rain gear is definitely part of your outfit this morning. >> we had heavier showers a couple hours ago. now we've got light, scattered stuff. it is a bit annoying.
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this will inconvenience you this morning. this afternoon maybe cancel some activities outside later on. here's a look at our bus stop forecast. we've got temperatures this morning anywhere from really the mid-60s to low 70s. it is a muggy start to the day. sunrise came up about half an hour ago at 5:42. we are looking at sunshine today. barely any sunshine today that is with mostly cloudy skies. scattered showers, the threat for scattered showers with us right through the day, but this afternoon a better chance we come into thunderstorms. look at temperatures not really advancing much in the mid- to upper 70s to near 80 for a high. yesterday we were 90 degrees. this morning the moisture has been flowing in from south, southwest to north, northeast. we've had the showers. now the heavier showers have lifted up north of us from frederick through caroll county, up into baltimore and back into easton but locally we have the light little showers coming off the potomac through
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charles county, prince william and fairfax there along 95. lighter showers as you get into leesburg and back west around hey partial and gainesville into -- haymarket and gainesville into shenandoah valley. temps are uniform. the air mass is humid. it's muggy. 67 for arlington. it's 70 in sterling and leesburg. it's 68 in rockville. 69 college park this morning. and here in washington, look outside on our michael & son weather camera. lots of low clouds out there. a few raindrops still left over on our weather cam. at the moment cloudy but we've got a few more showers coming in. dew point in the mid-60s with the humidity at 87%. want to show you colder air up here. i point that out because we're going to try to get a little of that in here as we get into the next few days, at least the dryness of the air mass will move in behind a cold front pushing across michigan. big storms. lots of wind reports. this morning north louisiana seeing the brunt of the strong storms and for us we're still
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-- the front getting toward detroit. that comes through late tonight. once that happens, we'll see drier air move in and the rain threat will drop off. that's probably going to happen before midnight or just before midnight. yellow today, scattered showers and storms, 81. tonight 60s to near 70 with the evening showers and storms. 80 tomorrow. mild on thursday, upper 70s with a few more clouds and maybe a shower on flag day and looking good to finish out the week. highs in the upper 70s. it is 6:17. time for monika samtani. time saver traffic and a so-so morning so far. it has been a so-so morning. it's been a little bit tough. around town i have several scattered issues. i'm going to start on the east side heading south on the bw parkway. the accident cleanup continues so you know that's going to slow you down through this area as you try to get into the northeast corridor and an accident right here north on 295 right at the exit for the 11th street bridge. that's along the right side of the road. now 270 southbound.
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it's just that slow traffic as you head southbound about 25 miles an hour as you leave frederick. it's going to be most ever the way through urbana into clarksburg before the pace improves. let's take a live look at montrose road southbound 270 looks fine here. it's just going to bunch up just a bit as you head for the point where the lanes divide and for a bit of an uh-oh. right after colesville road. the reason for this delay is an accident and it's blocking two lanes right now. police of course are on the scene. i'll give you an update on this situation coming up in my next report at 6:25. but before i go, i do have a commuter alert. it's your last day to weigh in on a proposed fee for ez pass transponders in virginia. vdot wants to impose a monthly fee of $1 per transponder. it says the money will pay for the cost ever maintaining and expanding the program. a final decision is expected this month so you need to tell vdot what you think by going to maryland imposes a monthly fee
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of $1.50 for the ez pass users. that's $18 a year. it's $6 a year in pennsylvania. it's $10 million for vdot'sage cost for this program. it's expanding. really what you have to determine is it worth it to you to sit in those long lines or just whiz on by. >> i'd like to whiz on by. >> you can weigh in on this and go to our facebook page on or find me and tell me what you think. >> thanks, monika. our time is 6:19. we want to get another check on our question of the morning which is contrary to popular belief, 39% of americans do not want to do which of these things? is it a, meet a president, b, become rich or c, retire. >> dana posted on our timeline this morning she wrote personally i would have to say. i would not want to meet the president. you have to go through too much
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red tape just to see him. >> keep the guesses coming. we'll reveal the correct answer at 6:54.
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welcome back. your weather first. we'll see showers at times. maybe thunderstorms this afternoon. the threat will be with us through the evening hours. as you look at the day planner, you'll notice a lot more in the way of clouds than what we saw yesterday morning. it could get somewhat cloudier in the afternoon and cooler temperatures. highs in the upper 70s to maybe 80, 81. scattered showers this morning and then scattered showers and a few thunderstorms this afternoon. it may only be june but it's time for mini camp at redskins park. this time it's mandatory. >> the skins hit the practice field today, tomorrow and thursday. the final practice before training camp officially begins next month. the nationals were in toronto last night to open a series with the blue jays.
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d.c. got on first in the first inning. an rbi single by harper. he was three for four last night and crossed the plate twice himself. edwin jackson had another strong pitching performance for the nats. he went eight innings, giving up to runs, four hits. washington now has won four in a row, club the sweep of the red sox. they lead the nl east by three game. pretty cool. the fab finals tip -- the nba finals tip off tonight. miami won its last title in 2006. oklahoma city hasn't won since 1979 when the team was the seattle super sonics and they beat the washington bullets for the title. for the first time in franchise history, the los angeles kings are stanley cup champions with game six against the new jersey devils last night. kings beat the devils 6-1. they
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win the series 4-2 ending a 45- -year cup drought. 6:25. still ahead, how some people are buying their way into american citizenship. >> a metro smartrip card won't costs you a much as citizenship. when the card is going to get cheaper. >> imagine that. monika has a quick check ever the commute. >> not a great ride. entire route 1 in college park and after route 29 colesville road, two separate accidents on the beltway north of town. coming up in my next report, i'll update you on both of these situations at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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welcome back. it is 6:29. this is a place you can always get your weather first. a live look at the washington monument. grab the rain gear. it's a little bit tough to see in this particular photo but it has been raining on and off this morning. howard says there will definitely be some issues as we head into the afternoon as well. thank you for starting your cloudy day with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. meteorologist howard bernstein sampling the weather on the weather terrace as we speak. good morning. umbrella closed at the moment but i've got it nearby because we do have some showers out there. generally light right now. the concern is this afternoon when we have the daytime heating and that will bubble up some showers into thunderstorms that could certainly impact your commuting this afternoon, even this morning and maybe some of your outdoor plans as
6:30 am
well. here's a look outside. different vantage point now. lots of clouds this morning. not raining at the moment but cloudy, 70 degrees. mid-70s by noon. we might see a peak of sunshine here or there but generally a cloudy day with the scattered showers this morning becoming scattered showers and storms this afternoon, highs 77 to 82. showers extending from the carolinas up through new york state. most of it though in pennsylvania and new york this morning. here we did have some more moderate showers move across southern maryland and points east of us. right now just some light stuff nearby. you see south of town down route 1, eastern fairfax and scattered about to the west. i'll be back in a few minutes and look at the seven-day forecast. right now we go to monika and tell you about what's been a tough tuesday commute. it really has. it's getting a little tougher. you can see the hot spots on my map behind me. on the outer loop of the beltway, north of 295 trying to exit to the 11th street bridge there had been an accident.
6:31 am
i'm going to focus on the outer loop of the beltway because of two separate accidents. one just past route 1 near the 95 interchange. that one an overturned vehicle. the second one a little further west right before route 355. that accident blocking a couple of lanes on the beltway north of town. we'll take a look at the beltway at colesville road and look at that that's your slow traffic trying to get past route 355 because of that accident. so keep this in mind for your travel plans. you know it's going to do a number for you on the north side of the beltway. now a live look at the northbound side of i-95. this is has been incident free but quite a few long slow stretches as you leave dumfries, crossing woodbridge and up toward this point. in my next report i'll update you on the situation north of town at 6:43. back to you. >> thank you, monika. 6:31, new pesticide resistant crops are supposed to help increase the food supply. but could they be bad for our health? >> sounds interesting. our partners at cbs this morning are investigating that. erica hill joins us live from
6:32 am
new york with a preview. good morning. >> good morning to you. critics call this agent orange corn. the name makes some people stop for a second. so we're going to take a look this morning and get the battle over the new engineered crop. summer thrilled with it. we'll talk to a few people to see whether or not there's any cause for concern here. also, we are taking you to the town as long as you promise to be on your best behavior, the town that voted to fine people for swearing in public. i had a vision of a huge swearing jar in the center of town. >> oh pickles, you know, when something goes wrong. a new word. >> right. >> have a good morning. 6:32. the polls are open across virginia for today's primary
6:33 am
elections. the biggest one statewide republican primaries for u.s. senate. former senator and governor george allen is seen as the favorite in this but he is facing a challenge from prince william county's bob marshal along with jamie radke and e. w. jackson. there are also several primaries for house races. that includes a challenge to democratic incumbent jim moran in the eighth district and one republican challenger eric cantor in virginia's 7th. voters will also be picking democratic candidates for alexandria city council. statewide the polls close at 7:00 tonight. you can check out the virginia voters guide at click on campaign 2012. senators on both sides ever the aisle are getting ready to ask some tough questions of u.s. attorney general eric holder. >> he is going to the hilda to answer questions about possible information leaks from the white house and whether or not a larger investigation is needed. >> delia goncalves is live on capitol hill this morning with
6:34 am
a preview. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. some congress men are simply not fans of the attorney general eric holder and they think an independent special council would be better suited for the job. senator john mccain is among those folks who are not his biggest fans. mccain says holder cannot conduct an independent investigation. the senator believes the white house intentionally leaked the information so obama can get reelected. the attorney general will also field questions today about fast and furious. that's a 2008 failed gun smuggling program run by the a.t.f. and arizona. you see about 100 guns wound up at mexican crime scenes and congress questions the just department's conduct following public disclosure in 2011. >> the attorney attorney general ever the until has little credibility here and i believe because of fast and furious with the american
6:35 am
people. >> there is no need for, you know, a special council. these things have consistently been investigated and that's appropriate. >> still some members of congress are considering holding the attorney general in contempt of congress for not handing over some of the documents that they requested in regards to fast and furious. the attorney general on the other hand says we're holding on to cease documents because they are -- these documents because they are all part of an open investigation. we're going to stay on top of this hearing on the hill. it will be very lively and spirited and we'll let you know how it all shakes out. >> i'm certain it will be lively and spirited. delia goncalves reporting live from capitol hill this morning. a u.s. navy spokesman says no one on the ground was hurt when drone air -- when a drone aircraft crashed on maryland's eastern shore yesterday. the unmanned plane went down and burst into flames near bloodsworth island. the drone was on a routine maintenance flight when it crashed. the maryland man charged
6:36 am
with driving a stolen jeep into a downtown office building and attempting to set it on fire will stay behind bars for now. yesterday a judge ordered 32- year-old charles ball of new market, maryland held until his june 28 hearing. police say ball doused himself and the car with gasoline before plowing into the connecticut avenue building last friday. court documents say bell crashed the jeep in hopes the f.b.i. would talk to him. how about a little discount. jessica likes those. she's a daily deals person. metro will give you a discount on a new smartrip card. they cost $5 but beginning in september, you can get a $3 rebate when you register that card online. anyone using a paper fare card will pay an extra buck to ride metro starting july 1. metro says 80 % of train riders already use the plastic smartrip cards. jessica doyle is watching your money and the gadgets you can spend it on. >> what's the reaction to the new rollouts from apple? do you have one of the new
6:37 am
gadgets? >> no. this is my old one. don't throw it away just yet. hold on to the old iphones because it's going to be a while. lots of announcements at this develop areas conference. you'll have to wait till september to replace this baby with a new iphone 5. that's when they go on sale. but we don't even know a lot about them yet. we do know about apple's latest mac book. it's the highest resolution on a laptop screen ever. i want to check these out in person. apple is also upgrading the software many of its gadgets run on. included in the changes bye-bye google maps. it's ditching that mapping software in favor of its own 3- d mapping system and it will have a built-in tie to facebook. health care is expensive and that's why so many young people are avoiding checkups, not filling prescriptions and skipping tests. the commonwealth fund finds more than 40% of 19 to 29-year-
6:38 am
olds with insurance are foregoing medical care. the problem even worse for those without insurance. 60% of those young adults are cutting back on health care. and thousands of wealthy foreigners are lining up for a pass to citizenship here in the united states. cnn reports that the state department expects to issue over 6,000 investor visas in the current fiscal year. that's an all-time high. under this program foreign investors can get conditional visas that allow them and their families to live, work and attend school in the u.s. basically they're buying their way in to qualify. they must invest at least a million dollars in a newly or recently created business or $500,000 for businesses in rural or high unemployment areas. the program has been around since 1990. it's something a lot of people haven't heard anything about. >> 6,000 people they say? >> 6,000 people this year. our time is coming up on
6:39 am
6:39. father's day is this sunday. in nine minutes you'll meet a single dad who used lessons learned in the business world to raise his daughter. scat erld showers out there this morning. -- scattered showers out there this morning. howard says you can expect more. coming up we'll get a look at the weekend forecast. we'll be right back.
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6:43. 70 degrees. welcome back although you may for the like what i have to say. i'm really sorry about this. first of all if you're planning to head on the outer loop of the beltway, there was an accident in college park and another one over here right before route 355. so look at all this red trying to get through. i'm going to start off with a live look in college park on the outer loop of the beltway. you can expect delays as you leave route 1 right now. let's go a little further west toward connecticut avenue and you can see where the accident activity is now on the shoulder. so thankfully your lanes are open but the damage is done. you've got delays again out of college park heading westbound on 495 all the way to that
6:44 am
accident that you can see behind me. now let's go back over to our maps on the northbound side of 295. this accident at the 11th street bridge has been long- standing and so much slow traffic leaving the beltway right now. i would say about 16 miles an hour trying to get through this stretch and across the anacostia river. a tough ride this morning. coming up in my next report, another look at the big picture at 6:58 but first the weather, guys. we want to take another look at the washington monument. you can see how gray and cloudy the skies are. it's not raining there just yet but it has been and there are rain showers all around the metro area. if you don't see any rain when you leave the house now, expect it later on. here's a look at the capital and you can see from the camera there on the capitol, precipitation has been falling. that's from overnight. >> right, some of the showers that were pushing through the region about 4:35, 5:30 this morning. while we've dried out for the moment, we have more showers on
6:45 am
the way. >> i'm waiting. thank you, mother nature no taking care of the lawn. i didn't feel like doing it. >> it's thick and tall. as we get hot, raise your blade. you're going to kill your lawn. >> lawns were also this high but edged very neatly in new orleans. >> weather wise let's talk about your bus stop forecast. school is in session for a few more days for some. some are already on break. we have scattered showers with temperatures running in the 60s and low 70s. a muggy start. sun came up about an hour ago. we will see the scat erld showers and thunderstorms especially this afternoon. not growing to rain all day but temperatures approaching 80 with a 4:00 p.m. temperature of 77. south to southeast winds at 10 to 15 miles an hour. this is a yellow alert day where you'll be inconscienced by some of the -- inconvenienced by some of the showers. this could mess up your afternoon commute or any outdoor plans. as you look at live doppler
6:46 am
9000 right now, about the heaviest shower we have right there across loudoun county. light showers down 395 towards shirlington and springfield and alexandria, going down to la plata and waldorf. all of this lifting toward the north with heavier shows north and east of the baltimore -- heavier showers north and east of the baltimore area. 68 winchester and culpeper. 67 in cross junction. northern frederick county, virginia. and outside on our camera, cloudy, gray, wet on the lens with more showers about to move in toward d.c. very humid, 87% with a temperature of 70 degrees. we've got the moisture flowing north. the cold front coming in from the west. scat erld showers and storms possible through the evening hours and drier and breezy tomorrow. 81 today. again a yellow saturday of day with the scattered storms. good tomorrow, breezy, 80. good thursday though we may see a stray shower upper 70s. we're looking good as we head toward the weekend and father's day. here's a father himself mike
6:47 am
hydeck. >> thank you, sir. speaking of dads, there are a lot of road warrior type dads out there who can sometimes feel a disconnect with their kids because they're so busy at work and some of the other things they're doing. so how do you fix that? our guests this morning has some answers. he is the author of a book called "ceo: chief daddy officer." he's also the c.e.o. of a company here in d.c. and he became a single father when his daughter was 7 and was still the c.e.o. of a company. it was a challenge. >> it was a challenge. it was an easy transfer of skills for me because i had no idea about parenting. well, seven years or so and a few books i had read but i fell back to what i knew best and what i new was business and every business starts with a
6:48 am
plan. >> c.e.o. is a very demanding position in many corporations. how can you have time for a 7- year-old girl when trying to run a company at the same time? >> you learn to make the time. you're right, you travel an awful lot. some things you have to give up. i gave up a lot of travel. that was final. that was a conscious decision i had to make. but there are difficult things you have to do as a c.e.o. but every c.e.o. leads from the heart. therefore it was easy for me to do that because that's how i led every company, how i am treated and i treat my employees. so kind of jumping into that was not out of character. >> was the skill set oftentimes c.e.o.s have an issue that they're very good at time management? i imagine that was paramount to trying to balance your career and rearing your child? >> yes. that certainly does not hurt
6:49 am
but it doesn't always help because your 7-year-old daughter, or 10 or 12 didn't necessarily understand limitations on time. your time is their time a hundred percent of the time. therefore you have to go into it knowing that and manage your time on the back end. >> i imagine discipline can be a challenge because if you're busy at the office and have to come home and assess what's going o one of the things you discuss in the book is trust but verify. what do you mean by that? >> well, it's actually -- trust and verify is all about vigilance. children need to know there are certain limitations that are put on them, that somebody is minding the store. so they need to know you're minding it. in my case it was irm high school years my daughter decided to spend the weekend at a friend's house. after we talked to the parents and all of that, i chose to take the same time and go away for the weekend. but as i was leaving the house, something just didn't look right, didn't smell right. i didn't like the feel of it.
6:50 am
so i canceled my trip and i stayed at home waiting figuring that well, maybe something was going to happen. i only had to wait about 20 minutes and of course this car pulls up with all kinds of girls in it and they're trying to enter the house not able to because i wasn't there. soon they realized that my car is in the garage and so they get back into that getaway car and speed down the driveway and fly off. >> i'm getting nervous just hearing the story. >> i called her on the cell phone and said if in 20 seconds you're not back in this driveway, you're going to see blue lights flashing in the back of that car. 15 seconds later the car pulls up, she jettisons out of the car on to the lawn, closes the doors and they fly off. what ended up hanking was -- happening was a disaster was alerted. about 1125, 150 -- 125, 150 kids estimated to come in. all of them they didn't know,
6:51 am
including herself. they don't necessarily know what they may get themselves into but being vigilant does help that. >> we have to end it there. this is a receive investigating conversation -- this is a rivetting conversation. we'll be right back.
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6:54. scattered showers. we're 71 now. scattered showers and storms later o. cooler than yesterday. highs upper 70s to around 8 on. 6:54. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. the question once again contrary to popular belief, 39% of americans do not want to do which one of these things? is it a, meet the president, b, become rich or c, retire?
6:55 am
>> no matter how tough the economy is they say they don't want to become rich. >> really interesting. >> i'd try it out for a little bit. >> i'd like to try it. one more check of traffic and weather when 9news now continues. stay with us.
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one more thing before we go. you would think a 26-year-old multimillionaire athlete wouldn't have trouble finding a date on the town. >> but that seems to be an issue for nationals pitcher gio gonzalez. he looks like a pretty handsome guy. what's the problem? he needs a date. >> to find a lucky lady, he's putting out a call on twitter. gonzalez tweeted monday, hey, i need a date for the gala
6:59 am
saturday night. >> my daughter put down derek jeter. he followed that up with a couple hours later with must be 21 or older please. i think -- [ inaudible ] >> how much older? >> that's what i say, too. scattered showers around this morning. scattered showers and storms this afternoon. breezy and drier tomorrow. outer loop of the beltway on colesville road, the accident has been cleared but delays beginning back in college park. it looks like this. as for wall street we're looking higher this morning. look where we're falling on the heels of gains in european markets. >> monika and i will be chaperones for jess. cbs this morning is coming up next. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day, everybody. bye-bye.


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