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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. a 74-year-old man is fighting for his life after he was attacked by two dogs. investigators say that the dogs attacked the unidentified man this morning on 36th street northeast near dick street
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northeast. kristin fir everybody joins us -- fisher joins us live with more information. >> reporter: this was a vicious, gory attack. neighbors say these to dogs were literally eating this 74- yard man who is now -- 74-year- old man who is now in critical condition fighting for his life in the hospital. the dogs are are owned by the people who run this towing company walled towing pro. the dogs got out through a hole in this chain link fence. neighbors spotted them roaming around this neighborhood as early as 5:00 this morning and around 6:50, a man by the fame of sauny brown bell or mr. bell as he's known in this neighborhood, 74 years old. he was walking to the bus stop when these two dogs attacked him right in this intersection. >> when i came out this morning, the dog had the man in the street swinging on him like
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he was a piece of rag doll, a little old pan. so then the man next door to me, his dog came out. by the time his dog came out and ran up there, the two dogs backed away off of the man. >> reporter: so there literally was a hero to this story as you heard, a neighbor saw what was happening, let his dog out. that dog then chased off the other two dogs. when police finally got to the scene, those two dogs that attacked the man are described as some sort of pit bull- rottweiler mix. they ran back inside their home at the towing parking lot. police actually had to draw guns. they were about to fire. they stopped short. animal control came and took them away. mr. bell of course was taken to the hospital where he is in critical condition. you might think neighbors would be absolutely shocked by what happened here this morning but really they're not. they say this was really just a matter of time before something like this happened. about three months ago they say a homeless man was also
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attacked by the same two dogs. no word, no explanation from the owners as to why they let their dogs roam around like this in the neighborhood, but neighbors say they certainly feel very lucky today that their kids weren't roaming out, walking to the school bus because if this had happened just 20 minutes later, there would have been a bunch of kids waiting for a school dogs when the -- for a school bus when the dogs were roaming, attacking this man. the list of applicants eligible to open a medical marijuana dispensary in the district has been released. they include two centers in northwest and one on capitol hill. the director says a six-member panel of experts reviewed the applications. politic cants must still apply -- applicants must still apply for business licenses. it was a potentially damaging morning for the defense in the jerry sandusky
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trial. an 18-year-old testified about years of sexual abuse that he says he suffered at the hands of the former penn state assistant coach. manuel gallegus has the latest now from pennsylvania. >> reporter: jerry sandusky arrived back in court for what was direct graphic and heartbreaking testimony from an 18-year-old who says sandusky repeatedly molested him starting when he was 13. openly sobbing through his words, the young man known as victim number one testified he met sandusky through his charity for at risk kids. within two months of sleepovers at the sandusky house, usually in the basement, he testified sandusky began getting more physical with him. he would kiss him and passage him before bedtime. quote, with his hands down the back of my shorts and the blowing on my stomach, the witness then paused and describes sandusky performing oral sex. the man at this point fighting back tears in the courtroom said, i didn't know what to do, thoughts running through my
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head. i just kind of blacked out. i didn't want it to happen. i kind of -- kind of froze. did you tell your mom, the prosecutor ask? no. did you tell anyone? no. did you tell him to stop? no. i was embarrassed, confused and i didn't know what to do. sang dusky's -- sandusky's defense attorney tried to show they spent a lot of time together without any alleged sexual conduct. sandusky admits showering with boys but that was part of his sports culture, he says, an upbringing in pennsylvania where his parents ran a rec center. sandusky says he's done nothing criminal. the defense is suggesting money could be motivating some of sandusky's accusers. manuel gallegus, cbs news, bellefonte, pennsylvania. a former lie beer worker at a northern -- library worker at a northern virginia school has pleaded guilty to 22 felony sex
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abuse charges. steffon christian worked for 20 years as a kindergarten assistant and then as a library secretary at baldwin elementary school in manassas. yesterday the 48-year-old admitted molesting at least seven boys. a victim who is now an adult came forward last year after jerry sandusky's arrest. christian will be sentenced in september. the polls are open across virginia for today's primary elections. the biggest one is a statewide republican primary for the u.s. senate election. former senator and governor george allen is seen as the favorite. but he is facing a challenge from prince william county's bob marshal along with jamie radke and e. w. jackson. the winner will face democrat tim kaine. there are also several house races including a challenge to incumbent jim moran in the eighth descrictd and also to -- district and also to republican
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eric cantor in virginia's seventh district. on the local level, voters will be selecting democratic candidates for the alexandria city council. statewide the polls close at 7:00 p.m. >> go to our virginia voters guide at at the top of the home page you can click on campaign 2012. a u.s. navy spokesperson says no one on the ground was injured when drone aircraft crashed on maryland's eastern shore yesterday. the unmanned plane went down and burst into flames near bloodsworth island. authorities say the drone was on a routine maintenance flight when it crashed. the maryland man charged with driving a stolen jeep into a downtown washington, d.c. office and attempting to set it on fire will stay behind bars for now. yesterday a judge ordered 32- year-old charles bell of new york market held until his june
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28 hearing. police say he doused himself and the car with gasoline before plowing into the connecticut avenue building last friday. court documents say that he crashed the jeep with the hopes that the f.b.i. would talk to him. still to come when the news continues, more help is on the way to help crews who are battling the wildfires out west. >> while many teens are flocking to facebook and twitter, we'll enintroduce you to -- we'll introduce you to a teen who is earning couraging teens to unplug, at least for a while.
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today i'm one on one with sarah from brookeville, maryland. many recent high school graduates just want some r&r&r. they don't want to do anything but sarah is different because she's on mission. she wants her community to join her on saturday on the med star montgomery thrift shop grounds. that's a mouthful. but i hope you got it. because she says get unplugged. sarah, what does that mean? >> unplug is an event i started organizing where you can bring your old electronics to recycle and walk around and find more ways to be eco friendly. >> what made you to do this? >> i took ap science and my teacher inspired me to get involved. now i pick up trash and yell at
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my parents when they don't pick up trash. >> you have been able to get any of your friends to join you? >> yes. the club was at cherhood high school. we mo fd -- sherwood high school. we moved it into a teen organization called teens helping the earth. there's about 30 people in it right now and we're still trying to get more gl. is that so? that is amazing. you just graduated? >> yes. >> and what will you be doing in the fall? >> i'm going to salisbury university and i hope to become a marine and environmental scientist. >> why did you select that? >> i always wanted to be a marine biologist after since a show on carson but as soon as i took this science, i knew i had to have that in my future. >> this summer you'll be plugging to get unplugged. then september you go to college. what do you do in your free time besides picking up trash? >> planning this event. it has taken months to plan this event, and we're going to
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have vendors with information, crafts, food, music, raffles, and we also have some eco friendly products that people can buy. >> what is this? >> these are magnets made from soda cans that were donated from someone in north carolina. these were made from little juice boxes and now they are reusable pouches. >> this is amazing. i'm so proud of you. i salute you. i congratulate you. a lot of times the media, we kind of have a tendency to down young people but i'm telling you, what a pleasure it is to meet you. >> thank you. >> i know we'll be hearing great things about you in the future. i wish you the best of luck. again the med star montgomery thrift shop grounds on saturday. what time, sara? >> 9:00 a.m. >> 9:00 a.m. congratulations. good luck to you. >> thank you. coming up, howard will have the forecast. >> jc, it's kind of steamy out here. we've got some showers, a lot of humidity. a very tropical feeling. maybe this will clean the air
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although it doesn't need much cleaning. look at the allergy update as we go to break. we have the tree pollen moderate. everything else is low. we'll let you know what you can expect for the rest of the week when 9news now returns.
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facebook. i'm jessica doyle, 9news now. more crews from around the country are heading out west to help battle those wildfires. flames destroyed thousands of acres in colorado, new mexico, and california. gym benemann has the latest. >> reporter: the high park fire is still burning unchecked but firefighters are breathing a little easier. >> it felt like hell here last night. this is a degree different -- this is a very different fire. >> reporter: authorities identified 62-year-old linda stegman is the fire's only known fatality. fire crews couldn't get to her on time. >> there was fear we were going to get rolled over as well. we pulled out. indications are the fire had already gotten there before he had gotten to the gate. >> reporter: well over a hundred structures were burned, many destroyed. >> we lost everything. >> reporter: this family got confirmation from a firefighter friend. >> he said he watched the house
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burn. >> reporter: tonight he came to the command center for a different reasonable, wanted to talk to the governor about how he might be able to help. >> i'm not asking for money. i want to help. >> reporter: the governor recounted other acts of firefighting heroics. >> knaub of volunteers came down and defending that space, that school. and they look back up on to mount ethel where mount ethel road was and they could see their houses burning. >> there's nothing that i can say. my heart goes out to those people. >> one lady, you know, when you've got to make that decision. let's move on to weather because we have better days ahead. today showers and thunderstorms developing later this afternoon into the evening hours. then tomorrow some drier air moves in. while we've got some rain now, not the prettiest day, it is looking better for the rest of the week. let's start you off with a look at the day planner for the afternoon. let me get back to the
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beginning of where i want to go. the day planner for the afternoon. here we go. lightning and thunder later on. temperatures won't be moving all that much, into the upper 70s, maybe 80 degrees, especially south. we'll get a couple of breaks but also more showers and storms as we go throughout the afternoon and evening hours with 76 by 7:00 p.m. and 74 at 9:00. so getting home, the afternoon commute could be a slow one. you've got any plans outside this evening that could be tough. i want to show you this. you can see this area of rain which is moving east. however, it breaks up once you get past out toward i-81, shenandoah valley. there's some sunny breaks here, too, but we have a few new showers starting to fire. you can just start to see a little bit of green right there into west virginia. that will likely increase as we go through the afternoon. first we've got this area of rain from i-95 west out toward hagerstown, through loudoun county. it's heavier in a couple of spots, especially along route 15 there in loudoun county, up in toward frederick and western caroll county. we'll zoom in and show you you folks in southern maryland, you
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haven't seen that much but there's some showers there. center and northern prince george's county. look at this down 95, a wet ride to fredericksburg. when you see the yellows, that's where the rain starts to pick up a little bit. heavier rains in northern prince william headed for southern loudown and west of fairfax. this is also moving to the northeast. chantilly, reston, right up 28 into western fairfax county. that's going to move in toward montgomery county over the next hour. there have been some moderate showers west of 270 here east of dickerson headed for urbana and from around mount airy northeastward there into eastern frederick, western caroll. temps are in the 70s for the most part. low to mid-70s here. warmer down south. that's 77 at tappahannock. we've got 76 at the pax river naval air station. looking outside on our michael & son weather camera, it's wet out there. we've got light rain showers, 75. winds are out of the south at 10 and really muggy.
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humidity at 84%. we're watching some drier air. that's going to move in. it's up toward chicago right now. big storms down south. more potential damaging winds for them. we just got to get this front past us. that's going to happen as we head into the overnight, but between now and let's say 10:00, 11:00, scattered showers and some thunderstorms. not all the time but it's going to be a nuisance. that's why we've got the yellow alert with 78. tonight into the 60s to near 70. tomorrow about 80, breezy, winds could gust 25 at times. then more clouds on thursday, upper 70s. could be a stray shower for flag day. friday, saturday father's day look pretty nice with a little warmer on monday. we're going to the kitchen and tell but a father's day treat at a local establishment when 9news now at noon returns.
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i'm one on one today with chef benz from the juniper restaurants. if you haven't made plans for father's day, you might want to take care of your husband or boyfriend or whomever and take them down to his restaurant because you're going to have a fabulous brunch. today you'll be preparing rooftop honey glazed barbecue pulled pork sandwich. >> we're preparing it with fresh peaches. a little bit of vinegar and
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honey from a rooftop as well. >> what's going to make it so special about father's day at the fairmont hotel june fehr restaurant is it's a beer and barbecue special for the fathers and all the fathers get unlimited beer. >> unlimited sam adams beer. unlimited million most is as as well -- mimosas for the ladies. >> we have rebecca with us, the pastry chef. she's on the side and she's fixing something special for me. it has sugar in it. look at that. let's start. >> it's our new -- this is all from our rooftop honey so it's our new honey dessert. it has honey, honeycomb. it has bee pollen as well. it has something called -- something like a bee glue. every part of the hive. >> you have a beehive on the top? >> yes, we have four hives
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actually right now on the rooftop of our hotel. >> you have enough honey to make all the items? >> yes. we make -- we get about 200 to 300 pound as year which is enough that we can make the desserts as well with our batini. for our lounge we apply it to that as well. >> let's put it together. you have the pork already. >> we have the pork shoulder. we put that atop of our buns. >> sunday, father's day, beer and barbecue at fairmont hotel, juniper restaurant. look at the yellow. oh, that looks delicious. i love -- and then the egg. you even brought me a nice little beverage. eight got vodka. >> tequila, vodka, honey syrup and fresh lemon juice. >> cheers to all the fathers.
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happy father's day. thank you for being with us. rebecca, let's see. what did you do? look at what she did. come over here. doesn't that look nice? thank you. thank you for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00. >> that looks so pretty.
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