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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ahead. 69 in d.c. by noon 77. it's going to be a breezy day with high temperatures in the low 80s and a lot less humid later this morning into the afternoon. so the showers and storms that we had yesterday afternoon and evening, there they go. they're off shore. even weakening through southeastern virginia and diminishing right now. going to be down to the outer banks and eastern new england to see that front. low 60s hagerstown. low 70s still in annapolis. easton is 70 degrees along with orange. 56 martinsburg. 50s in oakland. a sign of the cooler, drier air that will be moving in. a quick look at afternoon highs before we go. 79 winchester. 81 easton and 82 for washington. let's go to monika at 6:00 a.m. for time saver traffic. >> i'm happy to say i've got good news, too. no problems to report. here's sky 9 on the inbound side of i-66 at route 50. you just got those brake lights has you head inbound toward 123 and then it picks up heading for the beltway and beyond to the roosevelt bridge right now. we're going to take a look at
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our maps. overall pet much green still all around on the beltway. a bit of slow traffic as you approach the district right now inside here on 295 and 395. we're going to take a look at 270 which also still looks pretty good as you head toward urbana and clarksburg. i'll step out and show you a live look. here's what it looks like at route 21. still looking pretty g. same story -- pretty good. same story on 55. the red line is single tracking between medical center and friendship heights so expect some delays. we'll go into virginia at 6:11. in just a few hours, the d.c. city council will begin moving on after the kwame brown scandal. it will elect annual interim chairman. >> pick for a new leader may already be a done deal. delia goncalves is live outside the wilson building with more on that aspect of the story. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. almost a done deal. we'll have to wait for all the votes to come in after the 10:00 meeting here at the
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wilson building. however, we're told phil mendelson has the votes and may have enough votes to become the next interim chair, but don't throw in the towel yet for vincent orange. he is still in this race. both men are hoping to eventually replace kwame brown as the council's permanent chair in november. if mendelson moves in, that would make him only the second white chairman ever. race certainly play as factor but he's won all eight wards in the past two elections. >> yes, it is a concern to many people and i've shown time and again that i work with -- i work with citizens. that's what this is all about in the end. >> some people are dividing over race. i mean, people think about that. it's always an issue to be quite frank, but i think in this inning assistance it's who's been in the community.
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>> reporter: yvette alexander who represents the council. she said phil mendelson does have support from her constituents. how does the council move beyond these controversies? their plan coming up at 6:30. back to you. >> delia goncalves who's reporting live outside the wilson building this morning. now to virginia. the results are in from tuesday's primary elections and the matchup is set in the u.s. senate race. former senator and governor george allen easily won the nomination. eric cantor and jim moran won their primaries. both captured about three- quarters of the vote. in the 11th district retired army colonel chris perkins won the republican nomination for the house race. he'll face democratic incumbent jerry connolly. you can get all the results by visiting out west democrat ron barber will become the newest congressman from arizona. he won a special election
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yesterday defeating republican jesse kelly. barber will finish the term of former congresswoman gabriel giffords. he was a former aide to giffords and was also injured in the assassination attempt which killed six other people. a 74-year-old man is recovering from a broken arm and bites after he was attacked by two dogs. it happened tuesday morning along 36th street near benning road in northeast. neighbors say sonny bell was walking to work when the dogs ran out of the gap of the fence of this towing company and attacked. >> the dog mauled him all over his face. one dog had him by -- [ inaudible ] >> those dogs escape many mornings and terrorize people on many occasions. very no reason i can give you as to why the city hadn't responded quicker in removing those animals from this community. there's no excuse. >> police say they've not received any complaints about the dogs before. they're now in the custody of animal control.
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the dog's owner was issued a pair of $50 citations for not having the dogs on a leash. there will be an official renaming ceremony today for a metro station on the red line. forget the name new york avenue florida avenue gallaudet u. instead learn the name noma gallaudet. that will be the new name for the station in northeast washington. it's being renamed as metro makes some changes to its maps and services. the at&t national golf tournament begins in a couple of weeks in bethesda. >> the tournament hosted by tiger woods pays tribute to military members, especially wounded warriors. we're also paying tribute to those heroes. dave owens is a veteran and this morning he brings the story of ban hernandez. >> reporter: shot after shot after shot, perfect. the last thing you think when you see dan hernandez is wounded warriors.
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>> when we've gone to events, people look at him. what's he doing here? he looks perfectly normal. >> reporter: both arms, both legs but he suffers from the wounds you don't see. >> one of the signature injuries of this war is extra pattic brain injury. >> reporter: in -- traumatic brain injury. >> reporter: a car bomb exploded near him. the force was overwhelming. >> i don't recall the event. >> reporter: so were the aftereffects. >> i noticed the simplest tasks getting very difficult, things that toddlers do became very difficult. >> reporter: those physical limitations led to post- traumatic stress. >> i was drinking heavy for the first year, year and a half. >> reporter: he needed a hand. he got one in the warm of wife kelly. >> just being receptive, not always did he want to talk about it but when he did, listening to him. >> without my wife, i wouldn't be here. i love you, girl. >> reporter: here is a pretty good place. and he's trying to prove that a wounded warrior can do just about anything, that perfect swing right there?
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well, he's trying to take that to the professional ranks. he recently entered the u.s. open qualifier and almost made it. >> i missed it by a stroke. >> reporter: the man who began playing golf as a boy at age 11 is back. golf is one of his therapies. good days and bad days? of course. >> we were in new york a couple months ago. just the amount of crowds, the people was just so overwhelming his mind set changed and he was in iraq again. >> reporter: only this time he has a soul mate with him in the battle. >> he's not there anymore. he has -- he's secure, he's safe with family. >> that was dave owens. hernandez currently serves as deputy director of warrior family coordination center of fort belvoir where he helps military families, members get behavioral health services that they need. he's also been invited to play in the pro am at the at&t national. during the tourment, join us for special coverage every night after 9news now at 11:00. mike hydeck and dave owens will
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have a recap of each day's events. the tournament gets under way on june 25. our time is coming up 06:08. journalist robin roberts says she got a rare disease because of chemotherapy. in four minutes whether other women undergoing chemo should worry. howard says the rain is gone so what kind of weather is moving in? the forecast is next here on 9news now.
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it will be much more comfortable as drier air moves in. breezy, too. high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. full seven-day forecast coming up. i'm happy to say on the inbound of i-66 other than the slow traffic inbound at the beltway, task lanes are open on 66 -- traffic lanes are open on 66. in my next report we'll take a look at 95 in virginia at 6:17. gmaco-anchor robin roberts has started pretreatment for mda, a disease of the bone and blood marrow. when she made the announcement monday, she said the illness was a direct result of the chemotherapy she received five years ago to fight her breast cancer. should other women getting chemo be worried about a similar diagnosis? joining me this morning is a doctor who is an oncologist at the virginia hospital center in
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arlington, virginia. doctor, thank you very much for being here. i was going to ask you are the fears valid chu already -- which you already said you've received a number of inquiries about this. >> i have. i think this is one of the most feared complications of chemotherapy but i think it's really important to remember that this is a very, very uncommon complication of chemotherapy. chemotherapy leads to better outcomes in women. when we look at how women with breast cancer have survived over decades, we see they're doing better and better. part of that is because of the advances we've made in terms of therapeutic strategies. >> even though it's rare, are doctors telling women? because the e-mail i got, this is because women don't know about this and they should tell women. are women being counseled that this could be, rare though it is, a side effect of chemotherapy? >> i think that's an excellent question. in general when we as clinicians prescribe cream therapy, we go -- chemotherapy, we go through with women the
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risk-benefit ratio so to speak and do tell them this is a rare complication of chemotherapy. while we probably focus more on the short-term side effects of hair loss and nausea and various other things that affect them in the day to day, we do counsel them that this is something that can happen years later. again, i want to stress it is a very rare complication. >> is this something, though, that women should shy away from chemotherapy? should we go to something else? >> you know, there's been a lot of press lately about the smart bombs and the tailored therapies. i think that one way we have advanced as a breast cancer community is we try and tailor each woman's therapy based on genomic predictors that we -- if, for example, if that comes back at low risk, then we say you don't need chemotherapy. >> we found that out with our colleague jc hayward. her score was 12 or 13. very low risk. she's only getting radiation
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and tamoxifen. >> that's just the beginning. there are many more genomic class fires that are going to -- classifiers as they come out. the new treatments target cancer cells more than the traditional therapies. >> so we're not doing away with chemo but we do know we can move forward in other ways, individualized therapies and do not be afraid to ask these questions of your doctors before you start treatment and even while you're having treatment. thank you for being here with us. >> thank you for having me. the time right now is 6:14. on this wednesday morning. here's a check of stories making news. it will be another day of emotional testimony in the trial of jerry sandusky. two alleged victims of the former penn state assistant football coach testified yesterday. also on the stand tuesday, mike mcqueary. he says he spoke with the late joe paterno after saying he
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witnessed the abuse. the man accused of killing three people at a party near ashburn university has turned himself into police. 22-year-old desmonte leonard surrendered last night. he's being held in jail in montgomery, alabama. here's some video to warm your heart. you have to watch this. a beagle welcoming his owner home from serving overseas. daisy was just a puppy when the airman left but she didn't forget. this video is so warms the heart. it's picked up 400,000 hits on youtube in just the last five days. i love that. >> as a dog owner, how do you not love that even as a dog owner how do you not love that you. >> want love, you get a dog. >> from the shelter. >> that's right. we're love the forecast the next couple of days. >>it's going to be fine. fine weather through the father's day weekend. that is good news. we still need some rain.
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we're about five plus inches in the hole since january 1. we've been maintaining that number for the last few weeks. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. only a few more days to go for just a few. a lot of schools already out for the summer. we've got partly cloudy skies out there. they're breaking up. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. sunrise about half an hour ago. we're going to see it set just after 8:30 this evening. we'll see a good deal of sunshine today. partly to mostly sunny, breezy, less humid. 77 by noon. 81 at 4:00 so highs in the low #s on. the -- low 80s. the winds are going to gust 25, 25 miles an hour. maybe ier than that. you can see the yellow areas. these are the lower dew points, a more comfortable air mass. the sticky stuff down toward ocean city and norfolk with dew points in the 60s to around 70. we've got northwesterly winds so this air mass is going to replace that air mass and that just tells you it's going to feel a whole lot better. where it is drier it's also cooler in the mid-50s.
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still 70 in richmond and ocean city. locally we've got 70 in easton. 63 in hagerstown. just starting to dry out a little bit. culpeper 66. as we look outside in washington, sunshine out there on our michael & son weather camera. still wet from yesterday's rains on the lense. that will dry up soon enough. 69 national. north wind at 9 miles an hour and the humidity at 84%. so the front went through. that's why we've got the winds out of the north. you can see the front well to the east of us. behind it nothing but high pressure coming our way. that's going to be the case with those clouds and the showers staying off shore today. might get a couple of clouds in here early tomorrow morning but even tomorrow still looks pretty good. today 82. it will be breezy. winds at times out of the north ten to 20 gusting 25 or more. tonight winds will lighten some. we're going to drop into the 50s and 60s. then thursday and friday partly to mothersly sunny and saturday partly to mostly sunny, low
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80s. sunday also partly to mostly sunny, low 80s. you hit 6:00 and things suddenly change. volume and a couple of accidents. northbound at 210 right at the beltway, you want to watch out for the accident. this one just came in. coming in from the south 95 is just very slow leaving dale city into woodbridge and then look at that red stuff right there. that means it's heavy. basically that entire stretch from lorton into springfield. we'll take a live look in springfield where this is pretty normal trying to exit to the beltway. we'll go live on the northbound side. here at glebe road it's absolutely fine heading toward shirlington and the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open. back over to the maps and this time over to the west. no problems on 66 to the dulles toll road. all of this looks good. of course you've got slow stuff on 66 out of manassas and then route 50 to 123. and a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town, beltway is fine. by the way, wires down blocking
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brink road at goshen road up in montgomery county. coming up in my next report, we'll take another look at area roads at 6:25. it is 6:19. next in sports, hear from the forgotten side of the redskins and see the home run by bryce harper that hasn't landed yet. >> before we get to that, let's check the question of the morning. once again 52% of women say they will not allow their significant other to do which of these things around the house? is it a, laundry, b, cook, or c, decorate? >> facebook friend kim is emphatic in her guess that it's c. sorry, can't let him decorate. i wish he would do laundry. >> keep those guesses coming. we're going to reveal the correct answer at 6:48.
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welcome back. 6:22 on this wednesday morning. the front well east of us. the showers long gone.
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wear in for nice weather today and the next several days and drier air is moving in. eight going to be a bit breezy today. you'll notice that when you're out but you'll also notice a decent amount of sunshine here. temperatures climbing into the mid and upper 70s toward the lunch hour. afternoon temps will make the low 80s in many areas with partly to mostly sunny skies. jess and andrea? in sports the nationals go for the sweep of the blue jays this afternoon. it is a 12:30 start in toronto. the nats are hot. they lead -- their lead in the nl east is four games and they've matched their longest winning streak of the season. >> it sounds great. it was all about the long ball last night. no score in the 3rd. bryce harper launches this. check it out. he actually hits the giant advertisement in centerfield, the 438-foot shot puts the nats up 1-0. in the 7th, a first for backup catcher jonathan solano. he hit a home run to left.
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that's the first of his career. danny us pen nose today also home -- es opinion espinoza also homered. the nba finals are under way. game one last night between the thunder and heat. the heat were up by 7 at the half but oklahoma city came up big in the second half. kevin durant scored 17 of his 36 points in the first quarter. the thunder win game one 105- 94. game two is tomorrow night back in okc. today is day two of the redskins' first mandatory mini camp of the summer. while most eyes are on robert griffith iii and the skins offense, the defense is saying don't forget about us. they know there's lots of buzz on the other side of the ball and our kristen berset talked with london fletcher, the captain of the defense. he says the squad is staying grounded and working hard. >> the excitement around this area, you know, is definitely
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picked up. we understand we have to come out and work each and every day to get better. you know, just each day look to improve. >> kristen will be live again at redskins park starting tonight at 5:00. the time right now 6:25. ahead love this. learn where one channel 9 viewer found gas for under $3 a gallon believe it or not. >> i believe it. >> selling marijuana in the district legally. coming up why one future salesman says this will be safe. >> right now monika checks out any hassles on the road. >> we're fine here on the west side of town but wires down blocking brink road at goshen road and the red line has been single tracking between medical center and friendship heights. coming up in my next report, a closer look at maryland roads at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. well eab right back -- we'll be right back.
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back at 6:29 n. is always the place to get your weather first. look at that statue. mostly sunny skies, 69 degrees. going to be a nice day. thank you for starting your wednesday with us. i'm jessica doyle. >> i'm andrea roane. mike is off today. meteorologist howard bernstein is here and he's live on the weather terrace with our forecast. >> what a beautiful morning
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it's turning out to be. the skies are clearing. a few clouds out there but partly to mostly sunny. the air is starting to dry out. we'll feel the humidity levels drop the next few hours and the winds are going to pick up. it's going to be a good wednesday for us across the region weather wise. look at this picture of the capitol. that's nice. the sun is shining brightly on that. 69 degrees in town. 77 by noon. 5:00 p.m. temperature 81. that's going to be high of the high. i'm going 82 for a forecast high for d.c. today. showers and even a few thunderstorms yesterday. they're well east of us now. boston seeing the rain this morning along with the outer banks. we've got temperatures down in the 50s in oakland and petersburg. low to mid-60s shenandoah valley. upper 60s in manassas and andrews 68. we're at a very comfortable 69. here's monika with your time saver traffic. i'm going to show what you it looks like on sky 9 live on the northbound side of i-95. there haven't been any big problems but i guess sitting in a delay might be a bit of a
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problem, especially when it's dale city all the way to woodbridge and solid from lorton to springfield. the right side of the screen right in springfield as you approach the beltway but again all lanes are open. you might see a little bit of yellow and orange forming on the beltway in the usual spots. now there's an accident as well on the northbound side of route 210 in oxon hill. it's as you exit for the beltway. i notice police are on the scene so hopefully they'll be able to clear that up for you shortly. we'll take a live look a little further south in brandywine. route 301 another route 5. just slow approaching the intersection but beyond that you're going to be okay. coming up in my next report at 6:45, another look at the big picture. andrea, jess? >> thank you, monika. the health board in new york city is backing the plan to ban the big cups and bottles of sugary drinks like soda. it has a story that has people talking around the world. >> our partners at cbs this morning are going straight to
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the source. gail king -- gayle king joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, gayle. >> good morning, gayle. >> hello, jessica and andrea. where's mike today? >> he's taking a little time off. he left us. >> i know the feeling. i'm taking time off tomorrow. i can't wait. so enjoy, mike. jessica, good to see you. >> you as well. >> we like being your partners as you said. you talked about the ban on sugary drinks. there is you a a new plan -- there's a plan to ban those. mike blool burke will be in studio. we'll also talk about the new contest to give away millions of dollars. also general colin powell, we'll ask him about the race for the presidency and the crisis in syria. those stories and more when we see you at 7:00. >> gayle, we will be watching and enjoy your time off. >> thanks. can't wait. thanks. attorney general eric holder says he has no plans to
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resign. went before the judiciary committee yesterday to discuss intelligence leaks from the white house. republican john cornyn had some of the harshest criticism. >> you violated the public trust in my view and by failing and refusing to perform the duties of your office. you leave me no alternative but to join those that call upon you to resign your office. >> with all due respect, senator, there's so much that's factually wrong with the premises that you started your statement with. it's almost breathtaking. i don't have any intention of resigning. >> a house committee will vote next week whether to hold the attorney general in contempt for refusing to hand over documents in the fast and furious gun case. it's been one week since kwame brown resigned in disgrace as d.c. council chairman. >> today the council will elect an interim chairman, someone to lead the council still election
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day in november. >> delia goncalves is live outside the wilson building with a preview of this morning's decisions and what's next for the council. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. the interim chair will only hold the post for about 114 days but still it's an important decision because that person will dictate the future direction of this council. and many council members say it is time to move beyond the shame and betrayal that many felt when kwame brown pled guilty to bank fraud, the second council member now to resign in grace. the first harry thomas, jr. pled guilty of stealing more than $350,000 meant for young children. now they say the number one job of the interim? to bring trust and integrity back to the job. >> i can pull everybody together and make sure that we work hard to get our respect and integrity back for this
6:35 am
council. >> what i think is important is that we have a leader who will work with all the members, who will pull us all together, and will look toward rebuilding this institution's -- rebuilding this institution and by that i mean the people's trust in this. >> both men have expressed interest in running for the permanent chair in november. and certainly whoever wins the interim seat today will certainly have a good running in november for that permanent spot. we will have more information and the vote will likely come down soon after their hearing at 10:00 this morning. back to you. >> delia goncalves live outside the wilson building in northwest this morning. d.c.'s health department has approved applications allowing four medical marijuana dispensaries to set up shop in the district. three would open in northwest. a fourth shop is planned to open on capitol hill just a few blocks from the capital
6:36 am
building. once the shops are open, patients will need several documents to purchase the marijuana. >> it is going to be a very controlled and very well organized distribution that -- [indiscernible] >> the owner of the tacoma wellness center writes on her website she's doing this in part because both her parents died from excruciating illnesses and that their pain might have been eased by medical marijuana. the montgomery county council heard from residents over how pepco's tree trimming policy is stated. itself utility says it's needed to prevent power outages. under a new bill before the council, certain utilities would need consent from property owners before crews can begin trimming or removing trees. montgomery county resident madeline wilkes supports the bill. >> we lost a huge tree in our
6:37 am
front yard when we were under the united stating it was -- under the understanding it was going to be trimmed. >> pepco began aggressively trimming trees following a string of power outages caused by limbs falling on power lines during storms. county officials will hold another meeting on the bill next thursday. if you're looking for cheaper gas prices for your summer trip, head south and west. the statewide averages are lower in virginia, georgia, tennessee and missouri. in the d.c. metro area, regular grade gas now averages $3.47 a gallon. that's down 28 cents in the last month. nationwide the average sits at $3.54 a gallon. check this out. this is a thing of beauty. facebook friend luke sent this in from harrisonburg, virginia. gas for $2.93 a gallon there. luke wrote, thought he'd never see this again. >> boy, i wish i were in the area to fill up. our time is 6:37. don't forget father's day is
6:38 am
this sunday. >> in nine minutes, some fun gift ideas for dad, especially for the father who has everything. >> howard says the rain is gone and in its place sunny skies. a little breezy with the high in the low 80s. next howard has that father's day forecast. it's a butte. the lineup is out for this year's july 4th concert on the national mall. country sinner josh turner will be -- singer josh turner will be the headliner. he will be joined by conductor john williams and matthew broderick. >> a dozen olympians will also be on stage for an official sendoff. the concert begins july 4th on the west lawn of the capitol. fireworks go off at 9:10.
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welcome back. monika here with time saver traffic at 6:42. it is 69 degrees. you just got your normal slow stuff this morning. i can't say we've had any major issues and i'm happy to say that. southbound 270 i think you're going to go about 44 miles an hour as you leave frederick down toward urbana. then the pace improves till you get to falls road. we'll take a live look on the southbound side. you'll see that traffic is bunching up right here as you head down to the point why the lanes divide. but at least the good news is the lanes are open. let's go back over to our maps this time to the north side of town on the beltway. again slow traffic. you see all that red. that means about 21 miles an hour as you leave 95 past new hampshire avenue right into silver spring and then suddenly it improves into bethesda. we'll take a live look again outside and here's what it looks like at new hampshire avenue. as i said the brake lights on the outer loop. a bit of sunshine in your eyes into college park. >> clouds are breaking up. check this picture out. the jefferson memorial with
6:44 am
sun. just a pretty morning out there after the showers and storms and the stickiness of your tuesday. this will be a lot better today. we start with the bus stop forecast. we're going to retire this in a couple of days here for the summer. got partly cloudy conditions. pleasant, 60s and low 70s out there. winds really haven't picked up too much yet but the winds will be increasing during the morning into the afternoon. some of the gusts could be in the 25 to 30 mile an hour range with temperatures rising into the mid- to upper 70s by noon. highs will be in the low 80s. 4:00 temperature 81. look at the showers and stomples we had. even some strong ones. everything well east of us this morning. temperatures 69 in college park to 67 in crofton. off to the north we've got mid- 60s in rockville, lovettsville 65. haymarket and gainesville 66
6:45 am
degrees along with centreville. down south 67 for springfield. and in town looking good. we are clearing out nicely, still some high thin clouds out there with 69. a north wind at 9 miles an hour and our humidity at 84%. want to show you the temperatures in the great lakes. look at the blue showing up. we have temperatures in the 40s, even upper 30s across parts of northern michigan. that cooler, drier air is going to head more to new england than us but we're going to get a little of it. the next few days look nice around here with high pressure building in. storminess still going on across parts of oklahoma and texas this morning. the rains that we had, well, that front now into maine, eastern new england, pulling away from us. so just a breezy, drier air mass will be hofg in but those winds are going -- moving in but those winds are going to die some the next few days. today 82. really less humid and feeling better, just breezy. tonight into the 50s and 60s. tomorrow, friday, saturday all partly to mostly sunny.
6:46 am
temperatures will be in the upper 70s to near 80. so a good looking flag day and a good looking father's day low 80s. then mid-80s here by tuesday. jessica, over to you. >> thank you, howard. you mentioned father's day and it's 6:46. aim watching your money and your dad. so what come you get the dad who seems to have everything? we happen to have a few ideas for you this morning. these items come from leader west howard bernstein, get in here, dad. you're our designated dad this morning. we're going to start with this tailor made golf bag that weighs less than 5 pounds. howard bernstein is going to demonstrate this. >> mike was looking at that yesterday. >> he was pretty excited about this bag. this costs $169.99. so that's not too bad for dad. >> turn it the other way,
6:47 am
howard. there we go. >> there are six pockets, including an insulated beverage sleeve. you can load it up maybe with your arnold palmer. of course it has a stand so that's one idea for you. >> very nice. >> another one, if you are somebody who works out, there is this device right here. andrea, maybe you want to take that. this is the moto active. it's either $200 or $299 depending on the version you get. it tracks your steps, your calories, your workout. there's a website component and you can play your music through there. very cool. >> it looks neat. >> it is. >> if dad doesn't like it, i'll take it. >> i want to get your reaction to this. it's $159 to $219. this is made with sports material, like what you get in clothing.
6:48 am
>> what is it supposed to do when you put it on the bed? >> it's supposed to help keep you cool while you sleep at night. maybe dad get a little sweaty. this is the product for him. what do you think of this? >> it's like the new polyester. that i would like in the summertime versus a cotton or flank where you're going to feel a lot warmer. >> i know you'd buy it and then wash it but the smell right now with the chemicals-- >> wash it first before you put it on your bed. >> will the chemicals wash out? >> it's kind of stretchy, too, so you have to get used to that. we have one more thing. we're taking a collection in the newsroom for you. this is $139,000. it's the icon a5. it is a two seater plane. it's an am bibbuous. you can -- amphibious. you can put it on a trailer. it uses automotive fuel. because we love you. >> you could just fly right over the traffic. i'd get home in no time.
6:49 am
>> that's a good weather tool. mr. burdett, happy birthday. thank you for getting that for howard. it's 6:49 and time to answer our question of the morning. the question again was 52% of women say they will not allow their significant other to do which you these things around the house? is it a laundry, b, cook, or c, decorate. >> i am shocked. shocked i say. back away if the washer and drier, guys. the answer is a, the laundry. >> if i put the wrong thing in, i'm going to ruin it. i just know it. a check of the news is next.
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6:52. i'm still thinking about that
6:53 am
jet and $139,000. we've got high thin clouds now, but a sunny, breezy, drier air. upper 70s by noon with highs in the low 80s. andrea? >> thank you, howard. today is wednesday, june 13. here's a check on the news before you go. george allen will be the republican nominee in virginia's u.s. senate race. the former governor and senator easily defeated his challengers in yesterday's primary. it sets up a november contest against former governor democrat tim kaine. prince george's county delegate tiffany allston is expected to leave officer. she was found equipment tuesday of misdemeanor theft and misconduct in office. she was accused of paying an employee with state funds. she's facing a separate case for allegedly using campaign funds on her wedding. and in sports, it is the nationals hitting three home runs last night, including a monster shot to center by bryce harper. d.c. tops toronto 4-2. the nats have won five in a row.
6:54 am
they now have a four-game lead in the east. every day we're going through the retailer websites to save you money. save 40% on tickets to wine enthusiasts toast of the town d.c. event. google offers has them for $75.40 a pee. you get to taste more than 500 wines, spirits and beers. the event is next june 22 at the national building museum. every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed manual. the tailored man in tysons corner is offering 40% off custom suits and shirts. you can get four shirts made for $192 or a suit and two shirts for $750. you can find this deal at for 69 bucks will give you six sirloin steaks, four chicken breasts, 10brats
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sausages and all beef hot dogs for 58% off the normal price. you can find this deal on if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. >> one more check of traffic and weather right here next on 9news now.
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one more thing this morning. take a look at this. bacon, bacon, bacon. that's ice cream with bacon all over it. what's wrong with that? nothing. starting sunday, burger king is going to have the bacon sundae. you've got your soft serve, some bacon crumbles, bacon on the top. you love it, don't you? do you want to know what it clocks in at? >> no. >> 510 calories, 18 grams of fat, and 61 grams of sugar.
6:59 am
>> but i get you could get turkey, bacon and locale something or other -- low cal something or other and you can get the same thing. that's all you need after that. weather wise looking great today. drier air moving in. breezy, 82. beautiful the next few days with highs upper 70s to around 80. a vehicle fire on the inbound side of the dulles toll road before route 7. everything is on the right shoulder. outer loop slows toward silver spring. cbs this morning is next. they'll have the latest on the wildfires in colorado. learn why the wife of murdered suspect george zimmerman was arrested. >> howard will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. you can always join us online, get the latest news, weather and traffic at we'll see you thursday morning at 4:25. till then have a great day.


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