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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is 9news now. >> what's coming down on me and like that i was possessed. >> that was the young man recounting his disastrous experience as a drug known as bath salts. it's being linked of bizarre behavior across the country and here in the d.c. area. why this new synthetic drug is sounding so many alarms. ken. >> these so-called bath salts are spreading in popularity.
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the use and abuse is inching its way into our area and authorities are racing to stop it in its tracks. we want to warn you, some of the video in this report is disturbing. >> it was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. i don't know. >> freddie is one of the lucky ones that survived a bath salt induced high. >> i was possessed. i was trying to stop whatever was in me from continuing further. it felt like i was about to bust loose. >> this youtube video from an inmate inside the jail in indiana shows a man under the affects of the drug. he strips his clothes and at some point does a head stand into the toilet. the properties of the drug can turn people into zombies, which is exactly what is suspected in the infamous attack of a homeless man in miami where his face was eaten by a man under the effects of bath salts. >> they are synthetic drugs that are stimulants with
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properties. >> scott says the name bath salts is simply a street name. it comes from overseas, he says. it's been around for two years now and it is legally sold in many places like convenience stores and gas stations. >> this has nothing to do with epsom salts that you would put in your bath. these are active drugs. >> the numbers are shocking. the american association of poison control center reports there were 300 cases nationwide in 2010. and 2011 it skyrocketed to more than 6100. this year, some 1300 cases have been recorded. many of them are close to home, specifically in the shannandoa valley. >> virginia and parts of west virginia, there is a lot of bath salt abuse. >> because so little is known about these bath salts right now, even emergency room doctors say sometimes they have a difficult time pinpointing
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the symptoms. >> when i'm in the emergency department, i'll see someone agitated. they don't come with a label. >> dr. kathleen clan si of the poison center says they are racing to learn about the drug as people continue to die from it. >> people are really testing them on themselves. they are using themselves as human gunie pigs. >> because it is so popular, they are having a hard time stopping the use of it. it is focused on battling a scary drug trend prevailing on our streets. anita. >> unknown concoctions and people taking them. okay, ken. new at 11:00, firefighters are blaming a faulty stove for the carbon monoxide leak that sent nine people in one department to the hospital. the four adults and five kids were feeling dizziness, when an alarm went off in their apartment. firefighters check other units and found three other stoves
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emitting unsafe levels of gas. all of the patients were able to walk to waiting ambulances and should be okay. new at 11:00, we have symptoms as well as poisoning, which include fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting. all things to keep in mind. to keep your family safe, here's advice from the virginia department of health. don't burn charcoal or gas grills inside any enclosed areas in your house or garage. never use a generator indoors. have your home heating systems inspected every year and install carbon monoxide detectors. they can save lives as we saw. for more tips of keeping your family safe. go to our website, some crazy video tonight of a car that literally crashed into a building. this happened a short time ago on 28th street northwest. the sedan has diplomatic plates. unbelievably, no one was injured. a collapse team showed up to investigate the team and sure
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up that building. he came, he saw, he gave it two thumb's up. president barack obama got a first-hand look at skyscraper rising at the site of the world trade center towers. he took a view from the unfinished 22nd floor and met with construction workers. the president signed one of the final beams to be installed in the building. his note reads, we remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger. when finished, the building will stand at 1776 feet. making it the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere. before that photo op, it was campaign time big time. president obama was in cleveland. his republican challenger, mitt romney, in cincinnati. both men hoping to win the battle for ohio this november. there was president obama casting himself as the crusader for the middle class. and mitt romney asking voters, are you better off now than
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four years ago? >> there is nothing new. just what bill clinton has called the same ideas they tried before, except on steroids. >> as you look at the president's record, it is long on words and short on action. >> the latest polls in battleground ohio show these two candidates running neck and neck. darling of the tea party. florida senator, marco rubio, is throwing his support behind george allen. the former virginia governor and senator is running for senate once again this year. allen clinched the gop nomination earlier this week. he is running against tim kaine. also a former governor. d.c. police looking for leads tonight trying to solve the murder of a much loved and now much missed deli owner. june lymphs shot to death this morning right inside her store. >> i don't know what to think. >> she was by all accounts a wonderful woman.
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>> i can't believe this has happened to her. >> and a generous member of the washington community where she worked for the past eight years. now, she's gone. >> this is just very surreal. >> 64-year-old june lynn, at the corner of 7th and 8th streets. >> no matter what you needed or wanted, she was there for community. >> shot to death around 6:00 this morning as she was getting ready to open the store. >> someone must have followed her in. >> a robbery turned extremely violent. >> june's son said his mother who would have turned 65 in three weeks is planning to retire with her husband sometime next year and live on the eastern shore. >> just before her time and why the individual or individuals couldn't take the money and left. >> tonight, peter is feeding for information from the public to help police find the person or people who killed his mother. >> hopefully they can offer some type of tip. >> and offer an entire
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neighborhood in mourning. >> whoever did it, your time will come. that's all i can say. the time will come. >> new tonight, d.c. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case. should you have information about the person or people who killed june, you are asked to call d.c. police at 202-727- 9099. once again, 202-727-9099. anita. >> let's hope for a quick arrest. thanks, matt. a spotsylvania county detective forced to shoot a robbery detective. it happened just before 3:00 on brag road. the detective says he saw the accused thief hold up the clerk. the two got into it outside the store and when the suspect wouldn't drop his weapon, the officer shot the man in the leg. that man was treated at the hospital and is now behind bars. and this guy hunts women. he hunts women because that's
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his hobby. >> and that is john walsh from america's most wanted talking about the man known as the potomac river rapist. detectives say new analysis links a tenth crime to the man in the sketch right there. this attack happened back in july 1996. detectives say the woman was dragged into the woods and attacked on mcarthur boulevard in northwest d.c. the potomac river rapist hasn't been heard from since a deadly attack in 1998. authorities are urging anyone with information about him to come forward and try to solve these crimes. wal-mart is moving forward with two of its six planned stores in the district of columbia. according to the washington business journal, the retailer secured building permits for stores on georgia avenue northwest and new jersey avenue northwest. the georgia avenue store is expected to open next year. the others could be at least a couple years away. >> all the american flag needs
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is one more tiny thing. >> and that was the message from d.c. delegate, eleanor holmes norton. she was part at a group gathered at the circle. it's the second annual d.c. flag celebration. supporters want to see the district granted statehood. they want to say in how tax dollars are spent. many of those in attendance were supporting a variety of district themed tattoos. as if cannibalism weren't enough, accused of killing a friend and eating part of his brain and heart. we're talking about alex. a student at baltimore's morgan state university. days before the killing, he used a baseball bat to beat another friend. he was initially charged with assault, now a grand jury upped that charge to attempted murder. you could say prosecutors saved the worst for last.
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at the child sex abuse case of jerry sandusky. they called a young women known adds victim number six. sandusky began abusing him when he was 12 during sleepovers in sandusky's basement and escalated from oral sex to rape. from that soundproof basement, no one could hear his screamings. still ahead on 9 news. mcdonald's likes to say, i'm loving it in their ad, but they aren't going to love this. they join subway and several others in our restaurant report. guilty of health violations. plus, a daredevil gets ready to make a once in a lifetime trip across that tight rope. topper. >> we had a great day, 82 was the high. below average. and the humidity in check. now here's your wakeup weather. a very nice start. 58 to 66 at 5:00. in the 60s by 7:00. and anywhere from 68 to 74 and pleasant by 9:00. we'll come back and tell you how the rest of the day goes
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and we are giving away tickets to at&t national. we'll tell you how you can win them.
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back on 9news now with the end to a real life legal drama
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starring kevin costner versus steven baldwin. baldwin claimed costner tricked him into selling shares of their oil cleanup company just before that company got a huge order to help clean up the gulf coast back in 2010. baldwin asked a jury for $17 million in damages. tonight, they signed it with costner and gave baldwin nothing. meat, at unsafe temperatures and sewage. that's what we are uncovering now and it's at big name chain restaurants. here's the restaurant report. >> you're going to want to watch and see what a fast food manager does in the middle of one of our interviews. just as a customer walked out with a sandwich, inspector closed for imminent hazards. it's this subway at 3720 georgia avenue northwest. last week, inspectors sited the restaurant for ten critical violations, including food at improper temperatures, including ham at 45 degrees and
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roast beef at 55. that's 14 degrees warmer than the required safe 41 degrees. in april, they were sited for storing seafood salad at 59 degrees and tuna salad at 63. >> i never knew that. thank god i didn't get sick. >> before we could interview this guy, the manager walked out of the store. listen, just off camera. >> you feel uncomfortable? the manager stepped out while i'm trying to do an interview with you? >> i don't know. >> subway issued a statement saying welfare of our customers is of importance. if a restaurant is found to be out of compliance, steps are immediately taken to correct any issues and insure them from happening again. inspectors also closed this mcdonald's on baltimore avenue in riverdale, maryland. prince georges health officials say a grease overflow created a sewage backup in the parking
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lot. inspectors were dispatched after a complaint. officials reported no evidence it backed up inside mcdonald's, but inspectors say overthrows threaten all drains and impose a threat outside, too. >> potential for human contact with raw sewage and the potential in a food facility to actually contaminate the actual food. >> mcdonald's issued a statement saying they were working on a resolution for the equipment malfunction at a time a customer brought it to their attention. pr vieding customers with a welcoming restaurant experience is always a top priority, they said. inspectors ordered food operations halted at mall come liquors after finding mouse droppings, two inspections in a row. health officials shuttered papa joe's pizza for operating with no hot water and no working hand sink. all the restaurants corrected the health violations, passed reinspections and back to serving food. if you want to know about closures, follow me on twitter.
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i'm russ, 9news now. never have an appetite after russ' report. if you go to our website, russ posted the full inspection report for some of the restaurants in that story. if you have a tip about health risks, corruption, or government waste, russ wants to know. you can e-mail him at tomorrow night, all eyes will be on daredevil, nick rulenda as he attempts to do something no one has tried. walk a tight rope across niagra falls. it will take the young man 40 minutes to walk the wire that stretches several football fields from the american side to the canadian. and all that fog around him. >> you know what is funny, no one tried it in 100 years. someone tried it 100 years ago. he will be tethered. he agreed to wear a tether. >> take each step very
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carefully. okay, a great looking day today. a mix of clouds and sun. the same forecast tomorrow as well. no complaints. let's start with a live look outside. you're looking north down wisconsin avenue toward bethesda and this is brought to you by michael and son. high 82. down to 72 now. dew point is 60. any time the dew points are around 60, that's okay. winds out of the east, southeast at 7. they have that easterly component. that's going to produce more cloud cover tomorrow, not a big deal. and the pressure rising 30.23 inches of mercury. it is thursday night, we'll start with the beach and boating forecast. very nice on the water. just a little cooler on saturday. 75 to 80. winds easterly at 10. waves not a factor at all. by sunday, 76 to 81. again waves not a factor. if you go all the way to the ocean resorts, it will be cooler. temperatures will struggle to get to 70, 75 on saturday. of course you go inland, it will be upper 70s.
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a chilly weekend, but a nice weekend. 72 to 76 on sunday. northeast at 10. all right, for us, grab your shades tomorrow. it will be a mix of clouds and sun. perfectly nice. now a mix of clouds and sun on friday. partly cloudy. warmer on saturday and nice. humidity still in check. and then nice on father's day as well. warmer still. not humid yet. we'll make it through the weekend before humidity returns. 58 to 66 and winds still east, northeast at 10. by morning, partly sunny and pleasant. primarily 60s and 70s. winds northeast at 10. air quality forecast code green. we have been on a stretch of nice air quality for a while. by afternoon, partly cloudy and pleasant. not humid yet. high temperatures around 80 and winds easterly at 10. zone forecast very nice from the mountain to coast. 71 in oakland. upper 70s in cumberland and
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upper 70s in hagerstown. partly cloudy pretty much across the board. 81 in culpeper. you aren't going to make it in manassas, only in the upper 70s. downtown, 80. cooler by the water. temperatures there generally in the mid 70s because that easterly wind. we'll break it down. 58 to 68 to start. 74 to 80 by noon. very pleasant and 78 to 82 by evening. our 9 weather alert codes still a string of green. 82 on saturday. partly cloudy. 85 for dad on sunday, partly cloudy as well. next seven days, warming up next week. upper 80s on monday. near 90 on tuesday. and then by wednesday and thursday next week will be around 90 for some afternoon thunderstorms possible. kind of scattered about and not that numerous. now, it's two weeks away. we all have u.s. open fever. we'll give away tickets to the at&t national. go to our website, or like us on facebook. you can't see it here, but you
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can go wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, or sunday. >> that's nice. >> giving away 20 of these puppies. you go wednesday when they practice and chat with them. >> that's not fun. talking about tickets. big ticket at the u.s. open, tiger. >> tiger looking good. your boy not looking too good. tiger steals the show at u.s. open, but he wasn't the only one making a statement on the course today. plus, you remember this, can the nats keep their win streak alive against the yankees? sports is next.
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now, 9sports with kristen berset. the best sports in town. >> tiger woods didn't finish his first round at the u.s. open atop the leader board, he sure is within striking distance. a super star trio, woods far outshine the two lefties. the clubhouse leader is michael thompson at 4 under, but tiger not far behind. many struggled on the greens of the olympic club today. tiger woods was able to come away with two bogies all around finish. one under par. he hasn't done that in the first round of u.s. open since 2002. now check this out.
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defending at&t national champ with incredible approach shot on the par 5, 17. watch this roll into the hole. a double eagle. he is tied with tiger woods for second. so after tiger's round, was he pleased with the way he played today? >> very pleased. i'm very pleased that i had a good game plan going in. i executed all the way through, and i'll end up with a score under par, which was nice. >> now here's a look at tiger's career by the numbers and his 14 major wins. tiger's first round score is 68 1/2. in all other starts, he shot around a 72. so with his 69 today, he is on track for a good weekend if he can keep it up. the nationals have gotten through boston and toronto, sweeping both teams, ending a perfect road series. now they head home to finish
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inner league play. the last time the yankees were in d.c., it was 2006 at rfk when then rookie, ryan zimmerman, won the final game of the series with this walkoff home run. this weekend series undoubtedly will be great. both teams are in first place. gonzalez faces off against phil hughes tomorrow night. orioles going for the sweep tonight against pittsburgh. already up 5-0 in the 4th, matt sends one to short. pirates with four hits and five rbi in this game. same inning, scott pierce, a three-run shot to left. he drove in a career high five runs tonight. former oriole, eric gets rocked on the mound as the birds take this one 12-6 sweeping the pirates. of course, the nba finals are going on right now. miami is up 90-86 in the 4th. they could even the series.
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which could use this, then they are heading back to miami. this would be a big win. >> we'll be right back. >> go thunder.
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death by fire. a 9news investigation into late model jeep cherokees bursting into flames reveal a deadly defect. dozens of accident victims burned alive and more vehicles
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may have the same fatal flaw. we'll have this troubling investigation for you on 9news at 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 tomorrow night. let's end on a happier note. i want to thank the american diabetes association for inviting me to the french embassy tonight. that is young patrick, a third grader, who was diagnosed with diabetes three months ago. but the big event reason was father of the year. three award winners with their families. you can see the smiles all around. honor for their work in their communities, in their businesses and of course, for being deaf. the most important job. >> good night.
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