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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 15, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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buckeye battle. president obama and mitt romney lay out their vision for the economy in ohio. a state critical to the election hopes of both candidates. europe on the brink. voters to decide whether or not to trash the euro and spain's bank ever on the edge of failure. highway robbery that's daring. attempted truck heist in romania looks more like a stunt right ou attempted truck heist in romania looks more like a stunt right ou of hollywood. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, june 15, 2012. good to be with you, i'm terrell brown. mitt romney begins a five day, six day bus tour in new hampshire today. president obama is back in washington after a day of
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campaigning. this evening he heads home to chicago of the he'll spend father's day weekend there. mr. obama also stopped in new york where he and the first lady visited the world trade center site. the president signed a beam that will be incorporated into one world trade center. his inscription reads, we remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger. both the president and romney campaigned in ohio yesterday. a field that could decide the election. the president said the economy is the defining issue of our time. susan mcginnis has more in washington. good morning to you. >> terrell, good morning. a lot of drama surrounded the two speeches in ohio happening just minutes apart from each other 200 miles apart. they yielded nothing new. but they did show just how important all of the swing states will be in the next five months. mitt romney's campaign bus hits the road today for a five-day, six-state tour. first stop, the battleground state of new hampshire. before the road trip, the obama and romney campaigns hit another
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swing state. in ohio, the two rivals were in rare agreement on one point. >> had election is about our economic future. >> in cleveland, the president said romney's plan would return the nation to george bush's policies. >> we were told that huge tax cuts, especially for the wealthiest americans, would lead to faster job growth. >> in cincinnati, governor romney said the president has failed to deliver. >> he's been president for three and a half years and talk is cheap. >> the race for president appears to be coming down to one main issue, how to lead the economy back to prosperity. and the two sides are offering fundamentally different visions of how to get there. >> i will finally get america on track to have a balanced budget and we will limit the size of government. >> do that, romney would increase domestic energy production in an effort to cut costs and create jobs, eliminate the president's health care reform lawi romney says hurts
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small businesses and cut spending to reduce the deficit. >> you can't have a strong and growing economy without a strong and growing middle class. >> the president's plan involves investments in education, infrastructure and energy and higher taxes for the rich to pay down the deficit. voters have fewer than five months to decide which plan they support. something the obama campaign can use, a new gol up poll shows 68% of americans blame former president bush for the u.s. economic problems. terrell? susan mcginnis in washington. susan have a good weekend. thank you so much. a reminder, mitt romney will appear on face the nation this sunday. you can see it right here on cbs. cbs "moneywatch" time on a friday. investors around the world keeping a close eye on what's happening in europe over the next few days. erica ferrari in new york with more. good morning, erica. >> good morning, terrell. this sunday greek voters will decide on a new government and their choice could impact the global economy.
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voters are choosing between left wing candidates who want to end austerity measures abdomen those who want to stick to the terms of greece's bailout. if they reject, it could be forced out of the eurozone. the problems in europe aren't limited to greece. borrowing costs in spain rose to 7%. it was at that same level that greece, portugal and ireland all called for bailouts. spain is already set to receive $125 billion to relieve pressure on its banks. there are also concerns that italy could be in danger of defaulting as well. economists say if either country can't pay back their loans shall the european banking system could collapse. despite the bad news overseas, markets were stable on the hope that the pral reserve and other banks could take steps to stimulate their economies. the nikkei was flat, the hang seng rose more than 2%. on wall street, the dow added 155 points, the nasdaq was up 17. the los angeles county court
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system is launching widespread layoffs today. the action affects more than 400 workers who will lose their jobs, see pay reduced or be assigned to a lower level position. tightening state budgets. 110 years, that's the sentence handed to r. allen stanford. he was found guilty of bilking investors out of more than $7 billion over the course of 20 years. the 62-year-old read a statement thursday in which he maintained his innocence and insisted his businesses were legitimate. terrell? >> erica ferrari in new york. have a good weekend. overseas, u.n. observers entered hoffa, the nearly deserted town was overrun by troops to regain control of areas. u.n. officials say they were greeted by the stench of death. the number of casualties unclear. activists say more than 40 civilian and opposition fighters were killed yesterday in other parts of syria. in egypt, preparations under
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way for a presidential runoff election this weekend. a decision by egypt's supreme court is seen as a roadblock to democracy. the fundamentalist islamist brotherhood say it's a full-fledged coup and promises tough days ahead. we're in cairo with details. >> the supreme court ruled that the democratically elected parliament should be dissolved. at the same time the court delivered good news to this man. it struck down a lawi would have barred him from office because he was part of the ousted mubarak regime. the ruling clears the way for shafiq and mow hard morrissey, a member of the muslim brotherhood. in the runoff vote this weekend. dissolving parliament hands the military the right to right the constitution. that will decide how much power the president has. that translates to one thing to this man. >> this is a coup.
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it's not legal because it's legitimate, but legal in the sense that the army has staged a coup using the courts. >> a coup without tanks? >> a coup without tanks. >> the military issued a decree giving police the right to arrest anyone resisting the authority, halting traffic, damaging buildings or harming government security. which in effect allows for a clampdown on protests. >> gloves are off. they have made it clear what they want. they want to turn back with a vengeance to the previous regime. this is something that's -- we cannot do this. >> the protesters who thought they won the fight for a free and transparent system of government find their revolution mired in a political environment that is as muddy and polluted as the nile river. and the political maneuvering is far from over. the muslim brotherhood warned they will take to the streets to prevent what it calls the return
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to the old corrupt ways. allen pizzey, cbs news, cairo. the jerry sandusky trial is set for monday. three more sandusky's accusers testified that he screamed in the basement of sandusky's house as the former penn state assistant football coach raped him. sandusky's wife was upstairs at the time. he denies the allegations. the fire burning west of fort collins is still spreading as evacuations have been ordered, new ones. it's about 10% contained but burned 78 square miles and destroyed more than 100 buildings, including 48 homes. the fire in southern new mexico burned more than 37,000 acres and damaged or destroyed 224 homes and other structures. take a quick break on a friday morning. items lost in japan's tsunami last year are returned to their rightful owners after washing up
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nothing works faster. boy, talk about highway robbery. look at this infrared night video from romania. two thieves climb out of an suv while speeding along a freeway in the dark. it's like a movie. looked inside and apparently decided there's nothing to steal. they were arrested. in japan today, police arrested the last suspect in the deadly nerve gas attack on the subway system in 1995. 54-year-old takahashi was caught after he was seen at a -- he's a former member of the -- who released gas in the subways that injured more than 6,000. coca-cola, the largest soft drink maker, plans to start selling drinks in burma.
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for taking steps towards democratic reform. democracy movement, an sang sue chicago is in new york. she was kept under house arrest. we won a seat on the parliament. she will accept the nobel peace prize she won in 1991. tropical storm carlotta is expected to become a hurricane. carlotta, currently 460 miles southwest of acapulco, sustained winds of 65 miles per hour, ten short of a return. the storm is expected to dump a foot of rain on mexico's southwest coast causing mudslides. >> crossing the pacific to america -- a soccer ball, basketball, volleyball and yellow fishing buoy. they were carried home by the crew of a fed ex cargo jet. they got their own seats on the
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in chicago, 92 in dallas, partly cloudy in los angeles, 72 degrees. let's check the national forecast. overnight storms give way to calmer -- severe thunderstorms could pop up in the western plains from eastern montana to northeastern new mexico. scattered thunderstorms will range along the gulf coast from eastern texas to florida. mostly dry and pleasant in the northeast. in sports, a big almost for oklahoma city in the nba finals. trailing miami through three quarters. the thunder mounted a furious charge in the fourth. russell westbrook took a turnover for a tough layup and foul. time running short, the heat dwyane wade turns it over and kevin durant drained the three-pointer. cutting miami's lead to two. seconds later, durant's jumper to tie it. end up falling short. lebron james got the rebound and a foul and the heat went on to win it 100-96.
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the series tied at a game apiece. game 3, sunday in miami. to baseball now. a wild finish in kansas city. the brewers leading 3-2. the royals, to left, hit down the field field line. the game tied. the throw from left. the second baseman bobbles the ball and the walk-off run scores. royals 4, brewers 3. also a good night for the home team at san diego. in the fifth, an rbi single to right. throwing error by the defense gave them the 3-0 lied. in the bottom of the fifth, a great catch to suzuki of a hit. the padres scored three more times in the sixth en route to a victory. to goflt now. six players finished the first -- finished 18 under par. olympic club in san francisco led by michael thompson. five others are three strokes back, including nick watt any.
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a perfect approach shot for a tiger woods playing like his old self. a curving 35-foot birdie putt through the shadows on 5. finally a royal parade in downtown l.a. thousands lined the streets to cheer the nhl champion kings. they rolled through the staples center on flatbed trucks and buses. all to a fan rally at the staples center. congratulations to them. when we come back, another look at this morning's top stories and victory lap. after being the first private company to visit the international space station, spacex headquarters gets a visit from nasa's chief.
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the forecast in some cities around the country. d.c., mostly sunny, 80 degrees. partly sunny, 84 in atlanta. partly sunny, 92 in st. louis. 86 in denver. partly sunny, 73 in seattle.
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top stories now on a friday morning. president obama and mitt romney campaigned in ohio yesterday. both focusing on the economy. the president said a vote for romney is a return to the recession era mistakes of the past. romney said the president is the enemy of people who create jobs. in the colorado wildfire continues to spread this morning and more evacuations have been ordered. the fire burned 78 square miles and burned 48 homes. a federal jury in new orleans rejected a $17 million lawsuit brought by actor stephen baldwin against kevin costner involving a case with the gulf oil spill. they said they were deceived by costner and his partner into selling their shares of a company that made an oil cleanup spill device. bp later paid $52 million for 32 of the devices. baldwin claimed he should have received a share of that profit. on display in california.
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dragon is the name of the spacex cargo ship that came the first vehicle to dock with the international space station. as we report from hawthorne, california, nasa's top official visited yesterday for a little show and tell. >> weeks after spacex sent a capsule to the international space station, nasa administrator visited the headquarters. he got a closeup look at spacex's past and its future. >> spacex team and nasa team came together to be america's team and you saw what we do. >> spacex ceo showed off the company's first dragon spacecraft. in december 2010, it orbited the earth on a trial run. the original capsule has scorch marks from re-entering earth's atmosphere. space x said the newest craft is designed to take people into space. behind me is an engineering model of spacex dragon craft that will carry seven astronauts to space. the goal is to have a private
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astronaut transport ready by 2017. the chief designer of spacex made his fortune as the co-founder of paypal. but his ambitions go beyond this planet. >> i think it would be great to be born on earth and die on mars. hopefully not at the point of impact. [ laughter ] >> he dragon rider will be a cheaper version -- the rocket has been used to take americans into space sips the shuttle program ended. the space trips cost about $63 million per person. spacex is aiming to get that price down to about $20 million per astronaut. teresa garcia, cbs news, hawthorne, california. a member of the famous flying wall en das is set to make history. nick wall en da is going to be the first to walk a tightrope above the falls, 200 feet high. the 1800 feet walk is expected to take at least a half hour and yes, he will be wearing a safety
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good morning and welcome to 9news now. forget your troubles come on get hooppy. it's parade -- happy. it's friday. june 14th. good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle. mike hydeck is off today. monika samtani has your timesaver traffic and howard bernstein is going to kick it
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off with today's weather forecast. yesterday was pretty nice. >> in fact we have beautiful weather through the wednesday. it's going to get really got next woke. by the middle of next week we'll be scorching get again. a look at the day planner on this friday morning and back up one and get to the day planner. there you go. good visibility on the capitol dome this morning. 66 now and 77 by noon. highs today in the low 80s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature right at # 0 degrees and those humidity levels are going to be nice and low once again. a gorgeous start to the weekend. all right, satellite and radar pretty both. you know we -- quiet. you know we had some clouds around in spots yesterday morning. this morning clear to partly cloudy. not a bad start at all. very comfortable and low 60s winchester and frederick and gaithersburg and culpeper all about 58 degrees. easton down to 59 with york, pennsylvania and 60 in la
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plata. we're going again up into the low 80s a gorgeous friday. traffic wise it's 4:26. so we're probably talking construction and not much morement here's monika with that. >> you're right. we are talking construction. although we have two accidents. one westbound on i-70 after route 40. it's in west friendship. you'll have to use the eastbound lanes to get around it. i know that police are still doing their investigation and their clean-up up in west friendship. be aware of that it happened in the 1:00 hour about three vehicles involved in that one. first of all, southbound on the beltway after the gw parkway one lane is getting by. northbound on the beltway and also southbound on the beltway between route 7 and i-66 want to watch out for that construction. northbound 395 that's doing really well this morning between the beltway and 14th street bridge and another look at the beltway with construction here on the inner loop near kenilworth avenue. watch out for that. accident clean-up there and
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another live look at the beltway this one at colesville road where traffic is moving smoothly. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look at area roads once ben. back to you -- once again. back to you. president obama and governor mitt romney both visited ohio to lay out competing plans for how to fix the economy. >> as susan mcginnis reports the two plans are as different as the two ohio cities they visited. >> reporter: mitt romney's campaign bus hits the road today for a five day, six state tour. first stop? the battleground state of new hampshire. before the road trip, the obama and romney campaigns hit another swing state. in ohio, the two rivals were in rare agreement on one point -- >> this election is about our economic future. >> reporter: in cleveland the president said that romney's plan would return to nation to george bush's policies. >> we were told that huge tax cuts especially for the
4:29 am
wealthiest americans would lead to faster job growth. >> reporter: in cincinnati -- >> he's been president for three and a half yores and talk is cheap. -- years and talk is cheap. >> reporter: the race for president is coming down to one main issue. how to lead the economy back to prosperity. and the two sides are offering fundamentally different visions of how to get there. >> i will finally get america on track to have a balanced budget and we will limit the size of government. >> reporter: to do that romney would increase domestic energy production in an effort to cut costs and create jobs. eliminate the president's health care reform law which romney says hurts small businesses. and cut spending to reduce the deficit. >> you can't have a strong and growing economy without a strong and growing middle class. >> reporter: the president's plan involves investments in education, infrastructure and energy and higher taxes for the rich to pay down the deficit. voters have fewer than five months to decide which plan they support.


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