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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. yesterday, the candidates focused on raising campaign cash. president obama attended two fundraisers in new york, mitt romney raised more than $3 million during an event in chicago. a "washington post" article says the u.s. has dramatically expanded covert spying operations in africa. according to the article, the military and u.s. intelligence agencies have created a network of military bases across that continent to help monitor and target mill talents. part of it -- militants. part of it involves small unarmed aircraft disgoesed as private planes. the operation is seen as part of obama administration's plans to expand the use of special operations forces to monitor and kill militant targets around the world. thousands of egyptians are protesting a decision to dissolve the parliament. the ruling by egypt's supreme
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court constitutional court means the military will write a new constitution which will decide how much power the new president has. the court also ruled egypt's former prime minister can legally run for president. he had previously been barred from running because he was a member of the mubarak regime. the ruling clears the way for a runoff vote this weekend between he and maurice. maurice is of the muslim brotherhood. many are calling it a coup to ensure that current military rulers can maintain their power. the prosecution has called its last witness in the child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. the last of eight accusers to take the stand testified against the former penn state coach and said that he began abusing him around the age of 12. he said the abuse escalated from sodomy to rape.
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sandusky's lawyers will begin calling their witnesses on monday. sandusky himself may take the stand. d.c. police say they've linked another attack to the so- called potomac river rapist case. the sexual predator is wanted for several assaults on women. some of them dating back to the mid 1990s. police say forensic evidence linked the potomac river rapist to an take which happened in 1996 in the 4900 block of mcarthur boulevard northwest. most of the victims in the case were from montgomery county and were ambushed in their homes. however, in 1998, 28-year-old intern christine mercen was ambushed and beaten to death. customers of the grace deli on h street northwest are planning to hold a vigil outside of the deli today at noon to honor the memory of the slain owner june lim. he was shot and killed yesterday morning inside the store. d.c. police are saying this appears to be a robbery but
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they have few leads to who's responsible. investigators believe lim was unloading supplies if her car when -- from her car when someone followed her inside the deli. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call police. fairfax county police have made an arrest in the murder of a restonman. 40-year-old barack pa tell was found in his apartment on saturday. he had recently opened a dunkin' donuts. he was murdered by a family friend police say. al young man who helps tel open the store. no word yet on a motive. on monday metro rail is scheduled to launch a new program called rush plus. >> peggy fox has important details to cope you from being left -- keep you from being left at the platform. >> reporter: the orange line carries more passengers than any other metro rail line. because it gets so crowded during rush hour riders have dubbed it orange crush. >> well sometimes you can't get
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on. >> reporter: monday, help is on the way in the largest system change since metro rolled its first trains out. but it might leave some passengers perplexed. have you heard anything about rush plus? >> i've heard a little bit but -- i just saw the ads and that's about it. >> reporter: come monday rush plus gives the orange line more trains during rush hour. >> that sunday great. >> reporter: but not great for all blue line riders. the blue line is losing trains during rush hour which means riders will have to wait up to 12 minutes for a train but rush plus is bringing more options also in the end the blue line at springfield franconia you can also catch a rush plus yellow train. >> but it's not all bad for folks in springfield or alexandria. for example, if you pick up the train in franconia, and you want to get to l'enfant plaza. instead of taking the blue loin for a 40 minute ride all the way arnold, you can take a rush hour rush plus yellow line
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train to l'enfant plaza for only a 28 minute ride. also a final destination during you are hour and the yellow line will continue on to greenbelt. with all the pairings you can't rely on color anymore. >> it just seems confusing. i feel like you have to be paying a bit more attention than some people might. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. >> the rush plus program spares riders on the red line as well as those who travel outside the normal rush windows. at 4:35. a look at other stories making news now. lance armstrong is barred from competing in the ironman triathlon in france. the move comes after the seven time tour de france winner was accused of using performance- enhancing drugs. in addition to the violations, the u.s. antidoping agency says armstrong tried to cover-up the illegal drug use. the cyclist has repeatedly
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denied the doping allegations and says he has never failed a drug test and he's taken hundreds of them. armstrong has a week to respond to these charges. and an arbitrator could hear the case that fall. authorities in colorado evacuated close to additional 100 homes overnight. the high park fire spread to more communities. some homeowners had only minutes to get out. so far it's burned more than 52,000 acres. firefighters have only contained about 20% of the fire. he's untouchable. real life legal drama starring kevin costner and alec baldwin played out in a new orleans courtroom. baldwin sued costner saying that bald win tricked him to get out of a contract. baldwin asked the jury for $17 million in damages but jurors sided with costner and gave
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baldwin zip. >> interesting resolution for that case. >> what was it $42 billion that he got from bp? well, the time right now is 4:36. and at 4:39. howard will preview what's expected to be a near perfect friday forecast. >> and at 4:49. a multistate law enforcement effort to keep you safe along a popular back road begins this weekend. >> at 4:352, if you're persistent and tenacious chances are you have your father to thank for that. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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4:9 on this friday morning -- 34:39 on this friday morning and it is looking good out there. another pleasant start and it's going to be a great start to the weekend. 70 by 9:00.
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by lunchtime 77. low humidity levels. plenty of sunshine. don't forget the sunscreen. highs today in the lower 80s. monika? thank you howard. if you are planning to head south on 270 looks great at route 121. friday morning light here. but in just westbound i-70 still closed after route 40 with a serious overnight accident and you'll be diversed at route 32. more coming up in my next report at 4:37. the time right now 4:40 and i am watching your money. and the roller coaster ride continues on wall street. this morning, traders hoping to follow on one of the best days of the year for wall street. stocks jumped on hopes that the federal reserve will soon take action to jump-start the economy. and checking the numbers for you -- former texas tycoon allen stanford will spend the rest of
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his life behind bars. the 62-year-old was sentenced to 110 years in prison for operating one of the largest ponzi schemes in u.s. history. stanford bilked investors out of more than $7 billion over 20 years. the government says they're now in the process of trying to recover $350 million from stanford's estate. the price of staying cool this summer is going up for millions of americans. the environmental protection agency ordered manufacturers to slow down making r 22. it's the most common refrigerant used in air conditioners. the epa says r 22 also known as freon is potentially harmful to the environment. limited supplies of the cool ant have sent the price skyrocketing up to 400% already this year. and that's making it more costly to repair older air conditioners that have a freon leak. wal-mart moving forward with two of its six planned stores in the district. according to the washington
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business journal. the megaretailer has secured building permits for stores on georgia avenue northwest and new jersey avenue northwest. the georgia avenue store expected to open sometime next year. the others could be at least a couple of years away. this has been such a long time in the making. it's amazing that it's actually moving forward. >> i know. for now. >> for now. yeah right. >> thank you. a new report says the number of cancer survivors will grow significantly over the next decade. >> we'll look at some of the reasons why and have your weather first when we return in just two minutes.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. 4:44 on this friday morning. it's a good day and a good weather day. >> yes it's going to be a great weekend actually. looks like temperatures will be slowly, slowly climbing toward the mid 80s over the course of the next few days. and humidity levels, they're going to be down. so you're going to need plans outside? it all looks good. morning, noon, night no
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complaints here. next week though, it is going to get toasty across the region. we start though with a look at the allergy update. this is just for you andrea roane. i know you have great interest in this. grass pollen way up there yesterday. 11.2 considered high for our region. while the trees, the weeds and molds -- >> what kills me. >> still moderate on that. the rain earlier in the week kind of inspired some of this pollen to come back i long with the mold spores. the bus stop forecast now. last day of the season we're showing this. right last day of school in some of the virginia counties. clear to partly cloudy this morning. couple of spots in the upper 50s and most of us though in the 60s 24 morning and that sunrise nice and early 5:42 and sets at 8:35 and we should see plenty of sunshine today. by noon, upper 70s. going to be gorgeous out there. northeast winds at about 10 miles an hour. this afternoon highs in the low 80s with a 4:00 p.m. temperature of 81 and by 8:00 still a beautiful evening and temperatures in the mid 70s and
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winds starting to turn easterly there. going to the nats tonight the yankees are in town taking on the nats with their six game- winning streak against the a. l. east team. upper 70s for first pitch and fall to the low 07s by about 9:00, 10:00. a beautiful night for baseball as well. this morning, your temperatures the cool spots, there they are. easton is 57. it's 61 many areas from fredericksburg to winchester. 66 in hagerstown. cumberland also 59 and here in town, we've got lots of low 60s. reston a little bit cooler is i long with crofton at 59 degrees with arlington and college park 62 and rockville at 61. looking outside on the michael & son weather camera, great visibility there morning with partly cloudy skies. temperatures 66. winds out of the east and by the way that's keeping the water a little bit high and we've got some high tides downtown and also along the bay. we have a coastal flood advisory until 9:00 this morning. naturally big storms in the middle of the country and also watching some storms across the gulf coast but with high pressure from the ohio valley to the east coast, we're going
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to sit high and dry for the weekend. here's a look at the forecast. 82 today quite pleasant. tonight again 50s and 60s and 83 tomorrow. 84 on father's day. not humid these days as well and if you're going to the beach this weekend, well check this forecast out. because we're going to see temperatures tomorrow in the mid 70s and mid 70s on sunday. water temperatures in the 60s and mid- to upper 70s also for dewey and rehoboth. here comes the heat tuesday 91 and then mid 90s i believe wednesday and thursday. those isolated afternoon storms. summer officially begins wednesday at 7:09. it is 4:47. great weather monika. give us some great traffic. you know i wish i could but i do have a serious accident to tell you about.
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it happened in the 1:00 hour in the west friendship area of howard county and i would say right now that you should still watch out for police direction on the westbound side of i-70 right here after route 40. it was a two vehicle accident and again, that investigation continues. now volumes are light enough that you should believe okay. but -- should be okay. but it's good to know of that situation. a live look south of town on the beltway at route 210 heading you this oxon hill here on the inner loop to the wilson bridge you're fine over to alexandria. no problems to the 14th street bridge. back to the maps this time to 270. frederick and i-70 no problems to report all the way down to clarksburg. and a live look crossing the american legion bridge no problems between tysons and bethesda. and i'll be back in a couple of minutes once again with traffic. but in the meantime, maryland, virginia, pennsylvania, and north carolina are banding together to crack down on unsafe drivers. state troopers from all four states gathered in frederick on thursday to announce operation
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border to border. it will take place this weekend along u.s. route 15. troopers say the first of its kind safety project will cover a tea toll after 400 miles of -- total of 400 miles of route 15 in all four states. look for some changes in the name of safety around the memorial bridge. the national park service and virginia congressman jim moran outlined the improvements to the west end of the bridge and nearby hiking and biking crossings which cross the george washington parkway. many signs have been replaced. both on the bridge and along the mount vernon trail. there are also new rumble strips to alert drivers before they reach the crosswalks. all right, monika. thank you. a new report from the american cancer society shows the number of cancer survivors in the u.s. will grow significantly in the next decade. >> as dick brennan reports, the number of survivors hasless to do with advancement in research and more to do with the growing population. >> reporter: jerry is a cancer survivor but it's been a long
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road. she's battled breast cancer three times. >> i never thought i would get breast cancer again. >> reporter: the 67-year-old is one of 13.7 million americans living with a history of cancer. while cancer rates are decreasing in the u.s., a new american cancer society report shows the number of cancer survivors will jump to almost 18 million in the next decade. >> the population of older people that tends to get cancer is growing in the united states. >> we've also had major advances in treatment of many cancers. >> reporter: nearly half of all survivors are 70 years or older and the majority are living five or more years since diagnosis. many people go on to have normal healthy lives after cancer. but some will face physical challenges and long-term side effects from treatment. >> it's increasingly recognized that cancer survivors are a special population. and that they need attention in the medical community. they need resources in the
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general community. >> you would have -- >> reporter: she is not only a cancer survivor, she's president of the long island breast cancer action coalition and runs a center that's provided education and information to over 26,000 people. >> we not only have support groups for cancer, we have many other things to take stress off. we have -- you know yoga and raki and art. >> reporter: like many others who've lived through it. she knows cancer can come back. but she remains hopeful for the future. dick brennan for cbs news, new york. >> breast, colon and uterine cancers are the most common types of cancers for women living with the disease. for men, it's prostate, colon, and melanoma. we all know breast milk is best for brush baby but new research out of the university of north carolina finds it may have an amazing ability to destroy hiv cells. scientists used special mice with humanized characteristics
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to show breast milk protects against oral transmission of the aids virus. researchers need know if the role. they still don't know if it makes it more lickly to happen or helps prevent it. do you want to live longer? try vitamin d. with calcium. a three year study of about 70,000 patients in denmark found the combination reduced the death rate by 9% in mostly older women but patients taking vitamin d. alone didn't get the same results. despite previous studies researchers believe the combo may be good for preserving your health. >> if you never give up. thank dear old dad. a brigham young university study of persistence in adolescence suggests if your dad gave you three things, love. accountability and some independence you're probably better at sticking to a task. the study says it can be taught and it leads to tougher and
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more successful teens. thank you dad. the time right now 4:52. and time for the question of the morning. >> it is -- >> i had a slurpee yesterday. >> okay you did it. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. it was the diet slurpee they had in the mango flavor right now. >> sure. >> we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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welcome back. 4:55. your weather first. what a nice friday we're going to have across the region. sunny skies and low humidity levels, mid- and upper 70s for lunchtime and northeast winds at about 10 miles an hour if you can take advantage and have
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outside lunch do it. this afternoon, highs into the lower 80s. and looks like we're going to have a nice weekend. more on that coming up during 9news now at 5:00. right now over to monika with your timesaver traffic. on the northbound side of i- 95 here in springfield, traffic is moving well. volumes are light to 395. and right up the line to the 14th street bridge. i'll have more on area roads coming up in a few minutes. the weekend weather is sure to draw big crowds that will block the inner harbor in baltimore this weekend. more than 40 tall ships are in town for the star-spangled sailabration. the lieutenant governor brown and baltimore's mayor rawlings blake attended yesterday's welcoming ceremony. the ship's captains represent 13 countries. it's all part of bicentennial celebration of the war of 1812 and the writing of the "star- spangled banner." there's also a major exhibit about the war of 1812 at the national portrait gallery. the exhibit opens today at the
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museum just across from the gallery place metro. the show features objects from canada, great britain, and the u.s.. there are more than 100 objects connected to people who influenced that war. tonight, thousands will tune in to watch daredevil nik wallenda. he will attempt to do something no one has tried in more than 100 years -- walk a tight rope across niagara falls. now this walk is expected to take 40 minutes. the wire is the equivalent of several football fields. >> really excited that it's finally here you know. a dream that's been 27 -- it's 27 years old now. >> that guy's got tom courage. the death-defying act that's brought in an estimated $120 million tourists into the niagara falls community. >> he's wearing a tether because it's going to be shown on tv. i'm certain they don't want to have any accidents on -- tv. and probably with the wallenda who did it 100 years ago. a piece of space
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exploration history was put on display thursday. >> terry have garcia has the story from -- teresa garcia has the story. >> reporter: just weeks after space x sent a capsule to the international space station, nasa administrator charles bolden visited the company's headquarters, he got a closeup look at the past and future. >> space x team and the nasa team came together to be america's team and you saw what we do. >> reporter: space xceo showed off the company's first dragon spacecraft. in december 2010, it orbited the earth on a trial run. the original capsule has scorch marks from reentering earth's atmosphere. space x also revealed its newest dragon craft that's being designed to take people into space. behind me is an engineering model of the craft that will carry seven astronauts to space. the goal is to have a private astronaut transport ready by 2017.
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musk who is also space x's chief designer made the fortune as the co-founder of paypal. but his ambitions go beyond the planet. >> i think it'd be great to be born on earth and die on mars. hopefully at at the point of impact. >> reporter: he says it will be a cheaper alternative to the russian soyuz. that has been used to take americans into space since the shuttle program ended. the spacecrafts cost about $63 million per person. space x wants to get that price down to about $20 million per astronaut. teresa garcia, cbs news, hawthorne, california. >> i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle. mike hydeck is off this friday. picked a good day to be off. yeah. yeah, monika samtani will have your traffic in a moment. hopefully no major issues. but howard bernstein's up first with a fabulous forecast. >> yeah. it's going to


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