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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's coming out shortly. just put it that way. weather-wise even -- good man. weather-wise, we've got sunshine this morning. and all day long. it is going to be a beautiful day out there. as temperatures climb into the low 80s northeast winds, check them out. they're going to be running about 10 miles an hour. you really going to enjoy the day. and look at it right now. it is beautiful out there. clear skies, and plenty of sunshine. and you can see as we look at the satellite and radar a couple of patchy clouds to the west of town where there's partly cloudy. and temperatures this morning, you know i hope you had the windows open last night to take advantage of the upper 0s to low to mid-60s out there. highs today anywhere from around 79 at pax river naval air station the 82 manassas and baltimore. to monika samtani. weather's been fantastic and informant monika hasn't been able to deliver as well. no, i'm so sorry. we are not on the same mortgage today and usually on friday mornings i have good news for
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you but not today i'm afraid. first of all on the outer loop of the beltway near route 202 there has been accident activity. in fact let's go a live picture right now on the chart camera and see if things are looking beater and really you can see the traffic is just barely moving. that means maybe they're going to open up -- beginning to open up some lanes but in the meantime be aware of this as you head southbound on the beltway to route 202 and i'll keep you posted on this one. back to the maps, overnight at 1:00 this morning there was a serious accident on the westbound side of i-70 near route 32 and you have been diverted on to route 32 ever since and i think we have a live picture from sky 9. no. we don't i'm sorry. watch out for that accident activity. the clean-up continues again since about 1:00 this morning we've had investigation ongoing. i'll keep you posted on both of the situations coming up once again at 6:11. back to you guys. thank you. it's a crime that shocked northeast washington community. and today that community will try to come together and heal.
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>> people will hold a vigil today to honor the murdered owner of a deli. she was killed yesterday in an apparent robbery. the deli is located at 7th and h streets northwest. that's where we find delia goncalves live this morning. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning andrea. you know it was only 24 hours ago june lim was beginning her morning like she does every morning. she pulled up to the shop here. was beginning to unload her car. and head into the store when suddenly a gunman walked into the deli and then took her life. everyone was completely shocked when they heard the news of her violent death. police say 64-year-old june lim may have been followed into the store as she was preparing to open up the shop. she was shot once in the neck we're told. her employees later discovered her body behind the counter. lim's son spoke to us yesterday. he tells us she was about to celebrate a birthday and the birth of her first grandchild. >> the phone call we received
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was your mother's passed away. that's all we knew. so we didn't know the circumstances until we arrived that there had been foul play. it's just a lot that you know -- my parents were planning to retire and sell their home and business and move out to the eastern shore. and live out their days and this is just -- very surreal. >> reporter: difficult to listen to that son who was coping with the tragic loss of his mother. and that composure that he just had to speak to us within minutes really of finding out and discovering that she was tragically killed inside the store and in the community that she loved so much. the hunt for her killer coming up at 6:30. andrea back to you. >> all right, delia goncalves reporting live from northeast washington this morning on a very sad story. a man wanted for murder in fairfax county is now behind bars in prince george's county. 20-year-old abir ali was arrested yesterday. he's accused of last weekend's murder of his friend, 40-year-
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old be a at the patel of reston -- bharat patel of reston. they called the two family friends and no word yet on the motive. we're waiting to amar'e from d.c. police -- hear from d.c. police with the car crashing into a georgetown townhome last night. this was the scene just after 8:30 along 28th street and p in northwest. a car went through the entrance of the home. witnesses say the driver was hit by another car at a stop sign then spiraled into the home. amazingly no one was hurt. metro says keep an eye on your surroundings. while listening to your ipod. the transit authority reports crimes such as property snatching doubled in the first three months of the year when compared to 2011. however, metro says crimes in its parking lots have dropped by nearly half. metro officials say the drop is due to increased patrols in its parking lots. lawmakers in alexandria and arlington will vote tomorrow on a plan to build a streetcar
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between those two communities. it would connect the pentagon city metro station in arlington with the massive potomac air and development on route 1 in alexandria. earlier this week both cities figured out their own ways to pay for the streetcar. president obama visited new york city for two fundraisers and a special trip to one world trade center. the president and first lady met with construction workers. they also signed a beam that will be one of the last installed in the tower when it's finished sometime next spring. >> that is what the american spirit is all about. congratulations. >> after the signing the president and first lady attended two fundraisers in manhattan. one of them at the home of actress sarah jessica parker. i am watching your mown. no, no, you cannot put a price tag on your child. but you can put one on the price of raising them. a child born in 2011 will cost its parents get this --
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$235,000 over 17 years. nearly a third of that goes to housing. $38,000 to food and $41,000 to education. the department of agriculture came out with the figures, the overall cost jumped $8,000 over 2010. besides the financial cost of raising a child there's the impact kids have on the professional lives. and more dads are seeing that nowadays according to a new survey by career builder, 43% of men who've become fathers in the last three years say they didn't take any paternity leave. 47% of men who took time off felt pressured to come back to work early. 35% of working dads say if their significant other made enough money to support the family, they would be stay at home dads. while 33% of working dads say they would take a pay cut if it meant more quality time at home. >> those are some different statistics from what you expected to hear from dads maybe 20 years ago. >> definitely it shows that
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change that shift of equal time with parents. >> not just -- moms' kids. it's our kids. >> i love that. our time is coming up on 6:07 and four minutes a crackdown on aggressive driving in fairfax county. learn the bad behaviors place are looking for. >> nothing bad about the weekend forecast. sunny skies. highs around 80. howard has our weather first. that's up next. >> but first are you one of those people who bounced out of bed ready each day to tackle the world? well, good for you. because a new study finds you are happier than the night owls. morning people we're happy. >> congratulations morning people. this study out of the journal emotion finds morning people tend to be more satisfied with life than night owls and also they're believe they're healthier and tend to be more optimistic. >> as you might expect people change with age. just 7% of people under the age of 38 say they're morning people. just over 7% of people over the age of 60 are night owls.
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>> high five morning person. >> happiness here at 9news now.
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well it's going to be a
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nice start to the weekend. a very pleasant this morning. and we'll see a great deal of sunshine today. by noon we'll be up around 77. and look for highs in the low 80s with a drive home temp around 80. i'll have the father's day weekend forecast coming right up. accident activity and clean- up continues on the east side of town outer loop near route 50. watch out for this they as you head -- delay as you head southbound on the beltway to route 50 where only the right side the roadway is getting by. coming up in my next report, more on this accident at 6:18. jessica? thank you monika. police from four states are getting together this weekend to patrol u.s. 15. state troopers are calling the operation border to border. they want to protect you from unsafe drivers. the operation stretches along 400 miles of highway. fairfax county police are warning you the heat is on. now heat stands for help eliminate aggressive traffic. it's a summer long crackdown on aggressive drivers and it starts today. the sergeant mike tucker of the fairfax county police is here
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to fill us in. term us a little bit about the program. what's the plan for this? >> for the summer heat we're going to have officers from every district station targeting drivers for aggressive driving. such as reckless driving, speeding, improper passing. our goal is to help slow everybody down to avid crashes. keep everybody safe during the summer. >> you know, where are these -- these systems going to be put in place? are they throughout fairfax county or certain areas you're targeting? >> no it's throughout fairfax county. we're targeting every year. the goal is to help traffic flow evenly and be safer drivers and help traffic move smoothly and less aggressive traffic we have, less people are involved in accidents. we won't have that trickle effect where more people are getting aggravated for what happened in front of them for a
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small fender-bender or something. we hope people will plan? advance and have some time to make the travel plans and that way we'll have more time and people won't have to speed and go to other places. >> let's talk a little bit about aggressive driving in general. i think sometimes we do this and we don't even realize we're doing it. maybe we're late coming out of work. and we hit some road construction. which is everywhere nowadays. couple red lights, the blood pressure goes up. what sort of things are people doing, theistsable things they ma be -- these subtle things they don't realize they're doing that may cause safety problems on the roads? >> one of the things that people do is speeding. people try to make up that time. trying to get from one distance to the other and they didn't plan in advance. we have very busy lives, lot of activities and people go from place to place and there's not a lot of time. plan in advance you can have some time -- some of the oh things is people are looking to get ahead. they want to make that light, tailgating the person in front of them. the person in front of them may be doing the speed limit but they feel that's too slow and
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they try to go around them. there's not a lot of room there. sometimes you see people passing on the shoulders. the lane on 66 we see a lot. there's a lot of different things that go on and we're disporous trying to bring this to -- just trying to bring this to everybody's attention and hopefully have a safe summer. >> the focus is on safety. sergeant thanks so much for coming in this morning and you're a morning person and we appreciate that. >> thank you for having me. it is 6:14 on friday morning, here are some of the stories making news, one of the accusers against jerry sandusky says he screamed for help but no one heard him. three people who accused the former panosteitis assistant football coach after abuse testified thursday. the trial will resume monday with the defense calling witnesses. the pentagon will hold the first gay pride event this month. department officials will take part. last september the military did abay with the don't ask, don't tell ban on members serving openly. all eyes will be on greece
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this weekend. voters there will elect a new parliament sunday. it will decide whether the nation keeps its austerity pressures or possibly leaves the -- pressures or possibly leaves -- measures or possibly leaves the euro zone. right now all in a very good mood because loud is delivering a -- howard is delivering a great forecast especially for you dads and people who are dads to others out there. >> it's going to be great not just today. right through the weekend. even monday it won't be too bad but for the heat -- the high heat returns by the middle of next week. looking at it this morning, it's been beautiful out there. one thing yesterday which wasn't so great were the allergens. the allergy update came in ask the grass pollen. the big culprit here. the grass pollen was high category while the mold and weeds were moderate. this stuff should drop down as we start the dry out here over the next few days and warmup next week. bus stop forecast, second to last time this school year we're looking at it. clear to partly cloudy and
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youer 50s to -- and upper 50s to upper 60s. sunrise happened at 5:42 this morning and it will set at 8:35 and what a great day we're having. by 9:00 around 70 here in town. upper 70s by noon. a beautiful lunch hour. you're going to be outside today please don't forget the sunscreen. superstrong sun. as we're approaching the solstice. highest sun angle we will see next sunday. right now we've got 60 in sterling. it's 58 that's right 58 gorgeous degrees in reston. and columbia. gaithersburg is down to 57. we've got 58 also at andrews. and college park. very nice at 60. looking outside on the michael & son weather camera, bright sunshine now off the capitol dome. temperature at national 64. wind north at 6. and humidity humidity seems up but these numbers are down on the dew points and they will continue to drop over the next day or so with that northerly wind continues to try to bring in some drier air. big area of high pressure off
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to our west. you can see it right here that will be with us as we're on the side with the northerly winds that keeps us dry and comfortable. once the winds turn around by early next week, temperatures will start to rise. 82 today. beautiful. tonight 50s and 60s. very pleasant again tomorrow and sunday. with temperatures 83. 84 on father's day. next week, well, we're going start to get hot. by monday 86. maybe a stray afternoon storm out west of town. and tuesday, this one i think we're going to crack into the low 90s. isolated afternoon storm and wednesday and thursday, mid 90s with the isolated afternoon storms. and there's your official start of summer. 7:09 p.m. on wednesday evening. it is now 6:17. weather's great. traffic not so. monika is here to explain. yeah since early this morning we had a serious accident and now another one on the beltway. let's start off with the one on the north side of town it's westbound on i-70 right near route 32 and clean-up continues there with the investigation ongoing as well. so you just have the follow police direction and luckily
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traffic volumes have been fairly light in that area. but it's a different story here on the beltway. as you head northbound approaching route 50, there was an accident in fact i'm going step out and show you what it looks like live from sky 9. and again northbound on the beltway. not good situation with the -- accident activity here. you can see crews there as well. so in the meantime you've got a pretty hefty delay on the beltway here approaching route 50. let's go to another camera, the chart cameras and show you the delay and it looks like this for about the half hour or so. couple of problems the friday early morning and at least you've been forewarned. expect this early delay northbound on the beltway. heading toward route 50 and 202. coming up in my next report, i'll keep you posted on these situations at 6:25. jess? thanks monika. time right now is 6:18. next in sports, the nba finals go down -- two goes down to the wire and the battle of first place teams this weekend.
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the nationals versus the yankees. >> first let's get another check on our question of the morning -- >> facebook friend rob always makes us laugh and he's ready for the weekend, he says -- >> okay. keep those guesses coming. we'll reveal the correct answer at 6:54. don't drive and drink though.
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welcome back. 6:22 your weather first on this beautiful friday morning. . thes upper 50 -- temperatures upper 50s to mid 60s right now. the humidity levels are down and going to stay down. in fact the whole weekend looks great. here's a look though at the friday day planner. today by noon. 78 degrees. northeast winds at about 10 miles an hour. high temperatures about 82. 83 maybe. and by 6:00 p.m. still in the upper 70s. a beautiful day.
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let's go the andrea and jess. in sports the nationals welcomed the yankees to town tonight. they begin the three game series at gnarls park. >> both teams are in first place. both are riding a six game- winning streak. >> and the last time the yankees were in d.c., the nats did this -- >> from the stretch again. zimmerman! there it goes! there it goes! yeah! nationals win! >> yeah! ryan zimmerman's walkoff home run finished the series in 2006. there's a huge photo of that moment on the back of the scoreboard at nationals park. kind of rubbing et in the -- it in the yankees' faces. last night the third annual night at the park. the event raises money for the zim's foundation and the fight against multiple sclerosis. his mother is living with that disease. the nba finals moves back to miami for game three on sunday and all tied up.
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game two was last night in oklahoma city. lebron james scored 32 points for miami. dwyane wade had 34. the heat led by 12 at the half. kevin durant also scored 32. he was close to leading the thunder to another fourth quarter comeback but this one fell short. miami wins game two 100-96. squeaker. the series is tied at one game apiece. the second round of the u.s. open gets underway in a few hours. your leader after round one is michael thompson -- michael thompson. the 27-year-old from arizona finished the day 4 under. tiger woods is one of five players tied for second only three strokes back. it is 6:24. coming mondays, metro rolls out biggest changes since the system opened nearly 40 years ago. >> this is called rush plus. learn who it's going to help and who it's going to hurt on your morning commute. >> right now, monika tells us about who's hurting and who's not on today's commute. >> it's definitely going to be
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on the east side of town. the commuters heading northbound on the beltway to route 50. you can see only the two right lanes getting by with a tractor- trailer accident. coming up in my next report, delays through the area at 6:30. you've watching 9news now -- you've watching 9news now. -- you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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weather first time and howard bernstein is out here on the terrace with a little
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company this morning? >> you coaxed us out here with the gorgeous forecast. >> it's great out here. >> look at the sky. >> beautiful. >> it's okay if it's like 637- 8964 outside but inside it's completely unsellen because it's 36 inside. >> and across the entire region we've got the clear skies and a couple of clouds out west but the humidity levels are down. in spite of what monika may believe the humidity levels are down. just get some extra spray can it's going to feel really nice through the weekend. here's a look outside of the tysons corner camera looking west this morning. with clear skies over there. temperatures, well they're running in the mid 60s at national. 78 by noon and 80 at 5:00 p.m. with temperatures in the low 80s. abysm beautiful day. little tough to see but some patchy clouds west of town for the most part. a lilt lift on the east to northeast winds just a few clouds. 59 winchester and cumberland
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and baltimore. 57 la plata. easton also 59 and the warm spot is annapolis at 66. bottle it up save it, it's a great one. with 78 in luray and about 80 in fredericksburg. i'll be back in few minutes and hawk about the seven day -- talk about the seven day forecast. some high heat for next week. right now over to monika samtani a difficult friday morning traffic wise. certainly not friday light. i've been the bearer of bad news today even on a friday morning. i'm so sorry and that's partly because of the accident here. we've been dealing with for about an hour new on the outer loop approaching route 50. in fact i'm going to step out and show you a live picture from sky 9 where the clean-up continues on the left side of the screen involving a tractor- trailer. and another vehicle. only the two right lanes have been getting by for a while now. a tight squeeze there. we'll take a look at the backup and again remember i'm just the messenger. you have about a four moil backup right now -- mile backup right now. solid on outer loop east side
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of town heading northbound toward the accident where only the two right lanes are getting by approaching route 50. hey let's ends with goddens. on the -- good news. on the outer loop near at university boulevard. nothing much torret here on the knot side 06 -- to report here on the north side of town. coming up in my next report, an update on the accident again at 6:42. back to you. you may remember this, her negative image was used by republicans to retake the house in the 2010 election. what was congresswoman pelosi think about the campaign? >> "cbs this morning" is talking with the maryland native and erica hill joins us with a preview. good morning erica. >> good morning towboats of you. that's right house nigh morety leader pelosi will be right here at the table with us in studio 57 and talk about the deadlock in congress and of course this year's campaign and also what she thinks will happen if the supreme court strikes down the health care law and somewhere she sees that as a possibility. i know there's a lot going on
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in d.c.. there's a baseball game that's going on i think maybe? >> i've heard about it. >> we don't have any opinion on this whatsoever. >> i'm sure you don't and i'm sure andrea you're not torn at all being a yankees' fan. i'm a yankees fan -- >> but i'm here in d.c. for the nats and i'm pulling for them. >> i get it. i tote lit get it. >> they're doing awesome so we have to support the home team. >> so -- you do -- or we can get you one of the hats with the half mets and half yankees? half nationals and half yankees andrea? >> okay. all right. so have a great weekend. the best to your hubby on father's day. >> oh thanks. and to all the dads down there as well. >> all righty. well, insiders are calling this a game changer. maryland house speaker michael bush met with leaders from mgm wednesday. the firm which manages the massive mgm grands in las vegas may be coming to national
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harbor. prince george's county executive baker is pushing for $1 billion casino there and it would include a full casino with table games along with an entertainment complex. maryland lawmakers will hold a special session next month to consider expanded gambling. it would then need to be approved by the voters. today at lunchtime, fans of a popular northeast washington deli will gather not to eat but to remember the owner of that deli. >> she was shot and killed yesterday during an apparent robbery. delia goncalves is live in northeast with the story. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning jess andrea. . know june lim's son spoke to us just moments after he discovered she was murdered inside the store. he said you know june lim his mom owned the store for eight years and knew everyone's name and knew her customers' orders because she wanted to show them that she cared about them. and so many of those customers will gather here today outside the store for that noon vigil.
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and a lot of them have posted these signs outside the shop here. just so they can say thank you to june lim. police say they have very few leads right now. into the murder of the 64-year- old deli owner but they believe robbery was the motive. however they're not disclosing what was taken from the store. lim was preparing to open the deli around 6:00 a.m. yesterday when a gunman entered the store and shot her once in the neck. we're told. her employees later discovered her body behind the counter. her customers are in shock. >> she was a very nice person. very humble. she -- she had pretty reasonable prices. but it's like we lost a family member. >> she knew me by my name and no matter what you needed or wants she was there for the community and it's kind of hard to believe that this did happen to her. >> reporter: limy was 64 years olds. about to retire and head to the
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eastern shore to live out her years and the hard work she's done here in northeast with her husband. she was about to celebrate a birthday and the birth of her first grandchild. police are asking community members who loved her so much to please come forward with any information they believe someone in the area may have seen this perpetrator possibly follow her into the store. andrea back to you. >> delia, is there a reward if anyone does have information? >> reporter: no reward posted just yet but police are actively asking community members to call them and they can offer their anonymous tips as well. there were a lot of people out here when we were first responding to the scene. so they do believe someone may have seen something. >> we hope that phone call will be made. delia goncalves reporting live from northeast washington this morning. nine people were rushed to the hospital after a carbon
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monoxide leak. fire investigators believe a stove caused it. four adults and five children felt dizzy shortly before the carbon monoxide alarm went off in their apartment on blake lane in fairfax. all of the victims are expected to be okay. want to become the next chairman of the d.c. city council? time to start getting petitions signed. beginning today, anyone interested in getting on the november ballot can start getting signatures. you need 3,000 of them before august 8th. the vote will be on election day in november. on wednesday, phil mends ellison took over as interim chairman. the city manager in gaithersburg, maryland is leaving today. angel jones announced her resignation effective today. gaithersburg mayor katz says jones is leaving to pursue other career opportunities and he praised her work for helping gaithersburg weather the rough economy. the search will begin soon to replace jones. come mondays morning, your metro ride is going to change. >> the new rush plus begins and
6:37 am
the goal is to ease some of the worst congestion on the rails. >> in the commuters alert peggy fox explains all of the changes riders will see on monday. >> reporter: the orange line carries more passengers than any other metro trail line. because it gets is crowded during rush hour, riders have dubbed it orange crush. >> well sometimes you can't get on. >> reporter: monday,ship is on the way in the largest system change since metro rolled the first trains out but it might leave some passengers perplexed. >> have you heard anything about rush plus? >> i've heard a little bit. but i -- just saw the ads and that's about it. >> reporter: come monday, rush plus gives the orange line more trains during rush hour. >> that's great. >> reporter: but it's not that great for all blue line riders. it's losing trains during rush hour which means riders will have to wait up to 12 minutes for a train. but rush plus is bringing more options also. in the end the blue line at springfield franconia you can
6:38 am
also catch a rush plus yellow train. but it's not all bad for folks in springfield or alexandria. for example, if you pick up the train in franconia, and you want to get to l'enfant plaza instead of taking the blue line all the way around for a 40 minute ride, you can take a rush hour rush plus yellow line train to the plaza for only 28 minute side. rush plus is also giving the origin line an additional final destination at largo town center and the yellow line will continue on the greenbelt along the green line. with on the yellow and blue pairing up too, you can't rely on color anymore. >> it just seems confusing. i feel like you have to be paying a bit more attention than some people might. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. >> okay confused yet? don't be. just go to get a link to metro's website all about the rush plus. it will breakdown all the
6:39 am
changes for you line by line and that story you can finds it on our front page. the time right now is 6:38. howard says it's going to be a great start to the weekend weather-wise. sunny skies today. highs in the low 80s. ahead learn when we can get a heat wave. >> in nine minutes live to the daily grill in north washington. learn all about the great big brunch special for father's day on sunday. ooh doesn't that look good.
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welcome back to 9news now. it's 6:43 and 64 degrees timesaver traffic and it's been a really tough one this morning. especially right now to the east side of town. good morning everybody. if you're planning to head northbound on the beltway. i'm going to step out and show you what it looks like live at the accident scene before route 50. this is the northbound side of 495. as you approach the accident, you can see that the -- the left side of the roadway remains closed off right side is getting by and you've got a good four to five mile backup right now which you are definitely not used to. at this time of the morning
6:44 am
especially on a friday. so just keep that in mind for your travel plans, extra time needed. by the way route 50 westbound can get on to the outer loop without a problem. the other side of town northbound 395 you can see here at duke street there was a disabled vehicle and help has arifed. you have a brief backup trying to get through it but otherwise lanes are open as you head for seminary road and a last live look at 66. i haven't mentioned this for a while. just normal out of manassas and centreville here at route 29 and then again slow route 50 to 123. coming up in my next report, another beak at the accident on the east side at 6:58. at least the weather is great guys. absolutely monika. weather great and beknow the dads in the -- we know the dads in the area like topper will be on the golf course bright and early sunday morning. >> oh, yeah coded all weekend long -- crowded all weekend long into early next week. last time the school year i'm showing the bus stop forecast. and it's a gorgeous one. we've got clear to partly cloudy skies. temperatures running in the 50s
6:45 am
and 60s this morning. and sunrise occurred oh a little over an hour ago. sets at 8:35 and a beauty today. by noon we're in the upper 70s. one of the keys to today? the humidity levels they're going to be real low. very, very confidentable out there. -- comfortable out there. with highs in the low 80s. 4:00 p.m. still around 80 with a northeast wind close to 10 miles per hour. we can handle that and by the evening still in the mid 70s by 8:00 and big three game series this weekend at nats park. upper70s for the first pitch and it's just going to be a great night for baseball. 59 in easton this morning. along with baltimore. gaithersburg, 57. it's gorgeous out there. heard from steve up in cross junction, he was 57 as well and cup pepper is 63-degrees. and looking outside here in northwest d.c.. from our transmitter camera. by it's a bright -- boy it's a bright sunny morning. 64 and wind north at 6 miles an
6:46 am
hour and that barometer healthy. 30.24. all right high pressure it's right here. just off to our west. going to present us for several days. in fact maybe, five, six seven days at this point with the most threatening weather we're going to have some isolated afternoon storms as we build the heat next week. today 82 gorgeous. tonight back in the 50s and 60s. looks really fine for tomorrow. and again on father's day as temperatures climb to the mid 80s by sunday. beach weather looks really good too. water temperatures upper 60s to near 70 with the air temperatures along the beaches into the mid 70s. should be fine weekend even early next week to be at the beach. 86 on monday and here's the heat especially by wednesday, thursday mid90s with the isolated afternoon storms. back to you. all right howard, thank you. you know, everyone talks about brunch on mother's day but restaurants are finally getting into brunch on father's day as well. one of those places is the
6:47 am
daily grill and we're joined this morning by seth marin. he's the executive general manager there. seth thank you very much for speaking with us, let's get this out of the way for the procrastinators can they still book for the daily grills for father's day? >> we do still have reservations available at all three of our d.c. area locations. 18th in dupont circle and bethesda and georgetown. there are still some spots able. >> some spots and people need to get on board right away. what do you have plans for dad? -- planned for dad? >> we have some great items planned. just rolled out the new brunch menu and it has the signature bloody mary, a great new one with a black and trim, a little bit of lime on there. all of the brunch items come with the homemade monkey bread. raisins and pecans and inmonoand sugar. we have the crab and shrimp omelet here.
6:48 am
it's a three egg omelet filled with fresh jumbo lump crab, served with spinach and sliced tomatoes. we have the burrito with chicken sausage, egg whites, little bit of cheese avocado, little bit on the healthier side. we have our car bomb which is a take off the signature cobb salad filled with chicken, bacon, scallions, bleu cheese. tomato. very delicious. a new item as well as our chili, which is a traditional mexican item. that we've brought on to our menu. at brunch time and it's -- corn tortillas, a little bit of avocado, fresh two fried eggs on the top. with a fire roasted salsa that is sauteed in. and then finish audiotape down there we have the new -- off down there we have the new whole wheat pecan pancakes which is a great item for people that want pan takes a
6:49 am
little bit. >> is that a very different brunch for father's day then you prepare normally for mother's day? >> it is a new then rue for it. -- menu for us. it will be served every saturday and sunday moving forward but what better day than father's day? >> we thank you for sharing those tips and glad you're there and not tempting us in person here. have a happy father's day. >> i have a monkey bread that's coming back to the studio for you. >> uh-oh. all right. seth thank you and have a wonderful sunday. lots of business. jess? i am starving now. we've been combing through the day's daily deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. the high point farm in clarksburg, maryland is offering 50% off a day of outdoor fun so you're going to soar along a 750-foot zipline, climb a 40 feet wall and enjoy paintball and a buffet style barbecue.
6:50 am
you get the full course, the beef brisket, chicken, so much more. you can find this deal on living social. jackie's on the reef is offering a four night holistic spa getaway for two in the beautiful jamaica for $670. this is 50% off a retreat to a secluded reef in negril, jamaica. this includes a full spa, natural sea water pool, yoga, snorkeling, breakfast/dinner included daily. you can find this one on google offers. you have to buy your own airfare of course before booking your hotel. and how about $39 for a complete auto detail package valued at $135? empire auto detailers will come to any location within 25 miles of beltsville, maryland. living social is offering you a chance to get this deal for $14 if you use their deal bucks program. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. we have a check on the news before you go but we want the give you -- to give you -- we will have a check on the news before you go. great. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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today is friday, june 15th. here's a check on the news before you go. police are linking another sex assault case to the man dubbed the potomac river rapist. dna links the suspect to a 1996 attack in d.c.. last year, the fbi stepped up its search for the man wanted in crimes dating back to 1991. the two main candidates running for the u.s. senate? virginia will be in our region today. this morning republican george allen will attend the faith and freedom conference in northwest while democrat tim kaine will meet with the women's group this afternoon in woodbridge. nba finals all tied up at one game apiece. lebron james scored 32 points. chris bosh added 16. miami beat oklahoma city last
6:55 am
night 100-96. game three sunday. just shy of 6:556789 here's the answer to our -- 6:55, here's our answer to our question of the morning. the question was -- >> and the answer is b., slurpees. there you go. >> yeah the bud light would be spilling over the pool. we have more -- traffic and weather right here next on 9news now.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
and one more thing for you on this friday morning. let's say you're having a terrible day. bad day at work? maybe you got in a fight with your significant other. then there's puffy cam. we want to bring dh to you this morning. -- this to you this morning. this is your moment of calm and awe. the one in the middle isn't
6:59 am
moving. monika is worried about him. >> i am. >> that's a boy, he's very, very tired all the timement you can go to your computer and watch the web cam of recorded puppies, these little guys were born in may. >> we're happy in the morning because we share things lick that with you. >> puppy cam. >> puppy cam. >> the weather great if you -- puppy cam is not enough just go outside and open the windows. low the mid 80s as we go through father's day and the heat builds next week. monika? stick with the puppy cam. outer loop at you approach route 50 that accident activity remains a four to five mile delay this morning. >> "cbs this morning" is next -- >> and of course there's always puppy cam. >> we wish all the dads out there a very happy father's day. and enjoy the gorgeous weather. we'll see you mondays starting at -- monday starting at 4:25. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]


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