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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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mountains you may get yet more showers later this afternoon. cloudy skies this morning, we have had some showers pushing through. 63 at reagan national. by 9:00, 67. by noon, le 70s. i think we'll see a few peeks of sunshine this afternoon. but don't get excited about not seeing the heat today. it is coming, especially by midweek. we have had a line break out in advance of this main system here, coming through the area right now can the scat -- with the scattered showers across the region. 51 in cambridge. it is wet outside. going downhill fast, isn't it? >> reporter: and early too. first of all the beltway north side of town. we have gotten word of an accident after you leave route
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355. be aware of that. on the outer loop i think things are okay. a live look at the beltway, you can see it is light still westbound and again the accident, i'll get you more information as soon as i can on the inner loop. now back over to the map. this time if you are planning to head southbound on route 234 using that to get on to 95, there is an accident on 234 between spriggs road and i 95, and it is involving an overturned vehicle. so 95 is not affected by this and sky 9 should be there shortly but in the meantime i'll show you what it looks like heading for the 14th street bridge. coming up an update on those accidents at 6:12. at the top of the hour we have a commuter alert that will affect hundreds of thousands of people. metro's new rush plus service is getting underway today.
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some of the yellow lines will go directly into down. it is going to cost the blue line a few trains. service will be cut back between the pentagon, rosalyn and northwest. we sent kristen out. 30 minutes ago she was live at the archive station on the green and yellow lines. now she is at the federal triangle. >> reporter: how will rush plus affect riders? good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, we are about to see exactly how rush plus is affecting the mortgage commute. it starts in half an hour.
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it is confusing stuff. the best advice i have is check the destination on the train. it is confusing stuff. we started at pentagon city on the blue line. blue line riders remember you have fewer trains, more delays. then navy archives on the yellow and green lines. yellow and green riders you are pretty much getting a whole new line that starts down at frank conia springfield and ends in greenbelt. it is going to help you out coming from alexandria going to north west or north dc. orange line riders, you are by far the biggest beneficiaries of rush plus. especially if you are coming from vena and moving through the arlington area and into the district you guys are in for a treat. what you can expect to see are
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more trains. these are the key things you need to flow about rush plus. you all have getting three additional trains per hour between vena and largo town center on the orange line. the only thing that orange line riders really need to watch out for, riders traveling east of stadium armory, you will need to pay attention to the destination of the train. if you come down and check out the maps, these maps have been updated to reflect these new rush plus changes. so what you need to know is, if you are an orange line rider planning on heading out to new carrollton, what you need to know is watch that destination. see this dotted line. it means some of the trains are heading out to largo town center and not new carrollton. be sure you are hopping on the train going where you want to
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go. >> thank you. to learn more about how metro's rush plus will affect you and your commute, visit we have a link to metro's website on the morning page and we plan on speaking with someone from metro about the changes, coming up in our next half hour. commute ners prince william county, this is your warning. don't park illegally at the lot on horner road. police will be cracking down starting today on people who park in the travel lanes and double park. you will be lucky for a few days, officers will just give you a work. -- give you a warning. the horner road lot can fit 2,000 cars. this wednesday former dc councilman harry thomas jr. will report to prison. he was sentenced to 38 months in a federal facility. with good behavior he could be
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out by february 2015. friday he thanked supporters for standing with him. council left the council just before pleading guilty to stealing city money. he took more than $350,000 aimed for youth sports programs. rodney king died this weekend. he was 47 years old. he was beaten by police nearly 20 years ago and it was all caught to tape. the tapes made king a reluctant name. >> reporter: rodney king's daughters spent father's day in tears. king's fiance, cynthia kelly, found his body. she told them she was outside with king in the early morning hours. she headed back into their home and when she returned, king, an avid swimmer, was at the about the of the pool.
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>> she tried to pull him out of the pool but was unable to. >> his death is described as an accident. johnny kelly was king's friend of 30 years. >> rodney had a lot of nightmares and panic attacks. and the way he would handle those things was by drinking. >> king was drinking the night los angeles police stopped him in 1991. the officers involved were acquitted, sparking one of the nation's worst race riots. >> can we all get along? >> reporter: king spent the last decade living here. neighbors remember him as a friendly and mellow guy who mainly kept to himself. king struggled with addiction but police found no signs of drugs or alcohol near the pool. two months ago he put out a memoir and was aware of his place in history. >> can we all just get along,
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that is how i would like to be remembered after i'm dead and gone. >> king was awarded almost $4 million in his civil trial in the 190990s -- in the 1990s. it is 6:08 on this monday morning and i am watching your money. this week you are going to pay a little bit less if a cab ride in the district. -- if a cab ride in your district. the dc taxi cab commission announced the $1 fuel surcharge will end wednesday. drivers asked for it as gas prices spiked and it never went away. the commission says without the surcharge the cost of a two mile cab ride by drop by 12%. let's get a quick check on
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gas prices this morning. here are the numbers. dc metro regular grade gas averages $3.43, down 27 cents in the last month. nationwide the average is $3.51. microsoft planning a major announcement. speculation is it has reached a deal with barnes & noble for a new version of nook ereader. it would begin the -- combine the nook and xbox live. that could be very cool. >> yes it could. time is 60:00. howard says you might want to grab the umbrella on your way out today. we are having some showers this morning but they could be on the way after lunch as well. howard has your weather first, up next. in five minutes, meet a man who biked all the way across the country and learn why he made
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washington one of his final stops and find out why he never gets lonely on the road.
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today is going to be the coolest day of the week also showers around through midday. high temperatures upper 70s to near 80. get ready for a heat wave those details, just ahead. >> reporter: southbound before i-95, you can see one lane now getting through with about a quarter mile delay. more on this and other area roads, coming up at 6:18. back to you guys. do you have a bucket list? some of the things you have to do before you die? >> this man biked 3400 miles across the country. >> ken reports this cross country cyclist wants to inspire others to do the same. >> reporter: he is a 65-year-
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old advent err, a -- adventurer, on this mission, frosty wool ridge is just a man on his bike with one less item on his bucket list. >> i'm on the back side of my life. every sum never offers the -- summer offers the opportunity to travel. >> reporter: he packed what materials he needed on to his 20 yield bike and started pedaling. >> life is in your rear-view mirror as soon as you have lived a day. >> it reflects everything we have been and everything we are. >> reporter: no one will argue how impressive this nearly 3400-mile ride is. but for this 65-year-old, it
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was easy. since he began riding, he has traveled more than 125,000 miles across six continents, including an act ca -- ant act ca. sometimes he does it with friends, other times by himself. but when his buddies aren't around all he has is his bike and motivation. >> i have never been lonely on a bicycle. howard is here with a forecast. raining. >> reporter: maybe not a biker's forecast. >> brett does it rain snow sleet, he bikes to work.
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good morning brett. >> he is one of our viewers. pretty hefty rains about to come out of west virginia and the shenandoah valley. first things look at our day planner on this monday morning. 65 showers around still at noon. this afternoon fewer showers, temperatures getting in between, probably 75 or 80. the cooler we are going to be today, that is okay, big time heat is headed our way. >> the heavy stuff in west virginia is about to come in toward the shenandoah valley. locally we have seen a bunch of showers as welcoming through the immediate metro. here's live doppler 9000 hd. a shower here near clarksburg. we are seeing showers in howard
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county. look at this. even into prince george's county around route 50. the district line with prince george's and in arlington these showers are coming in on capitol hill. we have showers dotting the 301 ride from clinton and brandywine. temperatures the coolest east this morning. more clear skies, drier air. 63 in hagerstown. 61 in culpepper. cloudy skies, we have had a few showers here. 63. then the humidity obviously high at 87%. we have showers here, once we get past this, the heat is going to build. today we are going to be held in the 70s and we are making this one of the weather alert days. may i want result some outdoor
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plans. mostly cloudy skies. 89 tomorrow. stray thunderstorm possible, 95 on wednesday. thursday is the hottest day. summer officially begins wednesday at 7:00. monika? >> reporter: we have had accidents on the beltway. luckily they are nothing major but they are in the roadways and in maryland after loop 355 it was moved to the left shoulder. the lanes are open unusually slow as you head on the inner loop eastbound 4945 through bethesda. first of all an accident southbound before you get to i-95. i'm going to step out and show you what it looks like live. if you are planning to head southbound on route 234, watch out for the accident activity. you have this back-up i would
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say a half or mile or so trying to get on i-95 southbound. now if you want to travel on the other side of town, let's show you what it looks like on the graphics again. a tractor trailer accident sits on the shoulder. some slow traffic here and also broken power cables near back lake road. watch out for delays through that area. coming up in my next report we'll look again at the roadways at 6:25. back to you guys. ahead in sports an unknown wins the u.s. open and a four year losing streak is over in nascar. >> before we get to that, we want to take a question of the morning. every year 1500 people are injured doing which activities. playing ping pong, using the
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stairs. >> tell us what you think. post your guess on our facebook timeline. of find out if you are correct at 6:48.
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we have showers out in spots that is going to slow you down. heavier rains coming from west virginia through the shenandoah valley. here's a look at our day planner. the showers are on and off at least through midday. mid-70s by 3:00 with upper 70s to perhaps 80 if we can okay out enough sunshine. i have real heat coming in the 7-day forecast. thanks howard. not many people had heard of 26-year-old webb simpson before this weekend. now his name going in the history book. >> it was the final round in golf yesterday in san francisco. he finished early in the day. here he is with the putt on 18.
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jim furyk was in contention until the end of the day. he had two bogeys on the last three holes. webb simpson is your u.s. open winner. game three of the nba finals last night miami hosting oklahoma city. lebron james scored 2 points and had 14 rebounds. miami topped oklahoma city. the heat now leads the series two games to one. there is a little good news that came out of the weekend for nationals. fans reliever brad lidge is done with the team. this is good news because he allowed three runs friday and gave up another two on saturday. things weren't much prettier as they wrapped up their series with the yankees. granderson had home runs, the nationals lose 4-1. they begin
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a series with the rays tomorrow. the winning drought is over for dale earnhardt jr. finally he won yesterday's sprint cup race at the michigan 400. tony stewart finished second. matt kenseth was third. ahead the impact of this weekend's big election in greece. >> and maryland's governor gives a blunt history lesson about the war of 1812. >> why is it that washington just can't seem to get into this? >> because they got their bleep kicked. right now monika has a quick check on traffic. >> reporter: long slow stretches on 95. the accident southbound right before i-95 causing delays. more coming up in my next
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report at 6:30. you are watching 9news now
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this is a live look at brandywine, maryland. it is 57 degrees there and you can see the roadway is clear but just a tad slick. we had a little rain shower in parts of our area a few minutes ago. thank you for starting your monday morning with us. i'm jessica doyle, mike is off
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today. >> meteorologist howard bernstein still has his umbrella open for the rain. >> reporter: just the light stuff. we are going to see showers on and off at least through midday. here's a look at the day planner. cloudy skies behind the capital. 63 degrees at reagan national. by noon only 71. some sunshine later on i think. highs in the upper 70s to perhaps near the 80-degree mark. showers this afternoon looks like the better chance of that will be west of dc. we have been watching this area moving in for the past several hours from the west across the mountains in western maryland and west virginia. the heavy stuff is still wet, locally, we have seen some of the shower activity move toward us. i have to tell you folks in woodstock there is heavy rain. just lighter showers scattered about montgomery, prince george's and through the district in howard county as well. back in a few minutes talking
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about some heat. right now to monika, with slowing conditions on the roads. >> reporter: that is partly because of the volume and rain and partly because we have had incidents out on the roads as well. right near van dorn street the accident was moved to the shoulder awhile ago. it is unusually slow trying to get through alexandria and the northbound side of i-95. by the way the accident almost completed southbound on 2 just approaching i-95. let's take a live look at 395 and you are going to see look how slow it is right here. luckily the lanes are open on 95. the southbound side of i-27 0, you are going 28 miles per hour as you head into urbana the pace improves. through rockville to the.where
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lanes divide. outer loop low as down pretty much the link from i-95 through silver springs. coming up in my next report it is 6:43. a the although of people missed the president's big announcement on friday. he wants the government to stop deporting illegal immigrants brought here as they were children. >> what does mitt romney say about it? charlie rose joins us live with a preview. good morning charlie. >> reporter: good morning jessica and andrea. president obama is getting criticism. mitt romney told been on face the nation sunday that the president did this for political reasons and if he was elected the policy would be quote overtaken. we'll have more on that and tim tebow was back on the field sunday. he was not playing football, we'll hear what the star
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quarterback was up to. today's the day metro gets its biggest makeover since the system opened. the rush plus is a slight redesign of how trains run. the goal is to ease crowd and go make your trip an easier one. joining us with more details on this new look for metro is a spokesman dan sties el. good morning dan and the court house station is on the orange line. which will benefit the most you hope from rush plus. tell us why. >> reporter: the orange line the trains are as crowded as they are anywhere else in the system. what we are doing as part of rush plus is adding capacity to the orange lines with three additional trains every hour of the rush hour.
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>> but we are hearing yellow line riders and blue line riders. everyone, basically, is going to be confused about where it stops, where it starts. do you have human beings on the platform to help people figure it out? >> we do, scores and scores of metro additional customer service representatives and rail operations personnel are out on the systems this morning, especially for the key stations affected by the changes. for example frank conia. so we have personnel there to help folks and we have a lot of resources on our website. >> and again, this is only affecting rush hour commuters in the morning and in the afternoon? >> that's correct. from 6:30 until #k a.m. every week day morning and from 3:30 until 6:00 p.m. every week day evening you'll see rush plus service.
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the new maps are up at every station and in every rail car. the most important thing to know on the maps the dash line indicate the rush line and also the key to understanding all of this if you remember nothing else it is not just about line color any more. check the destination sign on the side of the train. >> do you see any confused people standing around? >> not yet, that is the good news. frankly here at the courthouse we don't expect too much confusion this morning most of the commuters who travel from here are heading into the district, so it doesn't matter when they get on a train destined for new carrollton or largo town center. but we have additional staff to help if needed. thank you for being with us. what we want to know how all of this affects you personally, especially if you are on the blue line that may be getting
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short changed on all of this. we have a link to metro's website, all about rush plus. get a good look at the impact on you. the story is on the morning news page. in just a few hours the jerry sandusky trial will resume in pennsylvania. today sandusky's attorneys will begin their defense. sandusky is a former penn state football coach accused of abusing young boys. some of his accusers took the stand last week. greece's new government is expected to do all it can to keep greece in the euro zone. president obama called on greece to move quickly to tackle its
6:37 am
economic challenges. key elections in egypt as well. the muslim brotherhood says it won the presidential election. mohammed morrissey won 52% of the vote. if certified, morrissey would be the first popularly elected president in egypt and the first since last year's revolution. >> in deciding how much power the new president will have there will be a new constitution. governor martin o'malley heads to baltimore state. >> the greece state is marking the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812 because those in maryland say they saved the u.s. in ta war -- in that war. >> in baltimore there is pageantry. tall ships from around the world, the blue angels buzzing
6:38 am
is city. and a million visitors taking it all in. >> we should come down and enjoy it. meanwhile in washington it is just another friday. >> the war of 1812. can you tell me anything about it? and it was in 1812. >> i don't know anything about it. >> but maryland's governor cares. >> why is it that washington just can't seem to get into this? >> because they got their bleep kicked. >> in 1814 british forces invaded and burned washington, including the white house. but in baltimore they held fast and the star spangled banner was born. >> this was baltimore's moment in american history. and not even having a federal
6:39 am
government to back us up we carried the day. o say can you see, what so proudly rehailed at the twilight's last gleaming. >> that was scott broom reporting. the other song is we fired our guns. but never mind. >> i love it. our time is 63:00. in nine minutes the ongoing drama over the ouster of uva's president. and howard says grab the umbrella when you head out the door this morning, next, when we could be talking about a heat wave. but first, a unique donation to the library of congress today. it comes from joe smith a long time music executive for
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capital records. over his career he conducted over 200 interviews with greats like ray charles and ella fitzgerald and paul mccartney. >> they may be put online by the end of the year. smith says these interviews are part of our nation's cultural history and need to be shared. ♪
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welcome back. it is kind of a dull, dreary monday morning. if you are planning to led in on i 66, luckily that is an incident free drive but off and on delays for you and then again route 50 to 123, and here is a
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look at 95 northbound same story, slow traffic as you head northbound out of dale city into woodbridge and more in springfield, we'll go live there, no problems to report other than the slow traffic in the main and lanes. you may fine residual delays from accident clean up southbound on route 234 approaching i-95. back over to our maps this time in southern maryland, this is fine, route 4-rbgs route 5, route 301 no problems. we'll take a live look at route 301. slow passing the intersection. other than that, no problems to report. coming up we'll go to the beltway north of town in a few minutes. back to you guys. thank you monika. lawns are appreciating this, a sprinkle from mother nature to get them moistened. >> they need it. because middle of the week it is going to be hot and dry. and don't mow your lawn too low and stress it out.
6:46 am
you will kill it. the weather is going to try to kill it anyway, later in the week. we have wet weather we are talking about in the form of showers this morning that have been out there. and we are not done with them by any stretch. we are going to have showers on and off at least through midday. a rumble of thunder late this afternoon. best chance this afternoon, west of dc, winds south to southeast at 5 to 10. i saw a lot more to go. notice a little line of showers ahead of the main area of rain. heavy rains coming out from west virginia. up in montgomery county now down through dc. much of the action is moving in toward prince george's county, howard county. here's a look at live doppler 9000 hd. we have the showers up north, along and east of interstate 270 in montgomery county.
6:47 am
this is the heaviest stuff. also southern carol county we are watching. from dc little a shower right over the potomac, heavier shower with lighter rains. a little bit of rain headed your way. i want to show you the heavier showers we are watching coming out of west virginia in toward the shenandoah valley. from woodstock through new market. temperatures this morning low 60s, even upper 50s. so i think a rain jacket will be a good thing to have. but after this morning's rain, we are taking off heatwise. but today, upper 70s, tonight in the 60s stray showers. then we are just talking about the isolated afternoon storms. 8 tomorrow, 95 wednesday, 97 thursday, friday 94, back into the 80s by sunday so the coolest day of the week for
6:48 am
sure. andrea. thank you howard. our time right now is 6:47 coming up on 6:48. more fallout after the ouster of the university of virginia's president. students and faculty leaders want more information about the removal from teresa sullivan. last week's announcement of sullivan's yes ma'am to resign have been abstract, unclear and at times contradictory. >> i am still really in shock about the fact that this powerful visionary is not part of our lives. there is a moment when you kind of draw the line in the sand, and you say this is what i believe. and if it makes me weep, i don't care. i am going to say what i think. >> there is a meeting scheduled for today between uva's faculty senate and the school's governing board. >> everyone gets a notice to
6:49 am
report for jury duty every now and then and that even includes the mayor of washington. mayor vincent gray is scheduled to slow up for jury duty later this morning. he was called for service to dc superior court. we are not sure if he can cite a hardship for having to run the city as a way to postpone his civic duty. our time is 6:49. we want to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. the question again, every year 1500 people are injured doing which of these activities playing ping pong, horseback riding or using the stairs? >> one of our viewers had one answer but said it is probably the far out thing and guess what? it is the far out thing. the answer is playing ping pong. >> we know people who injured themselves falling on stairs. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> in the meantime we have been combing through retailer websites to find you some
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discounts. here are some of our favorites. >> how about a samsung galaxy table? you are going to find this deal on best $299. 40% off the formal price. -- normal price. sears a dining set for outdoor on sale at $410 off the normal price. and staying with outdoor, has a great swing pat row love seat on sale -- patio love seat on sale for 30% off and free shipping. easy care protection to resist fading, water and spills. if you have an offer or are a local merchant i would love to hear from you on facebook no we have a check on the news before you go, up next.
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a very good morning, 6:54. showers out there on and off at least through midday. fewer showers this afternoon. maybe a rumble of thunder. upper 70s to near 80. andrea? thank you howard. here's a check on the news before you go. metro's new rush plus has begun this morning. it adds trains to the orange and yellow line but takes away on the blue line. don't be surprised for you see fighter jets in our region. norad is conducting exercises. weather permitting this will
6:55 am
beginton and tomorrow. 26-year-old webb simpson is this year's u.s. open champion in golf. he finished the tournament at one over par. cbs this morning begins at the top of the hour and they will have the latest on the elections in greece and how they could impact our economy. before that we'll have one more check on traffic and weather, so stay with 9news now.
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welcome back. we have scattered showers this morning and that will be the case probably through midday with lesser showers this afternoon and then the heat builds, near 90 tomorrow, well up in the 90s wednesday thursday friday and even saturday so prepare your sesms. >> you know this is the kind of day that gives monday its
6:59 am
reputation. the wet road conditions and all of this to deal with along 95, along 395 off and onto the 14th street bridge. 270 is slow from urbana most of the way to clarksburg and german town off and on. the only thing good i can see is lanes are open. cbs is next with the latest from greece and why you shouldn't really worry about turbulence on your next flight. and while you are at work today get updates by visiting us at >> we'll be back tomorrow morning at 4:25, hope you join us. have a great day


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