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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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attorneys questioned him about other cases where he may have misstated the truth, including a case about a date rape drug. just in the last few minutes, roger clemens, the star from the houston astros, from the toronto blue jays, from the new york yankees, found not guilty of lying to congress. derek. >> all right bruce leshan, thank you. we'll get more details as they come in. thank you. pennsylvania dropped one of the 52 counts against jerry sandusky this morning. the decision came as the prosecution wrapped up its case against the former penn state football assistant coach. manuel has more on the sex abuse trial that continues in bellefonte. >> anita, we heard from a few witnesses today from the defense. they testified that the jerry sandusky they know is a kind and considerate person with a great reputation in the community. lawyers for jerry sandusky are
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trying to show jurors a different side of the man accused of sexually abusing children. first up on the witness stand for the deference, former penn state assistant. he was around when sandusky brought young boys into the shower at penn state. he testified he didn't consider it inappropriate. a lawyer for one of the accusers says it doesn't seem like a strong defense to him. >> to persuade someone that what mr. sandusky did was right, while people shower all the time, i don't think takes you very far. >> sandusky is charged with 51 counts of sexually abusing ten boys on penn state's campus and his home. he met most of his accusers through his chafety for at risk children. the judge told jurors it looks like the defense and prosecution will have everything wrapped up by wednesday, with closing arguments and jury deliberations starting thursday. the defense may call sandusky's wife and members of joe paterno's family and one of the
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last to testify could be sandusky himself. >> his lawyer has to see where things stand as things progress. >> the prosecution wrapped up its case with one final witness, the mother of a boy sandusky is accused of raping. she testified her son had behavior problems after spending time with sandusky. she also said her son's underwear would be missing when she did laundry. >> the jury will begin deliberating on thursday. to get ready to pack a bag. from bellefonte, pennsylvania, i'm manuel, anita, back to you. >> thank you. now for the counts the state dropped, prosecutors say that's because the law did not apply when the alleged crime took place. this is the map you're probably used to seeing inside metro stations. but starting today, the rush plus plan is in effect. and it impacts more than 100,000 riders on the green, yellow, blue, and orange lines. kristin fisher has some early
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feedback. >> this is crazy. >> passing out these papers and i don't know how to read it. i don't know what's going on. >> metro riders try to make sense of what's going on. make the busiest trains less crowded. but on day one, it also made for more confusion. >> the conductor is telling you one thing, trying to read the lines and signs on the trains. i hope i get to the right station at the right time. >> orange line riders are the biggest beneficiaries with three new trains an hour. >> if there's going to be more trains, then that's fine. >> more trains on the orange line mean less thanes on the blue line. for blue line riders, it's more of a minus. >> very confused. a lot of people confused today. >> one of the biggest changes is a new version of the yellow line, just during rush hour. it starts all the way down here at springfield, typically a blue line station only and ends all the way up here at glen
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belt. a green line station. >> if you remember nothing else about rush plus, the key to understanding it is that it's not just about the line color anymore, you also should look at the destination sign on the side of the train or on the platform displays to make sure you're going in the right direction. >> what do riders think of rush plus on day one? >> so far, no big deal. we'll see what happens. >> i have to tell you at the end of the day, if we get there on time and back home on time, that will be the best bet. >> in washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. riders on the red line are not affected by the new program. coming up, we'll have a look at the afternoon rush hour at 6:00. and rush plus was so popular this morning, it was trending on twitter. so, we decided to take a lock at your comments and put them into a presentation. our assistant news director fell in love with this thing, so expect to see a lot of it. we begin with a photo of the first train. 6:24, you can see it right
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there. there were also plenty of photos about train wait times and this one is from phillip stewart, who says the status of the yellow and green lines are there. while karen's picture shows a yellow line status. she asks what about the blue line to largo, please? chris says no orange line trains bound for largo when i got on at courthouse at 8:40. rachel said my commute was better than usual today. no delays, happy with rush plus so far. and perhaps the best comment we found came from anna who says i imagine it's going to take more than one day of rush plus for them to get all the cinks out. it's hard to argue with all that. we invite you to join the conversation on facebook and twitter and next time, we may use one of your comments on the air. fares are going down, that $1 fuel surcharge expires at midnight on wednesday.
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they imposed it in march of last year. now, gas prices are falling back down and the taxi cab commission chairman says if the prices go up again, the commission will quote, consider appropriate action. anita. >> a warning for commuters parking illegally. police might tow requester car. officers are going to start cracking down tomorrow morning. it is on the prince william parkway. a barrage of complaints. violators will get a warning at first, then tickets and towing will start july 2. for those parked illegally. new parking meters are coming soon. the rundown buildings of the past have been transformed into new restaurants, shops, and apartment buildings. the newspapers report that 61 new meter spaces are being installed. between madison and hamilton street. new parking lots are also being built as part of this renovation, lesli. a dreary start to the week
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has the 9weather team declaring a code yellow day. more on the rain. better you than me, my friend. >> we have a huge break today. let me tell you, by wednesday, this will be a distant memory. so, enjoy the clouds, enjoy the 60s. not here for long. let's start with live doppler 9,000. there are showers and thunderstorms developing on the west side of i-81. also south of cumberland pushing into west virginia. we will watch these carefully. i don't think we'll make it all the way in, but we have a shower and thunderstorm in tonight. temperature wise, this is fantastic. 66 in manassas. a peek heating of the day. 68 in leesburg. 66 in gaithersburg and only 70 downtown. so for tonight, we'll keep it mostly cloudy, but comfortable. winds southeasterly at 10. we'll come back and talk about just how big time this heat is going to be as you roll through the week and let you know what
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9 weather alert we'll call for. >> thank you, top. the white house has ended its efforts to stop the funding of private schools with the public school voucher program. supporters are spending dollars, say they made a deal with the obama administration. here to tell us about what that deal entails is our own bruce johnson. >> you have a deal, but the controversy continues. low income students to help them pay tuition at private and parochial schools. nearly 900 d.c. students are using public vouchers to pay tuition at city catholic schools alone. >> we are delighted it provides families that power to make that choice for their kids. >> we have a lot of opportunity and choice for students and we don't need vouchers in addition. >> so-called opportunities, scholarships divided local elected leaders. the new chairman of the d.c. council points out that compromise agreed to between the white house and house
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speaker boehner and senator jon lieber man gets $20 million to the voucher program. that's $20 million that the president earmarked for public charter schools alone. >> he proposed 50% of the $60 million and 40% go to the charter schools, which roughly is the same as the enroll. but with this agreement, we'll see less charter schools and public schools. >> one group clearly satisfied with the program, parents point out that 94% of the students attending school on vouchers graduate from a high school. that number, 89% go on to college. >> they would never, ever meet in a public school system. on top of that, they are also getting mature. they are getting mature in these schools. >> the demand is also apparent. since 2004, there have been 11,000 applications for the d.c. opportunity scholarship program. roughly 5,000 vouchers have been awarded.
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president obama budgeted zero dollars for d.c. vouchers in the current budget. >> okay, how much money are we talking about? a maximum $8,000 for private parochial schools, a maximum of $12,000 for public and parochial high schools. >> that does not necessarily cover what it costs to go to those schools. >> it may cover it in the parochial schools, but georgetown, doesn't begin to cover that and the private schools, they have to do fundraisers. back to you in the studio. a georgia law school student accused of killing a 27- year-old woman from laurel, maryland, wants his bond reduced. steven mcdaniel is charged with the murder of lauren about a year ago. her body was found in a garbage bin next to their apartment building. wmaz tv in macon says his attorney will argue that the $850,000 bond is simply higher than his family can afford. an autopsy is being done for rodney king. one day after he was found dead
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at the bottom of the swimming pool t. will be several weeks before the findings are expected to be made public. king's video taped beating in los angeles back in 1991 and the subsequent acquittal of the l.a. cops involved fled to one of the race riots in u.s. history. there are no signs of foul play, but the 47-year-old had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. tmz reports if you have been drinking all day and smoking marijuana the day before he died, the results of that autopsy are not expected for weeks. tonight, police are investigating the first murder since it became a town back in 1981. a cleaning woman found another woman's body inside a first floor room at the atlantic ocean side motel this morning. police say they are investigating it as a homicide. mayor vincent gray reported for jury duty today at d.c. superior court. he was 50 prospective jurors in a drug case. a spokesman for the mayor says
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he was excused after being questioned. courtroom security was stepped up because of the mayor's attendance. still to come tonight, new tape detail the conversation between george zimmerman and his wife in the jailhouse about their finances. what it could mean for his bond hearing and that's happening next week. is a $9,000 trip to perugie enough to get you fired from the air force authority board? i'm peggy fox, i'll have the story coming up. but first, elections in egypt and greece may have implications for the entire global economy. the results and their impact on the markets are coming your way up next.
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there is confusion tonight about who is in control of the government in egypt. news organizations in cairo have declared the muslim brotherhood candidate. the winner in the first free presidential election since the fall of mubarak. refusing to concede. at the same time, the military has issued a decloration stripping the president of any authority over the army. on to the military's charter, the president would be a powerless figure. talks are in the works tonight in greece to form a probailout coalition government. this comes after greece's conservative new democracy
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leader. he narrowly won. the goal now is to end a week long political stalemate and pave the way for greece to resume talks with creditors on badly needed aid. and the greek election did not move the needle on wall street much. the dow jones lost 25 points. nasdaq rose 22 points. derek. >> today, prosecutors released recordings of jailhouse phone calls between george zimmerman and his wife. they say those calls show how the couple was trying to move money around before the first bond hearing. >> prosecutors say jailhouse phone calls between george zimmerman and his wife, shelly, show the couple raised more than $100,000 for his defense. >> in my account, do i have $100? how close am i? >> you have $8. >> so total, how much are we looking at? >> like $155.
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>> okay. >> the calls also detail how zimmerman instructed his wife to transfer money between bank accounts. the former neighborhood watch volunteer is facing murder charges for killing 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman claims the shooting of the unarmed teenager was self-defense. zimmerman was released on $150,000 bond in april. several days after the calls took place. at his bond hearing, his wife, shelly, testified the couple was broke. she is now facing perjury charges and zimmerman's bail was revoked. zimmerman can be heard asking his wife to buy bullet proof vests. >> get three. >> one for me, one for me, and one for mark omari. >> phone calls could make a crucial role. cbs news, new york. >> and in another call, shelly zimmerman says that money raised was also being used to pay off the couple's bills.
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gary giordano wants to cash in on that insurance policy he took out on robyn gardner before they took off to aruba. he is the person of interest in gardner's disappearance. she has not been seen since last august. giordano is suing american express for the benefit that was part of the travel insurance policy he took out before that trip. annex argues there is a waiting period. >> the wild fires in colorado are now 45% contained. still people living in the hardest hit areas are being told, don't get comply cant. the dry, hot, windy conditions continue to be a major challenge. air tankers are being used to fight the fire from above, but the u.s. forest service says it couldn't fly them yesterday because it was too windy. we're going to get some really hot stuff coming this way. >> we are.
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it will work out nicely. summer arrives on wednesday and it's going to be hot by wednesday. but enjoy today. it was rainy this morning and had to drive in it. temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 this time of day, it's nice. you are all going to forget about this by wednesday. was monday cool? yeah, monday was cool. it will be a dry commute home brought to you by michael and son. i don't see any real problems except to the west. right now, 70. dew point 60, which is still nice. dew point is at a reasonable level. a reason why the humidity is so high, is because the temperature and dew point are so close. winds out of the south, southeast. in fact, there is a severe thunderstorm warning in rockingham county until 6:00 p.m. because of that storm. we'll zoom in. these are pretty heavy
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rainmakers. don't see any hail in these. they are not severe just yet, rain down toward romney and south, down 220 and also just west. they are moving off to the south and east at 15 miles an hour. now, we'll zoom southward to these bigger storms and rockingham county, severe thunderstorm warning until 6:00. that's big time hail headed for harrisonburg. that's moving off to the east, northeast at 15 miles per hour. we'll zoom back out on the radar. we put everything into motion and show you where everything goes in the next hour or so. here we go. most of these storms track almost due south and south and east. they are going to get across i- 81. they will weaken and you are still going to get hammered, but as far as our western suburbs, out toward loudoun county and prince william county, you're going to be okay. that said, we'll keep a chance of a shower in. 67 in great falls. 55 in reston.
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67 in arlington. 71 college park. and 69 in beltsville. again, those temperatures are a bargain. so gradually heating up. a shower still possible tonight. just warmer tomorrow and then an isolated thunderstorm possible tomorrow and yeah, hot by wednesday. but summer officially arrives on wednesday. mostly cloudy. wind southeasterly at 10 and for tomorrow morning, becoming partly sunny and mild. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. air quality goes to the yellow range. moderate air quality. partly cloudy and warmer by afternoon. an isolated thunderstorm is possible. highs 84 to 88. that's way warmer than today. quite frankly, that is average for this time of year. all right, let's go ahead and break it down for you. mild in the morning, 62 to 70. by noon, nice. low to mid 80s and by evening, 80 to 84. just a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. but really not a bad day at all. next three days, 9 weather alert codes, we'll keep
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tomorrow green and go to yellow on wednesday, yellow on thursday, because of the storms and the heat. mid 90s wednesday. mid 90s on thursday as well. all right, next seven days look like this. looking at temperatures mid 90s wednesday and thursday and again we're all right in terms of, temperatures go down a little bit. isolated storm, right now the weekend looks okay. right around 90 on saturday. maybe a shower on sunday. and really break in the heat next week with temperatures back into the mid 80s. we're looking at again, you know, temperatures super, super hot on wednesday and thursday. then we are all right as we close out the week. 90s not crazy hot. what do you have there? >> these are the tickets you like and we were looking at the small print. you shall not seek autographs in order to spell such autographs. you shall not seek autographs, pay another person to obtain an autograph for you. you got it? >> the fine print. >> we never read the fine
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print. here's what we read. you can get into the tournament wednesday, thursday, friday, or saturday or sunday and go to our website or like us on facebook and it's a pretty good deal. you know, you can go on sunday if you want to. you have until this saturday to enter. it's a sweep stakes, not a contest. >> still to come, a self- professed artist tries to make a name for himself by defacing somebody else's work. >> but first, making history in china. from hundreds of thousands of miles away. i'll tell you how it happened.
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a big step forward for the chinese space program. the country's first female astronaut entered an unmanned space lab and she was joined by two male colleagues. the three will be conducting a scientific experiment. china spent billions in the past decade. building a space program to compete with the united states and russia. a priceless piece of art by another artist. it happened and it was caught on tape. take a look as a guy who describes himself as an up and coming artist spray paints something on one of the picasso
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pieces. the person who caught it on cell phone says he confronted the spray painter and said what are you doing? he was trying to honor picasso's work. lots of women like to wear high heels. there is an unusual pair inside france's palace of versai. a giant pair of stilettos. they are the works of a puertugese sculpture. a hot pink helicopter made of ostrich feathers. you can imagine the reflection going on. >> you know who would like that? >> j.c. hayward. she never met a pair of stilettos she didn't like. back on the bus.
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a look at one presidential candidate on a six-state tour. >> a little later, helping local moms feed, clothe, and care for their children. we'll be right back.
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efforts to bring metro out to dulles airport and beyond have been debated about the bottom line. the board, the line has been
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under fire for lavish spending. but as peggy fox reports a local congressman is introducing legislation tomorrow that would create permanent oversight of the board and its money. >> to actually show you. >> this is consulting gregory shay helps organizations struggling with leadership and challenges. the metropolitan air force authority hired shay over a three-year period, paying him $173,000. board member, tom davis, said he was well paid, he wasn't cheap. but members were not speaking. somebody needed to come get members to work together. a federal review was extended turned up numerous questionable expenses. such as lavish lunches and travel costs. one board member, dennis, spent $9,000 flying to perugie for a concert. those expenses and more, ousted from the board last week. a move republican congressman
5:31 pm
applauds. >> things were done that should not have been done. travel is done, should not have been done. actions were done that should not have been done. meetings were done in private sessions. >> congressman wolf is introducing legislation that would put a permanent inspector general overseeing. democrat, gerry connolly, agrees with that move, but disagrees with the ouster of board member, dennis. he says that was purely political and not justified. >> that's a smoke screen for getting at a labor union member who happens to be a member of the board. >> vice president and regional manager of the laborers international union of north america. he was appointed by governor tim kaine to take his place, governor mcdonnell appointed cofounder of webb methods. she tells 9news now, she has been sworn in, filed a lawsuit over his ouster.
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peggy fox, 9news now. >> she is expected to be seated at the board meeting on wednesday, but some board members say they would rather wait until the court decides on ma tier's lawsuit. connolly says the only other time a governor tried to remove a board member, the court refused. mitt romney is on the fourth day of a six-state bus tour tonight. today's stops include wisconsin and iowa. the republican presidential candidate predicted he will win wisconsin come november. he is hoping to be carried by the way that kept governor scott walker in office after a recall election two weeks ago. >> i think president obama had just put this in his column. he assume from the very beginning, wisconsin was going to be his. but you know what? we're going to win wisconsin and we're going to get the white house. >> mr. obama did carry wisconsin by 14 points in the last election four years ago. the president is in mexico this week for the g-20 summit and the prime topic is the
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uncertain state of the european economy. president obama and felipe have been down playing it. the bailout party won the national election. an update on that michigan representative banned from the state house for using the word, vagina. now we told you about the republican house majority leader's to ban lisa brown from speaking last week. she used the vagina during a debate. play write will join members of the michigan house and senate on the steps of the state house to perform her play, the vagina monologue. has not commented on the demonstration tonight. mothers living in poverty often have to pick one over the others. as lisa silvester reports, one woman in our area is on a mission to help those moms in need. >> just a few miles from the
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white house, in a neighborhood call anacostia, poverty is so rampant that many mothers have to make a choice. >> they have to choose between feeding their family and diapers, they'll feed their family. >> people here so poor, the little things we take for granted are out of reach. davis is a single mother of three. her youngest is three month old talia. that simple act of keeping her baby dry and clean is not so simple. >> before i had my daughter, i didn't know how many diapers i would use in a day and in a week or in a month's time. it's a lot. >> an average of 8 diapers a day, about 240 diapers a month at a cost of more than $100. she can't afford enough diapers for her baby. you can't get diapers through the food stamp program. it's considered a hygiene item, the only alternative, reusing
5:35 pm
diapers. >> i'm the founder, the diaper bank. >> boxes and boxes of donated diapers. >> you got them? >> yes. >> being delivered to kids, a neighborhood community center. >> hi sweety. >> diapers are a necessity for infants. a mom that is trying to work, but doesn't have enough diapers to send her child todaycare. >> the first months with a colicky baby were rough. >> up with him all night and i thought, how do you do this if you don't have somebody you can call? after we got out of that hazy first six months of having an infant, we said what can we do to help? i said what do you need? i can give time, money, i was blown away when they said diapers. it hadn't occurred to me. >> she started the d.c. diaper
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bank, an idea that has been catching on nationwide. she recently helped launch the national diaper bank network. each one of these boxes contains 50 diapers. the d.c. diaper bank contributed 2600 boxes. that's more than 130,000 diapers. the diapers are donated. >> you're welcome. >> have individuals and corporations. >> parents learn this is a need. they want to help. >> they don't have to worry about where those diapers are coming from. they can have time with their baby and smile at that baby and know that there's a network that will help them and support them. these are all our kids. >> thank you. it will last for a week. >> whether we see them or not, we are one large community. i want to make sure our kids are taken care of. >> lisa silvester, cnn, anacostia, washington, d.c. >> great program. coming up tonight, years of
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debate over a controversial wal- mart comes to an end with a big ground breaking and it's coming up tomorrow. and up next, an investigation into fires in some of the world's most popular cars gets a little larger.
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a consumer alert about the expansion of the investigation into fires in the doors of toyotas. 1.4million cars and suv's are affected. the government investigation covers hundreds and thousands of 2008 and 2009 model year camrys. other vehicles affected include some 2007 to 2009yaris sub compact and all 2008 highlander hybrid suv's. the problem is the power door switches in the driver side doors can overheat, catch fire. so far, 161 fires reported and nine injuries. after years of battling to find just the right location. tomorrow, crews will break ground on a brand-new wal-mart in virginia. this particular supercenter will be in orange county. that's not too far away from the wilderness battlefield. preservationists gone to court to block wal-mart's original location, but the company
5:41 pm
abandoned that plan on the eve of the trial. the new store is expected to open in a year. it will create 300 new jobs. >> national zoo wants your help in naming baby. we're talking about a baby black howler monkey. it's one of the smallest, loudest charismatic creatures. the zoo is conducts a poll on its facebook page. you can choose from among four names. orais, nando, lanki, or sumac. hit up their facebook page and cast your vote. >> loud, charismatic. coming up, virginia lawmakers grill governor bob mcdonnell's administration over the multimillion dollar deal to keep the redskins in the commonwealth. >> but first, a new study shows a skyrocketing number of kids taken to the hospital for high blood pressure. what experts think is causing it next in our health alert.
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topping our health alert, scientists figured out the reason why too much sodium hurts the heart. the american heart association says eating high salt diets damages the heart vessels. it leads to high blood pressure and other dangers. more than 5500 people over six years and close to 900 new hypertension diagnoses were made. those consuming the most salt were more likely to develop that high blood pressure. >> this study allowed us to look at an actual marker. a possible damage to the blood vessels. the blood vessels are essential in hypertension. the more stiff the blood vessels are, the less likely you'll have control. so it may be a predicter of what will develop hypertension. >> we need to watch our
5:46 pm
sodium. hypertension is the silent killer, meaning there are few symptoms before the damage is done. and that makes this next report even more alarming. high blood pressure is taking a toll on an unlikely group. very young children. in fact, there's been a dramatic jump in kids with hypertension ending up in the hospital. >> kyle has suffered from high blood pressure since he was five years old. >> i can easily tell, i feel dizzy, i don't feel well. >> the now 14-year-old has to watch every bite he eats. >> we keep his sodium inhate at 1200 milligrams or less, which is an incredibly difficult thing to do on a daily basis. >> high blood pressure is landing more children in the hospital. the study in the journal, hypertension, finds hospitalizations merely doubled for kids under 18. between 1997 and 2006. the children most at risk were more than nine years old, boys,
5:47 pm
and african americans. >> cause damage, ire reversible damage and set them up for cardiovascular disease as an adult. >> experts say the rise in childhood obesity is part of the story. doctors don't know what is causing kyle's high blood pressure. he takes four medications. get plenty of exercise and uses new technology to monitor his bp closely. >> i'm able to put it on by myself. plug in my ipod. it will take my blood pressure, and i can e-mail it to my doctor and my mom. >> clearly, genetic predisposition is part of this, but the obesity issue is huge. should your child be tested? it's recommended pediatricians test it at age 3. >> there are new reports that the latest trends in medicine prescribed for kids in the u.s. we have good and bad news. the number of antibottics under
5:48 pm
the age of 18 dropped by 14% by the last decade. from over use of these drugs. the fda says the number of pro scribings soared by 50%. now some people think there is over prescription of those. but this report says there is also better diagnosis of attention deficit and medications with fewer side effects. derek. apparently, virginia governor's deal to keep the redskins headquarters in the commonwealth, not sitting well. republicans and democrats on the house appropriations committee were questioning members of the governor's administration about that very deal. lawmakers wanted to know how come they could prove that the team would love redskins park without that money. the deal was signed two weeks ago and guarantees the skins will stay in virginia for the next eight years.
5:49 pm
les and topper. >> a big deal for them. pretty cool out here. >> temperatures in the 60s. this is or overnight low. this is pretty nice. come wednesday, we're going to look back at this, distant memory. exactly. let's start with a live look outside brought to you by michael and son. and we are still looking at temperatures in the 60s in the suburbs. 70 downtown. the dew point is still 60. which is actually pretty good. you get dew points in the low 60s and comfortable. winds south, southeast at 8. and the pressure rising a little bit at 30.08 inches of mercury. okay. live doppler 9,000. a quiet commute on the way home tonight, but there are storms out in west virginia. a big thunderstorm. nothing severe, but this is heavy rain just south of romney and just to the west. they are pushing off to the south and east. no hail, but heavy rain fall. red indicates rain fall rates
5:50 pm
of 1 to 1 1/4 inches per hour. we'll zoom back out. we have the warning down toward rocking ham county until 6:00 p.m. that was a storm that did have hail to the west of harrisonburg. we'll put this into motion. next hour, they work their way south and east. they'll cross 81. those are the two areas i'm mainly concerned about. they'll lose their umph. we'll keep a chance of a shower in tonight as well. look at the temperatures. 67 in great falls. 66 in reston. this is great. 69 in rockville. and 69 over in beltsville. okay. gradually heating up. shower possible tonight. warmer tomorrow. it's warmer tomorrow. isolated thunderstorm tomorrow and then hot by wednesday. summer officially arrives at 7:09 and it will feel like summer. mostly cloudy and comfortable. low temperatures in the 60s. winds southeast at 10. now tomorrow morning, not bad.
5:51 pm
becoming partly sunny and mild. air quality moderate range, temperatures in the 60s and 70s and by afternoon, well, partly cloudy and warmer. an isolated storm possible. not much happening tomorrow. highs 84 to 88. winds still south, southeast at 10. next three days, 9 weather alert codes are green and yellow and yellow because of heat and thunderstorms. mid 90s wednesday. mid 90s on thursday. next seven days, it does taper off a little bit. still going to be 90 on friday and saturday and maybe 92 on sunday. average high is 86 or 87. not crazy hot. some storms possible friday. keep saturday dry. maybe a shower on sunday and a cold front sunday night and cool us back into the mid 80s on monday. so enjoy this little taste of coolness, because it's going away. >> all right, another gulf major has come and gone and the winner's name, not tiger. >> after holding a share of the lead, the bumpers, the wheels, everything fell off.
5:52 pm
joining us now to talk about it, kristen berset. >> thanks, guys. it has been four years since tiger woods has won a major tournament. this weekend he squandered another promising start. joining me now in studio to talk of tiger's game. from 1066.7 the fan and frank hanrahan. guys, they say the first six holes are the hardest. four bogies, rough outing for him. is tiger woods close to a comeback? are we going to see him back? >> he's close, but he's a lot further away than people are giving him credit for. a couple wins this year. what we've heard over and over from tiger is i'm in this to win majors and he hasn't done that in four long years. so i say no tiger is not that close to getting back to where he was. i don't know if he ever will. >> he's in it to win majors and tournaments. he won two this year and he's starting to get that swagger
5:53 pm
back. that confidence he's been missing. he's not there yet. he will probably not get to where he was, but he is getting closer. >> the mental game. we saw, like i said, a decent start for him. the first two rounds, 75 on saturday, 73 on 70. is that mental game just not there? >> that's the thing. he is struggling on short game. we saw him on the greens, not doing great. so yeah, will he win four more majors, i don't think so. he wasted the last four years. can't waste this time period and expect to win this record. it's funny we are talking about this now. if you would have told anybody, yeah, he should be at 20. no problem. >> we did see how tough zach was. the winner was plus one. it was tough for everybody there. a week from today, at&t national getting underway. tiger woods event, not a major, but it is his event. can he win his own event? >> absolutely.
5:54 pm
i guess he gets to invite who he wants. let's see if i can beat this guy. i remember four years ago when he was in town. he had his red on and he has that persona. it will be great to have him out there. >> we will see jim, who was the leader of most of yesterday. what is it about at&t national that makes it an exciting tournament? >> it's tiger's tournament. he comes to the nation's capital. i'll tell you this, there's nothing better for golf than having tiger woods in contention. yesterday, the nba was celebrating because tiger fell off so fast. they knew they were going to get the ratings because tiger sells golf and without tiger, it's hard to get into golf, especially for those mainstream people that watch it to watch tiger. >> love him or hate him, he is good for the game of golf. thanks so much. of course tiger woods coming to the dmv next week. we will have coverage for you all week long from
5:55 pm
congressional. sights and sounds from the tournament, plus a special wrap upshow next week. still to come, more fallout over the resignation of the university of virginia's president. >> but first, a local organization collects food to help those in need in arlington. we'll take you inside the arlington food assistance center in this week's hero central report. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us.
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so, where to next? ♪
5:57 pm
arlington county ranked as one of the most prosperous places in the country. county has the fifth highest
5:58 pm
median household income. people can't afford to buy enough food and that's where a food pantry steps in. and today's hero central report, j.c. hayward salutes arlington food assistance center. >> i was at one time a wealthy man. due to circumstances, i am not anymore. without this, i would not have the substance to live well. >> wayne is 76 years old and retired. he can't buy enough groceries to last through the week. so he gets supplemental groceries. >> some people would feel ashamed, but i don't because the people don't make you feel ashamed. they make you feel welcome. >> the 20-year-old food pantry not only provides food to over 4,000 qualified residents, but also tries to give as much choice of food as possible. >> strawberries are always
5:59 pm
nice and bananas. especially meats. >> the arlington food assistance center gets 60% of its food from donations and the nonprofit buys fresh food, eggs, milk, and chicken. >> by allowing our families to choose, they'll choose, hopefully, those things that their family likes and needs. it also respects the dignity of the individual. >> wow. all kinds of goodies. >> families coming need a variety of volunteers. >> we basically have all age groups. we even have family night that allows parents to bring in very young kids to do bagging of groceries for us. >> the volunteers say they feel good about helping out. >> i'm a gardner. i like to grow things and bring it down and it's a way of donating what i grow that i think is healthy for the people. >> j.c. hayward brought us that story.


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