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tv   9 News Now at Noon  WUSA  June 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. attorneys for jerry sandusky are trying to show that the former penn state coach is not guilty of sexually abusing boys. manuel gallegus is at the
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courthouse in bellefonte, pennsylvania where sandusky's lawyer compared the high profile trial to a soap opera. >> reporter: jerry sandusky ignored reporter questions as he entered court this morning. >> good morning, jerry. you going to take the stand today? >> reporter: his lawyers that been hinting i might take the stand. >> it's like a soap. you have to wait and see. >> reporter: at first he called it general hospital. then he went to say? >> all my children. >> reporter: a series of character witnesses took the stand on sandusky's behalf smrks who spent the night at the sandusky home as children. the men and women, many of them still friends with the former penn state assistant coach and his wife testified sandusky was a caring man with a great reputation. the defense is also reinforcing a theme for jurors asking witnesses if they knew sandusky to be truthful, honest, peaceful, law abiding and nonviolent. they all said yes. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing ten boys during 15 years.
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eight of his accusers took the stand last week graphically describing sex acts with sandusky. sandusky's lawyers also called for investigators to the stand who interviewed many of the accusers in the case. a penn state trooper testified some of the men initially said nothing happened and then later remembered the alleged sexual abuse. the defense tried to suggest that the investigators could have tainted the investigation by leading the witnesses. but the investigators denied influencing them. manuel gallegus, cbs news, bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> closing arguments could start on thursday and if convicted, sandusky could spend the rest of his life in prison. right now a military judge is deciding whether to grant a third postponement in the trial of the accused fort had shooter. nadal hassan's defense wants to move that trial from august 20 until december 3. hassan who once worked as an army psychiatrist at walter reid is accused of killing 13 people in
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the november 2009 shooting. 30 others were injured. d.c. mayor vincent gray wants to rename a portion of langdin park after brown. -- after chuck brown. chuck brown died on may 16 after bathing new money ya and he -- battling pneumonia and he was 75 years old. sky 9 was over the scene after rescue in laurel, maryland. a worker fell ten feet down a hole on wfsc property on canada and way. rescuers pulled the man from the hole and rushed him to the hospital. his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. a georgia law school graduate accused of killing a 27-year-old from laurel, maryland wants his bond
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reduced. stephen mcdaniel has been charged with the murder of lauren giddings about a year ago. her body was found in a garbage bin next to her apartment building. at a hearing today in macon, georgia, mcdaniel's attorneys will argue the $850,000 bond is too high. nine years after the alleged crime, montgomery county police say that they have found a man wanted for attacking a woman in silver spring. investigators say that d.n.a. evidence linked david martinez to the 2003 attack. a national database informed investigators of the match. martinez was behind bars at the time in texas. montgomery county authorities escorted part nez back to maryland -- martinez back to maryland last week where he's now awaiting trial. the hunt is on for three suspects who terrorized a university of maryland student inside his offcampus home. investigators say the home
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invasion happened sometime friday afternoon. the men got in through a locked door and attacked ryan miller. he believes that the robbers may have been guests at a party that he hosted at his home. >> if it's true, it's because they've been inside before and they've been able to look around. someone kicking down my door, like being woken up, whatever it was, like baseball bat, blackjack to the head, whatever. >> ryan got staples to close the gash in his head. he and his roommates plan to tighten security around their home and they say they're going to get baseball bats for protection. leaders of the world's largest economies are meeting for a second day in mexico. they're focused on how to keep your financial crisis from spreading. danielle nottingham has more now from the white house. >> reporter: preventing a global financial catastrophe is job number one as leaders sit down for a second day of talks
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at the g ten summit in mexico -- g20 summit in mexico. president obama and heads of the world's largest economies are urging europe to take all measures necessary to overcome its debt crisis. >> a lot of attention has been centered on europe. now is the time as we've discussed to make sure that all of us join to do what's necessary to stabilize the world financial system. >> reporter: world markets did not get the boost hoped for after the greek election, and now spain's borrowing costs have reached dangerously high levels. the white house knows stabilizing the situation in europe is critically important to keep the crisis from spreading here, something the president is eager to avoid as he fights to keep his job. leaders at the summit are trying to rally behind spending that will boost growth and job creation. they're also holding talks with one another on the sidelines. today president obama will meet
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with china's president. monday president obama sat down with russian president vladimir putin. >> the fact the meeting went for two hours, that's because they were talking about syria and they didn't want to stop talking about syria. >> reporter: russia is syria's main ally and has refused to call for the ouster of syrian president bashir al sad who is -- assad who is raging a violent opposition. still to come when 9news now continues, d.c. officials in the white house have come to an agreement over school vouchers here in the district. we'll tell you how it could affect parents and students when we come back.
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today i'm one on one with adrian from the southern allegany planning and development commission. the mountains are only about a two-hour drive away from the washington metropolitan area. it's a great place to vacation this summer. and she's here to tell me about some of the fabulous things that you can do there. welcome and thanks for being with me. >> thanks so much. i'm very excited to be here. >> what are some of the things that do you? >> well, actually our outdoor recreation has given us bragging rights. we're the premiere of the recreation destination for the d.c. metro area four seasons and what makes us fabulous is the region, great entertainment, arts and history
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heritage which makes the experience fantastic. >> a lot of history there in the allegheny mountains but there are lots of sports activities. i like to fish and you have some of the best trout, don't you? >> absolutely. the river is a great destination for a person to fish if you like that. fisherman's paradise in the center county region, many of our presidents have been there as a destination for fishing. >> and some fabulous bed and breakfasts, wonderful hotels. you said if you want to go to a spa, come to the allegheny mountains. >> another good attribute for the region is that we can offer lodging from the rustic camping to the five-star hotels. the omni bedford springs is a five-star spa and resort in bedford county which is only about two hours from the d.c. area. and then offering anything from the rustic camping that you really just want to rough it for the weekend, we offer that as well. and in between, the hotels and
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the bed and breakfasts that will give you a real home cooked meal in the mornings. >> and a great place to take the kids. >> definitely. definitely. >> so go to your website. >> the >> it's only two hours away. it's -- it doesn't have to be that expensive. a great getaway. a great weekend getaway. >> take a look at our other website >> thank you so much. imgoing to come visit real soon. i promise. coming up next, how wrpd has the forecast. -- howard has the forecast. stay with us. >> on the weather terrace with temperatures and humidity levels have been rising a lot since yesterday. there's a lot more room for that as we head toward mid week. we take a look at the allergy update at the break. everything is low except for the molds that have dropped into the moderate category.
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check. the service normally goes for $43. now only 17 bucks and you can find this offer at groupon. finally, 53% off a one-night stay with a water view balcony room at chesapeake beach resort and spa in chesapeake beach, maryland. this deal includes a $25 credit for dining and gaming and you can find this one on groupon as well for $99. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. i'm jessica doyle, 9news now. the white house and d.c. government officials have reached a deal. the obama administration will allow the school vouchers program to continue, but the debate continues. should public money be used to let students attend private school? bruce johnson takes a look. >> reporter: nearly 900 d.c. students are using public vouchers to pay tuition at city catholic schools alone. >> we are just delighted that
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it provides families that power to make that choice for their kids. >> we have a lot of opportunity and choice for students. and we don't need vouchers in addition. >> reporter: so-called opportunity scholarships have divided local elected leaders. the new chairman of the d.c. council phil mendleson points out a compromise agreed to it the white house and senator boehner gives $20 million to the voucher program, that's $20 million that the president had earmarked for public and public charter schools alone. >> he proposed roughly 60% of the $60 million go to d.c. public schools and 40% go to the charter schools which is roughly the same as the enrollment. but with this agreement, we're going to see less to both charter schools and the public schools. >> reporter: one group clearly satisfied with the 1r0u67er program -- with the voucher program? parents. they point out 94% of the students attending school on vouchers graduate from high school. of that number 89% go on to
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college. >> they would never -- they're meeting what they would never ever meet in a public school system. they're also getting nurtured and matured in the schools. >> reporter: the demand for vouchers is also a parent. since 2004 there have been 11,000 applications for the d.c. opportunity scholarship program. roughly 5,000 vouchers have been awarded. president obama had budgeted zero dollars for d.c. vouchers in the current budget. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> under the program in the district, elementary school students can receive a maximum of $8,000 a year in vouchers. and it's $12,000 a year for high school students. a majority of people who use the capital bike share bikes say that they were encouraged to join by seeing the bikes around town. there are dozens of bike stations in the district in northern virginia. the bike share program did a study. they found that 40% of trips are taken for work and the
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average rider takes about eight trips a month. and they save money. >> they joined because it can save money. on average a bike share member saves about $800 a year on their personal travel costs. >> an annual bike share membership only costs $75 and more than half of the mechanics have a car but they use it less because they like to use their bikes. i like that program. it's going to be hot today. i know. >> but nothing compared to tomorrow and thursday. we're going to the mid- to upper 80s today. some spots also have clipped 80 now that we've got some sunshine. we're talking serious heat. mid-90s tomorrow. mid- to upper 90s on thursday. you'll need to prepare for that. make sure you have a cool place to be and drink some extra cold water. stay hydrated. you probably sweat more than you realize and can dehydrate. here's a look at this afternoon's day planner. talking about hazy sunshine. temperatures climbing into the mid-80s by 3:00. we'll top off i think about 88
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before the day is over with a 5:00 p.m. temperature about 86. there could be a stray thunderstorm popping up. best chance of that is going to be west of washington with the southerly wind not very strong. 5, 6, maybe 10 miles an hour. winds are fairly light. the humidity's have come back. it will be about 86 for the first pitch. the rays coming to town. so a warm evening for baseball and with the humidity high, that means the balls will be flying a little bit farther. satellite and radar from last night and this morning. we had a couple of showers. even a rumble or two of thunder off to our south this morning across parts of prince william and stafford counties into western charles. at this hour seeing more and more sunshine. a few clouds are banked up along the blue ridge. speaking of scott in sperryville, he was saying he was socked in. give it some time. even east of town still cloudy there. however, we look outside on our michael & son weather camera looking east, hazy sunshine at the noon hour with 79 degrees.
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an east wind only 3 miles an hour. the humidity is sticky out there. 64%. watch the dew point number. that is going to creep up the next few days and it's just going to be really kind of muggy. so much warmer today with our weather headlines. very hot wednesday and thursday. highs mid-90s wednesday. record is 99. that's probably okay but on thursday, the record is 98. that set in 1998. that one has the potential. look at temperatures already. near 90 in chicago at 11:00 chicago time. detroit 88. denver is 85. so lots of heat. the humidity there. the jet stream is really far to the north today going across the northern plains and then up into canada. this is where the big storms are, too. minnesota back through south dakota and nebraska may see severe weather along with wisconsin and michigan seeing some this morning into the noon hour. for us we've just been seeing the tail end of the showers and storms which have been dropping to the north but this dome of
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hot air wants to expand to the east. as it does, we'll see a few showers and storms out to our west mainly in the higher elevations today. the next few afternoons with temperatures well into the 90s, we're going to have that threat for the afternoon thunder. today 88. slight chance after storm west. about 73 tonight, muggy, a few 60s in the cooler spots. yellow alerts tomorrow and thursday due to the heat, the humidity, the chance for an afternoon storm. heat warnings already in effect for philadelphia through friday morning. 95 tomorrow. 97 thursday. storms again friday around 90. then we're cooling into the 80s for the weekend. it smells great in here. we know the kitchen is set and we'll take you there when 9news now at noon returns. [ male announcer ] are you paying more
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today i'm one on one with chef is a baste chen -- sabastyan. he's the new chef the blue tavern on 24th street northwest. you're having great breakfasts. a new menu. look what he's brought me. i love breakfast. sticky buns, look at those sticky buns and croissants and blueberry muffins. i'm excited. >> everything is done in house. >> everything done in the house. what are you going to do today? >> today we're going to do one dish is very light with spinach, mushroom, a little bit of garlic, red onions.
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>> this is healthy and it's light, not many calories. >> correct. >> that's something i would order. >> we have the sticky buns for you. >> then you have something that -- oh, that has more calories. that's that second dish. you have just thrown that egg in there. >> yes. just poach it with water and a little bit of vinegar. food and wine this sunday. we have egg, spinach, mushrooms. >> that's this sunday. >> sunday at 9:00. after we do a tour on the dupont circle market, we'll do a cooking class. >> a cooking class sunday. >> it will be very fun. we're expecting the sun to be shining of course. >> okay. >> mushroom, a little bit of
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garlic, shallots, green onions. >> that looks good. the second dish is? >> this is the same finished. >> oh, i thought you were going to do two of them for me. you're going to do the light one for me. >> this is the light. we use english muffins, toasted english muffins. we top it with this mushroom and the spinach. put the spinach on top of it. >>it's very easy. 25 seconds. >> it's more than enough. >> more than enough? okay. more than enough. okey-dokey. we're going to plate it up. again we're talking about -- oh, look at this. doesn't that look beautiful. he's already got it plated up for me. that looks great. it's sunday at the influential breakfast at the park hyatt.
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it's masters of food and wine. you've received some awards. this is going to be fabulous. see the chef at blue duck tavern. this is the finished product. look at that. that looks good. chef, you're right on time. thanks for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00. and have breakfast on sunday.
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