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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 21, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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extending its pool hours and has a cooling center at the laurel armory community center and metro is waiving its no drinking policy on buses and trains for water only. metro says don't be surprised if there are air conditioning problems on some of its trains during days with this much heat. >> all of this heat is going to impact your commute because the high temperatures, marc and vre commuter trains are under heat- related speed restrictions. a republican-led package voted to cite u.s. attorney general rearic holder in -- eric holder in contempt. the house is using executive privilege. >> the ayes have it. >> reporter: voting along party lines, the house oversight
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committee recommended attorney general eric holder be held in contempt of congress for failing to hand over documents. eric cantor released a statement saying unless the attorney general reevaluates his choice and promises to supply documents, the house will vote to hold him in contempt next week. >> if mr. boehner takes this to the house, he will be seen as one of the most extreme speakers. >> reporter: during an 18-month investigation, holder turned over some 7600 documents. holder agreed to turn over more documents if committee chairman darrell issa would end the investigation. he refused. that's when holder asked the white house to invoke executive privilege to protect the documents. the president granted it. democrats say republicans are going after holder in a politically motivated witchhunt. >> he's been up here nine times testifying. >> reporter: republicans say they are trying to get to the truth about how guns that were part of the fast and furious
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operation ended up near the body of border patrol agent brian terry. he was killed in a shootout near the mexican border. >> we've -- [ inaudible ] -- that there are other means we will use to continue investigating. >> reporter: terry's parents say the president's decision to invoke executive privilege compounds their tragedy. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> this is the first time president obama has asserted executive privilege. in 2007, senator -- then senator obama criticized president bush for overusing it. president bush used it six times. president clinton used it 14 times. the reports have ranged from he's dead to in critical condition to resting comfortable. there's still no way to know the medical condition of former president hosni mubarak.
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according to egyptian media, the ousted president went into cardiac arrest and had a stroke. his lawyer says that's not the case at all. he had a blood clot in his neck and is in stable condition. posing arguments are scheduled to begin today in the child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. the defense rested yesterday without calling the former assistant football coach to the stand to testify. >> he's accused of sexually abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. manuel gallegus are a more -- has more. >> reporter: defense attorney joe ail men dough ya would -- amendola would not say much. a lawyer for one of san dusky's
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accusers said the prosecution made a strong case. the defense may have had some success trying to discredit the investigators in the case. lawyers tried to show that police may have influenced the accusers by sharing information with them. a man who took part in sandusky's second mile program for at risk youth testified he thought investigators were trying to coax him into accusing sandusky. i felt like they wanted me to say something that isn't true. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing ten boys over 15 years. his wife dottie spoke publicly about the case for the first time tuesday telling jurors she never saw or heard anything suspicious when her husband was with any of his accusers. but trial watchers were disappointed they didn't get to hear from sandusky himself. connie was a guidance counselor who referred many boys to his charity. >> i wanted him to get up there and say something. i don't know what he could say but i wanted him to say something. >> reporter: both sides will
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make closing arts thursday and the jury could have the case by the end of the day. manuel gallegus, cbs news. >> jerry sandusky could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. a shooting by a metro transit police detective is under investigation. it all started about noon yesterday on lori lane in lanham, maryland. the detective went to a house to question a man they called a person of interest in an attempted abduction. police say the man came charging out with a gun. the detective fired back and killed the man, 44-year-old chepser joseph -- chester joseph creswell. karen toles was found guilty of reckless driving. she was doing at least 105 miles an hour on the beltway and 80 on branch avenue before they were finally able to pull her over last february. the judge fined toles about $400 but allowed her to keep her license. will a casino be coming to
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frederick, maryland soon? legislators will be talking about that at a county board meeting today. if a resolution is approved there convincing state leaders would be the next step. this whole thing comes a day after the possibility of a casino at national harbor was put off till next year. there was a grouping -- was a working group considering whether gambling could be expanded. they failed to reach an agreement on the matter so it was pushed into next year. as a result they won't be talking about it in spetion -- in special session. maryland's board of works, though, unanimously approved a deal to bring a new slots parlor to western maryland. however, the $10 million deal allows lakes entertainment to buy the rocky gap lodge and golf resort. once it buys it, it could build a facility with a thousand slot machines in it. it's one of five approved maryland casino sites of the right now only three of those sites are open. at 4:36, here's a look at some other things making news
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now. he offered to resign months ago. now the police chief at the center of the trayvon martin shooting has been fired. sanford police chief bill lee was let go wednesday. the city manager issue add press release saying the decision was made because lee did not have the trust of the decide's elected officials or the confidence of the community. lee came under fire when sanford police did not arrest george zimmerman in the shooting of martin. the president of ecuador says his government is considering an asylum request for wikileaks founder julian assange. assange has taken refuge inside ecuador's embassy in london. he's wanted in sweden for questioning in alleged sex crimes. supporters say swedish charges are a pretext to get the activist extradited to the united states and stand trial for publishing tens of thousands of secret u.s.
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documents. several witnesses reported seeing a meteor near a fire burning 1100 acres west of colorado springs. similar reports were filed by two commercial airline crews over skies in kansas and new mexico. fire officials ordered four single engine aircraft to stay on the ground as a precaution. two heavy air tankers were also grounded. the planes eventually resumed their firefighting flights. coming up in about two minutes, a mini heat wave. will we make a official designation three days in a row? howard has the details coming up for us. the company which changed the way we buy and drink coffee is looking to do the same thing with tea. >> d.c. leaders reveal new positive numbers when it comes to hiv-aids here in the city. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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4:41 on this thursday morning. it's some kind of sticky outside right now. we've got temps mainly in the 70s. look how quickly we're going to rise into the mid-90s by noon. highs near 100 degrees later today. we've got code orange air quality and of course another heat advisory noon to 10:00. right now over to monika with time saver traffic. if you're planning to head on the northbound side of i-95, here's what it looks like in dale city north of the rest area. as you can see volumes are light to the occoquan river. there is construction up ahead approaching the beltway in the two left lanes. i'll have more in my next report at 4:47. 4:42. time for the first your money segment this morning. jessica doyle is off.
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we still have the headlines, though. the federal reserve is ready to take action if the economy doesn't continue to improve but they're not going to do a heck of a lot. ben bernanke said the central bank is going to continue its bond buying program called operation twist designed to encourage spending and growth. he also says the fed will take more steps if the job market doesn't get any better soon. investors on wall street, however, were hoping the fed would do more right now. the dow lost 13 points yesterday. the nasdaq finished basically flat. s&p 500 lost a little over two points. looking ahead today, home sales and unemployment numbers are due out later this morning. we'll see how that affects wall street. the company known for coffee and changing the way you speak when you order it is about to open some tea shops. starbucks is planning to open a store in seattle which will sell 80 varieties of tea and feature a bar where customers can blend and make their own tea mixes. the company will open one tea store for now. also planning to open a juice
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store as well. the java giant is going to start selling the popular single cup coffee machines for home use in addition to that. it happens to millions of people every year. it could eventually lead to a psychological order often associated with combat veterans. >> we'll have more on that story. plus, your weather first in two minutes when we come back.
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welcome back to 9news now. even the animals don't want to stay outdoors too long, especially the heat of the day and it's going to be another scorcher. here's howard. >> tomorrow will be hot but not as hot. more of a threat tomorrow with the afternoon storms than the heat. the good news the weekend looks much better than what we're looking at today and tomorrow. we start with a look at the heat advisory. that's east of the blue ridge. once again into southern
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maryland going out of fredricksburg. this time eastern shore in it as well. we're looking at that in effect. around noon to 10:00 this evening, up in philly they still have the heat warning till tomorrow morning, although i'll double check that time. they may have extended that a little bit. we've got sunshine today, hazy sunshine. we're quickly going to warm in the 95-degree range by noon. if you need to be outside or work in an attic, i subject you do it in the -- i suggest you do it in the next 30 seconds. it's going to be toasty quickly. locally we may hit a hundred and we'll make a run toward the records. yesterday we got to 98 at national, dulles. not records but we came pretty close. 91 still at 8:00 p.m. with the winds north and south at 5 miles an hour. here are the records today. a hundred up in baltimore. 98 d.c. and dulles. these guys are in jeopardy and the 102 in martinsburg. that's probably going to be all
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right. right now it's toasty. luray has fallen into the 60s. 69. but it's 79 at national. 75 at the pax river naval air station. lots of low to mid-70s out there. the humidity is way up also. the muggies are with us. you see 75 for columbia and alexandria. fairfax at 74. lovettsville has also fallen into the 60s. as we look outside, still quite dark. we have about an hour till sunrise here. very muggy, hazy morning. 79 but with the dew points up to 74, that humidity at 84%, it feels like it's 82 already. heat index values today could get toward 105. that's one of the reasons for the heat advisory, one of the reasons we tell you please, take it easy, listen to your body, stay cool and hydrated. jet stream coming into the northwest now dipping into the northern plains and taking the sharp turn into the upper mississippi valley helping to
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produce severe weather once again. showers and storms going down into kansas. there's a front coming into this area of high pressure. this hot dome of high pressure which is right on top of us today. so we won't see much weather except for the heat and the humidity. storms will be confined i think mainly out west in the higher elevations but that front is going to get here tomorrow afternoon. looking at the future cast, we've got the isolated stuff mainly west of us this afternoon. tonight there could be an isolated shower or storm. then tomorrow as that front approaches, look at all the showers and storms we could be dealing with in the afternoon and evening. we'll push this away from us as we get into the morning hours on saturday and then during the day on saturday drier air filters in so we'll be in much better shape. still warm, upper 80s. but a lot better than today and a lot better than yesterday and also tomorrow. the severe weather threat tomorrow, look at this for our neck of the woods all the way up toward the lower hudson valley and western connecticut, damaging wind gusts and strong storms will be the main threat.
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as we look at the forecast, we've got code yellow today and tomorrow. depending on the severe threat, we may have to go red. tomorrow may be a severe weather alert today. 88 on saturday with less humidity. it's going to feel pretty good. sunday also pretty good. could be a shower or storm sunday night and again later on wednesday. tuesday and wednesday only around 80. let's go to monika at 4:49. she'll let you know if there is anything to worry about. >> things almost too good to be true on 3 95 this week. this accident just happened northbound 395 just before the 14th street bridge span. the center of the roadway, left side of the roadway affected. they're waiting on some help. it literally just happened a minute ago and on the northbound side of 395 you're going to squeeze over to the right and squeeze over to the left to get by. but this could cause early delays this thursday morning. i'll keep you posted on this this morning of course. if you're planning to head
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around the beltway, it's just a bit of construction left over on the west side of town coming in from the north. no problems to report in from frederick down toward clarksburg and the point where the lanes divide. we'll take a live look outside right now and show you what it looks like at montrose road. there was some overnight construction as well right before the beltway at old georgetown road. let's go all the way down to southern maryland where we're looking good on all the major thoroughfares up to accokeek and oxon hill. and we'll take a look now at the beltway near kenilworth avenue. both loops look good in prince george's county. coming up in my next report, an update on that accident at 4:55. back to you. >> thank you, monika. there is some good news concerning the hiv-aids rate in washington. mayor vincent gray and his health department team released the latest figures about hiv- aids cases in the city. got news? cases are going down steadily. but the health department director says there's still a long way to go. mayor gray is earning people to get tested yearly just as he does.
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>> within a matter of minutes, we had the results and i was proud to be able to publicly announce the results. i was even more proud to be able to look at the results and know they were negative. >> the d.c. health department says the clean needle exchange has helped dramatically reduce the number of hiv-aids cases. post-traumatic stress disorder usually associated with combat veterans but new research shows it can affect people who suffered through a heart attack. >> reporter: 12 years ago gary dormann suffered a severe heart attack. in the months and years since, it's taken a toll both physically and emotionally. >> i constantly go back to it. it's something you don't forget, especially the type of heart attack i had and the situation i went through. >> reporter: doctors told him he suffered from post-traumatic disorder or ptsd and he's not alone. new research from columbia university medical center shows one in eight people or more who
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have a heart attack develop symptoms of ptsd. traumatic experiences such as fighting in combat or being sexually assaulted using bring on the anxiety disorder. >> thoughts about the experience, thoughts that you can't get out of your head, nightmares, sleep disruption. >> reporter: researchers reviewed 24 previous studies. they also found heart patients with ptsd have doubled the risk of having another heart attack or dying in the next three years. yearly one and a half million patients suffer heart attacks or other sudden heart conditions every year in the u.s. researchers say that means 168,000 would develop ptsds. >> everyone who has had bad things happen to them experiences ptsd like symptoms within the first couple of days. it's only those people that after months those symptoms are still around that we can say okay, this is a psychological disorder. >> reporter: therapy and medication can help treat the disorder. researchers hope more doctors will now be on the lookout for
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ptsd in heart patients. cbs news, new york. >> other symptoms of ptsd can include avoiding reminders of the traumatic event and elevated heart rate and blood pressure. it is 4:53. time for the question of the morning. >> here it is. 2%, just 2% of americans say they never do this household chore. what is it? a, dust the window sills, b, clean the prefrig rater -- the refrigerator or c, mop the floor? >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in the 6:00 hour. how would you like to see tiger woods tee it up next week? he and a lot of pros are headed this way. you could be one of our facebook friends and win tickets to the at&t national sweepstakes giveaway. click on our facebook page, fill out an entry form online. ten people will each get two tickets and the winners will be
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selected on monday.
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temps in the 70s right now. already have a heat index of 82 in washington. air temperatures will rise quickly today with sunshine. high humidity. around 90 at lunch time. winds won't be much help. north and south at 5. here at the 14th street bridge, equipment has just arrived at the scene of an accident and it looks like temporarily all lanes are blocked northbound 395 here at the 14th street bridge. i'll have more in my next report coming up at 5:01.
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the restaurant at smithsonian's national museum of the american indian could come out a winner it weekend. the native foods cafe is the first museum restaurant to be nominated for a ram my award. they will be given out on saturday. they're a finalist in the casual restaurant of the year category. good luck. >> very good. keira knightly had a great time making an apocalyptic comedy. >> reporter: it's the end of the world and they know it. >> we'll be bringing you our yownts count -- countdown to the end of days along with all of your classic favorites. >> reporter: they play an unlikely pair who find each other just as a gigantic asteroid is about to wipe out
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the planet. >> what are you going to do with the rest of your life? >> probably catching up on some me time, find god, maybe grab some chairs. some admit they may be surprised to see him on screen with a british star. >> we're a very odd couple. we're not two people you would ever expect to see in the same movie let alone in any sort of relationship. >> reporter: steve carrell's character is down on his luck whose wife leaves him for her secret lover. knight plays a free spirited neighbor whose boyfriend abandons her. >> it's more about what becomes important to you when you really know that you've only got a certain amount of time left. >> reporter: one of carrell's favorite scenes is when one of the lead characters go to a chain restaurant and despite impending doom, it's open for business. >> it's a very strange mix of something that's so dark but
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something that's so uplifting and joyous at the same time. >> reporter: can two people find true love at the end of the world? find out when the movie opens on friday. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. >> carrell's real life wife is in the movie along with a big screen legend who makes a surprise cameo. we won't tell who you it is. you have to see the movie. good morning. thank you for joining us for 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm not growing to give it away. i'm mike hydeck. i would if i could but i can't. >> good morning. monika. weather wise, you need to know it's going to be another hot, scorching day today with high humidity. maybe some records will be set. we'll make a run toward the 100- degree mark. 99, 100, somewhere in that range. but there is relief on the way. that will be here by the


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