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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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morning. >> howard has more on how high the temperatures will get. >> a hundred at bwi. >> will we break it? >> we may break the 98s. we're going to get real close to the triple digit mark this afternoon. when you factor in the humidity, well, we've got haze right now. a little bit of sunshine coming through that haze. glinting off the capitol dome. temperatures are starting already well up in the 70s here in washington. some low 70s in the suburbs. 95 by noon. highs upper 90s to near 100. still 97 at 5:00 p.m. there's the heat advisory. that goes into effect at noon east of the blue ridge till 10:00 tonight. heat index values 105, if not a little hotter than that. a few lucky spots like martinsburg, laurie, cumberland have fallen into the 60s this morning -- luray, cumberland, have fallen into the 60s this morning. we have 70 for us in annapolis. 73 easton and south of town 75 at the pax river naval air
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station. look at the forecast highs. 94 on the bay. maybe that's where we need to be or up in garrett county. the rest of us upper 90s to near 100. >> it will be tough for those kids playing sports as well. want to keep them hydrated. my son has a tennis match today. going to keep him hydrated as well. it's been tough on the northbound side of 395 where there was an accident at the 14th street bridge. that was cleared. i've got good news for you folks coming out of frederick on 270. no issues to report. just slowing down a bit. 6:00 in the morning it's standard heading toward urban that. once in clarksburg it's still okay. if you're planning to head over on the northbound side of i-95 in virginia, again things are looking good here in springfield. all lanes are open no problems to report as you head for 395. more one quick look at the maps. this time we'll head over to the northbound side of 95 where you're slowing down out of dale city into woodbridge across the occoquan river. other than that, all lanes are open. in my next report, we'll take
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another look at area roads at 6:15. in just a few hours, closing arguments are going to start in the sexual assault trial of jerry sandusky. it has been an emotional case so far. >> a difficult one to listen to the testimony. the defense rested yesterday without sandusky taking the stand. delia goncalves is live in our satellite center tracking this story. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. pretty interesting because the defense attorney throughout the course of this trial was giving hints that his client would take the stand and testify in his own behalf but san dusk by did -- sandusky did not take the stand and lot of folks were -- lots of folks were shocked that he did not. the 68-year-old has pled not guilty to 51 counts of child sex abuse, accused of molesting, even raping ten boys over the course of 15 years. the defense questioned the actions of investigators saying they coaxed the victims on what to say.
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the defense even introduced a witness who was in the program who said investigators were pressuring him to say something that wasn't true. 18 character witnesses, including sandusky's wife testified on behalf of the 68- year-old, but some say no one contradicted the emotional statements of those eight alleged vehicle tips who testified. -- victims who testified. >> the only person who could have come forward and said this didn't happen in this particular case under these circumstances was mr. sandusky. and he chose not to do it. >> if i'm a juror, i'm saying to myself, you can talk to television but you're not going to tell me you didn't do it? i think it was a big mistake, stunning. >> coming up at 6:30, we'll have more analysis from our former prosecutor debbie hines who joined us about half an hour ago in studio. i'll let you know about the impact that this trial will eventually have and it already has, i should say, on the penn state university community. back to you, andrea, mike.
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>> delia goncalves live in our satellite center this morning. now to a story new at 6:00. arrests in a series of robberies in montgomery county. we first told you about this story monday. a group of thieves hit several homes in the last few weeks. wednesday police arrested four people and they say one was found in gaithersburg driving a stolen car in one of the burglaries. two of the suspects are 20 years old. one is 18. the fourth is just 17. police say this investigation is ongoing. frederick county wants to take a gamble on casinos. law makers there are considering a plan to bring table games and slots to the county. there's no exact plan on where it would go. of course any big casino in the county would depend on maryland lawmakers atrofg -- approving expanding gambling in the state and that's not happening any time soon. maryland lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on even how to debate the issue so there will not be a special session on gambling this summer which
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is bad news for national harbor which had been in talks with mgm for a $1 billion casino to be built there. the issue may come up again when the 2013 legislative session begins in january, but we can't be sure at this point. city workers finally getting paid back after being forced to take some furlough days. the city ordered four unpaid days in 2011 -- this was d.c. -- to cope with budget shortfalls. now the city reports a surplus and is ready to pay back the employees. mayor gray's office says the workers can expect their checks by august 31. no one is getting paid for not doing work. all of the furlough days fell on regularly scheduled paid holidays. 6:05. jessica doyle is off today but we're still watching your money and we're watching your car, too. lexus is the highest quality car brand on the market. that's according to jd powers 2012 initial quality study which came out just recently. it's the second consecutive year at number one for lexus.
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the study finds lexus owners have the fewest problems within the first 90 days of getting their cars coming in second on the list is jaguar. that's followed by ford, cadillac, honda in fifth place. the first car brands on the lits are fiat and smartcar. one of the fastest rising type of complaints about new cars involve all the new technology. it's not older drivers doing the complaints but the younger ones. a jd powers spokesman says the problem isn't necessarily with the technology itself but with the expectations young people have with it. >> they compare the technology in the new vehicles with that on their smartphone, on their music devices, their tablets and pcs and what they're finding is the technology in their vehicles is maybe not as intuitive to use as it is in some of these other devices, particularly when they're driving. some of the technology is for the as simple as they would
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like it to be. therefore, they tend to report a high level of problems. >> here are some other top picks from the report. the highest ranked compact car is the toyota corolla. on the mid-size car it's the chervegy malibu -- chevy malibu. the highest ranked mid-size suv is the buick enclave and for pickups it's the nissan frontier. with anyone any vans, go with the nissan quest. time now 6:07. cool schools coming up if eight minutes. it's time to tee it up. how simple lessons of golf means a lot more than just learning the sport for some d.c. elementary students. there is no nice way to say it. it's hot and ugly out there. howard says we could break some records today. next how long the three hs will stick around. but first, when it comes to the happiest nations in the world, coast rico is number one according to the new economic foundations happy planet index
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study. it looks at how green a country is, live expectancy and well- being. vietnam is number two. colombia is the third happiest place according to this study. and the united states is way down at 105. botswana is last on the list at 151. don't worry, be happy.
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we're back. here is a check on some of the stories making news. house republicans are willing to negotiate an end to the showdown with attorney general eric holder but they want to see more e-mails and memos from the white house. the committee voted to hold the attorney general in contempt saying he's not divulging enough information about the fast and furious gun tracking operation. the international red cross is trying to evacuate sick and wounded civilians from the rebel held city in syria. devastating floods led to problems at the zoo in deluth, minnesota. several animals and a polar bear narrowly escaped. the city picked up more than 5 inches of rain in 24 hours. time now to try to seek
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shade or at least now where your shade spots are for the rest of the day. bring bottled water. >> stay hydrated. i told the story before. we had a game. we play. i had two jugs of ice water. one was for drinking. every time i came off the field, ice water went on the head. actively cooling my head, i was final. there were some folks who got a little-- >> you didn't give them any water to help them? >> everybody had their water but there were a couple of guys we had to sit down and pour water on them because they were starting to overheat. don't just watch yourself. watch your neighbor also. here's a look at what's going on today because we've got a lot of haze and humidity out there this morning. a heat advisory goes into effect at noon. that will go till 10:00 p.m. get the pets inside. they're going to struggle. my dog will run outside
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quickly. he doesn't like the sidewalk. she'll do her business and wants back inside. till 10:00 we've got the heat advisory. the heat index values could be 105-plus. our day planner 85 by 9:00. it's going to heat up quickly today. we'll be in the 90s, even by 10:00 we'll have low 90s. by noon we'll have mid-90s. this afternoon we're going into the upper 90s to near 100 with sunshine, humidity, and a lonely thunderstorm. best chance of that will be out toward the mountains out west of even i-81 the way things are looking with the temperature high 98, 99, maybe 100, probably around 4:00 p.m. or so that will be the worst time of the day. the records to beat today 100 in baltimore. 98 at national. 98 dulles and 102 in martinsburg. boy, it was hot in 1988. a few upper 60s but most areas in the low to mid-70s. with the humidity it is a sticky morning. hazy sunshine this morning as we look at our michael & son weather camera with the 78- degree reading in national but it feels already like it's up
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to 81 with the heat and humidity combined. the humidity at 84% and barely a breeze. 3 miles an hour out of the south, southwest. jet stream dipping into the central plains. you saw the video from deluth. tremendous flooding. the rain has moved from kansas up toward the up. heaviest storms are down south. this is pushing a cold front into this hot, humid air mass. and these storms are going to fire today out to our west. tomorrow, though, they're going to fire right over us. we have a threat actually for some strong to severe storms on friday afternoon and evening. but today a quiet day. just a very hot day with a stray storm possible this afternoon. stray storm tonight and with the front tomorrow, a better chance of storms in the afternoon. so as far as the next three days, yellow alerts for the heat today and the storms tomorrow. we may go severe weather alert today. we'll have to wait till we see more of the weather data coming in. 99 for the high. that would be a record. tonight 78. tomorrow 94 with the afternoon
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storms we're starting to cool down. saturday looks really good after maybe an early shower east, upper 80s. sunday looks good too. maybe a shower or thunderstorm. much more comfortable by tuesday and wednesday of next week. i throw it to monika samtani. if you're heading to the 14th street bridge, that's much more comfortable as well. there was an early morning accident in case you heard about it that was cleared. now we've got slow traffic on the northbound side of i-95 heading north from prince william parkway into woodbridge. i'm going to step out and show what you it looks like from sky 9 on the northbound side of i- 95. i'm being told it is heavier than normal leaving the prince william parkway into woodbridge before the pace improves. then we'll take a live look over into springfield northbound 95. this is what it looks like as you leave route 644 heading northbound on to 395. let's go back over to the maps and this time heading over 266 on the inbound side where you've got a few brake lights fortunatelying out of manassas into centreville.
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inbound 66 you're going to find a little bit of volume heading for the beltway and inside through falls church as well. in my next report, we'll focus on maryland at 6:25. mike? >> thank you, monika. well, even though school is just about over for a lot of the systems around here, the learning sure never stops. we are packing up the big yellow bus and bringing some golf clubs along. the langley educational campus in northeast d.c. that's where the organization known as the first tdc teaches some life lessons and skills you need to hit the links. >> reporter: you might think learning a golf swing starts like this. in the first tee program in d.c., that's actually one of the last things you learn. >> he does an introduction where they come and introduce themselves and shake each other's hand. >> reporter: for this class at langley education center in northeast, just connecting with classmates is a challenge.
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many of these little ones have down syndrome or autism, but through golf, they find common ground. >> hot dog. >> reporter: as they learn the basics of gripping a club, they're also connecting with their teacher and each other. >> hot dog. >> hot dog. >> reporter: and eye coordination needed for putting starts with this drill. >> all right. >> the equipment that we use, it allows them to experience success. a big tennis ball is the same as a little golf ball. >> reporter: for others like stefan hines, the physical part of golf is a breeze. >> i go to 9:00 and then i go to the 12:00. then i swing. >> reporter: stefan's challenge was different in the classroom. his was respect. one of the nine core values taught in the first tee program. >> you have to earn respect.
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you just can't -- you have to show that you want respect. >> it's really a youth development program that we use golf as a tool. >> reporter: and apparently it works. the first tee is about to serve more than double the kids it did last year. a total of 300 this summer. >> he was terrific. we had such a great time. because it is getting so popular, the first tee really needs some help. they're looking for donations. they're looking for volunteers. so if you'd like to find out more, go to the first tee the kids play regularly weekly at langston and east potomac golf courses. if you have a cool school summer program, we'd love to hear about that. e-mail me. next in sports, a hot night for pitchers at nationals park and the wizardses make a big
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trade ahead of the draft. >> another look at the question of the morning. 2% of us say we never do this household chore. is it a, dust the window sill, b, clean the refrigerator or c, mop the floor. >> facebook friend bonnie is not part of the 2%. she writes i do all three but i would have to say window sill. my kitty likes the window so they always need cleaning.
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your weather first on this thursday morning. like yesterday another very hot day, a very humid day and a lone storm is possible, mainly west of d.c. so get ready for a scorcher and a heat advisory noon to 10:00 p.m. here's a look at the day planner. expecting sunshine today quickly rising into the 90s. mid-90s by noon. highs upper 90s to near 100. we have storms tomorrow. that's going to help. right now andrea and mike.
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d.c. finally snapped a four- game losing streak. the nats gave a rough welcome to the majors for a rays starter. >> tampa bays' rich archer made his debut. the nationals score three runs in the first inning. eeon desmond -- ian desmond topped it off. stephen strasburg of course looked really good on the hill for washington. he went seven innings and struck out ten rays. strasburg improves to 9-1 as the nats win 3-2. looks like college football has finally getting a playoff system. is still has to be approved by college presidents. if approved, it would create a semi final round with the four existing bcs bowl games. the winners of two would play in a championship game. if approved, this would begin by 2014. the miami heat say they are treating tonight's game like a game seven, even though it really is just game five. that's because they can win the nba title with a win tonight at
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home. the heat leave the thunder in the series 3-1. if the thunder win tonight, though, it's back to oklahoma city and they stay there for the rest of the series. well, sounds like the wizards are getting a good deal for their center. they'll get him and trevor azaria and rashard lewis. the mystics aren't having a good time on the roads. they were in phoenix last night taking on the mercury. samantha peralis will hit a go ahead layup with 27 seconds left. mystics lose 80-77. they've now lost 13 straight road games. our time 16:24. straight ahead, the -- is 6:24. straight ahead, the latest on uva. it's uncle sam versus papa john's. learn why some of the country's biggest pizza chains are taking on a federal mandate. right now monika has a
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quick check on traffic. >> i do here's what it looks like at the wilson bridge. all lanes open. traffic moving well across the river south of town. there is debris in the road on the outer loop after route 50 in maryland. coming up in my next report, another look at area roads. you're watching 9news now.
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it's just about 6:29. this is the place you can always get your weather first.
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here's a beautiful shot provided to us by our photographer mark boss. this is the yards park in southeast washington where kids will beat the heat by playing in the water later today. already 79 degrees near the anacostia this morning. >> it looks cool just seeing that picture, right? thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. meteorologist howard bernstein live on the weather terrace right now sampling the air for us. good morning, howard. >> it is thick. it is heavy. it's really humid out here. that's going to be the case for the next 36 hours or so we do have some relief coming by the time we get to saturday so just hang in there. in fact, a little relief tomorrow. today, though, no relief. it is going to be another scorcher. we start with a look from tysons corner this morning. hazy sunshine out there. temperature at national 78. by noon 95. highs today between 95 and 100. upper 90s to near 100 for most of us in the metro today with the heat index values up to 105 or so. that's prompted the weather
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service to again issue a heat advisory from noon till 10:00 for everybody east of the blue ridge. temperatures, a few in the upper 60s like frederick and lauer ray and la plata -- luray and la plata but most of us right now in the 70s. 8 in reedville -- 78 in reedville. maybe a hundred toward baltimore. 98 for reston and great falls. 99 for bethesda and here in washington. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast. you're going to like that right now here's monika with time saver traffic. when you head out the door it hits you immediately but at least traffic is not too bad on the northbound side of i-95. this is what it looks like in newington. it's pretty normal heading into springfield and on to 395 toward the 14th street bridge where we had a rough start but right now all lanes are open. the beltway looks great. we'll head over to the north side of town and show what you it looks like live on our mdot camera. outer loop is going to slow down for you right here at that
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new hampshire avenue. it extends into silver spring between the pace improves. pretty much normal on 270 as well coming down from frederick. we'll go back over to the maps this time on the gw parkway inside the beltway. no issues to report heading into the downtown area. 66 inbound slows right through falls church. we'll take a live look at the roosevelt bridge. looking good heading for constitution avenue and right into downtown. coming up in my next report, we'll go over to the east side of town at 6:42. back to you. house committee has found attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for with holding documents. it's the latest in the showdown between house republicans and the obama administration. >> what happens next? cbs this morning is looking at that and charlie rose joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike and andrea. as contempt charges move forward against attorney general eric holder, democrats see a witchhunt while some republicans claim a coverup. we'll look at the political impact at the fast and furious
6:32 am
scandal after the white house claimed executive privilege. crosbys steels and nash will be in new york. we'll talk to them. >> what would a rock band be without harmony and disharmony. charlie, how did you enjoy your visit to the nation's capital yesterday? >> everything was great except no hot sauce from you, my dear. >> do you know why? where was the love? we were expecting you to come here. say hi. >> next time. if i know that you're there i'll be there. >> all right. >> schieffer was here last week. we need charlie. >> charlie will be there. >> thanks, charlie. >> our people will call your people. >> i'll be there with the bag to take home the hot sauce. >> have a great morning. the police chief involved in the trayvon martin case has
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been fired. he saidlee criticized the initial investigation of martin's killing in february. martin was shot by neighborhood watchman george zimmerman. jimmerman called it -- zimmerman called it self- defense but has since been charged with murder. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky will not take the stand in his own defense. >> his attorneys wrapped up their case yesterday. closing arguments in the trial will begin today. >> delia goncalves is live in our satellite center. she has a preview of what's expected in court today. >> reporter: good morning. many analysts say sandusky skipped testifying in his own behalf to avoid cross- examination and any additional evidence that could have been introduced that would have been more damaging. we already know he didn't perform so well when he was interviewed by bob kostis last november. so the fate of the 68-year-old former penn state coach will be in the hands of the jury. sandusky faces 51 counts of child sex abuse accused of
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molesting even raping ten boys from his youth charity program over the course of 15 years. the scandal has shakenned the penn state community. legendary coach joe paterno who recently died of cancer was ousted from the university for failing to do enough to report the alleged incidents. in fact, seven members of the jury have ties to penn state as current or former students and professors. >> i thought that they really should have moved the venue. sandusky wanted it to stay where it is in bellefonte, pennsylvania, but at the end of the day, i think this jury, they're just going to focus on what the victims stated and however the victims came across to them, if they came across to them believable and genuine, i think they're going to go with the prosecution. >> reporter: if sandusky is convicted, he faces a lifetime behind bars, but the scandal will not be over with the verdict from this jury. two former top penn state officials also face criminal charges of their own.
6:35 am
then of course there's the potential of civil lawsuits coming from sandusky's accusers and then there's an internal investigation by the university's board of trustees. so much more to come from penn state university and this scandal. back to you. >> thank you, delia. delia is live in our satellite center this morning. the faculty senate at the university of extra v.a. is not giving up hope just -- of virginia is not giving up hope just yet as they try to get president teresa sullivan reinstated. she was forced from office recently. she'll be leaving in august. the faculty senate and supporters held a silent vigil at uva. it was held after they met with carl zeithaml who will take over as interim president. he said the biggest problem with uva right now is restoring trust in that university. >> i want to really emphasize right now that the most important thing that i want to try to do is to rebuild that trust. >> he added he does not want to
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be uva's president permanently and he criticized the ouster of dr. sullivan. the investigation resumes this morning in the deadly shooting involving a metro police detective. shots ran out in lanham, maryland around noon yesterday. authorities say that detective went to the home on lori lane to question the suspect about an attempted abduction. they say that's when an armed man charged the detective. 44-year-old chester joseph creswell was shot and killed. the man who barricaded himself inside a southeast d.c. apartment building has been charged with second-degree murder. 23-year-old garrett babb finally surrendered early yesterday morning. he shot and killed 24-year-old jerome brown near r street. at this point investigators are not saying what sparked the shooting. no jail time but a $430 fine for the prince george's county council woman with a
6:37 am
lead foot n. is video from police dash car video of karen toles speeding last february. that's what they saw in court yesterday. officers testified with this video that toles was going at least 105 miles an hour on the beltway and around 80 miles an hour on branch avenue before he stopped her. toles was found guilty of reckless driving but she will keep her license. a huge food fight is brewing between big pizza chains and the federal government. there's legislation that if it passes would force pizza chains with more than 20 shops to clearly post a calorie count for each item they serve. pizza executives say with all of the different ways you can order a pizza, trying to calculate calories is pointless. >> most our customers at pizza stores order online or over the phone. they don't look at a menu board and make their decision that way. >> pizza chains like domino's
6:38 am
and pizza hut have calorie charts available for them. some of your favorite treats might not be there on your ice cream chuck. the good humor ice cream plant in hagerstown is not ready for the summer rush. favorite desserts like toasted almond, candied center crunch are absent from their freezer. a big time spring push has slowed down production. now the ice cream trucks are losing business and that's putting everybody in a bad mood. all this talk about pizza and ice cream, are you hungry yet? in nine minutes we're going into the kitchen. we're going to get a preview of the upcoming food and wine festival with the folks from walkers grill. another heat advisory coming your way today. highs in the upper 90s. it's going to feel a lot hotter than that. howard tells us if we'll break
6:39 am
any records and when the heat wave will end.
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welcome back to 9news now. 6:42. it's humid. if you are heading out the door right now, at least the traffic is cooperating. the beltway looks great all around town. no major issues to report except on the outer loop of the beltway past the 95 enter change. there was a disabled vehicle. it was moved to the left shoulder but caused a lot of slow traffic in this stretch. we'll take a live look outside. a little closer to college park. you can see at route 1 traffic is moving just fine sort of on the east side of town past route 1. both loops in prince george's county. let's go back over to our maps. this time heading north on i- 95. you've got a couple of long, slow stretches leaving dale
6:44 am
city into woodbridge. then newington into springfield. we'll take a live look from our sky 9. here's what it looks like just north of the beltway on 395 where traffic is okay toward duke street and seminary road. a little slow across the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open. coming up in my next report, we'll go over into maryland at 6:58. back to you. when it rains, that's when you found out if your winds shield wipers aren't working and when it's hot, you find out when your air conditioner doesn't work. mine broke in my car. >> timing is everything. >> have to get to work on that one. tomorrow you'll need it and today for sure. over the weekend, things will dry out some and get less humid. not going to get cold but it won't be as nearly as oppressive. not just a heat advisory but we've got air quality issues today. code orange which is unhealthy for sensitive groups. anything you can do to eliminate pollution like carpooling, using mass transit, that would help. if you have to get gas, try to
6:45 am
do it in the evening or early in the day. it adds pollutants to the atmosphere. don't idle your engine. if you have to wait more than 60 seconds, turn the car off. avoid drive-thrus. don't use charcoal. high temperatures getting into the upper 90s to near 100. in fact, by noon we'll already be about 95. winds north to south. only about 5 miles an hour. and if a storm pops up, it will be mainly in the mountains west of town. we've got temperatures generally in the 70s right now. a couple of spots have dipped into the upper 60s but it is a toasty morning. here's a look at our michael & son weather camera. tysons corner this morning, we've got 78 degrees with hazy sunshine. feeling like 81. barely a breeze out of the south, southwest at 3. humidity high at 84%. what we're going to watch for the next 24 to 36 hours, a dip in the jet stream here. see this line of showers and storms from kansas headed back toward the lake? that's all ahead of a cold
6:46 am
front. that cold front arrives late tomorrow. but out ahead of it, tomorrow afternoon and evening, there are going to be some showers and storms. it's going to break the back of a high heat and humidity that we're dealing w. right now it's a top of us so today high and dry and sticky and just the blazing heat once again. record is 98 at national and dulles. a hundred baltimore. i think? records are going to -- i think some records are going to fall. a yellow alert day. we dip into the 70s tonight. back to 90 to 95 on friday. saturday, though, looks good. we'll clear out early, real early so we should be sunny, comfortable, upper 80s. same story sunday. could be a shower or storm sunday night. andrea? >> thank you, howard. this saturday alexandria is hosting its first ever food and wine festival. one of the restaurants featured will be walkers grill. aria is here with one of the items he'll be dishing up. this looks easy, simple and looks like it will taste
6:47 am
delicious. welcome. what are you making for us this morning? >> today i'm making our version of crab cake. we use jumbo lump crab cake. >> no fillers. >> just a small amount of filltory hold the crab cakes together. it's served with asparagus and grains. >> tasty and healthy. you were talking if you want to try this at home if you visit the kitchen and would like to do this, the one success about making a good crab cake is how you mold it. >> you have to treat it very gently. you don't want to break up the clumps of the jumbo crab meat. you want to keep it nice and full and want to make sure it's all stuck together and holds very well. so you just use a little bit of bread crumbs and just a timey bit of mayonnaise. >> this is in olive oil. so is the asparagus with a little garlic. i see you have salt and pepper here. what's that? >> these are microrainbow mix.
6:48 am
>> we're talking about a food and wine festival. do we automatically assume it's going to be white wine we serve with that? what do you recommend? >> i would recommend a chardonnay, something nice, sweet and buttery with the crab cakes but it would depend on your preference. >> tell us the particulars. we came out this saturday. what time do we come out and what else do we see? >> the festival starts at 12:00 and runs till 5:00. tickets can be purchased for either wine or food or both. you'll see ten different restaurants and we're also in a competition. you have the appetizer competition, a main course and a dessert. we happen to have items in all three. >> this is in the carlyle district. >> old town. i believe it's three blocks from the king street metro exit. it is easily accessible by metro. >> we look forward to hearing how the competition goes and
6:49 am
good luck to walker's grill. again, it's this noon till 5:00 p.m. in the carlyle district of old town. it is the alexandria first ever food and wine festival. it will be a great way to start the summer weekend. >> yes, it will. >> best of luck. thank you for being with us. here's mike. jessica doyle is off today but we are still saving you money with our daily deals. if you spend about a third of your life in bed, you don't want to spend a lot of money on how do you that sleeping. living social is offering up a 50% off on orthopedic euro double pillow top mattresses. $3 hundred for a twin, up to $539 for a king. this offer is from jmd furniture. today only every single breugger's bagels location will host a free coffee day. guests can enjoy the cool iced pick me up. the event is a celebration of the first full day of summer today. it's also part of an effort to raise money for the children
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areas miracle network. anyone who goes to the store and donates $1 will get $10 in coupons there. if you've seen a great offer or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, find us on facebook. a check of the news before you go is coming up next.
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it is 6:53. steamy out there. 78 degrees. but not nearly as bad as it's going to be by noon when we're in the mid-90s. highs upper 90s to near 100. heat index 10 5. a heat advisory from noon to 10:00. storms coming tomorrow should help. >> thank you, howard. it's 6:53. thursday, june 21, here's a check of the news before you go. there will not be a special session in annapolis this year
6:54 am
when it comes to discussing gambling. a legislative panel couldn't reach a preliminary deal so that means no vote on a casino at national harbor. the issue will come up again in annapolis next january. fewer d.c. residents are being diagnosed with h.i.v. and dying from aids. 2.7% of city residents are h.i.v. positive. aids-related deaths have dropped 71% in the last six years and no baby has been born h.i.v. positive in the district since 2009. we're lucky to have them here in the district. stephen strasburg, seven innings last night, gave up five hits, struck out ten. the nats get back to the winning ways. they win 3-2 over the rays snapping a losing streak. time to reveal our answer to the question of the morning. we asked you 2% of all americans say they never do which of these chores? is it a, dust the window sill, b, clean the prefrig rater or c, mop the floor. >> the answer is b, clean the
6:55 am
refrigerator. one, don't eat at their house or two, maybe they eat out all the time and don't have to careen the refrigerator. >> maybe they have someone -- [indiscernible] we'll have one more check on traffic and weather right here on 9 news now coming up next.
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one more thing before we go. if you look at the temperature gauge on our screen right there, 78 degrees, how hot is it going to get today? >> about 99, 100. >> everybody in our newsroom has one of these instead. >> we're living in these. >> the air conditioner is broken in a very cold way here at the tv station. >> so we drive to work and sweat when the air conditioning in the car doesn't work and then come to the newsroom and
6:59 am
put on blankets. weather wise let's talk about that. serious heat today once again. we've got 99 degrees now for the high today. that would break the record. tomorrow 94 with strong storms coming in the afternoon. and we'll have to watch that and then drier over the weekend. less humid, highs in the upper 80s. on the outer loop after route 202, a large tarp in the roadway. be aware of that. in college park it's good. a quick look from sky 9 inbound 66 slows here at route 50 off and on to the beltway. cbs this morning is next with a preview of today's closing arguments in the sandusky case and oscar nominee michele williams talking about her latest film. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes. i'll have mike with me with a blanket for update on traffic and weather. you can get more news, weather and traffic on hope you can beat the heat outside. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day. by


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