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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: oh, it's actually been a ton of fun. we got to eat some ice cream. we were doing our own readings with the little temperature gain, just took a 96-degree read -- gauge, just took a 96- degree reading. kids are having fun in the baby pool playing games and we've got a nice shaded area here which makes it far more bearable, but again in the hot of the sun in the middle of the day we found one bethesda mom doing sun safety right. >> we just put it all over her body, protect her. that keeps the sun off and we've got the little hat on, yeah. >> reporter: with the very cute ears. >> very cute. >> reporter: what about his sun protection? i see some tell tail white on both of them, which is a very -- telltale white on both of them, which is a very good sign. >> it's sbf50. i have a job getting it on them, but the great thing is
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it's totally water resistant and it stays on longer than most other products. so it keeps them safe and sound in the sun. >> reporter: has this been a nice day at the pool? >> great day, fantastic day. coming from the uk we make the most of the climate. >> reporter: right now the sun is starting to set, but it's still feeling a little steamy. you see some sun bathers farther off, kids enjoying the evening hours, but this is one of those days when heat really was oppressive and, topper, you labeled it a yellow alert day. >> this just in. we broke the record high, 99 officially at national, the rest of the numbers coming up in 10 minutes. the heat advisory canceled tonight. it's still plenty hot. that's why we say don't exercise during the evening, still almost the peak heating of the day 5:00, 6:00 at night, temperatures mid-90s, 94 downtown, 90 three gaithersburg, 90 three in
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manassas and leesburg. we factor in the humidity. it doesn't factor to the crazy levels. the heat advisory did not meet the criteria -- the heat index rather of 105 to 109. feels like over 100 in andrews and down towards fredericksburg, feels like 96 in manassas, 98 downtown, just over 100 in leesburg and frederick. tonight chance of an isolated thunderstorm but mainly west toward i-81, the lows between 70 and 80, winds westerly at 10. we'll come back and have the final numbers of who broke what records and we're declaring tomorrow a severe weather alert day. we will tell you why. right now we'll go back to bethesda and anita. >> reporter: we have a family trying to get into the baby pool. i'm blocking the way here. i'm going to get to my intro quickly. pools aren't the only place where people are coming to enjoy a place to take dane and beat the heat. our scott -- a dip and beat the heat of our scott broom found a very unique swimming spot.
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>> reporter: we are at 98 degrees at the beaver dam swim club in cockeysville, maryland. that's a bit of a secret to a lot of washingtonians because it's somewhat of a drive here north of baltimore, but the connections to d.c. are surprising and very historic. it makes it well worth the trip to come up to this old rock quarry for a swim. beaver dam swim club in cockeysville, maryland. >> big place where you can jump off rocks, go up a rope swing. >> reporter: in an era of lawsuits and liability, it is a refreshing blast from the past, an ole time swimming hole in a re-- old time swimming hole in a retired marble quarry. the water is deep and chilly direct from springs in the ground all safely protected by high of guards and when it's near 100 degrees, people drive from d.c. and beyond to enjoy. >> it feels so good and like not even have to break a sweat to get in here it. peoples so good.
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>> friendly people, cleaner than most swimming heels i've been to. >> reporter: but look -- holes i've been to. >> reporter: but look at the oiled snack bar and there's the real connection to washington. the columns and the stones are from the u capitol. the darker stones above -- from the u.s. capitol. the darker stones above the base of the washington monument all came from here. the secret is out then, washingtonians. again it's called the we've dam swim club in cockeysville -- the beaver dam swim club in cockeysville, maryland, just north of the beltway. there are some other places in region you can swim in a quarry. i'm thinking of pine grove furnace up near carlyle, p.a., but there are no place left we know of in the region where you can fly off the rope swing and jump off the rocks and not have
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somebody blow the whistle at you or call the cops. scott broom, 9 news now. >> reporter: sounds like a place to check out for sure this summer. we want to know how you're beating the heat or if the weather affected your day. join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. we'll be trying to cool down here at the bethesda pool. i'm going to leave you with a little advice from the lifeguards we got earlier. a lot of kids are of the age where they could go to their community pools on their own without their parents. always, always come with a friend so someone knows where you are in case of an emergency. the buddy system works around water. we'll come back later with how to keep animals safe in the heat, but now let's go back to more news in the studio. we've got breaking news out of uva tonight where just before 5:00, which was the deadline, the board of visitors announced it would meet to reconsider the ouster of uva president teresa sullivan. bruce leshan is louvre from charlottesville. this could be a -- is live from
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charlottesville. this could be a huge victory for the students and faculty and alumni who have all been arguing bring her back. >> reporter: that's right, a huge victory. smart money says the board would not be calling this meeting unless it had the votes to bring president teresa sullivan back to the helm here at uva. it takes just three votes to call this extraordinary surprise meeting. it will take eight votes to bring teresa sullivan back. for days now board members with second thoughts on her ouster have been counting heads and they were close to eight votes during the turbulent all night meeting monday and tuesday when they named sullivan's replacement. today deans and faculty who went to uva wrote the governor that sullivan's forced resignation honchoed by the board of visitors chair helen dragas was a threat to academic integrity and uva's national reputation. the american association of
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university professors launched an investigation and many students called for a quick resolution. >> i don't think anyone is really at fault here. i that i that it just has gotten blown out of proportion and it's kind of at this point maybe making the university look a little silly. so i just think either we should all back the new president or they should reinstate such ran and kind of make a decision, i guess -- sullivan and kind of make a decision, i guess. >> reporter: and do it soon. >> soon, yes. >> reporter: board of visitors chair helen dragas' term ends in nine days and the question now is clearly whether she will be the one who is out and frese a sullivan the one who is back -- teresa sullivan the one who is back in, a big rally, another big rally with students and faculty expected here on sunday on the lawn behind the rotunda on sunday in support of sullivan before that critical board of visitors meeting, surprise announcement on tuesday. >> yet another twist in a
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fascinating story. thank you. a pennsylvania jury is now deciding the fate of former penn state coach jerry sandusky. jurors started deliberating in the sex abuse trial this afternoon after closing arguments. he told them it is not a crime for a man to take a shower with a boy and that poor judgment is not criminality and then a lawyer for jerry sandusky's 33 adoptive son said jerry sandusky molested him, too and that he was prepared to testify about it. usa today's kevin johnson joins us now from bellefont, pennsylvania, and i mean talk about a bombshell development today. this is stunning. >> reporter: yes, it is. i mean it occurred only a few hours after the jury was dismissed to begin their deliberations when we got a statement for the attorney for
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matt sandusky confirming that they had meant with prosecutors and that matt sandusky had, indeed confirmed that he was also a victim of his father, jerry sandusky. >> i know that the jury is not going to hear that. they haven't heard a whole lot of things, but they've heard enough to know this is an especially graphic trial. do you get the sense that it's going to take them a while to reach a decision? >> reporter: well, that's unclear. the defense lawyer for mr. sandusky, joe amendola, woe a fairly intricate tale of what he calls -- wove a fairly intricate tale of what he called improper information by police and victims out for financial gain all of that wrapped into a statement that he repeated over and over before the jury that, it just doesn't make sense. the lead prosecutor in the case came back and countered or
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tried to counter a lot of what mr. amendola said and tried to draw the jury back to mr. sandusky and what he had allegedly done to the children. >> well, it will be interesting to see what happens here. i understand our time is pretty much up and whether that information about the character of jerry sandusky is going to be enough to overtime the prosecution, kevin johnson, thank you. coming up on 9 news now a big change at the marine barracks at eighth and i street. we'll introduce you to the brand-new commander at the oldest active post in the u.s. marine corps. >> and it was the sight of the deadliest u.s. coal mine disaster in four decades. now the owners of the upper big branch mine take action to make sure no one else is ever hurt there again. >> but first republican presidential candidate mitt romney calls out the president for his new immigration policy. we'll be back.
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moving to presidential
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politics and campaign 2012, republican mitt romney spent the day in orlando reaching out to latino voters. he spoke to an association that represents latino elected officials. romney denounced president obama's recent change in policy regarding illegal immigrants. the president ordered a stop to deporting young illegal immigrants brought to this country when they were children. romney said if elected, he will not carry on that policy and he accused president obama of playing politics with the issue. >> he failed to act until facing a tough reelection and trying to secure your vote. >> romney said he would support giving green cards to any immigrant who earns an advanced degree. president obama will speak to this same group tomorrow. coming up next dozens of students became ill while staying at a local university. we'll tell you the cause of the outbreak when we come back.
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back now on 9 news now no
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coal miner will ever again risk their life working the upper big branch mine. today the owner finished sealing shut that west virginia mine. back in 2010 an explosion inside killed 29 miners. it was the country's worst mine disaster in four decades. 40 student campers staying in dorms at george mason university came down with a highly contagious stomach virus. it was so bad for some kids that fairfax county emergency crews were called in. about 21 of them went to the hospital and some of those kids started getting sick at the nationals game last night. they were taken straight to the hospital. on the bus ride back many more got sick overnight. >> it was kind of like dehydration like you're kind of busy and have to run to the bathroom. >> he was one of five that wasn't sick, so he thought he had missed it and then this morning he started getting sick and so he's on an iv. >> the dorm is now being scrubbed with bleach before the next group of campers come next
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week. anita has been bracing the heat today and cooling at the pool, but it's not just us and our kids we need to worry about, right? >> reporter: absolutely. imagine how hot it feels for you or i. think about a dog with a fur coat. leaving a pet in a car can be deadly in a short amount of time on a day like today. our kristin fisher spent the day with animal control officers in alexandria. they were making sure pet owners were taking proper precautions on this first full day of summer. >> we do have problem areas mostly shopping center areas. so that's where we're going to head to now. >> reporter: alexandria animal control officer shannon williams is on the prowl for people who can't seem to understand the sign that's taped to the side of her car. s die in hot cars. >> -- pets i do in hot cars. -- pets die in hot cars. >> a lot of people don't realize once their air is off in their car it just takes seconds to heat up so quickly. >> reporter: even if the windows are cracked that doesn't make a difference, but
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those cracked windows are exactly what shannon is looking for. >> nice clean car, nothing is in it, no dog, no animal, just checking because the windows are down and it's parked in the shade. so you just never know. >> reporter: but shannon's job isn't just to enforce. it's also to educate. 70 degrees and up is too hot to leave your pet in a parked car. >> too much. >> very risky just even for a few minutes. >> yeah. doesn't matter. it's an ordinance. >> reporter: last november the city of alexandria passed a new ordinance that gave animal control officers like shannon some real power to keep people from leaving their pets in hot cars. now if you're caught leaving your dog in a car when the outside temperature is 70 degrees or hotter, you'll be found guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor and you'll be fined $250. >> very careful. >> thank you. have a wonderful day. >> bye bye. you're welcome. that's good. >> reporter: today is a good day, no tickets and no trapped
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dogs. in alexandria kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> reporter: such an important reminder. despite the heat i have to say i've thoroughly enjoyed this. i've gotten a great assignment here at bethesda pools, but i'm thinking from this point on you both can handle it. i've got some water ice to enjoy with our whole team. back to you. >> i think you've done your job today dear heart. we'll see you later on the inside. >> do we get any balloons to drop? >> no. >> we broke the record. >> we did? >> at national. >> you always say if we're going to go hot, we might as well break a record. >> go hot or go home. a live look outside from our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we're looking at temperatures still in the mid-90s, but the dew point is in the mid- to upper 60s, not bad, relative humidity up a bit at 41% but really because the humidity is so low the dew points are cooperating, we are looking at the cancellation of the heat advisories. that's no longer in effect. here's the deal. record high used to be 98 downtown set back in 1988, new
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record is 99. baltimore tied their mark of 100. dulles kind of wimped out, only 96, their record high 98. they are safe for the time being. temperatures right now still 94 downtown, 93 gaithersburg and 93 in manassas. we'll factor in the humidity. they don't jump that much, still 98 downtown, jumps up to 99 in gaithersburg, 96 manassas, some areas over 100, fredericksburg and frederick but still below criteria of a heat advisory. severe weather alert day tomorrow, isolated thunderstorm possible tonight, not as hot tomorrow. that's the good news, the silver lining, if you will. heavy or severe thunderstorms possible tomorrow afternoon. the weekend looks nice. tomorrow morning some clouds and maybe a couple sprinkles. but lunchtime showers are popping especially to the west and south of us. the red is heavier activity.
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we advance this further into about the 24 hour period from now. we see big thunderstorms, the computer kind of emphatic hitting big thunderstorms around baltimore, but even back west martinsburg and winchester, we could still see big thunderstorms here, so a severe weather alert day. partly cloudy, muggy, isolated thunderstorms possible mainly west along i-81, lows 70 to 80 downtown. tomorrow morning partly sunny, very warm, late thunderstorm possible 10:00, 11:00, 70s and 80s and by afternoon and evening the main event, partly sunny, not as hot, thunderstorms, some heavy, some severe, high temperatures in the low 90s, winds northwest at about 10. the next three days we have code red tomorrow and our 9 weather alert 92 and green saturday, green sunday, upper 80s, very comfortable, slight chance of a sprinkle sun, not a big deal. next seven days -- sunday, not a big deal. next seven days, more showers and thunderstorms monday. this is at&t week. temps are cooler tuesday and wednesday, may be a sprinkle. round 1 we will keep dry,
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temperatures in the low 80s. if you want tickets, go to our website at dave will be back with sport after this.
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> tampa bay rays will leave town after tonight's game and good riddance, guys. it's been a couple days of glove inspection espionage to the highest degree.
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not really, but it's provided for some weird and sometimes even funny antics. we all know about the incident from a few nights ago. last night right before stras was about to pitch the home plate ump walked out and asked for the ball. so you're thinking oh, oh, here we go. turns out rays didn't ask for an inspection. instead the ump simply wanted to change out baseballs after stras threw a warm-up in the dirt. davey johnson got a laugh out of it. >> stras was getting ready to undress. he took his glove off. he had everything. no, i just want the ball. tim came in and everybody was making -- he's taking everything off and search him. >> good stuff. speaking of joel peralta, he was suspended eight games by major league baseball because of all that good on his mitt. batters can use pine tar to keep the bat from slipping, but pitchers cannot. in five hours a particular segment of society might be sitting by its television crying because the man they love to hate might just be
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raising a championship trophy. i'm talking about you, lebron james hater, the king placed his team on his broad shoulders and brought them within a game of the nba title. tonight game 5 in miami the heat will attempt to do something that quite frankly just doesn't happen that often, win three straight at home, only happened twice since 1985. james has been brilliant, 30 points, 10 boards, six assists in the series. he's also been humble. >> i'm just happy i'm able to be in this position today and be back in this stage where i can, you know, do the things that i can do to, you know, make this team proud, make this organization proud and we'll see what happens. >> we shall see. finally big ups to my partner kristen berset who rappeled this building for charity today benefiting special olympics, no small building, 12 stories in crystal city. the caps mascot was also there. great stuff. >> go k.b. that is it for us. the cbs evening news is next.
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derek will see you at 7:00. have a great night, everybody.


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