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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 21, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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feels like it's 99 downtown, 97 manassas, 96 leesburg, a couple areas over 100, frederick and down into fredericksburg, but for the most part, temperatures well below heat advisory criteria. for tonight partly cloudy, muggy, isolated thunderstorm possible mainly west. we've been watching storms all evening along the i-81 corridor, not moving very far east. look at the lows, only 70 to 80 and winds westerly at about 10. we'll come back and talk about the chance for severe weather tomorrow and give you a timetable on that and again friday is a severe weather alert day. we'll let you know if that leads to a nice weekend. let's get historical. a maryland rock quarry that provided stones for the washington monument and the u.s. capitol is also providing a welcome place for folks to cool off. scott broom with more from cockeysville. >> reporter: beaver dam swim club in cockeysville, maryland. >> great place where you can
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jump off rocks and go off a rope swing. >> reporter: it is a refreshing blast from the past, an old time swimming hole in a retired marble quarry. the water is deep and chilly direct from springs in the ground all safely protected by lifeguards. and when it's near 100 degrees, people drive from d.c. and beyond to enjoy. >> it peoples so good. not even enough to break -- feels so good, not even enough to break a sweat it feels so good. >> cleaner than most swimming pools i've been to. >> i like it. >> reporter: but look at the old snack bar and you'll see the real connection to wash. there are shots of the quarry work -- washington. there are shots of the quarry workers and the stones that became the columns in the u.s. capitol and the top 2/3 of the washington monument, the darker stones above the base, that's right, they all came from here leaving a glorious hole in the ground filled now with chilly clearwater to enjoy the old-
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fashioned way. scott broom, 9 news now. >> you got to love the old school swim hole. the we've dam swim club is open 11:00 to 6:30 on weekdays, 11:00 to 7:00 on weekends. imagine you're trying to beat this heat but you're wearing a full fur coat. that is what it's like for a lot of animals in our area and kristin fisher spent the day with animal control officers in alexandria looking out for the safety of our pets. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher at the animal shelter in alexandria where animal control officers are out in full force making sure you do not leave your pet in a hot car on a day like today. >> a lot of people feel as though they're just going to run to the store really quickly. >> reporter: alexandria animal control officer shannon williams is on the prowl for people who can't seem to understand the sign that's taped to the side of her car. pets die in hot cars. >> even for a few minutes. >> yeah, doesn't matter, yeah. it's an ordinance. >> reporter: last november the city of alexandria passed a new ordinance that gave animal control services like shannon
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some real power to keep people from leaving their pets in hot cars. now if you're caught leaving your dog in a car when the outside temperature is 70 degrees or hotter, you'll be found guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor and you'll be fined $250. today is a good day, no tickets and no trapped dogs. in alexandria kristin fisher accident 9 news now. -- kristin fisher, 9 news now. in other news the university of virginia board of visitors announced it will meet to reconsiderate ouster of the president, teresa sullivan. that move follows a huge outcry from faculty, students and alums. bruce leshan has the story. >> reporter: sources say that the board of visitors would not have called this extraordinary meeting for next tuesday unless there were the votes on the board to reinstate the ousted president here at uva, teresa
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sullivan. it takes just three votes to call one of these meetings and those three votes came together around 5:00 this afternoon. it will take eight votes to bring teresa sullivan back. for days now board members with second thoughts on sullivan's ouster have been counting heads and they were close to eight votes during the turbulent all night meeting monday into tuesday when they named sullivan's replacement. today deans and faculty who went to uva wrote the governor that sullivan's forced resignation honchoed by board of visitors chair helen dragas was a threat to academic integrity and uva's national reputation. the american association of university professors launched an investigation and now students are overjoyed at the idea that they may finally be getting this controversy behind them. >> you can't have division and have new students come in as
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first year and have this lingering over their education. >> reporter: board of visitors chair helen dragas' term ends july 1st and the big question now is whether she will be the one who is out and teresa sullivan the 1 who is back in. -- the one who is back in. students have called another big rally for right here behind the rotunda on the lawn on sunday to support teresa sullivan. in charlottesville, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> and the deans of 10 of the uva schools as well as the faculty senate among the groups asking for sullivan to be reinstated. president obama says he has accepted the resignation of his commerce secretary john bryson. bryson has been on medical leave since june 11. that is when he suffered a seizure that resulted in two car crashes in california. in his letter of resignation bryson said he's come to the conclusion he needs to step down to prevent distractions from his critical mission. a medical emergency on the
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campus of gorge mason university appears to be food poisoning or at least it appeared to be food poisoning at first. more than 20 student campers were hospitalized after they got sick, but instead of food poisoning headlight officials now blame something just -- health officials now blame something just as troublesome. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox from the campus of george mason university where 40 out of 80 campers here for a week long conference and were staying in that dorm became sick with the stomach flu. >> someone just fainted. it came on really quick from the people just started puking from there on. >> reporter: it was a miserable bus ride leaving nats park last night as several of the few dozen students on board began getting sick. the driver headed to george washington hospital where six students were admitted. >> her symptoms were nauseating and headache and stomach cramping. >> reporter: once back on campus more became sick overnight and this morning. fairfax emergency crews took 15
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more students to the hospital. >> it was like a dehydration feel like you're kind of dizzy and like you have to run to the bathroom. >> reporter: the mystery was solved this afternoon. fairfax county epidemiologist peter troell said it wasn't food poisoning, but a gastrointestinal virus spread from person to person. >> this is a disease that is spread by what we call fecal oral transmission. >> reporter: in fairfax, peggy fox, 9 news now. >> that doesn't sound so good, does it? the dormitory is being thoroughly cleaned with bleach. that's where the next round of campers come in. a change at the top of the marine barracks in southeast d.c. colonel christian cabanis is the new commander at the post located at eighth and i street, the oldest active post in the u.s. marine corps. colonel cabanis takes over for colonel paul montanas who takes over at u.s. naval academy. >> it is brave to assume a
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position of leadership within the barracks family and we're grateful for the opportunity to serve. still to come on 9 news now csi virginia, we'll tell you about some cold cases getting a fresh new look. >> plus new charges are leveled against the so-called dating game serial killers. we'll have that story coming up.
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there are dozens of unidentified and missing persons cases in northern virginia, but today three cases are getting a second look with new clay models of skeletal remains unveiled. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in manassas where the commonwealth's chief medical examiner is asking for your help in three cold cases. >> we've come to a dead end on these cases. >> reporter: three new models of skeletal remains, the first of a black man in his mid-30s found in 2003 under the roosevelt bridge. the 2nd is an asian man found at ford's landing way in alexandria at n2011 and the third is an older white man found in 2006 in a wooded area near 66th and fairfax county parkway. >> someone may recognize this individual as their loved one. everybody out there knows somebody and so we're hopeful that somebody will recognize this person. >> reporter: these are just three of 220 unidentified
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remains in the commonwealth with no cause of death, but roughly 1/3 end up in homicide. that's about 70 potential killers walking free. >> a lot of these families just assume the person has left on their own accord. they don't think that they may be a victim of a homicide or they may have died. they think that the person has just left home and so they're not inclined necessarily to search. >> and to live with that not knowing for so long and having that burden is very difficult for the families. >> if you looked at those models and perhaps recognized one of them, perhaps a loved one, first step contact your local police department. the so-called dating game killer pled not guilty today to murder charges in new york. 68-year-old rodney alcala was brought to the empire state from california. that is where he'd been on death row since 2010 for killing four women and a 12- year-old girl. now prosecutors working on cold cases connected to alcala in the murders of two women in new york in the 1970s and in '78 he
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was the winning bachelor on the television show the dating game. now he was a contestant there despite the fact he'd already been convicted of raping an 8- year-old girl. george zimmerman's defense team released a new video purportedly showing what happened the night he killed trayvon martin. the neighborhood watch volunteer brought the police to the scene in sanford, florida, one day after the fatal shooting and with his head and nose still bandaged zimmerman told cops that the two struggled to gain control of his gun. >> he saw it. i feel like he saw it. he looked at it. he said you're going to die tonight mother [ bleep ] and reached for it, but i felt his arm going down to my side and i grabbed it and i just grabbed my firearm and i shot him. >> zimmerman went on to say he did not even realize that martin had been shot. the neighborhood watch volunteer has pleaded not guilty not charges of second degree murder. and a new twist today in the sexual abuse trial of jerry
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sandusky, the surprising twist as well. a published report says sandusky's adopted son has said that he, too was a victim of sexual molestation by sandusky, that report in the harrisburg patriot news saying matt sandusky who previously denied being abused by his stepdad was prepared to testify for the prosecution. the jury had already received the case. in fact, they received it just today and if found guilty of the sex abuse allegations he is charged with, sandusky could be sentenced to life in prison. a colleague says wikileaks founder julian assange is prepared to face arrest if his request for political asylum is turned down. the whistleblower's holed up inside the ecuadorian embassy in london. the moment he leaves he could be deported to sweden to face rape charges. london police patiently waited today outside the embassy in the upscale neighborhood of knightsbridge. it is unclear when ecuador will decide the fate of julian song. birthday wishes to prince
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-- julian assange. birthday wishes to prince william turning 30 today. it should be a happy occasion. he's married to his college sweetheart and doesn't even have a mortgage. his professional life is all set enjoying life as an air force royal search and rescue pilot in wales. coming up next on 9 news now stimulating the economy by fighting extraterrestrial, really? well, it is the weird news. >> plus the heat alert lifted, but topper says there are some fireworks perhaps headed our way, that story up next.
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it's kind of odd, but today is a lot hotter than tomorrow will be, right? >> yeah. >> but tomorrow is the red alert and today is the yellow alert. >> you are correct, sir.
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we are declaring tomorrow as severe weather alert day for storms, some heavy, some severe, but the good news is we break our little heatwave tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we all recognize that house. we're still 90 five downtown, dew points in the 60s which is reasonable, humidity 40%, doable, pressure steady over the past hour 29.84 inches of mercury and winds out of the south, southwest at 9. we have a new record for the books at national, 99, bwi tying their old mark at 100, dulles falling short only 96 today and their record high was 98, also. we rewrote 1 record. right now 93 gaithersburg, 93 in manassas, 90 in leesburg, frederick and 92 in fredericksburg. factor in the humidity and temperatures don't jump much. jumps to 99 in gaithersburg, only 95 in frederick and 99 downtown, 97 is what we feel in manassas. it will jump over to about 100
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down toward fredericksburg. so here's the deal. severe weather alert day for tomorrow. we'll keep an isolated thunderstorm in tonight, but i think everything is kind of dying out. most of it's well west of us. not as hot friday. that's the good news, but heavy or severe thunderstorms possible tomorrow afternoon, window of storms probably noon, 11 a.m. too about 7 p.m. and the weekend looks nice. in the wake of the front and lower humidity and lower temps it will be pretty nice. tomorrow morning mainly a few clouds, maybe a sprinkle, but i nerf will have a dry commute to work -- i think everybody will have a dry commute to work. by lunchtime around 2:00 some showers and thunderstorms developing. we see yellows and oranges and red, the red heavy activity just southwest of winchester. put this into motion, everything rolls through the metro area pretty much about this time. the computer has been emphatic on taking the heaviest cells up toward baltimore. we'll keep you posted. there could be some heavy cells in the immediate metro area as
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well. for tonight partly cloudy, muggy, isolated storm possible but mainly west, lows only 70 in the burbs to 80 downtown. tomorrow partly sunny, very warm, a late thunderstorm possible, the commute dry, 70s and 80s, light winds and by afternoon partly sunny, not as hot. that's the good news, but thunderstorms are possible, some heavy, some severe, high temperatures in the low 90s, winds turn northwesterly at about 10. so we'll break it down. 72 to 82 to start, so darn warm by 6 a.m. by noon looking 84 to 88 and then by evening 90 to 93, a good chance for showers and thunderstorms toward evening and again at midday severe weather alert day. now the 9 weather alert codes after tomorrow go to green. we're green saturday, sunday, upper 80s saturday, upper 80s to near 90 sunday, maybe a sprinkle but really the weekend looks pretty nice. now the next seven days another frontal system comes in as we
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get into monday. so showers and thunderstorms are possible. that's a pretty strong front. we're looking at temperatures in the mid-80s. behind that front we're looking at temperatures only around 80 as we get into both tuesday and wednesday, which is actually a pretty good deal for this time of year and then we get into the first round of the tournament, at&t national, 83. we'll keep it dry, which is actually pretty good. >> we are thank. as the tournament kicks off -- thankful that as tournament kicks off and we're going to be out there, it's cooler. >> we've got tickets to give away. you have until saturday to go online or to our website. it's sweeps day. you don't have to answer any trivia questions. we'll let you enter until saturday we'll announce the winners. monday you can go to any round through the week. let's get to the weird news because how can we fix our economy? well, maybe we could spend money preparing for an alien attack. at least that's what nobel
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laureate economist paul krugman suggested in what i believe was a comment which his tongue firmly planted in cheek, but leave it to some scientist egg head to take it seriously. a senior astronomies said any aliens that have the capability to get here and ruin our whole day by vaporizing the white house or something would be centuries beyond our technological capabilities. he adds to try and spend enough to fend off those aliens would be like the neanderthals trying to organize their society to fend off the u.s. air foss, but in the meantime that neanderthal economy would be booming, i mean caves for everybody. just ask paul krugmanstone or is it paul rockman? we'll be back. >> we want to hear what you think. search your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address -- send your e- mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address is mcginty'smaybe
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at we'll be right -- mailbag at we'll be right back.
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in the mailbag tonight furious reaction to the verdict rendered in the reckless driving case against prince george's county council member karen toles. you remember her caught on police dashcam video 100 miles an hour on the beltway, 80 on branch avenue. yesterday she was convicted but assessed fine and no points on the license and hugh from spotsylvania, virginia, one of many of you mad about it.
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i guess if you work for the government and are charged with reckless driving, you get away with it. any normal citizen would lose their driver's license, be fined and possibly face jail time it. just doesn't seem fair, but when are government employees fair or their treatment thereof, but hugh is far from alone. check out dan in rockville. another example of the lack of equal justice in the d.c. area. if the average citizen had the same charges, they would have points and loss of driving privileges. you just got to love washington for its distribution of fair justice, but wait, there's more. this is from robin in warrenton. all miss toles got was probation, if this was you or me, not only would our driver's license been taken away, but the book would have been thrown at us and we would have been charged more than the small fine she was. the legal system sucks. okay. let's take it down a notch, shall we? while i, too am a bit mystified as to why toles dodged getting points on her license, according to the dmv website a reckless driving conviction is worth six points. they don't suspend your license
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until you get eight or 10 points. that may not make you feel better, but that is the deal. our mailbag address mcginty' please include your name and where you're writing us from. that's our report. i'll be back here at 11:00 with anita brikman. have a great night. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. new alec baldwin. about to boil over. >> what's the job that you wanted to do? that weren't good enough -- >> on the streets of new york with his daughter today. taunted by photographers. >> you think you're better than a lot of people. plus -- alec's all-time angriest outbursts caught on tape. >> you're a rude, thoughtless little pig. does rielle hunter regret trashing the late elizabeth edwards? >> i'm not a homewrecker. and johnny depp's split. how much of his net worth could he lose? jack osbourne's m.s. fight. and annette funicello in tears reading letters from her fans with our mary hart.


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