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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  June 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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shenandoah valley. during the afternoon hours, that's when we've got the threat for the severe thunderstorms. the storms which will have heavy downpours and potentially damaging wind gusts with highs in the low 90s. the front is back here. . we're going to have maybe a couple of chances for some storms today. this morning some light showers have been passing through during the overnight hours. a few sprinkles here and there. better showers more concentrated areas out to the park here south and west of luray between lauer ray and harrisonburg and also in western maryland, parts of west virginia seeing a few downpours near kaiser and also coming in toward eastern garrett county, almost toward washington county. sotemperatures are running in the 70s and low 80s at this hour. that's kind of crazy with a look at the highs today not as hot. upper 80s to low 90s. let's check in with monika. it is 5:00 a.m. things are looking great.
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no problems. no major incidents and traffic is really light i'm happy to say coming along the inbound side of i-66 and the dulles toll road. we're looking fine. there was construction as you know on the inbound side of 66 and the beltway through the annandale area. i think that should all be cleared up by the time you head there. let's go over to a live picture on the inbound side of i-66 which has been looking great. nice and light coming out of manassas all the way into centreville and toward fairfax. let's go back over to our maps and this time we'll head over to the south side of town coming in from southern maryland, route 4, route 5, 301 and across the wilson bridge right now. traffic is moving well. we'll take a live look outside once again. no problems to report here in landover on the belt ware. coming up in my next report, we'll go to the north side at 5:09. today marks the third anniversary of the deadly metro red line crash. nine people died when one train slammed into the back of another one that was stopped. >> in a few hours a black honoring -- plaque honoring
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those victims will be unveiled. 9news reporter delia goncalves is live at the memorial site with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. since that tragic day, the new hampshire avenue overpass served as a makeshift memorial for family members, but now the pictures and banners are gone, replaced by this single plaque that will be unveiled later today. you see this bridge overlooks the crash site where their loved ones lost their lives. the metro crash shattered the lives of many and shook the confidence of hundreds. nine people died when the two trains collided because after faulty brake system. 80 people were hurt and most painful, 12 children were left orphaned. to honor the victims, the mayor will unveil the memorial plaque today and plans will be announced for a people northerly park and gardens. officials with the national transportation safety board say metro is far safer than it was back in 2009 when this deadly crash occurred. however, we all know problems
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still exist. we'll have much more on that side of the story coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea, back to you. >> delia goncalves reporting live. thank you. well, it is back to work for the jury in the jerry sandusky case as they consider the dozens of charges against him. jurors are now sequestered in a pennsylvania hotel room so they will not hear the bombshell that was dropped in the case yesterday. one of sandusky's adoptive sons says he, too, was abused as a child. matt sandusky now 33 years old said he was prepared to testify. that did not happen, however. his father, jerry sandusky, is charged with sexually abusing ten other boys over a 15-year time span. jurors broke for the night at 8:00 after hours of deliberations thursday. the police officer accused of murdering a woman shot during a traffic stop has lost his job. culpeper police officials have fired daniel harmon-wright. in february harmon-wright shot
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and killed patricia cook. now he claims cook tried to drive off with his arm caught in her jeep window. but a grand jury disagreed and indicted harmon-wright on murder charges. a memo from the culpeper police department says harmon-wright's termination dates back to june 19 and is a result of an internal investigation into cook's death. a police impersonator is in big trouble after trying to pull over a real cop. it happened on thursday in upper marlboro. the officer says the suspect anthony msatrogiovanni pulled him over for speeding. he claimed he was a military police officer from louisiana. he's actually from crofton, maryland. prince george's county police hope to hear from anyone else who thinks they might be -- may have been pulled over by this suspect. it is about 5:05. time for the latest your money report this morning. jessica is off but we do have the headlines for you.
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investors are hoping something will make the partial roller coaster go -- the market roller coaster go in a positive direction. the dow plummeted 250 points after hearing of disappointing manufacturing numbers. unemployment numbers were also a bit of a shock to the system. dow closed at 12573. overseas this morning the markets in australia, hong kong, japan also dropped as soon as they opened and stayed down for the entire trading day there. early morning trading in europe was also down today. now to capitol hill. when lawmakers have just eight days left to help people who have student loans outstanding because those interest rates are about to double on july 1. students who borrowed to pay for college graduate with an average of $26,000 in debt. the size of the nation's student loan debt now exceeds the amount of americans' credit card debt. it's no surprise that each party is now blaming each other
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for this. >> the only reason this issue isn't already resolved, the only reason is that the president wants to keep it alive a little while longer. he thinks it benefits him politically for college students to believe we're somehow the problem. >> democrats in the senate put forward a plan that would have kept these rates in place without adding a dime to the deficit. unfortunately, senate republicans got together and blocked it. >> the issue comes down to how to pay for keeping the student loan rates lower. republicans want to cut some programs from the president's health care law. democrats want to eliminate some loopholes in the tax code to pay for it. after a bizarre incident earlier this month, a member of the obama administration has stepped down. we'll have more on that coming up. >> plus, the siege after hotel in afghanistan is -- of a hotel in afghanistan is not over yet. this morning 18 hostages have been rescued. >> ahead in sports, we can stop hating them. lebron brought his talents to
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south beach and this morning they're celebrating in miami a championship. we'll be right back.
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it is 5:08 on this friday morning. severe weather alert day. strong to severe storms any time from early to mid afternoon we'll have to watch out for the possibility of storms that would contain damaging wind gusts and heavy
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downpours. right now it's relatively quiet. we've had a few showers this morning. some light ones that have pushed through. a couple of showers also in the new market area in the shenandoah valley and out through parts of western maryland and west virginia. all showers well out to the west with a cold front that won't be getting here till sometime this evening. as you look at the day planner, shouldn't be too bad this morning except it's warm and sticky. 70s and 80s now. 9:00 85 degrees. you want to exercise outside, do it early. still going to be tough. by noon we'll be in the low 90s and this afternoon highs in the low 90s. still about 90 at 5:00 with scattered strong to severe storms. please stay up on the weather today. we'll keep you safe. just stay with us. we'll go over to monika samtani. she'll let you know what's happening with traffic. >> here's a live look at 395 at the 14th street bridge. i show you this because yesterday at this time it was a mess. today lanes open. no problems to report heading to the downtown area. in my next report, another look
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at area roads at 5:17. >> thank you, monika. making news now, afghan security forces have freed 18 civilians who were taken hostage at a hotel on the outskirts of kabul. however, government officials say there could be more hostages they don't know about because the militant siege isn't over yet. the security forces have killed at least two militants. no coal miner will ever risk their life again at the upper big branch mine. the new owner has now finished sealing up that mine in west virginia. back in april 2010, an explosion there killed 29 miners. it one r was the country's worst -- it was the country's worst mine disas near four decades. president obama has accepted the resignation of commerce secretary john bryson. bryson has been on medical leave. he suffered a seizure that caused two car crashes in california. bryson says he's come to the conclusion he needs to step down to prevent distraction.
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if you have plans to go out of town this weekend, chances are you might want to avoid a large part of the beltway. we'll tell you which part coming up at 5:33. at 5:23, one of the nationals' injured pitchers is taking a big step forward today in his rehabilitation. next at 5:15, after today's severe weather alert threat, howard has a much nicer seven- day forecast. we'll explain. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:14. you see it. a severe weather alert day. howard is here to tell us about it. i had big raindrops fall on the windshield coming into work. >> those were just a couple of light showers coming through. they made for a couple of wet areas here and there but that is nothing compared to this afternoon. it will be the timing probably between noon and 6:00, 7:00. i'm talking the whole region from the then shenandoah valley toward the chesapeake bay when i say noon to 7:00. there may be a couple of line of storms we'll be dealing w. let's break it down for you with a look at the day planner where we're talking about some warm temperatures to start. it will be another hot day but won't be as hot this afternoon. we'll be in the low 80s in most areas by 8:00. we're 83 now. we're not going to be dropping all that much more here this morning. 90 by noon. a mix of sun and clouds. then this afternoon starting out west first, even by noon, we could have some showers and
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storms popping out toward i-81 working their way toward us. so 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 wouldn't be surprised we had strong storms going through the d.c. metro. 90 at 4:00 p.m. 8:00 perhaps a lingering shower. those folks headed off to the beach this weekend may be running into some of that headed out on their trip this afternoon. this morning here are some of the showers. andrea was talking about the heavy raindrops. they've been pushing across the region. they're lifting to our north and east. west of town we have a few more showers. some near the west virginia boarder with virginia. other showers toward the park and the valley from new market to luray headed towards sperryville. you can see from romney toward paw paw, western maryland from hancock. we're -- where 68 and 70 split scattered throughout allegheny and washington counties. you'll be dealing with some of those showers and maybe an isolated rumble of thunder. temps are way up there this morning. near 80 still at pax river.
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baltimore 81. 75 for gaithersburg and the cooler areas like luray at 69. still on the toasty side. our michael & son weather camera this morning, it's still dark. we have another half-hour or so- so starting to see a little bit of light off in the horizon. feels like 87. barely a wind at 3 miles an hour. we have 83 here. still 80 in boston. you have the warmth and heat on the east coast. as you go west, 50s and 60s. so there's cooler, drier air in the great lakes, northern plains. that's going to be moving in. we do have the showers and storms out ahead of it. the cold front back here. that cold front and a prefrontal trough will help trigger maybe a couple of line of storms. watching in the afternoon we pop showers and storms here. this is 3:00. the drier air moving in toward indiana and ohio. we'll get towards 6:00. scattered showers and storms around the region. some of these could be on the hefty side. then look, by midnight south of
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d.c., still a few showers possible. then overnight the drier air moves in here. still by tomorrow morning out toward ocean city, maybe southern maryland, maybe a lingering shower but generally a nice saturday as the drier air moves in and should be here for much of the weekend. so as we break it down for you, severe weather alert day today with the threat of severe storms this afternoon. 92. tonight we dip into the 60s and 70s as the drier air returns. tomorrow and sunday warm, upper 80s to near 90. could be a storm late sunday, sunday night. next week looks much more comfortable. a few storms monday, possible mid-80s. low 80s tuesday and wednesday. it's 5:17. monika is tracking the roads this friday morning and is she going to say if i like? i love that term. yes, friday morning light. no problems to report if you're traveling on the beltway or may of the -- or any of the major thoroughs include 270, 66, 95, coming in from the east as well everything is look good.
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not a bad report. northbound on i-95 coming up from dale city into woodbridge into springfield as well and a to 395. we'll go live outside right now and show what you it looks like. first of all in springfield. i would still consider this light northbound at 5:17 in the morning. it doesn't seem like it but it really truly is. no problems on 395. even lighter than this heading up to the 14th street bridge. back over to the maps. this time we'll head north. no problems on 270, route 355, great seneca highway, river road. all of those corridors coming through this area, potomac, bethesda, rockville you're fine over to the split and over to the beltway as well. outer loop looks great. we'll take a live look on the north side of town. here's what it looks like in college park east of 95. the outer loop looks fine past 95 into silver spring with the lanes open. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look at the east side of town at 5:24. andrea and mike? >> thank you, monika. d.c. united's coach get as new honor. >> the nationals could use late
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inning offense. bats are heating up against the rays. highlights coming up in sports. >> american men are expected to spend $90 million on this product this year. is it a, hair dye, b, shaving cream or gel, or c, hair gel? >> our facebook friend neil wrote i think it's b considering the cost of these products and most men shave every day or every other day. he thinks again shaving cream or gel. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. we'll be back.
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welcome back. 5:21 this friday morning. severe weather alert day. this morning there could be some showers, isolated showers here and there, even through 9:00. we'll be up to mid-80s. 58 by 9:00. -- 85 by 9:00. by noontime still partly sunny to mostly cloudy. an isolated shower. then this afternoon we're looking at some storms popping. you can see them coming through for the afternoon and early evening hours. high temperatures get to the low 90s. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. the miami heat had a chance to close out the nba finals at home. >> and they would not be denied. the heat shot out to a double- digit lead over the thunder before the end of the first half. in the third quarter, d.c.
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native kevin durant led an oklahoma city charge to get within 7 but miami pulled it away. heat win 121-106 winning the championship series in five games. here's dave owens with the rest of your morning sports. good morning, everybody. no more glove espionage. down to the business of trying to win a series last night which prior to the yankees coming to town was something the nats did with regularity. so a rubber match beckoned the last evening. check this out, guys. redskins fans will like this. darrell green is a flamethrower. the minister of defense looking good. then in the fifth, ian desmond says no, no, no, i'm the minister of defense. how about the glove work and spin. 2-1. later joe piralto, he played last night after serving
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a suspension for using pine tar. nats take the series with the 5- 2 win. they're in first place by three and a half games. good news also before the game g.m. mike rizza said -- [ inaudible ] -- yesterday we found out that storin is going to face hitters tomorrow at live batting practice. he said, quote, i'm making problem every day, no pain. congrats to d.c. united ben any olson. he was selected to lead the mls all-stars against the champions on july 25 in chester, pennsylvania. he had led the black and red to its best record since 2009. finally the caps don't have a coach but they do have a schedule now. the nhl releasing the schedule yesterday, opening day, october 12 at home against the defending eastern conference champions new jersey devils. first meeting with side crosby
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halloween night. that's a quick look at sports. have a great friday, everybody. the president of the university of virginia might get to keep her job after all. we'll tell you why coming up. >> plus, we'll tell you more about why you want to avoid a large chunk of the beltway this weekend. 5:25. here's monika. what do we want to avoid on the roadways this morning? >> this is a good time to head out. no problems as you can see. if you're traveling on the beltway east side of town in landover, traffic is moving well between i-95 and the wilson bridge for now. coming up in my next report, another look at area roads at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now on this friday morning. i'm andrea roane. going to be a volatile one later today.
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i'm mike hydeck. severe weather alert today, the red kind. monika samtani will have traffic momentarily but howard bernstein, the man of the hour. we're worried about the thunderstorm threat for the afternoon hours. any time from noon on, areas west of town first. we'll start out toward the mountains of west virginia working their way toward the shenandoah valley and over toward us as we get into the early to mid afternoon. there may be a couple of rounds of showers and storms this afternoon. here's the day planner t. is a warm start, kind after pretty picture. just a little bit of pink in the sky behind the capitol dome off to the east. we have 83. yes, 83 degrees at this hour. sunrise happening in a few minutes. 5:43. setting at 8:37. 90 by noon. could be a thunderstorm then, especially west of town. the afternoon will feature showers and storms, some of which could be strong to severe with highs in the low 90s. we're talking about damaging wind gusts. the tornado threat doesn't look like it will exist. remember three weeks ago we had a problem on a friday. shouldn't be anywhere near that
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bad but still, some strong storms could happen. we have a few areas of showers that came through the metro, light ones overnight. we're looking at showers here in the park from luray almost toward woodstock coming out of the new market. cross junction, heavy showers about to move towards you. 70s and 80s now going to the low 90s later. let's go to monika with time saver traffic at 5:29. >> thank you so much, howard. good morning, everybody. i'm happy to say friday morning commuters are behaving themselves. the beltway looks great. the construction has been cleared up. if you're coming in from the north this morning, no problems on 270 out of frederick into clarksburg. we're looking good on all of your major corridors through this area, including i-70 out of mount airy and through damascus as well. we'll take a live look outside. you have a bit of slow traffic route 109 toward 121. once you get to this point, looks like everything moves back at pace heading down to the point where the lanes divide. let's go back over to the beltway and this time on the north side of town. we're looking good. no problems on the beltway
5:31 am
through silver spring. here's 395 heading for the 14th street bridge into downtown. also moving well across the bridge span here. we'll take a live look and show what you it looks like heading into downtown. all lanes are open. in my next report, we'll take another look, this time at 66 at 5:38. virginia's chief medical examiner has unveiled facial reconstructions of three unidentified men. >> the men's bodies were found at different locations in northern virginia between 2003 and last year. in each case police found mostly skeletal remains and the lack of flesh kept investigators from determining how these men died. so far police have not found any matching missing persons cases for the three men. look at these reconstructions on what they believe the faces looked like. if you think you recognize one of the faces, contact your local police. dozens of high school students who were visiting the george mason university campus
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are now recovering from a stomach illness. the students started getting sick wednesday night while at a baseball game. dozens were sent to the hospital. the fairfax county hospital investigated the health break. doctors ruled out food poisoning. they say it's likely a viral issue, a gastroissue. this kind of stomach bug is very contagious. officials say they are scrubbing the affected dorm with bleach and they are sending the students home. three years ago today, the deadliest crash in metro history happened on the system's red line. nine people died when one train ran into the back of a stopped train. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live near that crash scene where there will be a remembrance later this morning. a really very sad remembrance. >> reporter: it absolutely is. anyone who was here at the new hampshire avenue overpass overlooking that crash site three years ago just was in shock and in disbelief looking at that mess of mangled metal.
5:33 am
we just could not believe how this could have happened and then you saw all those victims, the walking wounded stepping out of the train just looking simply stunned. a faulty brake system led to that deadly red line collision. the national transportation safety board issued a list of safety improvements for the system which metro has indeed worked on over the years, including doubling its safety staff and working to replace those outdated 1970's era train cars that were involved in the wreck. but lingering problems still exist, like bad brakes, derailments, doors that open while trains are in motion. however, experts say metro, the second busiest subway system in the nation, is in fact improving and far safer than it was three years ago. back here live on the new hampshire avenue bridge, you know, for many years, for three years in fact, this scene has been a makeshift memorial where family members have posted pictures of the victims. you can see it's been replaced
5:34 am
by this plaque covered now in orange. it will be unveiled a little later today when the mayor and family members all gather here on the bridge for that service a little later today. coming up at 6:00. today also marks the deadline for filing lawsuits in regard to that crash. we'll have details coming up at 6:00. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, delia goncalves with that update. the university of virginia's board of visitors will consider reinstating president teresa sullivan at a meeting next week. the board announced thursday it will vote on tuesday whether to retain dr. sullivan. as of now her resignation is effective august 15. uva faculty leaders have called for sullivan's restatement while other groups have condemned the board for its handling of the situation. board leaders have defended their decision to force sullivan out but admit it was handled poorly. we're going the extra mile this morning with a warning about your weekend travel plans. it's what d.c. commuters have
5:35 am
been waiting for for 12 years. the final phase of the construction for the wilson bridge project is here but it's going to be painful to the bitter end. vdot is asking drivers to stay away from a big portion of the beltway in alexandria. >> we're going to have the outer loop of the beltway shut down to one lane through to telegraph road. it's going to be a very reduced capacity and definitely you're going to see bad backups during that closure. >> only the right lane will be open on the outer loop from van dorn street to telegraph road on saturday and sunday. and you can expect the last phase of milling, paving and striping along the outer loop to cause major backups. i mean major backups. long delays from at least springfield on the beltway and north i-995 corridor. i suggest alternate routes. this is the wilson bridge right now. it looks so innocent.
5:36 am
northbound 95, if you need to get over toward baltimore and new york, you want to head west across the american legion bridge, head on the north side of town and back on the 95. do not go northeast on the beltway because you'll get stuck in that traffic with only the right lane open. they did this in june on the inner loop and it caused six to eight-mile backups. some people said they sat in that for two hours. so we're telling you this in advance. if you have to head into the district, go ahead and use 395 or you can get off at route 644 in springfield and head on to telegraph road. you can get back on to the beltway from there as well. if you know the area, you know what i'm talking about. it is going to be very tough. we will be speaking to someone from the project later in the 6:00 hour. >> it starts again when? >> basically it starts tonight and tomorrow and sunday there will be no access to the outer loop from springfield at all. so at least that will help a bit but it's going to slow down on 95 as well coming up i think from newington into
5:37 am
springfield. >> sounds like we could use the term "car mageddon." hopefully with the warnings it will be like california where they anticipated the worst and everybody pay attention. so pay attention to this woman, okay. thank you, monika. if you'd like to kick off your weekend rather than staying in traffic by saving some money, today's daily deals are coming up. >> plus, we'll tell you how some specially prepared shoe boxes could be a life saver for some needy people around washington.
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welcome back. 5:39 on this friday morning. we're concerned about strong storms this afternoon that may have damaging wind gusts and hefy downpours. -- heavy downpours. this morning it's steamy with an isolated shower or two looking at the day planner, not too much going on this morning but it's this afternoon with temperatures climbing into the
5:40 am
90s. here's monika with time saver traffic. getting word of an accident on the northbound side of i-95 just past this camera shot north of the prince william parkway apparently blocking the two left lanes. so be aware of that heading into woodbridge northbound on i- 95. mike? we have been searching through the daily deals, e- mails and retailer websites to find you deep discounts. if you're planning a wedding here's a deal you cannot refuse. $21,000 to rent the landon house mansion and estate in urbana, maryland which is a 40% discount off the normal price. the deal is good for the use of the facility from thursday evening until sunday morning. it includes a dedicated wedding coordinator. the deal also includes a full buffet style reception and lots of extras. you can find this value on gilt city. >> hot yoga in tinley offering discounts on ten yoga classes. it was once $169.
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now 39 bucks. you can find that deal on living social. >> if you've seen an officer or you're a local merchant that has a deal for our viewers, we'd love to hear from you on facebook. hundreds of needy people in our area will now have access to some important house hod items -- household items that can't be bought using food stamps. dozens of united way volunteers met yesterday at the solomon brown center? east washington. they put together shoe boxes full of personal care and emergency preparedness items. some of those items include traffic size toiletries, flashlights with extra batteries and prepaid phone cards. the shoe boxes will be delivered to nearly two dozen local charity groups. i remember when our kids were youngsters over at st. anne's. they put together shoe boxes, really special for them and for the people they help. 5:416789 still ahead, president the -- 5:41. still ahead,. obama's weekend of campaigning will start in the same spot mitt romney was yesterday. we'll have more on that coming up. >> scientists don't believe the
5:42 am
moon is full of cheese. they believe it might just have some water. >> happy birthday to some celebrities. meryl streep is 63. he currently costars on burn notice, actor bruce campbell is 54. >> dan brown is 48. she became famous at kiefer sutherland's sidekick. she's 41. kurt warner sls 41 today -- is also 41 today. happy birthday if it's your day, too.
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so, you actually reward people for staying with you? yep. the longer you stay with us, the more you save. and when you switch from another company to us, we even reward you for the time you spent there. genius. yeah, genius. you guys must have your own loyalty program, right? well, we have something. show her, tom. huh? you should see november! oh, yeah? giving you more. now that's progressive. call or click today.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a moment of silence for the internet as we know it. a revolution in internet speed is here. more than twice as fast as anything america has ever seen. introducing fios quantum. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. good morning. 5:45. it's friday. that's the great news about today. the other good news is the temperature is getting to go down. the bad news is we have to go through some storms to get there. >> still going to be hot, just not as hot. we won't be talking near 100. we'll talk low 90s which is in the right direction. the morning is kind of sticky and steamy. however, the afternoon is the concern. that's why it's a severe
5:46 am
weather alert day. cold front is going. it will hit the hot air and the combination is damaging storms and wind gusts. stay up on the weather for the afternoon and early evening hours. your day planner, just steamy this morning. it is some kind of soupy out there. 89 by 11:00. by 1:00 we could start seeing a few storms, especially west of d.c. 91 degrees. scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. most of the time i don't think it's going to be stormy but when a storm comes through your place, that's when it could have some ump to it. 91 at 3:00. 89 at 5:00. looking at light showers which have pushed through here. we've got one line, a second line of showers and storms out across ohio and western kentucky. that's more with the cold front out to the west. this morning we've been watching these showers in the shenandoah valley weakening a
5:47 am
little as they're trying to get up toward front royal. these other areas of showers toward western maryland and west virginia. you see this one north the cross junction. from hancock west on 68, we've had a lot of showers going on in the last couple of hours. temps, they are way up this morning. 79 in rockville and sterling. it's 73 to our west in haymarket and prince william county. to the east 78 in millersville. columbia 79 with 77 over at andrews. 82 in alexandria. and here in washington this morning kind of a neat sky. mostly cloudy. sunrise just a few minutes ago on our michael & son weather camera with 83 degrees and the heat index of 87. barely a breeze north at 3 miles an hour. jet stream dipping once again in the northern plains. the heat getting suppressed more to the south than east. we've got the showers and storms out here with the cold front. that cold front is going to be coming through later today into
5:48 am
the evening hours. out ahead of it, though, the hot and humid air will be in place. we're looking at the scattering of showers and thunderstorms. i want to show you the future cast because this shows those showers and storms not too much here midday but by the afternoon at 3:00 and for 6:00, scattered showers and storms around. the severe threat for the damaging wind gusts is the whole washington metro region right up to central connecticut. so 92 today. scattered strong storms. tonight we're dropping to the low 70s in town with 60s north and west. drier air moves in. it will be a less humid weekend with temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 saturday and sunday. could be a storm late sunday. another front monday with some storms mid-80s. look at tuesday. tuesday might be fantastic around here with a high of 81. speaking of fantastic, we go to monika samtani with time saver traffic. >> i wish i could say that. i'm so sorry. oh, you're talking about me. i should have known. northbound 95, not so fantastic. on the northbound side we have two separate incidents, one in
5:49 am
woodbridge right near route 1. an accident blocks the two left lanes. then just beyond that after the occoquan river, an accident was moved to the shoulder. let's take a live look showing you delays forming on the northbound side of i-95. again two separate accidents through woodbridge and at the okay quain river as -- occoquan river as well. let's take you back over to the maps this time to the west side of town. no problems to report on the dulles toll road or i-66 as you come in from manassas and the airport. we'll take a live look at the american legion bridge and traffic is nice and light here. in my next report, i'll update you on those accidents at 6:00. >> thank you, monika. here's what's making news now at 5:49 this morning. the jury in the jerry sandusky case starts its first full day of deliberations. the jurors are sequestered in a hotel. several hours of debating after hearing closing arguments yesterday. it went into the evening hours. they will not hear, however, because they were sequestered that sandusky's adopted son matt has come forward to say
5:50 am
he, too, was abused. the supreme court has issue add key ruling regarding curse words and nudity on television. the justices threw out fines against broadcasters who violated the government's indecency policy. they say the government imposed unfair punishments for isolated violations during prime time. scientists think they have made a pretty amazing discovery on the moon. water. actually ice. researchers at nasa and m.i.t. and brown university studied an area with some lasers to test the natural reflectivity and they believe at the bottom of a massive crater they found as much as 100 gallons of ice. >> where there's water there could be life. >> it could happen. mitt romney appears to have softened his stance on immigration based on what the presummive republican nominee said to the association of latino elected and appointed officials. >> today president obama will address the same group one week after announcing an executive order not to deport young students raised here in this
5:51 am
country. susan mcginnis reports. >> reporter: mitt romney says it's time latino voters think twice about supporting president obama in november. >> i believe he's taking your vote for granted. i've come here today with a very simple message. you do have an alternative. >> reporter: his pitch? the economy would be better for everyone under a romney presidency, including hispanics. >> while the national unemployment is still above 8% and has been for 40 straight months, hispanic unemployment is at 11%. >> reporter: during the primaries, romney took a hard line stance on immigration saying illegal immigrants should self-deport and recommending a high-tech fence at the border. thursday he took a much softer stance. romney said he would grant green cards to immigrants and their families earning advanced degrees and serving in the military. >> effective immediately, the department of homeland security is taking steps to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people. >> reporter: last week the president announced a new policy to stop the deportation
5:52 am
of illegal immigrants brought to this country by their parents. polls released since then show the president's lead over romney with hispanics has grown as much as 8%. romney says the president is just trying to win votes. >> instead he failed to act till facing a tough reelection. >> reporter: senator marco rubio, a potential vice presidential choice admits romney may not have much of a chance with liberal hispanic voters. on thursday he says it doesn't matter what mitt romney's position is on immigration or mine for that matter. they're not growing to support us. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. authorities in part of northern virginia are issuing a warning about bears that story still ahead. >> coming up, we're also going to look at the weekend's new movies, including abraham lincoln, the value pair hunter. -- the vampire hunter. what? we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
5:55 this friday morning. severe weather alert today. you'll see isolated showers out there during the morning hours. 85, though, very warm here. even at 9:00. toward lunch time we'll be pushing 90 with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. then this afternoon, see the yellows and oranges pop something those are the thunderstorms that are going to be scattered about. some could have damaging wind gusts. highs in the low 90s. now let's take a look at some of the new movies in theaters this weekend.
5:56 am
disney pixar has a new heroine for the youngsters. this princess has big, red curly hair that mirrors her internal feistiness. she brings chaos to her kingdom so she must employ her archery skills and bravery to make things right. >> seeking a friend for the end of the world, two characters meet just a couple of weeks before an asteroid is supposed to destroy earth. they have been abandoned by their significant others on the eve of the impending apocalypse. look for a cameo from a big screen legend. the latest woody allen movie is called to rome with love. for the first time in several years allen is also in the film. he's brought together a mix of americans and italians in rome and their lives connect as they encounter romantic misadventures and other
5:57 am
predictments. the cast includes penelope cruz who looks beautiful. so just how far are you willing to bend your sense of history? the last highly publicized movie opening today is abraham lincoln, vampire hunter. our entertainment insider denise has gotten a sneak peek at the movie. can we talk. is this going to be worth the price after movie ticket seriously? i don't get it. >> it has so many hooks. vampires, one of our favorite presidents of all time, the gettysburg address, the south, the civil war. what's not to like. >> you're really trying to convince us about this. benjamin walker is playing abraham lincoln. while wearing his top hat, he beheads vampires with an ax no less. >> hardly any pressure.
5:58 am
this is from the director -- [indiscernible] we know his work because we've probably seen date watch and night watch which is a vampire franchise. so he brings experience with vampires. he's from russia so he brings a different perspective to this movie and he has a really good eye for very stylish action pieces. so there's a lot of good action to be seen here. as long as you're not thinking this is a period piece with vampires-- >> there's history. >> there's plenty of history. it tracks the life of abraham lincoln to the best of their ability and they throw in vampires. >> okay. the writer, it began with a novel by seth graham smith. it was fourth on the new york's best seller list so that's something. >> he also did shape the screenplay and added some characters so this would make a lot more sense for the screen. with vampires, you see them clearly.
5:59 am
it has a very good cast. it has benjamin walker who is a rising actor known on broadway and he was in a very successful play. and he basically was offered the part of beast in x men first class. he reminds me of a young hugh jackman so he may have a great career ahead of him. >> 65% of sales are expected to be men 17 to 34. so if you would like a history lesson and a monster flick, this is the film for you. thank you so much for being with us. back to you guys. >> i don't know if i'm ready to believe that thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. not slaying any vampires here but we do have a severe weather alert they might not like. i'm andrea roane. i'm michael jackson. it's friday. -- i'm mike hydeck. it's friday. monika samtani will be back with traffic and mr. bernstei


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