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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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effect till 9:00. they standed it out west after they issued it. on live doppler 9000, there's the lightning. lots of it off to the south moving into southern maryland and now northern virginia coming out of the shenandoah valley and also up into caroll county. let's go to live doppler 9000 hd so i can show you what's happening. we can see it to the south. we have to advance the computer that will help a little bit. off to the south the storm in calvert and st. mayor yes's. you have the warning -- mary's. you have the warning till 6:15. we're talking about winds potentially in lexington park gusting over 60 miles an hour. this thing is about to clerical vert and move into the bay. i want to go -- clear calvert and move into the bay. i want to go back north and west of town. about 6:04 in colony square. we'll go up to this area. the storms in calvert county could affects the nats-o's game in a little while. this stuff coming out of winchester pushing through charles town and harpers ferry getting into western loudoun county, this is pretty strong. northern warren and fauquier, you're not under any warnings
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right now, but these storms certainly could be clipping those areas right along 66 into fauquier and warren. you see purcelville, this stuff is 10, 15 minutes out at most. lovettsville, brunswick. this is all going to run over you again with the potential for winds of 60 miles an hour or more and maybe even a little bit of hail along with about 6:10. we have the watch going till 9:00 p.m. probably will get a few more warnings over the next few hours. anny hong has been with me all afternoon and we'll keep you updated and have the full weekend forecast in just a few minutes. >> thanks, howard. we continue to follow our breaks news in riverdale, maryland are five children were rushed to the hospital after a car ran over a kiddy pool. it happened this afternoon in the 5200 block of 57th avenue and from what we've heard, two cars collided and then one of them went through the yard and the pool before it ran into a house. scott broom is live at the scene with a terrible chain of
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events. scott? >> reporter: the investigation still under way. among those five injured children, four were in the pool. some of them were injured critically. two suvs collide sending one careening through a fenced yard running over four children in a kiddy pool. at 3:30 on a hot afternoon. even police were shocked by the results. >> you believe you're in a safe area behind a fenced yard. the last thing would you do is expect a vehicle to come through the fents. >> reporter: a child riding in the red toyota forerunner also went to the the hospital and the two drivers were taken for treatment too. seven people in all injured. witnesses said it happened when the driver of this ford escape was making a left turn as the impatient driver of the toyota raced to get by. vanessa was in the escape with her mom behind the wheel. >> where were the kids who got hurt? >> they were inside a pool. >> reporter: the children in the pool were run over by the car? >> yes. >> reporter: how fast was that other car going?
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>> it was speeding, fast. >> unfortunately when people are being a little impatient when driving, these type of accidents can occur. the forerunner driver will be cited pending the conclusion of the investigation. i expect charges of unsafe passing, negligent driving, those sorts of violations. >> reporter: that's major robert burrow of the prince george's county police. there are indications that first responders actually saved the life of one of the children in the kiddy pool. the initial calls were for a child who was completely unresponsive. they were able to revive that child. that child is among the children who were in the pool. there were some critical injuries here. we don't have a full count on all of the injuries and we don't have the names of the drivers released at this time. reporting live in riverdale, scott broom, 9news now. >> all right, scott. what a terrible outcome. a reminder for all of us to be patient on the roads. we are days away from learning if loudoun county will opt in to build metro's extension to dulles airport and beyond. and the vote is as close as it
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can get. there were rumblings of some members who wanted to delay the july 3 vote. but that won't happen. >> reporter: right now the vote is too close to call about what's certain is that the vote will move forward without delay. >> no extension. >> reporter: after loudoun county board members already received a 30-day extension, a second delay was out of the question. >> i have every expectation they're going to vote by july 3. >> reporter: the metropolitan washington airports authority which oversees the project is hoping the board will opt in for phase two of the silver line. but they've had controversy of their own. ousted board member dennis martir filed a lawsuit to get his seat back after virginia governor bob mcdonnell removed him for questionable spending. >> i seem to be the brunt of the governor's anger. >> reporter: do you worry that you might be a distraction to the board? >> you know, i hope not. >> reporter: at this week's meeting, he was sitting to the
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newly appointed board member karen merrick but now because the seat is part after lawsuit, both are not able to vote on any action. >> i'm going to do my job as a board member. i have two more years left on my term and i plan to stick it out. >> reporter: back in loudoun county, chairman york's office is scrambling to secure the vote. his office says they have four solid yes votes. they need one more to opt in. the success of the silver line project to be extended past dulles airport hinges on the july 3 vote. phase one of the silver line -- [indiscernible] if loudoun county opts out of phase to, that could mean an 18- month or three-year delay and the last stop on the silver line would be at dulles airport. in reston, surae chinn, 9news now. >> the majority of the members who are against the silver line project are newly elected. it's been three years since metro's deadliest crash and today the city unveiled a plaque on the bridge
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overlooking the scene where nine people died and 80 br injured. -- 80 were injured. bruce leshan said federal safety officials also warned metro to pay attention to a series of recent incidents. >> this is my baby, my cousin right here. >> reporter: for the extended family of veronica debow's, the plaque overlooking the tracks where she died is tangible evidence that people still remember. >> the city cares. that's the main thing. >> reporter: but it is still just a plaque, not a shoulder to lean on. >> come over the house at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning because i just needed to talk, you know. and she opened the door. i don't care what time it was. >> reporter: niki king's son buzzed her nickname into his hair and her stepdad? >> i'm doing okay. i'm just here. just to be here to be honest. >> reporter: seeming unsure if metro has done enough to keep it from happening again. >> i'm pretty sure they're working on t. they're working on it. hopefully it will get better. >> reporter: metro has
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installed a new general manager. it's replacing the circuits that let one of the trains disappear into a black hole. and it is buying new more crash worthy cars. but the ntsb chair says she is concerned about a series of recent problems. doors flying open, parts of brakes falling off. >> those events are very significant. metro needs to pay attention to them because those are warning signs. >> reporter: metro says it is paying attention that safety is a never ending process. the n.t.s.b. chair herself rides metro at least once a week. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> the n.t.s.b. is pushing for federal safety oversight of subway systems across the country. and that is in a bill sponsored by maryland senator barbara mikulski which is in a congressional conference committee right now and looks like it might actually make it out. for the first time ever in the u.s., an official in the roman catholic church has been found guilty after crime for
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covering up allegations of child sex abuse. he's monsignor william lynn of philadelphia, convicted of child endangerment. prosecutors say lynn helped predatory priests stay in the ministry while keeping the public in the dark. the jury acquitted lynn of a second endangerment count and a conspiracy charge. a firefighter on his way home from work rescued a woman from a burning home. captain william moreland saw flames coming from the home in centreville. neighbors told him a woman was still inside. he went in and found the woman, put an iv in her home, sitting in a hospital chair. he and three neighbors picked her up and got her out. >> just came downstairs and yelled fire. >> i'm just thankful i decided to come this way to come home and give a helping hand to the folks that were in there. >> two homes were damaged in the fire. the cause is still under
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investigation. wow. coming up on 9news now at 7:00, three luxury vehicles, one parking spot. and two very angry car owners. we're going to tell you exactly what happened here. that's coming up tonight at 7:00. still ahead in this half- hour, g.m. issues a recall for almost half a million cars over worries of engine fires. we'll tell you which model you need to know about. >> a couple out fishing gets washed over a water fall and live to tell about t. well very their -- about it. we'll have their story.
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caught on tape, the dramatic rescue of a couple swept over a water fall in vermont. the 20-year-old husband and 20- year-old wife were fishing when she lost her footing. rescue crews finally got them out. the couple amazingly suffered only minor injuries. a consumer alert for you
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tonight. general motors recalling more than 400,000 chevy cruise compact cars for possible engine fires. this involves all of the cruises built in the u.s. between september 2010 and may of this year. g.m. says fires can ignite when fluids drip on to a plastic shield below the engine. the car company knows of 30 fires caused by this problem. so far, though, no injuries have been reported. coming up next, president obama heads to the sunshine state to defend his decision to stop deporting some illegal immigrants.
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saying a republican controlled office left him no options, president obama defended his administration's decision to stop the deportation of some illegal immigrants. he was speaking to the largest latino organization at an event in florida today. the president also criticized his republican challenger saying if mitt romney gets into
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office, wee veto similar legislation. tara mergener has more from the white house. >> reporter: president obama was in florida to address latino leaders exactly one week after his administration announced it will stop depore at a timing thousands of illegal immigrants. the president said he took the action because congress refused to act. >> lifting the shadow of deportation and giving them a reason to hope, that was the right thing on to do. >> reporter: president obama went on to say when he was a senator, he joined with rains, including president bush, in trying to pass the dream act, but now the g.o.p. is different. >> the bill hadn't changed. the need hadn't changed. the only thing that changed was politics. >> reporter: white house hopeful mitt romney spoke to the sail conference on thursday saying the. has taken the latino vote for granted and they do have a choice. florida senator marco rubio said latino votes are care
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about more than one issue. >> when people speak to hispanics and hats teen knows, they on -- latinos, they only want to talk about immigration. >> reporter: he told the conference he's tried to pass meaningful immigration reform but elements in both parties stopped him. he also criticized the president's appearance as an election year stunt. >> he hasn't been here in three years. what a coincidence,. it's an election year. why didn't he make this issue a pry quart? -- priority? i guess i just did tell you. >> reporter: president obama won two-thirds of the hispanic vote in 2008. his campaign hopes to do even better this year. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. >> the president also told the crowd his jobs act would put millions of lat teen mows to work and -- latinos to work and the health care reform helps latinos more than any other ethnic group. a mechanic of the house of delegates is resigning over an
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extramarital affair. david englin will leave office the end of august. he first spoke publicly about the affair in april when he announced wee not seek reelection. he says the needs the time to focus on repairing his marriage. dick cheney's openly gay daughter mary got married to her partner during a ceremony today in d.c. the former vice president issued a statement saying he was delighted his daughter and her partner were able to have their partnership recognized. the newlyweds have two young children and live in virginia. mother nature is taking care of -- i cannot read today. howard, i'm just going to send it over you to. >> it's the heat. 97 was the high today. a little hotter than we expected. that's helped fuel some of the storms we're dealing with right now. i want to go live to 9,000 hd. we're seeing the storms in calvert and st. mary's. it's really the area north and west of town we've got to watch. new warnings have been issued for montgomery, loudoun, prince
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william and fauquier county till 7:00 p.m. for this line of storms coming out of the charles town area and berryville headed right toward leesburg. likely a little bit of hail to the west of this, but the bigger concern with this line of storms are the winds that could be -- that it could be generating. some of the winds could exceed 60 miles an hour and the strongest gusts as this line of storms is moving off toward the southeast at a pretty good clip. just want to show you some of the towns that are going to be affected here. here's leesburg, route 7. see that little area, that purple area? that could be some hail. upperville is being pounded right now. this will be approaching route 15 in another 20 minutes. everybody in northern fauquier county back to front royal seeing the very heavy storms and one good thing out of this, we're seeing much needed rain right now south and east of town. moderate rain still falling there across the northern neck and southern maryland. big picture showing what we were just looking at is the back edge of a line of storms. so over the next few hours, as this works its way through us, we should see improving
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conditions. we have a severe thunderstorm watch across northern virginia. the extreme eastern parts of the west virginia panhandle and much of maryland east until 9:00 tonight. and that's what we're looking at. let's go over to anny hong. she's looking at live doppler or the current conditions i should say. we'll get a picture behind annually, make things all good. take it away. >> thanks, howard. right now we've got temperatures in the upper 80s under cloudy conditions. you can see the dark sky back there. and we've got dew points still in the 70s. still humid but once this front passes on through and the storms today minutish, we'll get drier and cooler air for the weekend. currently 84 in man fan sas but you go to -- manassas but you go to la plata where you saw some pretty good thunderstorms go through, you've cooled down in the 70s. 70s for winchester as well. and these storms will continue through this evening. still some could be pretty strong and severe. here's a look at the futurecast. later tonight, some lingering storms maybe in southern maryland and also points east of town.
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maybe also north into frederick and hagerstown. then after midnight, things really start to die down. and then we make way for the cooler air and also drier air. so we'll notice we'll be able to breathe a little better by saturday morning as the humidity will drop. tonight, though, still some more scattered thunderstorms mainly before midnight. some will be strong or severe. lows 66 to 74 degrees. in downtown temperatures cooling down into the lower 70s. 67 for leesburg. 68 in culpeper. tappahannock, you'll get down to 69 degrees. then for tomorrow morning, we start out really nice. partly sunny and less humid. air quality is code yellow which is moderate for the afternoon. mostly sunny and warm. highs near 90 degrees. your next three days, here's how it looks. temperatures for sunday near 90. a chance for some afternoon, evening thunderstorms on sunday. then on monday, 87 with more isolated storms possible. here's a look at your next seven days. we cool down for tuesday and wednesday. look at that. low to mid-80s.
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then on thursday for the at&t national, looks great for golf. low 90s under partly cloudy conditions and as of now, we are looking storm free. we're updating all the severe thunderstorm warnings at the bottom of your screen. so check that out as howard and i have been making sure those are updated throughout the entire newscast. >> everybody here is pretty excited about that big golf game next week. >> coming up, don't forget to go to our web and get the at&t national tickets. topper been talking about that all week long. speaking of golf, 120 players have signed their name on the dotted line to play along with tiger woods. familiar faces going to be walking all around congressional in the next week. battle of the beltways part two. lebron james, we'll talk about him next.
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tiger woods will be the main attraction at next week's at&t national, duh, but what's always great about the event is you get a chance to sequelty golf and golfers up close -- to see quality golf and golfers up close. today the official announcement of this year's field, jim furyk is an old friend of tiger's. last year's champion nick
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wattley returns to the field. we're gearing up here at wusa. coverage throughout the tournament. we will be live monday with a preview. then wednesday through friday coverage throughout the day culminating with a special wrapup show each evening at 11:30. go back to the beginning of the season. no one fipged orioles-nats would be worthy of mass discussion but it is. look at the standing. washington is in first place in the nl east by three and a half. the yanks are playing better than baltimore in the al east. battle of the beltways continue this weekend. so it should be some good stuff. orioles won the last batch, two games to one. if it wasn't for a super performance by super stephen strasburg, it would have been a sweep. strasburg won't pitch this time around. that's good for baltimore. jordan zimmerman gets the start tonight at 7:00. took one year longer than many expected but king james has his ring. lebron capped off a magnificent final with a triple double, 26 points, 11 rebounds, 13
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assists. all you haters, not much you can say now. james has his hardware. >> i dreamed about this opportunity and moment for a long time, including last night, including today. you know, my dream has become a reality now. it's the best time i've ever had. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, a cleveland weather caster who can't stand lebron, it's going to be funny. come on back for that. >> the moment for sure. you're talking about we've got some hot stuff here. >> yes, severe storms bearing down on loudoun county right now. leesburg actually about to get real hard. those in upperville, this goes down into fauquier and prince william counties. severe thunderstorm warnings till 7:00. montgomery, i think that will be sternldzed past that. some of the winds as they approach route 15, coming down 17, 66, they can gust over 60 miles an hour n. is serious stuff. severe thunderstorm watch till 9:00. anny is with me through the evening as long as we need to be here. the cbs evening news is next. more at 7:00. have a good night.
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