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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 23, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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call or click today. we are following two breaking news stories on 9 tonight. first, the trial the world has been watching. jerry sandusky found guilty on 35 of 45 counts of sexually abusing children. we'll have a live wrort coming up in 30 seconds -- report coming up in 30 seconds.
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plus storms in the region. we'll have the latest on the damage, power outages and some pretty incredible video. right now we go back to the trial of jerry sandusky. this is video of the former penn state football coach leaving the courthouse in handcuffs. we go live with the latest. >> reporter: the crowd of residents gathered here outside the courthouse celebrated when they heard the news. jerry sandusky guilty on 45 counts. sandusky had no visible reaction in court. his bail was revoked and he was taken into custody. jerry sandusky was led away from court in handcuffs after being found guilty of 45 counts in his child sex abuse trial. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the crowd outside the courthouse cheered as the verdicts became known just after 10:00 p.m. on the second day of jury deliberations. sandusky's attorney said he was not surprised. >> it was the expected outcome
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because of the overwhelming amount of evidence. >> reporter: the former penn state assistant football coach was accused of molesting 10 boys over 15 years. they testified they met sandusky through second mile, the charity he funded for at risk children. 8 accusers took the stand talking about how the abuse started but progressed to fondling, oral sex and rape. sandusky denied the charges, but he never took the stand in his own defense. instead his attorney tried to discredit investigators and suggested the accusers were lying. the defense also presented character witnesses, including sandusky's wife, who testified she never saw any inappropriate contact between her husband and boys. but the prosecution's star witness, former penn state assistant coach testified he saw sandusky abusing a young boy in a campus shower. the defense questioned why he failed to stop what he thought was an attack and why he didn't
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call police. sandusky will be sentenced in 90 days. he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. sandusky's family is said to be devastated. his attorney is promising an appeal. live in pennsylvania, now back to you. >> thank you. the other big story we've been working on all evening long, severe weather damage across the dc area. we start with anny hong in the weather center. >> yes, quite a bit of damage related to the winds that we saw that caused straight line winds or micro bursts. and it was pretty impressive some of the reports we got. let's take a look right now at live doppler 9 hd where it's much quieter now. just a couple lingering showers south of us into fredericksburg and culpeper. also out towards the beaches. that's where they're still getting hammered. but you can still see right around unionville and orange and culpeper still has a pretty good cell going on right now.
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doppler radar showing us quite a few lightning strikes, cloud to ground lightning, with the storms that came through with the cold front. we're seeing la plata and waldorf with moderate to light rainfall. check out some of the storm reports we got. we had thunderstorm wind gusts at the national arboratum in dc. another one in the city of springfield. 58-mile an hour wind gusts. also hail at chevy chase and bethesda in montgomery county. dime sized hail along fairmont avenue. so one is micro bursts is when cold air rushes to the ground. we're not talking about tornadoes. there is no rotation in these. winds anywhere from 60-80 miles an hour and we had mainly wet microbursts. we saw big downpours. mostly cloudy and showers over the evening. we still have thunderstorms but
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they're not expected to be severe. a big cool down coming this way. we'll talk more when we come back. back to you, anita. >> as we mentioned, there was some severe damage in our area. we'll go to ken molestina. >> reporter: this is amazing when you take a look at all of the mess left behind by the storm, you get a good idea how strong this was. this is just a mere branch that came off of these massive trees. and this is what it looks like all the way around this neighborhood out here. so firefighters showed up to south dakota sfreet for a tree on a -- street for a tree on the house. minutes later they had to come out here for the same exact emergency. good news is, nobody was hurt in either of these. >> i mean, the storm that came through here was -- it was awful. i thought it was a tornado. >> reporter: this tree in the 3900-block of south dakota toppled over two separate
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houses. a gentleman was found by rescuers and besides being shaken up, he wasn't hurt. 15 minutes later another call up the street where an almost identical situation. rescue crews responded to the 1600-block of lawrence street in northeast dc. once there, the search what neighbors described was a two story group home for women. thankfully everyone was accounted for, and there were no reports of injuries inside. >> the neighbors basically busted in a side door and got two of the ladies out. >> reporter: . [ no audio ]. >> obviously we're losing ken molestina there. we thank him for the report. tonight a storm blew through an area bringing hail, driving rain and winds. it blew the roof off of a barn. only one person was in the barn at the time and the person was not hurt. there was also 150 cows inside. fortunately none were killed and only one was actually injured in the storm. pieces of the roof were
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scattered some 200 yards away with some pieces ending up on power lines. and as you might expect, the switch boards are lighting up with calls of power outages all across the area. pepco reporting more than 17,000 customers in dc in the dark as are nearly 10,000 in montgomery county and 17,000 in prince george's. an additional 960 customers serviced by bge in prince george's county are without power, and old dominion reports it has over 600 customers without power in northern virginia. more trouble caused by falling trees. amtrak says a tree fell on to the tracks tonight. a train headed into dc had to hit the brakes. fortunately no one was hurt. take a look at this video from tonight. you can see the wind there literally driving the rain diagonal. the wet weather really made a bit of a slow go of it for drivers out in that area.
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a different kind of perfect storm. conditions that led to a horrific accident. two suvs collided on a street in riverdale, maryland this afternoon on 57th avenue. one suv jumped a fence and ran over kids in a kid ee pool. >> you feel -- kiddy fool. >> you feel like you're safe. >> the children in the pool were run over bit the car. >> yes. >> how fast was the car going? >> speeding fast. >> all four kids went to the hospital. one in critical condition. also treated a child in one of the suvs and both of the drivers. they expect to cite the driver who jumped the curb. a mixed verdict tonight in a groundbreaking trial involving the cover up of sexual abuse in the roman catholic church. a philadelphia jury found the person guilty of child endangerment. that is in response by handling of sex abuse by priests in the
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church. it is the highest ranking catholic official for the coverup of child sex abuse. >> this trial was not about a specific religion. it was about evil men that did evil things to children they have you had have protected. >> he was found not guilty of a second count of child endangerment and cleared of conspiracy. he wept when taken into custody. an area task force is trying to keep people safe. they gave a check for $850,000 in alexandria today. the catch was seized during a gambling rald at the edens center. the ring was run by a gang known as the dragon family. in campaign 2012 news tonight, the battle over the all important latino vote. barack obama spent part of his day in orlando speaking with
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latino leaders. it was one week ago today that his administration announced it would stop deporting thousands of young illegal immigrants. mr. obama said the gop is different now. >> the bill hadn't changed. the need hadn't changed. the only thing that had changed was politics. >> white house hopeful mitt romney spoke with the same conference on thursday. he claimed that the president has taken latino voters for granted and that they do have a choice. romney has his work cut out for him, though. president obama won 2-thirds of the hispanic vote in the 2008 election. a somber anniversary for families of loved ones killed in the deadliest crash in metro's history. >> this is my baby, my cousin right here. >> it happened three years ago today when a red line train slammed into a parked train. today the district unveiled a plaque honoring the nine people
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killed and the first responders who worked tirelessly that day. we spoke today about how metro is working to keep riders safe. >> they have, again, reestablished the fact that we have to focus on safety as a first priority. we do a lot of work on improving the safety culture. more work has to be done, and we will continue to do that work. that's the best way to honor the folks in this. and with some of the ntsb recommendations including installing a monitoring system. we are replacing the track circuit pieces of equipment that were implicated in that. so those things either have been done or are under way. >> he also said metro is in the process of upgrading its trains. will loudoun county opt in and help pay the cost of extending metro's silver line to dulles airport and beyond? the office of county board chairman scott york says they have four solid yes votes and they need one more. they're set to vote on the
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matter july third. tonight not a peep from the group that's been making all kinds of noise at the university of virginia. we're hearing nothing from them since the governor issued an ultimatum. clean up your mess fast or you'll get the boot. now the board plans to meatus to decide whether to -- meet tuesday to decide whether to reinstall sullivan. every member of the board gets the ax. after our quick break, incredible video of two bears duking it out in a back yard. plus most of us can agree that kate middleton is one beautiful gal, but you'll be
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welcome back. other headlines making news on a busy news night. syria says it shot down a plane.
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turkey says it will respond appropriately. general motors has recalled nearly half a million crews compact cars because of a risk of engine fire and a muslim convert from brooklyn has been sentenced to prison for 11.5 years after posting things about south park. it's one thing to see bears going in a fight on tv, quite another to see it out your back door. this is not animal planet. this is in florida. two young males, apparently in a tussel over territory, and that happens to be in the middle of a central florida subdivision. >> they had been up on their hind legs scratching and there was blood. i mean, they were mean to each other. they were fighting and pawing. all i saw was black fur. they start looking over here at me like do you want some of this. so i got in my door. >> these two rascals eventually parted ways. don't know to where.
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but they left behind broken bushes, flower beds. so for those seeing kate middleton she is always looking beautiful. can stir some jealousy. wait until you hear what it takes to keep the dutches looking so good every day. do you want to take a guess? >> dollars or pounds? >> oh, see, dollars. >> okay. dollars. 500,000. >> oh, my gosh. anny. >> is that too high? [ laughing ] >> middleton gets blow outs three times a week at 75 bucks a pop. that's nearly $12,000 a year. monthly facials would cost her over 3,000 bucks. it's also estimated she spent about $7,000 last year on cosmetic dental procedures. we know those can be expensive. all of this according to yahoo. it works out to 37,728.
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we're not talking wardrobe. we're talking serious money. the wardrobe is where it gets expensive. >> exactly. you guys have been keeping busy keeping us safe. tell me it settled down. >> a lot of it is dying out right now. so the worst of it is over. it has passed. and the good things is we didn't have any tornadoes associated with any of these storms as expected. but still some pretty good damaging wind gusts this evening. and we're looking at still some showers and storms out to the east. actually to the east and also south. michael and son weather camera for this evening, overlooking wisconsin avenue, just on our rooftop at the studios, temperature has cooled down to 76 degrees under cloudy skies. the winds are calm. dew point 67 degrees. so the humidity we'll get a break from that by tomorrow. here is a look at the doppler. you can see the front behind it that's where the cooler and dryer air is. but still to the east, ocean city and the coast, you're still getting hammered with storms. but none of it is severe. but around our neck of the
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woods, it's mostly south of us into fredericksburg crossing 95 and then farther south. just south of lady smith. that's where we're looking at also still some storms and some lightning associated with it. but right now temperatures finally a little cooler. 70 in leesburg. 74 in yaegers town. 72 -- hagerstown. the satellite radar picture showing us this is the front that pushed through. behind it is cooler and dryer air. so the weekend is going to be pretty nice. cooler and dryer air is moving in. then tomorrow looking like a start to a great weekend. saturday is sunny and warm. then on sunday, some afternoon, maybe some evening isolated thunderstorms are possible. they're not expected to be as severe or strong compared to tonight. overnight, what can you expect as you're sleeping. mostly cloudy. showers and storms coming to an end. we still see some south and east of town. lows 66-74 degrees. then tomorrow morning you'll get the bike ride in. the jog. it's going to be nice.
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partly sunny and less humid. air quality is code yellow which is moderate temperatures. starting out in the 60s and 70s. for the afternoon, mostly sunny. not as hot and less humid. highs near 90. so we should be around 86 this time of year and downtown just a few degrees above that. 89 in downtown. 88 for college park and 88 degrees for reston and fairfax. here is your next three days. so near 90 for saturday. lots of sunshine. sunday near 90 once again. maybe some isolated thunderstorms. then on monday code yellow because of the chance for some more showers and storms in the afternoon. highs around 87 degrees. check out your next seven days. so tuesday, wednesday look at that. that's the real cool air and the lower 80s on tuesday. even some spots could get into upper 70s. then on wednesday, mid 80s. and then thursday is when we're going to kick off the at&t national. we're talking golf. temperatures looking low 90s and also we're looking storm free. so it looks pretty good for golf, i would say.
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>> so things are settled down, but the weather kind of caused a mess in the sports world too. >> absolutely. battle of the beltway didn't like like it was going to go off tonight. they did play a little baseball. the battle of the beltway is becoming one sided. the birds proving they are well equipped to fly in the rain and pitch in the rain. i'll explain. and the word on the streets is the caps are ready to make a
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> battle of the belt ways has been trending northward lately. baltimore lead the all time series. both teams have far exceeded expectations. first place nats versus second place orioles. didn't think you would be saying that. there is our first sighting of a
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bryce harper clown question t-shirt. second inning, reynolds tells zimmerman that is a clown pitch. 1-0. it's only 1-0. but zimmerman doesn't get a lot of runs. mark reynolds, uh-oh, the orioles have committed the most errors in baseball with stuff like that. score is tied. in the 5th, tardy masked man. it makes it 2-1. jim johnson good save and a beauty. baltimore taking game one of the beltway series 2-1. >> he's been doing that all year long. he's pitched great. we just haven't been scoring for him. i mean, we hit the ball hard with runners on and just game up with zel of. >> let's talk a -- zilch. >> let's talk a little hockey. the caps coaching search has been quiet. it's been more than a month since dale hunter decided to
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return to junior hockey. they're saying gm george mcfee has completed his coaching search and a decision is near. something we have been able to confirm is the caps have traded center cody eakin for center mike labero. he scored 15 goals. the field for the at&t national is set. some familiar faces are going to be there. last year's champion nick watney will play as well. we are gearing up here at wusa. coverage throughout the tournament. we will be live monday then wednesday through friday, coverage throughout the day. culminating with a special wrapup show. finally lebron james wins a championship. miami goes bonkers. but will cleveland ever forgive
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him? no. check out the cleveland weather man in the middle of his cast and then thinking of lebron went off. >> it could be a little bit of thunder, but thunder is not the main thing here. it's just scattered rain briefly moderate -- yes, thunder is not the main thing. sorry. heat, thunder, what are you going to do. it's all weather. [ laughing ]. 72 degrees. cloudy skies. some light rain downtown. no thunder. son of a gun. you know, if we could have used some thunder, it was tonight tion huh. we could have used some thunder. nothing. nothing. just rain. and the heat, lots of heat. no thunder. >> we could have used some thunder. >> oh. the animosity runs deep. >> it never ends. it never ends >>
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going back now to the breaking news from the top of our show. now that jerry sandusky has been found guilty on most of the


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