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tv   9 News Now Saturday at 6pm  CBS  June 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a major cleanup is under way this weekend across the washington area after that severe overnight storm. hello, everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. crews in maryland and d.c. working to remove downed trees and branches and debris at this hour. pepco says about 10,000 customers in the area still without power. most of those customers are in prince george's county and the district. we've got team coverage for you this evening. the storm aftermath, beginning with armando truell. he's in blaitensburg, maryland outside a heavily damaged apartment complex. >>reporter: right behind me you can see some of the havoc that was wreaked by yesterday's microburst. you've got a roof that weighs several tons and it flew about
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500 feet from on top of an apartment building to land over here. on its way it sheered through a power line. now you can see pepco crews. they're working on restoring this is just part of the army the power. that's been deployed to make sure this neighborhood gets back to working condition. a massive cleanup effort is under way in blatensburg and this is what 60 mile per hour wind gusts can do to a brick apartment building. a hail storm brought even more destruction. the hail came through the window. it was so powerful i couldn't get up and shut the window. all my blinds is completely destroyed. >>reporter: by the hail? >> by the hail. >>reporter: like bullets? >> like bullets. >>reporter: the torn pieces wreaked havoc as they flew hundreds of feet. >> they shattered the glass, the roof was laying on the side of the driver's door. >>reporter: crazy, huh?
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>> yeah. i'm glad i wasn't in it. >>reporter: the wind was like a sight downing trees and power lines. about 100 displaced residents are being sheltered at blatensburg high school until they can find permanent homes. this summer storm brought a pre- 4th of july fireworks display. >> crazy. pretty scary. this pole was sparking. there was sparks coming. firemen had to come out. >>reporter: portions of southern montgomery county were equally battered. in the northwest quadrant of the district more of the same. it's probably safe to say that the folks who normally walk on this portion of 14th street in this neighborhood are probably happy they weren't doing that when this happened last night. >> what happened was the winds, they were so strong. in fact, my daughter and i was upstairs and i started to take her down into the basement because i thought all the windows were going to break out. my husband was taking boxes off
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the porch and we looked and the tree just fell over. >>reporter: authorities are warning there may still be downed power lines throughout the area and you should exercise caution until they are all dealt with. and one of the other things that authorities want you to know is if you're driving around tonight in this portion of blatensburg or any of the other portions that are affected is that you're going to run into intersections where the traffic signals are either flashing or completely out and you've got to be very, very careful. reporting live in blatensburg, i'm armando truell, back to you. ken, what does it look like out there? >>reporter: armando was talking about the messup in maryland, bruce. out here in northwest d.c., same thing. we're along the 3300 block of siphus in northwest d.c. pepco crews got here a half an hour. they're working on the electricity. i want to direct your attention
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to the house we see to the right. you can see the bad luck. their own tree came crashing down on top of the roof. a second tree also slammed on top of their cars. now the home is left uninhabitable. up and down this street in northwest d.c., you'll find debris and downed power lines, all remnants left behind by yesterday's microburst of storms. take a look, a large limb snapped off and crushed the rooftop. you can see the trees still embedded up top and the walls of the house are now cracked. and to add insult to injury, another tree on the front sidewalk also came down. that one crushed three cars parked along the curb. neighbors say they're left rattled by what happened here. >> this is the second time we've seen something like this happen on this part of the block. about five years ago the house next to ours where these folks are sitting had a tree that almost by secretaried their roof -- bisected their roof. another look at this house with the tree on top of it, the
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cracking on the side of the house, it's starting to lean now. the family has had to leave, that house uninhabitable, it's not safe. i got off the phone with pepco a little while ago. there are numbers to get caught up on now. pepco is reporting they still have some 11.000 customers throughout southern maryland and in d.c. still without power. pepco says they've got these crews out working around the clock. they're hoping everyone's power is going to be back on sometime late monday. of course some areas are hit a lot harder than others. this particular area we're expecting the electricity will be turned on by tonight. a big cleanup effort out here and crews working around the clock to fix all the disasterrous debris left behind by these microstorms. >> ken, got it, thanks a lot. in fredrick county, high winds being blamed for destroying a barn that housed some 150 cows. gary has that story. >>reporter: it's not official,
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but to robert gross nicole it seemed clear. >> a tornado hit, plain and simple. >>reporter: destroying a barn 183 feet long and 100 feet wide filled with more than 150 cows. >> it started raining so hard and the wind started blowing so much, it was shaking my truck when i was sitting in it. and then the hail started. >>reporter: pieces of the barn ended up in the road 200 yards away, in fields, hanging from power lines and throughout the county: >> we have some roads closed with downed trees and power lines. >>reporter: at the johnsville farms in the family for four generations, the concern was immediate. we had to get all the cows out. we didn't lose anybody. >>reporter: the cows helped. >> we had to saw some of them out, we had to clear a lot of debris. a lot of them were smart enough to come and get away. this whole end of the barn here was ripped right off. a lot of the cows were able to get away from the debris as it
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was coming off. >>reporter: neighbors and family pitched in. a generator provided power for a milking operation near the front of the building. it is a farm community and the community helped. >> i feel very lucky, very lucky that i wasn't in the barn, first of all, because i might not be here. second of all i feel lucky that we have so many people that love us to help us out. >> you heard what he said, everybody, everything accounted for tonight. one person was inside that barn when it collapsed and that person was not injured. now that the severe weather has passed, what can we expect tonight and through the weekend? >> let's go over to annie in the weather center. what does it look like tonight? >> it looks really nice tonight, bruce. if you have a chance to go outside, get some dinner, be on the patio, also fire up that barbecue, we have lower humidity and we saw plenty of sunshine today. so, yes, a much calmer and nicer day. let's take a look at some of the video that came in from those storms yesterday out of
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loudoun county, virginia. look at those clouds, dark clouds, winds picking up. we talked about in reports earlier that gary, kenny and armando talked about, those were microbursts, basically a straight line wind with winds basically descending, rushing to the ground. no rotation, no tornadoes yesterday. but with these microbursts, we had 60 to 80 mile per hour winds. let's take a look at some of the storm reports we got in from the storms yesterday. several reports of tree that is were downed, damaging wind gusts. we had wet microburst which is that wind coming down and along with it a lot of rain. flash flooding also out to the east of us and the eastern shore. many reports of hail up to even golf ball sized hail all around the area. you can see the satellite and radar picture, wow, things are quieter, high pressure building in. it'll be another warm day tomorrow. today's high getting up to 91 degrees, but now we're 89 downtown, 84 in gaithersburg. when you factor in the lower
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dewpoints, we're now in the 50s. what does that mean? check out the dewpoint index. in the 50s, hey, that's really nice. we were in the 60s just a couple of days ago and 70s. now you can basically open those windows for tonight as temperatures are much more comfortable. our next chance of storms tomorrow and monday. we'll talk about that coming up. back to you. thanks a lot. jerry sandusky, he's on suicide watch this weekend, facing the rest of his life in prison. last night a jury found him guilty on 45 counts in his child sex abuse trial. the former penn state assistant football coach was led from the courtroom -- from the courtroom in cuffs. some people applauded. the defense lawyers say they will appeal his conviction. manuel gilleggus reports. >>reporter: jerry sandusky's conviction is a relief for the penn state university community. >> i felt he was guilty and he was glad to see that verdict and hope things can move on. >> no one wins, but there's some closure that we can have
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now. >>reporter: sandusky is now in the centre county correctional facility awaiting sentencing. his wife dottie was seen returning home saturday. earlier she spent about 10 minutes at the jail. >>reporter: there were jee rs as the 68-year-old left the courthouse on the conviction of 45 counts. his defense attorney told the crowd it was a difficult case. >> essentially the sentence he will receive is a life sentence. [ cheers ] >>reporter: joe amendola told us sandusky is like a knee ef kid himself and doesn't seem to fully understand the magnitude of what's happened. >> i explained to him whether or not he fullied dpras ped it. it's anyone's guess. >>reporter: this is far from over. it could take years to play out in court, there are pending civil lawsuits and ongoing investigations. penn state released a statement saying it will privately and
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fairly address the victims' concerns and compensate them. a juror said the accusers were all credible and sandusky's lack of reaction to the verdict made jurors realize their decision was the right one. manuel gallegus, state college, pennsylvania. still ahead on 9 news now this saturday, more than 2000 people forced out of their homes by fires out west. we'll have the latest from utah. also massive flooding still causing problems for residents in minnesota this weekend. we'll have details.
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in colorado a setback for firefighters battling a massive wildfire. firefighters trying to save homes before retreating for their own safety. that slowed containment of the blaze to just 45%. the wildfire has already destroyed nearly 200 homes. nearly 1,000 evacuation notices were issued last night. in the meantime, a second wildfire in southwestern colorado has burned nearly 800 acres and forced people from their homes. the continued mix of hot, dry, windy weather have raised the dangers of wildfires across colorado and several other western states. in the meantime, in st springs -- sarasota springs, utah, people have been forced out of their homes by fire. in order to save the residences, firefighters are now posted around the homes
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which are all located some 40 miles south of salt lake city. authorities say the fire is about 30% contained. in the meantime there's more rain in minnesota where residents and businesses were already coping with flooding. forecasters say today's rain is not likely to cause further major problems. flood waters throughout northeastern minnesota continue to recede and residents are returning to their homes to clean up the flood damage. the national weather service says this evening that while most flood waters are receding, the monongahela river continues to rise -- the mississippi river does continue to fly due to runoff. that could add to runoff in the coming days. coming up on niep news now, will the pleasant saturday give way to a pleasant sunday? annie has an update when we come back. stay with us. mashed potatoes and gravy. it's my turn...
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welcome back, everyone. here's a live look at our michael and son weather camera, a beautiful shot, the capitol. sunshine out there, a few clouds with a very nice day.
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temperature right now 89 degrees and we got up to 91 degrees. so it was really nice. elsewhere we got temperatures in the upper 80s for college park, laurel also 88 degrees, davidsonville around 87. arlington, you're at 87 degrees as well as bethesda in the lower 80s at 83. here's a look at the national picture. we start in the midwest for minneapolis and into kansas city where we've got some showers and storms. but look at this, this is tropical storm debbie now and that's hour fourth named storm of the season. our fourth storm doesn't come until late ner august. we are ahead of schedule. in the mid-atlantic, we have cool air thanks to low pressure and some dryer air. it's looking to be a very great weekend. really nice tonight. sunday morning get outside on that run because we got low humidities. it'll be a nice start. sunday afternoon some isolated thunderstorms and showers are possible. monday a better chance for some scattered thunderstorms.
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again, tonight and overnight looks really great. tomorrow morning we're going to start out with lots of sunshine. i think in the afternoon we could see some increase in clouds and that's why we also have a chance for some isolated thunderstorms and showers for tomorrow afternoon and into the early evening. then on monday we're setting up for another day for some scattered showers and thunderstorms, primarily in the afternoon and evening hours as a cold front comes through. tonight clear to partly cloudy and pleasant. low in the lower 70s downtown to mid-60s for gaithersburg and leesburg. tomorrow we're starting out really nice with plenty of sunshine and temperatures getting around to upper 80s close to 90 degrees. so a chance for some isolated storms and showers, otherwise it looks really good. monday a little milder, mid-80s with scattered showers and storms. then on tuesday, look at that, low 80s, partly cloudy conditions. take a look at your next seven days, cooler through wednesday in the mid-80s. then thursday is at & t national which means we've got lots of good golf going on.
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only a chance for a shower, highs in the lower 90s and we heat things back up next week into friday and saturday, mid- 90s by next saturday with showers and storms possible. for now the start of national looks pretty good for golfing. nats. >> on the beltway part two, they need to get a win which hasn't been easy and get this guy going, ryan zimmerman. is he hurt? if not, what's going on? it's the 30th anniversary of a landmarc amendment that says ladies, you can play too. 9 sports when we return. [ barking ] i'm your dog,
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for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. in the case of the battle of the beltway, the guys in the black and orange has seized. baltimore has taken 3-4 of the rivals to the south. if not for super steve, ryan
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zimmerman ain't packing a punch, gang. last night he turned in another 0-4, 6 last 42 and hasn't hit a home run since june 7th. it's obvious to think he must be hurting. d. pack says he's okay, his manager supports him. the questions weep coming up. >> you seen the ball good, you know, we hit the ball hard up the middle. that's the way it's going. he'll come out of it. it's a tough time for him and we need him. i know what he can do and he doesn't have to prove anything and i still like the chances every time he's in there. >> he better start hittin'. jackson tries to turn it around for the nationals. pitching good the last time out. he's like george zimmerman, doesn't always get the run support, his 3 isn't that far behind straussburg's. first pitch about 7:15 tonight.
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orioles news, the team releasing jamie moyer today. he signed with the team at the beginning of this month with the understanding he would make a few starts in the minors and then get called up. he made those starts but the team doesn't need another pitcher right now. moyer who's 49 is the oldest pitcher in baseball history to record a win in the majors. let's talk hockey. the real news here is that the caps are expected to announce a new coach in the near future. we'll keep an eye out for that. in the meantime the team is looking to tweak the roster through trade and free agency. last night they picked up mikery varo. he scored 18 goals a year ago. now to the draflt. they also got foresberg. george mcphee recap the weekend, please. >> we had a great weekend. really delighted with the way things went. we got lead talent yesterday in fors dr. parikhberg and picking
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up rivero makes us a much better team. i rof the tough kid wilson and we made a lot of picks today. >> 10 dpies overall. bottom line unless you get a guy like ovechkin, you never know if any of these guys will make a splash on the big club. a second point of the second guy you see, wilson, the other first round pick, he got a stamp of approval from former coach hunter. that maybe might tell you something about him. some golf now, the travelers this weekend in connecticut, this is webb simpson, u.s. open champ. you republican him from last week. how about him on the second hole. >> nice here. and he would birdie this hole. he's currently six strokes off the lead. more on him in just a moment. watson had a horrible weekend at the u.s. open. he's three strokes off the lead. daves your leader at 12 under. we're gearing up for the big at & t national here coming to bethesda next week. wusa providing coverage throughout the week. we will be live in our newscast on monday with a preview and wednesday through friday
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coverage throughout the day culminating with a special wrapup show at 11:30. webb simpson will not be there. no person shall on the basis of sex shall be excluded from participating in any education program. that is what title 9 had to say. it's the pillar that allowed a lot of women to start playing sports. billie jean king was a huge part of that. >> my two daughter thank her for that. see you back here at 11:00. bye
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