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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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of arizona saying the law interferes with federal immigration laws. in each case, the court is deciding whether or not to uphold white house actions leaving both outcomes critical in an election year. >> the house will vote to repeal whatever is left of obama care. >> reporter: some democrats say a ruling against the white house could actually help in the november elections. >> it's going to energize the democratic base. >> reporter: the supreme court could issue its ruling today or on thursday. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> republican lawmakers promise to vote to repeal any different the health care bill the supreme court leaving standing. egypt's new president elect mohammed morsi is scheduled to meet with the head of the country's military council. he won the presidency with just over 50% of the vote. his meeting today concerns a ruling the people council issue -- the supreme council issued last week. it strips the presidential office of much of its power and
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maintains the military power. tens of thousands of protesters are celebrating morsi's victory and said they will remain there till the power is returned to the presidential office. one person was shot and six others stabbed after a fight broke out at a gaithersburg restaurant. at one point more than 100 people were involved in the brawl at the new red rock cafe. montgomery county and gaithersburg city police were called to the restaurant about 1:30 sunday morning. investigators say the riot began as a fight between two women. other people jumped into the fight. the entire brawl spilled outside and turned into a huge melee. so far no arrests have been made. montgomery county police are asking anyone with information about the brawl to contact them. callers can choose to remain anonymous. police are searching for the woman responsible for a stabbing on board a metro bus. it happened just after 2:00
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yesterday afternoon on an a8 bus driving along 6th and chesapeake street southeast. to women got into an argument. one pulled a knife and stabbed the other several times before fleeing the scene. the victim was taken to med star. she's expected to recover. the cause of a deadly three- car crash in charles county, maryland remains unknown. it happened yesterday afternoon on indian head highway at lewis place. a chevy blazer crossed the center line and struck another car head-on. the driver of that vehicle was killed and a passenger was hurt. a third vehicle was also involved in the crash and sustained minor damage. a brushfire did burning on kent island in queen anne county, maryland is expected to be fully contained by the end of the day. >> fighting this fire has been an all out effort by firefighters from at least seven different counties. the fire began sunday morning around 6:00 in a heavily wooded area on kent island.
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50 acres of forest were charred as the blaze climbed to seven alarms at its peak. >> it's a pretty large fire, about 50 acres. we believe we have it about 90% contained at this point. we have all of the companies from queen anne's county here. >> i'm really upset. this time we're leaving. we didn't leave for the hurricane. >> first time in 25 years. >> it's scary yet exciting. >> no homes were damaged. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with an undisclosed injury. we should know within the next couple of days whether teresa sullivan gets her job back as the president of the university of virginia. sullivan supporters held a rally on the campus. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell has also weighed in telling the board of visitors it has until tuesday to reach a decision. armando trull reports from charlottesville. >> we constitute a community.
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i'm going to say it, a community based on the md jeff seasonnian principal of love. >> reporter: that love drew thousands. >> the distinction between the population that composed our university, the faculty, the students, the staff and alumni has become insignificant. we've come together for a common saw. >> reporter: they called it a rally for honor. some carried signs with the phrase attributed to uva's founder president thomas jefferson. it's more honorable to repair a wrong than persist in it. >> this is all of us speaking as a united voice coming together saying these are the principles we believe in and also we want our president back. >> reporter: 20 of the university's most distinguished professors and staffers called on the board to do the honorable thing when it meets on tuesday. >> this unjust action of the board must not stand.
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we are united in asking for our president to return. >> reporter: some at the rally are calling on rector helen dragus go. >> i think she has violated the honor code. i think this was a cue and it's -- a coup and has done lasting damage to the university. >> reporter: it has angered many alumni. students, donors and even governor bob mcdonnell has told the board to resolve the issue on tuesday or resign. president thomas jefferson founded this university and argued knowledge is power. in charlottesville, armando trull, 9news now. >> supporters say they will be back on tuesday ahead of the board's expected decision. fairfax county police have charged the director of the reston zoo with animal cruelty
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and possession of a controlled substance. 26-year-old megan more genson was arrested friday after a five-month investigation by police into the death of a sick wallaby at the zoo. here's a look at some other things making news now. jerry sandusky is said to be on suicide watch. es ea awaiting sentencing -- he's awaiting sentencing after being convicted on 45 counts including sexually abusing children. several penn state university officials are facing criminal charges. there are also a number of pending civil lawsuits. the university released a statement saying it will fairly address the victims' concerns and compensate them. residents in the florida panhandle are preparing for
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tropical storm debby. debby has been dumping heavy rain in the state and spawned several tornadoes. at least one death is blamed on the storm from one of the tornadoes. parts of florida could see more than 2 feet of rain. more homes have been lost to the wildfire burning near colorado springs, colorado. the total number of homes destroyed is now listed at 248. so far the high park wildfire has burned more than 118 square miles. it's one of eight wildfires burning across the state. one erupted near colorado springs saturday causing about 11,000 people to leave their homes. about 5,000 of those residents have been allowed to return. the time right now is 4:37. we're in store for a cool, wet day compared to this weekend. and at 4:40, howard will let us know just how much rain we're expecting. >> also at 4:40, the economic world is keeping an eye on europe for any news of a possible bailout plan for the don't innocent.
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>> a -- don't innocent. >> a new study suggests you can improve your memory by listening to instruction while you sleep
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it is 4:40 on this monday morning and quiet now. we do have an isolated shower out toward cambridge and oxford over on the eastern shore. better chance we'll see showers and storms midday. highs in the mid-80s. nice weather to start the week but more heat by the end ever the week. the full seven-day forecast coming up in about five. right now over to beverly. she has your time saver traffic. >> we're in decent shape. overnight road work pulling out of your way. no problems to report on the
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beltway near university boulevard. just the normal lane split we see it university boulevard and new hampshire avenue. beltway through montgomery, prince george's counties, incident free. remember the new traffic pattern through alexander, though. back to you. expect the latest figures on home sales and prices, consumer confidence as well as personal income and spending. we're going to find out how quickly the economy grew the first three months of the year. stocks rallied back from the second worst sell-off of the year. the dow climbed 67 points. nasdaq was up 33 and the s&p 500 was better by almost 10. the leaders of france, germany, italy and spain plan to push for a $163 billion growth package at this week's european union summit. italy's prime minister says
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european leaders recognize that steps they've taken so far have not been enough to pull europe out of its economic crisis. google will hold its annual developer's conference in san francisco this week. technical lists say google could use the event to launch its own tablet device to compete with apple's ipad. ikea plans to invest more than a billion dollars in india. the swedish retailer plans to open 25 stores in the country after india recently changed its investment rules for foreign retailers. art lovers with deep pockets will have the chance to bid on an andy warhol painting of princess diana. it goes on the auction block this week in london. there it is right there on your screen. the 1982 portrait is expected to fetch $1.2 million. that's a lot of cash. >> i'm not even sure i like it. okay. 4:42. increased fares, crowded flights and longer wait times.
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these are all part of the new reality of flying the friendly skies. >> at same time a number of airlines have begun taking steps to try and improve one of these problems. we're going to have more on that plus your weather first when we return in two minutes. keep it here.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now on this monday morning. it's 4:45 a.m. we see the damage that debby is doing. that's already a tropical storm. but what happened to us on friday that caused similar damage. >> we had straight line winds and microbursts that caused problems. that barn was destroyed that had the cattle as well. some thunderstorms here. i'll start with debby because it will be a problem for much of the week. debby is hardly moving. as we go to the weather geographerrics, all of this rain -- geographerrics, all of
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this -- graphics, all of this rain is pouring into florida. that's a tornado watch. there have been tornadoes already across florida. you can see the moisture streaming across the gulf into southern georgia. the actual circulation of debby is back here, about 90 miles or so. here's apalachicola out here in the gulf of mexico going nowhere quickly. that's the problem because with stationary motion, winds have actually decreased to 50 miles an hour. it's going to sit here and going to take its sweet time drifting north over the next three to four days. look at the motion of this thing. it's going to crawl toward western florida. the problem with this is that debby has the potential to drop anywhere from 10 to 15, locally 125 inches of rain -- 25 inches of rain. so the flood potential in western northern florida and southern georgia will be pretty high along with the associated problems tropical storms will bring. rain will be the problem for
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them. for us upper 70s by 8:00. by the middle of the day some showers and storms through mid afternoon the way it looks. could be around here. some of these could have a little bit of a punch especially east of 95. i think for the drive home most of that will be south and east of d.c. and the evening temperatures in the upper 70s. a beat breezy, though. winds gusting to maybe 20, 25 or so. this morning we are watching a lot of activity in pennsylvania. locally we have just a lone shower in and around cambridge right now. this is crossing 50 between cambridge toward vienna. doing any travel on that lower part of the eastern shore, you may run into that shower. low to mid-70s where the showers are. out to our north and west, we are in the 60s this morning. in western maryland, cumberland right now very comfortable 61. outside on the michael & son weather camera, good visibility. we've got clear skies. 76 degrees. south, southwest winds at 10. the dew point 68. the winds are going to turn to
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the northwest as this front passes. there's a cold front here. that's going to produce the showers and storms. as this passes us by the middle of the day, here come some showers and storms with it. you can see the deeper yellows toward dewey beach, maybe down to the south by fredricksburg, could be a stronger storms later this afternoon. by 6:15 most of the area has cleared out. as we look at the forecast, today a yellow alert day with the thunderstorms midday. they may interrupt your lunch times, maybe early afternoon outdoor chores, 86 degrees. tonight we're dipping in the low 50s. a beautiful tuesday. warmer wednesday. get ready for more heat and humidity. 94 thursday. i think the low 100s friday. upper 90s saturday. mid-90s sunday with a chance for the afternoon thunderstorms. so enjoy it while we've got it. beverly farmer, over to you.
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clearing out most of the overnight and weekend construction. we're in decent shape right now. howard, just building volumes for folks that leave frederick south on 270, make their way into urbana, hyattstown, germantown. here's the beltway at colesville road. moving freely. no troubles to report right now. beltway prince george's county 95, bw parkway, 50, downtown traffic so far checks in all right with mdot and metropolitan police. no reported troubles for you from ddot. virginia troubles no early troubles. 95, 395 heading to the 14th street bridge. overnight road work on the beltway on 66 and 66 each way near the beltway and through vienna has been cleared out. outer loop of the beltway leaving alexandria, you have the new traffic pattern. as you head over from springfield getting past van dorn street, first of all your local lane split happens earlier. and if you've committed to the local lane, only if you need those local exits through alexandria and oxon hill, you're down to single file as
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part of the last portion of the long-term project. so just to give folks a heads up we're going to see delays building there earlier than we're used to. back to you. >> beverly, thank you. delays and long wait times are a major concern when you're flying. >> several airlines are trying to cut down on those delays. monika samtani takes a look at new technology airlines are using to do just that. >> reporter: d.c. area airports are some of the busiest in the country. in fact, takeoffs and landings at reagan national in 2011 were the highest in a decade and the demand is increasing in our area. the frustration of the summer travel season is, well, traveling. >> getting here first of all, lucky you can get in metro but if you fly out of dulles, traffic is really bad. and then it's just a long line, security, the normal stories one hears about. >> reporter: -- >> you're sitting here with nothing to eat with a baby.
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you can't go to the bathroom. it's awful and the laws need to be changed. >> reporter: some changes are being made. until now flights have tracked through radar with planes following the so-called highway in the sky. but that system is being moddized to new gps satellites, improving communication for the air traffic industry. and you may just feel the difference right here at dulles airport. >> reporter: the airports authority was concerned with how long the planes were sitting on the tarmac. that's what we're seeing right here. >> exactly right. this next data, what we can see for each aircraft, we can see how long it's been sitting on the ground. >> reporter: it provides updates on planes across the country every second 24/7. >> it will help you fly more safely because we have better information on all of the aircraft in the sky, more efficiently because we'll know exactly where they are more accurately so we'll be able to
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fly better routes, quicker routes and with capacity in the air. we'll be able to put more airplanes in the sky because we've added safety to the system. >> i'm not positive how effective that would be. i hope they have something in mind that will work better than what we have. every technology improvement is an improvement as far as i'm concerned that we could really use. no, i don't think it's going to change anything. management personnel have to think beyond the bottom line and money. they need to think of us as people. >> reporter: with the new satellite system in place at dulles, you can at least hope for fewer delays and safer travel this summer. >> that was monika samtani reporting. it's time now for the question of the morning at 4:52. >> according to readers digest, this happens most often on fridays at 5:10 p.m. not 5:00, not 5:15, but 5:10. a, facebook post updates, b, online video game playing or c,
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road rage? >> that's a tough one. you can log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we're going to have the correct answer during the 6:00 hour.
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welcome back to 9news now. weather first here at 4:55 on this monday morning. we've got quiet weather now but as a front approaches here later this morning through midday, we'll have showers and thunderstorms. highs in the mid-80s but it should be drying out by the time we hit the evening commute. i'll be back in a few minutes. we'll talk more about what you can expect for the rest of the week. here's beverly farmer talking about the early commute. it is a good early commute so far, howard. most of the overnight and weekend road work out of your
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way including the springfield project or beltway alexandria project between springfield and the wilson bridge. outer loop of the beltway is the left side of your screen at colesville road with a little more volume. no early problems college park through silver spring and bethesda. good for 270. back to you. >> thanks so much, beverly. the pga tour and world of golf turns its attention to the congressional country club in bethesda. tiger woods is back in the washington area for the at&t national tournament. the last time tiger was here, he won his tournament. after a rough outing at the u.s. open, he has a chance to reclaim some of his glory and he's going to be joined by other players making a splash this season. tiger says congressional is a tough course and he's looking forward to hitting the links. >> fantastic tee to green golf course. you have to drive the ball well to get into some of these flags but once you get on the greens, there's a lot of pitch to the greens, a lot of movement,
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usually back to front and placing the ball in the correct spot is vital giving yourself a chance. >> wusa9 is the place to turn for complete coverage as the at&t -- coverage at the at&t national. our own mike hydeck is there and he will help provide coverage on all of our newscasts and tune in wednesday and friday night for our own clubhouse reports. the red haired heroine of disney and pixar's "brave" was a top office hit. -- top box office hit. it's the 13th consecutive pixar movie to debut in first place. the 3-d animated film grossed another $20 million. men, the action fancy where you were supposed to suspend --
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[indiscernible] abraham lincoln debuted in second place. the daytime emmys were handed out. >> it was a big week for movies coming out on dvd. with have those stories and more in this look at entertainment. >> reporter: the stars of daytime tv gathered for the 39th daytime emmy awards the big winner taking home the honors for outstanding drama was? >> general hospital. >> reporter: cbs' heather thom won for outstanding lead actress in a drama series for her role in the bold and the beautiful. she's the first person to win that category after previously receiving the best younger actress and supporting actress award. a new book about the late singer amy winehouse comes out tomorrow in amy, my daughter, mitch winehouse opens up about the grammy winner's ex-husband, her problems with drugs and her struggles with stage fright and
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insecurity. ♪ you remember the way we used to be ♪ >> reporter: over exposed, the new album comes out today and write me back album hits stores. the oscar winning film the artist is among the movies coming out on dvd tomorrow. the black and white tribute to silent tbil hims won five academy awards including best picture, best actor and best director. if action and comedy is more your thing, 21 jump street is also coming out on dvd. jona hill is assigned to go undercover at a high school. it's based on the tv show of the same name that launched johnny depp's career. that's your eye on entertainment, teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. happy monday. i'm andrea roane. i'm jessica doyle. mike hydeck is


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