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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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forecast. >> later. it will be poor mike by thursday and friday, but the first half of the week looks fine. this morning a few clouds out there. you start seeing some of that sunshine. we have a shower or storm in a couple of spots during the overnight. right now 74. by noon 83. we'll get up to about 85, 86, so we'll -- so there will be some midday showers and storms. i think both the morning and late afternoon rush hours probably are going to miss n. some of the showers and storms might linger in southern maryland or the lower eastern shore. seeing activity this morning up in pennsylvania. this is ahead of a cold front that will come through midday. latest radar showing some of this getting close now into northern garrett county, approaching cumberland. your temps this morning 60s and 70s. let's check in with beverly farmer and find out about that morning commute. >> reporter: right now we had an earlier accident. the flash in the pan kind of deal on the bw parkway inside the beltway riverdale. sky 9 shows us everything is moving pretty well actually heading south of greenbelt and through riverdale on the parkway, on the beltway near the bw parkway looks like where
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they are right now. no early problems here in greenbelt. we'll check out the ride for folks in virginia east on 66 where we see more volume building as you head east of 234 business, man fan sas to get into the rest area. another volume delay in centreville. checking out 50 fair oaks, we've seen delays there. inside the beltway still looks good through falls church. slowest to get aqu ai past -- get past aquia harbor. northbound heading up past the beltway in landmark still a good pace toward the 14th street bridge. remember the new traffic pattern on the outer loop leaving springfield into alexandria aft weekend work. the local through lane split happens earlier closer to van dorn and local lanes will -- we'll call them the local lane because all you have is single file in that stretch between telegraph -- or eisenhower and telegraph road for the next month or so. your next time saver traffic at 6:11. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. all eyes this week are on the u.s. supreme court. a ruling is expected on
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president obama's health care law and whether it's constitutional. >> people on both sides of the issue are already geared up to whatever that ruling might be. delia goncalves is live outside the supreme court with a preview. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. believe it or not, many of those protesters as you have mentioned have already scheduled news conferences and rallies for later this afternoon, even though we don't really know what to expect at this point. the nine justices could uphold the law or they could strike down portions deemed to be unconstitutional. for instance, the individual mandate requiring folks to buy insurance or face fines by 2014 or this medicaid overhaul. but portions of this law have already taken effect. in fact, 6.6 million young adults under the age of 26 are already uninsured under their -- already insured under their parents' plan. >> if i wasn't able to be on my mother's plan, i would probably have to find a job where they did offer health insurance.
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>> the court might strike down the mandate and leave the rest of the law in place. then it would be up to congress to decide whether that works or whether congress has to make more changes in the law to adjust it and get it right. >> reporter: among other things as is the law would also prevent insurance companies from denying you coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. coming up at 6:30, some members of congress' take on what they're now calling obama care. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, delia. delia goncalves reporting live outside the u.s. supreme court this morning. the court will also rule on arizona's anti-immigration law. it allows police officers who have already stopped someone to question their immigration status. there are a few ways the decision can go. the high court can uphold the overall law as a state's right to decide public security issues or they can reject the law on grounds it intrudes on
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federal authority. the justice could also pick apart the law and rule piece by piece. most of the people who lost power in friday night's storms in prince george's county finally have the lights back on this morning. crest avenue in cheverly was one of the hardest hit areas. the storm knocked out power to one home and blew a huge tree limb on top of the car. >> as i was standing there, it seemed like a dark gray ghost swept it my house and the house behind us and shortly after that i actually saw a limb land on my car. >> the county set up a temporary shelter in bladensburg. several dozen families used it over the weekend but it may be closing soon. montgomery county police hope someone comes forward with information about a violent brawl inside a gaithersburg nightclub. a shooting and fight broke out
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early sunday morning outside the new red rock cafe. that's on muddy branch road in the festival shopping center. police say a fight broke out between some women during a concert and this spilled into the parking lot. one person was shot. several others were stabbed or beaten up. everyone will survive. about 100 people were involved so someone knows something. >> we know there were a lot of people involved in this. there are people who have information. there's certainly people who know who are responsible for the shooting and the stabbings. we need someone to come forward. >> police say they are investigating whether this is gang related or was motivated by something else. it is 6:05 on this monday morning and i am watching your money. there are a lot of decisions to be made this week on capitol hill. one of them involves student loans and whether to stop an interest rate hike which is slated for sunday. nancy cortis reports on the dispute which is preventing any
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solution. >> reporter: like one-third of all college students, sam nelson, a junior at george washington university, uses federal stafford loans to help pay his tuition. >> my greatest concern is that it will expire because congress is just sitting around and then it will keep going up and keep going up. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act by july 1, the current low rate of 3.4% will double to 6.8% for seven million new borrowers costing them an average of $1,000 extra over the life of the loan. >> this issue didn't come out of nowhere. it's been looming for months, but we've been stuck watching congress play chicken with another deadline. >> reporter: democrats and republicans have been feuding over how to find $6 billion needed to keep the rates low for one more year. >> the implications are that the republicans are the ones dragging their feet. for the president this is just
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another sad example of president year deflection and strategy. >> reporter: a republican proposal to take the money from a preventive health care fund got shot down by democrats but a democratic proposal to get the funds by closing a corporate tax loophole also went nowhere. still congressional scholars predict the two sides will work this out. >> both parties agree that they don't want to see the increase in rates -- loan rates particularly right before an election season where students are going to be -- votes up for grabs for both parties. >> reporter: the election-year pressure may be taking hold. negotiators have been working through the weekend and tonight at least are projecting more confidence that they can reach a deal. nancy cortis, cbs news, capitol hill. congress is also working against a deadline to fund highway construction. funding is also set to run out at the end of the month. $109 billion is the cost of the to-year package and affects three million jobs. >> that's a lot of money.
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our time is coming up on 6:08. in four minutes the latest from egypt. what that country's new president is promising the world. >> a little bit of a cooldown is coming our way to start the week but howard says we could get a few storms today. your weather first is next right here on 9 news now.
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we had a couple of showers and storms overnight. we'll have a quiet start this morning but in the middle of the day, a cold front will push through striking up more showers and storms. should be gone by late this afternoon. highs into the middle 80s. i'll be back in a few minutes with the rest of the week's forecast and looks like more heat is headed our way. as you leave springfield, a new traffic pattern in place approaching eisenhower area where you have to choose local lanes earlier than you're used to. the local lanes are just one lane between eisenhower and telegraph. jessica, back to you. >> thank you, beverly. it is 6:11. president obama has called to congratulate evipt's new -- egypt's new president elect mohammed morsi. >> he's egypt's first democratically elected president. cjar;oe d -- charily d 'agata
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has more. >> reporter: they came to tahrir square to protest against military rule and they came hoping to celebrate a turning point in egypt's history, itself country's first tewellly democratically elect -- truly detectically elected president. what does this day mean to you? >> i cried like hell. i cried like hell. i thank god like hell. i can't express anything. this is just a step. we still have a long road ahead. >> reporter: it was close. election officials said mohammed morsi beat his rival former military general ahmed shafik with only 51.7% of the vote. it was the news crowds were waiting to hear and people here see this victory as justice for fellow egyptians who lost their life fighting for freedom on
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this very square. 16 months ago, tahrir square became the front line in the revolution to overthrow president hosni mubarak. in a scene of deadly clashes it pro-democracy demonstrators and forces loyal to the regime, more than 900 people were killed. in his victory speech, mohammed morsi said their deaths would not be in vain. he said he would be a president for all egyptians. across town supporters of ahmed shafik appeared to be in a state of shock to hear the news of their candidate's defeat. the accused egypt's generals of lacking courage to stand up to the muslim brotherhood. for morsi's supporters, there were morsel bases. there's no -- more celebrations. there's no doubt celebration will go on for some time.
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they will try to restore some presidential power. cbs news, kiro. it is 6:14 on this monday morning. here's a check of some of the other stories making news. half of americans say it doesn't matter who wins the presidential election in november. the economy won't improve instantly. the poll from the associated press also finds six in ten americans believe the winner will have little to know influence over creating new jobs. a new massive wildfire is burning in colorado this morning. the waldo canyon fire is about three square miles big. this forced 11,000 people from their homes. more than 2800 homes are considered in immediate danger. parts of florida could be slammed with 15 inches of rain from tropical storm debby. the storm has parked itself in the gulf of mexico and it simply isn't moving. it even spawn add few -- spawned a few tornadoes in the
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tampa bay area. were you saying as much as 20? >> 25. it will sit out there for much of the workweek till it makes land fall near apalachicola thursday. here we are monday morning. you have this spinning and tropical downpours. hugo came right on shore. we had the rains from ag goodes nes but it was allison and houston that dumped upwards 30 inches of rain in the houston area. we'll watch this. around here we have a little bit of shower and storm activity in the form of thunderstorms that will be coming trying midday. -- coming through midday. we have a cold front that will be arriving around lunch time. that's the most likely time for showers and storms. 9:00 80 degrees. by 11:00 83. north of town we may start to see some showers. by 1:00 scattered showers and storms still around here a little bit by 3:00. south of us by the drive home, southern maryland, the lower eastern shore, you get toward
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5:00, you're more likely to see the storms than here in the immediate metro with winds out of the northwest 10 to 15. maybe gusting to 20 miles an hour. a high temperature today in the mid-80s. had a few showers and storms overnight. that's this cluster out in the at atlantic now. you'll notice the stuff up in pennsylvania. that will be dropping southeast. it's ahead of a cold front. will give us nice weather to start the week but it's going to get really hot by friday. even thursday looks hot. this morning 72 in college park and upper marlboro. to the north mid-60s in gaithersburg and lovettsville 65. haymarket and manassas 66. fairfax toward fort belvoir sitting at 69 degrees. as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, now we've got sunshine off the capitol dome. under mostly sunny skies. winds still southwest. they'll turn to the northwest this afternoon with that front. humidity 76%. so nationally a few showers in colorado but we need a lot more
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rain than that to help with the fire situation there. this is debby sitting right about there barely moving. kind of ragged now. a little dry air has been dot into -- been brought into it. we can see debby the next few days if conditions come together and this disturbance moving through pennsylvania, new york ahead of the cold front, this is going to give us our threat for some showers and thunderstorms for our middle of the day. that could impact but behind this, that's when the weather will get kind of nice the next few days. looking at the forecast, a yellow alert day because of those thunderstorms. you have midday plans, you'll have to pay attention. 86 degrees. tonight we're dropping into the lower 60s in d.c. with 50s north and west. should be delightful. still a little bit after breeze out of the northwest. really nice on tuesday at 82. wednesday warmer, still dry, sunny, 87. then we turn hot. thursday 94. friday 102. saturday might still be a hundred but i'm going to be optimistic and put 98 and sunday still in the 90s with a
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chance for afternoon storms. 6:17. beverly farmer, good morning. >> good morning. so far so good. outer loop of the beltway typical volume delays. into the work zone in silver spring past new hampshire avenue, making your way past colesville up to georgia. right side the screen is the utter loop. pace still good getting past 29. check the ride on 66 where we've already seen delays out of manassas to the rest area. getting through the centreville interchanges with the slow merge on to 28. getting east of 50 fair oaks into i enthat not too bah -- into vienna not too bad. northbound 95 traffic has been heaviest getting into the quantico area northbound across the occoquan into newington on to 395 and up toward landmark. still seeing volume build there. remember the new traffic pattern on the outer loop as you head from springfield toward van dorn street. between van dorn and eisenhower
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closer to van dorn is where you have to make the choice for local or through lanes. you only want the local lane if you're using one of the local exits since they're down to single file. your next check of traffic at 6:25. back to you. >> thank you, bev. the time right now is 6:19. next in sports, the battle of the beltways is over for another year while it is a battle for first place for d.c. united. >> but right now it's time for another check on our question of the morning. reader's digest says which of these things happens most often on friday afternoons around 5:10. is it a, facebook updates, b, online video game playing or c, road rage? >> facebook friend tony says it's c, everyone wants to start the weekend like now. they feel everyone should get out of their way and if you don't move fast enough for them, they get angry. they need a chill pill. >> maybe they're posting to say hey, i'm heading out on the roadways. keep the guesses coming. we'll reveal the answer at
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welcome back. 6:23 your weather first. it's quiet right now but get ready for some showers and storms here later this morning till about the early to mid parts of the afternoon. temperatures about 85 but should be sunny for the drive home and we'll look at a temp around 82. >> thank you, howard. in sports interleague play is over for the nationals. >> they're out west today to begin a four-game set with the rockies. first pitch in denver is 8:40 our time. the nats and orioles wrapped up the battle of the beltway sunday. no score in the third. one on for ryan zimmerman. he singles to left. nats up 1-0. it stayed that way till the 8th. one on for baltimore's matt. he takes sean bernette into the bullpen, his first loss of the year. nationals lose to the orioles 2- 1. the face of the franchise
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says he's not going on the disabled list and instead ryan zimmerman will take cortisone shots to help his ailing right shoulder. it's been bothering him and is affecting his play. he says he may need surgery over the winter. d.c. united was all alone in first place going into last night's game against new york. but now they're in a tie with the red bulls. new york scored just before half time and then right after half time last night. chris podius scored twice but once enough. united loses 3-2. d.c. hosts montreal on saturday. nascar was in wisconsin sunday for the toyota save mart 350. boyer controlled the race and led. he gets his first win with michael walter on owe [ inaudible ] -- walter -- [ inaudible ] still to come, a preview of this week's at&t national golf tournament.
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learn where this course is not for beginners. >> plus, the latest on the mass at uva. a weekend rally and a big week ahead in charlottesville. >> right now beverly farmer has a quick check on our traffic. >> focus is on 395 in the express lanes. one broken down in shirlington hooking up to the roll back rite now tying up the right lane. we have a complete look at your time saver traffic coming up after 6:30. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. we'll be right back. good monday morning.
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good morning. we're back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. you can see right now the temperature is a nice warm 74 degrees. that's the washington monument in that hazy look there. and we thank you for starting your monday with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. mike is going to be doing another assignment all week, lucky guy. at&t. >> at&t. meteorologist howard bernstein, though, is live on the weather terrace with our forecast. you're saying for mike later on this week, it will be a scorcher. >> later in the week. thursday we get the 90s. friday maybe even triple digit heat. enjoy the start of the week when we're talking about 80s with comfortable nights. that sounds great. here's a look at our day planner. we've got sunshine this morning. some clouds mixed in but we'll call it partly to mostly sunny right now. 74 degrees. middle of the day we've got a better chance of seeing some
6:30 am
showers and thunderstorms with a cold front that's coming through. highs in the mid 80s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature 83. no thunderstorm symbol by 5:00. i think most of the activity will be south and east of us by then. we're watching showers and storms up in pennsylvania this morning. that's ahead of a cold front headed our way. that will also be activating some of those storms toward us. right now they're across pennsylvania getting into parts of cumberland. temperatures in the 60s out in the shenandoah valley, up in northern maryland. frederick 64. baltimore 69. but 75, that's the warm spot at the naval catd my. 71 -- academy. 71 la plata and 66 for man fan sas. i'll come back -- manassas. i'll come back and talk about the heat headed our way. right now here's beverly farmer. 395, we got rid of the problem we had in the express lanes in shirlington. there was a crash north of the beltway on 395 in the main lanes but before you reach edsall road. pace is still good heading past
6:31 am
the beltway to that crash moved over to the right showedder. next set of slowdowns, the merge at land mark. then just getting across the inbound 14th street bridge. 66 slow ride is through manassas to the rest area getting through the centreville interchanges. then some heavier volume as you head east of 50 toward 123 and the metro. inside the beltway loading up a bit in falls church just as the hov rules kick in here. as you head south on 270 slow into hyattstown. off and on slowdowns out of germantown. down toward the beltway no real surprises on the southbound 275 trip. the outer loop slowing into silver spring with the lanes open. prince george's county crash cleaning up a stretch just south of temple hill. police are on the scene and downtown traffic has been checking in all right. your next check of time saver traffic at 6:42. >> thank you, beverly. iery sandusky -- jerry sandusky will appeal his conviction on more than 40 child sex assault charges but the implications of friday night's verdict are far- reaching.
6:32 am
>> cbs this morning will be looking at that at the top of the hour. charlie rose joins us live from new york with a preview. charlie, this is a story everybody is still talking about. >> they are indeed, jessica and andrea. one of the jurors who decided to convict jerry sandusky describes what happened in the jury room. we'll talk to pennsylvania governor tom corbet about the conviction and what the future holds for penn state and a provocative article in atlanta raising questions about women, careers and raising a family. that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> well eab watching, thank -- we'll be watching, thank you. we expect to get a ruling on one of the biggest supreme court cases in years. is it constitutional for uncle sam to require you to buy health insurance or face a penalty? president obama's health care law hangs in the balance. >> delia goncalves is live outside the supreme court. do we have any hint, delia, when this ruling might be
6:33 am
coming down? >> reporter: andrea, we're told the ruling could come down as early as today or perhaps even thursday. certainly before the justices break for the summer. and no doubt millions of americans are certainly on edge awaiting this decision. the justices will rule on the constitutionality of the individual mandate portion of this law requiring folks to buy insurance or face fines. president obama, he's already on the record saying he's confident the law will be upheld but mitt romney has already vowed to repeal the law if he becomes president. romney opposes a mandate on a national scale though he included a similar provision when pushing health care in massachusetts. while millions of americans, especially those under 26 years old are already benefiting from the law, republicans say it's bad for business. >> the debate about how to approach our health insurance problem in america will continue because the health care law currently structured
6:34 am
is discouraging job creation and expansion of business in america. >> is this supreme court really nine justices trying to dispense justice for all of us or has it become a political body just the way that congress or the white house is? >> get this. even though we don't know what the decision will be or exactly when it will come down, a number of protesters on both sides of the issue have already scheduled news conferences and rallies outside the supreme court here for later this afternoon. you can be sure we're going to stay on top of this story and bring you the ruling whenever it comes down. back you to, andrea. >> delia goncalves live outside the u.s. supreme court in northeast washington. and we will be watching for the court's ruling around the clock. follow us on tatter to get the news instant "owe on twitter to get the news instantly when it breaks. get the news as well as and when the ruling comes down, we'll have live coverage and reaction around our region and from our partners at cbs news. we should know within the next couple of days whether teresa sullivan gets her job
6:35 am
back as president at the university of virginia. yesterday sullivan supporters held a huge rally calling for her to be rehired. they're upset over what they call a lack of transparency in its decision to get rid of sullivan. many at yesterday's rally say sullivan's firing goes against the school's core beliefs. >> we came to uva because of its great legacy of honor and integrity and the history here. that's been trampled upon in our view. >> i hope the board of visitors can see how much support there is for sullivan. >> sullivan's interim replacement says he will not do anything job related till after the board meets this week. maryland governor martin o mali is trying to salvage plans for -- martin o'malley is trying to salvage plans for a casino. he planned to call a special session on expanding gambling in the state but a work group set up to discuss it couldn't agree on tax stipulations included in the plan. the governor could still call a special session but officials
6:36 am
say that decision isn't expected any time soon. mike hydeck has a sweet assignment this week. he's covering the at&t national golf tournament in bethesda. >> it's the tournament hosted by tiger woods and tiger says the course is a challenging one. dave owens gives us a sneak peek. >> reporter: so you're a hack golfer like me and you want to play the at&t tournament? good luck. >> it is challenging. >> reporter: some of the challenges put in place for last year's u.s. open. for example, the 523-yard finishing hole. >> for the average golfer it's pretty narrow and visually intimidating. >> reporter: intimidating that's for sure. this one here on 18 isn't even one of the toughest ones. you go over to the sixth hole and that fairway pretty narrow. less than 20 paces wide. so let's go there. what's 20 paces wide mean for a
6:37 am
below average golfer like me? >> if you do it in the rough, you have absolutely zero chance. >> reporter: and we're in the woods. the superintendent has been growing that rough stuff for more than a month. he's got it up to more tan 4 inches. >> normally we're at two and a half inches. >> reporter: how rough is the rough? watch this. >> you could lose a small child in there. >> reporter: when you do get it on the green, congressional has been prepping the putting service for the pros. not the joes. >> this is called a meter. >> reporter: which measures green speed. >> they're quicker, firmer for events like this. >> reporter: firmer equals faster. novices like me have had it but be warned, shots like this on the blue course few and far between. >> wow. that was dave owens celebrating the one time he got it into the cup there. every day this week dave and mike will have coverage from
6:38 am
bethesda. catch them during 9news now at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. and starting wednesday, we'll have a live report from bethesda every morning as well as tournament specials every night after 9news now at 11:00. >> definitely a good time to be had by all. the time right now is 6:38. howard says we're going to have scattered storms today. >> highs will be in the mid- 80s. straight ahead when the hot and humid weather and some triple ding digit -- triple digits will come back. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now monday morning edition at 6:42. monika is out. i'm beverly farmer checking your ride. we'll start out checking out the ride out of waldorf. volume light approaching the signals at brandywine just getting to the split. prince george's county crash is on a stretch. police are on the scene but shouldn't cost you too much time. on the beltway outer loop as you head out of college park
6:43 am
through silver spring past the lane divide between new hampshire university and west toward georgia avenue, volume on the left side of the korean is the outer -- of the screen is the outer loop volume delay. no incidents to report heading toward 270. travel in on the beltway in alexanderia you've got the new traffic pattern between van dorn and eisenhower is where you have to choose local or through lanes and keep in mind not only is that split earlier but if you commit to the local side as you can see on the far right side of the screen, they are single file. the local lanes are reduced to a single file until the work zone is completed. that is expected to be about a month long period. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. i don't think they found that the traffic holdups over the weekend were as bad as we feared. >> which is a good thing. we like that. we're taking a live look outside. you can see it's kind of a hazy morning so far. >> is it typical for summer? hazy, hot and humid? >> 74 degrees already.
6:44 am
it is only 6:43 in the morning. >> we're going to be a warm day today. i think some of that haze, we're sort of looking into the camera, too. looking the other way, it's not as hazy looking. we're going into the 80s today. the week starts nice. even though we have showers and storms, temperature wise compared to what's coming by the end ever the week, this is going to be really, really comfortable. trust me on this. here's a look at your beby first. i want to -- debby first. i want to talk about debby before we get to the day planner. it continues to bring in tons of moisture up into southern georgia. some of these areas over the next few days could get 25, 25 -- 20, 25 inches of rain. the actual center of circulation is back off shore south of western florida there. a little tough to pick out because it's not the greatest defined storm. it's weakened to having winds only 50 miles an hour but for the latest advisory from the hurricane center, this is apalachicola. that's about 90 miles. winds gusting to 65.
6:45 am
barely moving now. the forecast is a very slow drift north. we're getting into tuesday. now getting into wednesday. and into maybe late wednesday, early thursday before this thing makes landfall. could be a strong tropical storm but maybe even a minimal hurricane but the problem is going to be the slow movement and the rains that continue to fall from this storm. for us today sunshine this morning. we'll see a chance of showers and storms later this morning through the middle of the day, even into the early part of the afternoon. late afternoon storms start pulling away south and east of d.c. highs in the mid-80s. i'm optimistic both the early and late commute should be generally dry except if you're south and east of d.c. the storms could linger southern maryland, horne eastern -- lower eastern shore. new york state, ahead of this line, a severe thunderstorm watch. you can see the yellow box that just popped up from hartford all the way down to northern delaware. this goes till 2:00 in the afternoon. those storms will be drifting toward us for the middle of the day and early afternoon. 66 in gaithersburg and hagerstown. it's 73 in easton.
6:46 am
it's 69 in baltimore. and 66 culpeper. also culpeper, warrenton just a touch of fog out there this morning. partly sunny on our michael & son weather camera. 74 degrees. winds still southwest ahead of the front. humidity 76%. as we look at our forecast, we're going to have some of these thunderstorms coming in for the middle of the day. temperatures will be in the mid- 80s for highs. we clear out late this afternoon. cool, pleasant, a little breezy tonight. 62 by tomorrow morning with 50s north and west. a good looking day. by the way, yellow alert for the thunderstorms in the middle of the day. good looking days tomorrow and wednesday. actually beautiful, 82 tomorrow. wednesday 87. then here comes the heat. thursday 94. friday 102. i'm hoping saturday we stay in the upper 90s with a chance by friday and saturday of some afternoon storms. jess and andre came? >> thank you, -- andrea? >> thank you. delays and long lines are major concerns when flying. >> several airlines are trying to cut down on those delays. monika samtani is going the
6:47 am
extra mile and looking a new technology the airlines are using to save you some time. >> reporter: d.c. area airports are some of the busiest in the country. in fact, takeoffs and landings at reagan national in 2011 were the highest in a decade. and the demand is increasing in our area. the frustration of the center travel season is, well, traveling. >> getting here first of all. luckily you can get on metro but if you fly out of dulles, traffic is really bad. then it's a long line, security, the normal stories everyone hear abouts. >> reporter: you're-- >> you're sitting there with nothing to eat or you have a baby. you can't go to the bathroom or get anything to eat, nothing. it's really awful and the laws really need to be changed. >> reporter: some changes are being made. until now, flights have tracked through radar with planes following the so-called highway in the sky. but that system is being moddized to -- modernized to new gps satellites, improving communication for the air
6:48 am
traffic industry. you may just feel the difference right here at dulles airport. metropolitan washington airports authority was concerned with how long the planes were sitting on the tarmac and that's what we're seeing right here. >> exactly right. using this data what we can see for each aircraft, we can see how long the aircraft has been sitting on the tarmac. >> reporter: it all works through these ground stations which provide real time updates on flights and ground crews across the country to a central location in virginia. every second 24/7. >> it will help you fly more safely because we'll have better information on all of the aircraft in the sky, more efficiently because we'll know exactly where they are, more accurately so we'll be able to fly better routes, quicker routes, and with capacity in the air. you'll be able to put more airplanes in the sky because we've added safety to the system. >> i'm not positive how effective that would be. i hope that they have something in mind that will work better than what we've -- what we have. every technology improvement is an improvement as far as i'm concerned that we could really
6:49 am
use. >> no, i don't think it will change anything. management personnel have to think beyond the bottom line and money. they need to think of us as people. >> reporter: with this new satellite system in place at dulles, you can at least hope for fewer delays and safer travel this summer. >> that was monika samtani reporting. at 6:49 we want to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. that we one more time, according to reader's digest, this happens most often on friday afternoons around 5:10. is it a, facebook updates, b, online video game playing, or c, road rage? >> the answer is c, road rage. >> most of our people who answered that agreed with that. >> that's right. we have a check on the news before you go up next. stay with us. ♪
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6:53. we've got partly sunny conditions now. by the middle of the day, in fact later this morning some showers and storms will move in from pennsylvania. should be gone by the late afternoon rush hour. except for lower eastern shore and southern maryland. highs today in the mid-80s. today is monday, june 25. here's a check on the news before you go. a 7-year-old girl is dead after a three-car crash in charles county, maryland. police say an suv going southbound on route 210 went into the northbound lanes near lewis place hitting two other cars. the initial report says alcohol was a contributing factor. firefighters on kent island in maryland hope to get a seven- alarm brushfire completely contained today. flames destroyed about 50 acres in queen anne's county over the weekend with 90% contained by
6:54 am
sundown last night. a change of command at fort belvoir. there will abpublic ceremony -- will be a public ceremony. >> he's a 27-year-old army veteran and west coast graduate. now here's jessica with today's daily deals. >> thank you. we're going to listen to this daily deals music and get us going early on this monday morning. here are some of our favorite deals today. has a cannon power shot camera, 530 hs in white. it costs $269, a savings of over $80. it comes with built in wi-fi so you can upload your pictures faster and show your facebook friends just how awesome that vacation was. you can find this deal at over at, they have a samsung 51-inch 3-d plasma hdtv, 20% off the normal price. you can get this tv for $599.99 and shipping is free.
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bottoms up. >> there's a new study out that shows women who drink to glasses of wine a day or men who drink four glasses of wine a day, these are people 50 years old and higher scored higher on a quality of life test. this was judging dexterity, emotion, cognition and mobility showing that moderate drinkers scored off the charts in all these areas. >> happy people. >> who funded this thing?
6:59 am
like the napa growers association? you said it's not a carafe. >> it's a glass. >> normal size glass, not a carafe. >> we know our colleagues at another network are having a great boozeday tuesday. a couple of showers. we may see a couple of strong ones east of town. triple digits on friday. northbound 95, 395, fairly typical volume delay. the exception was an incident northbound on 395 after the beltway before edsall managed to november on to the right shoulder but it's the folk cal point of delays out of springfield toward edsall road. this live shot from sky 9. folks traveling in on 66, you still have volume delays to get to the beltway. then in through falls church past sycamore street. we'll see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:25. have


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