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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 25, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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in a statement president obama said he was pleased that the ruling happened that way and called on congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. so what is the impact of this ruling on the immigration issue in this country? donald moore is an expert on immigration and nationality law, while brad bachman is president of help save maryland, a group opposed to legalization of undocumented immigrants. gentlemen, glad to have you with us. the court struck down most of the law except the part everybody was really worried about. that is the part that allows cops to check the immigration status of folks they arrest. what is your reaction? >> i'm not that upset. they basically stayed away from it. it was a unanimous decision on that. it was four decisions actually in one, 8-0, 7-2 in another key part and then 5-3 in two others, but this is the 287g, the component that we see in prince william county, frederick county, other parts of the country where state and local authority are cooperating with the immigration service.
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what the court said here is we're watching you, arizona. it says if you go over the line and do things that you're looking at color and race and start asking for id based on that, you'll be zapped. >> brad, let me turn to you because the court did say the federal government does have the big responsibility for this. was that a big loss for your side? >> no. in fact, i would agree it was a victory today for arizona and citizens of the united states. we are now in a situation where arizona and the citizens can do 287g statewide. there were only seven counties in arizona beforehand that had this program and by the way, the administration canceled the 287g today with arizona. i don't know what that was all about, but clearly this is good for other states. the 287g program is combined with secure communities which allow everyone to be screened in jail. so you have outside and inside
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screening. it's clearly going to continue -- >> but you're not concerned about again the rest of the law was turned aside? >> to carry your id is a throw- away. to apply for a job, e-verify is legal across the state of arizona. so, in fact, and with e-verify growing across the country and that's a screening system to keep illegals on the of our work system, i think this is a great victory. >> donald, you're looking mystified over here. >> i think this is great. i think this helped save maryland, helped destroy maryland, whatever the organization; this is fantastic because this was a victory for the constitution of the united states. the states cannot preempt the federal government's role in immigration. this was a complete defeat, defeat, a defeat for the state of arizona for those who were -- >> obviously you guys have a difference of opinion, but what we do know is the president has decided to once again call on congress to do something about this. doesn't this at least begin to light a fire under the federal
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government to actually come up with a policy? >> no. i think, in fact, this continues the policy of self- deport ace, basically attrition through enforcement -- self- deportation, basically attrition through enforcement. in maryland we will be voting on the so-called dream act. it's a nightmare act for citizens of maryland, but that's a whole other subject to come up later this year, but victory spoken like a lawyer who defends illegals for a living. >> brad, this is the first time we're meeting. i appreciate no throwing anything at me, but i find it mazing that seeing most of -- amazing seeing most of the laws of arizona and most of the hateful laws of organizations who do not understand the greatness of this country have supported far rights called racist by all the different organizations that care about human rights in this country, this was a complete and utter
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defeat for every one of those organizations and you're claiming victory. i find that amazing. >> let him respond. >> you can't win. you throw out the racist term. clearly arizona, south carolina, frederick, maryland, the illegal immigrants are leaving in droves. this will continue to happen in arizona. >> do you think this is because of the law or because the economy is bad and they can't find jobs? >> all of the above and whoens what will happen in november? >> who -- who knows what will happen in november? >> whoens knows and i'm looking to celebrating about the success. >> the big ruling everybody is waiting for is coming up on thursday, the president's healthcare reform law, the individual mandate. any sense from either of you about the timing of this? does it mean anything that the court left this one for last? >> i think this is great news for the healthcare and i don't know which way it's going to go because when you saw chief justice roberts join the
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majority here, it means that they're looking at this and the oral opinions and oral arguments didn't matter so much. with the healthcare does this mean that some of those in the so-called progressive side will go over with the others in a mishmash? i don't think you can tell the tea leaves but you can certainly say maybe it's not as idealistically differentiated as we thought it was. >> we appreciate your time. i do want to ask you the viewer did the supreme court get it right? should immigration enforcement solely lie with the federal government or did the ruling trample on states' rights? send your thoughts to mailbag at the supreme court also all but ended the battle over redistricting in maryland. the justices will not hear the lawsuit challenging the new map. some voters sued against the new map saying it discriminated against minority voters, but it
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was tossed out. voters are working to get a referendum. today labor unions in maryland called on the governor and top lawmakers to open the way for more casinos because they want the jobs. prince george's county wants a casino built at oxon hill, but a special come tie in annapolis couldn't -- committee in annapolis couldn't reach an agreement. so we don't know if the sixth casino will be coming any time soon. >> voters are saying it's not good enough for our elected officials to throw up our hands and say we can't figure out how to get this done especially when so many jobs are at stake. >> the d.c. trades building council represents 15 local union. it says a casino at the national harbor would be one of the largest union construction project in the country. a hail of gunfire in southeast d.c. leaves a group of kids and adults from a d.c. food program caught in the crossfire. a stray bullet struck two kid and one counselor at 19th and savannah street. they were all sent to the hospital. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson in southeast washington
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where earlier today some shots rang out, two of the victims 7 and 8 years old here for a free lunch program. >> the intended target believe was another individual running past about apparently being chased by other individuals. >> reporter: the shooting victims have been standing on the sidewalk on savannah at 19th streets when several shots rang out from nearby woods. the 7-year-old boy was hit in the shoulder. an 8-year-old boy was shot in the ankle. undealt male was also hit in the ankle. -- an adult male was also hit in the ankle. >> it's pitiful. the little kid can't even play outside -- kids can't even play outside. >> reporter: the adult is vance pain, page, a -- vance pain, a minister. -- vance page, a minister. >> for whatever reason innocent people get shot were babies
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like babies. >> reporter: they get shot, too. >> reporter: all of the wounded are expected to survive. bruce johnson, 9 news now. an update on the two attacks and slashing of animals at frying pan farm park in herndon. fairfax county police arrested a teen-ager over the weekend for both crimes. the first attack was two months ago when three horses were stabbed. one month to the day later police say the teen-ager slashed two goats, a chicken and a calf. the 17-year-old is still in police custody charged with four counts of maiming animals. looks like d.c. council member marion barry is back on board with d.c.'s streetcar project. today he withdrew his resolution of disapproval. barry filed it last week over concerns of cost which threatened to delay the e street line by 45 days. marion barry withdrew his opposition after the mayor made a commitment to use as many
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d.c. citizens on this project as possible. a yellow weather alert for today, but now it's clear and kind of nice out, top. >> it really is. we have a nice breeze from the northwest. ed humidity is under check. we're in pretty -- the humidity is under check. we're in pretty good shape. it did make it to 89 today. there were some severe storms in northern maryland, but we're good now. 79 in leesburg and frederick and 76 in hagerstown. we talk about the winds because these winds are ushering in this cooler more comfortable air. wind gusts to 30 miles per hour last hour at manassas, but generally in the 15 to 25 mile- per-hour wind gusts. the winds will be with us through wednesday. for tonight clear skies, breezy, much cooler. give the ac a rest, lows 54 to 64, wind eventually northwest 10 to 15. we'll come back and have the latest on tropical storm debby. could she affect us over the july 4th holiday? we'll also let you know about the weather for the at&t national. heat is lurking in the
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forecast. >> thank you, top. still to come prince george's county tries to help hundreds of people left homeless after the somes last friday. >> but first a top restaurant inside a museum? d.c.'s annual restaurant awards say yeah, yeah, if is. we'll tell you which tourist attraction is now at the top up next.
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back on 9 news now with a first for a museum in washington. the smithsonian's national museum of american indians is now home to d.c.'s casual restaurant of the year. mitsitam, the native foods cafe won that honor at last night's rammy award. this is the first time a restaurant association of metropolitan washington was nominated and given the award to a museum restaurant. prince george's county school superintendent william height jr. is a finalist to be superintendent of the school district of philadelphia. height says he wasn't looking for other jobs but he couldn't pass up the chance to consider the move. he was hired as superintendent here in 2009 and his contract runs through june of next year. a stormy start giving way to a lovely day outside and guess what? tomorrow may be even better. topper with the lowdown on a little bit of a cooldown coming up. >> but first as tiger and the pga tour get ready to tee off at the at&t national we take you on a tour of one of the
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most historic golf courses anywhere, a look inside congressional country club when we come back.
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after a two-year hiatus the at&t national is back this week in the nation's capital. the crews right now are putting the finishing touches on the failed blue course at congressional country club in bethesda before tomorrow's practice rounds.
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the pga tournament is now back in his home course after spending two years in pennsylvania because of last year's u.s. open at congressional. rory mcilroy's win last year at the open is just one of the amazing golf rounds played at congressional since it was built in the 1920s. the history of the course and the beautiful clubhouse on river road are truly inspiring. our mike hydek takessous a trip through time with a behind -- takes us on a trip through time with a behind the scenes look at the congressional. >> reporter: tiger, ernie els, congressional leaders, presidents have walked the halls here. perhaps one of the most compelling? this man. >> you can see he looks flushed even then. >> he looks totally exhausted. >> reporter: in the 1964 u.s. open ken venturi nearly collapsed from heat exhaustion before winning the tournament and that is just one of a long list of amazing stories here at congressional. the ceo shared a few others. >> this is a picture of hoover actually laying the foundation
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stone at the ceremony. >> reporter: in fact, five presidents were instrumental in founding congressional country club, taft, hoover, coolidge, harding and wilson. did they all do it as president or as they rose through the ranks? >> none of them were sitting presidents at the time that this club was established. >> reporter: also founding member, silent movie legend charlie chaplin, vince lombardi one of four honorary members. >> every picture on this wall has some significance related to members, original founding members of the club. >> reporter: and the reverence for congressional only grows with each passing year. that 1964 u.s. open champion had hoped to be a part of the club forever. so ken venturi donated his u.s. open trophy, his scorecards and -- >> and the set of irons he used which really -- >> reporter: those are the clubs he used? >> those are the clubs he won the u.s. open with in 1964. >> reporter: who will be the next to make history in these halls?
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we'll find out this weekend. mike hydek, 9 news now. >> some music, wasn't it? golf get underway at congressional wednesday with the at&t national pro-am. then the tournament action tees off thursday. 9 news now has you covered on the lings. join mike and wash -- links. join mike and our washington post golf reporter. it runs wednesday through friday right after 9 news now and we'll look ahead to the plays still to come and have some fun along the way. prince george's county emergency managers are assessing damage done by friday night's storm. they want to figure out if there's enough uninsured structural damage to qualify for federal assistance. >> if you have any structural damage to your homes, we would need that was in. especially if you're not covered by insurance. >> now the some hit particularly hard in bladensburg. several apartments along newton street were badly damaged. 600 folks are out of their homes tonight.
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the red cross set up a relief center at bladensburg high. we hope those folks get back in soon. >> we know other storms will hit between now and then. >> that's why we declared friday severe weather alert day to give people a heads up. a few storms last night, some hail and a few storms this afternoon south of town, but now the front is south and east of us. it's some kind of nice outside. let's start with debby who is lurking off the northeast coast of gulf of mexico just off apalachicola about 30 miles. winds are 45 miles per hour, gusts to 60, but the winds are not the problem. it's that it won't move and it will produce more and more rain over the next several days across north florida. even by wednesday at 2:00 it barely gets inland into northern florida. it takes another couple days to kind of meander off the coast of florida or georgia. there is still some doubt and uncertainty as to the exact track, but i think it will
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eventually get across florida back into the at lang. then it's going regeneral -- the atlantic. then it's going to regenerate and create a tropical storm. it might even impact our beaches with some rip currents. this is i think hysterical. these are computer models. each line represents a future track of the storm. you talk about they're not agreeing? look at this. you got storms going west, models taking it east, to a loop and one taking it off north and east. the consensus at the national hurricane center is it will work its way across north florida. in the meantime we're talking an additional 10 to 15 inches of rain down there. right now our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, almost clear outside, 83. look at the dew point 44. the dew points are in the 40s, you can open your windows at night, but tonight you'll get cold. temps 83 downtown, 82 manassas, in the 70s in leesburg, 79 also up in frederick, looking at winds gusting at 30 miles per
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hour ushering in the cooler drier air. the winds will be with us through wednesday. breezy and cooler tonight, sunny morning commute. breezy with low humidity tomorrow and warming up wednesday but still comfortable in terms of humidity. tonight clear, breezy, much cooler. give the ac a rest because you'll be cranking them late in the week. 54 to 64, downtown talking low 60s and looking at maybe 56 in rockville and 57 in college park and out toward fairfax. the next three days 9 weather hear the codes are all green, 80 since wednesday, still good and 93 thursday, hot but got to give it a green, no storms thursday. next seven days different story. the heat continues friday, saturday, sunday just in time for the at&t national, just isolated storms and temps will be in the upper 90s friday, saturday and sunday, back in the mid-90s getting into next monday. so again we'll watch debby, could throw some rip currents our way by july 4th and we'll watch the heat because that's
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going to be a big story over the tournament. >> it really is and we supposed the golfer at the beginning of that package who was flushed and almost passed out. we could see that this weekend. >> you could with players and spectators. >> we'll be right back.
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in the mailbag tonight we've got reaction to lesli foster's very well crafted report on charges that some
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models of the jeep cherokee exploded into flames when hit from behind because the gas tank was placed behind the rear axle. the accidents have killed dozens of people. rich who claims to be a civil engineer writes that is not the whole problem. police cars for many years like thed for crown victoria as well -- ford crown victoria have had gas tanks behind the rear axle but with no problem. the difference is the jeep gas tanks are made of plastic and thed for gas tanks are made of steel. -- the ford gas tanks are made of steel. lesli acknowledges the placement is not the only concern but she continues to believe it's the a man issue and we note ever since -- the main issue and we note ever since jeep moved the tank in 2005 to a different place in the vehicle there have been no more of the fiery deaths described in lesli's stories. to read more go to our website there was also this from our good friend regarding karen klein who was the bus monitor harassed by middle schoolers in
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new york. deb calls it absolutely sickening. why didn't the driver stop the bus and do something and why aren't the paints aware of their kids' -- the parent as wear of their kids' -- parents aware of their kids' personality. we got to ask what's wrong with these kids? mailbag at that's our broadcast. we'll see you a little later. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> matthew mcconaughey with his new bride. their wedding day moment that brought him to tears. >> right before she came out. >> alec baldwin's fiance flashes her bare bottom in new york. will their wedding be ruined by the paparazzi? plus, who is the megastar finally bearing her baby bump? is ann curry being paid $10 million to leave "today show?" >> she will land on her feet. plus, the biggest star payouts of all-time. who made $45 million just to walk away? michael jackson's kids today on the third anniversary of his death. his daughter, paris, on a date? wearing makeup, a t-shirt of her father. the photos you haven't seen. plus -- ♪ thriller >> how much money are his children worth now? tyler perry terrorized. >> i will stop his soul before i let him take a person that i


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