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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 27, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. huge crowds are flocking to the congressional country club in the at&t national golf tournament. tiger woods teed off early this morning for the professional
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amateur game, and our chris ten berset is -- kristen berset is joining us now. she's in bah these today with more information -- bethesda with more information. >> reporter: hello, jc. today is all about the opening ceremonies. the pro am kicked off earlier. we just saw the noon group go off behind us. the second group of golfers are heading out for the afternoon. like you said, just five and a half hours ago, tiger woods teed off the pro am, one -- or the very first group to go out actually. even though it was bright and early in the morning, still large crowds. lots of people out there to see him. one final practice before his tee time tomorrow which is at 12:50. it's going to be a great trio to watch. but also out on the course today, the donald. donald trump was out here playing in the pro am as well. he was paired up in a foursome. look at him getting -- enjoying the beautiful weather, getting
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in a nice round of golf. we caught up with the donald earlier this morning. he was anxious to tee off. >> reporter: nice to meet you, donald. >> nice to see you. wow. >> reporter: have you played this course before? >> i have. wonderful place. i'm here playing in the tournament also at trump national right up the river. >> reporter: you ready? it's a challenging course. >> i'm ready. i here we're playing all the way back but that's okay and i'm ready. >> reporter: he had a big crowd following him as well. our at&t clubhouse report begins tonight at 11:30. we've got everything you need to know in prep for round one of the at&t national. that begins tomorrow. and just a real quick side note for all of you coming out here, especially on friday. the only place you can park friday is the montgomery county fairgrounds. make sure to plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time. we are out here all day. we will bring you much more from congressional at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00.
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i'm kristen berset live at congressional country club. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much, kristen. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is going to be in sterling, virginia for a rally later today. romney campaigned nierro smoke yesterday, -- near roanoke yesterday but this afternoon he'll stop by the eit technology company in sterling, virginia. romney and president obama are preparing to respond to tomorrow's supreme court ruling on health care. president obama defended his reform plan yesterday when he spoke to voters in florida. >> i believe it was right to make sure that everybody in this country gets decent health care and does not -- is not bankrupt when they get sick. >> i'm going to get rid of the cloud of obama care and return us to personal responsibility and states' rights as it relates to health care. >> romney went on to say that the president's health care plan is also making the economy
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sick. however, a "wall street journal" poll shows americans see romney's business background as a negative. overall, the poll finds that the candidates are in a virtual dead heat. wildfires out west have forced tens of thousands of residents from their homes from montana to new mexico. crews are working around the clock trying to put those fires out. rick salinger has more now from colorado springs, colorado, one of the areas hardest hit. >> reporter: a fast moving wildfire reached the outskirts of colorado springs burning homes and forcing more than 32,000 people to evacuate. the air force academy has also been cleared out as a precaution. >> this is an active fire. it's not even remotely close to being contained. >> reporter: colorado's governor compared the battle to save homes and lives to a military invasion. >> the whole country is behind us, right? this is tough and we're -- we know it's going to be tough but
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we're also not going to back away. we're not going to quit. >> reporter: the waldo canyon fire is one of several massive wildfires burning across the state and it's not even the biggest one of the largest -- one. the largest is the high park wildfire. one woman was killed as it grew to over 136 square miles destroying more than 250 homes. fire investigators say a lightning strike caused this latest blaze near boulder. this person owns one of the two dozen homes that have been evacuated here. her home was especially designed for her respiratory problems and she moved in just a week ago. >> i have medicine and oxygen and stuff i need. >> reporter: colorado has had super hot and dry weather this summer helping the fires spread quickly. rick salinger, cbs news, colorado springs. few people have heard of
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the montford point marines, but they are a proud part of this nation's history. and today the unit is going to receive the congressional gold medal. they are the first blacks to serve in the united states marine corps. when they reported to camp lejeune for basic training, they were segregated from whites to a spot named montford point. former new york city mayor david denkins served in the marines and he told our this week in defense news host why he enlisted. >> my rationale was that i recognized from going to the movies, the news reals, that people were dying and people i knew were dying. and the way to survive is to be well trained. >> manassas, virginia native carroll braxton was among the first to sign up. he was 18 years old at the time. today he's going to receive the
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congressional gold medal just weeks before his 88th birthday and my dear friend randall cherry sls going to be honor -- is also going to be honored. congratulations to him. prince george's county police need our help to locate a missing teenager with special needs. the family of 17-year-old shateema erica williams is worried and concerned about her. she was last seen yesterday leaving her home on mary hill drive in fort washington. she was wearing a light blue shirt, a light blue also came prepants, blue flip-flops, and she was carrying a pink purse. williams last spoke to her social worker around 9:00 last night. she is said to have the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. anyone with any information about her whereabouts should call local police. she was a journalist, a best selling author and directed some of the classic
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romantic comedies. >> yes, yes, yes, oh, oh. oh. >> i'll have what she's having. >> that was the scene from "when harry met sally." thanks to nora ephron who also directed meg ryan in the hit "sleepless in seattle." she died from leukemia last night in new york. after writing for "newsweek" and "the new york post," she moved to fiction and hollywood. and more recently she worked with meryl streep on "julie and julia." nora ephron was 71 years old.
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always a pleasure to be one on one with ike legal g.t.e. if you live in the county, you'll have an opportunity to weigh in on what the county is calling a best in class rapid transit proposal. there will be a public hearing held on thursday, jewel 12. the county executive is here to talk about it. this system is going to be how long? a hundred and how many miles? 160 miles overall. it's not something we'll build overnight. we'll do it in stages or a period of time. one of the big challenges for
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us is of course the cost. but i'm confident you can build it in stages over a period of time. then we can come up with a system and development plan that will allow us to construct it. it's a public hearing before i make my recommendation to the full council, an opportunity for them to weigh in on it. in addition to that, the council would have a chance to discuss their recommendations as well. >> didn't you set up the task force for this? i would imagine you're very much on board with this system. >> of course. >> how will it run? what kind of system will it be? >> it's called a vehicle rapid transit system. they look like you would find in any rapid transit system, for example, the light rail you find in many jurisdictions, but it's a bus system. it runs on the roads. there are dedicated right of ways. so it's expensive to build extended metro, expensive to build light rail. so this is a new alternative to that because we need to address our transit and transportation problems in the county in a comprehensive manner. >> again, the hearing is going
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to be held thursday, july 12 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the council office building which is on maryland avenue, 100 maryland avenue rockville. if people want to testify, they should get in touch early so they can get on the list. >> thank you very much. >> and the telephone information system, congratulations. >> thank you. >> two years for your system. it's working well? >> it's working well. in fact, we believe it's the wave of the future for many jurisdictions in the area. because you can call one number, go to one portal and you get access to all government services and programs without trying to figure out which department. we do all that for you. just call one number 311. >> and get more information. thanks for being with us. >> make sure people come out to the golf tournament. >> i'll be with you sunday for the at&t golf tournament where tiger woods has shown up. we're going to have the weather forecast in just a
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moment. stay with us.
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hello. i'm andrea roane. nearly three months ago our colleague, our buddy jc hayward had a lump picture my to remove an early stage breast cancer. we thought it was time to update you on her progress. she began the second faitz of her cancer journey, one intended to reduce her risk for
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recurrence. >> we're ready. you ready? i'm ready. are you ready? >> yes, we are. >> you ready too? >> i'm ready. >> what we're going to do today is outline your treatment area, what was done in simulation has to match up with the treatment machine. >> reporter: face up is the way most breast cancer patients receive whole breast radiation but at sibley memorial hospital where she had her lump picture my -- lumpectomy in april, she's being put on her stomach. it regulates the exposure to her heart and lungs. >> instead of the normal positioning of the breast lying across the chest wall when someone lies on their back this brings all the breast tissue together in a way that can be treated much more uniformly without cutting through the lung. >> reporter: radiation oncologist have victoria crew says the friendly use of gravity is especially beneficial in women with
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generous size breasts whose cancer is on the right side and has not spread to the lymph nodes. >> this is a treatment only for patients who need breast only radiation. >> reporter: her radiation therapy is every day for six weeks. even before her sessions began, she had to be measured and tattooed. >> the numbers we were calling out, we're matching to make sure. we're setting up every point they give to us. >> with any sort of radiation, precision is the key really to be able to give good doses of radiation accurately, reproducibly. >> reporter: but even more so with prone radiation because it's an entirely different setup. the table has an adjustable opening where the breast can fall through. >> okay, we're ready to take the first exposure. >> reporter: the radiation deem is delivered only from the left and right, not to the armpit or any part of the chest. a wedge is placed under the healthy breast to keep it out of the radiation field. >> all right. you can rest your arm. >> reporter: the position can be slightly uncomfortable but
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after the initial session, the treatment is over with pretty quickly. >> i didn't feel anything. nothing at all. i thought i would feel something. i didn't feel anything. it's like an x-ray. >> exactly. >> jc does prone radiation in true jc style with the stiletto heels on. the same stilettos you had on. you go every day for six weeks. you'll be going there right after the show is over. >> actually i am. today we're going to start a different phase. i'm two-thirds through. i've had 20 sections, but my -- sessions, but my last sessions, they call it a booster because normally they radiate the whole breast. the left side, the right side, top and bottom. but now next week, they'll be focusing on the area where they took the tumor. so it's a boost just focusing on that. >> you were asking about the
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boost. why don't you get the boost in the beginning and go right for that spot but they explained you couldn't do that. you had to make sure everything around it was clear and then focus in on that. how much longer? >> i have ten more sessions. people ask me how do you feel. there is some sensitivity that you do feel. it's sort of like you've been out in the sun and you've been a little sunburned so there is some sensitivity. there are a few little pangs, you know, that you feel, but it's not something that you can't get through. >> our next update is -- people have been asking me is jc having chemo. no, she's not having chemo and we'll explain why she's not having chemo the next update on jc and her breast cancer journey. >> thank you, andrea. right now let's go to howard and get a forecast from him. howard? >> jc, things are heating up nicely today. the humidity levels are way down so a little bit of a fire danger being that we've got a breeze, warm temperatures and very dry air. 86 at 3:00. actually 84 already.
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we're going to be making a run upper 80s to near 90 before the afternoon is out but it's going to be a good 90. not a sticky oppressive 90. northwesterly winds at 10, 15 miles an hour gusting 20. by 7:00 still in the mid-80s. northwest winds at 11:00. going to be out at 9:00 this evening, looks nice. low 80s. 83 degrees. not nearly as cool tonight. we'll be in the 60s for the most part. had some low 50s this morning. manassas 52. gaithersburg 52. we stopped in the mid-60s here in town. even across the bay cambridge was in the mid-50s. right now we've warmed up nicely. a beautiful day. leesburg and luray 77 degrees. 81 in cumberland and annapolis. but the warm spot, that's right here in washington. we're sitting at 84. as we look outside on the michael & son weather camera, we're focused on the pro am going on at congressional, the big tournament starts tomorrow. the at&t national in town. it's a beauty. 84 degrees with mostly sunny skies. winds north, northwest at 13
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and the humidity down to 29%. while we don't have a red flag warning, we do have an enhanced fire danger. our weather headlines, this is going to be the last comfortable day i think for a while. maybe a week or more as the heat is going to build. tomorrow mid-90s for a high. as we head toward friday, could be a record setter. 95 is the record at dulles. 101 at national. i think both especially dulles attainable. even the 101 may be tied or broken on friday. then staying very hot probably for a week or more. i'm talking 90s, low 100s around here. big ridge of high pressure in the middle of the country. we're looking at highs under that today in the 100-degree range in kansas city but maybe 105 or more in western kansas. this is going to expand east and even north the next couple of days. st. louis 105. chicago, lexington 102. we'll be in the mid-90s friday we have the 100-degree heat moving toward the mid-atlantic with still low 100s north of the country.
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the heat went north and east. it's going to be around for a while. this could be a real serious heat wave headed our way. 89 today. still good. tomorrow mid-90s and good but by friday, low in town by the way 76. 60s in the bushes. friday high heat, -- burbs. friday high heat. that would be a record. so a yellow alert. you've really got to start planning if you're going to be outside how you're going to stay cool. look at the heat right through the weekend to early next week with the chance for mainly afternoon thunderstorms. that's a look at weather. we'll be right back with 9news now at noon in just a moment. if you have copd like i do,
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ask your doctor if spiriva can help. . i'm one on one right now with meghan. she's the creator of cute and creative desserts. these are edible craft ideas for the kids to get involved in for the 4th of july. she's brought some lovely things. this is her book "sugarlicious." you can get more information about the book by going to my website she's going to be on there. let's talk about what you brought and yu started this. this is a great little book. >> thank you so much. i worked as a cookie decorator in bethesda for about ten years. when i left to have my first daughter, i went home, started
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my blog, making tutorials and everything took off from there. i moved beyond the cookie to marshmallow and cupcakes and that inspired the book. >> these aren't different to do? >> they really aren't. they're surprisingly easy to do with simple techniques. i had never picked up fondant before and now i role rolle it -- now i roll it out like crazy. >> you can do these in any color. i did 4th of july colors for the season. >> marshmallow. that's easy, isn't it? >> these i do with my 4 year- old. they're very easy. you skewer a marshmallow with a lollipop stick, dip it in cold water quickly and dip it in sprinkles. those are actually pop rocks. i paint the marshmallow with corn syrup and paint them with
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pop rocks for fireworks. >> get more information by going to i love the cookies. come back and visit us at 5:00. we'll be at the at&t tournament at congressional country club. see you then. bye.
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