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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 27, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hungry again and started gaining back all the weight that i lost. >> she says it was a magic bullet for her and relieved the drug will be available for her and others trying to get back to a healthy weight and size. >> we should note the fda denied the approval in 2010 after scientists raised concerns about the possibility it can cause tumors in animals. the agency says new data shows there's little risk of tumors in humans. it is another sunny, warm day out there. but a dangerous heat wave is on its way to our area. topper is on the terrace with the hot forecast. top. >> it really is nice. it was nice yesterday. it's hard to believe we'll go from this to what we'll get to by friday, saturday, and sunday. let's start with the next three days. our 9 weather alert codes look like this. we'll keep tomorrow as green. i don't see any storms
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tomorrow. humidity will be in check. highs near 95. we'll go yellow on friday and saturday with heat and some thunderstorms. again, we mentioned this yesterday, how we mentioned it this noon. any time you get to around 100, could be severe. so they won't be widespread, but the ones that develop could be hefty. 99 on friday and 100 on saturday. this is interesting. look at the temperatures right now. 89 downtown and 84 in gaithersburg and 84 in frederick. we'll factor in the heat or humidity. temperatures don't change. that's how nice it is out right now. we'll come back and talk about how the humidity begins to increase. we'll tell you if the heat wave will last through the weekend into next week. you're talking about heat waves and they always test the capabilities of utilities to keep the power on because the demand skyrockets. the regional president says he doesn't envision any issues with the coming temperatures, but customers should be prepared to conserve if
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problems do erupt. we go into this heat wave, scotty. >> reporter: if you listen to pepco and utilities connected to this region, they feel like the state of the grid is pretty good. and they go into this heat wave and the potential for record power demand with not a lot of worries about brownouts and blackouts. pepco says it is prepared for extreme heat and record setting demand. >> so, are we anticipating any difficulty right now? no, we're not. >> we are well situated. >> pepco is on a regional grid. 62,000 miles of transmission lines that connect you tillties from chicago to new jersey. pgm's all-time record demand was 164,000 megawatts during a heat wave last summer, but it can handle more than 185,000. thus pepco's confidence.
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that doesn't mean power comes cheap during heat waves. real time, wholesale power prices jump 60% from one week to the next during a snap heat wave in early june. >> you also know in maryland, district of columbia, we have been very aggressive with energy efficiency. >> one effect, pepco is pushing programmable thermostats that allow them to cycle off tens and thousands of customers during peek demand, easing any crisis and saving customers money. which is why the threat of brownouts and blackouts going into this heat wave do not have pepco worried. so here's what you can expect during this heat wave and as we go into the summer with more heat. if you have one of these thermostats, you can expect it to automatically cycle off. pepco claims it does not affect the air-conditioning to where you can notice it. it could save you up to 10%. there are some big industrial
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users and institutional users. there are some chains that will turn off 30% of their lights during these periods and that's because they have to pay so much more during peek demand periods. sot harsh marketplace and conservation does work and it adds into the system. reporting live out in bethesda, scott broom, 9news now. >> it will be tough business, that's for sure. >> parts of colorado springs are now under evacuation orders tonight that. is because the size of the fire has doubled just since yesterday. the wild fire burned 6,000 acres of land northwest of colorado springs. firefighters are battling temperatures as high as 101. 32,000 people have been forced to pack up and leave. president obama tours the area on friday. tonight, the president's republican challenger in november is in our area. this is a live picture from sterling, virginia, where right now they are waiting for the
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candidate to be holding a campaign rally. everyone gathered, waiting for him to take the stage. romney is promising to repeal the president's healthcare reform law. if the supreme court doesn't strike it down first. accuses the president of making healthcare a higher priority than the nation's economy and that is why there's been 40 straight months with unemployment above 8%. of course, tomorrow is the day the u.s. supreme court will hand out its much anticipated ruling on president obama's healthcare reforms. both sides are digging in ahead of this decision. >> the court does not strike down the entire law. the house will move to repeal what's left of it. >> the affordable care act gives hard working, middle class families the security they deserve. we are confident that the law is constitutional. >> 26 states brought the legal challenge. arguing congress overstepped its authority with a part of the law known as the mandate.
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the court could let the entire law stand, strike it down, or rule parts of it unconstitutional. a falls church man who held police at bay for 28 hours is being charged with firing a handgun inside a building. police say he fired it three times and made more threats, too. peggy fox explains from the home on hillwood avenue. >> here at the house where it happened, there are a few signs of the long police standoff. the barricades lying on the grass and the contractors who are here replacing the shattered windows. police say the man who caused the 28 hour standoff is 57-year- old james. to get him to surrender, police played messages and launched pepper spray into his house. >> initially, he surrendered to the s.w.a.t. team. >> standoff began monday afternoon with police barricading for six blocks. traffic was a mess and some
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residents couldn't get home. >> the response is just overblown, especially what i have seen for the fire units at this point. resources are definitely, they need support from the other counties. >> one guy can do a lot of damage. >> police say his sister said he was doused with gasoline and set himself and his house on fire. their 95-year-old father was still inside. two officers were able to rescue the fire while another officer talked to the suspect who displayed a handgun and told them to stay back. the officers inside smelled a strong odor of gasoline. >> the priority is preservation of life. and a gentleman had indicated that he was in distress and he wanted to take his own life and our goal is to make sure that didn't happen. >> he's a nice man. something is going on that is making him desperate. >> he could have been my son.
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he is mentally ill, you know, it's not his fault. >> they are a very nice family and they are thankful nobody was hurt. even though it took 28 hours. in falls church, peggy fox, 9 justice of the peace news now. >> it ended just before 9:00 p.m. last night after police used a taser on james and took him into custody. police departments from all the neighboring areas sent s.w.a.t. team officers to help. it's not clear how much that standoff will cost taxpayers. at congressional country club in bethesda. the at&t national took place this morning on this historic golf course. >> and our anchor team of derek mcginty join us live from the viranda. their shirts and pants match. you guys look like you are animals out there. >> it's bad, because we never see each other at work.
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our hours are so different. i'm happy to trade in the shirt and tie for the cool wusa9 golf shirt here. i want top to know i'm grateful for one reasonable weather day to actually enjoy it. >> you have been giving me a hard time about the view. >> in the studio, we have monitors about the size of this and they are regular definition. this is a good excuse to buy yourself a high definition tv. this is one of the best views you'll have. we can see two holes, including the finish of number 18, and tiger is out there somewhere. it's amazing. >> it is absolutely gorgeous out here. the crowds are starting to get bigger because a lot of the players are here ready to practice, we have a lot of that going first thing this morning. >> absolutely. if you were watching 9news at 6:00 a.m., tiger was teeing off live and it was the opening shot of today's tournament. as you know, tiger woods foundation is responsible for putting on this tournament, and
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among the cause close to his heart, children and of course the military. >> right, which brings us to this image. check this out. four military choppers doing a flyover. honoring the beginning of the tournament for proam today. basically brought play to a standstill. everybody stopped and looked up. if you couldn't see it, depending on where you were on the course, the sound was amazing and impressive. in fact, deafening. but a fantastic way. >> as we mention, that tournament kicked off this morning and dave was here to see how the amateurs did with the pros standing next to us. dave. >> and a way we went, tiger on the first tee with medal of honor recipient. >> it's a good opportunity for me to be here. >> next on the tee. >> as for the proam, well, everyone wanted to see one pro in particular.
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give me some of the names. >> tiger woods. >> this young lady walked the entire 18 with woods and got a souvenir. >> can i get that ball from you? >> no. >> what's your name? >> tiger woods. >> even other pros recognize this is tiger's territory. >> jay, are you telling people you are tiger woods? >> i am. >> i wish i could play like him. >> as for the amateurs, the donald. >> mr. trump, i got your birdie. >> i got it, man. >> it was very good, we had a lot of fun. plenty of holes i fired myself, there's no question. >> that's okay, mr. trump. here's the good news, dave owens from channel 9 will not be fired. >> that's good news. donald trump says dave owens will not be fired. i'm happy, guys. >> i'm glad he has a hat so that hair was hid hidden.
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>> was it orange? >> it was red today. nick, 16 under. tiger woods second at 1400. >> and watney is the defending champion. he knows this event well. >> when the pros play, they are learning. this is a big mr. speaker practice for them. >> there is no parking on the grounds here at congressional. there are several places you can park, however. it's going to cost you some money. one of them is the gaithersburg fair grounds. also vip parking close to congressional. there's only 125 spots available because that is walking distance to the course. >> they sell out quickly. also, the rock spring parking lot at the corner of fernwood road in bethesda. that's already sold out for friday. so your only option tomorrow is the county fair grounds in gaithersburg. that will cost you $7 a day and
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that lot is closed over the weekend. plenty of parking available in rock spring for saturday and sunday. again, the price at both locations include a shuttle that will get you back and forth. that's important to know. >> we have a lot more coming up, including a town who has a special skill. it's really cool. we'll be back in a little bit. guys. >> i guess with so many tiger woods walking the green, it was easy. >> all right, thanks guys. >> still ahead, a father's legacy 0 years after he was killed in the line of duty. a deputy sheriff's son follows in his dad's footsteps. >> up next, remembering the barrier breaking screen writer who brought us the romantic comedies when harry met sally, sleepless in seatle, and you've got mail.
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oh, maybe the most famous and memorable scene from the mind of a woman considered one of the most influential female writers of the 20th century. norah ephron has died. >> author and screen writer known for sleepless in seattle, and julie and julia. she lost her battle with leukemia yesterday and she was 71. >> norah ephron made her first slash in movies in 1983 with silkwood. >> i can't quit now. >> script earned ephron an oscar nomination, but it was the romantic comedy, when harry met sally, that put her name on the hollywood map. >> oh gosh. >> film about a man and woman who explore the risks of
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taking their friendship to the next level became a huge hit. suddenly, ephron was high in demand. over the years, more hits followed. >> i'm having all of these fantasies about some man i have never even met. >> like sleepless in seattle, which ephron cowrote. strangers eventually find each other. >> i did not. >> you did too. >> and you've got mail, which brought ryan and hanks together again in a romantic setting. she had a knack for making romance work on the screen, she struggled with her personal life. her book described her rocky marriage with journalist, carl bernstein. it later became a movie. her third marriage was a success. she tied the knott with nicholas palegy. >> how would you like to be on
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a television show? >> she would continue to direct movies. like bewitched in 2005 and julie and julia in 2009, which teamed her with meryl streep for a third time. >> first job was at a reporter for the new york post. >> what a career. ephron wrote more than a dozen screen plays and directed eight films. let's check back in with derek and mike at congressional country club. >> i understand they have a very valuable lesson from an expert. >> that is true. we learned from a young person out here this week. for some, when you come out to a tournament, the days before the competitive play starts can seem boring. however, to some, it's a great time to come out. >> that's when they can get up close and personal with the ballers. get up close and personal and get an autograph, right? maybe a chance to put your hands on somebody and golf fans, a lot of them are little kids, line up all day long, and
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a lot of the players don't know exactly who they are, but they'll get them to sign. they would get my autograph. >> but they wait patiently because they want to get that elusive signature. >> dustin johnson and k.j. choi, justin leanwood. >> what's the secret to getting a good autograph? what's your advice? >> be respectful. and use your manners. >> come on. is he cute or what? we caught up with this young man and get this, the guy you just saw there didn't get tiger's autograph once, he got it twice. when we saw him later in the day, he was waiting in line for a third try. >> i think that is cute. >> we don't know if he got the third one, but we'll find him and see. pretty cool. >> indeed, very cool. top, i've got a question for you. i know tomorrow is going to be
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ridiculously hot. i'm hoping as sometimes happens, the forecast undergoes a last minute change, maybe some kind of cool front rolled in or something? >> no. >> you can do it. come on. >> i will say this, tomorrow will not be humid. it is friday that will be the tough day. so, right now it's very, very nice. let's take a live look outside at the weather cam brought to you by michael and son. the humidity is low, the 89 does not feel that bad. some thunderstorms up in pennsylvania. we are getting clouds from those. they will go away. look at the humidity. 24%. dew points in the 40s. that is a deal. really a steal for this time of year. pressure low, 29.87 inches of mercury. so, 85 in arlington. 82 in bethesda. 85 in rockville. 84 in gaithersburg. 84 toward leesburg as well. so these temperatures are kind of in our wheel house for this
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time of year. 87 in college park. and 85 over in laurel. but again, because humidity is low, feels comfortable. probably our last comfortable night for a while. not as cool tonight, you can rest the ac one more night. grab your shades for the morning commute. it's going to be hot by lunchtime, but the serious heat rolls in friday. there's an excessive heat watch for friday right now. it's posted. look at the heat. these were forecast highs tomorrow. 102 oklahoma city. 104 kansas city. 105 st. louis. 102 in chicago. and 100 in detroit. yeah, that's the heat that is heading our way. it will be with us friday and saturday and probably sunday. returning clear tonight, not as cool. you can turn off the ac. lows in the 60s. winds become westerly at 10:00. 70s and 80s. winds north, northwest at 10. we get into the afternoon, partly cloudy, hot again. a little more humid, but bearable. high temperatures near 95.
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next three days, our 9 weather alert codes, green, yellow, yellow. we're going to monitor this carefully. may have to go red on saturday. green tomorrow and then yellow on friday. heat and the thunderstorm and also yellow on saturday. heat and a thunderstorm. those storms that develop can be heavy. keep that in mind. next seven days, we'll take it down to 98 on sunday. we get into next week, we'll be in the mid 90s monday and tuesday. and by the fourth, yes, the fourth of july is next wednesday, holy smokes. temperatures still in the mid 90s and we have a thunderstorm possible each afternoon. >> holy smokes is right. would you look at that forecast? >> refreshing 98. who knew? >> up next, we'll tell you about tougher safety standards that manufactures have to meet for the products that your babies and toddlers use. derek. >> but first, we'll take a live look at the 18th hole at congressional country club, where we'll be an toring. still ahead rings we'll show
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you how members of the military are getting to walk with the pros. 9news will be right back.
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they are some of the essential baby products that every parent uses.
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those cribs, walkers, toddler beds. but hundreds of children have been injured or died due to dangerous cribs or play yards. and today on capitol hill, the consumer product safety commission announced some tougher mandatory safety standards for these modern day play pins and other products for your little ones. >> having a tougher play yard standard is so important. it is important not only because the loss of precious lives and injuries associated with these products. it's also important because it has been more than 20 recalls of play yards over the past 25 years involving millions of products. >> now the federal law named after 16 month old, danny kaiser, goes into effect this december. part of danny's law includes manufactures to include a card like this with every product. you get it with all those things you buy from the car seat to the play yard, whatever you have. you fill this out and mail it back and that way you can be alerted directly about recalls. >> great idea, lesli, thanks. the search is on for stowe
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aways who may be hiding in a shipping container. the container was loaded aboard a ship in india and the ship later docked in newark. they were conducting a routine inspection in the mild middle of the night, they heard someone. coming up, a would be burglar uses his head to break into a store after hours, not in the smartest of ways. we'll have the story behind this criminal. >> i'm kristin fisher in alexandria, where the son of a deputy killed on the job is following in his father's footsteps. i'll introduce you to the deputy coming up. >> and our live coverage from the at&t national continues here from bethesda. there's a list of things you need to know. >> some things you can't do. some things you can do. i'll let you guess what you can't do with one of these. the whole list coming up.
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it's been 30 years since alexandria's first deputy was killed in the line of duty. today, his son wants to be just like his father, is trying to walk a mile in those shoes. >> kristin fisher has more from sterling on the deputy. >> it's graduation day at the northern virginia criminal justice training academy. after six months of 3:00 a.m. wakeup calls, workouts, and getting pepper sprayed, kevin is ready to graduate. >> it's been intense and it's definitely been a roller coaster. >> it's a family tradition. his father, william, was also a deputy. >> they were identical. >> even never knew his father. he was killed when he was six months old. in 1981, kevin's father was escorting a prisoner from the courthouse to the old jail. that's when the prisoner grabbed his gun, shot him, and killed him. that prisoner was caught, convicted of murder, and
5:31 pm
executed in 1990. >> the alexandria jail was renamed in his honor. the same day kevin was sworn in as a deputy. he gets his diploma presented by mom. >> so many different emotions. sad, happy, excited. >> his son, kevin jr., watched in the audience. >> that's my motivation of putting this uniform on and coming home. >> kevin's mom has one rule. >> call me every day you get home. >> despite the concern, she's proud and she is no doubt kevin's father would feel the same. >> he'll be the one up on stage giving that diploma and smiling. >> in alexandria, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> 6:00 a.m. monday morning. he hopes his son, we saw in the audience, will follow in the same tradition.
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>> revisiting a two-year-old murder case that shocked and saddened the community. it was june 27, 2010, when vanessa was found murdered inside her car at williams drive. surveillance video shows her car in the fairfax plaza shopping center shortly before she was killed. a reward of $20,000 is being offered to help solve this murder. the first african american marines were awarded the congressional gold medal. the marine. a marine representative, william, mcdowell, accepted the medal. about 20,000 african american recruits were trained during world war ii. >> there are just 14 more hours until the first group tees off in the first round of the 2012 at&t national in bethesda. that was one epic sentence. and in tradition, the military is playing a big part in this
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year's tournament. >> talk about epic. here is derek mcginty anchoring our coverage from the river ronda. jour looking the 18th green. >> exactly. well guys, if you decide to come out, there are a ligs of rules that you need to follow. it's a good sized list. let's start with cell phones. they want to make sure if you bring your cell phones out, you can use them, but they have to stay on silent and they can only be used in the cell phone zone. you will see them, designated around the course. you cannot record video with them or take pictures during the competitive round. >> also, you might want to take note, there are other banned items as well, including radios, tv's, signs, coolers, folding armchairs and yes, very the impaired, ladders. you'll find a complete list on >> if you come out here,
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you'll notice a major presence of u.s. military in and around the course. >> they also have a special part to play in the tournament itself. our kristen berset is here to tell us more about that. kristen. >> they got to rubble bows. they were out there with them and it truly was an amazing sight to see. my photographer, eric, and i, walked to the tee box and there's this group of young men standing there with these camouflage caddy vests on. it was an amazing sight. they are all active duty military that were chosen specifically to come here to this event. they are introduced. their story is told. the rank is told, and then they get to the pros as they play through the 17th green. like i said, all specifically chosen to be here and all obviously very excited to be here as well. >> i play a lot of golf myself
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and just seeing them, you know, right there in the flash and being able to see the shots they make. it is really special. >> now there are also wounded warriors who caddy during the proam. several played out there as well, including some that dave owens has profiled throughout the last couple of weeks. all the servicemen and women are able to come out this week, like you said, watch the tournament for free and just kind of enjoy this event out here. >> we know helping the servicemen and women is a big deal for tiger. his father's background, all of that has to do with military service. >> everywhere you turn, there's something honoring them. there's a huge tent specifically for the servicemen and women that they can go in and get out of the heat that is coming. >> thank you so much. >> and we, when we are done here, we are still working hard for you tonight. starts our at&t clubhouse report. we'll have it wednesday,
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thursday, and friday following 9news now at 11:00. we'll have highlights, players, analysis, a lot of fun. anita, lesli, you may see this shirt at 11:00. over to you. >> as long as we don't smell it, that's good. >> say it is like it is. topper looks gorgeous out there today. what do you think? >> low humidity, but it's going to change. first the temperature, wow. low to mid 80s across the board. we'll come back and talk about where it is. 83 in vienna. we'll tell you when the heat rolls in in a bit. >> one man jumped in to save the day when another accidentally set himself on fire at a gas station. we'll tell you what happened. >> and don't forget, for complete coverage, including information about tickets, ground rules, and more, go to
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our website, uçu
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a quick thinking doctor saves the day after another man apparently wasn't thinking at all. surveillance video from a gas station in australia shows a man set his car on fire after sparking a lighter while filling up his tank. the man runs away from flames and an attendant shuts down the pump. it was the doctor throwing a bucket of water. he's the one being credited with saving the station. >> now to the story of an alleged crook who wasn't using his head when he tried to break into a rent a center store. >> police in broketon, massachusetts, say the suspect tried to pry open the door with a bed post, but when he tried to squeeze his way underneath, the door fell on his head. the store manager fell that man and video taped the whole ordeal. >> what were you doing yesterday? >> how long you been in there? >> this morning. >> what time this morning? >> probably since, oh probably
5:41 pm
12:00 this morning. >> you okay? >> i'm fine. >> i have been stuck for nearly nine hours, won't do that again. the man was arrested and taken to the hospital where he was treated for a large bruise. still to come, a new era begins for the washington capitals as the team introduces adam oats as their head coach. but first, wild fires continue to burn out of control in colorado. forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes. we'll have the latest on the effort to contain the flames when we come back.
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out of control wild fires are eating away at parts of colorado and forcing tens and thousands of people to pack up and leave. to make matters worse, the heat and the flames are so intense, nobody can really get and assess the full damage just yet. rogers reports from colorado
5:45 pm
springs. >> a giant cloud of smoke hangs over colorado springs. flames have forced more than 32,000 residents to leave their homes. even the u.s. air force academy is being evacuated. >> we are facing a potentially devastating disaster right here and we are well prepared and working through things. >> blaze doubled in size overnight to more than 15,000 acres. the mayor's office estimates dozens of homes are bestroyed, but the fire is too intense. bright yellow and orange flames indicate another home has been lost. >> this is a very difficult time in our city, but we will get through this together and we'll be stronger because of this experience. >> the command post at the university of colorado campus is giving a thousand firefighters their marching orders. more crews and engines are on their way to help. there are more fires burning in the state. authorities believe a lightning strike started the flag staff
5:46 pm
fear near boulder. thousands are on stand by to evacuate. >> it's frightening we can lose everything. >> largest of the fires are the high park wild fire. one woman was killed and more than 250 homes have been destroyed. >> things have gotten really bad. i don't remember ever seeing vegetation this dry. >> thunderstorms are expected in the colorado springs area today, but crews are concerned they could bring unpredictable winds. cbs news, colorado springs. >> more than 1,000 incoming freshman are scheduled to report to the air force academy on thursday, but those events had been moved to a building further away from the fire. president obama plans to tour the devastation and thank the firefighters who worked so hard on friday. water, not fire is the problem down in florida. tropical storm, debbie, moved into the atlantic. most areas are still flooded. all 67 counties in florida were hit over a five day span and
5:47 pm
residents are dealing with far from pleasant living conditions. >> no air-conditioning, no electricity, you can't flush your toilet. that's a trick, believe me. >> the flood water should slowly move out to sea, but tonight, 8 more inches of rain expected to add to the 2 feet debbie has deposited. that just seems like so much, top, compared to other tropical storms. >> there's not going to be 8 inches of rain tonight. it's going to rain in south florida, but the storm is out to sea, so it's okay. the bad news is, it's going to become a tropical storm again. this is interesting . we had four named storms before july 1, first time ever. all right, for us, warm today, but not humid. that is the good news. hot tomorrow and scorching on friday on friday. let's start with a live look outside. we're looking at a very nice evening. temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s. in terms of humidity, not bad
5:48 pm
at all. we're looking at humidity levels very comfortable. humidity level 24%. that's great. winds northwest at 16. pressure is rising, 29.87 inches of mercury. right now, we're looking at 82 in bethesda. 82 in vienna. 82 in reston. down to the south, 85 in alexandria. here's the deal. probably our last comfortable night for a while. not as cool tonight as it has been. grab your sunglasses for tomorrow morning's commute. hot by lunchtime tomorrow and the serious heat, the real serious stuff gets here on friday. look at the highs tomorrow across the nation. 102 in oklahoma city. 105 in st. louis. 102 chicago. and 100 in detroit. much of the country suffering over the heat and slide eastward by friday. tonight, returning clear, not as cool. maybe turn off the ac again. winds will become westerly at
5:49 pm
10. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, warm by lunchtime, 70s and 80s. and then by afternoon, partly cloudy and hot again. but just a little bit more humid. still comfortable tomorrow in terms of humidity. high temperatures near 95. winds out of southwest at 10. so, let's go ahead and break it down for you. 63 to 73 to start. and then 86 to 92 by lunchtime. 92 to 95 by evening. heat wave begins to roll in tomorrow and earnest on friday. next three days, weather alert code goes green, yellow, yellow. some could be severe. 100 on saturday. again some storms possible. some of those could be heavy. some could be severe. next seven days, it stays hot on sunday. if you are out for round 4, get ready. 98. a storm possible. mid 90s on monday and tuesday. nats back in town tuesday.
5:50 pm
some isolated thunderstorms possible. so once we hit 90 tomorrow, we're going to be in the 90s for a while. >> looks like it, thanks, top. hall of famer and capitals player, adam oats, was introduced as the new head coach today. >> and caps fans agree. this familiar choice was the right choice. kristen berset is here with more on this story. kristen. >> hi ladies, the capitals ushering in yet anotherny ray to the franchise, like you said, hiring adam oats as their 16th head coach replacing dale hunter. today, they held a press conference at the verison center. usually at ketler. this time at the verison center. for caps fans that are familiar, play 19 years in the nhl, six of those with the caps and former captain, even though we have never been a head coach in the nhl before, says that this took him no time to
5:51 pm
accept. >> it's an honor to be here today. a day that i never thought would happen. i'm a member of the washington capitals again. i played my longest time in this league for this organization. and to come back here as a head coach in the national hockey league, it's a huge honor for me and my family. i would like to thank you for that opportunity. it is an honor. >> joining me now to talk about adam oats. 106.7, the fan, sky. sorry i couldn't be there with you, but i have a beautiful backdrop. you were at a press conference. how impressed were you with oats today? >> he's a very smart guy. the stuff i like him the most is he scouted the caps. he knew their weaknesses and strengths. he talked about it today and surprisingly, he likes their center position. they have mike in a trade last
5:52 pm
friday and he is ready to go. i really like adam oats, but this could be the end of the line for the caps, because their guys are getting older and this might be their last chance. >> and when hunter was there, he bring more of an offensive style. maybe we'll see more scoring opportunities. >> you'll definitely see more scoring opportunities. that's the bread and butter. he likes alex ovechkin. sorry caps fans, he'll be staying there, but yeah, you'll see a lot -- you're not going see a lot more scoring, but a little more. he did like what dale hunter was doing. he said he was going to be a little more aggressive, but going to stay back and play sound defensive hockey. >> hots said that ov called him yesterday and they spoke. we heard about riffs.
5:53 pm
how important is it for these two to coexist peacefully? >> it's very important. he is your captain. he needs to respect your head coach. used to be captain of the capitals who has played in 19nhl seasons and was with the capitals, that is somebody you respect and it's very important for him to win over alex ovechkin. he is your top player. he is the guy that is going to get you that stanley cup. >> let's hope that they can coexist peacefully together. thanks so much for coming in this evening. now of course, while i'm here at congressional, got to talk about golf. round one of the at&t national underway tomorrow. want to show you some of the matchups to pay attention to. in the morning at 7:50, hunter, top ten player in the world cialghts dustin johnson, that trio going off. made a big name for himself at the u.s. open.
5:54 pm
he's a local guy. 12:50, the trio of at&t national champs. and then at 1:02, jason day. of course, we'll have all of that for you tomorrow, but for now, let's send it back to you in the studio. >> that is an awfully nice backdrop. thanks, kristen. still to come, efforts to overturn a court ruling could get the rails all because of gambling. we'll explain. plus,. >> we'll have preview the critical supreme court issue nay is that is going to be decided tomorrow. we'll hear the answer coming up. >> but first, a marine who lost his life fighting for our nation turns to golf to help him along his road to recovery. we are introducing you to thomas brooks when we come back.
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welcome back to our exclusive coverage. we are live from congressional country club in bethesda. and as you know, throughout the month of june, we have been honoring wounded warriors and showing you how the local wounded warriors can help rehabilitate themselves physically and mentally by using golf. >> tonight, dave owens has a story of a man, thomas brooks.
5:58 pm
not only did he sacrifice more than one limb, he is using golf and his family to get himself on the road to recovery. >> we are moving in, it is 3:00 a.m. in the morning, open the door, couldn't see anything. >> when he stepped on a roadside bomb and life as he knew it changed. >> amputation of my right leg and tissue damage to my left leg. >> what you recognize immediately about thomas brooks is he's your stereotypical marine. tough as they come, not wallowing in self-pity. >> i took it as a challenge. you get to walter reid and you see these quads and triple amputees that are up running and walking around and you know these guys can do it, there's no reason i can't do it. >> he's done it with help. his wife has been a driving force in his recovery. >> she's been a rock. my wife, we were engaged at the time and going through college. she was balancing her senior year. on the weekends, taking care of
5:59 pm
me and keeping up with school work. and stuck with it and she graduated on time. >> in a way, she's just as tough as he is. golf has helped brooks tremendously as well. >> he's a big part of my life. after getting injured, it was that milestone. >> and like so many other milestones he set out to accomplish in his life, he's reached it. >> thomas brooks, you are an american hero, no doubt about that. and guys, he played today on team poll mer. they played pretty well. great to see those guys out there. >> i still stand amazed at the level of prosthetics that these men now have. mike said, which leg is it? you can't tell. >> i really love these guys attitude and family is important. his wife does a great job in supporting him. it's been my honor to do those stories. back to you guys. >> this


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