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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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decision since bush versus gore or brown versus board of education. tomorrow morning, the u.s. supreme court will rule on the future of healthcare reform. bruce leshan reports, we have no idea what the justices have decided. bruce. >> absolutely. you know, the supreme court really may be the one institution in all of washington that simply does not leak. so while the majority of the justices seemed a little skeptical during oral arguments, we simply will not know for certain until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> a wonderful young man. and he lost his mom to illness. >> the president kept a low profile for months on healthcare reform. but with the supreme court ruling now just hours away, he is offering a ringing defense. >> i believe it was right to make sure that everybody in this country gets decent healthcare and does not bankrupt when they get sick.
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>> and mitt romney is just as strong in his critique. >> if obama care is not deemed constitutional, then the president's term will have been wasted on something that has not helped the american people. >> promise to repeal healthcare reform, even if the supreme court lets it stand. >> the obama care bill was a mistake. the court does not strike down the entire law, the house will move to repeal what's left of it. >> and democratic leaders say the american people are increasingly skeptical of the court's motives. >> supreme court no longer cares so much about the constitution. it cares more about politics. >> the justices may well have voted months ago. law professor says it is all but certain that justice, anthony kennedy, will cast the deciding vote on a court that is otherwise evenly split between liberals and conservatives. >> seems like he was against the healthcare plan, but that
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could be just devil's advocacy. we really don't know. >> interesting fact. medicare was controversial when congress passed it back in 1961. ronald reagan actually said it was one step short of socialism. now, of course, medicare is one of the government's most popular programs. anita. >> well said, bruce. now you will be in the supreme court chamber when they announced the ruling tomorrow morning. >> yeah, it's intimidating. a dramatic decision and we'll see. we really just have to wait and i'll rush out and try and get word to everybody. >> we'll have team coverage on this tomorrow all day on 9news now. thanks a lot, bruce. >> lesli. >> anita, regardless of what the supreme court decides, the district's largest healthcare providers say they will continue to treat whoever comes in, even those who do not have health insurance. bruce johnson has been at unity healthcare clinic in southeast today and they say this will
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not fund mentally change what they do. >> first off, they savor the president's position throughout. they are big advocates. but they are seeing 81,000 patients and a lot of patient visits. >> i can do dry wall. >> that's ricardo robinson, an unemployed construction worker. he's one of many uninsured people who count on a clinic for primary medical services. >> i'm not afraid to get sick, but i would like to be able to get checked on. >> with 490,000 visits a year, the team operates the largest primary healthcare agency in the area. >> is there any pain when i press back here? >> they go from treating the homeless to treating an entire class of underserved, and working poor. >> this is one of 30 clinics operated by unity health. it may come as a surprise, but the district has impressive numbers when it comes to
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insuring this population. 6 to 8% of the people don't have health insurance. only the state of massachusetts has better numbers. >> i want the supreme court to say, leave everything alone. >> president of unity health is a big advocate of universal healthcare and the president's plan to require everybody to have insurance. >> there's been no other serious effort to cover the 32 million people uninsured in the united states. this is a format to improve the quality of care and to reduce costs. >> this clinic and much of the care inside is made possible by federal dollars and city funds from elected leaders sold on universal healthcare. >> i think a healthy population benefits all of us. i hope the court makes the right decision. >> we that we are insured are paying for people who are not insured. we are paying now. i think it's better for everyone to be insured. >> just want to point out
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quickly that the unity healthcare system is part of the alint healthcare system in the district. all this replaces the general hospital. lesli, so much coverage out here, even undocumented workers, by law, are entitled to healthcare in the district. >> the district is taking care of the people in this city regardless of their status. >> also, they committed millions of local dollars. turning to campaign 2012 and the race for president. healthcare was a hot topic at a rally. it took place at an electronics company in sterling, virginia. romney talked about tomorrow's supreme court decision on healthcare reform. >> a big decision is coming tomorrow for the supreme court. my guess is, they aren't sleeping real well at the white house tonight. that's the way it aught to be. and this is a decision. >> romney said if the court
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ends up upholding the healthcare reform law, he will work to repeal it if he's elected president. leaders in congress have agreed on a tentative bill to overhaul the federal highway programs. the two-year deal does not require the government to approve the keystone pipeline deal as past deals stipulated. the white house threatened to veto the bill if the plans were included. the senate is putting on the finishing touches on the bill before they can sign off. lesli. >> golf finally got underway at congressional country club. today with the at and d national and our resident blue shirts and anchor team. derek mcginty, and mike were there for all the excitement. all right guys, how is it going out there? >> another magnificent day is coming to a close at congressional as the at&t national proam is just about done and the players getting practice and heading inside. because we know tomorrow is going to be brutal. >> it will be brutal because it's going to be hot.
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however, tomorrow also, 7:00 a.m., the first tee shot and from here on out, every single shot counts. it's a big deal. tiger woods and two kids officially open the tournament with the ceremonial tee shots this morning and this is tiger woods' event. >> we saw the action get started and the four massive military helicopters flew over. they reminded everybody that the wounded warriors are near and dear to tiger's heart. >> now, if you are coming out over the next four days. this is the first time you have been to one of these golf tournaments and you want to see tiger, you need to know there are etiquette rules. first and foremost, stand there and be quiet. stand as still as possible just before the golfers are about to hit. you'll know to do this because you'll see course marshals standing and hold their hands
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up. a sign of quiet. they also have signs that say, keep quiet. >> when you are following the action around the course and only get across the fareway, because you don't want to walk. try to read because there's a lot of folks that want to get -- one of our goals is to take you places where you can go, or if you want to make it out here to the at&t national. they wouldn't let you back here. we want to take you behind the scenes where cbs is covering this. >> you should see the number of tractor trailers with production equipment, the hottest and cutting edge technology from around the world. they are going to give you, because of that, the best golf coverage anywhere. >> this truck was built for us on golf. >> tucked away in a quiet corner of congressional country club, is a virtual city. in this place, the only export is golf. and lots of it. >> back in the day when i
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first started, we covered holes 14 on. now we cover all 18 holes. >> cbs sports veteran heads up the network's golf production. and what a production it is. more than 250 people, dozens of cameras, and three huge production trucks all with one goal in mind to bring you the best golf coverage. >> i'm trying to write a book. the only difference, i'm not writing it on paper. i'm seeing it on video. you are trying to tell a story about who is winning, who is losing. >> even for tv veterans like us, a tour of this facility is jaw dropping and it's a big change from years ago. back then, engineers had to pull more than 20 miles of cable to make this happen. now with new technology, a lot less wire, and cameras and microphones can see and hear everything. >> conversations between the cabbies and players, so it makes a big difference. >> it is still too early to
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know who is going to be the big story. will it be the amateur, 17-year- old beau. or the veteran tiger woods winning his own tournament once again. lance says no matter what tiger does, he is still a huge part of the story. >> tiger woods is the story in a golf tournament regardless of what he is doing. >> that's because ratings could double and triple. they are not done. because as soon as this wraps up on sunday, all of the tractor trailers will get packed up and on the road to west virginia for the classic. and boy, they are fantastic people. they could not be nicer. they showed us the facility. super cool. >> cool stuff, i didn't know that the wires had gone away and replaced with wireless. >> there are some. >> whole different deal. okay, as we wrap up, we have a lot more coming your way tonight. the at&t clubhouse report is
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what we're talking about. it will follow 9news at 11:00. we'll look ahead to tomorrow. you can join me at the at&t national clubhouse report. 11:30 right after 9news now. we hope you join us. >> back to you in the studio. >> great stuff. >> a golf marathon going on. >> coming up at 7:00 on 9news, we're going to debunk some myths about credit scores that can get you in big financial trouble. i'll see you then. thanks, lesli. coming up next, one congressman drops his proposal to convert d.c.'s world war i memorial. it's a national tribute. we'll tell you why he's backing off. but first, could talks of gambling bring maryland lawmakers back to work this summer isn't the latest from governor martin o'malley when we come back.
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the idea of a special session. it's not dead yet. governor martin o'malley told reporters there was a 50/50 chance he'll call lawmakers back this summer. after his special work group scaled to reach a consensus about adding table games and another casino in prince georges county at national harbor. now o'malley says he wants to reach out to delegates to see if a deal can be made. o'malley's decision could decide if lawmakers try to reverse a court of appeals ruling. a special task force started looking at the ruling, which
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classifies the dogs as dangerous. it planned to vote yesterday on recommending a bill for a special session on gaming. but the panel didn't finalize anything. the task force tells the washington times the issue will have to wait until lawmakers reconvene in january. coming up, the heat wave is coming and that means more ac. are utilities prepared for a power spike? we hear from pepco, next.
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we have an update on the
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push in congress to turn the d.c. world war i memorial into a national one. dropping the idea. republican ted made the proposal because the federal law passed in 2003 prohibits construction of new memorials on the mall. the d.c. politicians and national park service oppose the idea and dropped his proposal. mother nature is going to kick up the thermostat quite a few notches in the coming days and that means we'll be turning up the ac and testing the capabilities of our utility companies. >> i'm scott broom with pepco where the utility says it is poised to weather record heat and record demand with no anticipation of trouble. >> so, are we anticipating any trouble right now? no, we're not. >> we are not well situated with our transition system. >> a renallal grid called the pjm. transmission lines that connect utilities.
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pjm's record demand was 164,000 megawatts during a heat wave last summer, but it can handle more than 185,000. thus pepco's confidence. that doesn't mean power comes cheap during heat waves. real time wholesale power prices jump 60% from one week to the next during a snap heat wave in early june. >> you also know that in maryland, the district of columbia, we have been very aggressive with energy efficiency. >> in bethesda, scott broom, 9news now. all right, our thanks to scott broom, we're talking about a heat wave. getting out of it. >> no getting out of it. it's not going to veer off to the north. it's heading our way. here's a live look outside. it's brought to you by michael and son. 87. high was 89 today. but not that humid. dew point up to 50. humidity still 28%. and the pressure is steady. really very comfortable. i mean, a perfect night for a
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quick nine. 82 in bethesda. 82 in vienna. 85 in springfield. and to the east, well 85 in college park. 84 in laurel. 86 in annapolis. pretty nice. for tonight, probably our last comfortable night. not as cool, but okay. grab your sunglasses for tomorrow morning. hot by lunchtime. serious heat rolls in on friday, but we're talking about serious heat on friday, also the chance of a thunderstorm friday afternoon. a two pronged attack on friday. look at the temperatures tomorrow. 100 or higher. dallas, oklahoma city, kansas city, st. louis, chicago, detroit, lexington, nashville. that heat is coming our way. it can't miss us. so for tonight, returning clear, not as cool. turn the ac's off. winds in the 60s. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, very warm. almost hot by lunchtime. by afternoon, partly cloudy.
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more humid. high temperatures near 95. wind out of the southwest at about 10. next three days, our 9 weather alert codes, green, yellow, and yellow. 99 friday. 100 on saturday. and making it code yellow because of heat and also because of thunderstorms. again, any time you're looking at temperatures around 99 or 100, storms could develop. 98 on sunday. 94 on monday. mid 90s on tuesday and 95 for the fourth of july with a thunderstorm possible. once we hit the 90s tomorrow, we're going to be there for a while. >> sounds like it. top, let's head out to kristen berset. this heat is rolling in just as the pros are getting ready to tee off. >> reporter: that's right, anita. round one tomorrow here at congressional. but you know, the heat really affects the golf course. these players, i talk to them to find out how they are preparing.
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plus, the changing of the guard on the ice. hear from the new head coach when sports returns, next.
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now, 9sports with kristen berset. the best sports in town. >> welcome back to congressional country club in bethesda. it has been beautiful out here the last couple of days, but as topper has been saying, that's all about to change when that heat comes in, which means for
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these players about to tee off for round two tomorrow, the course that they have been playing on is about to change. it's going to get a lot tougher. if you remember last year at the u.s. open, the greens were very friendly, leading mcllroy. a year later, that's not really the case. players i talked to say the course is already playing tough and fast and it's only going to get worse with the hot temperatures. i spoke with jim who was here last year. he talked about what to expect. >> i think it will make it somewhat difficult for the field. i enjoy hot weather. i enjoy the heat. i have always liked the summer months and the hotter the better to be honest with you. >> here's a guy to look out for. a local guy to cheer on. billy hurley, iii, billy says he's excited about the tournament because he'll have a
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larger than normal support group. and remember to tune in tonight as we kick off our special at&t clubhouse report analysis, player interviews, and footage. that all starts at 11:30. all right, a new era has begun in washington. all the top were at the verison center as they enter deuce their new coach. if you remember, oats is a former capital, spent 19 seasons in the nhl. he said alex ovechkin called him yesterday and extremely excited about his addition. the former caps captain, like i said, six years here takes over the reigns vacated by dale hunter. how long did it really take him to say yes? >> let's see. five seconds? when i picked up the phone. >> we believe adam is a guy who has lots of up side and can be a real difference maker for the club. >> we have to do better in the playoffs. we have to win the stanley cup.
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you know, we want to win a cup together. >> that sounds good. the caps announce a trade of defenseman, dennis wideman after being selected to his first all-star game. his performance took a nose dive. in return, they get ahl defenseman, george henry, and a fifth round pick for next year's draft. a lot going on with the caps, but also here in bethesda. clubhouse report starts tonight at 11:30. live at congressional, back to you. >> and round one tomorrow. pretty exciting stuff. >> looks so peaceful. >> it's a killer, that's all for 9news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. and lesli will be back at 7:00. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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