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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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expand medicaid to low income families by threatening to withhold all medicaid funding. republican candidate mitt romney said he disagreed with the ruling. >> obamacare was bad policy yesterday, it is bad policy today. >> reporter: he says he will work to repeal the law if elected president. something house leaders are promising to do now. >> republicans stand ready to work to listen to the american people and not repeat the mistakes that gave our country this harmful law. >> reporter: a law say most americans oppose. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the supreme court. ad vicars to president obama say they are happy to include healthcare in their election year debates. governor romney first proposed a mandated penalty when he was governor of massachusetts. >> here in our region 747,000 people are living in maryland
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without health insurance. in virginia it is 1. 1 million people. that adds up to 13 or 14% of the population. and as we have said, despite the supreme court's decision, the debate over at fordable care act continues. the healthcare debate started in march 2009 when president obama hosted a healthcare summit. after a year the house approved a version of the healthcare bill that required everyone to buy health insurance. president obama signed it into law march 23, 2010. in november, 2010, a federal judge found the mandate constitutional. in december of that same year virginia became the first of 26 states to invalidate the law. in august of 2011, a federal appeal court found the mandate unconstitutional, which brings us to where we are now when the
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supreme court upheld the requirement. a member of the president's cabinet had been held in contempt of congress. yesterday the republican-led house voted to hold u.s. attorney general eric holder in contempt. republicans pushed the vote through because holder did not hand over all the documents they ref quested -- requested into operation fast and furious. holder turned over documents but did not release some internal e-mails, citing executive privilege. two guns were found at the murder scene of a border patrol agent, brian perry. >> when we asked legitimate questions about brian terry's murder, about fast and furious, we were lied to. >> reporter: just when you think they couldn't possibly go any further over the edge, they come up with something like this. >> it is clear they were not interested in bringing an end
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to this dispute or even obtaining the information they say they wanted. >> reporter: holder says the vote was misguide and politically motivated. dc u.s. attorney ronald match inwill decide if any criminal charges will be filed in the case, but it is not likely to go anywhere. today congress is scheduled to vote on a bill which would keep a lower rate on federal student loans for one more year. another vote up today provides $100 billion for transportation. both programs are slated to expire on sunday, with you both -b but both have -- but both are expected to easily passed. -- pass. president obama will go to colorado springs today to see for himself the damage from the fire which is still burning. the waldo canyon fire destroyed an estimated 346 homes and tens
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of thousands have been evacuated. >> officials are hopeful calm winds will help them get more containment on the fire. drew levinson has more. >> reporter: the now deadly waldo fire continues to burn. a body was found in a home where two people were reported missing. jeff lucas shot this video showing a wall of flames racing into his neighborhood. his childhood home is one of nearly 350 destroyed in the blaze. >> it is just material things we lost. the house itself is replaceable. >> reporter: the weather is finally corroborating, a-- cooperating, allowing firefighters to finally get the upper hand. president obama will be here in colorado springs today to get a firsthand look at the damage. but there are some, including the former governor, who are concerned the president's visit will drain valuable resources. >> his visit will be
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counterproductive. when he thanks the firefighters, which is his purpose in coming, they will have several hundred of them massed in an area when they would probably be doing something else. >> we are not taking any of the people actually fighting the fires. >> reporter: the governor says his administration cleared the visit before agreeing to host the president. drew levinson, cbs news, colorado springs, colorado. >> officials say the waldo canyon fire is the most destructive fire in state history. investigators say a gunman shot and killed a fellow soldier before turning the gun on himself, the suspect was only wound and taken into custody. the third soldier suffered slight injuries from the shooting. so far there is no word of a motive.
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the former neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing trayvon martin is getting ready for another bail hearing today. george zimmerman's bond was revoked earlier this month after the judge in the case learned both he and his wife misled the court about their finances. dc councilman michael brown says someone has been stealing money from his election campaign funds. according to the statement, brown is working with police on the matter. he learned of the problem after discovering discrepancies last week. brown is personally taking over as treasurer of his reelection campaign and is bringing in an independent auditor to further investigate. later we could learn more about the trial of george hugeley. our parent company ga net and other media outlets have asked the judge to release evidence from the trial. the judge is expected to rule
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on our request this afternoon. well the washington wizards wasted no time in last night's nba draft, making a move many projected they would make. >> the washington wizards select bradley belle, from the university of florida. >> only took the wizards a minute to select bradley belle. some analysts say belle is the best shooter among this year's draft class. belle spent just one year in gainesville, before declaring for the draft. yesterday was even more special for belle, he celebrated his 19th birth day. happy birthday to him. >> hopefully if will be a good anniversary. the time is 4:37. heat and humidity combined for what is expected to be a trijet temperature day. a once popular smartphone maker suffers another setback.
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at 4:49 you better load up on your smart trip card. metro's new fare starts this weekend. good morning this is 9news now.
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olga breese in for howard bern teen is it -- bernstein this morning. day planner today, will feature plenty of sunshine. we'll move quickly through the 80s and we are headed for highs yes in the triple-digits, expecting to see about 100 degrees or more. going to be a heat advisory until 9:00 tonight. monika? >> reporter: south side of 395
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work continues on a damaged overhead sign. a dump truck hit it at 1:00 this morning. southbound the left lane is going to get you through. coming up in my next report, other area roads in a few minutes. thank you monika. the time right now is 4:41. european leaders have reached a deal which will allow the eu to bailout banks in spain. the country is looking for about $100 billion. the group also agreed to create a joint banking supervisory body. european leaders wrap-up their summit in brussels later today. on wall street stocks staged a late day come back. one stock that really suffered, shares of jp morgan. they sold off after the new york times reported the loss from its risky trades could swell to $9 billion, much more than the $2 billion loss first
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estimated. the trijet decline -- triple-digit decline. the maker of the blackberry plans to cut 5000 jobs after it lost more than $500 million last quarter. the company delayed a launch of its blackberry 10 until early next year. published reports say unit of united technologies will plead guilty to illegally selling arms to china it will pay penalties for illegally helping china develop its first military attack helicopter. and some southwest airline passengers will soon be able to watch live television in flight, of course for a price here. the discount carrier plans to offer live tv on five planes. passengers will need a wi-fi enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop
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computer. >> of course for a price. absolutely. believe it or not, two of the most popular soft drinks in the world have trace amounts of alcohol. >> we are back in two minutes with that story, plus your weather first
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. our time is 4:45 and the temperature is already what? in the 70s? yes, 7 degrees. olga breese is in for howard bernstein. 7 was our high -- 79 was our high just a few days ago. >> reporter: yesterday morning it was nice, and crisp and comfortable. we are not going to see that kind of temperatures in the next three to four days, what we are dealing with now is the effects of a warm front that backed in through here yesterday. it left us with muggy temperatures. right now we are tracking a lot of sunshine for you.
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you need to be cautious of the heat. we are only going up from there, we are going to hit 90s by lunch time and we are expecting triple-digit heat. we could hit 101 or 102s across southern portions of maryland. yes the sunshine will continue into the late afternoon and evening hours. especially take the precautions as you are heading out to the at&t national to the folk life festival or anything you are doing out and about. limit your exposure to the sun today. heat advisories in place until 9:00 tonight. it means you will need to make sure you have your plans in place. a slight chance of stirring up a little bit of partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. a possibility for late day
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thunderstorms will kick in, in earnest after the 3:00 hour. until then most of us will be in the clear. the heat will be staying with us right on through. on doppler radar, i mentioned the showers and storm possibilities for most of us staying north of the area. in the metro area, that heat advisory the heat alert is definitely going to stick around until 9:00 tonight. then it is going to be warm overnight as well as we are going to be back into the upper 70s for overnight lows. it looks like the forecast, overall, should be able to beat that record. forecasting a high of 101 for reagan national. we should beat our dulles record only 95 for today. the overall forecast is going to be looking pretty good. we'll head out into the 70s and 80s and 90s. there is moisture popping through in the late evening hours. we might see showers and
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thunderstorms rumble on through. we are tracking the potential for steady showers. tomorrow morning we look great for your saturday. clouds start to roll on and the shower chance will return once again. here's what you need to know. highs in the triple-digits and the next three days we are in a yellow alert because of the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. things do improve sunday into monday. we are getting back down into the lower 90s as the cold front moves through tuesday and wednesday. >> good morning, everybody. heading south on 395, work continues on a damaged overhead sign. a dump truck was going through at 1:00 in the morning. we'll show you what it looks like live right now. they have been on the scene trying to fix the sign here and in the meantime, traffic is getting by to the left. it is against the rush hour
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flow, northbound is not affected by this as you can see at the bottom of the screen here. you should be okay. so in the meantime you are good to know on the north side, up toward duke street and the 14th street bridge. we'll head out west on the inbound side of 56. we are looking good on the beltway as well, through tyson's. coming up in my next report, we'll go out to edsel road. but first, you want to know starting sunday it is going to cost you more to ride metro. that is when the transit agency's new fares take effect. the minimum off peak fare will be 5:75. the smart trip cards, using a paper card will cost you a $1 surcharge. regular fares will be $1.60 with a smart trip card and $1.80
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with cash. in health news, women afraid to give birth could end up in labor longer. a norwegian study looked at about 2200 pregnant women. it found women who feared giving birth spent an hour and a half longer labor than women who were not scared. new research also shows that menopausal women may be able to work out their hot flashes. penn state researchers studied 100 women for 15 days and found, on average, they experienced fewer hot flashes after exercising. researchers say their findings challenge the perception that exercise increases hot flashes because it increases body temperature. caffeine could give muscles in elderly people a boost. researchers at coventry university looked at the effect of caffeine on the muscles of mice. they found the stimulant helped the older muscles produce more
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force. it could help elderly people maintain strength leading to fewer falls and injuries. coca cola and pepsi may not be as soft as you think. a study, conducted by the national institute of consumption, shows the leading soda brands actually contain a trace amount of alcohol. generic colas were found to be alcohol free. children attending one local summer camp are learning to cook healthy meals. >> it is all part of an effort to give kids the knowledge necessary to fight childhood obesity. >> reporter: surprising first reaction to summer camp at st. andrew's in potomac. but then again, how often do you do this at summer camp? >> guys, we are going to be working with snake heads today. >> reporter: that's right the infamous and not so pretty
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invasive snake head fish that is eating up our local fish supply. >> it would be so much better to deal with the invasion of the fish, if the fish didn't taste delicious. >> reporter: we'll let the girls be the judge of that. >> sophia, hannah, maria. >> reporter: our challengers are part of fit bound cooking school, brain child of the local chef allison. >> we have one in three kids that is overweight. >> reporter: teaching kids healthy cooking habits has been her passion. >> once you get them excited about something, run with it. try this and try this. it is daring kids to get into it. >> reporter: today's dare starts with a flash. >> these are really thick skin. >> reporter: getting the snake head here to the kitchen was no easy thing. not only does this massive fish
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weigh a lot, it is illegal to transport this fish through the state of virginia, dead or alive. so after a slice, wash and a cash of -- dash of spice. >> bam. bam. >> reporter: the cooking begins. in ten minutes and a little garnish later. >> let's try the snake heads. >> reporter: and while sophia is not a fan, the others were converts. even the chef was impressed. >> inspiring adults and children. >> i can cook more, help my mom a lot. >> reporter: for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. >> if i do something fun when i'm learning, i'll always remember it. sport and healthy living
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campus has been operating for nearly four years. but the cooking school is a brand new component. the chef is hoping to have another session in august. log on to our website >> i love the expression, i heard the fish are really good because they eat all the good fish. 4:54. time for the question of the morning. the average woman will spend about $3100 on this in her lifetime. it mascara? shaving and waxing? or manicures and pedicures? >> log on and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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good morning. 4:56. we have mainly clear skies in and around the district area. doppler radar picking up on showers and storms moving north of baltimore along i-85. our day planner will feature sunshine into the afternoon. into the 90s by the 11:00 hour. we'll quickly move past 100 degrees and our heat advisory will remain in place. monika? >> reporter: this has been the big story of the morning although southbound 395 work continues i damaged overhead sign. coming up in my next report, i'll keep you posted at 5:01. back to you guys. channing tatum and matthew mcconaghey, not afraid with a little overexposure. >> they are the two stars of the new movie "magic mike ." >
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>> reporter: channing tatum plays a carpenter by day and a stripper by night. the new movie magic mike. matthew mcconaghey plays the smooth talking club owner. oscar winner steven sewedderberg directed the film. >> i just dropped out of college. i just wanted to go down the rabbit hole a little bit and go to the wild side. >> reporter: but taking it off on screen took a lot of work. >> stripper boot camp. from the time in the gym, changing the diet. >> reporter: the actors admit they were self conscious. but it helped to have the support of their significant others. >> reporter: what did your wives think about the movie? >> mine was on the set quite a few times. >> mine was working at the time. she came back in to see some of
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the rehearsals and stuff. >> reporter: what did she think? >> she loves it. >> reporter: they hope women across america will agree. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now. i have something to say, this is channing tatum's life. this is what he did when he was 18, dropped out of college and went stripping. he said you don't have to dance very well. just look good. so take that to the bank ladies. >> happy friday. >> happy friday i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle. mike haiduk is happy he is not here. olga breese kicks it off with a really hot forecast. >> it is hot this morning. i think we have been preparing folks for this high heat. it is coming today. we got a little taste it have yesterday as temperatures went into the middle range 90s. ev


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