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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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little bit of sunshine midday and late day. the triple-digits the heat is going to sock us in later on today. right now close to 80 degrees, we'll continue to push up, mid 90s by lunch time. for reagan national airport we should hit the lower 100s through baltimore and bethesda and great falls. we could see 102 or 103 toward the south. here's allow we look the next three days. code yellow alert day for us. triple-digits through part of the weekend. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm each afternoon and evening. monika? >> reporter: if you are planning to head outside right now up to know about an accident on the gw parkway south of route 123. we are hearing several vehicles are involved in this one. if you are planning to head southbound, even though it is friday morning, it is going to cause early delays heading inside the beltway toward route 123.
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we'll take you outside right now and show what you it looks like live on 270. where your overall delays begin right around route 85 toward route 10. down to the point where the lanes divide. back over to our maps this time a long standing situation on the southbound side of 35 here at edsel road. taking a live look there where crews are dealing with the damaged overhead sign. we'll take a last live look at the northbound side of i-95. slow in springfield and past edsel lane northbound your lanes are open. back to you guys. we are following breaking news out of prince george's county. fire crews have been on a scene of a warehouse fire and collapse since last night. just off martin luther king jr. highway. delia has the latest. gam. >> reporter: good morning
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jessica. we are about eight hours into this rescue mission. it is a tense situation. mark brady, public information officer from prince george's fire and rescue is here to bring us up to date and up to speed. we know the employee is a man strapped inside -- trapped inside. you have contacted his family? >> we have. fire investigators lacked into this person unaccounted for. woe contacted his wife who had not heard from him last night. his car is still here in the parking lot. his cell phone goes directly to voice mail. we feel fairly confident he is still inside that building. the fire department considers this a rescue mission and we will do so until we find him and we are going -- doing the very best that we can. >> reporter: we know it is a volatile situation because the integrity of the building is deteriorating at this point.
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>> employees provided investigators information that said he was the person unaccounted for was working in aisle number 6. in this large warehouse, they have very tall storage racks that are filled up with boxes of paper files. he was in aisle 6 working. a forklift hit a large storage rack causing a domino collapse of all of those. one of those hit a main support beam for the roof, which caused the roof to collapse and subsequently, under the weight of that the walls buckled, underneath that. >> reporter: so he could be trapped inside. we don't have much more time, we have to wrap this interview, but i want to talk briefly about the integrity of the building. it is very volatile. we think structural engineers will be coming out to assess. so it could be a dangerous situation for firefighters and
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rescue crews themselves? >> mask we stopped entering the building within the past hour. the damaged areas are starting to get a little wider, telling us the stability is deteriorating rapidly. >> reporter: we will stay on top of this and bring you the very latest in the next update. >> thank you delia. andrea? we focus on the supreme court decision to uphold the affordable healthcare act. the court said the mandate requiring you to buy insurance is constitutional if it is carried out as a tax. republicans are calling for
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repeal and replace. >> what we won't do, what the country can't afford to do is refight the political battles of two years ago. or go back to the way things gorp this is a time of choice for the american people. our mission is clear, if we want to get rid of obamacare, we are going to have to replace president obama. my mission is to make sure we do exactly that. >> virginia congressman and house majority leader eric cantor says the house will vote to repeal the healthcare law on july 11. what is next? gail trot soldier back with us this morning. she is from the independent women's forum. it is a conservative group and that group wants the law repealed. also with us professor joel tiedal became, he said it is time to start putting the law to work. let's start with what the majority leader said cantor, they are going to work july 11, not going forward. we are fighting this political
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battle again. gail your thoughts on that? >> reporter: this is not over. this is just the beginning. the other side is government controlled healthcare. that is not something that the american people have wanted. time and time again they have said they don't want government controlling their healthcare decisions. >> i think the time now is probably to move forward as a country, as political parties, and work at the federal level and the state level, implementing what the supreme court said yesterday. >> by the chief justice, ruling with the lib brlz on the court, calling it a tax rather than the penalty, it seems as though putting it in the hands of the american people during the
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election, he was telling them to do this you do this. just the word tax. that means something very volatile to americans. do they not see the benefits? the benefits of healthcare because they will be focused on tax? >> i think not. i think we have the benefits of having health insurance compared to the tax or the penalty what it would be would be really overwhelmingly in favor of wanting to purchase the health insurance. >> 26 states cited with the conservatives on this and didn't make any moves to start their exchanges setting up like the district is about to do. with knowing that the election is in hand, are bewe going to see those 26 states drag their feet not move forward onsetting up changes implementing the law. >> if we had understood this was a tax, it would never have been passed in the first place. so this is not over. in the 26 states are protecting their citizens by continuing
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make this an issue. people are not just going to roll over and take it. it really changes what people's decisions are. if we repeal it, we lose the things people do like, no preexisting conditions. >> wouldn't we lose that joel? >> if you repeal the law in full, of course you would. some insurers may decide to maintain those provisions. i think talk about repeal at this point doesn't make a whole lot of sense. clearly there is not a president in office who is going to sign a repeal bill. i'm not sure it is going to get a lot of traction. in terms of 26 states i would say it was the people individual governors and attorney genes who wanted to move ahead. to say there were 26 states that really wanted to fight the battle. i don't think is totally accurate. we are going to have to leave it there. we will have you back we know this will be a debate and discussion that will continue
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for many weeks and months to come. the time right now is 6:08. after round one at the at&t national, bo van pelt is in the lead for one stroke. kristen fisher is there, live this morning, getting a great view of the course. good morning to you kristen. >> reporter: good morning jessica. we got a lot going on this morning. a check of the leaderboard. the sports junkies and the heat, if you thought yesterday was bad, get ready. but first, tiger woods is going to be tees off -- teeing off right here at the 10th hole at 7:50. tiger is teeing off early. if you are driving sorry guys, bad news. rock springs parking lot is sold out today. you had an option to buy tickets online. people clearly took advantage of that. no parking l there, but it is open saturday and sunday.
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if you are driving your best bet is going to be the montgomery county fairgrounds. you have a complimentary shuttle open only today not saturday or sunday. today park there, tomorrow rock springs parking lot. another option, take the metro bus. keep in mind folks, there is no parking available at congressional or anywhere nearby. no drop offices or pickups allowed. anybody being dropped off is going to have a mile and a half walk minimum. trust me take the shuttle and they'll drop you off every 15 minutes right here. >> our time is 6:10. up next, find out just how hot is going to get today for us
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and all the golfing fans and how long this heat wave will last. today is the start of the big get away for the fourth of july. coming up, how many people are leaving town, how much you are going to pay for gas. keep it here.
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starting off with plenty of sunshine this morning. a few sunflowers and storms
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moving across the pennsylvania maryland line. but so far dc looks good this morning. we'll pull through the 80s and 90s and hit highs in the triple-digits by later on this afternoon. the house could vote today to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling. house and senate leaders have reached an agreement and if lawmakers do nothing, interest on student loans would double to 6.8% sunday. a yes vote would keep those rates at 3.4% for at least one more year. believe it or not, today expected to be the busiest single get away day for the fourth of july holiday. nearly one in five people from our vehicle will travel 50 miles or more in the coming week. aaa says that is a total of 1 million people, up 5% from last year. 877,000 of us will drive 50 miles or more. another 78,000 will be flying out of town. and 68,000 will take the train or the bus. no estimate on how many people will be coming into town.
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cheaper gas is moving some people to get away this holiday. in the dc metro area, regular grade gas is averaging $3.34 a gallon, nationwide the average sits at $3.35 a gallon. it is certainly welcome relief for all of us to see that pull back. >> down 28 cents in the last month. that is incredible. gas going down, temperatures skyrocketing. >> yes, they are out of control. but at least today and tomorrow, once we get through this warm stretch, i think we are going to like what the rest of the 7-day forecast has to hold. our weather planner today is going to feature a good deal of sunshine. a few passing clouds and we are monitoring the opportunity to see more of the showers begin to move on in temperatures push out of the 90s, we should hit
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close to 101 at reagan international airport. later on this afternoon, we'll see triple-digits inside the beltway for the most part and even the upper 90s and lower 100s down to the south as well. in all though, we'll keep winds mainly out of the west and northwest. we have noticed the increase in humidity through the overnight period. that is going to continue as we head into saturday. even sunday will be hot and steamy. if you are heading out today, keep in mind the heat advisory kicks in until 11:00 this morning. we have a run for our record, 109 at reagan international airport. there is a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms to move on through later on this afternoon. we'll continue to monitor that develop. potentially heavy storms could come our way. also we are looking at a very warm weekend as we go through saturday and sunday as well.
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good news on doppler radar, showers and thunderstorms pushing off to the eastern shore. still a few pops of activity moving toward the atlantic. however we will have another round of the kind of weather later on today. the heat advisory, while this develops the entire metro area. all the way up to the north at philadelphia and atlantic city, once again, looking at the records, 101 for reagan national and 105 in baltimore. overall right now though, feeling the mugginess. the forecast is going to stay hot for the short-term. triple-digit heat today and tomorrow. mid to upper 90s for sunday. once the front moves through we will finally feel some relief.
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monica? >> reporter: a fire glenn brooke road with police and equipment on the scene there. if you are planning to head over to 395 on the southbound side work continues on an overhead sign damaged by a dump truck that hit it. we'll show you what it looks like live on the southbound side. the left side of the roadway is getting by southbound. we are going to look a little further north. i wanted to see if it was trafficking traffic. maybe because it is a friday morning. northbound side also looks good. back over to our maps here heading over to southern maryland. all look good heading up to the beltway heading for the wilson bridge and beyond. you are going to be okay.
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come up, we'll take another look at area roads at 6:25. back to you guys. next in sports, learn who the wizards selected with their first round draft pick. right now it is another check of our question of the morning. the average woman will spend about $3100 in a lifetime on mascara, shaving and waxing or manicures and pedicures? >> tracy says mascara. $3100 in a lifetime has to be something cheap. >> find out if you are correct at 6:49
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welcome back to 9news now. in sports the first three picks in this year's nba draft were all college freshmen. >> that includes the guy the wizards took with the number three pick. bradley belle, he is 19 years old and spent a year at florida, stands 6'5" and hails from st. louis. in the second round.
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the nationals rallied from a 7-0 deficit to take the rockies in extra innings yesterday. the winning run for colorado with this rbi single in the 11th. nats lose it. a guy named bo van pelt is the leader after one round at the at&t national tournament. but a guy named tiger woods is just five shots back. >> round two begins in half an hour. kristen fisher already has her spot. she is live again. good morning kristen? >> reporter: good morning, we are just about an hour and a half away from tiger woods teeing off right here at the 10th hole. that is going to be happening at 7:50 this morning. he has to play well today. because yesterday was a bit of a disappointment for tiger. especially on a course that he is known to love. this is of course one of his favorite courses. tiger finished 1 over
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yesterday. he is tied in 30th place, so he has to do really well today. earlier, i caught up with one of the sports junkies to find out what tiger needs to do to make the cut for saturday and sunday. >> he needs to hit more greens. he only hit 11 greens yesterday. only 7 fairways in regular lyings as well. he needs to get the driver under control and stay out of the sunday. i know it sounds easy especially here at congressional. tiger should be fine. >> reporter: again tiger teeing off here tenth hole 7:50. other notable tee times you might want to make note of. current leader bo van pelt will tee off in just about 40 minute. at the first hole he is currently 4 under. our local boy billy hurley is 2
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under, tied for fifth place. he is going to be teeing off this afternoon at 1:52 also right here at the tenth hole. hurley, keep in mind. gave us one of the most exciting moments yesterday morning right here at the tenth hole where he almost hit a hole in one. attorney general eric holder in contempt. right now monika has a quick check on traffic. already filling up out there? >> it looks open but it won't through the weekend with the at&t golf tournament we were talking about a company of minutes ago. river road and bradley boulevard, use macarthur
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boulevard as your alternate route. i'll have more on traffic coming up in a few minutes at 6:30. you are watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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this is a live look there
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we are at the 189th fairway the beautiful congressional country club the site of this year's at&t national. it is already 79 degrees. >> definitely a little sticky out there. thank you for starting your very humid friday morning with us. i'm jessica doyle. >> and i'm andrea roane. mike and howard are both off today. olga breese has our forecast she says is ms. . able already. >> reporter: if you are headed out to the at&t national, maybe you are checking out the festival on the mall or heading toward the potomac river. already some haze around the capital building. temperatures pushing upper 70s for near 80 degrees. we have the heat advisory well into the evening hours. there is a couple of things i need to tell you about in virginia. an accident on route 1, south
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of route 123 in woodbridge. also a disabled truck northbound on 95 just after the prince william parkway in the lanes apparently. be aware that have as well on the northbound side of i-95. southbound 395 they have been working on a damaged sign a dump truck went through and clipped the sign there. we'll take you back over to the maps this time over to the other side of town where i'm happy to say that 270 really looks fine as well. coming into frederick and clarksburg. outer loop side which low as down near new hampshire have and it is going to be westbound toward georgia avenue before the pace improves. coming up we'll take another look at area roads. back to you guys. house majority leader eric cantor says the house will vote on when to repeal the
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healthcare act. character cahill with cbs this morning joins us. erica, you will be speaking with congressman cantor this morning. >> he will be with us. we are going to caulk with -- talk with him about the plans. we'll take a closer look of course of what it means to you as well. many observers were surprised to see chief justice john roberts. harvard law professor actually predicted it would happen. he is going explain why. he'll also take a closer look at whether or not this changes the way the american people may see the people court and its impact. have a great friday and a great weekend andrea. we have reaction to the ruling from the attorney generals on both sides of the potomac. that includes virginia republican ken couch nellly who filed the first lawsuit.
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he was pleased with the way the supreme court ruled. >> in the future, no congressman, no senator and no president will be able to say, for any bill that has the possibility of raising money, that it's not a tax. >> we have, in maryland, been going very forward, very progressively getting ready to implement the act in 2014 so we can avail ourselves of all the benefits of that. douganceler filed a brief in support of the legislation before the supreme court. you can read the ruling for yourself. learn how local support enters opponents of the law are reacting and see our photo gallery from outside the court during yesterday's aflansment all at the top of our home page at jessica? thanks andrea. the time right now is 6:33. attorney general eric holder calls a contempt of congress
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vote against him a politically motivated act. the house voted yesterday to hold him in contempt for refusing to turn over certain documents. they are part of the investigation the fast and furious gun trafficking operation. more than 100 democrats boycotted the vote by walking out. with a closer look at how we got to this point. i'm joined by debby heinz. let's step back for a second operation fast and furious. based out of arizona not the outcome the white house wanted in this case. in fact two of the guns were found near the body of a border control agent. >> in terms of the investigation, the republicans are alleging it is a cover-up.
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they don't have any information or anything to go on that it is a cover-up. i mean the government provided over 7500 documents. over 1500 documents president obama asserted executive privilege over because they are confidential. the government decide that had we'll try to work this thing out in advance of the hearing and we'll talk about it and tell you what is in the documents. but that wasn't good enough for the republicans. >> we did see this vote mostly on party lines. is that i sense of cover-up or is this being manufactured by republicans? >> it is being manufactured. because the issue of the cover-up was being alleged before there was the executive privilege. i mean things were trying to be
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worked out. eric holder wars saying let me meet with you guys. there is no basis and i think the representative has even said he has nothing to go on to think it is a cover-up. >> reporter: we had senators come out with a statement that said basically a person died in service of the doesn't through -- of the country. why not release these documents? >> what the government is saying in this case is no, it is going to jeopardize other agents and other operations. so we have to assert executive privilege. we can't jeopardize others too. >> obviously very controversial, very politically charged. andrea, over to you. we are following breaking news out of prince george's
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county. along cabin branch drive, delia is there live with the latest. i know they were talking with the firefighters on the scene as to what more you could find out. what have you learned? >> we know the man's wife and co-workers remain on the scene, hoping for the best. his car is still in the parking lot and cell phone cars are going directly to voice mail. all indications are he is still inside the building, hopefully alive. crews have been working to rescue the man. now we are hearing a forklift may have caused that roof to topple. you see the paper storage warehouse has large shelves
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inside. the missing employee, we are told. worked in between the shelves at the time when the forklift knocked over one of the shelves, causing a domino effect. the shelves hit a support beam. >> we had k9 crews going in to search for him. the gaps are starting to get a little bit wider, telling us the stability is deteriorating rapidly. >> reporter: as you can hear, a very tense situation here for even the rescue crews trying to take this man out safely and trying to bring calm and ease to his family and co-workers, who are here. they are waiting for a structural engineer, we are told to come to the scene, assess the building so crews can, therefore, make this building safe and head back inside to continue their rescue mission.
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back to you. delia, live on our breaking news story out of land over, maryland. >> hot weather certainly not a good thing for the firefighters working out there and not a good thing for the golfers and fans. >> kristen fisher is trying to stay cool this morning. she joins us live from congressional country club. i heard our local golfer saying he likes playing in the heat. >> they make them strong when they are from the navy, right? >> reporter: i thought that was hot. today is going to be even hotter. get this, yesterday montgomery fire and rescue responded to 60 heat related calls. as i said, it is going to be even hotter today. if you are planning oncoming out here, plan accordingly, sunscreen, sunglasses, all that
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good stuff. montgomery fire is asking you don't walk. closest parking lot is at least a mile away. then you still have to walk. the shuttles are free, they run every 15 minutes. they drop you off directly at the entrance. >> reporter: i spent about two hours walking the course yesterday and there are a lot of places to buy beer and alcohol on the course. i know a cold beer sounds very refreshing, but you know it is not. crews yesterday had to deal with a lot of people, treat a lot of people who were simply drinking too much beer and not enough what you are. i'm not going to be one of those people who says don't drink beer when you are out here. but a good rule of thumb. if you are having a beer, follow it with a nice bottle of water. you can't bring bottled water here but congressional has dropped the cost of a bottle of
6:41 am
water to just 2-dz. that is a whole lot cheaper than a can of beer. >> and do so much better for your body with that. pour the beer over your head for a cool down. stay cool. >> $2 is the cost cut. unbelievable. 6:41 is the time, when you are going to watch golf or getting the morning paper, you are going to sweat out there today. >> we could break the 100- degree mark. but there is a the threat of storms through the day. coming up, how long this steamy weather will last.
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plane and platts
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timesaver traffic, hot outside but still good on the roads.
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no problems to report right now. we had a couple of issues early this morning, especially in virginia. right now though, you are just had iing the brakes on the outer loop, heading west toward silver spring. in fact we are going to take a live look at the beltway in college park and near route 1 you can see both loops of the beltway looking great. past the i-95 interchange. overhead saipaia work repair, a dump truck hit it at about 1:00 this morning. all lanes have been reopened. northbound 95, 395 looking good into springfield. we'll take a live look outside and this is lighter than normal for 6:46 in the morning. even on a friday. coming up back to you guys.
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the big picture olga is painting for us red red red for the triple-digits we can expect. >> a the love folks have acs working overtime tonight. outside right now hazy. cloidz have moved on through. we will be officially partly cloudy for most of today with peeks of sunshine. look at our dew point, well up into the 60s. the southwest winds continue to pump in the moisture. humidity is high and yes this is what we are stuck with for the short-term. into monday and tuesday, right now our temperatures are definitely on the warm side. but it is feeling a little bit warmer than that, when you factor in the dew points. we are starting to calm down on the radar. all the showers and storms that moved north of baltimore and out toward the eastern shore are moving off the atlantic coast.
6:48 am
the satellite and radar showing activity starting to develop off to our west. we have a possibility of sparking showers and thunderstorms will into the afternoon and evening hours. for us for the short-term, here's what you need to flow about your forecast for today. it looks like we are going to see our futurecast ripping in more moisture, -- bring in more moisture, i think say from 5:00 to 6:00. heavy downpours and even severe weather moving on through. but it will move out quick and then we'll be fine after midnight tonight. lows down into the sticky 70s. here's what you need for today. we are in a code orange health alert, unhealthy air, as far as our air quality goes, we'll keep our winds out of the west northwest and tomorrow afternoon we could see a possibility of showers and thunderstorms moving
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on through. temperatures will start to calm down next week hot weather has the dc inspection station open from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. instead of the normal summer snow showers councilman michael brown says a long time operative has been stealing money. brown said he made the discovery while personally reviewing his campaign finance reports. he is not revealing the person's name because of the ongoing police investigation. brown plans to bring in an independent auditor to go over his campaign books. a man who crashed a stolen jeep into an office building also targeted the state department and the institute
6:50 am
for peace. police say charles ball of maryland doused a car with gasoline and drove into a building at connecticut avenue and lstreet northwest earlier this month. police testified ball said he was trying to get the attention of the fbi. he is charged with arson and destruction of property. time to find out the answer to our question of the morning. the question was the average woman will spend about $3100 in a lifetime on which of these item. is it mascara, shaving and waxing or manicures and pedicures? >> today the answer is a, mascara. >> we figured like some of our other viewers, it has to be cheap. still $3100 over a lifetime? a little bit more money than that, i think.
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time now is 6:59. we are looking at partly cloudy skies. temperatures already in the upper 70s. hit the 90s by noon and top out at trimmings later on this afternoon. heat advisory until 9:00. jessica? today is friday. june 2nd, and here is a check of the news before you go. metro's new fare hikes take effect sunday. train and bus fares go up at least a dime. if you use a paper card, you'll pay $1 for a surcharge. prince william county police need your help finding this
6:55 am
man. 58-year-old mohammed. may boob. he is president of the virginia muslim association. florida freshman bradley belle is the wizard's number one pick in the nba draft. in the second round the wiz took also from the czech republic. a closer look at two u.s. olympic hopefuls. before that one more check on traffic and weather. keep it here on this friday morning you are watching 9news now.
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heat advisory until 9:00 tonight. we are headed for triple- digits. southbound on route 29 at route 32 an accident just reported. and here's what it looks like live at the northbound side of
6:59 am
395 at edsel road. the overhead sign work repair was finally completed and your lanes are open and we are going to take a live look on the outer loop here at new hampshire avenue to georgia. more on the affordable healthcare act. and oscar winning director oliver stone talks about his latest film. monika and i will have a next update on your traffic and weather in about 20 minutes. we are going to see you monday morning at 4:25. have a great weekend. if you are out on the roads, good luck today.


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