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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight. subway service is suspended between ft. totten and prince george's county plaza subway station. if you're taking metro to the national games, expect delays there as well. they suggest even using capitol south station as an alternative. it's about a 10 or 15 minute walk, but in this heat that is no joke either. we've got a crew on the way to the scene and will have more information as it becomes available. . that blistering heat is our other top story. it's here and there's more to come over the weekend. anny hong is here talking about dangerous temperatures. >> it will be worse tomorrow before things get better. in fact, temperatures will get well past the triple digit mark and i think it's going to be really tough tomorrow. so hopefully people can take it easy and just maybe go to the pool or whatever. let's take a look at our -- we have a severe weather alert day issued for tomorrow and sunday. here's why. we have got an excessive heat
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warning in effect for tomorrow, all day saturday until 10 p.m. the heat index for today, yeah, check out these numbers, a lot of us in the upper 90s to 100. when you factor in the high humidity. this is a historic heatwave. this is our ninth straight day of at least getting to 95 degrees or higher. the first time in 141 years of record keeping this has happened. we'll probably get to 11 days because tomorrow we're into the 100-degree mark and sunday we'll be over 95 is our forecast. remember the hottest month was just last year in july around this time. so it's going to be off to a very hot start. what can we expect the rest of this evening? temperatures will be in the low 70s to lower 80s and the winds won't help us out a lot. we'll talk more about the heat tomorrow and the big storms for sunday. the heat is an extra unwelcome burden for nearly 100
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people looking for a place to live because of a devastating fire in prince william county. the flames swept through the woodbridge station familiarities on eisenhower circle last night. our surae chinn is there. >> reporter: a lot of the tenants were out in the heat just waiting and hoping to get inside their apartments to grab some essentials and see the damage, but they couldn't because these two buildings behind me are condemned. the one on the left of your screen and the one behind those trees. screws were boarding them up this afternoon -- crews were boarding them up this afternoon. we've learned someone on that top level apartment on the third story left a gas fueled appliance which caused the fire. samuel assmani captured these flames shooting from the roof on his cell phone. you can hear his concern for those who may have been trapped. his son jeffrey ran to find out. >> god, who is inside there? >> rushing everywhere trying to
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knock on everybody's door trying to get them outside and you see babies crying, little girls looking for their moms. >> reporter: when he noticed he couldn't find his cousin emanuel. >> i felt him shaking me. i just picked him up, got him outside. if i had never done that, he would have been gone by now probably. >> he saved my high of. >> reporter: prince william county pulled -- my life. >> reporter: prince william county pulled nearly 70 firefighters from of department to help in last night's fire that destroyed 24 units and two buildings. several firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion as crews battled the blaze in 100- degree temperatures. the fire marshal's office says a gas fueled cooking appliance such as a gas grill caused the fire. >> which emphasizes the reason why you do not have propane grills on apartment decks. it is against code in prince william county. >> reporter: it's a mistake that could have cost lives. >> my son came in and said mommy, wake up, fire.
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then i grabbed my grandson. >> it was really scary he is is my nephew because he's a baby. >> we don't have nothing, you know. everything is gone. we didn't take even nothing. >> reporter: well, charges are pending and by the way, having a gas grill on your deck next to your apartment is against state law. it is a state violation. it is a misdemeanor, carries a $2,500 fine and up to one year in jail. >> terrible day for those poor tenants. nearly one week after last week's devastating storm pepco now says it's down to the final 1% of customers still waiting for the return of their electricity, but that is little comfort for those folks who are still out there without power. andrea mccarren is standing in rockville with more on that long wait. >> reporter: the tiltons drove around their powerless neighborhood delivering ice and water to those without either. >> being good to people.
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it feels good. >> reporter: those random acts of kindness have helped sustain the final 1% of pepco customers waiting to have their power restored. >> we expect that it takes time, but this is ridiculous. un, this is a week now. -- you know, this is a week now. this is unforgivable. >> i did laundry at a friend's house all day saturday. today was enough. i just was done today and have been very emotional the whole day. >> last night i went from my bedroom upstairs which is way too hot to like the couch downstairs to like air mattresses in the basement. >> reporter: even in this quince orchard knolls neighborhood of underground power lines and no visible damage 49 homes remained hot and dark until this afternoon. >> i just wish pepco would be honest with us, tell us the truth. >> reporter: the joy of electricity quickly gave way to dread that another powerful storm may be just around the corner. >> i don't know what we're going to do. it's just overwhelming. >> reporter: and i am happy to
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report that those residents in the quince orchard knolls neighborhood have since gotten their power back and i also have some news here from the rockville silver spring line. look behind me. within the last hour power has been restored here, too. for those who still don't have electricity, pepco's estimated restoration time still remains sun night 11 p.m. reporting live from rock -- sunday night, 11 p.m. reporting live from rockville, andrea mccarren, 9 news now. montgomery county says it's planning a special one time pickup for storm debris. beginning wednesday july 11th crews will be visiting all the county's 217 snowplow routes and pick up tree debris. make sure lips and branches don't block sidewalk -- limbs and branches don't block sidewalk, driveways or roads. you can put debris in trash cans or drop it off at the shady grove processing facility and transfer station in durwood, maryland. a hiker is being treated
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for injuries he received in germantown this morning. the victim was deep in the woods in the 16,500 block of jermantown road when he was injured somehow. a helicopter picked him up at quince orchard high school in the parking lot. the man has serious but not life threatening injuries. tonight on 9news at 7:00 the push to expand gambling in maryland, is it dead or alive? governor martin o'malley fills us in on his plans for a special session over the summer. >> see you then, derek. coming up on 9 news now now a teen charged with sexually assaulting three people within a matter of minutes in suitland. >> plus new details emerging about last night's wild police shootout in college park, those stories and more just ahead.
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we have breaking news this afternoon, a train derailment on the green line is having a ripple effect throughout the entire metro system. joining us now once again spokesperson dan stessel live on the phone. dan, give us an update what's happening. is everybody off the train that had derailed? >> reporter: yes, everybody is off that train. there were 55 passengers aboard. all have been safely evacuated. there were no reported injuries. there was one pregnant woman aboard the train who is going to the hospital just for a precautionary measure to be evaluated, but no injuries reported out of this. what we can tell you is about at 4:45 this afternoon an inbound green line train derailed its trailing three cars, meaning the three cars at back of the train just outside of west hyattsville station. >> was there any sort of rescue in an air shack either on the train or at the station itself? we were getting reports of that. >> yeah. there were emergency evacuation shafts located throughout the metro rail system. they are used for this purpose
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whenever you need to evacuate a train that's below ground. they provide stairway access back to the surface. >> okay. what about you are already dealing with extreme heat which slows the system down. let's talk about delays and whether this will affect weekend work for metro. >> right. so right now service is suspended both directions on the green line between ft. totten and prince george's county plaza stations. we've got shuttle buses operating in that section of green line and elsewhere on the green line folks will want to have plenty of extra time especially if you're heading to the nats game tonight, which is normally a green line service, you might want to consider capital south station on the orange and blue lines as an alternative. we slowed down trains to 35 miles an hour as a precaution given the weather conditions and extreme heat and canceled all weekend track work. so every piece of track work planned this weekend will not be happening. >> thank you for that update.
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obviously a slow go, but people should be still able to make it to the nationals game. you said there is an alternative station and buses running. >> that's correct. no buses, but you can walk in about 10 minutes from capitol south station on the blue and orange lines. meantime a 19-year-old is charged with committing three sexual assaults within hours in prince george's county. that suspect identified as curtis lee sargent began his reign of terror by sexually assaulting a man around 3 a.m. that was thursday in the 5900 block of suitland road. 40 minutes later sargent assaulted two women a few blocks away. he was captured later and charged with rape and first degree assault. police are trying to figure out whether sargent is tied to other crimes in prince george's county. neither shotguns, tasers or police batons were enough to stop a man in college park near the university of maryland last night who was allegedly hopped up on pcp. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in college park where we're getting new details of an
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unbelievable gunbattle. >> this is my son. i think he's smoked some pcp. >> reporter: antwonette harris did her best to stay calm as her 21-year-old son was going crazy. >> does he still have the gun in his hand? >> yes. >> can you see it? >> reporter: mccoy comes out, a .40 caliber handgun in his own mom's back. mom sees the officer, runs for it and then mccoy engages in a kind of running gun battle with the officer here who shoots him and he keeps going. >> oh, my god. >> oh, holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: university of maryland students were upstairs videotaping the whole thing. he tried and of failed too escape in one police cruiser and -- and failed to escape in one police cruiser and jumped in a second. eight to 10 police officers
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finally subdued him. >> all of our officers acted courageously and bravely. >> despite being shot, tased and hit with batons authorities say andre mccoy is in good condition in the hospital. authorities charged him with trying to murder a police officer and a lot of other crimes. tonight new information about the 12-year-old ft. washington boy accused of killing a 2-year-old foster child who lived in the same home. maryland's department of human resources is reviewing case records to make sure proper procedures were followed when they placed this little girl in that foster moment last november. the boy has been charged -- home last november. the boy has been charged with second degree murder for allegedly beating the toddler to death. >> at this point homicide detectives are talking with the state's attorney office about the status of this 12-year-old. at this point he's being charged as a juvenile. that could change. >> in maryland a judge could decide to try the 12-year-old as an adult. police say he has no criminal history and neighbors and friends describe him as friendly and that he never
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liked to fight. now he's being held at a youth detention facility. still ahead on 9news, triple digit danger, the extreme heat headed our way leaving buckled streets behind it. get ready and watch out.
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hot now and going to get hotter. this is a look at what we can expect, extreme heat headed our way, puck led city streets this. is -- buckled city streets. this is in chicago. the temperatures there were 103 degrees today. excessive heat warning in effect this evening when the supercharged temps start heading our way. it's hard to imagine it getting hotter and we haven't gotten much relief at night. >> we haven't. our overnight lows are in the lower 80s downtown once again. it will heat things up quickly as we're starting already in the low 80s by early morning. so it's going to be another hot day out there. you can see the temperature is in the upper 90s close to 100 degrees, a live look at our temperature gauge there and it's going to get worse
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tomorrow. we'll get a little break by next week. here's a look at our heat alert. excessive heat warning issued already for tomorrow, which is actually declared a severe weather alert day. saturday 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., keep in mind tonight we still have our heat advisory until 8:00 this evening. the heat index, well, temperatures feel like they're in the upper 90s in downtown, 100 in winchester, culpeper 103. it's a little worse in these locations, leesburg 105 because of the dew points so high. that air is so sticky. our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son of the white house on this friday evening and hopefully they're staying cool on this friday, temperature in downtown 98, mostly sunny, the winds calm and dew point in the lower 60s. radar showing it is quiet for the d.c. metro area, a couple showers and storms are to the south of us. now here's a look at what we're expecting. even hotter tomorrow, then some storms come this way. heat advisory for us tonight
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till 8:00. saturday is an excessive heat warning. so national weather service elevating it because the fact we'll see very hot temperatures, record highs likely. sunday is still hot, but then we're watching for the potential of some big storms coming in the afternoon and in the evening. a cold front coming through this way. here's our 9 futurecast, quiet overnight and also saturday it looks like we'll see plenty of sunshine, very hot day. saturday night is going to be very warm and muggy night. sunday we'll see more clouds moving in and a cold front comes through from the north to the south and we'll see some scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up. some of those storms will be strong or severe, damaging wind gusts, hail all a possibility for sunday. we really have to keep that in mind. that could impact your plans. behind that front is cooler air moving in. so then we'll get a break from the heat by monday. tonight clear skies, warm, muggy, lows lower 70s to lower 80s downtown, 75 leesburg and
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culpeper. tomorrow is our severe weather alert day. air quality is code red because it will be unhealthy for everyone. here's a look at the next three days. red alert saturday because of the heat, 104, sunday big storms, red alert once again upper 90s, monday cooler, mid- 80s with some showers. check out your next seven days. it is a severe weather alert day for saturday and sunday. monday will be cooler in the mid-80s. we're not looking to be wet all week. we just have a chance for some showers and storms for every day next week, but it will be cooler monday and tuesday. relief is in there. we got to get through tomorrow's heat and sunday's potential big storms. >> it's tough on all of us, but if you're on a ball field, it's like you're playing in a swamp. >> yeah. we think these big strong athletes can overcome anything. not so sometimes. as usual all eyes on stephen
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strasburg. will the heat get the best of him again? we'll see. the ups and downs of tiger's world continues from winner's circle to missing the cut? maybe next.
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now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> we are starting to turn our attention to the end of this month. that's nlb's trade deadline where good teams aim to get better. bad teams start the fire sale. the nats for once are in the
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former category and principal owner mark lerner says he's ready to spin the greenbacks and bolster the roster. stay tuned. should be fun to see the nats make a move by that trade deadline. the current team as constructed playing well, 16 games above .500, a franchise record. the last at bat come from behind victory last night, wins equal smiles equal happiness equal positive soundbites. if you don't believe me, take a listen. >> there's no quitting the ballclub. there's a lot of character in this ballclub and now that everybody's kind of doing their thing, it's easy to get a little momentum going. >> we've been rolling lately, finally getting the bats going and pitching is doing what they do. so continue to do that, we're going to be all right. >> stephen strasburg on the hill tonight, need to keep an eye on the horse because last time out his stint ended early as he suffered from the heat. it ain't no cooler tonight. so how strasburg deals with the
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elements will be an interesting story line. we shall see. d.c.'s newest professional head coach is throwing out the first pitch. new capitals head man adam oates, is the latest to do the honors. oates was inducted into the hall of fame the same day he was named head coach. tiger put on the show last week coming from behind to win his own tourney. he liked it so much he decided to remain in the area. woods jumping over to west virginia to play the greenbrier classic for the first time. woods looking sort of like a rookie on those greens, hadn't played it, not able to read the greens yesterday, 31 putts. today, though, better. radar mocked on the pin here, great approach on 7. he birdied the hole, but then are those cumulus clouds, anny? >> yes. >> there you go. rain and thunderstorms coming through, tiger now plus-1 in danger of missing the cut. we'll tell you more at 11:00. if you love tennis, this is
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a great weekend. you've got wimbledon. secondly the match-up roger federer will play in his eighth finals is a record. he faces andy murray from england, first time a native son will be in the finals since 1938. the most historic tennis tournament finals match-up on sunday. finally sixth stage of the tour de france, a huge wreck today causing this or shall we say 495 beltway on a friday afternoon? typical stuff. >> look at that. >> all those guys, looks like some bad traffic. fabian continues to wear the yellow jersey. that is your tour de france update. again, you're going to the nats game, capitol south blue line to the game to avoid delays. >> good advice. pack your patience. that's all for 9 news now at 6:00. cbs evening news is next. derek is back at 7:00. have a good weekend. stay cool.
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