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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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evening showers. heavier showers and storms this morning southern virginia down into the carolinas. you can certainly see in the richmond area we've had the heavy showers and storms starting to move just east, southeast. this stuff has been going over the -- [indiscernible] even i-95 reported closed in sections of the richmond area with lighter sprinkles across fredricksburg in toward western charles county and in southern st. mary's county they're getting hit pretty hard, too intense rainfall along i-64 east of richmond and across 17 and from st. mary's city to point lookout, showers and some thunderstorms here. some heavy rain and lightning. there are the light sprinkles there in western charles county. let's check in with monika samtani now, 6:00 a.m. she has your latest time saver traffic. overall we don't have any big incidents near town. everything is looking good around the beltway. here's what it looks like in southern maryland. the accident i told you about on the outer loop near pennsylvania avenue where you see the icon there, everything has been moved off to the shoulder. but southbound on 295 after
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pennsylvania avenue, i was talking about a disabled truck in the road and now in the backup there is an accident at east capital street southbound on 295. so just keep that in mind. we'll take you over to our live pictures right now. if you're planning to head over to the northbound side of i-95 you're doing fine in springfield. a little slow and heavy as you exit to the beltway. by the way in richmond, southbound 95 overnight accident cleanup continues near chamberlain road. that is causing a backup in case you're heading to richmond this morning southbound on i- 95. let's go back over to our maps. this time we'll take a look at north side of town. no problems on the beltway between college park and bethesda. we'll leave you with a live look at 270 southbound here at shady grove road. still running well down to the split. coming up in my next report, we'll go out west at 6:11. pepco is probably arguably the least popular company around here these days. people are demanding it do more to prevent the outages like over the million we had last
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week. that includes a d.c. council woman who wants to require more power lines go underground. it's a debate happening today at the wilson building. delia goncalves is there live with a preview. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. the wilson building will be very active today. this last null day of the legislative session before the council breaks for the summer. and there will be no question that something certainly has to be done about these long- standing pepco power outages but the question, is burying the lines the best solution. mary cheh says it's one solution albeit a costly one but legislation would require that co. pay for -- that pepco pay for it. >> each time we have situations like this, there will be some nashing of teeth and pepco will say we have a new program and we have a two-year program, three-year program but it never
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seems to change. the thick that stays the same is they make promises. >> the public service commission fined pepco a million dollars for past msm prance. we've -- past performance. we've heard nothing remotely of regulatory oversight in the district of columbia. >> reporter: over the district of columbia public service commission is now indeed reviewing that planning and the restoration process from pepco's laci -- last performance dur the storm. we also -- during the storm. we also know they will require pepco to file a report with them within the next 21 days and then the psc here in d.c. will hold a public hearing. we'll have to see what comes of this public hearing. lots of folks will be asking for maybe some fines like maryland today. we'll see what folks here in d.c. will do in regard to
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holding pepco accountable. >> delia goncalves thank you for that update. maryland's public service commission will decide soon whether to allow pepco to raise rates. a closer look at that part of the issue and hear from one group dead set against any kind of rate hike coming up at 6:12. a county executive in anne arundel county will stand trial. the judge ruled tuesday the charges against john leopold will not be thrown out. leopold is accused of misusing his police detail for personal and political reasons. he's been indicted on four counts of misconduct in office and one of misusing taxpayer money. the trial is going to start on september 4 as will the jury selection. investigators are trying to determine what started a fire overnight at a former d.c. school. the fire began around 11:00 at the former webb elementary. that's on mount olivet road and holbrooke street in northeast washington. the school has been closed since 2008. the city called a meeting earlier this year to consider proposals designating the
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building as surplus property. we're learning more about the police-involved shooting in fairfax county, virginia. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday morning. police exchanged gunfire with a suspect killing. he's been identified at 21-year- old nicklaus caliber of woodbridge. no word on what led to the shooting. the to officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. virginia will not hit ez pass customers with a fee as long as you have one right now. vdot announced monday it's going to back down from its plans to charge ez pass users a dollar per month but it will charge the fee to new customers. if existing customers order a new transponder, you'll be hit with a fee as well. vdot needs the extra cash to pass for the expanding ez pass program. jessica doyle is watching your money and your private needs. >> somebody is collecting information when it comes to the way you use your cell phone. >> big brother turns out is watching. more and more the government wants to know what people are
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doing with their cell phones and neither law enforcement or companies are required to report or request information. >> an enfirry has revealed law enforcement agencies made 1.3 million requests for cell phone records last year. that's a big surge over previous years. privacy experts say it reflects the gray area between privacy and technology. cell phone companies sometimes request warrants and sometimes they don't. microsoft planning what it calls the biggest overhaul of windows since 1995. windows 8 being released in october. analyst itself had been -- analysts had been predicting a fall shipping date meaning new computers will be available with windows in time for the holiday shopping season. no official word of the launch date. automakers are racing to be the first on the road with vehicles that drive themselves. our partners at "u.s.a. today" report that ford is the latest to disclose their plans. the system would work in heavy
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traffic jams letting the car keep up with traffic and stay in its lane. this isn't set it and forget it technology yet but they're definitely getting it in baby steps. >> ford has the new suv where you lift your hands off the wheel and it will parallel park for you. >> it's crazy. i'm a terrible parallel parker. >> thank you, jessica. our time is 6:07. in four minutes pepco hopes for a delay in any decision on a proposed rate hike. learn why some think it soon happen at all -- think it shouldn't happen at all. it's relatively a cool day around here. weather coming up next. >> but first, romance in the capitol might be dead. 50-plus dating site uses memory data to rank romantic cities for those over 50. they say d.c. is the fourth wore toss find romance but it's
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better than new york. the top three worst places are new york city and breaking it down burrough by burrough, the bronx and brooklyn. >> the site called -- [ inaudible ] topping the worst chart again is new york city. you have to head to myrtle beach, south carolina to find the best.
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we're watching some showers south of washington this morning. we may see a spotty one here later today. it will be a seasonably warm day with highs in the mid- to upper 80s. ail have your full seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we're going to take a live look from sky 9 on the northbound side of i-95 north of the fairfax county parkway. heavy traffic here and a problem on the ramp trying to get on to northbound i-95. traffic squeezing by on that ramp to the left. in my next report another live look at area roads at 6:18. >> thank you, monika. it's 6:12. pepco wants to raise your rates by 4% and a decision from
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maryland's public service commission was expected this week. but with all the outages from last week, pepco is asking the psc to delay its ruling by another week. our next guest this morning is against any kind of hike. hank greenberg is with aarp and thank you very much for being with us. aarp has called proposed rate hikes unfair, unacceptable. why? >> i think it's bottom line is that there is no reason to add costs to existing customers now. they have really weathered -- no pun intended -- a terrific amount of inconvenience and this isn't the time to be asking for additional funds. in fact, the communication part has been perhaps the worst part of all that pepco has done. we have heard mostly from our aarp members that they're upset with the fact that lack of communication. if you have a storm and tell everyone your power will be back on in a week, that's not really telling them very much
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at all. in fact, it's not helpful. it's woefully inadequate. they need to step up their own game before we add more money. >> let's hear what thomas graham told our gary nurenberg the reason why they still believe the rate hike is necessary. >> we've invested millions of dollars to improve reliability for our customers. it's an investment we make in the regulatory pack. there's a recovery mechanism for those investments and it's critical for us to continue the make the investments that we do get appropriate rate recovery. >> one of the things they say they need to invest in and what customers are asking for is put more linemen out there in the field because that's what we needed to get the lines back up. don't they need the rate hike to hire those additional workers? >> you know, electricity is electricity. we're buying the product of electricity. it's the same no matter where you go. what they do with the money we give them every month is they're supposed to provide service. the service has been so
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inadequate that the public service commission came after them and said here's a million dollar fine. part of the increase they've asked for is to have us, the ratepayers, pay the attorneys' fees that they used to defend against that fine by the public service commission. that's not how our money should be spent. they should not be -- and they should not be asking for a surcharge having that money in advance. you provide the product. we'll come and buy that product. >> you said having the utility tell you your service may be returned in a week is not acceptable communication but we heard the same thing from doll minion -- dom dominion, virginia. they couldn't really say and gave us an idea. but should maryland, montgomery county, be looking for another service provider for its electricity? >> i don't know enough to know whether or not they should be looking for another provider but this provider and in fact the ones you've mentioned, bge as well, they all have an opportunity to improve the customer relations and
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communication. the first step is-- >> very quickly what do you want people to do to stand up for their rights against these rate hikes? >> contact the public service commission. contact aarp and we will make sure that they get -- we're going to add the 1200 letters we already have in our offices now from members, we're going to be delivering those this week to the public service commission expressing the wishes of the aarp members. >> sorry we have to cut off our conversation but thank you very much for being here with us. >> my pleasure. it 16:15. you may have noticed it's been a wee bit toasty around here lately. 103, 105, heat index much higher the last 12 months were initially the warmest ever on record for the unction. according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. the average average 67 degrees. records date back to 1895. it does not include the last
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week we just had but still quite warm. >> we've had a lot of record warmth so helpfully we'll get into a pattern of normalcy. >> and we need moisture. >> yes. let's talk about today, though. we may get some spotty showers this afternoon here in the metro. this morning we're seeing the heavier showers and storms well south of town as temperatures rise toward the 80s. in fact mid-80s by lunch time. we'll top out in the upper 78s on this afternoon. there will be a mix of clouds and sun with spotty showers with winds out of the east at 5, 10 miles an hour. 84 at 8:00 p.m. looking at the radar this morning, it's all down to the south of us. in fact well south of town. some lighter showers, sprinkles even getting into fredricksburg, over toward la plata, waldorf. but from richmond east of town, this is where we're seeing the very heavy showers and thunderstorms. richmond itself is starting to clear out but still look at this on interstate 64, some
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heavy rain. a little lightning showing up there. this goes toward st. mary's county where we've been seeing lightning and thunder and heavy rainfall toward st. mary city. there's the ridge as well. this is southern st. mary's county. all of this drifting slowly to the east. now, a front is in the faked. kind of -- in the neighborhood. kind of tough to pick out. we have low level moisture. you're looking at the dew point temperatures, how much moisture is in the way a truer way to categorize it. when you see 60s and 70s, this is sticky tropical stuff. north and west the air is drier, especially in western maryland where the dew points drop into the 50s. actual air temperatures out in western maryland in the lower 60s where we're still hanging on to mid, even upper 70s south of us with 69 in baltimore. 70 in easton and here in town on our michael & son weather camera, we've got some sunshine. high clouds as well. temperatures 76 with the humidity 79%. that wind east, northeast at 6. that wind out of the east may
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be the ong thing to keep -- the only thing to keep us from 90ish or so the next couple of days as temperatures will be in the upper 80s with a spotty shower this afternoon. 60s and low 70s tonight. can't rule out a shower or storm. that will be the case tomorrow afternoon, 88. best chance tomorrow out toward the blue ridge and west where we get a little elevation to help lift the air. thursday looking warm and dry, 87. as we head for the weekend temperatures creep up. a couple of showers and storms, highs in the low 90s. here comes monika with time saver traffic. low traffic in the usual spots right now. i also want to let you know about an accident in crystal city on the southbound side of route 110 right at 395. it is blocking the two right lanes so that's going to cause some trouble for you in crystal city. northbound 3935 is incident -- 395 is incident free. no problems to report as we come in from southern maryland from the beltway. let's take a live look outside right now. here's what it looks like if you're planning to head on 95 coming in from baltimore past
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route 198. looking great here as you head for the beltway. the beltway is slow on the outer loop now basically from new hampshire avenue as you head to georgia avenue before the pace improves. let's go back out to the west side of town. no problems on the dulles toll road out of sterling, 66 as cow in from fairfax toward the beltway. we'll take a live look outside once again. i'll show you what it looks like from our sky 9. northbound 95 here in newington. looks like there had been some hov compliance issue there is on that ramp. but other than that, traffic is normal leaving newington as we head to springfield and the beltway. coming up in my next report, we'll take another look at area roads at 6:25. >> we'll see you then. thank you. coming up next in sports, who's the home run derby champ this year? we'll let you know and the boys of winter start playing in summer. >> first, we get another check of our question of the morning. a recent study subjects attractive people -- subjects attractive -- suggests attractive people get more of
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which of these? is it a, job offers, b, money, or c, sleep. >> own facebook friend says a, job offers which in turn gets them more money.
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welcome back. got a mix of sun and clouds. more clouds south. light showers across parts of charles county. heavy stuff southern st. mary's county and the northern neck. here's the day planner. we're expecting temperatures to be seasonably warm. mid- to upper 80s with a couple of spotty showers. winds northeast, east 5 to 10. baseball's all star game tonight in kansas city. the giants matt cain starts for the national league. >> maybe it will be a nationals pitcher who gets the win for the third year in a row.
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stephen strasburg and gio began disal les are pitching -- gonzalez. last year capps went just a third of an inning. last night it was home run derby time. final rownts featured -- round featured prince fielder against jose bautista. bautista wasn't that strong. he only had seven in the finals. fielder is the home run champ, his second title. ken griffey, jr. the only other one who have won it more than once. the capitals began their summer development camp yesterday with a scrimmage at the ice flex in arling -- ice plex in arlington. practice is open to the public and it's free. it begins at 9:00 this morning. the wizards began their mini camp yesterday at verizon
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center. first round draft picks were there. you can meet the players tonight at an open house at the verizon center that begins at 7:00. learn how much longer the washington monument is going to stay closed. >> debate begins in the house on repealing president obama's health care plan. we'll get a preview. don't grab the keys just yet. monika has a check of traffic. >> if you're planning to head near the pentagon on the southbound side of 395 or southbound route 110 at 395, it looks like we have a deadly accident. i'll have information for you on that in my next report. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. +
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good morning. we're back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. this is a live look at the white house this morning. 76 degrees there. pretty skyline in the background. >> good monk, mr. president because we know -- good morning, mr. president because we know you're watching. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast for the president and all of us. sticky out here. partly sunny conditions looking upstairs in northwest washington. we do have showers and storms well south of us. the day planner, well, it's going to be a seasonably warm day. now you're looking at our tower cam looking in order toward friendship heights. temperatures in the 70s in town. 80s by noon with a 5:00 p.m.
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temperature of 87. can't rule out a spotty shower this afternoon but this morning the big showers and storms have been in the richmond area extending north and east into parts of extreme southern maryland. very heavy rains in richmond closing parts of 95. a few sprinkles in fredricksburg getting into charles county n. st. mary's county you can see some of this heavy rain. point lookout toward deal island seeing the downpours and thankful for the much needed rain down there. we're going into the 89s on with a spotty shower. let's get an update on your morning commute. we have an unfortunate situation right now near the pentagon on the southbound side of 395 right near route 110 or 110 near 395. it looks like it's a fatal hit and run accident with lots of police activity there. you want to watch your step in the pentagon area. route 110 and 395. i'll keep you posted on that situation. if you're planning to head around there, let's take a live
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look close by route 1 and 110 looks okay. if you're planning to head northbound on 395 or southbound on 395 itself, you'll be okay past the pentagon as well. we'll keep you posted on that situation. back over to the maps and this time to the north side of town. no problems on 95 between baltimore and our beltway. no problems on 29 and the bw parkway looks great as well. we'll take a live look outside once again, this time on 95 at route 198 and really no delays to speak of as you head for the beltway until you hit the outer loop which is just slow into silver spring. more on what's going on near the pentagon at 6:42. sounds good. thank you. forget the red, white and blue. now the campaign trail is all about the green. >> cbs this morning is looking at the fund raising race in the presidential campaign and erica hill joins us live from new york with a preview. they could settle the national debt with all the money being raised on both sides. >> it's a whole lot of cash.
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president obama and mitt romney neck and neck in the polls at this point but when it comes to the fund raising and all the green, the former massachusetts governor is enjoying a big lead. bob schieffer will talk with us this morning and break down the numbers and the real political impact that not only will that have but president obama's push yesterday for the bush tax cuts. and tennis star venus will be here with us. opponents of president obama's affordable health care act will begin a new effort to replace and repeal. >> there will be debate on the hill leading to a vote tomorrow. the president says he'll veto any repeal. >> reporter: republicans spoke out against the health care reform bill at monday's house rules committee meeting. >> with the supreme court ruling that it's constitutional doesn't mean that it's good policy for the country.
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>> since the law was enacted the american people have consistently told us one thing. they do not like obama care. >> reporter: democrats spoke against repeal. >> you talk about repeal and replace. all we've heard is repeal. there's no plan to replace, none. >> the republicans are more interested in protecting insurance companies' interests rather than protecting patients' rights. the truth is only insurance companies gain from repeal. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry says lenot carry out pee parts of the affordable care act he says he won't expend medicaid and implement an insurance exchange. on fox news he said he has a better idea. >> to block grant those dollars back to the states. that is the single most effective way to efficiently and effectively allow health care to be better implemented in the states. >> reporter: i'm ed payne for
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9news now. >> several other republican governors have already said they will not implement those two provisions. they include the governors of louisiana, south carolina, wisconsin, and florida. a d.c. executive accused of making illegal political donations is due in court today. gina harris was charged monday with making the contributions. she is expected to plead guilty. harris is a close associate of jeffrey thompson. thompson is the prominent businessman and contractor who is already being investigated for his ties and contributions to several local politicians, including mayor gray. now that most pepco customers have their electricity back, the talk is turning to how to prevent another massive outage in the future. d.c. councilman mary cheh has one idea. delia goncalves is live at the wilson building with more on that. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike.
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mary cheh says we should at least consider underground power lines. yes, it is costly. yes, it is very time consume bug she says it could in fact keep our power on during a major storm. isn't that what we all want nowadays. her legislation would start with an assessment as to the best location to bury these lines and then it would require pepco pay for this whole underground process. but critics say underground wires are not the solution. the answer comes with regulation. >> it could be a variety of things. this is just one but there may be other things. i had put in legislation allowing the public service commission to impose fines on pepco unless they brought their equipment up to a certain standard within a certain period of time. that money to be paid out of not ratepayer money but out of profits out of pepco. >> we don't think the public service commission under the current leadership and past leadership have exercised a
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regulatory authority and oversight they need in order to hold pepco's performance accountable. >> reporter: it was maryland's public service commission that recently fined pepco $1 million for its reliability issues. no word as to what d.c.'s psc will do. however, we do know that the psc will be holding some public hearing. they're reviewing this whole process that pepco recently went through in regard to the storm. they'll require pepco to write a report within 21 days and then they'll have their public hearing. we'll see what comes out of those hearings. back to you. >> thanks, delia, delia goncalves live outside the wilson building this morning. well, that was not a tornado which hit the fredricksburg area sunday. the national weather service says it was a microburst. the very powerful one. it's a sudden powerful small down draft and it can be very damaging. several buildings were damaged or destroyed sunday when this line of storms moved through and several people suffered minor injuries from this as
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well. 2014 could be the next time visitors get inside the washington monument. the national park service says damage from last year's earthquake caused major structural damage to the top of the structure. they have to build massive scaffolding around the monument to reach the damage. they are currently taking bids for the job and hope to begin repairs by september. it will take a year or even a year and a half to complete the project. 6:37 now. interest rates are at historic lows. >> is now a good time to refinance your mortgage even if you've already done it in the last few years? jessica doyle gets us some answers coming up. how about a sunny day? highs in the upper 80s. straight ahead how long before we get back into the 90s. we'll be right back.
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6:41. we have breaking news out of arlington we're following this morning. as we told you a few minutes ago, a man with us hit and killed by a car near the pentagon. this was just before 6:00 this
6:42 am
morning on southbound route 110 just before 395. police confirm the car which hit that man has since taken off. we do not have any information right now on the victim's identity. the investigation is still under way. this is going to have an impact on traffic this morning. monika samtani joins us with more on that. if you're planning to head near the pentagon as we just saw on the map, it is going to affect traffic. i'm showing you right here exactly where it is. southbound 110 right at 395. that ramp from 110 to washington boulevard is also blocked with that police activity and investigation. so if you're coming down on route 110, that's going to be a tough one for you. i might want to stick to washington boulevard. that's not affected by all the investigation and activity going on right now. 395 is fine as well southbound past the pentagon. so if you're planning to head around the pentagon, what you want to avoid is route 110 right at 395 and washington boulevard. we'll keep you posted on that situation as the information comes in. we'll take a live look outside
6:43 am
right now and show what you it looks like. first of all as i said 395 southbound is not affected. it's just northbound right now. this is the normal volume. as you leave the beltway at edsall road, it's going to be off and on toward the pentagon and 14th street bridge. if you're planning to head into montgomery county, no problems on 270. it's again just normal slow stuff as you head out of clarksburg toward germantown and again at shady grove road. it improves till you get to the point where the lines divide. i'll be back with more information at 6:58. a peek outside now. 76 degrees at the jefferson memorial. traffic moving quite smoothly over there by the tidal basin. >> it's an easier shot than what we had of the white house a little while ago. >> we're not heading toward triple digit temperatures like we had a few days ago. so 76 feels quite relaxing comparatively. >> but a little hazy as you can see, the jefferson memorial in the haze. the humidity sup.
6:44 am
it's a little -- is up. it's a little bit on the stucky side. if you're going for that morning run, you'll sweat for sure. let's talk about the day planner. we're looking at temperatures which will be climbing into the 80s the next few hours. i think we'll stop in the upper 80s. if we get enough sunshine we could make a run toward 90. average high is about # 9, 9 -- about 89, 90 degrees. this is the hottest time of the year in washington. i'm thinking we may have had our hottest week of the summer. the highs today upper 80s with the spotty showers this afternoon. winds northeast, east at 5 to 10 miles an hour. you can see also the showers and storms off to the south this morning, especially down toward the virginia, tennessee, north carolina border but down in richmond, they got hammered overnight. heavy rains across parts of 95. got some showers moving across fredricksburg trying to get into charles county. light ones there. the heavy stuff still east of richmond now extending up toward reedville and into southern maryland. southern st. mary's county, heard from christie at buzzards
6:45 am
marina in ridge. she said finally getting some much needed rain. they're happy about that. temps have dipped into the 60s in a few spots like in rockville 68. leesburg and sterling 68. still 73 in springfield. it's 67 in columbia. college park 69. here in d.c. as we look outside, we've got some high clouds out there but a lot of sunshine on the buildings here in friendship heights. looking north out of northwest d.c. with a temperature of 75. humidity way up, though, at 83%. thrses aa front -- there's a frontal boundary in the neighborhood wndz with that we'll -- and with that we'll have the threat of spotty showers and storms. tomorrow afternoon we see the showers and storms pop and by thursday we'll be in pretty good shape. the storms tomorrow look like they're going to be west. today the storms will just be spotty in nature. next three days 88 this afternoon. looks good. we're going with the green because i don't really think the weather is going to be too problematic at all, 88 degrees.
6:46 am
tonight 72 in washington with 60s north and west. tomorrow upper 80s but with an easterly flow, chance of thunderstorms will be west of us as the winds hit the blue ridge, they get a little lift, that's a better chance to form a few showers and storms. back to the low 70s wednesday night. again upper 80s thursday. looks like a partly sunny, warm, dry day. we heat up and start to increase the chance of thunderstorms a little bit friday, saturday, sunday and monday. but by monday we could be back in the mid-90s. jessica, over to you. >> thank you, howard. it's 6:46. i am watching your money. interest rates are hovering near all time lows. is this the best time for you to refinance your mortgage? joining us now with some advice we have dan kaplin with monument bank. thanks for coming in early this morning. >> good to be here. >> let's say the last ten years we've seen interest rates dropping like a stone. every time you think this is the new all time low so i'm going to refinance. what about for folks who refinance add couple of times so far. what's a good rule of thumb to
6:47 am
figure out if it's time to consider making the plunge again. >> there's a basic calculation. there are closing costs associated with a refinance. how much is it going to cost me to close and how much am i going to save with the new interest rate. if the break even is a reasonable period of time, it's worth it. do it. >> you could save a couple hundred bucks a month, a point away from your old interest rate, it's an easy calculation. >> there's also another way of saving and that would be to take your 30-year mortgage and reduce it to 15 years. you might not see a monthly savings but long term you'll see a big, huge savings. >> let's talk dollars and cents. latest mortgage rates were around 3.63%. we're down about 2 points over the last couple years. what's going on here? why are we seeing the rates dropping? >> we're seeing them for the wrong reasons. our economy is very troubled.
6:48 am
the world economy is really troubled. the debt crisis in europe. with the amount of debt we've acquired the next several years is creating a very bad economic situation. one of the ways to try to prevent a recession or get out of a recession is to reduce interest rates. so it was really a major part of the stimulus package unofficially to help the economy. >> the upside for buyers, if you're in the market for a home, this could potentially be your time to buy. >> it's a great time. home prices in many neighborhoods and i say neighborhoods because it's really not even washington, d.c. metropolitan thing, it's an area by area thing have stabilized. and you really would -- if you're interested in buying a house, you want to do it before the prices go up. because the combination of a low sales price and low interest rates is the best mix you'll ever get. >> all time highs for rents, not a bad thyme to -- time to think about it. >> could often save on a monthly payment by buying a place and there are loans for
6:49 am
as little as 3.5% down. if you're a veteran, you can get a loan for no money down. >> that's amazing. thank you for coming in today. imhe going to send it over to -- i'm going to send it over to mike and andrea. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. >> i was truly surprised by this answer. here's the question once again. a recent study suggests attractive people get more of which of these things. the choices were a, job offers, b, more money, or c, sleep. >> one of our viewers was not fooled at all. she said they need beauty sleep. so the answer is c, sleep. >> i would have picked job offers or money. really interesting. >> remember, we're already sleep deprived and bordering on obesity. there's no hope for us. a check on the news before you go is up next. ♪
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6:53. we're in the 70s now. partly to mostly cloudy skies. mid-80s by noon with mixed clouds and sun, a spotty sure during your afternoon even this evening. mike? today is tuesday, july 10. a check of the news before you go. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray will lead efforts to clean up the bay. he was named the chairman of the chesapeake executive council monday. d.c. and six states are all within the bay's watershed. don't be surprised if you hear and see some fighter jets overhead tonight. nor ad says it's going to condisability exercises overnight -- conduct exercises overnight. they begin add midnight and last till 2:00 p.m. it will test their readiness to intercept aircraft flying over restricted areas. prince fielder is the
6:54 am
second player to ever win a second home run title. tonight baseball holds itsage all-star game: our jessica doyle right now has the daily deals. >> thanks, guys. every morning we comb through the daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to save you money. groupon has an online deal with the "new york times." pay just $1 and get an eight- week digital subscription to the times, normally $15.99. a lot of those gadgets we have nowadays need memory cards. here's some savings at 32 gigs of memory, 29.99 regular price 69.99. a big savings there. living social's life event space is helping folks stay cool. the lobby has become a pop-up ice cream shop. this week dolci gel lahti is offering row -- gelati is offering rotating flavors.
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if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. one more check on traffic and weather is next right here on 9news now.
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one more thing before we go, are they dare devils? do they have a screw loose? why do this? would you do this? run of the bulls in pamplona, spain. would do you it? >> i would have a sangria at a little cafe and read a book by ernest hemmingway, not that. no way. >> and eat hamburger with a fork with a little caviar on top. >> not a chance.
6:59 am
we're looking at a couple of spotty showers this afternoon. this morning we're seeing showers and storms well south of washington. tomorrow an isolated storm mainly west, 88. then by friday and saturday, a few more storms with temperatures creeping up to the low 90s this weekend. a fatal hit and run pedestrian accident near the pentagon. route 110 at 395 affected in both directions. and the ramp to washington boulevard. choose your alternate routes, please. as for wall street we're watching earning season. a bailout for the spanish banks. cbs this morning is up next. catching up with legendary singer bony rays. we'll see you right here tomorrow morning starting at 4:25. have a great day, everybody.


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