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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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raisers. texttexas has voted for a democrat since 1976. more fallout of the controversial spending at the general services adds. more than half a million bonuses have been slitted to given to senior -- slated to be given to senior officials. the gsa says it's changing its program and includes temporary hiring freeze, suspending 85% of the bonuses to senior executives through the end of 20913 fiscal year and -- 2013 fiscal year and the program fell under scrutiny after after controversial vegas weekend. many of the executives who organized the retreat were set to receive bonuses ranging from $8,000 to $10,000 each. 450,000 jobs, that's how many jobs the d.c. region stands to lose when federal government spending cuts begin next year. the washington examiner says the number which includes jobs
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in virginia, maryland and the district account for one-fifth of the estimated 2.1 million job losses. it's part of a report released yesterday by the george mason university center for regional analysis. according to the report virginia stands to lose more than 207,000 jobs. the district could lose more than 127,000 jobs and maryland could lose more than 114,000 positions. the examiner also reports the entire region could basically lose one job for every 32 residents. at 11:00 this morning, some members of d.c.'s faith community plan to rally in front of the wilson building all in support of the embattled mayor vincent gray. >> the organizers of the rally are insisting that gray remain in place as the city's mayor. gary nurenberg has more on what the organizers want. >> reporter: it seems like more than only a week ago that the u.s. attorney revealed an illegal shadow campaign for
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vincent gray. >> the 2010 mayoral election was constructed by massive infusion of cash that was illegally concealed from the voters of the district. >> reporter: within a day, political enemies began to line up. >> he is the beneficiary of that illegal activity and as such, i believe he should resign. >> reporter: gray has been insistent. >> i'm not going to be resigning. >> reporter: and some area church leaders want him to stick to that insistence. >> there's no need to rush to judgment. there's an investigation going on. the city has been already through trauma and drama with the resignation of two city councils. and it's the role of elected leadership at this point to be sober, reflective, to help unify the city and lead the city in that way and not to continue to spiral into the divisiveness when people operate out of their own self- interests. the calls for the mayor's
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resignation were premature, personal, political and aggrandizement and we need to say to folks simmer down, calm down. we need to have unity to move forward. >> reporter: he says gray neither has encouraged or discouraged them from conducting the rally. gary nurenberg, 9news now. a montgomery county councilman is pushing for the maryland governor martin o'malley to fire the entire public service commission. it's related to the massive power outages we just experienced from the huge storm. at large councilman hans reimer started an online petition. since the governor is the only one who can change the commission, that's why he decided to do this. he admits the recent storm is powerful but adds pepco's response to other storms has been inadequate. at this point more than 3100 people have signed that online petition. a woman and her husband are
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in the hospital after they were both shot by their son. police say 33-year-old shay procter shot and wounded his mother and stepfather before killing himself. it happened early tuesday morning on seagrave court in waldorf. janice procter willis and jeff willis suffered serious gunshot wounds. investigators are trying to figure out why proctor shot them. we know the name of the flight instructor killed in a plane crash yesterday. it happened just a few hundred yards from montgomery county's davis airport. investigators say he was killed almost instantly and had been an instructor at davis airport for almost 40 years. it is coming up on 4:35. here's a look at some of the other stories making news. the united nations has scheduled a security council vote for later today on a new resolution for syria. countries are still at odds
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over imposing sanctions against syria. russia has repeatedly said it does not support sanctions against the country. they have till friday to decide whether to extend a mandate of a delegate of observers there. a killer tried to steal an airplane. 40-year-old brian hedgland was accused of killing his girlfriend yesterday. he climbed a fence at a municipal fence in utah, boarded a 50-passenger jet and started the engine. but a wing clipped the terminal and the plane crashed into parked cars. when police arrived, they found him dead of a gunshot wound. organizers for the london olympic games are scrambling to get enough security guards for all of the events this year and british lawmakers are upset. they want to know why 3500 more soldiers and police are now being called in to fillle gaps. >> british authorities are also getting help from the world's
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largest police organization to guard against terror attacks on the games. we have a report from france. >> reporter: there will be unprecedented security when the olympics get under way in london. the international criminal police organization will be keeping an eye out for trouble. >> the biggest threat people face is the possibility there's some unknown trained terrorists. >> reporter: based in france, the organization gathers intelligence for 190-member countries. police departments worldwide rely on interpol's database of fingerprints, photos and most wanted people. we were given a firsthand look at the situation room inside the headquarters. these people are compiling databases on fugitives and terror suspects who shouldn't cross borders. they're also keeping track of lost passports, making sure they haven't fallen into the wrong hands. the staff monitors events around the world and issues alerts. they work with local police to
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prevent criminals from getting on airplanes or crossing boarders. an american ronald noble is the head of interpol. he will work closely with british authorities to make sure they know who is out there. >> we have a major event support team that will help identify people who are nonnationals. >> reporter: armed with interpol's wealth of information, authorities policing the games hope to keep the upper hand against anyone who tries to cause trouble. cbs news, france. >> interpol officials say 33 million passports are currently in their lost or stolen database. authorities are working to make sure they haven't fallen into the hands of terrorist. not huff for you? 4:37. it's coming your way again. anny will let us know what we should expect, triple digits or thought, when you head out the door this morning. >> another day, another auto recall to tell you about. >> 4:52, federal regulators ban a controversial chemical being used in products every die that
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we use. >> we're back in -- every day that we use. >> we're back in two minutes. here's a tip. probably not a good day to eat outside.
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good morning. grab the umbrella today just in case. we do see some evening showers and thunderstorms coming through. another hot one. temperatures into the upper 90s later today. close to 100 once again. we do have a heat advisory in effect because it will be more humid today so it will feel like 105 later this afternoon when temperatures are going to get really hot. actually by 3:00. so drink plenty of fluids and again, don't forget your umbrellas. here's a look at your time saver traffic with monika samtani. here's a look at the beltway just north of springfield at the robinson terminal over on the outer
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loop. you want to watch out for lane closures between 66 and route 50 till about 5:00 this morning. i'll have more on the situation as well going on in great falls coming up at 4:47. jessica and mike? >> thank you, monika. the time 4:41 and i am watching your money. angel berroa fan key headed -- ben bernanke headed back to capitol hill. this is the second day in a row he'll be testifying before a congressional committee and yesterday's news wasn't really very good. he says the economy could fall into another recession if congress doesn't resolve its budget impasse by the end of the year. he also says economic problems in europe are slowing down the u.s. economy. in the meantime yahoo's quarterly profits beat expectations but sales were a little bit disappointing. the news came a day after yahoo named marissa mayer as its new c.e.o. and a slight rise in profits but warned of slower growth this quarter because of the weak economy.
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wall street looking pretty good. the dow climbed 78 points. starts this morning at 12,805. nasdaq was up by 13 points and the s&p 500 was better by 10. nissan owners, listen up. the automaker recalling about 11 juke small suvs from the model year 2012. the company says a week weld can cause the rear seat belts to break loose in a crash. dealers will notify owners about making the necessary repairs. not a good situation there. >> no no. recalls, here we come again. still ahead, the fda is approving a new weight loss drug. >> a new alzheimer's treatment has the potential to delay memory loss for several years. >> we'll have more on both of those stories. plus, your weather first when we come back in about two minutes.
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good morning if you're just waking up. it's about 4:45. not much in the way of good news temperature wise.
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we could hit three digits very soon. >> if you like air conditioning, today is a good day. think of it that way? >> 110th anniversary of air conditioning this week. >> we're very glad. it's going to get wicked hot today, right? >> wicked hot. >> it's not only going to be really hot but also more humid. even better news i've got for you. to be prepared for that today. here's a look at your day planner. temperatures by 9:00 upper 80s of the that's at 9:00 this morning. noon mid-90s once again. so lunch time it's going to be hot. by late this afternoon upper 90s, close to 100. we do have a better chance for scattered showers and storms for today. heat alert, yeah, we have a heat advisory today starting at 11:00al till 9:00 p.m. for the d.c. metro area. it's basically points east of interstate 81. heat advisory today starting at 11:00. so definitely take frequent breaks if you have to be
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outside as temperatures are going to get very uncomfortable. today's air quality because of the heat will be unhealthy for our sensitive groups. that means car pool if you can or use public transit. refuel the cars in the evening. also don't idle the engine and don't use your charcoal grill. here's a look at the satellite picture. the bermuda high is just off the coast. that's pumping in that moist and humid air and temperatures are pretty warm outside right now. it is in the lower #s on in downtown -- 80s in downtown. we'll heat things up quickly today. mostly cloudy skies right now. we'll see plenty of sun. dew points are in the lower 70s. now, here's a look at our weather headlines. it will be a muggy and warm start today. triple digits are possible again for some locations. afternoon, evening strong storms. strong storms again on thursday. this heat is not lasting long. just one more day and we'll see
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cooler air come this way. here's a look at your 9 futurecast. lots of sun of the the showers and storms come in from the north because the front will come through starting today and through tomorrow. again those storms that do pop up today could be strong or severe. tomorrow also looking to be unsettled. also more cloud cover for thursday but not as hot. temperatures in the lower 90s by tomorrow. friday also still could see more showers and thunderstorms so we'll be unsettled for the next few days. here's a look at our risk for severe weather. the main threat being damaging wind gusts and hail. it's areas north of town, the areas you see in yellow that has a slight chance for some severe storms. here's your forecast for this wednesday. oakland 83. cumberland mid-90s. manassas upper 90s. culpeper 100. in downtown in the upper 90s. check out your next three days. 9 weather alert code yellow because of the heat and storms today. tomorrow lower 90s with more storms. friday mid-80s but still
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unsettled. cooler through saturday. sunday looks pretty good, too. around 90. monday and tuesday back in the mid-90s. here's monika samtani with your time saver traffic. good morning. good morning. if you are planning to head around the beltway, you're going to find there's still some construction remaining on the west side of town in the tysons and annandale areas but coming in from great falls, that's where you want to be most careful because since yesterday afternoon, georgetown pike has been blocked. just west of walker road in great falls because of a fallen tree and fairfax crews are talking about a second tree that fell in that area. they're dealing with that as well before they reopen the roads so it could be sometime. you want to go ahead and route 7 as your alternate route. 270 coming in from frederick, that's a whole different story. no problems to report into clarksburg. let's take a live look outside. route 355 coming in toward rockville, you're going to be fine. all lanes open. no delays yet along route 355 rockville park.
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let's go back to the maps all the way on the northbound side of 395 heading from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge you're going to be fine. it's nice and light. westbound m street at wisconsin avenue, only one lane gets by, a water main break. we'll take a look at i-95 in springfield. not too bad yet heading to the beltway. in my next report we'll go to the north side of town at 4:55. arnie duncan is going to announce a national stem master teacher corporation. it will start out with 50 of the nation's best science, technology and math teachers from 50 states. they will develop a program for other educators so they can improve education nationwide. members of the stem core will get a $20,000 annual stipend on top of their annual salary. a new treatment showing some promise when it comes to stopping the progression of
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alzheimer's disease. >> four patients who were given immune therapy intravenously have seen their disease scaib lies for at least -- stabilize for at least three years. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: 71-year-old joyce williams suffers from dementia. >> she would maybe forget some things that she ordinarily would remember and there might have been a little bit of confusion about things. >> reporter: she took part in a small study where researchers gave her an antibody treatment called gammagaude imig. the results presented at the international conference showed she and three other patients saw no decline in their memory, thinking skills, or daily fuonthe most effective dose in the initial study were effectively unchanged after three years which is an unexpected and happy result. >> reporter: the drug is given intravenously every two weeks. it targets the protein that
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forms plaque on the brain. right now there are no fda approved drugs that slow the progression of alzheimer's. gammagard is one of three antibody tests currently under way. >> if the three trials are successful, it will certainly change the course of future research and i think clinical practice glrks williams continues treatment even though she's no longer in the study. >> i'd say it's been a success. i don't expect her to revert back toward normal but she is has not -- she has not gone downhill rapidly. >> reporter: experts say her case is encouraging but they won't know if the treatment is really effective till the results of a large study come out next year. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> gammagard comes from the blood of healthy young people and it's already used to treat immune system and blood disorders but it is expensive. treating alzheimer's with the drug costs $2,000 to $5,000 every two weeks.
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the food and drug administration has approved a new weight loss drug. many doctors consider it the most effective therapy in a new generation of pills. adults must have one weight- related condition like diabetes or high blood pressure to get a prescription for this. patients taking it for at least a year lost 11% of their body weight on average. a british study finds a lack of physical activity causes 10% of deaths. doctors say people who don't exercise regularly are at high risk of heart disease, diabetes and/or cancer. researchers believe physical enactivity can shorten life expect attentions similar to smoking and obesity. the federal government has banned a controversial chemical found in bottles and foods packaging. the fda announced baby bottles and sippy cups will no longer contain bpa. some studies have shown it can change the behavior of children under 3. animal tests have linked it to greater risks of cancer.
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the fda's decision is 180 days from march. back then the agency said there wasn't enough evidence the chemical caused any health problems. chemical manufacturers insist that bpa is safe for all users. it's 4:53. time for the first question of the morning now. >> one in five american men admits to doing this. a, reading romance novels. mike hydeck, i know that's your favorite thing on the weekends. b, wearing makeup, mike hydeck or c, getting manicures, mike hydeck? >> no. i'm going with b but i think that's obvious. what do you think? log on to our facebook fan page. we'll reveal the answer in our 6:00 show. we'll be right back.
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. good morning. 4:55. another very hot day. the humidity will go enhigher. mid-90s by -- even higher. mid-90s by lunch time. we do have a better chance of scattered showers or thunderstorms. they could be strong to severe. a heat advisory is in effect starting at 11:00 this morning going till 9:00 p.m. so take it easy out there. here is your traffic with monika. good morning. good morning. here is a look in georgetown at m street westbound at wisconsin avenue where crews continue to deal with a water main break. as you can see only one lane gets by westbound here on m street. i'll keep you posted on this and a situation in great falls coming up in my next report at 5:00. back to you. "the washington post" and the world of journalism have lost a giant. pulitzer prize winner william raspberry has died at the age of 76. he had prostrate cancer. he he wrote a column for "the washington post" for nearly 40 years and has worked with more than 200 other papers.
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he won the pulitzer for commentary in 1994. he retired in 2005. on tuesday the d.c. version of american idol was held at metro headquarters. well, sort of. >> as matt jablow tells us, musicians from all over the d.c. area auditioned for the chance to play at metro stations. >> reporter: the d.c. musician who calls himself the unknown -- [indiscernible] -- has been tickling the ivories at metro stations for 25 years now often without permission. now apparently tired of keeping one eye on his keyboard and the other on the lookout for metro police, he wants to play by the rules. >> by this time i'll be playing and won't be getting locked up. >> reporter: so today he waited in line at metro headquarters for several hours with a few dozen other musicians for the chance to be selected to play at certain metro station entrances. >> thank you very much.
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>> reporter: michael mcbride is manager of metro's art and transit programs. while careful not to criticize any of the people who audition today or even acknowledge the wide range and abilities. >> your mike is not hot. >> reporter: he did say many of those who came out will not make the cut. judging by the judges' overwhelmingly positive reaction, he has nothing to worry about and should be playing at a metro station near you [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the judges seemed to have liked you a lot. >> you were in there? >> reporter: yes. >> shut up. >> reporter: the musicians elected have to perform for free and are not allowed to sell merchandise or solicit on metro property. >> at friendship heights always at the top of the escalator.
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>> reporter: many of the musicians say the metro gig is not about the money but the experience. >> once you start playing, people say wow, where is that music coming from. they come over. it's real personal. >> reporter: matt jablow, 9news now. >> let him play. let him play. >> we love it. that's awesome. good morning. you're watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. it's wednesday. we're halfway there. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. i love that little beard. >> i love the goggles. >> hey, monika, how you doing? >> i'm great. >> she has traffic momentarily. the lovely anny hong is in for howard bernstein. good morning. happy hump day. another very hot day. maybe we can challenge some records. yesterday we came close to tying records but didn't set any new ones. today will be very hot and the humidity also going up a notch today as we actually also have a heat advisory in effect for this afternoon. here's a look at your day planner for


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