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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  July 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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going to impact these following communities. by 5:00, watersville acres. 5:02, country view. let's also take this into -- show you the broader picture to show you where a lot of storms have been around, basically west of us into the shenendoa valley. the atmosphere is unfederal unfavorable. we'll talk more about these storms, a break from the humidity that is coming this way and some triple digit heat after that. back to you. >> that sounds lovely. thank you, anny. >> there was a flurry of activity at the site of the colorado movie theater massacre today. >> 15 people remain hospitalized, five of them in critical condition. >> suspect's public defender is
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expected to order a mental health evaluation. teresa garcia is in aurora, colorado. >> while investigators continue to go in and out of the taped off theater crime scene, the suspect's entire apartment complex remains sealed as crews work inside there. and the judge who is in charge of this case has issued an order barring lawyers on both sides from publicly commenting about evidence or the investigation. >> federal investigators were back at the crime scene today. they were processing evidence that the theater where a dozen people were killed and 58 others injured. a tow truck was seen hauling a car from the century 16 parking lot. the boyfriend of the woman who owns the car was killed. police returned her keys along with her blood soaked purse. investigators and lawyers for the defense have asked to be allowed into the theater. they also want access to the apartment, a suspected gunman, james holmes. the public defender is expected
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to request a psychiatric evaluation of holmes before he is formally charged. >> in the mist of all the sadness here in aurora, there has been some good news. katie medially, who escaped the carnage without injuries, gave birth this morning to a son named hugo. her husband was shot in the eye and is being treated in the same hospital. >> he will close his hands and he has given a thumb's up. he's going to fight through this so he can be with his newborn son as much as possible. >> the medley's don't have insurance. >> he needs to get better because he needs to be a dad. >> more than $70,000 has been raised and updates are being posted on facebook. and when it comes to helping out the victims and their families, warner brothers, the
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studio that made the dark knight rises, made an undisclosed, generous donations to charities helping out victims of the theater massacre. lesli, back to you. >> thank you. and tonight, we are also learning more details about the evidence collected from inside james holmes' apartment and just how dangerous and complex it was. we're going to have that part of the story coming up at 9news now at 6:00. >> thousands of aids activists held marchs in downtown washington. the marchs are time to coincide with the aids conference going on at the convention center. they want to send a message to the white house and the world. the aids pandemic can be brought to an end and the human rights of people living with hiv and aids must be protected. the protests were sponsored by the group, we can end aids. 13 people were arrested for failure to obey a lawful order. also making appearance at the international aids conference today, the one man
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thought to be cured of this disease. strangely, he got that cure while fighting a blood cancer as well. >> it's my pleasure to introduce a very, very special man. timothy ray brown. >> timothy ray brown, also known as the berlin patient, makes his first appearance here in the united states. five years ago, experts claimed he was the first and only person on the planet to be cured of hiv. >> my case, my history is proof in concept that hiv can be cured. >> his case is striking and unique. he tested positive in 1995 while attending school in berlin. in 2006, a biopsy revealed he also had leukemia. he needed a bone marrow transplant to treat the leukemia and it turned out. the transplant he got was from a donor who resisted hiv. since the procedure, brown stopped taking hiv medication and the virus has never come back. doctors reported he was cured
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and his story sparked optimism in aids research. >> every single scientist were starting their presentations and had a picture of timothy. each one said, he is the reason why we think we can have a cure. >> brown announced a partnership. a foundation was created to raise money toward finding a cure. >> cure is on the horizon. >> some scientists are skeptical as to whether the hiv virus is completely erased. parts of the virus can still be found, even if they can't replicate. the founder of the world aids institute dismisses any skepticism. >> they are behind, they are slow. they are more concerned about their credentials and name than perhaps doing the right thing. >> any virus that is dead and doesn't replicate. >> it is important to point out brown's story is inspiring, but the treatment itself that wiped out his hiv isn't viable
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for hundreds of thousands of people. still, the idea that resistance can be transferred to a person through blood stem cells opens new avenues of research. also tonight, we have good news on the infection prevention front. more high school students are using condoms than twenty years ago. the cdc's latest survey shows 60% of sexually active high schoolers used a condom. compared to 46% in 1991. black teens seem most likely to heed the safe sex message. overall, health officials say more young people still need to change their behaviors. four of every ten happen in people younger than 30. a cat fight, or something like it. bird lovers today derailed a plan to save alley cats from death at the hands of animal control. bruce leshan reports, the issue goes way beyond prince georges county. >> by some counts, there are as many as 120 million cats.
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and studies sited by the american bird conservancy suggest those cats kill as many as 4.1 billion birds and small animals every year. >> want to wake up? >> in a bethesda office where a half dozen former alley cats roam, a group called alley cat allies has been pushing a unique solution on local governments for years. >> you humanely trap cats. you take them to a veterinarian. they are neutered and they are returned to their home, which is their colony. >> when the councilwoman proposed to save her county's neutered cats from death in the shelter -- >> there were 6,111 animals put down in this county. that is nothing to brag about. >> she ran into a storm of criticism. >> the neighborhood kids are using them for target practice or getting in our garbage.
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critics are worried not just about the birds, but their own health. >> i went to intervene and i got scratched. my hand got bit. it swelled up double the size. >> we had in excess of 20 to 30 cats. >> how did that smell? >> it was terrible. >> lei men promises to bring it back in the fall. >> this is not hardly trail blazing legislation. baltimore city, washington, d.c., and fairfax county all have policies. >> bird lovers and wildcat lovers promise they'll be back when it comes up again, too. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> and alley cat ally says humans are a far greater threat than these cats and they say trapped, neuter and return, is the only proven way to shrink the population of the millions of wildcats that we've been talking about. we have breaking news in arlington tonight, where two
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bodies have been discovered. the picture live here from arlington where police are on the scene where they responded to park shirlington apartments. there were reports of a 30-year- old woman found dead. when paramedics got there, a second body was found. officers cordenned off a building. they have a crew on the way. we'll bring you more when it becomes available. to d.c. now, where residents say the city is doing okay. that's according to a new web based service that allows the mayor to take the temperature of how people feel in the city. bruce johnson has seen this report card. you actually gone out and talked to folks at the dmv, what are they saying? >> you want to know how people feel about the city? go to the dmv. >> how long have you been waiting? >> for one hour. >> most of us try to avoid these scenes by going online to
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renew our tax and licenses. when you can't avoid it, this is what you are likely to run into at the dmv. >> you can't take tickets here. >> it's my fourth check. >> a license reinstatement. >> my name was spelled wrong, so this is my second time today. >> not every experience is a bad one. >> what kind of grade would you give them? >> the director admits services could be improved. the agency recently got a c minus from citizens in the new testing service. >> with the increased population, over 1,000 new residents a month, that we do indeed need additional capacity. >> d.c. mayor today unveiled the grades for the public works department. transportation, dmv, and parks and recreation. >> one of the things that each agency has done, if you look at the data you have in the packet, is to put out two or three ways in which they will use this information to improve outcomes. >> transportation went from a
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c minus to a c plus. the director blamed the weather for not getting a better grade. >> when it's wet, you can't pay. when you have power outages, you can't do services. so this is a very trying year. >> consumer and regulatory affairs which issues all the permits went from a c minus to a c plus. the public works department which collects the trash and issues the civilian parking tickets went from a c plus to a b. >> when the weather people were telling you it's unhealthy for all folks to be outside,. >> parks and recreation went from a c minus in june to a c in july. now these grades are based on comments they got from the web. people that go on twitter, blogs, facebook, that sort of thing. they don't have a wide sampling here. a thousand people were reviewed. average grade, they have a lot of work to do. >> where is this going? >> i think it's going toward an app for d.c. government.
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you can vote, you can pay your parking tickets. you have some complaints. got some good things, just go to that d.c. government app. >> maybe they are listening to you right now. >> maybe we should do that. >> let's go do that now. back into the studio. >> thanks, guys. pepco is responding to the rejection of its proposed rate hike. the commission approved an $18 million increase in pepco's distribution rate. now that's a lot less than the $68 million pepco was asking for. pepco president, thomas graham, issued a statement that reads in part, we will continue to move forward with our reliability enhancement program, but this decision is counterproductive to our goals to improve our customer experience. pepco has been under fire since its slow response to last month's devastating storm and the massive outages. the public service commission was under increased pressure to
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reject its requested rate hike all together. the increase will amount to $2 more on a typical pepco customer's monthly bill. a compromise has been reached on a proposal that caused an jute cry outcry. how it can be close to schools and rec centers. the council voted to keep gas stations at least 300 feet away from community oriented locations. it will be up to costco to decide whether it wants to build a megagas station near the wheaten west field mall. community activists claim a large gas station would pose a health risk to its neighbors. we have sad news to report. tmz is reporting that actor and comedian, sherman helmsly has died. the 34-year-old became famous playing jefferson. he died at his home in el paso, texas. no word on a cause of death. >> coming up, the national
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zoo's three month oldcheetah cub gets to show off to the public for the first time. >> mitt romney switches from the economy to a new line of attack on president obama. i'm danielle nottingham in washington. i'll have the story coming up.
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as mitt romney prepares for an overseas trip, he is launching an assault on president obama's policy. the candidate used the speech before the veteran's to make his case. >> it's the same place where the president touted his national security record on monday. danielle nottingham reports. >> mitt romney took the stage at a veteran's conference in reno, ready to attack president obama's record as commander in chief. >> he has given trust where it is not earned, insult where it was not deserved and apology where it is not due.
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>> romney questioned the president's leadership for publicizing details about military operations in iraq and afghanistan. >> whoever provided classified information to the media, seeking political advantage for the administration, must be exposed, dismissed, and punished. the time for stone walling is over. >> president obama spoke to the same group monday where he worked to present himself as a steady leader who kept his promises. >> the president implied it is his republican challenger who lacks experience in foreign affairs. >> there are those who argued against the time line for ending this war or against talking about it publicly. you know what, that's not a plan for america security either. >> president obama is wrapping up a west coast trip with fund raising stops in oregon and washington state. >> everyone in my campaign, what's always given me hope, is you. >> the president heads to new
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orleans wednesday while romney is looking to polish his foreign policy resume with a trip to london, israel, and poland, danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> romney's first stop will be the opening ceremonies at the opening games. tomorrow the president is speaking to the national urban league and attending more fundraisers. animal lovers caused for a celebration. the aspca and the congressional animal protection caucus sponsored today's event called, paws for celebration at the u.s. capitol. it honors shelter animals and rescue organizations across the country. members of congress showed off pub pis and kittens available for adoption during the event. two miracle cheetah cubs went on display. the male and female cubs debut comes three months after zoo vets performed a rare and risky emergency c-section in order to save one of them.
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two other cubs died during delivery. >> they are doing great now. they are growing very big and very playful, running around the yard, just getting used to everything. >> cheetahs are the fastest animals on land. the zoo says they will be named over the winners of the fastest american olympic athletes in the 100 meter dash. >> it could be a tyson gay kind of a cheetah. let's check out the weather. >> we did have a severe thunderstorm in frederick county, maryland, that expired and lost a little bit of energy and now it is in the montgomery county area right now, derek. but right now, no severe warnings for the moment. we still see some big storms out there. let's take a look at the severe thunderstorm watch that has been in effect until 8:00 tonight for the entire d.c. metro area. here's a look at the live
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doppler hd. now entering northern montgomery county, this is not severe, but this could also be impacting the district and we'll have to see if it holds together. but it looks like right now, it has some pretty good rain. also out to the west into front royal and warrenton, we're looking at storms here. these are also heading south of us and today should not be impacting the beltway. if we go to our radar and lightning, a lot of storms slid south of us and we are still looking at more showers and storms to pop up this afternoon until 8:00. after that, not really too worried. here's a closer look at that storm that was impacting montgomery county and frederick. you can see we did have a couple lightning strikes associated with it. but south, west of warrenton, those had more lightning strikes. we have cloudy skies out there. and temperatures are in the upper 80s. mostly cloudy conditions. the winds are west at 13 miles per hour.
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the dew point around 69 degrees. temperatures are in the upper 80s in downtown. lower 80s in leesburg. where it is rain, it cooled down to in the 70s. so, what we are expecting is strong storms tonight, damaging wind gusts. that's a main concern. wednesday, we get a break from the humidity. it will feel really nice. triple digit heat returns and we'll be very hot for thursday. here's your future cast. so, tonight we could still see good storms come through. after 8:00, we are not worried about any severe storms and things should calm down. overnight, the skies will clear out, cooler, and dryer air moves in for tomorrow. so tomorrow looks fantastic. a little break from the humidity before we wrap things up with the temperatures. tonight, mostly cloudy with showers and storms. some will be strong to severe. overnight lows in the 60s and 70s. 70 in downtown. mid 60s for leesburg and gaithersburg and outside the beltway. tomorrow morning, don't forget
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your sunglasses, enjoy the break from the humidity. temperatures will start out in the 60s and 70s. lots of sunshine. still be warm, but less humid, you have to get outside and enjoy it. highs in the upper 80s. so temperatures in the mid 80s for leesburg and in downtown, temperatures will be around 88 degrees and for thursday, get ready for 100 degrees. friday around 94 degrees. weekend also a chance to be unsettled. back to you guys. >> 100, right? >> she said it fast. >> she sure did. coming up, a motorcyclest waving weaving in and out of traffic trying to get away from police meets his match. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go?
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solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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sky 9 flew over the scene of a railroad accident in hayatville today. collided with a train this morning. this was in the 4500 block of decatur street. she did sustain some serious
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injuries. but, she is expected to survive. the cause of the collision is still under investigation. a fast and furious motorcycle chase through southern california. a traffic helicopter pilot across the l.a. area provides for commentary. >> here comes the ch, look at that. this is a very dangerous situation. you don't know if he's armed, and he's down. look at that. what a courageous move by that chp officer there. >> he made it look easy. the freeway chase reached speeds of more than 100 miles per hour before that bike was taken down and nobody got hurt. that is fortunate. coming up, a trooper takes quick action after he spots a driver going the wrong way on the busy highway. dozens of volunteers come out to welcome a wounded warrior home. i'm peggy fox. coming up, i'll take you inside the house and show you the renovations given to make life easier for captain pat huran.
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♪ i've never felt this way before, but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. [ female announcer ] mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception. and romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. there's so much we need to do. we need to attack our problems -- not a woman's choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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♪ i'm teaching performance. here's what they'll need. ♪ get your backpack, your hoodies, harajuku, ♪ ♪ turquoise kinda purple orangish sorta blue. ♪ ♪ backpacks, yeow, ♪ to put their stuff in. ♪ graphic tees and denim, denim, denim, denim. ♪ ♪ backpacks. school takes a lot, target has is all. captain pat huran was nearly killed in iraq five years ago this month. his family was told he wouldn't walk or talk again. but he's regained much more than that and 9news now has been documenting his amazing recovery over the years and peggy fox is here to talk about his latest milestone. a very personal story. >> absolutely.
5:30 pm
because pat is my husband's little brother. he is also my hero because of his steadfast determination to keep pushing to get better. today, the community embraced pat and his wife with a newly renovated home. >> . >> volunteers with shovels, it is impressive. they are from the sears heros, renovating the newly purchased home of patty and captain, who is my brother-in-law. >> it is a huge day of celebration. we are so glad you are all here. >> those scary days are all vivid. >> he couldn't walk, it was catastrophic and in the beginning, it felt like there was little to no hope. >> that's what they told me.
5:31 pm
>> pat made a tremendous amount of progress thanks to his determination and hundreds of medical professionals. the bullet left him with difficulty, weakness on one side, vision impairment. they recently bought this home in mcclane, but there were issues, like the stairs. fortunately, a renovation gift from sears along with a nonprofits installed an elevator and nothing to fall over. >> they got really excited, because they got a real nice bathroom. it's going to be really big. so i can walk around and i don't have to hurt myself. >> there were also problems in the backyard. off the porch, there was a major tripping hazard right here. so the volunteers at rebuilding together decided to build a new porch that pat can maneuver easily. >> we are trying to make his home healthy and safe for him and continue to heal and be part of the community. >> after five years of living out of suitcases and moving
5:32 pm
from hospital to rehab centers, pat and patty are finally home. >> we never got a welcome home. the welcome home was pat laying with tubes out of him in icu. so the is our welcome home. we are so happy to be back and start our new life. >> both pat and patty want to make sure people don't forget, there is still a war going on and sending home more injured servicemen and women and they hope the community will continue its important help to wounded veterans and helping them get on with their lives. >> they were absolutely beaming. and those changes helped so much with independent living, just those small things. >> when you have a brain injury, you can be very unstable. very typical with a brain injury. his life will be safer there. >> a newly renovated one at that. back to you guys. >> thank you. right now, we need to get to a severe thunderstorm warning. meteorologist, anny hong, is tracking the storm in the
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weather center. what's up, anny? >> that severe thunderstorm warning is in montgomery county, where we are looking at good winds, up to 50, 60-mile an hour winds. here's a look at the live doppler 9,000 hd. a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:00. i'll zoom in. it's crossing the 270. so i think that commute in that area can get a little tricky. right now it is in clarksburg and a pretty good hail as well. i'll show you information on the storm to see what communities this storm could be impacting and also what time. so this is a storm that is heading south, southeast at 29 miles per hour. and the community that it could be impacting in the next half hour. so include milestone at 3:34 in just about two minutes. the coroner, kneelsville, fox layer acres and spartanwoods by 5:36. looks like this, again, is the severe thunderstorm warning for
5:34 pm
montgomery county until 6:00 p.m. could this impact the district potentially, but we are looking at cloudy conditions right now and the atmosphere isn't as unstable, but that severe thunderstorm watch goes into effect at 8:00. back to you. >> thank you x anny. we have new details coming out about that suicide bombing that killed five isreali tourists and their bus driver. bulgaria said a sophisticated group carried out the attack. adviser, john brennan. investigators say the suspect spent a month before the bombing. israel said iran and the militant group are behind the attack. a former top aide to david cameron are charged in the phone hacking investigation. cameron's communications chief. also facing charges, rebecca brooks, she was the chief executive of rupert murdoch.
5:35 pm
five senior tabloid journalists also faced charges in the scandal. a wall once dedicated to famed football coach, joe paterno, now lies in a pile of rubble. this morning, construction workers tore down the wall. this just two days after crews also took down that 900 pound bronze statue. all of this in the wake of an investigation into the sex abuse scandal that found several top university officials, including paterno, covered up for jerry sandusky and his abuse of young boys. the ncaa imposed a slew of sanctions, including a $60 million fine and a four year bowl ban on penn state. penn state's library has his name. that honor will remain. the jury has been seated. the jury was selected, plus four alternates. the former chicago police officers accused of killing his
5:36 pm
third wife, kathleen, in 2004. peterson is also suspected in the 2007 disaappearance of his fourth wife, stacey peterson. opening statements are set to begin next tuesday. >> man convicted of killing the brother, the mother, and the nephew of actress, jennifer hudson, got a life sentence today. his attorney asked the judge for a new trial earlier in the day, married. prosecutors say he shot family members in a jealous rage. so she is dating another man. >> it is not hard to go into a store. we'll tell you when and when not to sign up for their deal. but up next, wedding festivities take a very dangerous turn when a bridge collapses beneath the caravan. and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, we'll be back after the break.
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caught on tape, a driver on his way to a wedding found himself trapped in a river. caused a bridge to collapse outside eastern china. the driver who was part of a wedding caravan suddenly was trapped in his car as those flood waters rose and the mud slide threatened to bury his car. onlookers filmed the dramatic rescue as it happened. a rescuer reached the crushed vehicle and managed to get that driver to safety with very little time to spare. >> police in maine releasing a dash cam video of a state trooper. his name is doug. he just pulled over a truck on a busy highway when he noticed hey, that guy is going the wrong way through traffic. at first the trooper tried to flag the guy down, but that didn't work. he races ahead of the car and manages to cut it off. >> i saw him still going, and decided this was the time i have to punch it, beat him to the cross over and stick my car out in front of him.
5:40 pm
>> if he made it past me, we would have been dealing with serious bodily injury, it not fatal. >> amazingly though, nobody was hurt. that trooper says the elderly driver did seem confused, however, he did know he was in the wrong lane. >> a community in rural, washington state rallied together to rescue a horse that somehow got stuck in a well. >> horse named thunder was discovered yesterday morning and water and mud, firefighters were called in to pump the water out of the well and more than a dozen neighbors dug by hand until heavy equipment could get there. backhoes wind the hole while tractors moved away the excess dirt. all the while bystanders fed the horse and kept it calm. the hole was finally big enough for thunder to make a slippery exit out of that well. you see it happening. much to the delight of the concerned community around. crews had to rescue a man and his dog after they fell into a canyon on oregon's mt. hood. they were walking along a trail where the dog took a wrong turn, went over the ledge.
5:41 pm
the owner tried to get to the pet, but he fell. rescuers were eventually able to get both of them to safety and take them. >> still ahead tonight, a local athlete is heading to his third olympic games. let's find out why he almost gave up on his dream. >> plus, a new online tool helps people with mountains of student loan debt. we'll tell you how it works. that's next. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go?
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windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. in tonight's consumer alert, the consumer financial protection bureau, walking through ways to regroup if you have fallen behind. before you reach out, you want to make sure you do some things and see them coming up on the screen right now. have a list of your loans, know your required monthly payments and have your written documents. we'll link you to more student loan resources on our website, >> the tuition is set and now it is time to gear up for your back to school shopping. many of us have been told to check out, you know you can save more. just by getting a good rate,
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you have to shop just as carefully to get a good store credit card. >> you are done shopping and when you are ready to pay, the cashier offers perks like discounts, cash back, if you apply for a store credit card. resist the immediate urge to say yes. >> some of the biggest stores, like blooming dales, macy's, and sears charge around 25% in interest. that's about twice the average you pay with a traditional bank credit card. >> cash back and reward offers sound good, wal-mart has 1% cash back on all purchases. in the small, there's a big red flag. you have to spend $3,000 a year before you get that full 1% cash back. but some stores do offer cars with very good cash back terms. at l.l. bean, you'll get 3% back in store coupons that you have a year to use. even better, target's credit card gives 5% back right at the
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checkout. >> stores like target and nordstrom offer debit cards. these take money directly from your bank account. >> for big ticket items, consider store cards. these generally offer six months to a year interest-free financing. but pay the balance on time or that interest will be charged retroactively. >> now money experts say it is generally easier to get a store credit card than a bank card. they can help you build a credit history. but remember, if you open too many store cards at once, that can hurt you. think twice. >> the death of one baby and a near stangulation of another prompted a big recall of 223,000 peg perego strollers. they come are a tray and cup holder. these are high end strollers. coal craft is recalling 5600 of
5:47 pm
its options, tandem strollers, and the problem there is that children could fall or choke. no reports of injuries connected to those strollers. heading toward the other end of the spectrum, let's talk retirement. planning for your golden years? out with a list of the best and the worst places. at the top of the list is texas followed by kentucky and oklahoma. virginia comes in at the sixth best place to retire and maine is the worst place to retire. michigan and massachusetts round out the top three. those are all cold weather states. maryland makes the list coming in at number six. the website considered climate, life expectancy, and crime in those ratings. >> don't forget climate. >> big one there. >> let's get back to anny in the weather center with more on today's severe weather alert. what's happening with the storms? >> the one in montgomery county is weakening a little bit. we are under a severe
5:48 pm
thunderstorm warning for montgomery county. let's take a look at the hd. you can see montgomery is lit up in yellow and this is until 6:00. so for another 15 minutes or so. howard bernstein, saying it's really coming down and he lives in that area. in gaithersburg and just north of rockville, you're looking at pretty good rains. you can tell, it weakened quite a bit. so i would not be surprised if this warning expires soon. anne arundel county is under a warning until 6:15. all of these is heading southeast. so i'm not too worried about these storms impacting the immediate d.c. metro area. we are under a severe watch until 8:00 this evening. so, after that, the threat for severe weather will be over. here's a look at the radar and lightning. you can see most of the activity was really south of
5:49 pm
us. we are still seeing decent storms come through this evening. right now, here's a live look at your michael and son camera. we have cloudy skies. temperatures, 88 degrees. the dew point still humid. we'll get dryer air by tomorrow. right now, temperatures in frederick, rain cooling down into the 70s. 79 in fredericksburg. still pretty warm at andrews air force base. some big storms are possible tonight. damaging wind gusts. that's our main concern. areas of hail as well. but wednesday looks really nice. less humid and triple digit heat returns. we're talking very hot for thursday. maybe near some record highs. our future cast, tonight we could still see some storms. the threat ending after 8:00 and overnight, the skies will clear out, getting ready for some cooler and dryer air by tomorrow and wednesday looks really nice. still warm, but a break from the humidity. so tonight, what can you expect? mostly cloudy with showers and
5:50 pm
storms. some will be strong to severe. lows in the 60s and 70s. 70s in downtown, but 60s outside the beltway. for wednesday morning, don't forget your sunglasses. mostly sunny and nice. and we'll see winds at north 5 to 10 miles per hour. in the afternoon, it looks really nice. still warm, but less humid, get outside and enjoy it if you can. highs in the upper 80s. so, highs on your wednesday afternoon, we'll be seasonal. temperatures around 88 degrees in downtown. 89 in arlington and 86 in gaithersburg. the 9 weather alert codes, green tomorrow, because of the gorgeous weather, less humid. thursday, 100 degrees. very hot, chance for a storm. check out your next seven days, near mid 90s. the weekend also looking to be unsettled at times. temperatures in the lower 90s to 89 monday and tuesday we'll top out in the upper 80s to low 90s. tonight, strong storms, keep your eyes to the sky and stay safe. back to you. >> all right, thanks.
5:51 pm
there is a piece of art at the london olympics and this weird retrough transformers vibe happening. a check artist has done a metro fit or retrofit on a 1957 london double decker bus. he added two arms and the thing can do pushups. the bus does all that exercising right outside the olympic house in london. he is going to add a voice where it says autobots roll out. >> serious high drollics. the local athlete is hoping for gold in london. >> but scott parson's past said the games weren't so clear. >> scott parsons is no stranger to the pressure of the olympic games. >> it's hard to describe the olympics. everyone is unique and different and that's what makes them so fun and special. >> as a kayaker, he competed in the last two olympics. he finished sixth in athens in
5:52 pm
2004. in 2008, he was poised to medal. then a crucial mistake. a penalty for missing a gate. >> after that disappointing finish, i wasn't too sure if i wanted to continue. >> he stepped away from the sport, made him realize he couldn't live without it. >> it's fun to come out here and get away from everything and focus on the water and the sound and the feeling of the water. and definitely one of my happiest places. >> that happiness resulted in better performances. these days he is back, snaking his way toward what he hopes is an olympic metal stance. >> winning an olympic metal in london, it really would be, i guess a dream come true. >> helping him along the way, his wife and training partner. who just happens to be a former u.s. junior team member herself. >> to see him out there in the heat and the ice and the snow
5:53 pm
in the winter, it is very tiring and i have never seen somebody love something so much and work so hard for it. >> you love something so much, it doesn't feel like you are giving up anything else to get to do that thing that you love. if anything, sacrificing things that she loves to do to help me out. for them, i'm e tenderly grateful. >> together, they are on their way to london. dave owens, 9 sports. >> we wish them well. still ahead tonight, new details about just what police found inside james holmes apartment as they investigate those theater shootings in colorado. then a little later, the role women could play in campaign 2012. but first, you may have heard about those bears that stopped on by a pennsylvania shopping mall. find out how maryland is tracking the four legged population. that's up next.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
an update on those bears, yes, at a suburban pittsburgh shopping mall. game officials say they are planning to set up a trap to catch one of ant malls that eluded them. a second, smaller bear was tranquilized saturday night and taken away. now this is the time of year where we start seeing bears come closer to neighborhoods looking for food.
5:57 pm
>> just how many bears are out there? at least in our neck of the woods? alex takes a look at maryland's tagging program. >> it takes tranquilizers and tracking. to count black bears. late winter in maryland, biologists go into dens counting females and their cubs. >> we are averaging three cubs, and that's nearly twice what they got. some of the less fertile parts of the country. >> in 2005, there were 362 bears. this year, that number is estimated at 782. and in other counties, there are at least 100 more bears. >> our expectation is that we would slow the growth of the bear population without stunting it. that's exactly where we are today. >> helping bring the bears back from near extinction. and as population grows, so does the bear's range. just this past spring, people in carol county photographed a young male roaming through. >> every year, we have bear sightings throughout central
5:58 pm
maryland, including baltimore, hartford, howard, montgomery counties. when you throw them into large areas, it's more difficult to manage those situations. >> as the number of black bears ini increase, the numbers go up. >> we'll raise the number of bear hunters, we are not trying to stunt the bear population. >> a female with a blaze on her chest. >> the goal, keep the numbers growing slow enough to give bears and people room. he's cute, but he has a rough look on his face. that is alex reporting. maryland's bear hunting season runs october 22. but once the quota is met, the hunting has to stop. this 19news now. >> and the 9 weather team declared a severe weather alert day this stormy afternoon. let's get to anny hong in the weather center. >> we are under a severe thunderstorm watch tonight
5:59 pm
until 8:00. the good news is right now, we don't have any severe thunderstorm warnings in effect at this moment. here's a look at that watch and covers the entire d.c. metro area. some of it is being trimmed back. so this may cancel sooner than 8:00. live doppler 9,000, you can see that we did have a severe thunderstorm warning in montgomery county, but that has expired. we are still looking at good rains falling around that area. also in fredericksburg, culpeper, some calls saying it is coming down pretty good, but those storms out toward culpeper are heading south and southeast of town. you can see south of culpeper, i see that majenta. that could end up being a severe thunderstorm. so, here's a look at the radar and lightning, you can see quite a few lightning strikes associated with these storms. but most of the energy and the action was really south of town. we still can't rule out the chance for showers and storms around the area. right now, temperatures are in the


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