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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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temporarily. district heights, ken molestina, 9news now. a teenager pulled from a pond in laurel, maryland has died. prince george's county police say the teenager was found around 10:30 last night at the bottom of a pond at willow lake apartment complex which is on old stagecoach road. police say witnesses reported the young male went under water around 8:45 but did not come back up. crews searched for 80 minutes before they were able to find him. emergency crews tried cpr but it was too late to save his life. the teenager was pronounced dead at the hospital and they're not releasing his name at this point. the death of two people in arlington appear to a murder- suicide. a relative found them at the park shirlington apartment complex on south 31st street. investigators haven't released their identities but say the man and the woman were in a relationship. we are told this is arlington's first homicide in more than two years. >> this morning one of the victims from the colorado shooting is celebrating the
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birth of her child as her husband still is trying to recover after being shot. hugo jackson medley was born yesterday. his mother katie was inside that movie theater when the gunman opened fire. she was not her but her husband caleb with us critically wounded. the mother and child are in the hospital one floor above the father. the father is in a medically induced coma and showing signs of improvement. more is being released about what happened inside of the theater that night. earlier reports suggest the gunman didn't say anything during his tirade but two people say he did say something. one victim say she heard the suspect scream at people to stand up and then he would pull them up out of their seats. >> reporter: shout what are you doing and i would stand up and he would pick people up. i saw him stand over someone. i just see hair, the shirt and
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boom. >> the star of the "the dark knight rises" was in the hospital yesterday. christian bale visited the victims. maryland is looking to change the way its residents get guns but it's going to take some effort. >> a federal judge ruled it's unconstitutional to demand someone needs to show a good and substantial reason before they can get a handgun permit. gary nurenberg has more. >> reporter: those who favor gun controls are appalled. >> well, it's an outrageous and reckless ruling. >> today's decision brings maryland in line with the vast majority of other states in the union. >> reporter: the good and reasonable substantial -- and substantial reason is going away. >> we're keeping the vast majority of important standards that the entire rest of the country recognizes, things like background checks, i.d.s, things like fingerprints. none of those things are disturbed by the ruling. >> reporter: yeah, but.
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>> as we saw in colorado, someone might be able to pass a quick check but be extremely disturbed. the idea that if a police sees someone like him walk into their station, are concerned about the danger he poses and yet have no choice but to issue him a license, that's dangerous. that's not what the second amendment means. >> reporter: but what's the danger in requiring a good and substantial reason? >> the danger is not just the second amendment but to the entire constitution. imagine, for instance, gary, if before airing this segment you had to seek the government's permission to exercise your first amendment right. if you had to show a good and substantial reason. we do not want to live in a country where we have to show the government a good and substantial reason for exercising our rights. >> reporter: a federal appeals court could change things in the next two weeks but if it doesn't, marylanders will no longer have to provide a good and substantial reason to get a permit to carry hidden loaded guns. gary nurenberg, 9news now.
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here are some of the other stories making news now. the fallout from a fatal police shooting continues in anaheim, california. protesters disrupted a city council meeting to voice their anger over two police shootings this past weekend. one ended with the death of someone who was unarmed. after four nights of protests, city officials now say they will ask the u.s. attorney's office to investigate. city council also wants federal investigators to look at how police responded to protesters after police officers fired pepper balls into a crowd hurling rocks and bottles of them. the man convicted of jennifer hudson's mother, brother and nephew was given three life sentences worth 120 years for the other crimes tied to this case. the sentencing came after the judge denied the request for a new trial for william balfour. the judge said his soul was barren. a teenager who tweeted the
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names of her rapists will not be punished now. attorneys for two teenagers have dropped their contempt motion. one of the lawyers said the boys' names have been circulated worldwide. holding the teen in contempt seems to be a useless exercise they say. the 17-yard was sexually -- 17- year-old was sexually assaulted after she got drunk and passed out. the boys got the deal and she thought it was too lenient so she tweeted about those boys using their names against a judge's order but again she's not growing to be punished. the attack ads continue between president obama and mitt romney. >> the president's reelection campaign has released a new ad pushing back at romney's attempts to use the president's word against him. susan mcginnis reports this comes as romney begins a six- day trip overseas. >> reporter: mitt romney unleashed some of his harshest attacks of the. yet speaking to the veterans of foreign wars, romney criticized the president on several
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fronts, including alleged leaks of classified information from the white house. >> this isn't a partisan issue. it's a national security crisis. >> reporter: the white house says it has zero tolerance for top secret leaks and has appointed investigators to find the culprit, but romney says there needs to be an independent investigation. >> obama appointees who are accountable to president obama's attorney general should not be responsible for investigating the leaks coming from the obama white house. >> reporter: romney also attacked the president for pushing for cuts in defense spending and for alienating israel and other u.s. allies. he used the vfw speech as a spring board to his trip to england, poland and israel. >> president obama is fond of lecturing israel's leaders, the people of israel deserve better than what they receive from the leader of the free world. >> reporter: vice president biden says romney has criticized the president's policies while offering no alternatives. the president defended his foreign policy achievements. >> because of the outstanding efforts of our men and women in
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uniform, we were able to end the war in iraq as i promised and al qaeda is on the run and we got bin laden. >> reporter: a new poll shows the president with a ten-point lead on a question of who would make a better commander in chief. still ahead, hundreds of thousands of strollers are being recalled. which ones could actually pose a deadly risk to your child. >> plus, one hotel has switched the bible out of the room. what they have replaced it with. you're watching 9news now.
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4:39 on this wednesday morning. a beautiful day ahead. humidity levels are dropping. some drier, cooler air moving in. yesterday we did make 93.
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today about 88 or so with lunch time temps in the low 80s. enjoy it now. we've got changes on the way as early as tomorrow. i'll tell you about that in five minutes. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> thank you so much. if you're planning to head northbound on 395, a nice ride leaving duke street up to the 14th street bridge. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are incident free and open. i'll be back with more traffic at 4:47. >> thanks, monika. the time right now is 4:40. i'm watching your money. let's not do another day like the last three sessions on wall street. the one good thing you can say, stocks closed off their worst levels of the day yesterday. that's after "wall street journal" reports the federal reserve is moving closer to taking new steps to jump start the economy. the main problems for traders yesterday, europe's ongoing debt crisis. you knew that. and profit warnings from ups and dupont. checking the numbers the dow stands this morning at 12,617. it added the -- ended the day
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down 104 points. the nasdaq was off by 27. and the s&p 500 was down by 12. a rareness for apple. that's why shares were down 5% before the opening bell this morning. the company posted earnings just over 20%. and while that may be a good thing for most companies, it was considered meager by apple's standards and didn't meet analysts predictions. this was the slowest growth for the company in more than to years. the reason for the so-called drop, more consumers are buying the least expensive iphones and ipads. apple also lowering its earnings for the current quarter. it seems everyone has gone mobile. according to a "u.s.a. today" report, the sale of smartphones is expected to go before the 200 billion mark for the first time. the consumer electronics association says the sale of smartphones and tablets will make up 30% of all electronic revenue this year.
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expected to account for $7.9 billion in revenue. hundreds of thousands of strollers are being recalled by peg perego. the company says children can become trapped between the trace. a 6-month-old died of strangulation in 200046789 two years later a 7-month-old was nearly strangled. this recall includes the vienza and plieco3. also 5600 of the contour options being recalled sold between february and july. the strollers pose falling and choking hazards. 50 shades of grey seems to be getting crazier. a hotel in england has replaced the bible with the best selling book. the hotel operator says he put the book in the room because, you know, everybody is reading it nowadays. he thought it would be a hospitable way to have the steamy novel available but the local victor not happy about
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it. he has been denouncing the move. the. >> it's almost too crazy to believe. it almost peoples like a hoax that story. >> doing it just to get some attention. >> apparently works. 4:43. coming up, we remember the man who made us all laugh as he helped us move on up. >> more unmarried couples living together are having more babies. we'll explain why that is coming up.
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. welcome to old guy tv. good morning. it's 4:45. we're just teasing. >> is that just coffee in there, mike? >> yes, it is. >> 45 degrees. it is spectacular. the humidity is way down. >> it will be one of those great mid summer days n. is
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what it should be like as opposed to the heat and humidity. going to be a great day. let's show you the day planner on this wednesday. some temps have already dropped into the 60s. we're going to be coming into the 70s here. mid-70s by 9:00 in town with low 80s by lunch time. about 83. north, northwesterly winds 5, 10 miles an hour. very, very nice today. even this afternoon highs only the upper 80s. a couple of spots will get toward the 90-degree mark but a gorgeous day. don't forget the sun block, by the way. you burn easy this time of year. radar nice and quiet. southwestern virginia down toward bristow and tennessee, kings port into northwestern north carolina, they're dealing with a cluster of storms this morning. we had our strong storms yesterday afternoon and early evening. 75 now. gaithersburg down to 66. still kind of muggy, 78 at the pax river naval air station. oakland down to 55.
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outside, great visibility. clear skies, 75 degrees. dew points are dropping. humidity 64%. it's feeling pretty nice out there. still dealing with a lot of heat in the middle of the country but the showers and storms once again up and over the ridge. i've been showing you this for days. the ridge is producing record heat. the drought conditions persist down there in missouri and kansas. some of those temperatures once again 105 -- 100 to 105. for us we had a boundary push through helping initiate the storms yesterday. we've got winds coming behind the system out of the north and northwest bringing the drier air down for the day. that's the unfortunate part of all of this. this isn't going to last long. the heat out west, that's going to surge back here tomorrow fl while we're talking upper 80s tomorrow, around 100 is likely the high for tomorrow. here's our future cast at noon. it's quiet. sunny skies all day long. any showers and storms well out to our west. maybe down toward blacksburg
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and roanoke. you may get a shower this afternoon if you're traveling in that direction. we head to tomorrow morning. a few showers moving into west virginia. very hot day. isolated storm can't be ruled out tomorrow afternoon in a couple of spots. then on friday i think an even better chance for some storms. a boundary is going to get closer to us. temperatures friday in the mid- 90s with the scattered showers and thunderstorms. so as we look at the highs today, very, very nice. in fact only the low 80s in the mountains in garrett county. we'll see 89 for manassas. might get to 90 in one or two areas but mid-80s on the bay. tonight we'll dip back into the upper 60s to low 70s for most areas. about 75 on the bay. that's -- got a little tickle in the throat. ragweed season started to kick in if the allergies are getting to you. 88 today, a great day. low 70s in town with 60s in some of the suburbs. tomorrow 100 degrees. isolated storms. yellow alert for the heat. i think a heat advisory will be
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in effect tomorrow and friday afternoon storms. a yellow alert with highs in the mid-90s. the weekend cools down a tad. saturday 92 with scattered storms. sunday 90. monday # 9 and more -- 89 and more unsettled weather tuesday with highs in the mid-80s. it is 4:49. here's monika with the timesaver traffic. thank you so much. good morning, everybody. i'm happy to say look behind me. no triangles, no construction, in accidents, no disabled vehicles. yay. if you're planning to head in from southern maryland, route 5, route 4, 301, 210 out of accokeek to oxon hill, everything looks good. across the wilson bridge you will be fine as you head for alexandria and 395 up to the 14th street bridge as well. let's take a live look outside. here's what it looks like if you're planning to head in on 270 up from north. no problems out of frederick. it's nice and light through rockville and same story to great seneca highway. this time 95 coming in from baltimore looks good. route 29, 32 out of columbia, bw parkway, no problems as you
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leave fort meed toward greenbelt and the beltway. and a live look at route 50 inside the beltway, route 202 in landover. no problems into the northeast corridor. more at 4:55. back to you guys. you know him and you love him as george jefferson. just super. he makes you laugh. >> he does. and the music. the whole show was great. sherman hemsley passed away at his home in el paso, texas at the age of 74. we take a look back at his life. >> reporter: the manmade most famous for moving on up to a deluxe apartment died at the age of 74. el paso police say sherman elseley was found in his house. his agent confirms he passed away. the actor first rose to fame in 1971 playing george jefferson on "all in the family." two years later helmsley
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started in a spinoff. >> i will just have to go over the boss' head. >> it will be a short trip. >> reporter: mr. jefferson would then be quick with a return dig. helmsley owe r -- hemsley sang and dance. he made cameo appearances on television and walked the red carpet for big cbs events. born in philadelphia, he had no children or wife. edward lawrence for cbs news. >> "the jeffersons" debuted on cbs in 1975 and lasted 11 seasons. it's considered one of tv's most successful sitcoms. he later starred in the sitcom "amen." >> love that show. so how much is too much? the first hearing on banning big sugary drinks in new york city brought out dozens of people on both sides of the big gulp. mayor michael bloomberg wants to limit the single serving sugary drink to 16 ounces.
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he says that's in order to reduce the risk of diabetes and other health-related illnesses associated with obesity. this measure would apply to restaurants and businesses regulated by the board of health. opponents believe it could actually shut down movie theaters and cut profits at restaurants. others say soda is not to blame for their weight issue. >> i'm not overweight because of big gulp sodas. frankly i'm overweight because i eat too much pasta. >> it's biased. >> the mayor believes if this goes into effect, it could save the city millions in health care costs. the board is going to vote on annual amendment in september. if it passes this could go into effect by next march. >> african-american teens seem to be getting the message when it comes to the h.i.v. especial dependic. a report from the center for disease control says risky behavior by black teens has gone way down in the last 20 years. however, the report says condom use is dropping among high schoolers. researchers are now trying to figure out how teens are
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getting the message about risky behavior but ignoring the need for condoms. more unmarried couples are company habitatting and more are also unintentionally getting pregnant according to a new government study n. a report the national str for health statistics said in 2004, 14% of overall births were to co-habitatting woman. it increased from 2006 to 2010. one sociologist said couples in a committed relationship aren't trying to have a child but aren't trying hard to avoid having one either. time to look at the question of the morning. we love it today. according to a new study, there's now scientific proof men can't help doing what? three options here. leaving the toilet seat up, falling asleep after having sex and hogging the remote. >> the best question we've had so far. log on to our facebook fan page. we want to hear your thoughts
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on this one. we'll have the answer in the 6:00 show. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 4:56. wednesday morning. your weather first. going to be a great day. humidity levels are dropping. temperatures are going to be where they should be upper 80s to around 90,by lunch time the low 80s. a good looking lunch day. highs in the upper 80s. monika, top that. i can actually right now. i can be even with you. how about that? northbound i-95 looking great in springfield up to 395 to the 14th street bridge. no issues to report and the weather is good as well. i'll be back with more traffic
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at 5:00. back to you, mike. >> thanks, monika. a feud between some eastbounds of the jackson family was caught on tape. sheriff's deputies were called to the jackson home after a fight between jermaine, randy and a cousin on monday. it all started after janet and jermaine reportedly tried to get michael jackson's kids to leave their grandmother's home. you can see janet trying to take paris' home away from her. she reportedly scolded the 14- year-old for tweeting about the family's problems. this incident comes amid a very public dispute over the whereabouts of katherine jackson. snoop dog, you know him as a rapper. well, apparently changing his style. going to reggae. he's even adopting a new name to go with the change. he's calling himself snoop lion. the album called "reincarnated" is expected to be released later counteryear. the modern family stars are headed to court and bruce
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willis is going to play a time traveler next. >> edward lawrence has more on this eye on entertainment. >> reporter: a judge in chicago sentenced william balfour to life in prison without parole for the shooting deaths of jennifer hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. balfour who was married to hudson's sister killed the family in a jealous rage in 2008. the cad mcaware -- academy award winner was in court but did not speak. modern family stars filed a lawsuit claiming their contracts are illegal because california law doesn't allow personal contracts to last more than seven years. the lawsuit represents five cast members. >> the only rule is never let your target escape, even if the target is you. >> reporter: the time traveler opens this year starring bruce willis. the ten-day festival will also
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screen a nightly drama. >> this is the best bad idea we have, sir, by far. >> reporter: and ben afleck's latest thriller among others. music pioneer chuck berry is getting a big honor. the rock 'n' roll hall of fame selected him as part of its music master series. the week-long celebration in october will cap off with an all-star tribute concert to the legend. i'm edward lawrence, cbs news. happy wednesday morning. you're watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. when you peek outside, you're going to notice it's a lot more comfortable. monika samtani has traffic. howard bernstein has the weather. the last couple of mornings we were very muggy. today delightful. drier air has moved in. we'll enjoy it all day long so get ready for a beautiful mid summer day. here's your day planner. good visibility this morning. temperatures by lunch time as we take the weather graphic is going to go into the


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