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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  August 8, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we have a yellow alert we want to tell you b. we thank you for joining us. i'mi'm jc hayward. many of us could be -- i'm jc
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hayward. many of us could be dealing with slow moving storms and steady downpours. let's get right to howard bernstein. generally west of i-95. lightning and thunder with this. the problem is the steering currents are weak so these things have been dumping and sometimes they're raining an inch or two an hour and calming a-- falling apart and redeveloping elsewhere. we've seen a slow drift from just west of i-95 to almost on top of i-95. montgomery county got it this morning. it was pouring in places like rock jil. now just a -- rockville. now just a little shower south of 370 there, probably around -- [indiscernible] just about on the the arlington- fairfax border, we have a cell that's popped north of 66. we've seen heavier rain also inside the beltway. in fairfax city, look at that on the west side. we're seeing stuff. farther south and west we're still dealing with some heavy downpours across parts of prince william county, stafford, out toward areas in
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goldvein and southern fauquier. a slow drift east. yesterday was southern maryland that got the heavy rains. today so far it's been on the west and northwest side of the metro. the other thing i want to tell you, temperatures are in the mid- to upper 80s now. we'll get a little sunshine. we'll likely make the low 90s which means we'll get a few more of these showers and storms, slow movers for the afternoon. they certainly could impact your plans. i'll come back in a few minutes and talk about what you can expect for the weekend. there's a cold front on the way. we've got some good news in that seven day. >> thank you, howard. at least one building at walter reed hospital has been -- walter reid hospital has been evacuated because of a bomb threat. officials aren't giving us much information but the hospital's website says all appointments have been suspended till 1:00 p.m. a source at the hospital tells us howees are now under a cold black level of security. as a result, no one is allowed to enter or leave building 19. we're waiting to get more
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information from authorities. area drivers are quite familiar with speed cameras and red light cameras. i know i am. well now some officials are considering putting the cameras on stop signs. delia goncalves tells us where and why. >> reporter: quiet glen echo park complete with its quaint street signs but here on university and oxford road, a problem. >> people tend not to stop at stop signs. >> reporter: in fact, it didn't take long for our cameras to stop this car seemingly slowing down for the speed bump but blowing right through the stop sign. >> that particular intersection gets more than 200,000 cars a year. >> reporter: in fact, glen echo's mayor says despite the town's best efforts with added signs, speed bumps and a painted sign on the road, cars still roll right through. >> we know 70% of all crashness this country occur at unsignallized enter secretaries. we know that 40% of all traffic mortalities -- fatalities occur
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at stop signs. so this is a big problem. >> reporter: but there's a catch. right now it's illegal to put cameras at stop signs. aaa says the move would require the general assembly's approval and a clear definition of an exact stop. how many seconds do you wait until you keep driving? in glen echo, delia goncalves, 9news now. according to aaa, washington, d.c. is looking into the stop sign cameras but unlike maryland, the cameras are legal in the district. a d.c. police captain who was demoted in the wake of a controversy involving actor charlie sheen is now suing the d.c. police department. captain hillson burton filed a 12 million suit months after the actor received a police escort to a performance. burton says he was punished for saying that police escorts for celebrities were a common practice in washington, and that contradicted police chief cathy lanier. the chief says that the sheen
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escort broke department protocol. we now have an update on sunday's deadly shooting at a sikh temple near milwaukee, wisconsin. the f.b.i. says the gunman wade michael page, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after he was shot by police. six worshipers were killed. authorities say they are not sure why page went on a shooting spree. the presidential election is just three months away and a new cbs news poll is showing that is a tight race in key battleground states. daniel nottingham reports both candidates are on the campaign trail today. >> reporter: mitt romney took aim at president obama's economic track record at a campaign stop in des moines, iowa. >> the president's policies have simply failed the american people in terms of getting people back to work with rising incomes. >> reporter: a new quinnipiac university, cbs news, and "new york times" poll found voters in wisconsin, virginia and
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colorado are more apartment to say the -- apt to say the president's economic policies will hurt them financially. the poll also shows a tight race in all three swing states. in wisconsin the president holds a 6-point lead. he is also out front in virginia with a 4-point advantage. in both states, women are giving president obama the edge, but in colorado likely voters who think romney can better manage the economy gave him a 5-point lead. the president left for colorado this morning to try and cut into that lead. he's expected to target female voters and push his economic plan in a two-day tour of the state. the white house is on the defensive about a romney campaign ad attacking the president's welfare policies. >> they just send you your welfare check. >> reporter: the romney campaigns argues the obama administration is easing work requirements for welfare recipients. >> from a policy standpoint, let me say that this advertisement is categorically false and it is blatantly
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dishonest. >> reporter: the white house says changes were made to give states more flexibility with their welfare program. daniel nottingham, cbs news, the white house. upset pepco customers are calling on government regulators to force the power company to make improvements. maryland's public service commission has kicked off a series of public hearings about the response to this summer's storms. during last night's meeting in rockville, the commission and pepco officials got an earful. >> my wife grew up in the former soviet union. they had communism but they had power. it's badly designed. it's badly built. it's badly overseen. it's badly regulated and it's not working. >> we've had neighborhoods of over 1,000 residential units that were out from friday night until the following friday afternoon, and this is all underground. >> to make matters worse, pepco is requesting another rate
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hike. there will be a second hearing tonight beginning at 7:00 at prince george's county community college in largo. still to come when the news continues, waste not, want not. there's a new smartphone app on the market. and we want to tell you all about it. stay with us.
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i'm one on one with an author today. i have to tell you that one book critic says he doesn't
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know how journalist ron kessler does it. somehow he has convinced f.b.i. agents to sing like canaries. what a delight it is to have him here with his book "the secrets of the f.b.i." when it came out in hard cover, you were all over the media. it got a lot of exposure because it was juicy. >> that is the idea. secrets ranging from the fact that attorney general bobby kennedy secretly visited marilyn monroe just before her death. the head of the los angeles field office, the f.b.i. personally lent his car to bobby to go see her. on a regular basis lent his car to go see her. so that is a real fact that obviously they were having an affair and possibly he broke up with her. another secret is that a week before vince foster's death, the white house council under bill clinton, hillary had a big
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meeting in the white house and totally humiliated him in front of all these white house aides, called him a smalltown hick lawyer, will never make it in big time because she disagreed with the legal opinion that he gave. well, the f.b.i. found -- this is all on the record -- that after that his demeanor changed. he became much more withdrawn. he already was depressed. but he would break into tears easily. and a week later he committed suicide. so the f.b.i. found that that did trigger his suicide. he may have done it anyway but that event contributed to his death. >> what is the latest revelation that you unveiled, the secret service with the president? how did you get that? >> i did a previous book called in the presidency. secret service sources told me about mismanagement in the secret service and how they protect and what the presidents are like. one of these sources just
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called me and said, this happened and it's embarrassing. the prostitute scandal. and "the washington post" ran my story. >> well, the secret service and the f.b.i. certainly are agencies where secrets abound, but you have a lot of it here in this book. it's called "the secrets of the f.b.i." and there there's some funny stories in here, too. so it's very entertaining. ronald kessler, congratulations on a best selling book. and thank you for being here with me. >> i appreciate it. let's get another look at that important forecast from howard coming up next. >> jc, high heat and humidity today. we're going into the 90s. got the umbrella handy because we've got heavy showers nearby. in fact, check this out on doppler. areas of orange and red, heavy downpours for fairfax county, down on the west side of 95. we'll talk more about that and a change for the weekend. a good change when 9news now at
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noon returns. over the next four months, you have a choice to make. not just between two political parties, or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top. roll back regulations on big banks. and he says that if we do, our economy will grow and everyone will benefit. but you know what? we tried that top down approach. it's what caused the mess in the first place. i believe the only way to create an economy built to last
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is to strengthen the middle class. asking the wealthy to pay a little more so we can pay down our debt in a balanced way. so that we can afford to invest in education, manufacturing, and home-grown american energy for good middle class jobs. sometimes politics can seem very small. but the choice you face, it couldn't be bigger. ♪ i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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is going high-tech in berkley, california. now small farmers can make sure that their produce doesn't go to waste. reporter don ford shows us how a new smartphone app is helping the hungry. >> reporter: summer in california means great tasting fruit. the bay area is perfect for backyard fruit trees, but there's a problem. there's just too much fruit for us to use and so a lot of the lemons that we have just end up falling on the ground and rotting away. >> reporter: not just lemons, all kinds of fute in all kinds of yards. this is a terrible waste considering a lot of folks could use the food. but now a new smartphone app may fix that. they call it 4h city. teresa, and local teenagers assisted by uc students helped create the program. >> there's so many resources that are disconnected in the community. this app is about bringing together people who want something with people who have something to share. >> reporter: you sign on and post that you have extra fruit
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and then your location is displayed on a map. to find fruit, you simply log on and look at the map of your area. once collected, the item is removed from the map. susan thinks it could lead to food trading, too. >> we were just talking about how we'd like to share our vegetables that we're going to have too much of and get some eggs. so if i have a hundred pounds of fruit in my backyard that i can maybe only use a fourth of, why not share that. why let it just fall. i would love to bring it out into the community. >> reporter: anyone can join in. while focused primarily on the bay area, to help take the technology nation -- they hope to take the technology nationwide. howard here with your weather. we have a yellow alert today because of the heavy showers we've been seeing. occasionally they're getting strong enough to be thunderstorms. that will be the case over the next few hours. these isolated to scattered
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showers and storms around. nothing has been severe although when you're putting down rainfall rates of one to two inches an hour and not moving much, you get ponding of roadways in spots. 91 by 3:00. about 92 for the high today. we're already 88 so it's not growing to take much to get there. a little more sun later this afternoon. still the isolated showers and storms. i think that threat is going to move a little farther south and east of d.c. where right now it's sort of just on top of us or just southwest of us. 9:00 p.m. looks okay. 84. so if you're going out this evening, conditions will be better than what we're dealing with right now with the southwesterly flow. we've seen big rains on the outer banks. across us, just these showers have developed. some of them have been locally heavy. you can see over the last three hours how we've seen a lot more now developing west and south of d.c. the action this morning which really got montgomery county pretty hard, that is just about all dissipated in rockville. a shower there. we'll take you into fairfax county. heavier showers in arlington into northwest d.c. in fairfax south down 123 on looks like
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little river turnpike, south of that now, we're looking at this. very heavy shower. it's not moving much so you get some locally heavy downpours from that. more of those showers here now in prince william county. this is west and south of 234. look at stafford. southwest of stafford see something heavy downpours as well. this goes down into fredricksburg area and folks on facebook. send some our way. we've got you some rain which also is going down here to 301 south of dahlgren. this is all building slowly toward the east. wouldn't surprise me if in charles county you have more in the way of thunderstorm development as we head into the afternoon and even south of fredricksburg we're seeing some of this. with the showers around, temperatures all over the place. it's been dry at national. hazy sun at times, 88. but north of town we've got 77 in gaithersburg. 79 in ma manassas. that's where we've been dealing with some of the heavier showers. cambridge 86. also a very muggy afternoon. dew points are way up. cloudy conditions in tysons
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corner and on our michael & son weather camera. 88 degrees with calm wind. we can't even get help from the breeze today. the humidity 51% but feels like 92. big range along the carolina outer banks. around here we're still dealing with these occasional showers, some heavy downpours. that will be the case this afternoon. looks like tomorrow more in the way of scattered showers and storms. then a front coming late friday will give us stronger storms friday, friday night into early saturday morning. so 92 today. yellow alerts because your plans are going to be impacted by some of these storms today, tomorrow, friday. tonight 70s, muggy. 94 tomorrow with more afternoon storms. scattered storms more likely friday and they'll linger into friday night and early saturday. look at the temperatures, though. i think we'll see drying out saturday afternoon, 86. sunday looks great, highs in the mid, maybe upper 80s. stick around. 9news now at noon returns in just a moment. the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing.
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i'm one on one today with chef robert krlink -- klink. when i'm in new york, one of my favorite restaurants is del frescoe. now they're in washington, d.c. they're located at 13th street and pennsylvania avenue northwest. they've been here about a month. chef rob is here with me. guess what he's preparing? you think he would be preparing steak? no. >> we'll be preparing tuna
12:26 pm
tacos. >> tuna tacos. the he says i'm going to like them. >> so, we have some fresh steak. they're juicy. >> are they ever. let's do the tuna tacos. raw tune know. >> we have olive oil, lime juice, chives, garlic. mix that up. that will start to cook the tune in slightly. >> he has the recipe on so you can do this at home. that's avocado. >> avocado guam mollie. -- guacamole. we have fresh tomato, jalapeno, sill ran toe, a little bit -- cilantro, a little bit of salt. and we have our taco shells which are pot stickers we fried quickly. we mixed all that up. the easiest way to do it is in a piping bag so we can get it in there. >> i will have to go to del frisco's because i don't think i can do that at home. that looks professional. >> we put our tuna right on
12:27 pm
top. pipe that out. it's a lot easier. >> raw tuna. >> raw tuna. it's absolutely delicious. >> oh, okay. all right. i'm not going to talk about you anymore but you do have the best steaks. >> a little bit of our spicy may nays. >> while you're doing that, look at the succotash he brought. this is lime, corn. >> a little bit of cherry tomatoes in there. >> this is what? >> chipotle mac and cheese. >> the best. >> and then we have our creamed spinach. it has a little bit of bacon and eggs in there. then we have our fresh mozzarella salad with tomatoes, a little bit of reduction of balsamic and olive oil. >> i do love that. are we almost finished with that? >> we're almost finished. we're going to garnish with our fresh cilantro leaves. >> del frisco's grill, 13th street and pennsylvania avenue northwest downtown. see the chef and ask him why he
12:28 pm
didn't bring me a steak when he came to channel 9. he brought tuna. but it's good. by the way, i want to let everybody know that olympic goldwining swimmer katie ledecky is going to be on our 9news now at 5:00. she's from bethesda and she won us a gold. we're so proud of her. she's going to be on the 5:00 show. be sure to watch. thanks for being with us.
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