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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 4, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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geoff: i'm doing that thing where i laugh and don't move my mouth. craig: i noticed. [laughter] geoff: you think larry has killed people? [laughter] craig: no! [laughter] don't be absurd. geoff: that's silly. craig: crazy. [laughter] you think secretariat has killed anyone? [creepy music] [laughter] geoff: no. craig: no. no. no. so you want to walk home with me tonight? geoff: how dare you! craig: what are you talking about? geoff: i can't walk, man.
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craig: i was like why -- what's wrong with that? then i remembered. you're stuck here until tomorrow. geoff: offer of help. that's great. you want me to help you out, man? i can't walk. craig: sorry. so it is just going to be you left alone here tonight with secretariat. [creepy music] [laughter] geoff: maybe you could get me like a cart or something? craig: i'll get you a cart. good night, everybody.
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>> tonight at 11:00, the cleanup continues in one northwest d.c. neighborhood one day after heavy rains caused major flooding in homes. they say flooding is nothing new to them and they're pushing the city to do something about it. matt jablow joins us live with details. >> reporter: residents of the
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bloomingdale neighborhood say they live in fear of heavy rains which with alarming frequency recently have turned the streets and sidewalks here into rivers. >> completely shocked. >> reporter: after a nice long weekend on the eastern shore, jennifer went back to her friend's house on hue street tonight. they had no idea what happened in this neighborhood yesterday and therefore were completely unprepared for what they saw when they walked in the door. >> what was your first thought when you opened the door? >> what a mess. >> reporter: the torrential rains that fell on the northern parts of the district yesterday had an especially damaging effect on the bloomingdale neighborhood. >> it's very frustrating. >> reporter: three drivers were stranded by water several feet deep and one driver had to be rescued by the fire department. >> constantly pump out their basement. >> reporter: what's more, a number of basement apartments here, especially on u street and rhode island avenue were badly flooded as they have been several times already this year. >> the couch was floating, this table. >> reporter: michael thomas
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says yesterday's flooding was the worst he's seen in the four years he's lived here. for their part, the city says they're well aware of the problem. >> bloomingdale is where tiger creek used to flow. so a lot of water will flow through here. >> reporter: mayor gray appointed a task force to look into long-term solutions which could involve a deeper drainage system. in the short-term d.c. water says residents here should always have sandbags ready and may want to invest in a black flow preventer for which the city will reimburse residents up to $3,000. >> there's a lot any individual unit owner can do, knowing there's also a systems problem we've got to figure out. >> reporter: as if residents here have not had to endure enough already this week, the forecast for the rest of the week calls for the possibility of more strong storms. anita? >> let's get the latest on that, matt. topper is tracking a new batch of thunderstorms and let's find out what we're talking about for the morning commute as well. >> reporter: these storms are
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between fredericksburg and richmond moving north to the west of town. let me show you the radar. we added lightning on this. you can see these are pretty heavy. the chance for heavy thunderstorms, anything that develops over the next couple of days will produce heavy rains. the atmosphere is totally saturated. these are the storms between richmond and charlottesville. we'll zoom in a little bit on live doppler. you can see around warrenton and south you can see big thunderstorms moving to the north and east, headed toward leesburg and warrenton and points in our western suburbs. wakeup weather, slight chance of a sprinkle. in the 70s by 7:00. 74 to 80 with some breaks in clouds by 9:00. we will come back. we will talk about where these storms are going to go overnight and if another batch will come in just in time for your evening commute. >> all right, topper. labor day marks the end of summer. tomorrow kids across the area head back to school, if they're not already. with that, expect plenty of
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traffic in the morning. terrible tuesday, they call it. not only will you be heading to work but the school buses will be out in full force. tonight, president obama got a firsthand look at some of the damage louisiana suffered from hurricane isaac. he met with families in hard- hit st. john the baptist parish, 30 miles outside new orleans. some folks there say the newlevee system caused more flooding in their street. >> we be are getting on the case very quickly about figuring out what exactly happened here, what can we do to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the president praised law officers who risked their own life during the storm to rescue families who ended up on their rooftops to escape the rising water. we heard lower gas prices are on the way, but we sure didn't see them this holiday weekend. experts say a number of factors are likely to bring down the prices soon. first, the damage from hurricane isaac is not believed to be serious. we should allow gulf coast
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refineries to get back to work pretty quick l. the end of the summer blend of gasoline could bring prices down over the next month or so. we're getting a closer look at an incident that led to a lawsuit against prince george's county and criminal charges against one of its officers. attorney jimmy bell gave us this surveillance video. he represents 19-year-old ryan dorm. he said the video shows corporal donald taylor approaching dorm last february, striking him with a gun, causing the gun to go off. no one was hurt, but taylor was charged with lying about hisversion of how the gun discharged that night. he faces trial in november. >> when a police officer knows when you assault someone, when you violate their civil rights, and when you lie about it, that they can go to jail. not just lose their possessions and their job, but go to jail, you change the culture. and that's what my client wants to do.
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>> dorm spent four months behind bars before prosecutors dropped all charges against him. his lawsuit seeks $10 million in damages. hundreds of people pay tribute to a navy seal killed in afghanistan. they lined route 2 to honor patrick seeks. the 28-year-old was killed august 16th when his helicopter crashed during a fight. he was highly decorated and had been on two previous tours in iraq. >> it's still making me cry a little bit. he gave the ultimate sacrifice and that needs to be honored. >> he leaves behind a week and his parents. his funeral is wednesday and he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. tonight, hollywood is grieving the green mile star's death, duncan. his fiancee, who you may remember from the apprentice,
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says he passed away this morning. duncan appeared in dozens of films including box office hits like armageddon, planet of the apes and kung fu panda. it's clint eastwood knock the republicans off their convention last week? then martin o'malley appears to have done the same thing to the democrats on the eve of their convention this week, when there's a whoops moment in the news room, our gary nurenberg is usually involved. so we decided, gary, you are the guy to tell this story. >> anita, we've all had moments when something comes out of our mouth we wish immediately we could take back. this is one republicans will make it hard for governor o'malley to forget as he fumbled the old ronald reagan question, are you better off than you were four years ago. sunday morning, martin o'malley who started out as a governor with his own band. >> can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago? >> no, but that's not the
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question of this election. ♪ [ music ] >> what a difference indeed. o'malley monday morning. >> we are clearly better off as a country, because we're now creating jobs rather than losing them. >> reporter: but republicans have their opening. >> the president can say a lot of things, and he will. but he can't tell you that you're better off. >> reporter: vice-president biden had the soundbite democratic response. >> you want to know whether we're better off? i've got a little bumper sticker for you. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> reporter: it was all of this action from the democratic convention where michelle obama checked out the podium while the romney's checked out the vacation waters of a new hampshire lake and the president both campaigned criticizing the republican convention. >> we saw three state days of an agenda out of the last century. >> and the toured hurricane damage with a less partisan message. >> we set aside whatever petty
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disagreements we may have. nobody is a democrat or a republican. we're all just americans looking out for one another. >> what can candidate obama accomplish at the next three days at the convention? >> the job he'll have is defending this economy. he will say our policies will finally get us back on track. the other guy's policies will just make it worse. >> reporter: which former presidential candidate howard dean says may not be a tough sell. >> most americans don't believe that mitt romney's measures will in fact fix the economy. giving tax cuts to people who make a million dollars a year and charging middle class to pay for those tax cuts is not my idea or president obama's idea how to fix the economy. >> but recent polls show candidate romney with a lead over candidate obama when it comes to confidence in fixing the economy. much of the democratic agenda at this week's convention will be to change those perceptions. highlights here at 11:00 all week.
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anita. a truck carrying equipment for the vice-president's labor day visit to detroit has been found. now police are trying to find the person responsible. the u-haul rented by the secret service was stolen sunday morning outside a hotel. it was found today about three miles away and some of the contents were at an abandoned house. police are trying to identify the man captured on camera in connection with the u-haul heist. actor russell crowe has played plenty of action heroes on screen. this weekend he needed a real life hero of his own. he apparently got lost while kayaking with a friend off long island. personnel out on a routine patrol heard their cries for help. they hitched a ride. crowe tweeted later he was never lost but just ran out of daylight while kayaking. stick around until after the break and meet some of the most amazing young women around. the best part? they're our neighbor. and most of us buy organic
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because we think it's healthier, but is it really true? new research is out on what you should know about it
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>> so are we wasting our money when we buy organic food? i've got plenty of them in my family's fridge. over the last decade our spending on organics increased by billions of dollars but a study finds no significant value in nutritional value or safety. >> i would like to see numbers. i don't know. >> i don't believe it. >> i'm sure it's a study done by somebody who was financial and commercial interest. >> reporter: in fact, this isindependent research funded by the american college of physicians. it includes a review of 17 human studies and hundreds of studies of unprocessed foods: fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, eggs and meat. the findings showed organic produce is 35% less likely to
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have pesticide, but the others are far below dangerous levels. >> i don't know. maybe it's absolutely not necessary to use them at all. it disappoints me. >> reporter: d.c. nutritionist rebecca says this news may encourage those who shy away from colorful foods because of contaminants especially if they can't afford organic food. >> about 70% of americans don't get their daily fruits andvegetables. the most important thing is to get those colorful fruits and vegetables whether they're organic or not. >> reporter: rebecca says it's not the only reason nor choosing organic. >> it's a personal choice and those who have the income to do it and who are consciously thinking about the environment and the farmers and the quality of the food supply, they're using their dollar to vote that they prefer organic foods. >> reporter: and we should note one area stanford
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researchersdid see a difference, there is a greater risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the nonorganic pork and chicken they tested. public health advocates say it contributes to drug resistant germs that can make people sick. flu season is right around the corner, and doctor's offices and drugstores already have their supplies of this year's vaccine. you may wonder if i get a shot this early am i protected through the whole season? the answer is yes, according to the centers for disease control. they're recommending anyone over six months get the shot as soon as possible. i was driving by a walgreens. they're there. they're ready to give the shot. go for it. going to feel a little like summer awhile longer. >> hard to think flu. >> it is, but you're the expert. go get the shot. we're looking at another round of thunderstorms that's going to roll through overnight. i think they'll be out for the morning commute but the morning commute will be a mess.
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what did you call it, terrible tuesday? let's start with radar and lightning. we kind of widened out a little bit here. what we're watching and tracking are these showers and thunderstorms moving through charlottesville heading northward and northeastward, essentially kind of riding the west side of 95. this is what is going to roll through here overnight. they will produce heavy rain again. nothing really severe but heavy rain and flash flooding is possible which is its own form of severe weather really. here's the storms out toward warrenton and south and west in culpeper county and arapaho county. these are pretty heavy. you see the reds, that's rainfall rates of one inch per hour. red and yellow is still about half an inch an hour. we'll zoom out and put this into motion. we'll show you where these are going to go in just the next hour. here we go. put them into motion. they'll ride essentially up the west side of 95, go through fredericksburg, get up to culpeper, across 29 and almost get to stanford just in the
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next hour. then it will continue to ride northward through warrenton, manassas and eventually through fairfax county before the night is over. i don't think it will be raining tomorrow morning with the commute, but i would still allow extra time because it will be a crazy commute anyway. 79 right now. dew point 74. that my friends is sticky. that's just humid. winds out of the south/southeast at about 6. all right, so the headlines, allow extra time for the morningcommute. not so much for weather, just for volume. isolated morning storm is possible, but a better chance of afternoon storms for the evening commute. you may have to contend with showers and storms on your way home. then in addition to being humid, it's going to be hot and humid by wednesday. we'll be flirting with 90 by wednesday. so overnight, mostly cloudy and humid. scattered showers. some will produce heavy rain. 68 to 74. and winds out of the southeast at about 10. now, tomorrow morning becoming partly sunny and warm. showers or thunderstorm still
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possible. 70s and 80s. winds southeast at 10. by afternoon partly sunny, humid. showers or storm possible. any storm that develops could produce heavy rain. high temperatures between 84 and 89 and winds out of the southeast at about 10. so 9 weather alert codes, we will keep yellow for the next three days. storms tomorrow, 87 and humid. some storms on wednesday, 89. and then some storms on thursday. we're back up to 91 on thursday. now, the next seven days, storms in the forecast again on friday. no break in temperatures really. temperatures still rather toasty, upper 80s. cold front comes through saturday which is actually kind of good. it will give us showers and storms on sunday but it will clear out sunday and monday and cool us down with highs only in the low 80s. >> that looks nice approximately it will be refreshing. sounds good, topper. what does it take for a high school athlete to earn a college scholarship? all the parents want to know.
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ask the girls soccer team that just won the national championship. as peggy sox reports they're just starting their senior year of high school, their college plans are set. >> reporter: what does it take to be the best? >> you have to have passion. you have to have commitment. >> reporter: after an undefeated season, the vsa heat youth 17 girls soccer team out of hay market, virginia, won the national championship. in the tournament last month, they played four games and never gave up a goal. >> we were up 4-0 at half. >> reporter: the final game score was 6-0. goalie taylor kirkston had a lot to do with that but gives credit to her defenders. >> i would say we definitely without a doubt have the best defense in the nation. >> reporter: the travel team was formed two years ago. in 2007, 9 news covered the youth 12 team when it was third in the nation. five girls are still with the team giving it all they've got. >> leave it all on the field.
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>> reporter: now players come from four counties: prince william, fairfax, stafford and as far as away as richmond. cox is from springfield. >> it's a good hour and 15 minute drive. we drive two to three times a week out here. >> reporter: the sacrifices are shared by their families to play at this level. >> i don't remember the last time we did a family vacation to just the beach. it's always to soccer tournaments. >> it's a financial and time commitment, but if your daughter loves it, you can't not do it. >> reporter: for the best players, that cost may pay off in scholarships, which is ringing true with the vsa heat. >> there's 17 high school seniors and one high school junior and they all have received offers for college scholarships to play soccer at division one schools. some have received full rides. >> reporter: savannah miller will play for auburn next year approximately all my life i've been committed to soccer so i want to keep going and see how far i can go next year. >> reporter: taylor will play
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for wake forest. >> i always dreamed about playing in the acc. it's a dream to think about pretty much. >> reporter: while the girls now look forward to the future churches, playing soccer in college and maybe beyond, they say they'll cherish the years spent working hard playing the sport they love with their best friends. peggy fox, 9 news now. >> now, the parents here say they never really pushed their daughters to play soccer. they say to play at the highest level, children need to be self motivated and love the sport with passion. otherwise you're wasting time and money. as for the cost, one parent estimates they spent about $25,000 over the years, most of it traveling to games and tournaments. behind so many of these student athletes, there's got to be committed parents. >> and there's a lot of hard work, no doubt bit. that's a great team. >> sure are. national champions. speaking about pretty good players, these washington nationals are rolling on. >> 30 games above .500. nobody thought it was going to happen and here they go. i've got reason to tell you to
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not worry about a strasburg- less washington nationals baseball team. in fact, i've got multiple reasons and for example, detwiler doing a good job today. and tech war today, virginia versus georgia, down to the wire
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for all those folks envisioning gloom and doom when stephen strasburg leaves, think again. the nats stockpiled more arms than just about anybody. the entire starting rotation among the top 30 in earned run average. strasburg leads the way and barring some unforeseen circumstance he will be shut down september 12th after his start against the mets. expect to see john lennon make some starts in his place. he's 2-0 and brief appearances thus far. he has preached very well. davy johnson says expect to see
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him. meanwhile russ detwiler is the fifth starter. he's good to get his ninth winning. seven innings, shutout baseball today, getting good defensive help here. zimmerman knocked in a rbi and bryce harper was wearing his pf fliers. nats win 2-1, first winning season since moving back to d.c. the orioles somehow made up nine games on the yanks. they were ten games back july 18th. they win today in toronto 4-0. yankees lost in tampa. so baltimore one game back. hard to believe. no positions safe in maryland, especially on offense. quarterback perry hill's three picks on saturday, his starting job is safe for now. running back albert reed not so lucky. justice picket starts in place of him this week. virginia tech, georgia tech,it's a tech war and it's a good one. seven minutes to go, virginia
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quarterback logan thomas says this is my gun to knolls. hokies up 14-10. 40 ticks to go, georgia tech went up 17-14. then virginia tech tied it and just won it in overtime 20-17. some pro football. the redskins released their depth chart today. a little surprised, evan royster listed as the starting dale tailback. royster not sure who's going to get the call but he says that's okay. >> it makes us all compete and it's not like one of us is going in the game as a clear starter. we're all here competing and working to get that spot. >> and finally, if you blink, you missed it, because at the u.s. open today serene serena
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williams winning at flushing meadows. she's looking strong up there at the u.s. open. >> it's a blink, and you missed it.


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