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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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did what was hard. so today when the challenges we face start to seem overwhelming or even impossible, let us never forget that doing the impossible is the history of this nation. it is who we are as americans. it is how this country was (applause) and if our parents and grandparents could toil and struggle for us, you know, if they could raise beams of steel to the sky, send a man to the moon, connect the world with a touch of a button, then surely we can keep on sacrificing and building for our own kids and grandkids, right?
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>> yeah. >> and if so many brave men and women could wear our country's uniform and sacrifice their lives for our most fundamental rights, then surely we can do our part as citizens of this great democracy to exercise those rights. surely we can get to the polls on election day and make our voices heard. (cheers and applause) >> if farmers and black smith kos win independence from an empire, if immigrants could leave behind everything they knew for a better life on our shores, if women could be-- for seek the vote f a generation could defeat a depression and define greatness for all time f a young preacher could lift us to the
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mountaintop with his rightous dream and a proud americans can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love, then surely, surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great american dream. >> (cheers and applause) because in the end, in the end, more than anything else, that is the story of this country. the story of unwaivering hope grounded in unyielding struggle. that is what has made my story and barack's story and so many other american stories possible. and let me tell you
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something, i say all of this tonight, not just as first lady, no. not just as a wife. you see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still mom and chief-- mom in chief. (applause) >> my daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world. but let me tell you, today i have none of those worries from four years ago, no. not about whether barack and i were doing what was best for our girls. because today i know from experience that if i truly want to leave a better world for my daughters, and for all of our sons and daughters, if we want to give all of our children a foundation for their dreams, an opportunities worthy of their promise, if we want to
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give them that sense of limitless possibility, that belief that here in america there is always something better out there if you are willing to work for it, then we must work like never before. (cheers and applause) >> and we must once again come together together and stand together for the man we can trust to keep moving this great country forward. my husband, our president, barack obama! thank you. god bless you! god bless america! (cheers and applause) >> pelley: a speech from the heart. 48-year-old mish ohl bama, married to the president now
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nearly 20 years a big day for her for two reasons, the speech before the convention tonight and her eldest daughter maliah started high school today. bob schieffer, after watching mrs. obama tonight and ann romney last week, it's pretty clear that governor romney and president obama both married up. >> i don't think there is any question about that. and i will tell you something else, i think they liked it, don't you, scott? that was a fine speech. and i'm always a little skeptical when i'm told things like this. but someone that i trust in the obama team tells me that mrs. obama has been working on this speech for about a month. it is a process, others help, but that basically this was a speech that she wrote. well, it certainly went over
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well with this crowd. it was a remarkable speech. >> pelley: we have a picture that we just received from the white house with the president with his two daughters watching the speech tonight. that's maliah, 14 years old, just started high school today and sasha who is 11 years old. the president stayed behind at the white house so that he could take them to school today. looking ahead now, former president bill clinton will address the convention tomorrow, and then on thursday the convention will wind up with the official nomination of barack obama and his acceptance speech there will be more convention coverage tonight on your local news, on this cbs station and on our web site, cbs for now with bob schieffer and our campaign 23012-- 2012 feel, i'm scott pelley in charlotte. i'll see you tomorrow on the "cbs evening news", good night captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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we'll let you know if more storms are in the forecast just in time for the morning commute at 11:00. breaking on 9, our camera crew has just arrived on the scene where another vicious beating went down on capitol hill. also topper is tracking if the rain will mess up your morning commute. and the second oldest almanac in america is predicting a very snowy winter. >> so what does topper say about that? this is 9news now. but first, neighborhood uneasy. tonight residents up on capitol hill are on heightened alert after another violent armed mugging on their streets. >> a man was robbed and beaten. now another attack has happened.
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our ken molestina is live there tonight with some neighbors that are pretty concerned about this. ken. >> reporter: yes, derek, i want to show you just how close these attacks were in proximity. this one happened right here at 2:30 this morning. the one that took place about two and a half weeks ago. the one that left a man practically in a coma took place about two blocks away. the investigation is wide open in both of these attacks and tonight police are hunting for the suspects. >>'m very concerned. we walk around here at night all of the time and it's scary because this is generally a safe area. >> reporter: fara and tony live near the spot where the man was robbed. the unidentified victim was approached by two men when one of them pulled out a gun. the pair of muggers demanded he hand over his things and began beating him. he suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. but neighbors here are now left wondering if this second attack could be the beginning of a
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violent trend on otherwise quiet streets. >> we're obviously concerned. and it's pretty close to the capitol. so this doesn't happen very often. >> i definitely hope it gets figured out soon because it's very uncomfortable. it's pretty close to where we live. >> reporter: now, police are saying they do not believe that both of these attacks are linked. they don't think they're related. but they do need the public's help tonight. they're asking anyone who has any information on these attacks to give them a wall. again, the investigations are are -- call. again, the investigations are wide open. they hope somebody can give them a tip they need to close the cases. for now we're live at capitol hill, ken molestina, 9news now. >> the victim last month is getting better. he has been upgraded from serious to good condition. he came out for a drink on capitol hill and was found unconscious a few blocks away from his home. more than a dozen neighbors,
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fellow soldiers turned up to spourted an iraq war vet -- support an iraq war veteran who is accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old girl for sex. this is nathan portnoy. portnoy met the girl online and he believed she was 20, not 12, that he never had sex with her and that he let her out of his car at her request. >> no attempt to restrain her. no threats. no nothing. he lets her off right at her house. there is not one element of kidnapping. it is, if anything, the opposite of kidnapping. >> . >> at i hearing today, the judge lowered the bail from 1 million to $300,000. a car sitting in the middle of the road. the engine running and nobody behind the wheel. but get this, in the back seat police find an 8-month-old girl strapped in her car seat. all of it went down in the wee hours of the monday morning. they tracked down the driver, a relative from woodbridge. he is now charged with child
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neglect and drunk driving. a 15-year-old in maryland accused of shooting a classmate on the first day of school has now been indicted. robert gladden junior was indicted on nine counts of attempted murder, first degree assault and reckless endangerment. he facials two handgun charges. -- faces two handgun charges. he fired two rounds from a shotgun at perry hall high school. a 17-year-old was critically injured. democrats launched their convention tonight with an appeal by the first lady to keep her husband in office and an evening of attacks on mitt romney. gary nurenberg watched it and is here with the excerpts. gary. >> reporter: it was the first lady who talked about women's rights, her admiration of military families and a man who she says truly cares. a week ago ann romney talked about bad apartments and eating on an ironing board. the first lady had similar
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stories. >> he was still the guy that picked me up on a date in a car that was so rusted out, i could actually see the pavement going by in a hole in the passenger side door. >> reporter: she spoke of growing up poor and how that influences both of their world views. >> so in the end, for barack, these issues aren't political. they're personal. because barack knows what it means when a family struggles. he knows what it means to want something more for your kids and grand kids. barack knows the american dream because he's lived it. [ cheers and applause ] >> and he wants everyone in this country, everyone to have the same opportunities no matter who we are or where we're from or what we look like or who we love. [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: the president campaigned in virginia tuesday. >> governor romney and congressman ryan want to take us back. >> reporter: but he wasn't
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there for his wife's speech offering a family value explanation. >> it's because the first daughters have their first day of school today. >> reporter: the convention's key note speakr sent delegates to school on the romney plan. >> it doesn't pummel the middle class, it degenerates it. >> reporter: the senator is one of the conventions parl men tear partment reins -- parliament yins yins. >> reporter: both of the party's rise ing stars. >> being asked to pay your fair share isn't class warfare. it's patriotism. >> reporter: and a tribute to
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a fallen party. >> the first conviction since 1956 that we meet without senator kennedy. >> reporter: but on video, he took on mitt romney in the senate race. >> i believe abortion should be safe and legal in this country. >> i am pro choice, my opponent is multiple choice. >> reporter: a new poll showing the race visually tied. >> it may well be the reason is there is so few undecided voters. most americans have already made up their minds. >> reporter: it is the ones who haven't made their minds up yet that are the focus of both campaigns, the ones who haven't made their minds up yet that democrats will target this week, even as they try to convince their base it just had to turn out if president obama is to be re elected. >> and there is much more ahead. coming up at 11:15, we will talk to brian moran. hear what he has to say about tonight's convention speeches and his state being one of the biggest battle grounds of them
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all. anita. well, new tonight at 11:00, derek, a book that has gone to the top of amazon's best seller list has created quite a fire storm here in washington. as matt jablow tells us, the pentagon is considering all of the options in the course of a former navy seal who wrote about the military operation that took out none other than osama bin laden. >> reporter: pre praised the quiet profession alsz -- president obama praised the quiet professionals. >> it was kill or capture. >> reporter: they're criticizing one of the professionals for not being quiet enough. >> it is the height of irresponsibility not to have this kind of material checked for the possible disclosure of classified information. >> reporter: before retiring from the navy a few months ago,
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matt was a member of a team that shot osama bin laden to death. >> everything happened. i missed this wall hit. >> reporter: he is now a best selling author having co-written no easy day. his account of when bin laden died. >> we banked 90 degrees. >> reporter: in the book, he gives some details about the raid but nothing, he says, that would compromise national security. but the defense department has a much different view saying the book does, in fact, contain sensitive information and he did not clear the book with the pentagon before it was published. >> there was a requirement for prepublication review in this instance. it wasn't followed. and the author is in material breech of his secrecy of the united states government. >> i think this guy might be in some big trouble. >> reporter: john mahoney is a dc lawyer. he says from everything he knows about this case, he could very well have broken the law. >> for him to publish a book
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frankly that could possibly disclose national security secrets without getting clearance, could lead to criminal charges and lead to a court martial. >> reporter: if the book does include national security secrets, he may not be the only one in trouble. the co-author and publisher could also face criminal charges. anita. >> we'll have to wait and see what happens. thanks, matt. scott broke to him, and you can see that entire interview on sunday on 60 minutes right here on wusa9. new tonight at 11:00, a memorial service is planned for neil armstrong next week right here in washington dc. it will be next thursday at the national cathedral and it begins at 10:00 a.m. and it's open to everyone. it will be streamed live on the cathedral's website and that sa's website. arm -- nasa's website. armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, and he died last month at the age of 82. let's find out if we have to
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worry about any storms affecting the morning commute tomorrow. chief meteorologist topper shutt on the weather terrace tonight. >> i think we'll be okay in the morning. we're tracking a couple of showers west of town. i want to start with temperatures. it is indeed human and summer like. 79 in gaithersburg. 79 in manassas and leesburg and frederick. now, remember those numbers. what does it feel like if you factor in the humidity? it fields like it's 87 downtown and it feels like it's still in the low 80s in manassas, gaithersburg, frederick and leesburg. so, yes, we have a heat index tonight. we'll keep it dry. some breaks in the clouds by 9:00. we'll talk about the chances for more storms tomorrow and hotter air moving in. well, do you think you ought to have to pay for an inmate's sex change operation? a federal judge thinks you should. a story that has everybody talking is still ahead. and up next, a former police
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sergeant accused of murdering his wife waits to find out his fate.
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tomorrow jurors will begin deliberating drew peterson's fate. he is the former chicago area
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police sergeant accused of murdering his third wife. her body was found in a bathtub in 2004. peterson wasn't charged until after his fourth wife stacey disappeared in 2007. she is still missing. prosecutors say he killed savio because he feared a pending divorce settlement will wipe him out. you have to hear a story out of massachusetts. taxpayers will foot the bill for a prison inmate to get a sex change. michelle kosalak was born a man but now is a woman in an all man prison. he is serving a sentence for the murder of his wife. surgery is the only way to treat him. a sex change can cost up to $20,000. well, the big story tonight is the democratic national convention going on right now in charlotte, north carolina. and joining us now live from charlotte, brian moran, the current chair of the democratic
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party of virginia and a former candidate. >> it's great to be with you this morning. i'm glad all of you viewers are staying up and having watch michelle obama's speech. i'm sure they're all fired up. >> i'm glad you brought up the speech because that's my first question. a lot of emotion and a very personal speech. i'm wondering if the polls already show that they like president obama's personality, what's the purpose of going over that ground again? >> well, she knows the president's values best and ultimately this election does come to values. and she laid out the case why the president believes in universal health care for every man, woman and child and taking care and working with our veterans when they return home making sure they have educational opportunities. so why does he feel so strongly about these issues? why is he passionate about it? and i think she made that case. because this is who he is. who he has always been.
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and who he will be during his next term in office. >> well, now, tonight begins the democrat i go effort to close the deal to -- democratic effort to close the deal to make president obama the president again. they saw the expectations and excitement from 2008. >> oh, excitement exists. i just finished a two-week tour all over virginia from virginia beach to southwest virginia. and the offices are buzzing with activity. people feel real strongly about making sure we identify both, get it to the polls, we have a great message and a tremendous messenger. so i have not seen that terrific excitement. it exists, it's well organized. and stakes are high. these issues are extremely important. and there was a wide divide between the two candidates on these issues. so i expect a big turn out on november 6th. and i'm confident we'll return
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our 13 electoral votes to barack obama. >> in virginia, that state hasn't been won by democrats before the last election since 1964 and the johnson land slide. what makes you think that same kind of excitement and get out to vote effort is going to work the second time around? >> well, because we have barack obama. he's a charismatic figure. and he has a litany of accomplishments. young chair of the democratic party. i want them to leave at the end of this convention being able to list the litany of accomplishments, in addition to health care job growth. 4.2 million jobs. we saved the auto industry. gm is alive. we have a litany of accomplishments. we're going to leave here to go back into every community and make sure that everyone is aware of that. and also the president is going to lay out a path forward. not only looking past but also looking forward to keep that economic prosperity and making sure that everybody in america
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has an opportunity to succeed. >> i have to stop you right there. you're making the case. we thank you for it. we'll talk to you again before this is all done. >> thanks so much. thanks for having me on. and we had a great night tonight and i look forward to several more. >> well, apple is gearing up for a big announcement. the company has invited members of the media to an event next wednesday in san francisco. apple will introduce the iphone 5. new features are a slightly larger street, a faster processor. it's possible the new phone will include technology to make it easier for shoppers to make payments through their smart phones. >> go the to love the smart phones. >> yes. so we've been hearing this hagerstown almanac saying, okay, bad, snowy winter, what do you think? >> i hope spring is eternal. i hope they're right. >> you would. >> but we have to put that into perspective. i tweeted about that, and you can go to the link and read about it. what they're doing is banking on a week to a moderate el nino, which right now looks like that is going to happen.
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so we get more snow when there's a weak or moderate el nino. now, that said, that's for hagerstown. they can have 40 inches of snow and we can have 5. they average about 36 inches a year. they're calling for 50. >> but the pattern is there. >> but the overall pattern is possibly there. we can only hope for an '09-10 winter. >> oh, yes, that was fantastic. >> have two top 10 storms in the same winter is like once in 150 years. it isn't going to happen again. even if we have a great winter. by great, i mean snowy. i don't think we're going to come close in 2009, 2010. we have had to quiet ones. may back to be on the -- pay back could be on the horizon. right now we have temperatures in the 80s. this is a michael and son weather cam. the high is 89. dew point is in the 70s. it's very, very humid out. we show you a heat index at 11:00. that's not a pleasant thing. we'll zoom in and show you showers and storms up and down
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the eastern seaboard. thankfully the heaviest activity is north of us, but there's still a lot of remnants of isaac. he's kind of hard to put back together. he's hump tee dump tee. -- humpty dumpty. right now the showers are out west in the mountains. notice the yellow and red disappear. they move north and east. a little closer to home, a few showers around i81 and a couple of sprinkles south of town south of 66 and west of 95. we'll zoom in a little bit. this here is a coastal flood advisory downtown. the winds are picking up out of the south. and we also have a flood watch up to the north of us for our friends up in pennsylvania around chambersburg and adams county in that area. another muggy start. perhaps a late more thanking shower. but i -- morning shower. but i think the morning commute will be high. better chance for showers on your way home.
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and then we're going to add hot to mumd on thursday and friday. -- humid on thursday and friday. overnight shower or thunderstorm possible. lows 70-75. the next three days, we're going to keep it code yellow with the heat and chance for storms. 89 tomorrow. could be a storm. and then 91 on thursday. 91 on friday with afternoon storms. some of which could be hefty in terms of rainfall. next seven days, it stays unsettled. we have showers and storms at least in the afternoon on saturday and then a lot of storms and showers sunday and monday. temps go down. that's good. and then we're back in the upper 70s. but still the risk of a shower on tuesday. but, again, hope springs eternal for a goodwin ter. >> you could clear that -- good winter. >> you could clear that up a little bit. >> it's a little messy. >> forget about the winter. let's worry about the next seven days. [ laughing ] >> baseball. >> baseball. >> it's been good to me. >> it's been very, very good. it's been a good night, period. >> number down to 21. >> yes. not just for the nats but for
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the orioles as well. for the first time in a long time, two area teams are playing meaningful september baseball. the nationals and the orioles are in the thick of a pennant race, and both delivered a thumping night. we've got nats and orioles for you coming up next in sports.
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and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> before today's game against chicago, skipper davie johnson said he felt the natt's recent five day skid had helped reenergize his ball club. i think he was right. the nats have now won six of their last seven games. averaging eight runs a game. tonight was more of the same against the cubbies and it didn't take long to get the crowd fired up. desmond, flores, lerose and monroe nats are up 8-1. it was also another solid outing by jackson. jackson fanned 8 batters, picking up his 9th win. with six homeruns total, they win big.
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11-5 the final over chicago. >> having the whole lineup together it seems like it took five months to get the whole crew in there. but the last week we were scoring a ton of runs and pitchers continue to do their thing. >> and before today's game, the nats reinstated pitcher wang from the disabled list. he had been dealing with a right hip strain. and how about this news? the baltimore orioles tied for first place in the al east in september. those words haven't been uttered since 1997. that's the last time the birds won the division and advanced to the playoffs. tonight there's no doubt this team came to play. mark reynolds got the ball rolling in a 5th. a 3-run shot to the left. the orioles just piled it on after that. baltimore wins 12-0 tonight over toronto. eat night for baseball. all right. up in new y


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