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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  September 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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add up. >> it's arithmatic. we simply cannot afford to give the reigns of government to someone who will double down on trickle down. >> reporter: president clinton's speech electrified the crowd. >> he was absolutely bill clinton. >> reporter: crews were supposed to be breaking down this stage and setting up at the outdoor bank of america stadium. but the threat of severe weather forced convention organizers to hold president obama's acceptance speech here. >> oh, my god, you don't know how many disappointed people there are. >> reporter: the change of venue means thousands of ticket holders will be unable to attend. >> that is a shame because a lot of people came a long ways to see him speak but it's the weather. >> reporter: as the president prepares for his speech, there's no lack. advice here if he wants it. >> take the gloves off. don't apologize for the contributions that he's made to this country in the last four years. >> reporter: the campaign officials say the president
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will lay out his plan for fixing the economy over the next four years. susan mcginnis, cbs news, charlotte. >> now more than 65,000 had signed up for credentials to hear the speech at bank of america stadium. there was also a waiting list of 19,000 more at the time warner cable arena only holds a total of 15,000. so all the supporters who stood in line to get tickets for hours will have to listen to the president talk during a conference call. someone sent an anonymous letter to several newspaper and postal political offices in tennessee claiming to have hacked into romney's accounting firm to take his tax returns. the person or persons who's demanding $1 million for the return -- or the returns will be released to the public. pricewaterhouse coopers, romney's accounting company, sees no evidence that any of romney's tax files were stolen. officers in arizona are now legally allowed to enforce the
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state's controversial immigration law. under the law once an officer has targeted someone for a possible crime, they can also ask that person now about their immigration status to see if they're in this country illegally or not. the law has been at the center after court battle for at least the two years. a federal judge shot down the final court challenge to that law. opponents believe the law will lead to racial profiling. police have raided a suspected dog ring in alexandria. one man was arrested and a number of dogs and paraphernalia seized. >> reporter: over the course of three hours, fairfax county police executed a field search warrant at tipton lane taking one pit bull after another out of the house. males and females, adult dogs and puppies. officers also took out various items, often used to train fighting dogs, treadmills, harnesses, heavy chains and a device used to force breeding. the suspected ring leader right now faces one charge of abing
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an unfit animal owner but more charges could be added as the investigation continues. as for the dogs, their fate is unclear. >> unfortunately they're filling a lot of the shetters in the area -- shelters in the area. >> reporter: michele is a director of animal training at the washington animal reeg where she occasionally rehabilitates pit bulls that were bred to fight and turns them into family friendly pets. she says many pit bulls that were trained to fight can be retrained not to. >> they lack a lot of socialization. they're sometimes a little less confident but they can be placed after some rehabilitation here, some hand feeding, working with our volunteers, going out for walks, doing the things normal pets do. >> reporter: matt jablow, 9news now. >> police have not released the name of the suspect in the alexandria case. he had been recently arrested on an unrelated charge. a man charged with murdering his elderly wife is
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indeed competent to stand trial. he's accused of beating and strangling his 91-year-old wife last summer in their georgetown home. she was a former journalist and socialite. an elderly woman from fairfax county is recovering at a hospital after she was attacked by a rabid beaver. it happened at lake barkroft tuesday night. witnesses say the beaver attacked the 83-year-old woman near the shore of the private lake. a pair of fishermen who saw the commotion managed to kill the beaver with their paddles before pulling the woman to safety. >> two minutes across the lake she's screaming help me, help me. i said get out of the water. she said, i can't it's got me. >> lillian peterson was taken to fairfax inova hospital for treatment of minor injuries. she's expected to recover but will have to begin a series of rabies shots. last month's deadly train derailment in ellicott city caused $2 toy 2 million in --
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$2.2 million in property damage. two young women were killed in the derailment. they were sitting on the railroad bridge. when it happened a bunch of coal came out of the train and buried them. the investigation into the cause of the accident could take at least 18 months. the airports authority board is attempting to repair its battered image after strong criticism for lavish travel spending and insider contracts. >> last month the federal terrific secretary, the mayor of d.c., and the governors of virginia and maryland all questioned the board's practices and demanded changes. as peggy fox reports, the first big change also came with another strong rebuke. >> i want to make it absolutely clear that this board takes your questions and concerns very seriously. >> reporter: mike, the chair of the metropolitan washington airports authority which runs both local airports and is building the silver line, had one more misstep to clean up. >> i'm deeply troubled. >> reporter: just as they would
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try to redeem itself from a scathing rebuke from the inspector general and elected leader, three board members blasted jackpotter's hiring of riley. >> it was mentioned to me on a few occasions that the governor of virginia did not want riley on the board any longer. >> anybody would leave with an impress she was paid off to get off this board of directors. >> reporter: c.e.o. potter said though he followed the rules, he would not do it again. >> looking back, knowing what i know today, he would not. >> reporter: riley will leave the job next month with a healthy severance package. however, a new ethics policy is not in place yet. the executive board rejected the draft proposal. members didn't like the restrictions on recommending friends and relatives for jobs here at the airport. the board did adopt a new travel policy which contains spending limits and requires approval before taking trips. >> the bottom line is we're
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putting in best practices and it's our job, the chairman and my job, to make sure that we follow those practices and that we earn whatever trust we have lost. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. >> potter says they are also getting rid of no big single source contracts. future contracts will go through the competitive process. the board is also planning to vote on a new ethics policy coming up in the next two weeks. here's a look at some other things making news now. syrian president bashar al- assad says he's welcoming humanitarian operations in his country, but he told the chief of the international committee of the red cross the agency must remain, quote, impartial and independent. the red cross is pushing to get aid in faster to help victims of the country's civil war. the u.n. says about 100,000 refugees fled syria in august. that's the highest monthly total since fighting began. light rain and cooler temperatures are helping firefighters gain ground on a wildfire in the san gabriel
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mountains north east of los angeles. officials say the 3188-acre has reached 48% containment. the fire has not advanced past a containment line where structures were threatened. permanent residents of a nearby community will soon be allowed to go home. how abouted cowboys senate dallas cowboys and their fans have two reasons to be happy this morning. "forbes" magazine says the team is the most valuable franchise in the n.f.l. for the sixth year running. the estimated worth $2 billion. and then there's the start of the n.f.l. season, the opener last night against the giants was the tony romo show. three touchdowns. one of his famous romo's target, ken. the defending super bowl champion new york giants lose at home 24-17. >> an interesting game.
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the time now is 4:38. another day of humidity is headed our way. howard is back in two minutes to let us know how hot and muggy it's going to get. >> you can feel it already. >> the newest smartphone from a communications company sends the stock tumbling. >> at 4:50, new research suggests football may increase a person's risk of suffering from mental disease. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first.
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welcome back. your weather first. 4:41 on this thursday morning. got a few showers north and west of town. it's quiet right now. i think we have a shower threat over the next few hours, mainly this morning. by this afternoon we'll see more sunshine. it's going to be hot, a little humid. slight chance of a thunderstorm. high temperatures into the low 90s. that's almost 10 degrees above average. we'll have that seven-day
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forecast with big changes coming up in five minutes. right now here's monika. thank you so much. howard. we're going to take a look at the beltway south of town in oxon hill here at route 210. nice and quiet to the wilson bridge as all of your major thoroughfares coming from the south. kenilworth avenue, only the right lane gets by. more traffic coming up at 4:55. time for your first money segment ever the morning. -- of the morning. >> we're focusing on europe yet again. wall street waiting to see what comes from european's central bank meeting. analysts are hopeful officials will announce a bond buying program aimed at keeping interest rates lower. on wall street stocks were mixed after profit warnings from fed ex. the dow stands today at 13,047. nasdaq was down by almost 6 and the s&p 500 was down by one and
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a half. wall street didn't seem too impressed with nokia's entry into the smartphone competition. shares fell 16% after it unveiled its product. it runs on the microsoft windows 8 platform. we might not see it in stores next month well after apple is expected to unveil the iphone. many cell phone users say they didn't -- they've decided not to use applications on their phone because of privacy concerns. some apps, for instance, want to use the phone's gps function to determine a person's location. a new survey finds 30% of app users say they've removed an app when they found out just how much information it collected. people do not want to use gps location to identify you. it is the case in a lot of these apps are just putting that information in there. they're not telling you. but this is a whole big brother
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thing that people do not like. >> it's in your terms of agreement but as people say, do you ever really read it. >> a perfect example of this. there's a battery life application that uses gps. why does your phone battery tester need to know where you are in the world? why? there's no purpose. >> thanks, jess. >> you got it. a miscommunication leads to a near miss at reagan national. >> we're back with that story. plus, your weather first in two minutes.
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[♪...] >> female announcer: some dreams are universal... dreams that inspire us. multiple sclerosis is a devastating disease that changes lives forever. the national ms society does more for people with ms than any organization in the world. this is why we're here. because nobody dreams of having multiple sclerosis. call 1-800-fight ms. welcome back to 9news now. we're almost there. it's thursday morning, pre- friday. however you want to look at t. right now you want to get a cool shower because it's muggy and yucky. >> we're almost also at 80 degrees. >>it's gross outside. the humidity is way up. temperatures are up in the 70s,
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even 80 in a couple of spots. have a few showers out there this morning but hang in there. by the time we get to sunday, you'll be happy. you'll be much happier. >> coming back to work on monday will be great. >> we have fall just around the corner with highs in the 70s. unfortunately today and tomorrow highs will be in the 90s,. the low 90s. here's a look at your bus stop forecast. i'm ahead of myself. tell me i have the right show loaded. bern citizen, did you? we have temperatures in the mid and upper 78s on this morning with -- upper 80s this afternoon with highs in the low 90s. we're going to show you two of them. at the bus stop we have showers going on this morning. temperatures running low 70s to low 80s. here we go. we're going to show you the showers. look at the rain north and west of town through western maryland, northern maryland into virginia right now coming out of west virginia. you're going to need the umbrellas a little while over the next few hours. as we look closer in on the doppler, i want to show you some of the activity trying to get into loudoun county but it's really down more into the
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shenandoah valley coming out there. look at some of the heavier showers from elkin moving toward shenandoah coming in order east towards stanley and sperryville and washington. this is all moving up your way. new market over to luray, watch out. you're going to get wet. we have a few other showers also down in the northern neck and extreme southern st. mary's county. this extends over to the eastern shore. here's easton so south of easton, denton. this is going to lift up toward you moving to delaware. even a little lightning showing up. could be a couple of rumbles of thunder. the temperatures way up this morning. 60s in the mountains but we're 79 to near 80 here. it's 77 at the pax river naval air station. 72 culpeper. got 75 from our weather watchers in bowie. prince frederick also 77. a very warm morning out there. as we look outside on our michael & son weather cam, cloudy skies, quiet this morning but muggy. dew points 74. relative humidity at 84%. a light southeast wind at 5. here's the big picture.
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you can see the showers coming through from eastern ten at the, stretching up into pennsylvania and new york state. this will be with us the next few hours this morning. does look like once we get past that, looks like the afternoon is going to feature more sunshine. maybe a stray storm or two but i think the morning is going to be a bigger problem today. and some heat for a couple of days. a front, a pretty strong one comes through saturday with some thunderstorms. in spite of the morning showers, just a stray afternoon storm. i'll keep it green today, 92. tonight we're back in the 70s. maybe a few upper 60s. 92 tomorrow with a stray afternoon storm. saturday scattered thunderstorms afternoon and evening. the mid-80s. after that sunday and monday in the upper 70s to around 8 on by tuesday. that's what we're talking about. monika samtani, 4:49. i like that dress. >> and like your forecast, howard. two thumbs up to you. if you're planning to head inbound on i-66, i just want to let you know before route 15 in haymarket, the accident there was cleared quickly. you should be okay if that's
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where you're headed right now on the inbound side of 66 insides the beltway. same story on 66 and 395 heading for the pentagon and 14th street bridge. no issues on 295 as well. let's take a live look from glebe road. you can see all lanes are open. back over to the maps, this time to southern maryland. route 4, 301, everything fiern as you head from the southern maryland area up toward the beltway, andrews air force base and the wilson bridge. and a live look at 210. it's quiet on the beltway between 95 basically and the wilson bridge. i'll be back in a few minutes at 4:55. but first, we do have new information on a close call involving three jets at reagan national. the planes flew too close to each other in the skies over reagan on july 21. in a new report by the n.t.s.b., investigators describe a chaotic scene in the tower which left some controllers rattled. the 14-page report concluded that miscommunication is to blame for the incident. annual dray ya and mike?
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-- andrea and mike? >> thank you. the beginning of the new n.f.l. season comes as new research shows professional football players may be at a higher risk of dying from diseases such as alzheimer's and als. >> bigad shaban has more on the research and some former players who are now in a big legal battle with the league. >> reporter: during his eighth seasons in the -- eight seasons in the n.f.l. , kevin turner had plenty of collisions, some so hard they made his head spin. >> some ringing in your ears. you may see a few spots. >> reporter: now the 43-year- old is battling als or lou gehrig's disease. a new study finds players like turner may be more likely to die from diseases such as als and alzheimer's disease which damages the cells in the brain. >> three time the risk of dying from these causes than you would expect from the general population. >> reporter: recent studies suggest head injuries on the field may lead to neurological problems but the researchers of this study stopped short of
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drawing that conclusion. the study in the journal of neurology looked at about 3400 men who played in the n.f.l. between 1959 and 1988 for five years or more. the n.f.l. says it's taken significant steps to address head injuries and protect players. it's been two years since doctors told turner he has als which has no cure. patients with the disease eventually lose control of the muscles needed to move, speak, eat and breathe. >> never have -- did i think that my mental or cognitive ability would be impaired by playing this game. >> reporter: now he's trying to make sure other athletes know they could be putting themselves at risk when they play the game. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> there are a long list of some former n.f.l. players are suing the league accusing the league of hiding
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information when it comes to the risks of brain injury. in other health news, the centers for disease control says the number of west nile cases has gone up 25% just in the last week. nearly 2,000 cases have been reported so far this year. 87 people have died from the infection, including some in maryland. the mosquito borne disease has reached 48 states. texas is the hardest hit with 888 cases. the cdc recommends using insect repellent. you can also get rid of mosquito breeding sites by removing standing water near your home. starting next week, anne arundel county will begin spraying for mosquitoes. there's evidence some parts of the county have already been affected by the west nile virus. a new study says men who sleep in the same room as their children have lower testosterone levels. researchers at notre dame found when new fathers slept near their kids, their testosterone levels dropped. previous research has shown men with less testosterone are more involved with their children's
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upbringing. and being popular in high school may lead to bad habits. researchers looked at nearly 2,000 students and found those that are popular are more likely to smoke. also students are more likely to smoke if their friends do. >> that's an interesting study. the question of the morning, 62% of employees said they would work harder if their employer provided this. is it a, a christmas bonus, b, an extra week off per year -- i know which one we're picking. c, workplace incentives such as free lunch? >> why did you emtake sietz the second one so -- emphasize that second one so much. log on to our facebook fan pa page and tell -- fan page and tell us what you think.
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s. >> 4:56. your weather first. we have showers around this morning, generally some light ones. as we head toward the middle of the day, more sunshine. it's going to turn hot this afternoon. isolated thunderstorm possible but most of us will be dry, hot and humid. 5:00 temp 87. on the northbound side of i- 95 here in springfield, it already looks like volume forming both in the main and hov lanes heading for 395. once you're there, it's a smooth ride to the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:01. 4:57 now. the money is pouring in from tourists visiting virginia. the commonwealth announced they spent more than $ten billion -- $20 billion in the state last year which is up 8% from the year before. tourism provides an estimated 207,000 jobs in virginia. richard gere and susan
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sarandon are in a new movie that takes a look at a business titan whose webs of lies start to unravel. >> we have more on this film. >> reporter: richard gere is over his head professionally and personally in the new movie ash tros -- arbitross-- >> arbitrage. robert miller is trying to sell his trading empire before enrealizes he's been duping his clients. >> every day we're called upon to either show up and be honest and straightforward or not. and very often we make the wrong choice or gray areas in there. >> reporter: adding to his troubles, a fiery car crash kills his mistress sparking an investigation that jeopardizes his business, his freedom, and his family. >> don't treat me like an idiot. you've been sneaking off to see her for months. >> reporter: susan sarandon who plays his wife ellen says the characters are sympathetic despite their actions.
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>> nobody thinks they're a villain. everybody has perfectly good arguments for everything they do. >> everything i do is for this family. now you're telling me how to run my business? >> this isn't about your business. this is about our life. >> reporter: it deals with moral dilemmas people face every day, just on a heightened scale. >> they compromise themselves and people around them in this. everybody. so that's real life. >> reporter: it's a peek into the life of a wall street tycoon before everything comes crashing down. dick brennan for cbs news, new york. >> we've decided richard gere could come on this show any time he'd like. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. feels like friday even though it's not.


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