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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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mitt romney's position onpprove women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades. . hello. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. president obama is putting the finishing touches on the speech that he will deliver tonight at the democratic national convention. randall pinkston has the latest
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now from charlotte, north carolina president obama returns to the democratic national convention stage tonight to accept his party's nomination for a second term in the white house. he made a surprise appearance last night hugging bill clinton after the former president's rousing endorsement. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside. >> reporter: tonight president obama will present his plans for the ne four years. former governor and dnc chairman ed wendell expects the president to talk specifics. >> the president has to add some details in contrast to what governor romney did sketching out a broad vision without any details, without any meat. >> reporter: the chance of severe weather forced organizers to move the acceptance speech from a large outdoor stadium to this indoor arena, but democrats say this smaller venue won't take away from the president's message.
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clinton's speech took direct aim at the republican charge that president obama has failed to fix the economy. >> no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> reporter: clinton will be a tough act to follow, but delegates expect the president to deliver. >> take the gloves off. don't apologize for the contributions that he's made to this country in the last four years. >> reporter: vice president joe biden will also deliver his acceptance speech tonight and first lady michele obama will introduce the president. randall pinkston, cbs news, charlotte. former congresswoman gabby giffords is expected to participate in tonight's program. she was wounded in that tucson shooting last year. the republican party is reacting to last night's speech by former president bill clinton. virginia governor bob mcdonnell says it was a good speech and
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president obama inherited a debt problem, but he told mike hydeck that the problem is not handling the situation well. >> after the speech tonight by president obama which no doubt will be good, we'll wake up tomorrow morning and get the new jobs report that's going to show for 43 months in a row, mike, that unemployment is over 8%. >> the president will take the stage tonight to accept his party's nomination. by the way, you can follow the convention by going to our website you can learn about the protests that are going on outside the convention hall. also, you can find out which virginia lawmaker says the president can easily win the commonwealth again this year. it's all on our website in philadelphia bomb detecting dogs swept through u.s. airways flight 1267 after a bomb square. this was the scene early this morning at the philadelphia
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international airport. authorities say the flight heading to dallas returned to philadelphia shortly after tag off around 8:00 this morning. police were seen taking one man away in handcuffs. so far he has not been identified, nor has he been charged. all 69 passengers and five crew members got off the plane safely. right now there is no word that there were any explosives found. a d.c. police officer shoots a pit bull that was running in anacostia. this happened around 7:00 this morning on 17th street southeast. neighbors called complaining about the dog. when an officer arrived on the scene, the dog started charging at the officer and also a 10- year-old girl who was walking by. police say the officer pulled the girl to safety and then shot the dog wounding the dog, not killing the dog. police said they are still investigating how this dog got away and was running around loose. so far no charges have been
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filed against the dog's owners. fairfax county police uncovered evidence of a dog fighting ring. officers raided a home on tipton lane in franconia road yesterday. our cameras were there as investigators took away several pit bulls, tread treadmills and other evidence to suggest dog -- treadmills and other evidence to suggest dogfighting. experts say fighting dogs can be rehabilitated. >> they lack a lot of socialization. they're sometimes a little less confident, but they can be placed after some rehabilitation here, some hand feeding, working with our volunteers, going out for walks, doing the things normal pets do. >> right now the person in charge who is suspected is only facing charges of being an unfit pet owner, but more charges could be added. >> rebuilding the holy acres community in woodbridge, virginia, is on a fast track. nearly a dozen families will
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move back in thanks to the help of some volunteers. people from project mend a house were able to make repairs on wednesday. holy acres was nearly wiped off the -- holly acres was nearly wiped off the map last year by tropical storm lee. montgomery county police are releasing a picture of one of three people they say is behind vandalism and theft in the damascus, maryland area. this is one of the suspects that police believe stole items from cars and damaged vehicles. the photo shows that the suspect is trying to find unlocked car doors. this happened last weekend in the plantations two neighborhood. anyone with information should call montgomery police. former baltimore ravens owner art modell is being remembered as one of the most influential n.f.l. owners in history. he died in baltimore at the age
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of 87. modell had been in declining health for the past few years. the former n.f.l. owner was vilified in cleveland after moving the old cleveland browns to baltimore back in 1996. the team was renamed the ravens. modell was also a driving force behind monday night football. still to come when we come back, the doctors are in. coming up in about 20 minutes, i go one on one with dr. travis stork. stay with us. we'll be back and we'll also tell you what's being done in our region to battle the nationwide spike in the number of west nile virus cases.
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glrs starting tonight, the maryland -- starting tonight, the maryland department of agriculture is stepping up its fight against the west nile virus. they'll begin spraying to kill mosquitoes in some fakeds. over the -- some neighborhoods. over the next week, there will be extra spraying in harundel county and the milford area of baltimore county. ed payne reports west nile cases are spiking around the country. >> reporter: 70% of the cases are in six states. texas is the hardest hit. the state is battling the source: mosquitoes, by ground and by air.
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in brownsville officials confirmed they trapped a second mosquito that tested positive for west nile. that helped city crews to focus areas on specific areas in a bid to wipe out mosquito breeding grounds. >> the mosquito is the key here, it is the victor, it is part of that chain that takes -- that bites a human and pass it is on to the human. >> reporter: the virus nearly killed dr. don reed of dallas seven yeast ago. he was paralyze -- years ago. he was paralyzed and had to learn how to walk. he had formed a support group. now because of all the cases this year, he's restarting it next week. >> it's very important to me, because when i got sick, my wife couldn't find out anything about it. >> reporter: in new orleans the city is urging people to protect themselves from the virus in the wake of isaac. the storm left behind plenty of debris and standing water which can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. i'm ed payne for 9news now. coming up next, howard has
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the forecast. >> jc, i've been able to put the umbrella down for a moment. still a couple of showers to come through, but a sunnier afternoon and better toward the end of the weekend. i'm explain. we go to break with the allergy update. not so great today although i'm hoping some of the rain is cleared out. grass pollen and weed pollen are high. mold spores are moderate. seven-day forecast and radar views coming up when 9news now returns.
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for this price you can get to one-hour flight lessons. this would normally cost you $378. limited quantities available on this groupon deal. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. i'm jessica doyle, 9news now. the national zoo has received a $400,000 grant from the ford motor company to study the health of giant pandas. and some of that money will upgrade the zoo's panda cams so it will be easier for us to watch mei xiang and tian tian online. looft people are watching mei xiang right now because -- a lot of people are watching mei xiang right now because veterinarians say she could be pregnant. >> we did this dance every so often. move the showers out of the way. >> i thought we would have a few light showers but this really took off. a couple of things about it. a, we can always use the rain
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and b, it will keep temperatures from being in the 90s. without it we would have been in the lower 90s. the rain will go away so if you have plans this evening like going to the nats game, shouldn't have a problem with that. i think jc has a good seat for tonight. here's a look at the rest of the day planner. we'll start to see sunshine move in from northwest to southeast. still lingering showers, isolated thownldzer south and east -- thunder south and east of time. by mid afternoon we should be partly sunny. more sunny as we get to the latter part of the afternoon. temperatures will make a run toward upper #s on. -- upper 80s. winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. just an isolated shower could pop up later on. 82 degrees by the way at 9:00. so first pitch 84 there at nats park. we're looking at all this rain that came through this morning. this stuff really caused some problems down south. fredricksburg back to orange had a few trees knocked down. had some flooding reported.
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not as much lightning. there's some now eastern shore going to the northern neck. got a couple of showers still leftover in eastern loudoun, over toward areas in prince william around haymarket and down toward warrenton. that comes through and then everything will shut down. i do want to tell you east of town, we have a couple more hours we'll be dealing with this. a flood warning till 1:45 across parts of calvert and st. mary's, solomons. watch out for high water. had a couple of inches of rain on the doppler earlier. we could get locally 3 or 4. these were some realtor ven shall downpours. -- some torrential downpours. some 70s. we've got 80s right now where the sun is coming out. we see the cloudy skies here in tysons this afternoon. it's still very humid with some light showers. 79 degrees. a northeast wind at 7. and humidity 83 %. temperatures are
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warm, especially down in dallas. i point out great falls and bismarck in the 50s and 60s because the cooler air is on the way. we get rid of this. we're okay for the rest of the afternoon, but as i show you the futurecast, you'll see we may have a pop-up shower in spots this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, we could have a shower or two pop up with the daytime heating. here we are friday at lunch time into the afternoon. as we head into saturday, here comes a front. this front is going to bring some showers and storms for the afternoon, but more importantly a nice cooldown beginning saturday night. sunday, monday, tuesday look great. today 89, maybe wishful thinking. maybe 87, somewhere in that range. tonight we're back in the low to mid-70s, could be patchy fog especially where we had more rain. 92 tomorrow with the isolated afternoon storm. scattered storms saturday, 86. look at the temps, sunday and monday in the upper 70s. it's going to be delightful. jc, over to you. >> all right. we are getting ready for rosh shop that which is going to be
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-- rosh hashana which is going to be next week. i have here with me the author of the kosher baker. what are you making today? >> we're making cinnamon apricot pull apart bakla. it's sugar, dairy free margarine but you can use butter too. you'll mix these together. after you do that, you end up with this really nice squishy dough like this after it rises for two hours or socht all you have to do is roll it out and cut circles out of it. about two and a half inches. >> smells so good. >> anything with cinnamon will smell good. you fill these with a little bit of cinnamon sugar and apricot jam like this. this is the fun part. you can enclose the stuff inside. you make these little balls like this. and then you have a little ball and then all you do is you roll it in here and in the cinnamon sugar and put it in a bundt pan. you fill it up. this takes time. after you bake it, it comes out
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like that, like this huge crown. >> this is it? >> you can pull it apart like big pieces like this and have balls or you could do it as slices but you can see it's gigantic and will feed all of your guests for the holiday. the other thing i brought today is a whole wheat chocolate bobkla. another i put nuts, two kinds of jam. i put everything. one of my aunts used to make something like this and she would hide pennies inside the cake. so the kids take apart the cake and get a special little gift inside. >> we had someone on this week talking about how to make hallah. i love hallah. >> i think i'm from the lost tribe. >> i think everybody likes hallah. the tradition is to make a round hallah.
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this has the same idea because we talk about the new year being continuous and the cycle. >> go to and you can get this full recipe. paula has shared it with us. now we're going to go to a break and we'll be right back. don't go away. the doctors are in the house.
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let's take another look at your forecast. >> we're still watching those showers and thunderstorms, the ones that produced some very heavy rainfall this morning down south of town. had some flood warnings. still have one in calvert and
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st. mary's till 1:45. you can see the back edge of the rain starting to through. it will take another hour or so but a much better afternoon in store for us. some of the showers that are in southern loudoun down toward areas in fauquier county as well have to still come through. eight broken line. south and east of town we still have those showers and thunderstorms that have to rain themselves through. the good news is temperatures will be staying generally in the 80s for those folks, maybe some 70s. >> not so, you know, humid. >> we'll see a lot more relief by the time we get into saturday night and sunday. that front comes through and we're going to be looking at temperatures sunday in the upper 70s. they're going to be fantastic around here. so that's the good thing. again, that flood warning, i'm show you this within more time. that's down in calvert and st. mary's till 1:45. we had a flood warning earlier in the fredricksburg area. there were doppler estimates of 2 to 4 inches rain. that fell in a 1 to 2-hour
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period. we had torrential rains. overall improving conditions which is a nice thing and the temperatures being held down in the 70s. petersburg, west virginia, that's the difference with the sun, 85. for those of you who watch me, i thought it was going to be 92 today with a couple showers early. this thing was a little bit of a surprise. weather is still a very humbling profession to be part of. today was one of those days that mother nature said i don't think so but we are looking much, much better. this front means business, jc. when it comes through, and i'll show you the forecast here, when the front comes through, we'll have temperatures which are going to be falling by saturday into the 80s and that's just the beginning of it because behind this front, if you've got plans saturday afternoon, saturday evening, they're a little iffy. gets much better by sunday because sunday we'll have temperatures holding in the 70s. monday in the 70s. we're looking at those lows in the 60s. low 60's. that's here in town. that means north and west of town we have lows in the low to mid-50s. that's the taste of autumn that
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people have been waiting for for a long, long, long time. and it's finally coming. it looks great next week. by tuesday and wednesday we're in the 80s. a couple more weather things, the tropics, we have leslie and michael out there. michael became the first major hurricane. it's in the central atlantic, not growing to be a problem. but leslie is over toward areas -- and i think i could move over toward that -- leslie is over toward bermuda. i think it's going to past east. then this may actually get toward new foundland. it doesn't happen a lot. there we go. leslie is the storm that has bermuda a little concerned. it's a minimal hurricane but hurricane nonetheless. it should be passing east of bermuda. >> we thought we were going to have the doctors. they must be doctoring somewhere. we couldn't get them. thanks for being with us. come back.
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