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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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is it something that larry will want to celebrate. >> yes. a good birthday forecast. if your birthday is tomorrow, not as nice. but sunday is spectacular with monday and tuesday. 72 now and 86 by noon. all of the sunshine. there is a slight chance of an afternoon storm. the high temperatures today, 91 degrees. the average is 83. so, well above-average. the showers and storms overnight in pennsylvania. diminishing quickly in the philly area. so, clear skies. going to the upper 80s and low 90s. it is 6:00 a.m. monica, the volume is building this friday morning. a lot to tell you if you take public transportation. i'm going to get to that in a minute. first of all, the beltway is incident free and as howard said, the major thoroughfares
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are starting to see volume. i'm going to step out first and show you what it looks like here on i-270. it will be a little bit slow d heavy. now, also, want to let you know that mark is experiencing -- switching problems on the brunswick line. back to you. >> thank you. we are exactly two months
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away from election day. both major candidates will be in new hampshire and iowa. >> president barack obama formally accepted the democrat's nomination last night. we have more on the finale of the dnc. good morning. >> good morning. the president barack obama that spoke last night was very different than state senator obama in 2004 and candidate obama in 2008. right off of the bat, he said the times have changed and so i have. his message of hope and change was still there, but it had clearly evolved since he has taken the oval office four years ago. >> 8 years later that hope has been tested. by the cost of war, by one of the worst economic crisis and history and political gridlock that left us wondering if it is still possible to tackle the challenges of our time. i will not pretend that the
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path i'm offering is quick or easy. i never have. you didn't elect me it tell me what you wanted to hear, you elected me it tell you the truth. [ applause ] the truth is, it will take more than a few years if also to solve challenges that have built up over decades. know this, america, our problems can be solved. hour challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder, but the leads to a better place. i'm asking you to choose that future. >> so, his message of hope and change may have evolved, but you can see, he is still a powerful man behind the podium. very charismatic. he gave a very solid speech last night. the other big speaker of the night, of course, joe biden. highlights coming up at 6:30. mike. >> thank you. all right, campaign 2012.
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virgin governor bob mcdonald was in charlotte for the dnc, offering up republicans responses. he support paul ryan and his actions a reform the medicare system. >> it will go bankrupt in 12 years. that's what everyone knows from the figure. unless you reform the system it will not be therefore people of may age and the upcoming generation. it is again bankrupt, we have a fix it. reform, it cannot be status quo. >> the governor added he will be on the campaign trail for mitt romney throughout the fall with stops here in the commonwealth. well, the deadline to register to vote is october 9th. in virginia, it is october 15th. and maryland and west virginia, it is october 16th.
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this week the school buses began rolling again, everywhere across our region. by now, you should know that you have to stop with the red stop sign comes out and the lights are flashing on a school bus. not everyone does it. we have how school bus cameras in maryland work and how they are protecting children. >> reporter: bus driver, jody jackson, sees dangerous behavior every day. >> it does scare me. >> reporter: not on our but, on the road. >> just last week i had, at one of my stops four cars went through, followed each over through. >> reporter: self-contained unit right here. we have a camera facing the front. >> reporter: now, in fredrick county, maryland, cameras like these are sigh mounted on ten buses, ready to record the license and data of vehicles. >> a child has nothing to protect them, just their bodies. they are walking out and crosses about front of a bus.
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they are hit by a 2500, 3,000- pound vehicle, they are not going to win. >> reporter: a violation will cost you. >> $125. >> reporter: a new maryland law that allows the autoinated devices was enacted in may. last year, bus drivers reported 500 illegal passes. >> when a school bus is coming up to a bus stop and there are kids standing around. >> reporter: both xerox, the administrator of the program, as well as the county sheriff review all of the pictures before citations are issued. by december, 40 county buses will be equipped with the cameras. not soon enough for judy jackson. >> no. i would not want to see one of those kids get hit by a car. i would hate for -- a driver to have to live with that.
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>> montgomery county has school bus cameras. the leads the state with the number of violations. in one day, the county department of education said 494 drivers ignored the stom arm of school buses. investigators in montgomery county just about ruled out mechanical issues for a ride on bus crash in civil spring. the video was amazing. no one was hurt. the bus plowed into a home last night. the driver said that he thought the brakes went out. but investigators are saying the brakes were fine. that means the driver was at air for this. the nationals are on the verge of bringing washington its first baseball playoff appearance in nearly 80 years. the police chief is saying that the force is ready for the postseason. >> we've aural got that all sealed up. we know we're going. we're real happy with the nationals. we have been working with major league baseball, with the
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family and plans, already, in place for -- um all of those victory celebrations. the playoffs. everything that we need to have in place. it will be a big celebration for us here in washington. >> we think they are going to celebrate a bunch of times. the chief is saying that the team is going to be responsible for paying for the extra police work. the police are needed on the field last night. highlights from the game is coming up.
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howard here with your weather first on this friday morning. maybe a patch of fog earlier, but looking good today. sunshine, 86 at noon and a slight chance to see an afternoon storm. high of 91. with a 5:00 p.m. temperature at 88 degrees. all right, if you are planning to head on the southbound side of i-270, you have to delays here, southbound here at 109. but is incident free this morning. i'll be back at 6:17. >> thank you. it is 6:12 on this freebie friday. i'm watching your money. all morning long we're bringing you new ways to get things for free. thanks to kip linger who has compiled 50 years to get great stuff. this is for free. it is called fabulous freebies. and here is mark. thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you. >> doing this hard work on this
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fabulous -- >> thank you. >> we're going to start with free stuff for your computer. >> yes. >> what are we doing here? >> well, data storage is a big thing. everyone is worried about their computers crashing. now that cloud computing is popular and robust. you can get free storage. that is a lot of information to put in there and amazon and drop box. drop box gives you 2! and use drop box and love it and free travel ideas. we love to travel and free. >> well, everyone likes to go overseas. if you want to learn a new language easily, fsi language is great to check
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out and open >> >> a lot of software and elections to download for free. >> now, investing. what are investing freebies? >> well, the nice thing there have a lot of apps. morning store and bloomberg business report is great. the finance, which we use quite a bit? >> and fun stuff, free movies, free books. how do we do that? >> guess where we can find it. >> i don't know, i do know, but you teeveryone else. >> the public library. you think it is just books and a couple of second rate dvds. but a lot of libraries have great stuff and various other things like filmscreenings. a lot of community building events. arguments and crafts. soiree telling for young kids and e-books, too. you can rent them.
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they give you an axis code, after a couple of week it expires. it is a great deal. >> all right. mark, thank you very much. we want to remind folks -- has the 50 ways to save. >> thank you. >> thank you. now, to howard. >> thanks. we have a great start to the day today. clear skies out there. a touch of fog to the south. 60s and 70s. sunrise is at 6:43. a nice day today. a lot of sunshine, mid-80s by lunchtime. a high of 91 this afternoon. 88 degrees at 5:00. here is the satellite and radar. quiet here, showers and storms at the north have fallen a part. the temperatures in the north, pennsylvania, 68 degrees this morning. to the south, down to 64 and 65 in buoy and outside on the
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weather cam. look at this shot looking off to the east. the temperature at national, 72. the dew point is at 78 degrees. the future cast is quiet toot and a stray storm north and west. the storm chances 10 to 20%. we should be dry here, a few showers developing east. there is the front out to the west. coming through later in the afternoon and evening hours. by 5:00, parts of the valley and western maryland and martinsburg is seeing it and in the evening hours we will watch the line of showers and storms coming through. behind it things change. no more heat and humidity. the cooler air moves in by sunday morning and sunday is a delightful day. breezy, partly sunny. the temperatures will hold in the 70s. the great stretch of weather will be with us for three to four days after that.
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the forecast, today, border line yellow. because, the one or two storms could be on the strong side. 91 degrees. most of us will not see them. tomorrow in the 70s. tomorrow, 87 with the afternoon and evening thunderstorms. nday is looking great in the 50s and 60s. and finish in the upper 70s. monday, fantastic. 76. tuesday, 81 and a little bit warmer by the middle of next week. it is 6:16, and here is time- saver traffic. thank you, howard. around the beltway, no big delays. a tiny bit of volume on the north side of town, but the beltway is looking great. look outside, first look northbound on i-95. this begins out there. it is heavy and steady into springfield. 395, the same story.
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it's like that, but the lanes are open and no issues right now. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:25. before i go, i have a commuter alert. a helpful new connection in northern virginia. opens tomorrow. it is the new ramp connecting the eastbound access road to the beltway. right now, you have to merge to the toll road and cut over several lanes in half of a mile. i have done that so many times. tomorrow, you will be able to get it on from the airport access road. that's a great thing for people coming from the airport. especially with the side
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effect, of the 495 expressway project. those will open at the end of the year. so, it's been a pain, but eventually, it will be really smooth. >> all right. all issues are a pain. >> eventually. >> eventually. coming up on 9 news now --
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welcome back. 6:22 on this friday morning.
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a pretty picture on the weather cam. the lights are still on. i love this time of the morning. we we have klee kai -- clear skies this morning. high about 91. the drive home temperatures, 86. just a stray storm is possible. >> thank you. tonight is your last night to see steven pitch at home this year. >> he will get the start tonight against the marlins. this 5al home start before they shutdown for the year. >> last night, things were testee between the nationals and cubs. the dugout got into a screaming march with porter. porter did not back down. the dugouts would empty, no punches. the next inning. the chicago pitcher through at harper. both benches emptied out again. things were heated. when everyone calmed down,
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gonzales and two cubs were ejected. the nats got the best revenge. in the inning, laroche with his 29th homer of the season and the 5th of this series. all right. the orioles began a four game series with the yankees after honoring cal ripken. then the game, jones, reynolds and davis went deep. they topped new york, 10-6. the os can take possession with a -- win tonight. redskins fans are counting down all weekend long. 55 hours away from the beginning of the season. the skins will steak -- take on the saints. the skins don't have the home
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opener until the 23rd. the ravings will be holding a viewing tomorrow for art modell. he moved the team the city in 1996. he died yesterday. the ceremony will be tomorrow. our time is 6:25. coming up on 9 news now --
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happy friday. 6:29. this is the place you can get your weather first. the temperatures in the low to mid-70s. depending on where you are making up this morning and a live look at internationals park. look at, where the first place nationals are playing and -- >> they will play tonight. >> putting up a bunch of runs. and a little bit of the crew team doing work. >> beautiful start to the morning. thank you for starting your day with us. >> happy friday. howard is out on the
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weather terrace in a suit. good morning. >> good morning. it is a much nicer morning. we start you with the day planner. we're examining the nice weather to be with us all daylong. 86 by noon and we will top off with 91 here in washington. a 20% chance of a stray storm this afternoon and a few storms in pennsylvania, all but dissipated at this hour. the temperatures in town, low 70s. look at the 60s. again, just a touch of fog. i'll be back in a few minutes talking about a major pattern change. here is time-saver traffic. thank you, overall this friday morning we only had volume forming. that's in the 6:00 hour. we have not had major accidents. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i'm not jinxing that.
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okay. first, 270. you have the normal slow down. it looks like that. more at 6:43. >> thank you. the big stagecraft for both of the convention is all over. so, what is next on the
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campaign trail. >> here is gail king from "cbs this morning." >> we're looking at that and a bunch of stuff this morning. hello, president barack obama is saying that he is mindful of his own failings. ahead we will ask robert gibbs about our admissions that the president made in last night's speech. what to expect from the campaign. the redskins first game is on sunday. you know that and they are playing new orleans. so, your prediction is? [ laughter ] >> don't talk talk to us, that is easy. >> i'm not buying it. >> the answer is easy, too. let's go with the redskins. james brown will be with us to preview the new season. those stories and more at 7:00. >> holding a saints mug right now. you cannot see that. >> uh-huh.
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>> thank you. one of the emotion highlights from the democratic national convention was this, giffords walking out on-stage in charlotte. she survived an assassination attempt 18 months ago. last night she led the crowd in the pledge. the big speeches came from president barack obama and biden. now, we have more. >> reporter: good morning. last night the vice president was a very effective character witness for president barack obama. joe biden used his ring side seat over the hast four years to explain why he thinks his boss is still the best man for the job. he did it talking about mitt romney's views on two big successes of the obama administration. the capture of bin laden and the bailout of the auto industry. >> i think that he saw it the bain way. i mean it sincerely, in terms of balance sheet and write-
6:34 am
offs. folks the bain way, may bring your firm the highest profits, but it is not the way to lead our country from the highest office. >> when he was asked about bin laden in 2007. here's what he said, he said it's not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just to catch one person. if you understand that america's heart had to be healed, you would have done exactly what the president did and you would move heaven and earth to hunt him down. >> well, president barack obama also went after his opponent, but in a much more sebtle way. the most firing mom when he came talking about mitt romney's foreign policy experience. listen to this. >> they want take us back to an era of blustering and blundering that cost america so dearly. after all, you don't get russia
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or number 1 enemy, not al- qaeda, but russia, unless you are still stuck in a cold war. you might not be ready for diplomacy in beijing, if you cannot visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. [ applause ] >> it made my husband laugh so loud that he woke me up. one of the more memorable moments of the night. now, the conventions are over and we are two months away from the general elections. two months. 60 to 61 days. crazy. >> 17,000 commercials. thank you. . ann romney will campaign for her husband in leesburg, virginia and she wants to spread the message of fiscal conservatism to women. >> i think women need to think about when they vote, because women think -- um, about the future for their children as
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well. the thing that we're concerned about and a lot of americans are concerned about right now is the debt that we're incurring during our generation, someone is going to have to pay those off and unfortunately, that burden is going to fall on our children. so, that's where a lot of women coming our way have started to figure this out. >> now, anita will go one-on- one with ms. romney tonight. they're asked to be men of action, men of faith, but five football players were not living up to the code of the school. they were reportedly booted from the team for an incident involving prostitutes. they hired call girls after an away game in north carolina. one of the 5 is facing a hearing later this morning. 2 players have withdrawn from school. expulsion has been recommended.
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the 83-year-old woman who was attacked by a rapid weaver is back home from the hospital. livian peterson went for a swim on tuesday night and fought back with the 35-pound beaver ambushed her. >> she grabbed a hold of my leg and started chewing on me. i started trying to pound him with my other leg. i grabbed my walking stick that i had with me, i kept pounding him with that. i kept aiming at his eyes. >> it is hard to believe. peterson is taking rabies shots. she is expected to be fine. a friend fishing killed the beaver. all right. another money record. >> the unemployment numbers coming out in two hours. >> a lot of pressure. wall street is at the highest level in years. the president was candidates will be watching this one closely. that is right.
6:38 am
in two hours the government will release the august jobs report. economists are not expecting that much. 120 to 135,000 jobs. the unemployment rate is likely to hold steady. that means above 8% for 43 months. if you haven't considered refinancing your mortgage given rates are flirting with all- time lows, maybe you should. don't take that from me, ben bernanke just refinanced his own loan. a 30 year mortgage with 4.25% rate last year. he dropped it by a little bit less than 1% point. the loan is between $500,000.1 million. we have been doing something fun today. freebie friday. all morning low, we have been bringing you ways to get stuff
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for free. this is on your vacation. i love that idea. >> that is a great idea. seeing it through the eyes of a native. >> it is amazing. because they have a strick no tipping policy. so, you cannot do that. >> i never heard of that. >> hold the umbrellas high. the time is 6:39. coming up on 9 news now -- how does it feel to try smooth,
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welcome. time-saver traffic. if you are planning to head out right now. route 301, signal lights are out. due to a power outage in that stretch. you have police directing traffic in some of those intersections on. so, keep keep that in mind along route 301 this morning. other than that things are looking good. let's take a live look outside. first on the bell way -- beltway north of town.
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i'll be back with more at 6:58. back to you. >> thanks. okay. so, yesterday if felt like you could spoon the more out of the air. a little bit better? >> yes. a touch less humidity today, but we have another summerlike day. temperatures upper 80s and lower 90s. one of things from yesterday, there is more rain than i anticipating. i will say that. it did keep us from getting too warm. 84 yesterday today highs in the low 90s. and good changes are coming. the bus stop forecast, 60s and 70s this morning. under clear skies. the sunrise happened a couple of minutes ago. today look for sunshine out towards areas north and west of
6:46 am
town. 86 by lunchtime. 9 at 3:00. 4:00, we getting to the 100 degree high. southwest wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. a few showers this morning in pennsylvania, they are falling a part. in the washington, d.c. clear skies. and a comfortable morning. mid-60s. we have the touch of fog. outside on the weather cam. here is tysons corner looking to the south. clear skies overhead. 72 degrees. and a calm wind. the humidity is at 87%. so, that's what mike was talking about. a little bit drier. future cast, sunny at noon. this afternoon, a stray pop-up storm north and west of town. quiet tonight and west to the west. by lunchtime towards pittsburgh and maybe morgantown. the afternoon see the front push through western maryland and late afternoon and evening
6:47 am
hours the front coming in towards the metro. then clear up. 9:00, the eastern shores and southern maryland. behind it, much cooler and comfortable. the humidity levels drop and the nice air is on sunday. for a while. it will be good. 91 today. that yellow alert is for the stray storm. whatever does pop could be on the hefty side. tonight 60s and 70s. tomorrow, 87. afternoon eve -- and evening thunderstorms. and monday will befantastic. 76. even if it was not fantastic, do it anyway. 6:47. this weekend you have a chance to have laughs and help out a very good cause. joining us in studio is tommy davidson. good to have you back. i was saying the last time you were here -- you had a little hat on and whatever. look at you.
6:48 am
>> i had, dnc. you know what i mean? >> wow. you look great. >> it is a very political week. >> tell us why you are here? >> i'm here at the improv, downtown, connecticut avenue, 8 and 10:00, tomorrow 8:00 and 10:00. sunday, 8:00. >> why are you doing it? a good cause for the military. >> yes. i'm doing stuff for the military, i got back from afghanistan. there is a war going on, actually, i don't know if we know that, but seeing the service men and women. everyone is working together over there. believe me, we got it good here. really good here. i got to the argument -- airport and kissed the ground and wanted to go back. everyone there is working for one thing and everyone here is minding their business, getting on a bus. i'm sunday's child, , i have
6:49 am
been around. >> they love it over there. >> you looked so nice the dnc. politics your routine? the candidates are writing your material. >> i don't know about politics, but i like the way president barack obama talks. he can make something sound important that is not. like kelloggs frosted flake. they are part of the essential breakfast and with tony the tiger. he is very fashionable. so, you got the frosted flakes they are part of a complete breakfast. they are great. >> they great. he does make things sound good. we have a question from a viewer. she wants to know about the reboot of the living color, are we going to see it again? dollar i cannot deny or confirm. we actually got paid for it and ready it go. but was delayed, but that's
6:50 am
hollywood for you. you never know. it is coming. >> what about sammy davis, jr. you may be doing something on him. >> i'm working very hard on doing that movie. how that's exactly going, i don't even know, but that's in the future. it is an easy one to do as well. >> he's a singer, too. with a great voice. >> all right. washington, d.c. native, bcc high school damp you come back to the area on a regular basis or just for a show. >> i'm busy, kids of my own and travel the world. i set sea and come back to work or visit here. >> audience is different in washington, d.c. versus around the world and los angeles. >> not really. i have fun wherever i go.
6:51 am
the thing here, my elementary school teacher comes, my biology teacher comes and people from around the neighborhood. >> you have the improv through the week on connecticut avenue. we have the information on our website. thank you. >> thank you. . we'll be right back. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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welcome back, today is friday september 7th. here is a check of the news. sentencing day for william, he is expected to get 60 years in prison for the murder of 92- year-old steal in the district lights last year. he robbed the woman to buy drugs. there will be metro service
6:55 am
this weekend on the red line. no metro service. the closures begin tonight at 10:00. stay in place through sunday. shuttle buses will get you through town. jordan zimmerman pitched 7 innings, gave up 2 runs and struck out 9. the nationals beat the cubs, 9-2. washington, d.c. hosting miami tonight. strasburg's final home start of the season. 6:54. the answer to our question of the morning. >> the answer is a the weather. people, do not call 9-1-1. we have the weather and a check of traffic when 9 news now returns.
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coming up at 6:59. a hot day today, stray storm. tomorrow, 87 and by sunday and monday highs in the 70s. on the freeway, after the 11th street bridge. an accident. a live look at the beltway north of town. and sky 9, brake lights. as for wall street, all about the unemployment report out at 8:30 this morning. "cbs this morning" is talking about the dnc, the nfl and any or acronyms. >> we will be back in 25 minutes. captions provided by: capt ion colorado, llc. phone: 1-800-775-7838. email:


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