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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is 9news now. >> tonight at 11:00, some relief for the family of a d.c. mother who was murdered five weeks after she was found dead in a creek. police say they have caught her killer. tonight, 31-year-old joseph jones of capital heights is behind bars. he's accused of killing 22-year- old shevon phillips. ken is live outside police headquarters where the announcement was made earlier
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today. ken. >> anita, this was one of those investigations that had police up to their elbows in work trying to figure this out. it left a community trying to make sense of this violent crime. but tonight, police say they have their man. >> oh my gracious. i'm shocked. >> james green is the suspect's neighbor and he can't believe what they say police say joseph jones did. >> i have known him over seven years and i am shocked. >> jones was arrested and charged with murdering shevon phillips. phillips had gone missing in late july. her body was found august 1. she had been asphyxiated. the suspect is an acquaintance of phillips. >> investigators believe the motive for her murder was robbery. phillips was carrying $3800 in cash the day she disappeared.
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they were headed to a car auction in virginia on july 30. this surveillance video shows phillips that day dropping her child off at a daycare. she would never be seen alive again. >> there were statements made by the suspect. at this time, we can't disclose exactly what was said. >> investigators said they had their eye on jones all along. it was through inconsistent stories that they were able to get a warrant and take him into custody. >> we believe he is the one that is responsible for the death of phillips. >> police would not elaborate on his criminal past, but they do say jones have somewhat of a criminal past. according to these charging documents for this particular investigation, he could face up to 30 years in prison for the second-degree murder charge and he could also face the death penalty for the first-degree murder charge. live outside prince georges county police headquarters. >> all right, ken, 22 years in prison. that's the sentence for michael gardner of falls church. he's the man convicted of
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molesting two little girls during his daughter's slumber party. the victim, one ten years old, the other eleven. both testified during the trial last may. and prosecutors used that testimony as well as dna evidence to secure their convictions. at today's sentencing, gardner maintained he is innocent and plans to appeal. we spoke with his wife, robyn gardner. >> there's no doubt in my mind that my husband did not commit the crime he has been found guilty of. i will stand by him. >> in reality, we have one less child molester off the street. >> that man is dan rice, father of one of the victims. 9news does not identify parents of children who have been abused, but dan wanted to speak on camera and get his message out. with the political conventions over, it's back to the campaign trail for president obama and governor mitt romney. both hit key battleground states today. mitt romney spent time in iowa. the republican nominee told supporters the president's convention speech was the same one he gave in 2008 and voters
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should expect the same results. romney also hammered the president over the latest jobs report out today that says the u.s. economy added far fewer jobs than expected in august. >> the jobs report this morning, by the way? 95,000, i believe, net new jobs created and almost 400,000 people dropped out of the work force all together. >> the white house points out that more jobs were added for the 30th month in a row, but the president acknowledges there's more work to do. he also told supporters in new hampshire, congress could get more people back to work if members pass his jobs bill when they return to washington next week. >> if the republicans are serious about being concerned about joblessness, we could create a million new jobs right now if congress would pass the jobs plan that i sent to them a year ago. >> the two candidates switch states tonight with the president heading to iowa and romney campaigning in new hampshire. we are just 60 days away from
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the november election. and in that 60 days, we're going to be bombarded with political ads that make competing claims. we'll be looking at a lot of them in this newscast to see which are truthful, misleading, or lies. gary is excited about it and here to show us what it will be about. >> much of the work will be done using political ad tracker. an online examination of political commercials you can access by going to our website, that will take you here. it's the work done at u.s.a. today owned by the same company that owns channel 9 and at the public policy center. >> if you're sick of hearing me approve this message, believe me, so am i. >> political ad tracker can't make you sick, but can phi your out who to believe. this romney ad, for example. >> president obama quietly announced a plan to cut welfare
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reform. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work or train for a job. >> you can see the transcript of the ad beneath it and below it, analysis of the facts. the claim welfare is gutted and work requirements dropped quote, the plan does neither of those things. it goes on to say the ad also distorts the facts. you can vote on the ad's believability, one, are you kidding? not believable at all. some truth, but mostly false. pretty believable, but stretching the facts. mostly believable, five stars, i'm sold completely. believable. the ad you just saw, 2.8. scroll down and vote on how impactful the ad is. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> let's look at this obama ad on medicare. >> ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees cost more than $6,000. >> deep into the analysis and you find the ryan plan could cost seniors $6400 more according to the congressional budget office, but it goes on to say that the ryan plan has been changed and that there is
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no new estimate. >> virginia voters should know the facts. >> it looks at senate ads, too. this tim kaine adin virginia. >> using this tool to check on political ads and we'll be checking on campaign speeches, too. the intent is to cut through the spin and find out what is true and what's not. anita. >> we'll be counting on that, garly, thank you. ann romney made a stop in leesburg, virginia, i had a chance to sit down with her one on one. still ahead in this newscast, how she hopes to convince women her husband should be our country's next president. caught on tape, a maryland state trooper hit by a semi. on june 14, trooper david avila pulled over an suv on i-70. he's there talking to a driver as a semi goes by. it hits the squad car. avila finds himself through the suv. you can see him going over to the guardrail. he's doubling over in pain before he finally falls to the
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ground. avila suffered shoulder, back, and leg injuries, but he's recovering. state police put this video out. motorists must move over a lane as they pass a stopped emergency vehicle. a big night at nationals park tonight, stephen strasburg made his last home start of the season. not too long of one, huh? >> it did not last very long. it was not one of his best starts of his career, anita. strasburg got roughed up tonight. he lasted just three innings against miami, giving up six hits, five runs, two homers during that short span. pitcher jacob turner grounded a ball back to strasburg to end the inning. you can see the dejection in his body language as he walks back to the dugout. fans didn't get a chance to pay their respect. he was replaced at the last half of the inning by a pinch runner. not the way he wanted to go out at home. so he'll get one more shot on the road, because he's going to play in new york against the mets wednesday, which should be his last start, but what we
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seen from the nats this season, even though they were in a hole, they didn't give up. >> sounds good, we wish him well no matter what. >> exactly. >> still ahead, russ' restaurant report. he's serving up a side of bologna. all the details ahead. and next, i sit down one on one with ann romney. what she plans to do if she becomes our next first lady. >> hi, yes, filling in for topper on this friday night. declaring tomorrow a severe weather alert day because of the potential for strong storms. your wakeup weather, not too bad starting off the day. temperatures in the 70s by 9:00. only a chance for isolated showers. i'll break down the forecast when 9news returns after the break.
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the wife of gop presidential hopeful, mitt romney, has just begun attending her first convention rallies and today in loudoun county, she talked with me about her message and her personal battle with ms. >> i should tell you i feel right at home because i'm in a barn. >> ann romney was greeted with wild applause and cheers in leesburg today. many of these women are horse
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lovers like she is and she spoke about how riding offered her a source of healing from ms. >> i went from being very, very sick, very weak, to turning to something that gave me enormous joy and enormous confidence. >> in our interview, mrs. romney copes with multiple sclerosis by not allowing her to overdue it physically and by staying mentally upbeat. >> i decided i was going to be cheerful and positive about it and i wasn't going to be affected by all the negative. i haven't been. >> and ann romney knows she may be her husband's greatest asset in swaying undecided female voters. >> just what this economy has done to women. it hit them harder than men. more women are unemployed now than them. >> she must convince them he cares. >> i think most people think of mitt as a business guy or a governor, but no, he is really,
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really a compassionate guy and he will be there for americans. in this fight for them. >> during the campaign and during the convention. your style and personality was compared and contrast to the first lady's. everything from clothes to -- all of that. it's a lot of scrutiny. how would you be different? >> i don't know how i would be different. michelle has been a lovely first lady. for me, everyone is an individual. everyone has to bring their personalities. you have to do things that you care and love about. me, i care a lot about finding a cure for ms, finding a cure for breast cancer. i care a lot about kids. >> now let's get right to anny hong and your weekend forecast. anny. >> yeah, we're looking at temperatures. hot once again on saturday, but we're looking at the potential for some big storms. right now, doppler fairly quiet. some isolated storms north of us, but they have been hit and miss throughout the evening. clear skies, temperatures 78. dew points in the 70s.
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yeah, it's muggy out there and it will be muggy tomorrow. right now it's mid 70s in gaithersburg. 73 manassas. 79 in leesburg. 74 degrees in fredericksburg. now satellite radar pictures showing us, look what's happening out to the west. this mess, yeah, this big storm system is mahing its way closer and closer to us. by tomorrow afternoon and everyoning, we're going to see those storms arrive. so tomorrow is a severe weather alert day because of those big storms coming through. but saturday morning things look okay. if you have plans to go on the bike ride or run, you should be okay, maybe an isolated shower. the afternoon and evening, the storms arrive and the critical time for the storms should be around 4:00 and 8:00 for the most active weather. we are under a risk for severe weather and storms on saturday. this is according to the storm prediction center. we are under a slight risk where you see the yellow that include the entire d.c. area. further in the north, there's
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moderate risk. the main threats are watching the potential for some damaging winds. here's a look at your future cast. overnight and tomorrow, fairly quiet. a few clouds moving in for saturday morning and here you go, from the west by the afternoon, we're looking at showers and storms coming through ahead of a strong cold front. that front is right here at 6:00, frederick, gaithersburg, manassas, look at the oranges and reds, that's a more heavy to moderate rain fall. it pulls out of here by 9:00 or 10:00, we'll see the dryer air come behind it. the skies clear out and get ready for fall-like conditions for sunday, monday, and even into tuesday. so overnight, partly cloudy, still humid. maybe some patchy fog. lows in the mid 60s in the suburbs to lower 70s in downtown. now saturday morning, we are under a severe weather alert day. not too concerned about. temperatures starting in the 60s and 70s. afternoon, yeah, things get active. showers and storms likely.
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some strong or severe. highs 85 to 89 degrees. cumberland, 84. culpeper 87. manassas in the mid 80s. all of us have the potential to see big storms. d.c.87, annapolis in the mid 80s and we do have a small craft advisory in effect for the bay. next three days, red alert for saturday, because the big storms. high 87. sunday though, wow. it's going to look fantastic. temperatures upper 70s, close to 90 degrees. humidity is lower. it's going to feel great. monday, upper 70s once again. tuesday and wednesday, thursday, friday, beautiful forecast. lots of sunshine. highs in the mid 80s. tomorrow, everyone please be safe. anita, back to you. >> gad advice. thanks, anny. 9 wants you to know what we found at a convenience store. tonight's food alert includes rats, roaches, mice, and outdated meat by a store that was passed by district
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inspectors. >> what you'll see in that video even shocked us. we were inside that district store just over two minutes, what's worse is, they have been caught before. that video in a moment, but first, we have more closures in the district and in montgomery county. the food truck is a regular at georgia and coolsville in silver spring. inspectors shut it down, siting food at unsafe temperatures. here, they shut down a food court restaurant inside this asian market. siting flies and other violations. we went inside with an iphone camera. we took pictures of the flies, but that's not all we saw with wings. >> we snapped photos of the insects in the food court, a bird landed just a few feet away. days prior, inspectors sited dirty utensils, saying they refused to throw out ten gallons of soup stored at room
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temperature uncovered on the floor. right next to cleveland park metro, inspectors closed paragon thai, siting a vermin infestation. this pizza place has a long record of violations. inspectors saw four rats rummaging through the trash. no hot water and a repeat violation for no staff certified to manage safe food handling. they shut it down. >> i told the manager, he doesn't want to talk about it. >> the closure on 6th street northwest follows a food born illness investigation and 17 violations sited last year. then in march of this year, inspectors observed twenty violations, including my species. now, what we caught on tape inside circle seven express on martin luther king avenue southwest. >> it is right across the street from the old st. elizabeth campus and right next
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door to the friendship public charter school. many people use this place as their grocery store in this neighborhood. what we found inside and you're about to see the video. they have been sited for the same thing before. we were in the store wednesday, less than two minutes and 30 seconds when we spotted this. that's bologna. look at that date mark. july 18, 2012. seven weeks ago. >> you see the date on this? this is july. >> i'm sorry about that. >> d.c. inspectors passed and reopened the store after closing it for vermin. something worrying relatives waiting for children to get out of school. >> it can make some of the kids sick or could make me sick. >> i know when they get out of school, they come and get something to eat. >> inspectors suspended the convenience store and closed it last year, too. in addition to citations for mice and roaches, we found three official inspections
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siting outdated food. we'll follow up to see if the health department follows up on that video. every one of those places, including that shop, passed reinspections and they are all back in business tonight. for 9 wants to know, i'm russ, 9news now.
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and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> as st redskins wrap up their final prep for sunday's season opener in new orleans, they may now have a couple extra players to game plan for. a surprising twist, the nfl's suspension of four players involved in the bounty gate have been overturned. a three person panel, linebacker and defensive end, will smith, are eligible to play sunday against the skins. but their case isn't over yet. now goes back to roger goodell, the commissioner who could penalize the player for something else. >> as we told you earlier, it was a rough and short night for stephen strasburg in his last home start of the season. he lasted just three innings, giving up six hits and five
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runs, including two homers. not good for him, but the nats rallied back from a three-run deficit to take the game to extras. jose reyes sends one, bryce can't get to it. two runs score, you know, the nats fought really hard tonight. miami takes this one 9-7. >> i think he just thinking too much about the decision, what we're shutting down. and kind of -- didn't like it. >> a quick programming note for you all, due to weather concerns tomorrow, u.s. open, tennis, men's semifinal will begin at 11:00 a.m. here on wusa. the women's championship will air between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. stay with us, our toyota game night report is up next. it's a night full of rivalries. first up, a showdown in fairfax county, high scoring excitement in the district, and a battle
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in germantown. that's next.
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it's time for u.s.a. today high school sports presented by toyota. >> welcome back. we had over 41,000 votes in our game of the week poll. a cross town rivalry in fairfax county beat them all out. the annual showdown between
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south lakes and herndon is one of the area's most storied rivalries and tonight played out on herrin den's home turf. first half, herndon with the ball, but fumbles the handoff. that was set up this for shawn jones play action fake. he rolled out left. he is the deep ball. it bounces off one receiver into the hands, who will take it in for the score. what a play. 7-0 seahawks. second half, more seahawks. this time, rj punches it home from ten yards out. 21-7. >> this is really good victory for our boys. they worked hard. we went through a lot. the kids, they really got into the offseason and they put in a lot of work and it showed off tonight. >> mckinley tech in northwest d.c. carrie wilson with the
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pack complete to zach for the touchdown. that pulls mckinley within three. trying to run out the clock. this helps, kirkland, a nice, long run. colts win this one 41-30. to germantown, playing for the kings trophy. mattie with a nice pass. despite the pass interference, what a catch. callahan looking for six. another deep pass, but different scenario. he gets picked off instead by seneca valley would go on to win this one. rockville rams hosting northwood. this is a back and forth battle early fourth quarter, the rockville back gets stuck, doesn't quit. tieing the game at 26. they go on to win this one 34- 26.
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twin park at friendly, a nice defensive struggle here. nice play here as the patriots run the option pass for a long game. patriots win in a defensive struggle 8-6. all right, for more on tonight's game, log on to our website, u.s.a. today high we have scores and of course, all of tonight's highlights for you to check out. that's going to do it for our u.s.a. today high school sports game night report presented by toyota. we leave you with the band from friendly. have a great weekend. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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