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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the bathroom, half of it is gone. >> roofs ripped off, a collapsed stage, destroyed homes and people trampled. severe storms pummel nearly every portion of our viewing area. >> this is 9news now. hello, everybody, i'm bruce
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johnson. thanks for joining us, thousands of your friends and neighbors are without electricity. just under 41,000 customers without electricity. they hope to have power restored to 90% of those customers by monday. anybody needing electricity for life support equipment is being urged to move someplace with power. officials tell 9news now, crews will be working 24 hours a day to clean up the damage, take your phone calls and get the juice running again. meanwhile, about 45,000 power customers are without electricity tonight and about 4,000pg and e customers in prince georges county are without power. those agencies say they are working hard to get everybody's lights back on. out to h and 4th street in northeast washington where the storms brought down the entire 3rd floor of a building. one witness watched the entire episode unfold. >> it just happened to open the door to get some air and we said, it is really coming down.
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you hear the wind, all of a sudden you hear the creeks from it and it's half way leaning. we are like, look at that across the street. next thing you know, it comes tumbling down, like we were in the earthquake. >> luckily, nobody was hurt. the third floor was actually an addition, not yet completed to a second story building. that area was shut down while crews cleaned up the mess. we had more incredible video. we want to check in with anny hong. anny, that radar was a mess this afternoon. >> it really was, bruce. we are watching storms come through as a strong cold front approached the region. i paused the satellite radar picture at 3:55 when we saw storms really start to become active. we put this into motion and we saw quite a bit of severe thunderstorm warnings, even a couple tornado warnings. the national weather service saying they had their teams go out and check out those spots in reston and out of fairfax county. and they have so far say there
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are no confirmed tornadoes. there's no evidence of tornadoes from today, but we did see some rain come through. right now things are much quieter and boy you can feel that cooler and dryer air making its way in. peek wind gusts. ashburn, virginia, and loudoun county getting 69 miles per hour. dulles 63. gaithersburg around 60 miles, and glendale, maryland, around 50-mile per hour wind gusts. tonight as you are sleeping, open the windows if you want. becoming partly cloudy and cool. lows mid 50s outside of beltway to mid 60s in downtown. bruce, back to you. >> anny, thanks a lot. chaotic scene at the prince georges county fair where some people were actually trampled and injured as authorities tried to evacuate an area. 400 to 500 people were gathered at the infield when the storm started rolling through. officials began moving the crowds to shelter in the nearby showplace arena. as the storms got closer, some
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people panicked. >> obviously everybody could see the weather coming on. as a matter of fact, the wind started to blow. people were told to evacuate and they were feeling that reason. they could see that reason. there was an urgency to leave the open air and get into a covered building, such as this one. >> 12 people were injured, four were taken to the hospital. tents and equipment were damaged. the fair will resume tomorrow. people were scrambling to find shelter in an outdoor event in virginia as surae chinn report, strong winds brought down the stage injuring a worker there. >> more than a thousand people were out here enjoying a concert here at the jazz festival when they got the warning that the storm was coming through. the storm blew through here and damaged part of the stage that collapsed. a lot of the debris on the ground and the speakers fell. also hitting one of the engineers, injuring his back, but we're told he is expected
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to be okay. >> everything was wild and crazy. it was blown over. >> more than a thousand people were enjoying a concert at the 22nd annual jazz festival when they got a warning to evacuate. vendors frantically tried to pack up and find shelter. >> bam, it hit. came and told us to pack up. next thing we know -- >> 3 minutes time, tables, chairs, merchandise, people running. >> everyone evacuated safely, but left behind was the sound crew. the large speakers toppled over, hitting one of the crew members. >> we hear he is okay. >> partial collapse of the stage left scaffolding and debris all over the ground. >> they shut it down and pretty frantically, the storms blew through and blew everything over. >> we heard a big boom. we were trying to run because we didn't get hit. >> in roslynn, surae chinn,
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9news now. >> the storm ripped down power lines near woodburn road and williams burg drive. residents were stuck in a home blocking the front and back entrances. montgomery county firefighters maged to clear a path so everyone could get out safely. not before serious damage was done to their home. >> the bathroom, half of it is gone. we had a sun room. it now has no ceiling. raining all over the place, it's coming through everywhere. >> two of the family's three cats managed to get out safely. the family is still searching for a third cat tonight. they are asking friends and neighbors to be on the lookout for that cat. the name is easter. she has one eye missing. she hasn't been seen since the storm. want to go to ken molestina who has another report on the
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damage out there. >> bruce, this is the 11,000 block of south shore road in reston. what's left out here reminds us of what a war zone looks like. this used to be the back end of an acura. this was the tree that caused all that mess. it's more of the same. over on my left hand side, this pickup tru also smashed by a falling tree. if you look over this way, that garage was crushed also by a massive falling tree and if you take a close look, that tree that is laying on top of the porch and the car is still not done falling. >> like a train wreck. i was right over there when it happened. >> weather officials say no tornado touched down in fairfax county. the mess left behind sure made it look like a twister ripped through here. >> we were scrambling to get into our basement. >> this town home on the 1500 block of scambian circle was crushed by two falling trees. the side of the house was destroyed. >> take a look at this tree.
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look at the bottom of it. you can see just how wide it is. 3 1/2 feet in diameter. take a look up above. that's where it snapped and that's where it came crashing down from. >> i called 911 and i got through right io away. she raced over to check on her neighbor and although rattled the woman who lived here made it out of the house alive. >> i ran over to her house and another neighbor was with me. and we opened the door and she was on the steps just sobbing. >> here on south shore road in reston, it's the same story. cars were smashed and totaled by more falling trees. this pickup truck had its cab completely flattened. at this house, the porch collapsed and the tree that caused it is still lingering. not done falling. >> the storm like this comes through the neighborhood once before, so i thought it was one in a million, but it's two years later, the same thing. >> the neighbors will have to wake up tomorrow and figure out how they will clean up all this mess. here's the good news, we had no reports of any injuries.
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we're in reston tonight, ken molestina, 9news now. and we'll have much more video from this afternoon's storms coming up in just a little bit. 19 people are safe tonight after their boat overturned on the potomac river. it happened just under the 14th street bridge. the d.c. police harbor patrol says nobody was hurt. they say today's severe weather may have played a part in the boat's capsize. take a look at this. incredible pictures of a tornado in new york city. the rare twister struck the beach front neighborhood of breezy point in queens. the tornado pulled down power lines and left property damage. no injuries reported. still ahead on 9news now this saturday night. mitt romney stops in virginia as he and president barack obama begin their post convention campaigning. plus, why a new restaurant trend could have you moving your night out to a weekday. and as we head into the break, a look at pictures viewers sent
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into the 9 newsroom. if you have pictures to share, you can upload them to our wusa9 facebook page.
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world's most active volcano is at it again. two daredevil photographers captured these incredible images of the volcano in hawaii. the moment that red hot lava poured into the pacific. crashing waves turned into clouds of steam as the lava and water met. the photographers say they stood waist deep in 110-degree water to get these pictures. the law of supply and demand may soon make a difference when you dine out. a new company is offering restaurant deals based on when diners choose to make their reservations. tables at offpeek hours are costing 30% less than prime dining hours. founder of one restaurant says time is right for this idea. >> just like in the airline or hotel industry where the price might depend on the demand of
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that hotel room or airline seat. we introduce that same model to the restaurant industry. >> we are generating over $40 million a year for our restaurants. we have 1,000 restaurants on a platform. we feel we are making a significant contribution to their businesses. >> wow, the 26-year-old says saving on a restaurant tab that could cost easily more than $150 could make diners think twice about dining during prime time. he says it may be more likely to book a table during offpeek hours. live look outside right now. anny honk will hong will be here with more on your forecast. right after the break, mitt romney and president obama is taking the swing state by storm this saturday. the latest from the campaign trail next. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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from the campaign trail, the presidential candidates began the post convention push trying to connect with voters in states that could determine the outcome of the election. it's a two month sprint to the general election, leaving president barack obama and mitt romney little time to make an impact. more from new york tonight. mitt romney handed out hot
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dogs to voters in virginia, a state where he is deadlocked with president obama. earlier, romney used the backdrop at a military aviation museum in virginia beach to focus on looming defense cuts. >> the kind of numbers of jobs lost in virginia from these cuts is between 100 and 200,000. i will not cut our military. i will maintain our military commitment. >> he also took aim at friday's jobs report. saying the president doesn't have what it takes to turn the economy around. >> he doesn't have a plan. he doesn't have any ideas. we have to make sure he doesn't have anymore days in the white house after january. >> president obama greeted voters on his bus tour through florida. speaking to a crowd in seminol, the country is headed downhill. >> when our opponents say this nation is in decline, they are dead wrong. this is america. >> the president is positioning himself as a
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champion of the middle class, saying america's basic bargain is at stake. >> bargain that says if you work hard, it will pay off. the bargain that says, responsibility will be rewarded and everybody has a fair shot. >> tv ad campaigns are expected to intensify until election day. polls show fewer than 10% of voters are still undecided and one of the closest presidential contests in recent history. cbs news. >> total ads pending is expected to top a billion dollars. new developments tonight in the gun smuggling probe dubbed operation fast and furious. police in mexico arrested another suspect in the killing of u.s. border patrol agent, brian terri. five men have now been charged in this death. as we have been reporting, some fast moving storms tore through our area earlier tonight. the storms ripped up trees and downed power lines all over the area, including the brooklyn
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neighborhood in northeast washington. residents near 13th and hamlin streets were left without power. many for several hours. after the storm, i walked down the street and noted that this major tree was down and took down all the power lines with it. and the power lines were on the street. they said it was the first time they heard about it, you know, so they thanked me and that was that. >> and we have a similar scene in far northeast washington. this video shows the down trees and power lines along nanny burro avenue. >> and finally in northwest d.c., here's what happened in the 4600 block of salem lane. pepco says it will have crews on the scene to get power back as soon as possible. and, good news on the way. >> yeah, we do have cooler, dry air coming in tonight, bruce. it does feel nice.
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in lorton, there was a report that 29 cars in a parking lot had blown out windows from all the winds that came through. 29 cars. so yeah, caused a lot of widespread wind damage, which we did warn you folks about yesterday, declaring today a severe weather alert day. things are quieter tonight, that's the good news. we have still some areas of light rains and scattered showers, but overall, things are much quieter. here's a look at our michael and son camera. temperature, upper 60s right now. 68 degrees. cloudy conditions. winds are north, northwest. dew points are lower in the 60s. that is good news. right now, 64 in leesburg. 66 in fredericksburg. all of us really much cooler. the humidity also dropping. here's a look at that front. look at that right there. coming through. the dry air coming in behind it. even impacting the u.s. open in new york city earlier today.
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so, those gains go through tomorrow and into monday. so a hint of fall arrives. you're going to feel it tomorrow. cooler for your sunday morning. sunday afternoon, not hot. not humid. and also plenty of sunshine. great again for your monday. here's a look at your forecast overnight where temperatures will fall into the 50s and 60s. it does look really nice. becoming partly cloudy and cool. areas of patchy fog. in the morning, a cool start. you night need a sweater as temperatures will start in the 50s and 60s. afternoon, lots of sunshine, not humid. highs around 80. below the average high of 82. hey, great weather for the nats game tomorrow afternoon. hosting the florida marlins. first pitch at 1:35. mostly sunny, temperatures will be in the upper 70s. here's your zone forecast. we start in western maryland. oakland close to 70 degrees as your high for sunday. cumberland 77. partly cloudy conditions.
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78 in winchester. 77 for hagerstown. 80 south in culpeper. upper 70s for manassas. annapolis upper 70s. pax river 78. easten and cambridge around 77 degrees. enjoy these next few days. okay, so tomorrow, code green because the not humid really comfortable conditions. high around 80. tuesday in the upper 70s. check out your next seven days. thanks to high pressure, we're going to hold on to the sunny conditions and next several days and we'll enjoy the lower humidity. i would say ladies, start to maybe get out these fall sweaters and boots because you know fall is around the corner. it is definitely going to feel like it, especially come tomorrow. we weathered through the storm today and we'll get relief starting tomorrow. >> the last game. >> no, and you seen it, sent twitter into a frenzy.
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stephen strasburg is done for the season. davey johnson is playing the blame game. find out what the almighty righty had to say. plus, how is rg3 feeling about his debut? sports is next.
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and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> stephen strasburg is done, but the debate rolls on.
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did the nats make the right move? will this come back and haunt them in the post season? of course only time will tell. what we do know is the nats are moving forward without him. strasburg was told this morning he would officially be shut down and as he told reporters tonight, he's not happy about it. his final start was supposed to be next wednesday, but after a poor showing last night that lasted three innings, he felt it was time to pull the plug. >> he is only human, and i don't know how anybody can be totally, mentally concentrating on the job at hand with the media hype to this thing. >> today's game against miami, the nationals got 95% of it in before mother nature took over. the game was suspended, but the nats down a run. after a 2 1/2 hour delay, finally resumed and got things going. a shot over the center field
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wall. just like that, the game is tied. but, those that did stay saw a great ending. corey brown knocked one to right. john carlos drops it and that ends your ball game. a walkoff single. nats win 7-6. orioles, yanks tonight. another big game for the birds. up a run in the 6th. j.j. hardy adds another. a solo shot to left, making it 4-2 birds. here's where things get exciting. 9th inning. yanks down 1. runners on the corners. mark teixeira. he grounds one to robert and the bird trying to turn 2. he is out. birds win 5-4. once again, share first place with new york. >> as the maryland terrapins go for their showdown. it was kind of hard to forget how the owls embarrass them. they were on their way to
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getting some sort of revenge. maryland's offense on fire. big difference from last week, getting out to an early lead. perry hills threw two touchdowns, ran for one on the first half alone. terps up 23 at the half. they almost blew that lead here half way through the fourth. chris finds jaylin who takes it home. owls pull within 2. with under 3 minutes to go. terps knocking on the door. gets the score. maryland escapes. this one for their second win of the season. the virginia cavaliers hosting bill o'brian and the nitny lions. cavs down 6. here michael rocco completes a six yard pass. the extra point is good. virginia wins this one 17-16. virginia tech hosting austin p. got off to a slow start. wait, this is rg3. that's not a hokey, but let's put it this way.
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virginia tech did win that one. all right, as we were saying, redskins tomorrow taking on the saints and plus rg3 gets to make his debut in his hometown of sorts. it's been a long preseason for rg3. we'll go back to the practice video from him. of course, we don't know how the saints defense is going to be here. they are still recovering. but rg3 put in a lot of work this preseason, feels good, and they are ready to go out there and play. >> we made it through the preseason, all these guys work extremely hard to make the team and move forward from there. they are really excited about the opportunity to go to w orleans and play in the season opener and move on from there. >> and i do want to give you, here is our tweet for tomorrow. we are beginning a new era here at 9news. game on, your home for the best football all season long. tomorrow, come join me in bethesda during the opener.
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there will be game tickets given away. the event starts at 12:30. at a programming update for the u.s. open, david has been suspended and resume tomorrow at 11:00. the women's is at 4:30. the men's final will be moved until monday. the fifth time in a row. all because of bad weather going into new york. i guess what we had went into new york. >> they got their fair share. >> it's going to be gorgeous. finally a break from that humidity. you know fall is around the corner. partly cloudy, enjoy it. >> all right.
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