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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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john: murray was trying to hit a much bigger serve there. john: there it is. bill: what a shot that was by murray. john: that was a good shot. maybe djokovic thinks he's so fast he can get to it anyway. here's a ball he hits across court. he's still over to his left and that's where that door is open that's where that door is open for murray. >> fault.
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bill: murray able to get to the overhead. mary: it's almost as though murray is trusting his shots a little bit more. djokovic seems a little dis inclined to follow in on some of his shots because he's not sure they're falling in john: he should have followed
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in on that short shot, where murray was forced to hit off. mary: that's why perhaps djokovic is just a fraction of a moment late on some oaf these. bill: 40-15. bill: 40-15. >> fault. john: i'm not sure if he's trusting his shots or less bother out there. could be a tiny bit of both. >> out. john: this is, again, it is frustrating for both these guys. it really is tough. bill: john, when you think about novak djokovic, is his game a little more tightly calibrated? really everything about him. the diet and all of those things that he's gotten down to
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such a precise science, then you throw in the elements, that can change things in a hurry. john: well, they both are, but you're right. he's got everything set up just so for him to maximize his talents, and quite honestly, you can't show them in these conditions as well. it's in his hit a bit, but he's still at 5-5. they'll be out here for another five hours at this rate. bill: a look at the numbers. mary brought up a good point in these conditions, unforced errors may not be quite accurate. there's a second opponent out there, the elements. bill: it says 18 miles an hour. i think we've felt gusts more severe in that as the wind swirls in this bowl configuration, arthur ashe stadium. stadium. 5-5.
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john: he's got to knuckle down here, djokovic, because if her to get the hold, he would have a real chance to pull this first set out. get the break when he switches sides. bill: that's our big crane camera. you can see how it's not stable. moving around in the gusty moving around in the gusty conditions. john: that's well left by novak. bill: at the very top of the bill: at the very top of the stadium.
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bill: doing a great job under the trying circumstances. total points, dead even. but in this game, it's 30-30, but in this game, it's 30-30, djokovic. -- 30-0, djokovic. >> out. bill: murray perhaps a little too casual trying to block it back. john: he's not casual, but he was just trying to use the wind to get the depth he was looking for overall. let's face it, djokovic has got the five majors. to me the more talented of the two players. so this wind i think is helping
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murray a bit here and if her able to sneak out this first -- he were able to sneak out this first set it would be huge for him. bill: djokovic holds at love. it's been already an emotional day for both players. day for both players. we'll be back.
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bill: virginia wade, last brit to wane grand slam. mary: she then won the 1977 wimbledon title. there's sean connery back again. bill: they met here for the first time when sean connery kind of blasted into the press conference. conference. kind of a cool moment. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] bill: there they are together. following andy's semifinal win over tomas berdych saturday. john: i thought virginia won that wimbledon, 1977, that it was a frequent thing. it happened regularly.
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boy, was i wrong. bill: they've not had a male british grand slam champion in british grand slam champion in 76 years. bill: that is one of the burdens that andy murray has been carrying. pressure trying to become the first to win one in almost three quarters of a century since fred perry at the then-u.s. championships back in 1936. won it, the year perry beat the great don budge 10-8 in a five-set final. two points away from a tie-break.
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john: that forehand has really improved for djokovic, especially that crosscourt angle. he used that well yelled against david ferrer. he's so quick. and he can get up there really fast to take advantage of a fast to take advantage of a short ball. john: with two hands djokovic is slyly better there as well. murray's backhand is great. the serve a little bit long. john: he's been able, in their majors, to control the court
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more with that forehand. that's why murray has worked so hard to improve his. this is a bit of a dicey moment for murray who had the leads, breaks, a couple different times and he could lose this set right here. bill: djokovic two points away from taking the opening set. from taking the opening set. 30-30. john: that's a good time to throw down a 128, first ace. bill: right down the t. point for 6-6.
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bill: so after just over an hour, we'll play a tie-break to hour, we'll play a tie-break to decide the opening set. john: djokovic feels he had an opportunity lost. a real shot to win that before a tie-break. you can see that murray has had a much better tie-break record this year. surprisingly mediocre for djokovic, only 12-9. as many big matches that he's
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won the last couple of years. bill: novak wins the first point. head to head, murray has won four of the six tie breaks they've played. this wind has been a battle for both players.
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bill: again, joke psychiatric forcing the action by coming in. john: you talk about a battle of wills, wow. mentally these guys are trying to dig really deep right now, pull this breaker out. bill: djokovic with the mini break. mary: murray has played five tie breaks in this tournament and he's won all of them.
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john: that was an exceptional point by both those guys. mary: it's been djokovic who's gotten off a couple of really big forehands that forced a mistake from murray. that time, he's the one who got off the big forehand. john: both guys are incredible movers. djokovic slides on hard courts. murray doesn't. he's a bit old school in that sense. there is a guy who doesn't slide. mary: they both went to the same school. they're only a week apart. they are so -- i mean, they're
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such complete players in so many ways. echoes of one another in so many ways. >> fault. mary: they've been playing each other for so long, i wonder if they look around at some point in this match and think how did we both get here? bill: murray able to catch novak a little off-guard with the drop shot. john: did you see the first ball he hit? it moved literally six or eight feet. look at that. that had the weirdest spin you've ever seen. otherwise it was the wind, as we all know. that's my scot.
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bill: 007 approves. 2-2. djokovic takes a moment to reset. reset. >> fault. john: so the winner of the first set in their previous 13
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matches has won. so you get the feeling this is pretty important this tie-break? an hour and seven minutes already in this u.s. open final. he's about 6'3" but he couldn't get his ract on that one. some guy is going to have his head down for about five minutes at that changeover. >> fault. john: he has to do something about it and then it happened again. which is very annoying when
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you're about to hit a second serve 2-3 down in a tie-break. mary: can they move? can they move? bill: just amazing to watch. and they change ends djokovic up 4-2. john: it is absolutely amazing to see these guys. look at that right there.
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djokovic -- boy, is he thankful the point is finally over. he's got a 4-2 lead. bill: fired up in novak's box. john: talking about two of the greatest -- mary: that's a 30-shot rally. john: two of the greatest movers in the history of our sport right here. bill: had a 54-shot rally earlier. great movers, great defenders. this has all the makings of a this has all the makings of a classic final.
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bill: that really surprise novak, just jammed him. knocked him down as he tried to get his racket on it. john: that is incredibly difficult to do against -- also the greatest returner of all time. right here you're watching two of them. certainly djokovic is one. murray is top five at worst. bill: you've talked about that before, putting them in the same category with guys like agassi and jimmy connors. agassi and jimmy connors. john: absolutely. >> fault. john: to have guys right in the middle of a tie-break switch sides where the conditions are sides where the conditions are completely different.
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>> twice! twice! bill: the language can be a little rough sometimes. we apologize for that. we apologize for that. 5-3.
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bill: huge point there. otherwise novak would have had three set points. an hour and 13 minutes in. >> fault.
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bill: novak slipped, tried to regroup but couldn't get to it. 5-5. john: that's a heck of an effort to even almost get that over the cord. look at that. how badly both these two want to get this set. bill: judy murray, andy's mom.
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bill: he went down on the court. you can see both knees skinned up a little bit. bill: and now murray will get a look at a set point. bill: he had not won a set in a grand slam final until the first set at wimbledon this year. the crowd appreciating the effort they've seen from these
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two men so far. john: that's well done. that is an extremely hard shot to hit under those circumstances, set point down. the forehand has saved him, gotten him back in this set into, a position to finally maybe get the set again under his belt. there's another huge shot by djokovic. bill: really set up by a serve that put murray in defensive position from the start. john: one of the best serves he's hit as well. now he should have a slight edge on this side at 6-6 with
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the wind. bill: you think that's close? even at 6-6 and the tie-break at 40 points total each. john: now he's got to decide whether to go big on this serve and risk having to hit a second serve or be more conservative. john: missed that. bill: murray will get another set point. john: that is extremely disappointing for djokovic here. didn't really put enough topspin on that one.
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john: the tension level has risen even higher with those unforced errors, one by each. both think they could have had this set now numerous times. bill: just a total breakdown. john: you call that nerves. it's tough to execute with that much on the line. bill: 7-7. >> fault. >> out.
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mary: the winner of this set gets to feel a lot less pressure in the next one. that's why we're seeing these kinds of holds. bill: vjada. novak's parents there behind
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him. set point number three. >> fault.
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john: this is absolutely an exceptional effort by these two guys. bill: 33 shots. another set point saved. john: you talk about being able to feel the tension on the court, this is unbelievable. >> fault.
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bill: we're right at 20 minutes now for this opening set tie-break. djokovic's mom and dad. djokovic facing a fourth set point. john: the ball skidded off the line. it's just tough counting on the ball being where you think it's going to end up. this is murray with the serve.
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the set on his racket and mis-hit just at the wrong moment. they're going to switch sides again. this time at 9-9. bill: we know how important this first set is. sit more significantor either player? john: i would say it's more significant for murray who has yet to win a grand slam title, for sure. but highly deflating for either guy, who -- whoever loses this. bill: back level at 9-9. bill: once again, the last 13 meetings, the winner of the first set has gone on to win the match. they've played 14 times. murray will get another look.
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john: wow. mary: challenge from murray. john: you have to challenge it but that looked like an awesome serve. he's only had one ace to this point. how nice is that going to feel? bill: chase review. and it's good. john: remember, i said we were going to be here five hours? more like six. bill: they played almost five
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hours in the first grand slam of the year in the semifinals of the year in the semifinals in australia. john: for those of you expecting to see "the late show with david letterman," wow. murray with the wind and the serve now. he's got to do it now. please get this set over with. bill: his sixth set point.
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>> let. john: it was called a let. was that -- it seemed it was well over the knelt. murray thought so. the machine went off. let's take a look. mary: the chair's mike was off. that's why there was a one-second delay. john: it certainly looked well over. murray gets the first serve murray gets the first serve again. bill: an hour and 27 minutes.
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we are, for now. introducing the all-new seven passenger gl. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. bill: everyone taking a deep breath here at the usta billie jean king national tennis center, arthur ashe stadium after that so dramatic opening set that goes to murray in a tie-break. the crowd here, a lot of people running up to use the restroom, get something to eat. people milling about, standing. andy is ready to go. john: it's a good thing he doesn't demand that everyone sit down the way his coach used
5:41 pm
to and to some degree myself, because we could be here all because we could be here all night. let's see what djokovic is made of now. let's see what djokovic is made the tougher task of the two because he had to go out yesterday and play three sets. he did play quite well. mary: there was no wind, though. this is right back to what was frustrating him two days ago against david ferrer. blows apart his precision game.
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bill: another one of these long rallies that we've had. john: he's looking at his crew and saying there's something wrong with my sneakers. i'm falling in them too much. bill: talk about the importance in the opening set of matches between these two. historically the winner of the first set has gone on to capture 18 of the last 20 in the men's final of the u.s. open. del potro, one exception. the other, stefan edberg, who came back to beat pete sampras in 1992. john: djokovic is going to have to make some type of heroic effort here to step it up, in effort here to step it up, in these conditions.
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john: he needs to make a statement here early in this set to murray that he's here to stay. bill: his tournament average, under 20. he had 20 in the first set. john: some of that obviously is the wind. some of that is murray's foot speed court coverage. he's forced to go for a little he's forced to go for a little bit more. murray's got to be the hungrier of the two guys. bill: he blasted that. mary: he's also obviously studied that australian open semifinal against djokovic because many that semi he was only effective on 30% of his
5:44 pm
second-serve points and today he's serving at about 70%. john: well, we'll never know but it would have been interesting to see had there not be wind what he would have done with that serve. he's playing conservatively, which is smart, getting a lot of first serves in. john: djokovic needs do more of that. he's such a great returner and once he sees murray spinning that serve -- where's everyone else at the usta? bill: reminds me of kizer sose.
5:45 pm
mysterious man. usual suspects. mary: djokovic down again. you never see this guy down and he's slipped twice already in this match. john: they better get him some new sneakers. mary: he's all about positraction. bill: and he didn't get the slide that he normally would get. some of the key moments of the tie-break. jammed him there. this is 4-5, trying to get back to even. does it. and then on set point number six it goes to murray finally. mary: murray is moving better, especially now. he's moving lighter, isn't he? more freely. stepping into his shots with more ease, it seems.
5:46 pm
djokovic still lunging around a bit. i don't think that he can blame his shoes. he's got to be making those quick, nimble adjustments in the wind. bill: as you saw in the graphic a little bit of history today. first service game for djokovic here in the second set. john: this is an incredible chance for murray to really take control of this match. bill: he pushed that out. john: he said when i hit it it was going to be two feet in. clearly, murray is feeding off this. it's helping him that djokovic is just starting to go crazy out there. mary: it's usually murray's
5:47 pm
body language that betrays him. he's got a long history of showing his opponent and the rest of us exactly how frustrated he's become. we've seen plenty of that, even today. john: yeah, we saw it in this set. if he'd lost that try breaker it would be a different story right now. mary: he's feeling better about playing in these conditions than djokovic. he's accepted it more. john: certainly murray has been around long enough to know that this opportunity is there. senses it, sees it. that djokovic is vulnerable that djokovic is vulnerable here right now.
5:48 pm
bill: so triple break point. >> let.
5:49 pm
>> out. bill: he tried to go crosscourt for the winner but murray at love breaks. john: he's absolutely tapped out at the moment and it's not surprising given what happened in the first set. he's fallen more in this match than i think he did the whole tournament. bill: and you've talked about what a great mover novak djokovic is. three-knockdown rule is not in effect. mary: murray is such a boxing fan, he would like to see that stat. bill: he would like to see it about his opponent, not about him. mary: boxing is his favorite sport after this. bill: misses there and djokovic clearly out of sorts. john: almost impossible not to let what happened in that first set affect you.
5:50 pm
he's going to have a tall task on his hands now. john: murray able to play within himself, getting a lot of easy points here and a quick lead. absolutely perfect for him. bill: djokovic has won just two points in this set. two and a half games.
5:51 pm
the sun setting, beginning to, over the skyline of manhattan, across the east river from the billie jean king usta national tennis center. mary: this has always been andy murray's favorite place to play. he loves new york. he doesn't feel the pressure he feels trying to win at wimbledon. bill: 40-15.
5:52 pm
john: he's doing absolutely the right thing, just digging, in not giving away any easy points. mary: john, you know what this is reminding me of. i got to tell you. john: if it's one of my losses, don't tell me. mary: the 1984 french open final when ivan lendl was 0-4 in major finals, just as andy murray is. bill: he did not want to you bring that up. mary: i think this is important. djokovic clearly unsettled. ivan lendlle, i don't think he was ready to beat you that day, john. you were way up, two games from the match. kind of lost it, got a little nutty, and this guy hung tough, played the kind of tennis that his young charge is playing. and once he won that major he never looked back. he won seven more. i'm just saying.
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john: isn't there one other match this one may have match this one may have reminded you of? the data she shares from comments, reviews, and social networks tells a company what to make. what it's made from, how it's shipped, and the way it's sold. some companies are increasing sales up to 20% by using analytics to tailor experiences to the one person that matters most. that's what i'm working on. i'm an ibmer. let's build a smarter planet.
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serve, down 0-3 in the second set. after the longest tie-break in the history of the u.s. open men's championship. 12:10. the -- 12-10. the previous long was 11- in 1976, jimmy connors beating 1976, jimmy connors beating bjorn borg. john: djokovic is letting it all hang out here, going too big. he's got new balls. he's so frustrated, so upset with himself he can't hold back at the moment. >> fault.
5:56 pm
john: murray is just not giving him any easy points. he's totally out of sorts and he's -- unless he wins this game, this set could be over really quick. bill: there's vjada. 0-30. that was out wide and he needed that. 15-30. he's about to go down a second he's about to go down a second break.
5:57 pm
john: that's well out. here's a guy that last couple years that's mounted more comebacks from seemingly impossible positions than anyone out there except who we watched yesterday, serena williams, who's done it it seems 15 times to me, where she's been match game or match point down. bill: double break point. bill: double break point. >> fault. john: right now he's snapped. this wind is help keeping his mind going absolutely warp mind going absolutely warp speed.
5:58 pm
mary: how many ways can andy murray hit a backhand? bill: 4-0. inspired by the true story from the writer of "good fellows" and "casino" dennis quade stars in a new drama "vegas," premiering september 25, only cbs. again, there has to be a
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qualifier with those unforced errors because it has been very hard for both players, but special novak in these gusty conditions. mary: yeah, but he's got to fight that. he knows the conditions now. it looked like he was making a great effort to combat that towards the end of that first set and now he's back smiling again and acting like he's a victim of all this. john: he's like those fighters that get hit with the body shot and smile and pretend they're ok. ok. mary: that's right. bill: novak has been broken four times. that's the most at any match here at the open this year. here at the open this year. 15-15. murray


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