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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 10, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball.
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those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. ♪ bill: and we're back, djokovic serving, trying to send this
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set to a tie-break. wins the first point. john: he seems the fresher of the two physically and this would be an unbelievable boost for him to somehow win this set now and he's in a position to do so. bill: from two breaks down. bill: terrific pass from murray for 15-15. john: he was well-positioned, novak, this time. he chips and charges, he's thinking down the line. he's done that often. that's an absolute beautiful angle by murray. no one's going to get to that no one's going to get to that shot.
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john: murray did everything right there. he kept on pounding away.
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really hitting some great groundstrokes. 30-shot rally again. djokovic finally going for too much. bill: murray had 15-30. john: what would this do to his head if he fights all the way back and loses his serve? bill: murray is two points away from a two sets lead. john: he's certainly expended a lot of effort and energy to get back into this set. back into this set. he wants to be rewarded for it. john: that looked out. called out. bill: called out. a late call. huh -- he considers challenging and won't.
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john: he can't believe he's lost this point. it's two set points, on top of everything else. that is well out. bill: that's why he didn't challenge. challenge. john: unbelievable. bill: andy murray has never won two sets in a grand slam final. take another look. john: he's just praying for this to go in. then djokovic hit a tough ball, clips the tape.
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still set point. john: that's out. bill: and djokovic will challenge. john: well, that is going to be a two sets to love lead and murray closer than ever to a grand slam win. bill: andy murray is a set away from history, 7-6, 7-5. [bar noises] ♪ swing music plays ♪ ♪ swing music plays ♪
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bill: men's championship of the u.s. open here on cbs. just getting ready to start set number three. andy murray took a brief break and is coming back out onto the court. john: this is his fifth grand slam final, remember. last wimbledon, a couple of months ago, the first time he'd even won a set. now he's just, can taste it and that's got to be such a boost for him after getting that first-set tiebreaker. suddenly he sees djokovic bummed out as well he understandably would be after dropping an hour and a half set. gets up 4-0 and then somehow
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djokovic gets back, only to drop serve at 5-6 with the wind. bill: take a look at the cbs sports eye tracker. take a look at what he's been doing to try to move novak around. using the drop shot to set up the open court. he's one set away. john: but djokovic can't possibly allow what happened in the previous set to happen again. this is a like a basketball game where you get 25 down, you make the run. you get all the way back only to lose it because you don't have enough left in the tank. how much has he got? he's played five, six-hour matches in year. one was with murray in australia. then he beat nadal in the final, but mentally this has been such a strain for djokovic.
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john: both guys obviously has had to dole with the conditions, but when you're up two set you feel a whole lot better about things. you don't see him grabbing his leg now. bill: as you watch this, remember that andy carries the hopes of great britain, really, on his shoulders. has since he's got on the the top of the men's game. trying to become the first british man to win a grand slam title in 76 years, since fred perry did it at the u.s. championships at 36. -- in 1936.
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john: on the one hand, djokovic hasn't been out there that long in this tournament. however, three of the sets were yelled. physically he seems to be in prime condition. incredibly well-conditioned young man. so it's more of a mental thing than a physical thing at this stage. bill: take a look at that. last player to come from two sets down in the final to win the u.s. open was pancho gonzalez in 1949. bill: 15-30. bill: murray's got exceptional feel. he uses it well, particularly
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at the net. he likes to hit those drop shots, drop volleys. that was a smart call there with the open court. >> fault. john: djokovic obviously sees now, look, i can't afford any more lapses. so he's intense out here early in this third. john: he's got to make something happen here right off the bat and he's got a couple of chances to break murray.
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mary: what a forehand! ivan lendl must be proud. i haven't seen him smile yet in this tournament. maybe we'll see his teeth at some point this evening. bill: stoic man. mary: this is just what he's wanted him to do, gain more of the court, take control of the points early in the rallies, use his big forehand. mary: use his serve. bill: that was a big serve.
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bill: that was a big serve. 128. john: that's his hardest of -- the -- well, he got up to 132 once. that was out wide. a tougher time generating as much as pace. right up the middle is your best bet if you want to hit it as hard as possible. the shortest distance. that serve has worked for him out wide. that's going to bum djokovic even more. couldn't get this early break. bill: and again. wow. only the second ace but murray
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able to come back from double break point down. he's had some disappointing moments, obviously in finals. this was the 2008 final. lost there to roger down under. lost to roger again. at the australian open to djokovic. john: he's had some pretty stiff competition. bill: he has but hadn't been able to win a set until at the all england club this summer, won the first set but then roger came back and took it in four. so he's never been this close. a lot of people felt that andy's best opportunity at a grand slam would come here in new york. mary mentioned that he enjoys coming here. he's sort of separated from the pressure. he feels at home. trying to do something that hasn't been accomplished in 3/4 of a century.
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>> out. mary: ivan lendl says that winning the olympics for andy -- he considers that to be a major. rafa nadal winning in beijing. andy winning at the olympics at wimbledon. he thinks it's done andy a world of good. bill: as you said, it does take some of the pressure off. he can have fewer doubts about himself and where he belongs in the tennis universe. but he admitted that winning a grand slam would be different and a huge step for him. mary: that's what ivan lendl was hired for. bill: novak broken already five times. john: a nice bonus potential well-deserved for mr. lendl if he could help get the job done
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with murray, who's playing exceptionally well at the exceptionally well at the moment. >> out. bill: we're going to have a chase review. the ball called out. and the chase review confirms that. that. 15-15. >> out.
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john: murray's consistently able to dictate points from this side of the court. bill: you might be able to tell the conditions have improve add bit. the wind not gusting as hard as it was earlier, certainly at the start of the match. still a factor, though.
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still a factor, though. 30-30. >> out. john: caught a bit of the line. murray has lost one challenge already. let's see if this was wide. it was, so he gets to keep it. second serve. bill: chase review.
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bill: chase review. good challenge. bill: and that energizes the crowd, and novak. john: it reminds me a rafa nadal a little bit. when he gets way down in matches, it till looks like he thinks he's going to win. djokovic looks like he wants to be in there for the long haul. this was an unreal get there. bill: two very different bill: two very different reactions. john: wants to get the crowd
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trying to help him get some energy. bill: 1-1. bill: we talked about their meeting in the australian open. a lot of people felt that in the subtle way andy may have had a breakthrough, the way he came back in the final set. he was down 2-5 and hung in and was finally able to level the set before novak took it 7-5.
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it was a positive step for him and people sort of credited ivan lendl, his influence really showing up for the first time. time. 15-0. mary: even before lendl -- andy murray had a great group of people around, like djokovic, searching for every possible way to make him better. djokovic often talks about the team around his opponents.
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mary: his is good too. these guys are so thorough. such professionals. murray has always felt like working. he's always been a great student of the game. bill: fitness has been a key part of his growth as a player. he's added about 10 pounds of muscle. that body fault down to 7% or %. john: the only time he's lost a match from two sets up with his first five-setter to nalbandian, and that was because of fitness. so he's learned his lessons so he's learned his lessons quite well.
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>> fault. john: murray is 12-6 career in five-setters. he doesn't want to today that right now but here's djokovic with a chance again. bill: second double fault and double break point. john: djokovic career, 18-5. bill: andy, you might have heard, admonishing himself, "take your time." >> out. john: how's that for a return? bill: so djokovic with an early break here in the third and break here in the third and we'll return after this.
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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, cbs broadcasting, inc.] bill: already a compelling final as we're early in the third set. let's take another look at some numbers. john: clearly djokovic is playing much better now and he's starting to go after the ball, hit it with more authority. he hasn't done well on second-serve points won, that is for sure.
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>> fault. john: but he's starting to make an impact in the most important thing of all, murray's head. and he's not going to go away and he's not going to go away here. john: that volley not good enough, right back to the center of the court. he needs to place it better than that. as recently as the french he was two sets to love down. he was able to mount a -- a comeback. this would be much tougher. mary: then he was down four match points against tsonga in the quarters of the french and got past that. >> fault.
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>> out. bill: sir alex ferguson, the manager of manchester united looking on. john: another scot. bill: he actually was with sean connery when they win -- went into the press room to talk to andy after the semifinal win. john: their soccer team is like the yankees. they've had a long history of success. manchester united. the new york yankees for baseball people. sorry. bill: gotcha.


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