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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  September 10, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> out. bill: both players did a good job to get back in the point but then murray sends it long. john: that's absolutely right. djokovic, when it went over his head he just started the point over, which is smart. didn't go for too much. he's starting to take control of more of these baseline points, which is good news for points, which is good news for him. his serve is starting to work for him also. getting more free points off that. bill: 124, that last serve.
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bill: the men's championship of the u.s. open. we're in the third set. andy murray looking for his first grand slam title against the reigning u.s. open men's novak djokovic. murray took the first two sets and djokovic up a break, now 3-1 in the third set and tv's number one new comedy is on the
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move to a new time. catch the season premiere monday at 9:00, 8:00 central, monday at 9:00, 8:00 central, only cbs. the usta billie jean king national tennis center in new york. just across the east river from manhattan, as andy murray serves with a two sets lead at serves with a two sets lead at 1-3. andy has always been one of his generation's best tactical players. his mom says when he was 16 and couldn't train because of an injury, he used to watch tennis on television, take notes on matches and go to his mom and say if i was playing here's what i'd do. thomas gibson, star of "criminal minds" among those in attendance. his mom said he loved watching
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great players and trying to learn what made them special. andy, not thomas. 30-0. and then he teams with lendl. he loves hearing how lendl breaks down the game. he said at one point ivan had reply case made of the rackets used by other players and then would play with them, just to see how the ball reacted to different shots. >> out. bill: 40-15. john: you mean the players that he plays against or the players of the past? did he good a -- get a wood racket, for example? bill: were you missing any
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rackets in your lockerbie any chance? mary: but he, too, he labored under the reputation of being a choke in the big matches and just as murray had, he went 0-4 in major finals. bill: novak way off there so a hold by murray. meet the new boss your customer. the data she shares from comments, reviews, and social networks tells a company what to make. what it's made from, how it's shipped, and the way it's sold. some companies are increasing sales up to 20% by using analytics to tailor experiences to the one person that matters most. that's what i'm working on. i'm an ibmer. let's build a smarter planet. are we there yet? are we there yet? [ male announcer ] it's the age-old question of travel. the same one we ask ourselves every day.
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is it the strongest, the most efficient? have we created the kind of vehicle to move not just people... but an industry forward? are we there yet? are we really? [ male announcer ] are we there yet? we are, for now. introducing the all-new seven passenger gl. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. bill: a beautiful evening in new york, as we welcome you
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back to arthur ashe stadium. usta billie jean king national tennis center. the final day of the u.s. open, men's championship. john: fall is coming to new york. cool, windy, tough conditions. just past 7:00 here in new york and i have to hand it to djokovic. he was in a seemingly very difficult position at the very least. a set 4-0, almost got back in this set. has remained positive to get this early break in the third. bill: waiting for everyone to bill: waiting for everyone to get settled. >> fault. john: three hours, in these guys still look like they're moving incredibly well.
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john: you don't see murray holding his leg, you don't see djokovic looking at his sneakers. they're still battling the elements, the wind, that is for sure. john: i suppose you tell yourself if you're djokovic, look, i only have to put up with this another two, two and a half hours and i could hold up that u.s. open trophy. murray says i'll take be -- it
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about 20, 30 minutes from now, about 20, 30 minutes from now, would be nice. john: he just wants to see what it feels like to pick one of those grand slam trophies up for the first time. john: thank god, finally something goes my way. clips the tape and doesn't go clips the tape and doesn't go over. >> fault. bill: jake garner announcing the chase review. novak making the challenge, and it was out. >> second service.
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>> fault. bill: fourth double fault. bill: and an opening for murray at 15-30. bill: and now murray with two chances to get back on serve.
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beautiful skyline of manhattan. mary: it's been a very long tennis season. it almost makes sense that it ends here on a difficult night on which to play. these guys have both played so much tennis. and still have so much to play. john: murray trying to wait for that moment where he could unload. he had his shot.
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the ball got away from him there. bill: we've reached the three-hour mark. fourth straight year that the men's championship has gone to men's championship has gone to three-plus hours. still break point. bill: just firing. john: he's got to put a little extra on it when you're hitting through the wind. he's put everything he's got into it. and the crowd is -- they want to see this keep going. that's going to fuel his energy that's going to fuel his energy level. his desire to win this again.
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bill: three straight points. game point for 4-2. >> fault. john: big effort from djokovic, saving those break points. here's last year. this is the third major in four
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events in 2011. mary: of course, he was down a couple of match points in the semis to roger federer. bill: novak comes in with a 27-match winning streak in grand slam hard court tournaments going back to 2010, when he lost in the final here when he lost in the final here to rafa. mary: so we saw rafa nadal get back his dominance of his favorite surface, the red clay of the french open this year. then we saw murray lose to the remarkably gifted grass-courter roger federer on federer's favorite surface. now djokovic trying to show us all once again why he's been the best hard court player in
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the world for two years. and at least now both players are in full acceptance of the harrowing conditions. they're more than willing to fight through them so they can get to each other. >> out.
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bill: three different men have won grand slam titles in year. of course, andy at the olympics. john: that's why so much is riding, obviously, on this event. both guys can make the argument they're the number one if they finish this season strong. bill: last time four different players won grand slams in a single year was 2003. it actually happened four straight years starting in 2000. that was really the transitional time when pete and andre were winding down. bill: the wind has started to gust again. john: yeah, all of a sudden
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this is -- djokovic showing if i get one of these next two points, i'm going to get back in this thing. get one set under his belt. get one set under his belt. two-break lead. bill: still break point. bill: a break here and novak can serve for the set.
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john: he's going to challenge it. hold on a second. it looks like the double break. and murray not real confident but he's going to give it another look. bill: let's look at the chase review and it was well in. review and it was well in. inc.] so he's a game away from the so he's a game away from the third set.
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bill: we're back, and this is the little exchange that occurred during that last change. switching shoes. john: he complained rather bitterly the first couple of sets. sort of surprising to see when he's temporarily righted the ship that this is when he decides to get a fresh pair. but here we are 5-2. headed towards a fourth set. this is a tremendous effort by djokovic. he really upped the level of play to take it to murray here. bill: double fault. that's number five. john: i'm going to stretc this out. i'm going to have to use this
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body another couple hours. bill: they played for five hours in australia and it's started to look like that's a real possibility here. bill: and murray out 0-30. mary: he's crafty. he knew he could get djokovic in a vulnerable position by drag -- dragging him in as he did. as john said he's got soft hands. bill: did it here at roland garros. did it here against roger
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federer. faced those two match points. 15-30.
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bill: 30-30. we talked about that long match they played in australia. almost five hours. and then novak came back and played the longest grand slam final ever, five hours and 53 minutes against rafa. that was an amazing test of will. finally won by novak with both men barely able to stand during the trophy presentation. the trophy presentation. two points away from the set. john: dare we say two sets to one? bill: vintage djokovic in that game. 6-2 in the third and on to set 6-2 in the third and on to set number four.
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♪ bill: three hours, 14 minutes. novak djokovic comes storming back. the defending champion taking the third set 6-2. murray will serve to start set number four. up two sets to one. john: he got the early break and the third set on this side. he remained positive despite a heartbreaking loss in the second when he battled from 4-0 down. once again he looks to be mentally, like mary said a few games ago, accepting of the situation, and because of that he's playing a lot better. mary: it looks like he's up two sets to one right now.
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john: he's learned to do that quite well at the young age of 25. he did it last year with federer and he is really hitting the ball cleanly at the moment. he's got a good energy out there for him to help him try to pull back and level this, take it to a fifth set. bill: murray in a hold at 0-30. john: we'll see if murray tries to attack a little bit more, take the net away from djokovic. murray toss as big serve, which
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he desperately needed. only his third ace of the match. bill: look at the chase review and -- john: he's not going to be too happy when he sees the replay later, djokovic, when -- if he looks at this game. bill: it was not good. mary: oh! that was some incredible touch. john: he's changing grips every split second. couldn't decide to hit the full swing or use his spin or use
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the touch. watch this. murray tosses the drop shot down. good backhand deep. what, what -- no. whoa. that is nice. boy, if you miss that you ought to punch yourself. that worked out beautifully. bill: double break point.
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john: here's again djokovic moving forward. he's attacked the net much more than andy murray. he gets right on that passing shot and he gets just what the doctor ordered once again, the early break here in the fourth set. andy is getting the crowd -- and he's getting the crowd well behind him when before, they were pulling, i think for murray, who hasn't won a slam. the sentimental favorite. so murray has got to come up with an answer here. maybe we'll see him go out of character and start pumping his fists and firing up the crowd. bill: murray is going to go back and get another racket. he's trying to adjust for the he's trying to adjust for the conditions.


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