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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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noontime temperatures 72. and a 5:00 reading of 76. at about 2:30 or so i think we'll hit the 78-degree high that i'm forecasting. satellite and radar all quiet. had a couple of clouds in the afternoon yesterday in the mountains but they have since dissipated with a loss of the daytime heating and this morning we lost a lot of heating. it's down in the mid-40s in many years in the shenandoah valley although hagueertown -- hagerstown is 51. la plata 49 with andrews 53. even down at the tappahannock airport and culpeper this morning we sit at an even 50. across the bay easton chilly there, 51. but a beautiful day ahead. lots of sunshine. look at your afternoon high in the mid to the upper 70s. again i don't think you get much better than this weather wise. traffic wise it's 5:00 a.m. we're still looking pretty good at this hour. here's monika samtani. thank so you much. good morning, everybody. the beltway is incident free as are all the major thoroughfares trying to get there. we'll first take a look at the
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bw parkway and route 50 inside the beltway through cheverly you're fine. no problems in the northeast corridor. if you're planning to head north on 295 you're good to the 11 rght street bridge. let's -- 11th street bridge. way north of town at university boulevard, 95 across the way to 270, you're going to be fine and 270 no issues right now in from frederick. let's go back over to our maps and this time we'll head over to the southern side of maryland. route 5, route 4, route 301, everything out of brandy consist wine toward andrews air force base you're good. oxon hill 210 out of accokeek and across the wilson bridge. one more last live look, this time we'll head over to the 95, 395, 495 interchange. looking good here in the springfield area. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:09. >> thank you, monika. today marks the 11th anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks, including the plane that hit the pentagon killing 184 people. >> there will be a private ceremony for family members at the pentagon today.
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9news now reporter kristin fisher is live at the national cathedral, site of a prayer service later today. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. you know, this is actually the first year that the national cathedral hasn't held a big event to mark the anniversary of 9/11. nptd, they're opting for -- instead, they're opting for smaller, more intimate prayer services and that's intentional. the interim dean here says part of the church's mission is to help the country begin to move past 9/11 and especially after last year. last year was the big ten-year anniversary of 9/11. you can expect to see similar scaled back commemorative events all over the country, at the pentagon, in new york city, and that shanksville, pennsylvania. vice president joe biden will be speaking there today. yesterday defense secretary leon panetta visited the flight 93 national memorial and called it the final resting place of american patriots. >> it's the spirit that was reflected in the heroes here
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who were willing on a plane to suddenly charge ahead knowing -- knowing that it was very likely that they were giving their lives for their country. that kind of sacrifice, that kind of commitment, that kind of dedication, that kind of courage is what makes this country strong and we damn well better remember that every day. >> reporter: here's a look at how you can remember 9/11 here in washington at 9:37 this morning. that's the exact moment the third plane flew into the pentagon. there will be a moment of silence at arlington national cemetery and the cemetery will be open to the public. but the pentagon memorial is going to be closed to the public from 5:00 a.m. to noon for a private ceremony for the survivors and the victims' families. if you really want to do something today, really give back, then check out the national day of service and remembrance. it's happening from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at freedom plaza. finally, here at the washington
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national cathedral, there's going to be prayer services at 8:45 noon and then 5:30 this evening. i will have more on some of the other nationwide commemorative events coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea? >> thank you, kristin fisher reporting live from the national cathedral. in other news this morning, people packed the kettering community center to hear more about an unsolved murder case. 17-year-old amber stanley was killed august 23, shot to death in her own bedroom. last night prince george's county police held a community meeting about the case. they're asking the public for any information to help solve the murder of the flowers high school honor student. the prince george's county county chapter of the naacp wants the justice department to investigate the police in laurel. the naacp members accused officers of violating their civil rights. the complaints intensified after an incident last month caught on video. it appears to show a laurel police officer striking a handcuffed suspect in the head
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three times. >> the police officers are racist. >> there are some bad apples out there. we'll take care of those bad apples. >> monday night's city council meeting, the mayor promised every complaint will be taken seriously and investigated. montgomery county police are looking for a robber who used a taser on his victim. a woman told investigators she was at a bus stop in silver spring when a man shot a taser at her leg. then took off with they are cell phone. this happened -- with her cell phone. this happened at the intersection of buckknell drive and prit charred road. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown will not be sentenced next week as originally scheduled. his sentencing has been pushed back to november 13. you may remember brown resigned his seat in june and pleaded guilty to bank fraud and a
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misdemeanor campaign finance violation. he admitted to lying about a bank loan which allowed him to buy a power boat. each carries a maximum six- month sentence. 5:06. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> indeed it is. good morning, jessica doyle. >> good morning, mike and andrea. of course we're not too far from multi-year highs for the dow, nasdaq and s&p, but things have been looking not so great recently. we're waiting for new comaik data. invest -- new economic data. investors are waiting for this week's federal reserve meeting. some people are thinking last week's bad jobs report might mean the fed is likely to do something to boost the weak economy. the dow came off of a five-year high dropping 52 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq off by 32. s&p 500 was down by almost 9. we are shopping more. we just are putting it all on our credit cards. the federal reserve says americans cut back credit card use in july for a second straight month. consumer debt declined even though americans boosted their spending by the most amount in
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five months. the virginia department of transportation is making it easier for drivers to get an ed pass transponders to pay tolls in virginia and 13 other states. officials say the recently launched ez pass and the go program allows psengers to get prepaid ez pass transponders at various retail locations throughout virginia. it's pretty easy. pick up a transponder, ez pass it. >> i think it's a great idea. more and more people are going to use it and why not make it easy to grab them. what are we going to be looking forward to in the next half hour? >> a lot of folks on the internet had trouble reaching some of their favorite sites yesterday. we'll check on how that's doing this morning. >> sounds good. thanks, jess. a u.s. drone strike takes out a top al qaeda figure in yemen. that story is coming up. >> people in parts of washington state have to pack up and get out.
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they're facing mandatory wildfire evacuations. >> ahead in sports, the nationals bounce back from their weekend series and have a fest in new york. we'll be right back.
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well can back. 5:on -- welcome back. 5:09. you probably need a jacket. it's 59 at national but they're warmer than just about everybody else. it's going to be a beautiful day. check out this day planner. we're looking really good with clear skies, lots of sunshine. 72 by noon. 76 at 3:00 with a high of 78
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and 6:00 p.m. temp a delightful 74. right now let's get a traffic update with monika. on the northbound side of i- 95 in springfield, a bit of volume here at 5:10 in the morning. but all lanes are open both in the main and hov lanes heading for the beltway or on to 395. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:17. andrea and mike? making news now at 5:10, rescue teams are trying to find any more survivors after a horrific bus crash this morning in india. at least 30 people died when a bus plunged down a 600-foot gorge. a few passengers did survive the fall. but authorities fear they will find more bodies underneath the wreckage. u.s. officials say al qaeda's number two in yemen has been killed. saeed al-shihri and six others died in an air strike from an unmanned american drone. he fought in afghanistan
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against nato and spent six years in a prison in guantanamo bay. mandatory evacuation orders could come at any minute for thousands of people in washington state. two separate fires have scorched more than 27,000 acres. high winds in the area are making it difficult for firefighters to get any containment to slow down these blazes. the redskins got a good look at one of their upcoming opponents last night. that's because they play right up the road in baltimore. >> at 5:50, we'll talk with the director of a new breast imaging center in the area. >> at 5:15, howard has the back- to-work forecast. it is gorgeous again today. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:14. it's going to be hard to beat yesterday but today does it. >> i think today will be the best day of the week. as awesome as yesterday was. we'll up it today because the winds are not going to be breezy. that will be the difference right there. still going to be sunny. still going to be dry. temperatures still will top out in the upper 70s. it's awesome. let's get you going at the bus stop forecast on this chilly, chilly tuesday morning. 40s in spots. 40s and 50s at the bus stop this morning. sunrietz not until 6 -- sunrise not until 6:46. a lot of darkness still to go.
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72 by noon. with a north wind at 5:00, we hope you can eat outside, maybe stretch the lunch hour to 90 minutes or longer. 76 at 5:00. a beautiful day with light winds. go play tennis or something this afternoon. it's going to be awesome. chilly this morning. 46 at lovettsville. 49 centreville. 4 in gaithersburg. fort belvoir 49. prince george's county, bowie down to 49 but upper marlboro 53 with a 51 in college park. we've got 51 in bethesda as well. outside on our michael & son weather cam, all is quiet this morning out here on wisconsin avenue and northwest washington. reagan national officially, that's one of the warmer spots thanks to the water and all that cement and asphalt. 59 degrees. humidity 72% and a light north wind at 5 miles an hour. there's some heat, though, across the country. as chilly as it is here, look at the hot temperatures shooting into minneapolis. mid-90s. bismarck in the 70s. so a cold front right here. this is what we'll watch march
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to the east slowly. it gets here probably late saturday, likely sunday. that will be our next chance for showers and storm. out ahead of it we'll watch the flow turn to the south. there are a few showers behind that front at bismarck this morning. warm on the west side of the high with winds out of the south and southwest. remember, clockwise circulation so a northerly flow. east of the high that's the cool side. that's where we were yesterday and that's where we are again today with high pressure building in. there's just not much weather to show you. winds are going to kick up out of the east a little bit to the south as the high drifts east as we head into thursday. the computer is trying to generate some isolated showers well south of us here by thursday afternoon but that's down into north carolina. so what have we got? another great looking day. 90s in minneapolis but 80s in chicago. cincinnati and charleston, west v.a. 1r58 1. everybody -- 81. everybody off to the east boston at 70. sunshine, philly 77. virginia beach will be in the mid-70s as well.
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a beautiful day along the east coast. looking at our forecast, looks great today. temperatures will get on this side for that one. 78 degrees. tonight we'll be again near 50 in the suburbs. 59, 60 here in town and by the bay. a beautiful day tomorrow. just a little warmer, 83. still not humid. thursday 84. still not humid. friday 84, still not humid. but that front gets closer to us as we head into late saturday, more likely sunday that will give us a chance for a few showers and storms, highs sunday and monday 81 and 83. traffic is looking all right for most of us. here's monika samtani with details. for the most part traffic is great. there is a fallen tree in tacoma park route 410 near piney branch road. crews are on the scene. it's blocking the road. be aware of that in tacoma park. other than that things are looking good. the beltway, no delays yet college park into silver spring and bethesda. no problems on 270 or 95 coming in from baltimore. we'll take a live look outside
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and first show what you it looks like here at university boulevard. all construction was cleared up. no issues to report. traffic is moving at a good pace right now. back over to the maps and this time over to 66 and the dulles toll road coming in from the west. no issues out of sterling into herndon and reston and 66 out of manassas and centreville and fairfax. one more time outside, this time we'll take a look at the 395, 495 interchange in springfield which is looking good both loops of the beltway. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:24. >> thank you, monika. 5:18. i wonder if the ravens will share any of their strategies with the skins and do the skins need them? >> es that' a because last night bat -- that's because last night the raishens -- ravens crushed their opponent. the average one of these costs four times more than 25 years ago but only the half of size. is it a bag of chips, the
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bikini or cell phone? >> it would have to be a, chips wrote one viewer but that's like everything we buy now. >> leave your response on our facebook fan page. we'll reveal the answer during our 6:00 hour. we'll be back.
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welcome back. your weather first on this kind of chilly tuesday morning. mid- to upper 40s in many of the suburbs. 58 at reagan national. as we head toward 9:00, we'll
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start to warm up a little bit. low to mid-50s in many areas. we'll still be around that 60- degree park. beautiful for the lunch hour, upper 60s to low 70s. this afternoon we're going to be in the mid- to upper 70s for highs. nothing but sunshine expected today with light northerly winds. a near perfect day. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. is this a habit? every time we talk about nationals highlights, they are going yard. the long ball a big factor again last night. >> they did it. while the ravens did it. they stroid an opponent -- destroyed an opponent heading to fed ex field later this month. good morning, everybody. i'm here at m&t bank it stadium in baltimore where the ravens kicked off their season in grand fashion in front of a ruckus crowd taking on their decision rivals, the cincinnati bengals. this game was all vens. it was a one sided game. ravens up 10-3 in the 2nd quarter. looking deep for an twain
5:23 am
bolden. a tough grab for a 34-year-old touchdown. the ravens didn't look back after that. up 14 late in the third, ed reeves, who else. up to his old tricks. picks off the pass from andy dalton, races 34 yards for the touchdown, set as career mark for interception return yards in the process. after another bengals turnover, ray rice has finally got a chance to dance. plunges in for the score from a yard out. ravens roll the bengals 44-13. >> it was a hard fought game. it was 17-10. it was -- and they were driving down the field. we came up with a stop to keep the lead on the one-yard line. that was big. >> we're just getting started on this journey. we know what we need to get better on. eight good to get the first one under your belt, the first win. >> reporter: imesure the red skins were -- i'm sure the redskins were taking a close look at this game. not only do they host the ravens but rg3 makes his fed ex
5:24 am
debut against the bengals. both games can be seen right here on wusa9. nationals were in the big apple facing the new york mets. every run last night came on a home run. nats up 1-30 in the 3 -- 1-0 in the 3rd. on the mounds gio gonzalez was efficient last night. six inning, struck out six while allowing just one earned run. nats cruise to a 5-1 win. they'll be back at it against the mets coming up tonight. i'm kristen berset. have a great tuesday. >> strasburg was shut down but gonzalez has the most wins in the major league. enough said. a major retailer offering parents an alternative when it comes to ipads for your kids. that's coming up at 5:35. >> americans pause to remember those who perished in the september 11 attacks 11 years
5:25 am
ago today. here's monika. on georgia avenue at the east-west highway, traffic very light. no problems to report here in silver spring inside the beltway but route 410 at piney branch road is blocked with a fallen tree in tacoma park. i'll have more traffic coming up at 5:29. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us this morning. good morning, monika samtani. how are you? >> i'm great. thanks, mike. >> living in the '80s. howard is here in the present 21st century talking gorgeous weather. >> lots of 40s out there this morning. weather watchers reporting the chill and crispness and just a nice refreshing nature of the air after what i think was a pretty long, hot summer. it started early. didn't have much of a winter. now we're starting to cool off and it feels real good. here's a look at the day plan
5:29 am
cher will feel good all day long. the dry air is in place, sunshine, 72 degrees as we head toward noon. 5:00 76. we're going to top out maybe 2:30, 3:00 78. but with light northerly winds it's going to feel awesome. sunshine will be prevalent once we get rid of the darkness here because there's nothing coming our way cloud wise. we may pop a couple of those puffy weather cumulous clouds like we had yesterday. the fair weather puffy cumulous clouds. this morning look at temps in the mid-40s in most of the shenandoah valley. cumberland a little chilly in the queen city, 45. 49 la plata. it's 52 in fredricksburg. 45 in frederick. and a comfortable brisk 50 in easton. this afternoon, though, sunshine. your highs will be in the mid- to upper 70s. 5:29, let's go over to monika samtani who is all smiles. >> started tennis clinic yesterday. beautiful day. probably will do it again today. it's great to be outside, especially at lunch time.
5:30 am
if you're headed to work right now, things are also good. no problems on 270. you have some brake lights forming around route 109 but closer in, gaithersburg, organizeville, bethesda -- rockville, bethesda, 270 is great. just a bit of volume but no big delays yet of. all lanes are open on 270. back over to the maps and this time to the south side of town coming along 9 95. you're beginning to see the slow traffic right here in woodbridge across the occoquan river and just a bit in spring field. one more last time outside. 14th street bridge still moving well into downtown. i'll be back with more at 5:39. >> thank you, monika. it's a beautiful tuesday and it was another beautiful tuesday morning 11 years ago when terrorists struck in america. >> twin beams of light shown up from manhattan last night to remember those who died at the word trade center. security has been increased around new york city as it is now every september 11 they do
5:31 am
that, even though federal authorities say we have no specific threats. >> in shanksville, pennsylvania, 40 ladders were lit at the base of the memorial there. it honors people on board flight 93 who forced their hijackers to crash before it could hit a target here in washington. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live at the national cathedral, one of the local sites holding a service later today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, they're holding a service but this is actually the first year since 9/11 that the national cathedral will not hold a big event to ma the anniversary of september 11. this is also the first year that no politicians are going to be allowed to speak at the ceremony at ground zero. for years from president bush to president obama, people have accused elected officials of using these anniversaries for political gain, especially during a presidential campaign. there's also the sense that after the big ten-year anniversary last year, perhaps
5:32 am
it's time to scale back these big commemorative events and allow the victims's families have more privacy, more intimacy. so this year politicians have been banned from speaking at the ground zero ceremony and that includes president obama. instead he will be meeting with soldiers at walter reed. he will also be attending a private ceremony at the pentagon memorial. >> americans across the country will take a moment to reflect upon the events of september 11, 2001, and all that our country has been through together since then. >> reporter: it was 11 years ago this morning that that third plane crashed into the pentagon at 9:37 a.m. at that exact moment this morning, there will be a moment of silence at arlington national cemetery. there will also be that private ceremony that the president will be attending at the pentagon memorial for survivors
5:33 am
and the victims' families. that memorial will be closed until noon today for that private event. so if you want to mark that 9:37 moment this morning, my advice would be to go to arlington national cemetery or you can come here to the cathedral. they're going to be holding a private prayer -- excuse me, they're going to be holding a public prayer service at 8:45 this morning. anybody is welcome to attend. they're also going to be holding prayer services at noon and at 5:30 tonight. mike, andrea, hard to believe it's been 11 years since 9/11, right? >> it is. a very long time and seems like it just flew by. kristin fisher live outside national cathedral. today the five men found guilty in a shooting that rattled southeast washington will be sentenced. the five were convicted earlier this year in the march 2010 drive-by shooting along south capitol street. four people were killed. the four victims were attending a funeral for a fifth person. prosecutors say that young man was shot the previous week over a missing bracelet.
5:34 am
a number of family members are scheduled to testify at today's sentencing hearing. four of the five defendants face sentences of life without parole. we could be learning more today about plans to try a former virginia police officer on murder charges now. daniel harman wright is expected to be in culpeper circuit court for a motions hearing. he shot and killed 50-year-old patricia cook during an office spot. prosecutors say he didn't fire the fatal shot until he was clear of the vehicle. he's scheduled to go on trial coming up in january. tonight the fight against west nile virus takes to the air in anne arundel county. the maryland department of agriculture will use aerial spraying in a couple of areas where there have been positive tests for the virus. the spraying will start around 7:30 tonight weather permitting. the same areas will be sprayed again next tuesday. it is about 5:35.
5:35 am
time for your money report. >> jessica doyle is back. is your website working? >> this is a problem for many, many small businesses. if you went to some of your favorite websites yesterday, you may have found that they were down. thousands, possibly millions of websites hosted by godaddy were knocked off line yesterday. it does appear services has been restored by this morning. a twitter feed claiming to be affiliated with the aanonymous hacker group says it's behind the outage. outage. it has more than ten million customer, many of them small business. the relationship between google and apple is getting more hostile. as a result youtube is being reprogrammed for the iphone and the ipad. google owns youtube. the changes are being made because google and apple simply did not renew a five-year licensing agreement that made youtube's video service a centerpiece of the iphone and the ipad.
5:36 am
youtube is being bumped from that menu of preinstalled apps on the next version of the iphone which could be released as early as tomorrow. if you're one of those parents who cringes at the thought of letting your child play with your pricey ipad, check this out. toys 'r' us now selling a tablet designed just for the kids. the tabio is priced at just under $150. seven-inch screen, wi-fi connections, friendly apps and a soft bumper to protect it if it's dropped. it will be in stores october 21. i need the soft bumper on everything i own. >> to protect it when it is dropped because it will be. >> thanks, jess. coming up, a director of a new breast imaging center in our area joins us to preview tomorrow's open house event. >> it does not look like there's going to be a quick settlement to tens of thousands of striking teachers as they march a second day on the
5:37 am
streets of chicago.
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welcome back. 5:38. your weather first. i need more of a jacket than this. it's chilly out this morning. many of us are looking at temps in the 40s. we're still holding on to the mid-50s here in northwest but a very cool morning. it's going to be a great day weather wise. sunrise not until 6:46. we're looking at sunny skies, 72 at noon. north winds at 5. a beautiful afternoon with light winds. high about 78 with a 6:00 p.m. temperature still at 74. get outside and enjoy. don't forget the sunscreen. let's go inside to monika with a look at timesaver traffic. beltway looks good at connecticut avenue, howard but in tacoma park, a tree fell across the road at route 410. both directions blocked between tiny branch -- piney branch road and carol avenue. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:48. combing through those daily deals, e-mails, retailer websites, i've been finding you deep discounts and stuff you're going to love.
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get the teeth pearly white. groupon has a deal with wright dental group. you'll pay $35 for a dental package. you get your exam, your cleaning, x-rays 35 bucks. normally a $300 value so this is saving you 88%. eat wonderful french food for 50% off. you're going to pay 20 bucks and you'll get $40 to use at lavandou. living social uncorking this one. bars and liquors near foggy bottom is offering six bojtses of peopleup -- bottles of premium wine for $50, normally a $100 value. if you have a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from ow facebook. we want to take another look at our question of the morning. the average one of these costs four times more than it did 25 years ago but only half the size. is it a, a bag of chips, b, a
5:41 am
bikini or c, a cell phone. >> let's go through the thought process with jane power. chips still about 99 cents and the chips themselves are the same size. the bikinis would have to be larger these days because ever the apartment of chip -- amount of chips consumed and the cell phones were huge. my conclusion, the answer c, cell phone. >> that's amazing. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. don't we have intelligent fans watching us? i love it. the mayor of a large east coast city is arrested on corruption charges. more on that coming up. >> the mars rover takes a break from exploring to turn the camera on itself. it's birthday time. let's see who's celebrating today. virginia mattson is 51. she became a star as a teenager on the tv drama "family"
5:42 am
actress christy mcnicole is 50. -- kristy mcnicole is 50. harry conic, jr. is 45. rapper loud crouse is 55. t.p. henson is 42. baltimore ravens safety ed reed turns 34 today and happy birthday to dr. samatani, monika's better half.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. 5:45 this tuesday morning. a gorgeous day on tap minus the wind. >> it's going to be fantastic, i think even better than yesterday. so i take that to heart. although this morning if you're going to be out early, grab a sweat shirt or jacket we. have readings in the mid-40s. it's feeling great as long as you don't suffer from allergies. it's fantastic out there and it's going to be a near perfect day here. a little taste of fall. it's good. a good taste of fall actually.
5:46 am
here's a look at our bus stop forecast. we'll start with the allergy update. thank you, ragweed season. weeds and grass are in the high category. mold moderate. it is cool to chilly depending on where you are. some areas near the bay and in town are closer to 60. we have lots of areas in the 40s which are in the 40s this morning. sunrise not until 6:46. we have a ways to go. day planner, we'll see plenty of sunshine today. a eat morning as we approach 70 by 11:00. lunch hour low 70s. it's going to be beautiful. north winds at about 5 miles an hour. then this afternoon sunshine, light winds, 76 at 3:00. we're going to top out about 78 in between hours and 5:00 76 degrees. and with the dry air in place, no excuse not to get it done outside if you have plans. gaithersburg 46 along with winchester this morning. it's 63 at the patuxent river naval air station.
5:47 am
47 from catlett in fauquier county courtesy of charlie. cumberland 45. bill in newland calling in with 53 a little earlier. tappahannock at 50 this hour. we'll take you to tysons corner. just a timey bit of light on the eastern horizon on our michael & son weather cam this morning. about an hour before the sunrise. 59 at national. light northerly winds and the humidity while 72%, it feels real good outside with high pressure dominating our weather right now. high pressure is near west virginia on the east side of the high we've got the cool northerly winds. the temperatures today only about 70 in boston. on the back side of the high, pushing mid-90s across nebraska, up toward minneapolis there where they're going to be 95 this afternoon. then the front and 70s behind it. that front is going to probably get here sometime saturday night, sunday with a chance for a few showers and storms. until then high pressure dominates and we're going to stay high and dry and beautiful around here. the future cast even shows
5:48 am
there's just no significant weather headed our way for several days to come. so our forecast, you're going to love it. today 78 degrees, a great day. tonight we're going to be back near 50 again in the outer suburbs to near 60 closer to town. we could have a few spots again in the upper 40s. tomorrow a little warmer, very pleasant, 83. thursday and friday look great. still sunny, not humid, about 84. then over the weekend that's when we introduce the chance for some showers, maybe a storm or two. i think really cooling off saturday night into sunday. monday looking dry and 83. it's 5:48. let's go over to monika with timesaver traffic for us. one of the problems we're dealing with in tacoma park is a fallen tree. it's on route 410 near piney branch road and a metro bus has to be detoured through the area as well. keep that in mind for your traffic plans. it may take you longer than normal to get through that eamplet dulles toll road, 66, everything is fine. no problems coming in from the webs as you head for the beltway. the beltway looks good leaving
5:49 am
the legion bridge through tysons, annandale and springfield. let's go outside live. first of all a live look at beltway and connecticut avenue. north of town outer loop just beginning to see a few brake lights right at university boulevard. let's go back over to our maps. this time we'll head over to senior maryland. route 4, route 5, 301 everything is fine out of broondzywine, -- brandywine, oxon hill and accokeek. laytonsville north of town woodfield road at warfield road, authorities are looking for an accident possibly involving a motorcycle. a live look in springfield northbound 95, brake lights now begin at route 644 as you head northbound to the beltway. i'll be back with more on traffic at 6:00. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. here's what's making news at 5:49. the mayor of trenton, new jersey has been arrested on corruption charges. he's accused of using his influence in connection with a proposed parking garage project. f.b.i. agents also arrested mack's brother and campaign supporter. the men received 54 -- $54,000
5:50 am
in bribes. thousands of chicago teachers spent their first day on strike rallying in the streets wearing red shirts. teachers marked to the school system's headquarters. the union called the strike sunday after not resolving disagreements over several issues, including how teachers will be evaluated. nasa has released some self- portraits of the mars rover curiosity. the rover snapped these shots while testing the color camera at the tip of its 7-foot long robotic arm. the rover landed on the red planet last month and will spend two years exploring large craters for signs of microbiotic life. despite improved treatments and survival rates, breast cancer is still a scary diagnosis. now a new facility is focusing on reassurance as well as treatment. dr. sonia kella is director of the shady grove breast imaging center which is holding an open house tomorrow. again, welcome here this morning. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> the website says fighting breast cancer on a whole new level. what does that mean?
5:51 am
>> that means that nowadays it's better to have a facility that not only just reads your mammogram but also provides you with the further care that you or your doctor may need as a woman. for example, our breast center not only is a place where your mammogram is performed and interpreted but also with those women who do have abnormal mammogram results, they are able to get further care, including same day biopsies, including instructions for followup, both with us and with their doctors and then in those women who do have a new diagnosis of breast cancer, we do have all of the facilities to help provide that patient with the next step in care should their doctor want that. >> including that patient navigator who can walk the patient step by step from diagnosis through the treatment and then follow-up. you talked about reassurances and the same day results from the biopsies. there's nothing worse than
5:52 am
sitting in the waiting room waiting and then being told that you have to wait a few more days to find out the results. just lowering that level of anxiety is something that will appeal to women and their doctor. >> exactly. most women we find like to have the same day results with their screening mammograms. they like to have that reassurance that that mammogram showed no changes since their prior mammogram. and then in those women who have a presenting problem with their breasts, such as they feel a lump or they have some abnormal discharge, they also like to have that same day level of care where if we do find somethings that aabnormal -- that's abnormal, we are able to go ahead and offer them a biopsy. >> customized treatment. we heard studies about dense breasts and it's difficult to be read on a mammogram and maybe the mammogram isn't the right approach for a person with dense breasts. you look at every individual patient individually. >> that's right. we are working with a very
5:53 am
sophisticated new software that will measure breast density as an objective measurement, not just a subjective measurement has it has historically been with radiologists reading mammograms. in those women with dense breasts because they are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer, we do have some mortar getted screening methods for those women. every woman over 40 should have a mammogram whether they have dense breasts or not. there's absolutely no replacement today. there are additional screening methods which include breast m.r.i. and ultrasound. >> we're running out of time but again we do want to let you know the open house is tomorrow evening. everyone is welcome. monika samtani and i will be will there for the ribbon cutting ceremonies on the new facility and it's also convenient which makes early detection even more simple. thank you for being here with us. >> thank you. just about 5:53 now. our lives changed 11 years ago forever. coming up, more on services to
5:54 am
honor the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. plus, in today's hero's central, we recognize a group that's using education to help children break the cycle of poverty. medication, hypnosis, shocking ads, there are a lot of options out there to help you stop smoking or pressure you to do so. but one thing is working. i'll tell you what it is coming up at 6:07. -- you're watching 9news now.
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the district has the third highest poverty rate in the country, according to the latest census. and members of a local nonprofit are doing whatever they can to change that. they're getting kids from the poorest neighborhoods in the city and teaching them how to change their own future. in today's hero central, jc hayward recognizes the work of the perry school community services center. >> it was our first job, our first camp experience. we have so many firsts. >> reporter: jasmine and alexander williams are remembering their time at perry school, a supplemental learning center in the heart of the north capital area. >> we used to go to the pool or go to the museums or park and they always had something for us to do. that's something that i remember, always had something for us to do. if i didn't, i would be sitting at home watching tv probably getting in trouble.
5:58 am
>> reporter: the organization started in 1991 to help youngsters get a well rounded education despite living in some of the most impoverished areas in the district good through our programs, we try to empower our kids with different skill sets so they can get themselves out of poverty, go to school, college, trade school, things of that nature. >> reporter: omar carrington has been coming to perry school since he was 5 years old. he loves art and he enjoys learning about history. >> mj teaches about peace, cease-fire, martin luther king, nelson mandela, rosa parks, roger douglas, harriet thomas. >> reporter: director cory poole says through the years the district has improved economically, but the city's poor need guidance. >> once you build up a child's self-esteem, academically they start getting more confidence.
5:59 am
socially they're more confident when they talk about what they want to do in life and their future aspirations. those type of changes are good because again once your mind believes it, then your body will do it. >> reporter: i'm jc hayward, 9news now. >> for more information on how to volunteer or enroll children at the perry school community services center, go to and you can see hero central right there. thank you for watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. good morning, monika samtani. she has traffic momentarily. mr. bern teen, how -- bernstein, how are you, sir? >> good. this is good. a nice week. >> we could use one of those after the summer we've had. >> you ain't kidding. it's been a long, hot, stormy summer and we have a great day ahead, i think even better than yesterday. look at this picture of the glowing sky in the eastern horizon this morning. still 45 minutes till sunrise. it's going to be a beautiful day. 72


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