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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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nearby. >> i want to know why they did it. >> ross was also a track athlete and r.o.t.c. honor student who came to central high school and battled bullying because he was new. >> marckel was a good son. he was a good child. >> ross' mother called the bullies haters. >> you have children go to school, they are smart, everybody likes them, they are into all types of activities and you have the kids on the side that are smoking the drugs and those are the ones that come after the other children. that's what i mean when i say haters. >> ross' mother complained to school officials, but marckel's life grew stable after a student he was in conflict with dropped out. police say it is early in the investigation. >> at this early stage, we have no motive in this case. we have detectives on scene conducting a crime scene search. we have detectives at central high school interviewing school
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officials and students. >> i would be meeting him. >> that's u.b. ross. that is one of seven brothers and sisters of marckel ross devastated by this. now you heard his mother, elizabeth, talk about haters. there has been a lot of chatter on social media that the kids use at school about robbery as a motive. police have cautioned us again and again not to make much of that. the motive in this and the facts of the case are not known at this time. they are continuing to investigate this very tragic murder, which is devastated people here along old central avenue in capital heights. reporting live, scott broom, 9news now. >> okay scott, thank you. as you can imagine, it was a somber day at central high school as students learned of their classmates death. our team coverage continues with peggy fox in capital heights. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in capital heights where central
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high school has been in lockdown all day since the fatal shooting this morning. personnel have been manning the gates, allowing people in who have students to pick up. >> grief counselors were made available to central high students who needed to talk after learning their classmate was shot to death while walking to school this morning. >> it is depressing and sad. heads down. >> after school, a grandparent who was picking up her granddaughter was speechless having just heard the news. >> marckel ross was a well known 11th grader at central high. >> he was good, friendly, wasn't mean. i guess he got killed by somebody that was beefing with him. >> really? >> what do you mean by that? >> i guess they didn't like him and they wanted to kill him. i guess they had so much anger against him that they wanted pho kill him. >> students who were friends with ross said his popularity may have made others jealous. >> it's terrible that something like this could happen so early in the morning
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and at such a young age. i could have been walking to school. it could have happened to me. >> in capital heights, peggy fox, 9news now. >> police are interviewing students, staffers, anybody who has information that might help determine what led up to the shooting or lead them to the shooting suspect. >> it was one of the worst explosions of violence in recent memory. late this afternoon, five men were sentenced for their part in a shooting spree that left five people dead in the district. bruce johnson was in the courtroom for today's emotional hearing. he joins us now live with some reaction and bruce, this went on for a long time. >> i have never seen anything like it. the judge said before putting down sentencing that a lot of violence happens in this city. nearly because somebody feels as though they have been disrespected. sanquan carter thought someone stolen his bracelet back in 2010. he goes and gets his brother who gets others. they get guns and come back and the shooting starts.
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all innocent victims. four people dead, eight wounded. today the judge had her say. >> 21-year-old orlando carter was given life without chance of parole. jeffrey bets, 22, was also given life without chance of parole. robert bost, he was sentenced to life with no chance of walking free. sanquan carter was given 54 years in prison. lamar williams wasn't accused of killing anybody, but he supplied the guns. he received 30 years in prison. >> i was upset. not only three should have got life, all three of them should have got life. >> i'm glad three got life and two, 84 years old. >> following sentencing today, family members left the courthouse appearing more exhausted than relieved. >> we can't undue what was done. bring back the children, but to know that these guys will never be on the street again is satisfactory. >> it doesn't change my
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daughter's dead, a lot of people are dead and injured. you know, the amount of years is not going to change that. >> it was in march of 2010 that violence broke out at two locations in southeast location, leaving four people dead, eight wounded. ended up in the 4,000 block of south capital street. >> it was tough for anyone to have a dry eye to hear the devastation, the emotional impact, and again, what was so difficult is i don't think these young men get it yet. i don't think they understand the devastation that they caused. >> among the victims, 20-year- old jordan howell and 16-year- old ray rachelle jones. >> we can sleep tonight. >> the judge did ask if any of the convicted men had anything to say. a couple got up and thanked their family members for the support. one gentleman, the one who got
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the 30 years, he did say that he was sorry. he also said he was innocent. we should also point out, family members addressed the court today and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. a lot of them talked about not, they aren't going to be able to see graduation. they aren't going be able to see other children and a lot of these people lost their only child. their only grandchild in this. back to you guys. >> it was senseless then and senseless now, bruce, thank you. two people are in the hospital tonight after a shooting in southeast washington. it happened in broad daylight around 2:00 this afternoon. at 4th and atlantic streets southeast. investigators say the victims were shot with a rifle and those injuries are serious. we know the names of the people shot today and we also don't know why they were targeted. a lot of americans just took a stop today to observe the 11th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks. victims families gathered at ground zero, pentagon, and shanksville memorial while president obama and candidate,
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mitt romney, offered reflections on this day. danielle nottingham is in arlington. >> reporter: derek, if you look up to the sky, many are saying it reminds them of eleven years ago, another bright, sunny, clear morning and day as the nation pays tribute to the victims, first responders, and america's military. bells and silence mark the moments when hijacked planes hit the world trade center. >> brian thomas. >> those who lost loved ones gathered at the 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan to read the names of nearly 3,000 victims. in washington, president obama started the day with a moment of silence on the white house lawn. he and the first lady layed a wreath at the pentagon where 184 people were killed. >> no matter how many times we come together on this hallowed ground, know this. that you will never be alone.
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your loved ones will never be forgotten. >> the flag marks where flight 77 slammed into the pentagon. less than a half hour later, passengers helped bring down a plane bound for the white house or the capital in shanksville, pennsylvania. vice president biden took part in the shanksville ceremony honoring 40 passengers and crew members who died on flight 93. white house hopeful, mitt romney, thanked firefighters in chicago on his way to reno. >> for the past 11 years, guardsmen women helped keep us safe from attack. the nation owes you a great debt of gratitude. >> members of congress gathered on the capital steps, much like they did 11 years ago. >> both president obama and mitt romney campaigned, pulled their negative ads for the day. in arlington, danielle
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nottingham, now back to you, derek. >> thank you, danielle. both mitt romney and president obama put negative campaign ads on hold as you just heard. anita. >> on this september 11, a local hospital is memorializing the day by making sure its staffers are ready. in the event of a major emergency. today southern maryland hospital center simulated biological disasters. as andrea mccarren reports, everyone is prepared. >> beyond the american flag flying at half staff. >> i want to help people. >> nursing student, stephanie, is trying on her first decontamination suit. >> it is to keep me safe when i'm helping the patients who are contaminated. >> she and other southern maryland hospital center staff are learning everything they need to know to protect themselves while caring for others in the event of a disaster. >> the more you get comfortable with the materials and the different things that
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he has to do. >> you're never going to know and can always prepare. >> hospital workers learn to use a meter to detect radiation and hose down decontaminants. >> you have a system. always on the lookout for occupation. >> this disaster readiness drill comes just as a new government office report reveals that four out of five high risk hospitals nationwide do not adequately secure radiological material that could be used for dirty bombs. >> i know that in a hospital, we do a good job. we are close. very careful with our radioactive material just because of where we are geographically. we don't want our materials to get out. >> today, it's a drill. but next time, it may not be.
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in clinton, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> we have much more ahead as we remember the september 11 attacks. coming up, we go to ground zero where today for the first time, only relatives of the victims read the names of the dead. also, we'll show you how some local volunteers dedicated 9/11 as a day of service and ahead at 6:00 p.m., we explore whether america is safer today than we were 11 years ago. maryland lawmakers are trying to figure out how to put some teeth in your easy pack. thousands of people have zipped through those toll passes and never paid a cent. bruce leshan reports, it managed to avoid any consequences. >> thousands of vehicles are blowing through the toll cameras without one of these. an easy pass transponder. now of course the state has thought of that and so cameras captured the license plates of those vehicles.
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and then the state sends out letters demanding payment of the tolls. but thousands of vehicle owners are simply ignoring those collection letters. one rental car company owes almost $209,000 in back tolls and penalties. eight other rental car companies owe between $80 and $200,000. >> we raised tolls on ordinary motorists. the state is doing their best to collect from large commercial vendors who may be renting a car. >> drivers owe big, too. some 15,000 of them according to the washington post owe more than $500 each. those collection letters have nothing. maryland does not site you for driving through those toll plazas and so it cannot suspend
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or revoke your license either and maryland does not extend these fines and tolls off to collection agencies either. >> it's our intention to go after people who don't pay their tolls and go after them as vigorously as we can. >> look for maryland legislators to fix this in the next session of the general assembly. on the icc in montgomery county, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> did not know that. maryland insists the problem is even worse in other states. about 1% of drivers are dodging tolls in maryland. in virginia, it's almost 2%. and in delaware, almost 3.4% of drivers are skipping out. coming up next, sorting out the fact from the fiction. we'll be joined by a political fact checker. seemingly endless campaign ads and talk about who is lying. wç
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in our on going
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presidential race, both the obama and romney campaigns pulled their kneeing negative attack ads. the political action committees did not make that promise and they are running their negative ads anyhow. so, just what are the facts is the fundamental question for journalists like us. this year, however, the roll of the political fact checker seems to be more prominent and a lot more complicated. joining me now is paul singer. he's part of u.s.a. today's political ad tracking team. paul, it feels to me as though this is the year where everybody's strategy is, say anything you want and never apologize. >> there's no upside to saying i'm sorry in politics. you basically just say whatever you want to say and who really cares how true it is. >> that's the thing. is there a downside to lying about your opponent? >> i don't think so. what we have been able to prove is these ads are wrong and nobody seems to care or stop running the ads. >> let's take a look at some of these ads. let's part with a campaign ad
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by the romney campaign that takes a look at the changes to the welfare rules. >> you wouldn't have to work and wouldn't have to train for a job. they just send you your welfare check. welfare to work goes to being welfare. >> all right, we'll talk about the facts behind this ad. we know it's been widely debunked here, but they keep on running it. >> their argument is well, there's lots of problems with what obama did. the g.o.a. said obama didn't have the authority. but obama argued and i think it's actually true by law that they are not waving the work requirements. they are allowing states to find other ways to put people into training, to qualify for the federal requirement. >> the other side of this, this is one of the ads that did get traction. perhaps why they kept running it? >> if the ad works, whether it is true or not doesn't seem to matter. >> part of an ad by a superpack that has gotten a lot
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of press, take a listen. >> i lost my healthcare. and my family lost their healthcare. and a short time after that my wife became ill. i don't know how long she was sick and i think maybe she didn't say anything because she knew we couldn't afford the insurance. and then one day she became ill and i took her up to the jackson county hospital and admitted her for pneumonia. by then the cancer was stage 4. there was nothing they could do for her. and she passed away in 22 days. >> this is an ad that tries to link mitt romney to the death of this poor man's wife. another one that has been widely debunked. >> this one drives the romney people crazy. what, we killed this woman? romney wasn't working at the time. she died five or six years after the company was sold. when the guy left the factory,
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his wife had her own insurance through her own employer. so the obama camp was like well, it's not our ad. it was put on by our super pack. of course, they use the same guy in another one of their own ads. how do they not know? >> you have a favorite ad from campaign 2012. one you say actually illustrates the folly of trying to fact check all these ads. let's take a look at that one. >> ron paul, a visionary who predicted the financial crisis. a leader with a plan to solve it. balance the budget. cut a trillion dollars eyre one. eliminate five federal bureaucracies. end the foreign wars. reign in the federal reserve. pay down the debt. cut taxes to create jobs. ron paul, a plan to restore america now. >> ron paul, i wonder why he didn't win the nomination. >> you can't do that.
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it doesn't work that way. that would basically eliminate every federal agency tomorrow. on our website, people voted this the most believable ad. okay, you hear what you want to hear and you see what you want to see. >> i think that is a perfect note with which to end this conversation. paul, thank you, sir. appreciate your time and by the way, keep track of the political ad tracker through it's not just for those presidential ads. it covers local elections like the virginia senate race. a very tight contest going on even as we speak. this gets to topper and lesli and anita outside. >> the eye of the beholder. >> we don't have to fact check the weather. >> no, well we do keep track, but we're okay right now. >> you don't tell stories. you don't say things to mislead us about the weather. >> not on purpose. we have video of lesli. want video of lesli? >> the tropical storm. >> the extropical storm.
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it's extra tropical and it brought over the weekend, tropical storm force winds to bermuda. bermuda had winds up to 50 miles per hour. and even though it is extra tropical, winds are almost 70 miles per hour and producing a lot of flooding along with the tropical storm force winds. last few storms have been out to sea. that's the way we like them. let's take a live look outside to our michael and son weather cam. it's perfect. it really is. 78 downtown. dew point 43. the relative humidity under 30%. that's fantastic. winds easterly at 6. pressure 30.125 inches of mercury. temperature wise, 80 in rockville. 75 in great falls. 74 in vienna. 73 in bethesda. and 78 out toward college park. look at the dew point. in the 40s, all the way to the bay. i mean, the river has a dew point of 49. what does that mean? well, here's the deal.
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70 and above is oppressive. you need the air conditioner running, it's not comfortable. you can't do much outside. 64 to 69 is bearable. the 50s it's really nice and in the 40s, you can't open the windows too far or you'll be cold. another crisp night. rest the ac. some 40s again. the kids will need a sweater in the morning. you will, too, if you get up early enough and remember your shades. so for tonight, clear and chilly. open the windows, but not too far. 48 to 58. winds light southwest at 5 to 10. tomorrow morning, sunny with a cold start. 50s and 60s, light winds. by afternoon, mostly sunny, gorgeous again. high temperatures low 80s. winds out of the southeast at 10. next three days code green. that's a good thing. spectacular tomorrow, 81. 82 on thursday. sunshine, but not humid. and 82, a few more clouds on friday. still a nice day, temperatures
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in the low 80s. next seven days, here are the changes now for the weekend. we're going to bring the showers in like we did yesterday saturday evening, but right now they should get out of here and we should be in good shape again on sunday. so temperatures on saturday around 80. temperatures on sunday returning partly cloudy. pretty nice, near 80. more showers possible on monday. maybe a left over shower on tuesday. speaking of tuesday, it is your best shot time and look at mike in maryland captured this. this was a nice picture. a storm a month ago and lightning again, you can have cloud to ground lightning and ground to cloud lightning. when you hear thunder, you have to take cover. nice job, mike. go to our website, click on the weather tap if you want to upload a picture and include your name, location, and description. i had to kick out a few more pictures sent by anonymous. had to do it. >> hey top, i heard somewhere that lightning is nine times hotter than the sun. >> it's five.
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i left that out this time. >> thanks, top. it is day two of the teacher strike in chicago. coming up, we'll have the latest on when those students might return to class. >> up next, a fallen tree makes a mess of drivers late for work this morning. look at that backup. ñ
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you think you had a headache, take a look at this major headache during the morning rush hour. a large tree fell on top of a car. this was near river road in potomac. nobody was seriously hurt, but those two right lanes were blocked for much of the morning and the delays lasted long after the cleanup. another large tree came crashing down this morning in takoma park. it happened overnight in the 100 block of philadelphia avenue. as you can see, that tree was split completely in half. police say the tree was about 80 to 90 years old. philadelphia and cedar avenues were closed for hours while crews removed that tree. it was another day of empty classrooms and teachers on the picket lines in chicago. the teacher strike now in its second day, many children ended up playing at the park instead of going to class. safe havens were set up for kids around the city.
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this has teachers and the school board continue their talk. more than 350,000 children are affected in chicago. among the key points of a contention. teacher's evaluations, wages, and teacher recalls. funeral services were held today for nfl pioneer, art model. the baltimore hebrew congregation. he was joined by roger goodell and jones. he passed away last thursday. the former owner of the cleveland browns was 87 years old. coming up on 9news, anticipation building for tomorrow's expected release of the iphone 5. >> also ahead, america remembers the september 11 attacks by giving back to the nation on this day of service and remembrance. >> painful memories, tributes.
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i'm randall pinkston with the story coming up. 9news now is sponsored in part by michael and son. if you can't, we can. ó 0
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as you know, today marks 11 years since the terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people and around our nation, people stop to remember the horror and the loss. >> randall pinkston is in new york city where a ceremony was held where the twin towers once stood. >> derek, throughout the region and throughout the
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country, family members of 9/11 victims came here to pay tribute, but they say they are also coming to remind the nation and the world so that no one forgets what happened september 11, 2001. thousands gathered at the footprints of the twin towers as family members read the letters names of the victims. died north tower. she and her sister come here each year. >> with the collective grieving and only another 9/11 family member understands what it's like. >> sandra understands. she lost both of her sons at the bond trading firm. >> on the 144th floor and the 106th floor and they both died there. >> public memorial here has been open for a year. the twin reflecting pools attracted 4 1/2 million visitors. one world trade now dominates
5:33 pm
the skyline. but a budget battle has delayed the museum. officials hammered out a deal just in time for the anniversary. still, politicians were not invited to speak at the ceremony this year, which kept the focus on the families. joyce grant came to remember her husband, winston. >> i'm broken. you walk these streets -- >> bells rang to mark the moments when each of the towers were hit and when they fell and when the pentagon was hit and the plane crashed in pennsylvania. after nearly 3,000 names, trumpeters played taps. families touched the names and said good-bye, leaving behind tokens of their love. >> this is sacred ground for all 9/11 families, but especially for those who never received any remains of their loved ones. for them, this is a final resting place. in new york, i'm randall
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pinkston, back to you. new york city's mayor says 11 years is not a long time to build something. the stature of that 9/11 museum. officials are pledging to have the museum open in time for the 12th anniversary next year. >> september 11 has become sew nonmouse with community service since 2009 when congress passed a bill that formally recognized today as a national day of service and remembrance. kristin fisher has the story of how some local volunteers all rising to the occasion. >> over 100 volunteers converge on the eastern avenue apartments. planting, painting, landscaping, they are making this place look prettier to make the people who live here feel better. people like ronald butler, a veteran who needs housing, from volunteers of america chesapeake. >> he would come in at the community room. >> one of the volunteers is army veteran, phil bower, his
5:35 pm
helicopter was shot down in iraq in 2003. >> because of those injuries became an amputee, post- traumatic stress disorder. >> after losing almost everything, he found new life by volunteering with the mission continues fellowship program. >> i found through everything that giving back helped give me that purpose that forced me to get up in the morning. >> now this veteran is helping another veteran in need. >> my neighbors come outside, this is really nice. >> it's events like this that have made september 11 the largest annual day of charitable activity in the united states. last year for the 10th anniversary, more than 33 million people took part in this national day of service and remembrance. >> there is no greater thing you can do than to sort of celebrate, you know, not only those lives, but the message of
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giving back to the community. >> in seat pleasant, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> they are marking the 9/11 anniversary with an afternoon of service at freedom plaza. city leaders gathered for service projects. hundreds of egyptians staged a protest today at the u.s. embassy in cairo. they are ang over a movie being produced in the united states, they say insults the profit mohommed. those protesters made up of conservative islamists scaled the wall and burned the american flag. a lot of muslims consider any depiction to be offensive. anticipation is growing over tomorrow's expected release of iphone 5. not only is it expected to boost apple's bottom line, an economist with j.p. morgan predicts the iphone 5 will add between a quarter and a half percentage point to the country's gdp in the fourth quarter. industry analysts predict it will be the best selling smart
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phone of all time. it's starting to feel like fall around here, but fire season is far from over out west. we'll have the latest. topper. >> well, the weather is perfect. the only fly in the ointment, well the allergies. we'll show you the allergies. we have high for grasses and high for weeds and the mold spores are fairly high. until we get a first frost, keep the cleanex handy. we'll tell you how long we'll keep this beautiful weather and look ahead for changes to the weekend. >> up next, security cameras capture a robbery suspect who let's just say, maybe should have taken a nap. don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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firefighters are battling dozens of fires near washington state's cascades mountain range tonight. in some cases, high temperatures and winds are making already dangerous conditions even worse. the goal now is to keep the flames from consuming homes. about 500 people have been ordered to leave homes and cabins. at least six structures have burned. the national guard is using black hawk helicopters each with 600 gallon buckets to try and put out those flames. amazing pictures. now to the story of a napping burglar caught on tape. >> check out the surveillance video. shows his brother trying to break into a barbecue restaurant in north carolina. he must have really wanted some ribs. couldn't get it done with a shovel, though. 30 minutes later, he shows up with two shovels, still not working. what comes up next? he says all this shovel work is tiring. i think i'll sit down. take a nap. >> unbelievable, you know, and to lay there and sleep. he didn't steal anything from
5:41 pm
me. but if i can stop him from doing it to me again or somebody else, that's what my main goal is. >> the time lapse photography shows the sun going down. he slept for three hours, then completely refreshed, he just walks away. sheriff deputies in north carolina are still looking for him. lure him in with pulled pork or something. >> is it all that? oh no, i don't know. as my husband says, yuck. still ahead, questions about some popular treatments for head lice. first, a health alert about the dangers of abusing certain prescription drugs. especially those designed to treat attention deficit disorders. we'll be back.
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an important health alert for all of us parents. when you think of drug rehab, you think somebody who is hooked on cocaine, heroin, counselors are seeing an exploding number of kids hooked on prescription medications, including those for add. people who use these meds as prescribed are in no danger of becoming addicted.
5:45 pm
people like anny who abuse the pills that can have life threatening problems. >> anny was introduced to add medications when she was 13 years old by a friend with a prescription. >> i liked the effect and how they made me feel. so i sought out my own prejinxes. >> anny was taking them daily. >> i started being dishonest and stealing. >> an estimated 5 to 10 percent of young people are misusing or abusing these medications. >> if you're just popping them and you are using them in context to other substances, which is frequently occurring, that could be potentially dangerous. >> when abused, add medication can cause psychological problems, violent behavior, convulsions, even heart attacks. they are seeing an influx of young patients addicted to the drug. >> i have probably 100 clients
5:46 pm
and over 80% of them have been addicted to aderol since they were in grade school. >> young people are abusing add drugs to study later and party harder. experts say the pills are easy to get and unfortunately, socially acceptable. >> it's just kind of the norm on college campuses. just like drinking is. >> the drug enforcement administration lists these prescription stimulants as schedule 2 controlled substances. the same as cocaine and oxycontin. >> it's a sad and lonely place to be. there is hope and there is a solution. >> through rehab, anny got the help she needed. she's about to give the pills away. you could face jail time, fines if convicted, this is no joke. the hard thing is getting you to realize it is not a joke. these are considered illegal. >> i'm no parent, but they all
5:47 pm
want to know, how do i know if my kid is doing this stuff? >> kids are good at hiding all kinds of things. they tell us the signs can be tough to spot. hyperactivity, agitation, and increased blood pressure can be caused by medications. other signs can include long periods of sleeplessness or just up all night, not eating, and as anny mentioned, rapid weight loss. >> wow. >> scary stuff. >> scary stuff indeed. weather not scary though. >> no, it's so nice. >> we used the word beautiful to describe it today. >> spectacular, gorgeous. pick an adjective. let me start with another live look outside. this is a very nice shot. this is our live michael and son weather cam. we recognize that house, don't we? >> yeah, i think so. >> that's the white house. >> temperatures, the high was 78. it is still 78. dew points in the low 40s, i'm telling you, that's unbelievable.
5:48 pm
in fact, it's so dry out that well, open your windows, but not too far or else you'll need a blanket. winds easterly. 30.24 inches of mercury. temperatures 70s. this is actually a shade below average. your average high is 82. we lost sight of that because it's been so nice. well, 74 right now in vie vienna and fairfax. 78 in college park. 77 in bowie and looking at 75 in old town. so, your headlines, well, another crisp night, rest the ac for crying out loud. some 40s again, 46 this morning at dulles. probably see upper 40s again. so you're going to need sweaters wednesday morning and remember your shades. we're talking pure sunshine again. for tonight, clear and chilly again, open the windows, not too far. winds out of the southwest 5 to 10. tomorrow morning, just like today, sunny with a cool start. 50s and 60s. winds light and by afternoon, well mostly sunny and gorgeous.
5:49 pm
high temperatures low 80s. winds out of the southeast at 10. another fantastic day. zone forecast, i think even our friends in oakland will get to 70 tomorrow with sunshine. 77 in cumberland. another perfect day from the mountains. the coast. not quite 80, but upper 70s. 82 in culpeper. and 80 in warrenton. 80 in manassas and 79 or 80 in leesburg and 80 in fairfax. downtown, 81. low 80s into southern maryland through charles county. waldorf, laplata and temperatures around 80. go up 270, 80 in gaithersburg, rockville, and frederick. the winds negligentable. so we'll break it down. kind of chilly to start. 48 to 58. great by noon, sunshine, 74 to 78. and great by evening, 78 to 82. i tweeted out earlier, if you have outdoor painting, this is perfect weather.
5:50 pm
low humidity and no bugs. great on thursday, 82. still nice on friday, 82. a few clouds come in late friday and friday night. it will not rain friday night, but a few clouds friday night. next seven days, saturday here are the changes. we have showers and storms on saturday evening and saturday night, 81. we cleaned up sunday for now. partly cloudy, 79. another round of storms possible on monday. upper 70s. maybe a left over shower on tuesday with highs around 80 or 81. so, nice stretch of weather will continue at least through the week. >> love that. >> thank you, topper. well if you thought all the excitement over rg3 was getting out of hand before the season started, some of my friends will say they are losing their mind. >> griffin didn't just play well, he exceeded expectations and has redskins fans dreaming of the playoffs already. >> playoffs? playoffs? kristen berset is here now with
5:51 pm
more. playoffs? >> don't get ahead of yourself yet, guys, but that game against new orleans was exciting and as anita said, exceeded expectations. joining me now in studio to talk about rg3's debut. if there wasn't enough hype, it is tenfold now. is it too early to get excited? >> it's one game. calm down, everyone. calm down. it's only one game. but he did have nice numbers. 19 to 26 for 320 yards, a couple touchdowns. he's the real deal and broke out the option a little bit. a lot of fun to watch. when was the last time you saw an 88-yard touchdown pass by the redskins? it's great to see. but it's one game, it's a long season, call me about week 10 or week 11 and then we go from there. >> the last three years, they have won their season opener. not to be debbie downer or anything, but it was an exciting start. it got people riled up.
5:52 pm
the redskins didn't show all their cards. they got to see them open up the play book. how much would you credit the coaching staff for tailoring the offense to their quarterback? >> tons. you saw a lot of beers where he would decide where he wanted to go with the ball. they kept it simple. bubble screens to the side. got the defense off balance, but they were all high percentage plays that got them in a rhythm. when he went across the middle, it was a nice pass. they kept it well in his reach. they knew what they were handling here. they had a rookie quarterback. let the game come to him. and he looked really good. this coaching stuff, they are very, very good. they also had a lot of time to prepare for new orleans. not that way for the rest of the year. >> you mentioned garsone. even though he only had four catches, only played a quarter of the game. how big of an impact can he have on this offense? >> yards after catch. that's what we talked about all
5:53 pm
offseason. this team didn't have a will lot of yards after catches. now they have a play maker. we saw on the catch. he is huge. did they lose him a little bit, yes. it hurt them a tiny bit, but robinson stepped up to the plate. he had a touchdown catch and you know, these young receivers are rising to the challenge. >> he has been exciting to watch. coming in, filling in for him. we'll see how they do in st. louis. they are on the road again this week. thanks so much for coming in and we'll keep you updated. he is going to play this sunday, so we'll see what happens. sky, thanks so much. back to you. >> all right kristen, thanks. >> still to come, lingering questions. 11 years later, are we really any safer after all we've done? he's one of the first african american women to serve in the army. today she serves 105 years old.
5:54 pm
i'm anny hong in northwest d.c. with that story. up next, go daddy responds to claims that hackers brought down its network and thousands of other websites. we'll be back.
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in tonight's consumer alert, no hack attack against one of the internet's largest domain registrars and hosting services. at least that's the word from godaddy's offices today. hackers claim responsibility
5:57 pm
with websites around the world went down for six hours yesterday. but go daddy claims it was an internal problem. no, easy pass transponder, you can check that off your grocery list, too. vdot is making it easier for you to pay tolls in virginia and other states with the on the go program where you can buy transponders at giant food stores. it brings new meaning to one stop shopping. all right, i've got some oils here that you can leave off the list to get rid of pesky bugs. peppermint and cedar and cinnamon oils are right here if we can show those guys. they may smell good, but they won't get rid of bedbugs or head lice. they are right here. hard to see them. to make that clear, they fined companies to make that claim. what really works, check your bed and do that strand by strand head check. if they show up, consult a pro
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to get rid of them. this is 9news now. >> and this just in to 9news. we are learning the widower of a woman shot and killed by a culpeper police officer is himself dead. peggy fox is here with more on the investigation into gary cook's sudden death. >> a maintenance crew went to -- they alerted police, culpeper sheriff deputies arrived and it has been confirmed through virginia state police that gary cook, 62 years old, is dead. police spokesperson tells me they believe the body had been there for a few days. his death is now under investigation. there was no sign of foul play. his body is being sent to the medical examiner's office to determine the cause of death. now his wife, patty cook, was shot and killed by a culpeper police officer back in february. and gary cook had filed a $5
5:59 pm
million wrongful death lawsuit. a civil suit against the police department there. and so that was still playing out. in the meantime, there was a criminal case. there is a criminal case against that police officer. harmon wright, and his trial is coming up in january. he has since been let go of the police department. so he's not a police officer anymore. >> as i remember this correctly, his account was he was investigating a suspicious vehicle and that he had asked her to stop. his arm was caught in this vehicle and she was driving away. there were witnesses on other things? >> she was a jeep wrangler. she was parked in a parking lot of a catholic school. in the parking lot. somebody had called and said there was a suspicious vehicle, harmon wright shows up and there was this scuffle, but there was an eyewitness who said he saw harmon wright with a police -- with a gun pulled


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