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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  September 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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cook to stop or i'll shoot. he did shoot her. he shot seven times. she -- and information in the hearing at his hearing, his bond hearing came out that there were several bullets fired. the ones that killed her were the ones fired as she drove away. very damming evidence. >> that trial is coming up. you also interviewed mr. cook a lot during all of this going on. he was devastated by the loss of his wife. >> this was his life. she was his whole life. he lived in culpeper, worked for the federal government in arlington and he was just devastated. he didn't seem to be very healthy, but we don't know what the cause of death was. we'll have to wait and see. very, very sad news. >> another strange part of this whole story. peggy fox, thank you. guys. well it is a popular route a lot of kids take to get to
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school. this morning an 18-year-old central high school student was shot and killed right along old central avenue in capital heights. we find scott broom on the scene as the investigation goes on and a very sad day in county school. scott. >> reporter: it is indeed. this young man was named marckel ross. he was an honor student. not the kind of person you would expect to be the target of something like this while walking to school. his family and police have not made sense of it. 18-year-old marckel ross, honor roll and r.o.t.c. student, track athlete, and member of a popular fashion modeling club called show time catoure. >> he was a kind person. i want to know why they did it. >> marckel was a good son. he was a good child. >> his family, including mother, said marckel fought bullies after transferring into princegeorges county from anne arundel county in 2009. but that his school life was
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now stable. >> he's a very bright child. he made honor roll every quarter last year. and we had been talking about him going to college and i told him i also would like to see him go in the reserve. >> multiple calls for 911. >> police say it's early in the investigation. >> at this early stage, we have no motive in this case. >> police cadets scoured every inch of ground this morning looking for clues after a fled of 911 call, reporting a man down on the sidewalk at 6:50 in the morning. responders found marckel dead from a gun shot. school bucks and backpack beside him, he was walking his regular route to high school. >> he was beloved and we are gog to miss him greatly. >> the principal could not hide how stunned he is. >> he had a brought spirit. he not only was a strong student, but participated in our modeling team. he's very popular among the staff and students. he is a young man who deserved to live. >> police say he was a really busy time of day just before
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7:00 in the morning. just like it is right now. they are convinced that someone may have witnessed this. a will lot of kids walk here. they are offering a $25,000 reward. they want to hear from witnesses. reporting live in capital heights, scott broom, 9news now. >> we would like to hear from those witnesses, scott, thank you. a subdued remembrance for the victims of the september 11 attack today. president obama helped lay a wreath at the pentagon remorale. it is the first time a commander in chief have not spoken at ground zero on this anniversary. in arlington, the president said 9/11 shows no act of terrorism can change what america stands for. >> when the history books are written, the true legacy of 9/11 will not be one of fear or hate or division. it will be a safer world, stronger nation, and people more united than ever before.
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>> in new york today, ceremonies included moments of silence, the sing of the national anthem, and the traditional reading of the names of the 2753 people who died at ground zero. >> marion r. britain. >> mark francis brodrick. >> herman charles. >> keith a. broomfield. and my fiance, firefighter, joseph j.ogren. i love and miss you so very much. until we meet again. >> vice presidential joe biden took part in the service for the 40 people who died when flight 93 crashed in a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. it included a wreath laying, bells tolling, and the reading of the names who lost their lives there. later in the day, president obama visited with wounded troops at walter reid national military center. he met with several service
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members and their families. now while the president and mitt romney layed off the politics in honor of patriot day, eric canter took the opportunity to call on congress to stave off it. >> the best we can do as people to honor those individuals is to make sure that it never happens again. and we have looming massive defense cuts that this house has acted to substitute. >> unless congress comes to some kind of an agreement, those automatic cuts scheduled to take effect at the end of the year would slash $500 billion from the defense budget. that's on top of $487 billion in reductions already in the budget. lesli. >> on this 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, are we safer? the president and many experts say we are. bruce leshan reports, it has come at a high cost.
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>> who can forget how terrified and vulnerable we felt? who can ignore the hassles we've had to accept? the wars we fought, the terrorist master minds we killed or captured. but are we safer? >> we are safer. there's no question. >> skip brandon is former fbi assistant director for counterterrorism. >> our intelligence, law enforcement people are talking to each other. >> our mind set changed by september 12. the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber proved airplane passengers are unlikely ever again to give up without a fight. >> this alerts them to whether or not there's radiation present. >> police in montgomery county and across the country have focused on counter terrorism. homeland security has spent billions equipping officers with equipment like radiation detectors. >> the money we spent is like spending money for insurance.
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you have to decide just how safe you want to be. >> one political scientist at ohio state university has estimated your odds of being killed by a terrorist at 1 in 3.5 million. to make those odds smaller, america has spent trillions of dollars and sacrificed the lives of thousands of our heroic service members. >> in order to imagine that we are safer from terrorism, we have given up all kinds of freedom. >> regional aclu director says the costs outweigh the risks. >> if you're a muslim american, you are a lotless safe because the fbi has you. >> it's going to be okay. >> more than a decade later, we still rest. how to respond to the terrorist threat without losing sight of the rights that make us americans. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> and here's one thought that keeps a lot of people in
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america's homeland security offices up at night. they can succeed 99.9% of the time. the terrorists only have to succeed once. now this september 11, a new government accounting office report revealed that four out of five of the nation's high risk hospitals don't do an adequate job of securing their raid logical material. in the wrong hands, that material could be used to create a devastating dirty bomb. but at southern maryland hospital center in clinton, hospital workers spent the day training their employees and included how to protect themselves while caring for others in the event of a disaster such as a terrorist attack. >> i know that we do a very good job of securing that material. we are close to andrews air force base. we take emergency preparedness carefully. >> we are very careful because where we are geographically. we don't want our materials to get out and cause any problems. >> hospital workers learn how to use a meter to detect radiation, how to hose
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decontaminants off patients and evacuate those who can't flee on their own. derek. >> lesli, five men, five murders, and nine other people injured in one of the worse shooting sprees in d.c. history. bruce johnson was in court today where sentence were handed down in the south capital street shooting. >> the judge today made sure three of the gunmen will never see die light again. the other two, they may get out eventually, but they will be very old men. 21-year-old orlando carter was given life without chance of parole. jeffrey best, 22, was given life without chance of parole. robert bost, he's also 22. he was sentenced to life with no chance of walking free. sanquan carter was given 54 years in prison. lamar williams wasn't accused of killing anybody, but he supplied the guns. he received 30 years in prison. >> all of them should have gotten life. >> following sentencing today,
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family members left the courthouse appearing more exhausted than relieved. >> my heart is still broke. still shattered. i cry every day. >> to know that these guys will never be on street again is satisfactory. >> it doesn't change my daughter's dead, a lot of people are dead and injured. you know, the amount of years is not going to change that. >> it was in march of 2010 that violence broke out in southeast washington. leaving four people dead, eight wounded. it ended up in the 4,000 block of south capital street. >> i don't think these young men get it yet. i don't think they understand the devastation that they caused. >> among the victims, 20-year- old jordan howell and 16-year- old rochelle jones. lemar williams had more to stay reading from a statement. he apologized and said he prayed over all this and then he claimed his innocence. this is bruce johnson reporting from downtown washington for 9news now. >> coming up tonight at
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7:00,rg3 mania is growing. one expert says redskins fans may need to temper all those expectations. i sit down with james brown to talk rg3 at 7:00. >> we'll be watching. thanks. topper. >> here are the numbers for today. just about perfect. high temperature officially at national, 78. now the low downtown was 57. the low this morning at dulles was 46. the coolest day since we've had since early june. and it can get hot on this date. set back in '83. we'll come back and talk about if we can finish the week with low humidity and look ahead to the weekend. we have some changes. >> a local man comes forward claiming to be one of possibly hundreds infected with hepatitis by a former lab test. what this local man has to say up next.
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in tonight's heal alert, an update on the former lab technician accused of exposing hundreds of people to hepatitis c. the dangers may have started years earlier. lin wood nelson says he contracted hepatitis c four years ago. he wasn't told of the connection to david until this year. >> everyone you see that is in florida at the hospital and their scrubs, you think they are there in your best interest, not knowing one
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person can deceive you for life. >> yeah, you wouldn think that. he is facing federal charges for injecting himself of narcotics and then leaving the syringes to be used on patients. he worked at the baltimore v.a. medical center from may to november of '08. he worked at maryland general hospital, southern maryland hospital and johns hopkins as well as hospitals in seven other states. >> now when it comes to paying our healthcare premiums, we are feeling the pinch. the annual survey by two major research groups find those costs are rising twice as fast as wages. the kaiser family health foundation and the health research and educational trust find that the annual premium for family health insurance is an average of $15,745. that is up 4% from last year and it works out to $4300 per employee. still ahead tonight, celebrating 105 years of a spit
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fire meet alice dixon coming up.
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one of the first african american women to serve in the army celebrates a big milestone today. anita, she turns 105. >> hard to even fathom. anny hong introduces us to alice dirks dickson. >> god has been good to me,
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very good. he left me with a few marbles. >> more than a few, many would say. >> go to a nightclub. >> funky, feisty, and sharp as a tack. alice dickson shows no signs of showing down. miss dickson is the oldest resident here which has a nursing home wing. you can see the staff threw a celebration for her, a big party for a woman with an even bigger sense of humor. >> she loves telling jokes. at 31, she entered the u.s. army as one of the first african american women. something she never thought much about. >> i thought i was as good as everybody else. she joined after she was diagnosed with having a skin condition that causes loss of pigment. >> i thought the army knew all the answers. i said remove those spots. i went to dermatology, i was
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crying. i said can you remove those spots? he said, you are going to be white. i said you moan they got me mixed up? >> to keep her mind sharp, she reads the washington post every morning. >> you have to find out what's going on. you don't want to be stupid. >> she puts on her makeup every day, likes her jewelry, and likes getting her nails done. she's in good health. she did lose her legs several years ago to an infection. >> i would dance for you. >> she has lived a full life and she shared with us why she believes she has been so blessed for so long. >> help everybody. you live a long time. i shared everything. >> in northwest d.c., anny hong, 9news now. >> just got one gem after another. she spent 30 years working as a pentagon. she is one of nine kids and she has one surviving sister. she says most of her siblings
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lived well into their 90s. >> what an amazing woman. >> share, i like that. >> that sense of humor and the love right through the screen. >> she is sharp as a tack. >> and she is fly, did you see that? she had her nails done, jewelry on, makeup on. all right. >> a gorgeous day, low humidity, high temperature 78 and we couldn't have a nicer day. gorgeous evening. if you're going to go outside and walk the dog, fine. if you're going to be out past 9:00, i'd bring a sweater. he's going to be on the cooler side. heat up quickly. 78 right now. dew point 42, are you kidding me? relative humidity 28%. really, really dry air for us. it really is. 71 vienna. 73 in fairfax. 77 in college park and 74 out in bowie. so we're looking at another crisp night. rest the ac. some 40s again.
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we had our coolest morning this early june. we were 46 at dulles. we need a sweater in the morning. kids will need a sweater at the bus stop. remember your shades. it's a good problem to have. clear and chilly, open the windows, 48 to 58. otherwise need a blanket. tomorrow morning, sunny skies, a cool start. need a sweater. 50s and 60s with light winds and by afternoon, sunny and spectacular. high temperatures low 80s. winds light southeast at 10. next three days, code green for the next three days. why wouldn't we be? 82 on thursday. nice on friday, partly cloudy. a few clouds late, but it will stay dry through friday. showers now saturday night, 81. we're okay on sunday. more showers come in next monday with highs in the upper 70s. >> great stretch, got to love it, topper, thank you. and kristen is back in a moment with sports.
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and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> all right, it's very rare that we talk about a team's long snapper unless it's where he botches an important play. today, the redskins worked out players and signed long snapper, justin snow, a former indianapolis colt. he replaces nick sunburg, a guy that is being harledded for his play. on a blocked punt at the end of
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the first half, he suffered a broken arm after getting caught between a player and helmet. you can see him grab his arm a little bit. he still came out and played the entire second half of the game despite the injuries, snapping the ball eight more times. sunberg said the pain knew what he had what he needed to do. >> look at yourself and see what you're made of. really was a test to myself. it was pretty terrible. i felt like i really didn't have another option. helping us out. my grandson has to play with a broken arm. >> you can't compare. the baltimore ravens in their season opener. the bengals by 30 points during monday night football. the bengals will be here for the skins home opener. you can see that game right
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here on wusa9. >> high school game of the week poll. here are your choices. u.s.a. today high school increased their divisional -- they rebounded nicely by miami on sunday. impressive yet again. six innings, six strikeouts, allowing one earned run. that performance gave them the 19th victory of the season. tonight the nats games, r.a. dickey, he has 18 wins to keep him on that number tonight. on the bump for the nats. we'll have highlights for you at 11:00. >> sounds good. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. of course, derek is back here with our area's only local newscast. >> as always, is always on. have a great night.
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