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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  September 11, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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of what happened to a young man he knew well. >> he had a bright spirit. not only was a strong student, but he also participated in a modeling team. he was very popular among the staff and students. >> he was a kind person, that's all. >> marckel ross' family gathered nearby. >> i want to know why they do it and what made him think about it. >> an honor student who came to central high school in 2009 from anne arundel county and battled bullying because he was new. >> marckel was a good child. >> ross' mother elizabeth called the bullies haters. >> when you have children go to school, they are smart. everybody likes them, they enter all kind of activities and you have the kids on the side that are smoking the drugs and very unfortunate. those are the ones that come after the other children. >> that's what i mean when i say hay. >> hey.
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>> marckel's life grew stable after a student dropped out. police say it is early in the investigation. >> at this early stage, we have no motive in this case. we have detectives on scene conducting a crime scene search. we have detectives interviewing school officials and students. >> i would rather meet him or something. >> ten minutes before 7:00 in the morning is a busy time here on old central avenue. police are convinced there are people who may be witnesses. they are offering a $25,000 reward. they want to hear from them. in capital heights, scott broom, 9news now. >> the five men convicted in one of the worst shooting sprees in d.c. history are heading off to prison and for a very long time. today, a judge sentenced all the men to stay behind bars. got life without the possibility of patrol. sanquan carter got 54 years. lemar williams 30 years. the families of the victims,
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those sentences provided little relief. my heart is still broke, still shattered. i cry every day. >> to know these guys will never be on the street again are satisfactory. >> it doesn't change my daughter, a lot of people are dead and injured and you know, the amount of years is not going to change that. >> those five men were convicted of the crime back in may. the shooting actually happened in march of 2010 and total of five people were killed and eight more were wounded. flags are flying at half staff today. marking the 11th anniversary of the day hijacked planes hit the world trade center, the pentagon, and a field in pennsylvania. that unforgettable date is now associated with unforgettable traditions observing the loss. emily schmidt with a look at today's memorials. >> at ground zero, at the pentagon in a pennsylvania field, this was the 11th year
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people gathered for an anniversary that doesn't feel like history. >> most of us still remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. >> crystal clear morning, much like today. >> it was a day like this one. a clear, blue sky. a sky that would soon be filled with cloudsf smoke and prayers of a nation shaken to its core. >> connor e.gallow. reading the name of 2753 people who lost their lives in new york. honoring all the victims with moments of silence, gathering at sites that have become sacred ground. >> it is a bittersweet moment for the entire nation. for all the country. particularly, for those family members gathered here today. >> on capitol hill, members of
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congress gathered to remember what was lost and what was saved during the attacks. >> the professionals who did their duty, who ran in so others could run out. the patriots who banded together in the sky over shanksville to save this capital and these steps. >> lawmakers sang god bless america just as they did the day terrorists struck. partisan politics set aside, at least for the day. in washington, i'm emily schmidt. >> and in fact, the election year campaigning is a bit more muted today as the candidates themselves observed 9/11. mitt romney marked the anniversary with an impromptu stop in chicago where he met with firefighters and first responders out on the tarmac. president obama visited wounded troops at walter reid medical center. washington, d.c. is remembering 9/11 and the people
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who died with several events. this morning, mary visited some of the fire stations that sent firefighters to the pentagon. thanked him for their service and served them breakfast. city leaders and government workers performed an afternoon of service for veterans and first responders down at freedom plaza. >> the city of frederick, maryland, is honoring the victims of september 11 with a special flag. that flag was donated by the daughters of the american revolution and the red, white, and blue flags have images of the twin towers, the pentagon, and the cracked liberty bell. that flag will fly in front of city hall all week long. >> today, a local hospital is marking this anniversary by making sure its staff members are ready in the event of another major emergency. it is simulating both buy logical and natural disasters all for the purposes of training. >> i'm andrea mccarren at southern maryland hospital center in clinton where staff members are memorializing september 11 by getting better prepared for a disaster.
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beyond the american flag flying at half staff. >> i want to help people. >> nursing students, stephanie rahmis trying on her first decontamination suit. keep me safe when i'm helping the patients who are contaminated. >> she and other southern maryland hospital center staff are learning everything they need to know to protect themselves while caring for others in the event of a disaster. >> the more you get comfortable with the materials and the different things that we have to use, the easier and quicker you'll be able to help people. >> we never know when they will happen. you can always prepare and be ready for them when they do happen. >> hospital workers learn to use a meter to detect radiation and hose down decontaminants. in clinton, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> 11 years later, what is your reaction to all the remembrances of one of the worst days in american history? not enough, or is it as some have said, about time for
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america to start moving on? i would love to know what you think about this. weigh in at mcginty's mail bag. a pretty chilly morning turned into what could only be described as a perfect day and topper, hoping this fall weatheis going to stick around a bit. >> it was a perfect 10 today, even though we were in the 40s and upper 50s downtown. the high was 78. right now comfortable. if you head outside past 9:00 or 10:00, i would grab a light jacket or a sweater. right now down to 74. 70 already in gaithersburg. 73 in frederick and 73 in leesburg. 74 in fredericksburg. the atmosphere is very dry air mass, it heats up quickly and cools off quickly. remember that if you are out past 9:00 or 10:00 tonight because it's going to be chilly again, open the windows, but not too far. upper 40s in the suburbs. upper 50s downtown. we'll come back. we'll see if we can finish the week out on this type of a note and we have some changes. we have done some tweaking to
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the weekend forecast. we'll explain that, too. >> thank you, top. coming up, you still all worked up about rg3? cbs james brown says redskin fans may want to calm down just a smidge. thoughts are just ahead. but first, thousands and thousands of drivers blowing past tolls without paying their fair share and now maryland is trying to figure out how to get their money. we'll have the details on that up next.
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okay, a commuter alert. this is for drivers in maryland about a new highway speed camera. the state highway administration set it up in the work zone right along route 15 at the moder avenue exit. that's up in frederick. this new camera is active, but for now, it's only issuing warnings. that will go for the next three weeks. after that, anybody caught going 12 miles over the 55-mile an hour speed limit will get a
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$40 ticket in the mail. maryland lawmakers now trying to figure out how can we crack down on all those drivers zipping through toll plazas without paying? the state has cameras set up to catch the violators and they mail out notices, but thousands of vehicle owners are simply ignoring them. you see maryland doesn't issue citations to the violators and that means they can't suspend or revoke your license and the state doesn't send out balances to collection companies. >> we just raise tolls on ordinary motorists. people i think need to know that the state is doing their best to collect from any large commercial vendors who might be running a rental car company and racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and not paying them. >> yeah, they might be doing their best, but check this out, one rental car company owes $200,000 in tolls and penalties and 15,000 regular drivers owe more than $500 a piece. state lawmakers are expected to bring this issue up and do something about it in next year's session. well it was just the
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perfect fall day. it was sunny, it was cool, no humidity, but you have to think it can't last for ever. topper tells us how long it will go in its full forecast coming up. but first, remembering art model. thousands show up to the man who brought football back to baltimore. that story is up next.
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, family, friends, and football players said a final good-bye
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to baltimore ravens owner, art moe dell. thousands are on hand for his funeral. among them, nfl commissioner, roger goodell and dozens of ravens players, including ray lewis who delivered the eulogy. >> there's no baltimore ravens if there's not a mr. model. so the question that he leaves us today is, if you did nothing else in life, what will you fight for? what legacy will you leave? model passed away last thursday, he was 87 years old. >> football fans in these parts, we are still raving about robert griffin, iii, on his no interception performance. however, james brown host of nfl today on cbs is cautiously apt mystic. recently i sat down with j.b.
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who is a former 9 sports an anchor to get his on going thoughts on the season. >> of course the hometown team, washington redskins, we have our own. how worked up we aught to be. >> i like the latter. cautious. cautious optimism, if you will. look, rg3 brings a tremendous amount of talent to the table. i met the young man after he won the heisman. he came on the nfl today, we had a chance to chat. he has all of the talent and he has the assets that you would want in a leader. solid young man, good faith foundation, team oriented, remarkable on the field. he's still a rookie. playing at the nfl level, he will have to learn and go through growing pains. i just hope people will be patient and mike shanahan is in the process of building the team. most would tell you they are going to be 4th in the
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division, not 5-11 like last year, but they have a ways to go. the nfc east is the toughest division in all of football. >> you think shanahan still has what it takes to do the job? >> given that he won a couple super bowls, you know, that serves him well because people know that he knows how to win. he needs the talent. make no mistake about it. i say yes, give him the opportunity to put his imprint, which he has been. he is in the third year of that and it looks like the projectly is going in the right direction. by the way, you can see the rest of my interview this coming saturday in our brand- new sports show, game on. join kristen berset for a complete wrapup of sec football and a look toward sunday in the nfl. game on saturday, 7:00 p.m., that's right after alabama and arkansas. and apparently a pretty good thing they aren't playing around here because they might get rained on. >> we have the ravens game on
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our air on sunday. 1:00 game in philly. >> it's going to be interesting. a tug of war. which one are you going to watch? >> all right, 78 today. just perfect 10. we're going to essentially do it again, a couple degrees warmer. let's start with a live look outside on our michael and son weather cam. and it is just clear as a bell, really, severe clear as we call it. dew point 45. relative humidity in the mid 30s. that is very, very comfortable. i mean, that is just almost unheard of. but as we get closer to fall, dew points will show up in the 40s and 50s and more comfortable air masses will roll in. right now, 71 in great falls. 67 already in reston. 69 in fairfax. so the dry air mass, it heats up quickly and cools off quickly. essentially what happens in the desert every night. 76 in college park and even 69 over in bowie.
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so, another crisp night, rest the ac. some 40s again in the suburbs. we were 46 this morning at dulles. that's the coldest morning we've had since early june. you'll need a sweater for the early morning hours, especially beeen about 6:00 and 7:30. the coolest part of the morning is just before sunrise. remember your shades, too, because we are looking at sunshine. for tonight, clear and chilly again. open the windows. winds southwest 5 to 10. tomorrow morning, sunny with a cool start. 50s and 60s and yes, put a sweater on those kids. by afternoon, mostly sunny, gorgeous again. high temperatures in the low 80s and winds southeasterly at 10. next three days, guess what, we're going to go code green and well, why wouldn't we? spectacular tomorrow, sunshine 81. great on thursday, 82. partly cloudy on friday. a few more clouds on friday, but a very respectable day. highs in the low 80s again. next seven days, here's a
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change. we had a chance of a shower or thunderstorm late saturday. that has not changed. we'll be cleaned up sunday. sunday may end up being dry with highs near 80. another chance for showers and storms on monday. and maybely side yule shower on tuesday, but temperatures under check, upper 70s, low 80s. >> 90s have gone on vacation. >> don't say that. okay, we'll see. >> let's get to our weird news file. perhaps we should call it the cool news file because everybody knows there is nothing cooler in the world than man and jet pack. now somewhere in the wild blue yonder where a guy they call jet man rossi likes to take to the skies. he likes to fly next to planes. it's all part of a celebration of aviation. he has this thing called the jet wing and check him out flying behind this old world war ii style plane. he likes to do this stuff all the time. once he flew beside a d.c.3, to
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quote actor will smith from the movie, independence day, i got to get me one of these. >> that's cool stuff. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address is 9news now will be right back. 9news now by your local toyota dealers. make the jump to toyota.
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in the mail bag tonight, the 9/11 anniversary, as you probably know, today marks 11 years since this worst ever terror attack on u.s. soil. but perhaps it is time to move on. why does the media drudge up
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all the horrific details of 9/11 every year? we will never forget that day or the ones who lost their lives and neither will those who lost loved ones. how will people heal if they keep making a greet deal about it? if they're going to do that for us, so we don't forget, what about the two world wars where many, many lost their lives? what about the golf war or desert storm. many lost lives and so on. why not talk about that every year for the rest of their lives. i don't get it. you know, i do recall the first anniversary of 9/11. i was still living in new york city and that was in many ways like reliving that terrible day. but since then, i do believe we have toned it down bit by bit each year as the pain slowly recedes. keep in mind, though, for those who lost their fathers, brothers, husbands, loved ones that day, this is an every day ordeal and i think it's partly out of respect for that loss that we publicly join their grief. at least once a year. look, 9/11 is a singular event
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in our history. you can't compare it to anything else. we are figuring it out as we go along. i say everything considered, we're doing okay with it. maybe you have your own take on this, that's why we have mcginty's mail bag. the address is don't forget to include your name and where you are writing us from. that is our broadcast. i'll be right back here at 11:00 along with anita brickman and topper shutt. sign on any time to have a great evening. we'll talk to you later.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. kirstie alley rips "vanity fair" over their tom cruise expose. >> he said, they said. it becomes a gossip magazine. >> calling the article religious bigotry. we have the "dancing with the stars" fighting back. >> i'll stick up for all my friends. plus, new tom looking lean. did he miss suri's first day of school? blake and ryan's wedding details and why olympian ryan lochte isn't exactly happy for the couple. >> i do have a crush on blake lively. plus -- their very first "e.t." interviews. >> being a 21-year-old bachelor. then, harry potter's overexposed.


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