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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is 9news now. and new tonight at 11:00, turning the steering wheel and nothing happens. the car keeps going straight. that has happened now to police in montgomery county and caused the department there to pull more than 300 cruisers off the road. they're all 2005-2011 ford crown
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victorias and the early answers are unsettling. >> gary nurenberg is here with the ugly details. gary. >> reporter: well, derek and anita, the county has 324 crown victorias and is calling all them in to be inspected in a 24-hour a day, seven day a week exercise to see how big this problem is. this round the clockwork on 7 locks road in rockville ce after two unwelcomed surprises in the past six weeks for officers who turned the steering wheels of their crown vicks. >> the vehicles tires would go straight and the officer would have to use the brakes to bring the vehicle to a stop. so they could not control the direction of the vehicles. >> reporter: so all 324 police cars are being inspected, pulled off the road until they can be declared safe. the inspection has discovered five more cars on the verge of failure and has taught some lessons. >> our fleet management services were able to identify what they believe to be going on.
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>> reporter: in is the problem. imagine the steering shaft is kokted to these joints which are -- connected to these joints which are designed to be moved easily. they're connected to the wheels. when they don't moviesly, they send pressure -- move owesly easily, they send pressure. the tires and the wheels on the car don't turn. so it's that mechanism being in expected here on every crown victoria. the ones with problem had between 80 and 125,000 miles. they have began an investigation as has ford. all of the cars off the street, the impact on public safety? >> we have not impacted public safety. what we've had to do is double up officers in vehicles so they respond two to a car as opposed to one to a car normally. >> reporter: as you've seen, they are popular police cars used by lots of departments. dc said tonight it has not had that experience with the cars
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but is now looking into it. fairfax county said it had not heard of the problem. and prince george's county didn't tell us anything. if the federal investigation finds a problem, this can affect police departments, taxi cab drivers and consumers nationwide. >> wait. cops aren't the only ones driving the cars. what about regular citizens. >> reporter: we asked and got simple advice. you know how you can turn the steering wheel back and forth with the pressure of your finger. if the wheel fights back, if you get more than normal resistance, it might be wise to have the steering column check. they should provide answers when the investigation is complete. >> thank you, gary. we have some breaking news tonight at 11:00. a man was stabbed inside his dale city home. sky9 was over the home. police say the man was inside his home on delmar drive when
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multiple people broke in, stabbed him and stole his car. the victim was taken to the hospital. we're waiting to find out the seriousness of the stabbing injuries. we also have breaking news to talk about out of libya. a state department officer was killed during an attack on the u.s. consulate today. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton said she's called the libyan president to protect americans on libyan soil. a high school student's killer is still out there on the loose somewhere. tonight 18-year-old marckel ross was shot dead on the street just walking to class this morning. the teenager was regarded as a strong student and a bright spirit at central high in capitol heights. ross's family says he was a track athlete, in rotc and an honor student. he came in9 from anne arundel county and he got bullied because he was new. they called the bullies haters. >> when you have children go to school, they're smart. everybody likes them. they enter all type of
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activities. and en you have the kids on the side smoking the drugs and very, very unfortunate and those are the ones that come after the other children. that's what i mean when i say hate. >> now, marckel's m said she did complain to school officials. her son's life at school did get better after one particular student dropped out. tonight police still have not released a motive for that shooting. the widower of a culpeper woman who had been shot to death by a police officer in the town is also dead to fight. virginia state police say 62-year-old gary cook's body was found inside his apartment. it may have been there for days. our ken molestina is live in culpeper with more. what a bizarre twist, ken. >> reporter: yes. absolutely, anita. it was n february that patricia cook was gunned down, killed by a police officer here at the catholic school. well, since her death, her husband gary cook had gone public demanding answers from the police department. well, tonight he too, is dead.
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>> i'm frustrated. i'm sad. i'm fighting bacteria right now. >> reporter: that was gary cook back in february following the death of his wife patricia cook. she was shot by daniel harmon-wright outraged in him facing murder charges. according to virginia state police, cook was found dead inside his apartment on tuesday after a maintenance worker had gone inside. investigators don't suspect foul play. during an interview earlier this year, cook told 9news he had multiple health issues. they're trying to figure out if he died from natural causes or if this was a suicide. >> so the ambulance people went in. they were in there maybe 10 minutes and then they walked out and they said he's dead. >> reporter: neighbors like kelly step who lived next to cook are left shock wondering if there was anything they could have done to help him. they say he had been dead for
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days. >> i'm hoping it was just a heart attackn his sleep and not some type of revenge because he was suing the county. >> reporter: and he did file that lawsuit back in may. $5.3 million against daniel harmon-wright claiming wrongful death in his wife's killing. he has been taken to manassas to determine the cause of death. as for harmon-wright, he's scheduled to go on trial early next year. we're live in culpeper, 9news. >> lots of questions, thanks you ken. five men responsible for a deadly shooting spree were sentenced today. these men killed four people and wounded nine others on south capitol on southeast. it was all over a neck las that was lost at -- necklace that was lost at a party. despite three life sentences being handed down, family members of the victims say pain over these senseless killings hasn't gone away. >> to know they'll never be on
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the street again is satisfactory. >> it doesn't change. a lot of people are dead and injured. the amount of years is not going to change that. >> three of the defendants in the south capitol killings received life sentence without patrol. two others were sentenced to 54 years and 30 years behind bars. remember the florida a&m drum major who died after an apparent hazing incident. today the university is blaming robert champion for his own death. he said he should have refused to participate in the hazing and reported it to the cops or at least the university. champion died back in november. he was beaten by members of the same marching 100 during what was a hazing ritual. 12 people are now facing charges in that. they're asking them to throw out a lawsuit by the parents until the criminal cases are resolved. new tonight at 11, the american agricultural is moving
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to protect residents for west nile virus. it has been a terrible year. they decided to spray after a mosquito tested positive for the disease. mat joins us. >> reporter: the spraying took place in night in 1 particular neighborhood. the maryland state department of agriculture sprays neighborhoods throughout the year, but tonight spraying was conducted after the recent positive test for west nile. so far this year, three deaths in the washington area have been caused by west nile. one in maryland, one in virginia and one in the district. the department of agriculture says the spray they use is extremely effective. >> we do try to be cautious when we're out spraying, but if we see somebody walking, we stop and turn the sprayer off. wi ask them to step back and -- we ask them to step back and give us a chance to spray. >> reporter: nationwide, this has been one of the worst year for west nile since the virus came to the u.s. 13 years ago.
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they have been nearly 2,000 cases of the virus and about 90 deaths this year. texas has been by far the hardest hit state. derek and anita. >> thank you so much. well, tonight we mark the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. today does mark the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, and you are looking at a live picture of lower manhattan where twin beams of light are soaring into the sky. nearly 5,000 people lost their lives when planes were crashed into the world trade center and a pennsylvania field and the pentagon. tears still flowed today and bells rang as we remembered the victims of that horrific day. and the nasty political attack ads you're used to seeing all day and all night, for the most part they were gone today out of respect for 9/11's anniversary. both president obama and mitt romney agreed to that. you say you saw some on tv anyway. those were mounted by the packs
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which did not suspend the nastiness. perhaps next time. 78 today. a fantastic day. here is the wakeup weather. grab a sweater. make sure the kids have a sweater at the bus stop. 49-59 at 5:00. 48-58 an 7:00. back in the mid 60s by 9:00. we'll come back and let you know the temperatures and we have some changes for the weekend forecast. well, everywhere you go, everyone is talking to honey boo boo and her red neck family, but why would we watch such craziness. and tonight let's be real. you know how some people struggle with their weight while others don't seem to. tonight they say it could have something to do with bacteria in the body. we're going to talk about that still ahead.
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new tonight at 11:00, here is a str re you'll want to make -- story you want to make sure the kids are asleep for. take a look at this woman. today she pleads got fill tee to killing a man -- guilty to killing a man with a silicone
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injection that he hoped would in large his man hood. she performed it with no medical license or training and he died. in tonight's health alert, do you ever wonder why some people seem to be able to eat anything and never gain weight? others gain 10 pounds looking at a dessert. scientists have wondered about differences in metabolism too. now new research finds bacteria may play a role. researchers have identified 26 different types of bacteria in the human digestive system that appear to be linked to obesity. they believe these bacteria could contribute to a condition known as metabolic syndrome. it's like a constellation of factors that increase the risk of heart problems and diabetes when you gain weight. >> they include elevated cholesterol levels, elevated serum triglyceride levels, high fasting glucose levels, insulin resistance, high blood pressure.
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>> and another sign of metabolic syndrome, extra belly fat. the scientists continue to explore bacteria in this condition and obesity in general. one of the first african-american women to serve in the army celebrates in a tremendous amount. she turns 105 years old. >> anny hung introduces us to a woman still full of life, laughter and a lot of wisdom to share. >> god has been good to me. very good. he left me with a few bobbles. >> reporter: more than a few, many would say. >> he goes tonight clubs. >> reporter: spunky, feisty and sharp as a tack. >> like a man says to me, you don't talk old. >> reporter: alice dixon shows no signs of slowing down. she's the oldest resident here at the va medical center which has a nursing home wing. and you can see the staff threw a celebration for her. a big party with a woman with an even bigger sense of humor. she loves telling jokes. [ laughing ].
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>> reporter: at 31, miss dixon entered the u.s. army as one of the first african-american women, something she never really thought much about. >> i thought i was just as good as everybody else. if they said anything to me, i said the [ bleep ] with you. sorry. >> reporter: she joined after she was diagnosed after having a skin condition that causes loss of pigment. >> i thought the army new all -- knew all of the answers. i said i'll join the army. i was crying. i said can you move those spots. he said you didn't have to move them. you're going to be white. i said you mean they got me mixed up? >> reporter: to keep her mind sharp, she reads the washington post every morning. >> you have to find out what is going on. i don't want to be here and be stupid. >> reporter: she puts on her makeup every day, likes her jewelry and still enjoys getting her nails done. and she's in good health. but she did lose her legs several years ago to an infection. >> if i just had another leg, i would dance for you. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: miss dixon has lived a full life and she shared
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with us why she believes she has been so blessed for so long. >> help everybody. you can't take it with you. so share it. you live a long time. that's why god let me live. i shared everything. >> reporter: in northwest dc, anny hong , 9news now. >> love that she reads the post. they say that. you stay connected. >> yep. >> you keep your mind moving, you stay with it now. >> uh-huh. >> way to go, alice. all right. nice week on tap, sir. >> it's just like october really. it's kind of nice. 78 was the high which is below average. the average high is 82 so we got a break today. let's start with a live look outside. this is michael and son weather cam. we're looking at clear skies. 66 downtown. i'm going to show you temperatures in the burbs, though. that's not impressive. dew point 63. that's still pretty low. that means temperatures are able to fall into the 50s tonight. the dew point is an indication of how low it can go. winds south, southeast at 5 and the pressure 30.30. pretty high and rising.
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look at the temps. already 54 in gaithersburg. already 52 in frederick. 57 in leesburg and 5 in manassas. -- 55 in manassas. i think manassas and even as close in as fairfax and rockville, we're talking upper 40s early in the morning before sunrise. so grab a sweater for the morning. and maybe give one to the kids for the bus stop. grab your shades. we're talking about full sun again. that's a nice problem to have. a wonderful wednesday after a terrific tuesday. and we're looking at really perfect golf weather tomorrow or thursday or friday. give me a call and see if i'm available. overnight looks like this. clear skies. it's going to be chilly again. open the windows. but not too far. we're in the upper 40s again in the burbs and upper 50s downtown. so you open the windows wide up, you're going to need a blanket. by morning plenty of sunshine. a cool start. you'll need a sweater. 50s and 60s. but, again, some 40s. upper 40s in some of the burbs early in the morning with light winds. by afternoon, well, mostly sunny. just gorgeous. high temperatures in the low 80s
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and winds out of the southeast at about 10. zone forecast in all six zones are on our website 70 in oakland tomorrow. you jump the divide, 77 in cumberland. near 80 in hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester. low 80s for culpeper. right around 80 nor warrenton, manassas, maybe 79 leesburg. 80 or 81 in fairfax. low 80s into southern maryland. even up 270 northbound 80 in rockville, gaithersburg and frederick with sunshine and no winds. no advisories on the bay or tidal potomac. next three days, code green, green and green. and why not. spectacular tomorrow. 81 with sunshine. 82 on thursday. great. and even nice on friday. just a few clouds. we'll call it partly cloudy. still pretty darn nice. temperatures in the low 80s. next seven days, we got the showers coming in now on saturday. we're looking at a quick patch of showers saturday evening and saturday night.
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more showers sunday and monday. maybe a residual shower on sunday. temps, upper 70s, low 80s, very nice. >> this may be the best time of year. >> the fall. rgiii's debut is history and now it's time to get to the important questions of the day. what are we talking about? >> yes. like what the heck is a honey boo boo child? apparently i'm tar de to this party. -- tardy to this party. in this case it's here comes honey boo boo on tlc. hey, wait a second, didn't that used to be the learning channel. not anymore. as honey boo boo child is alona thompson. she is 7 years old, chub bee and not ashamed of it. in fact, she does kiddy package ent. she calls it go go juice. the self described red neck family lives somewhere in small town georgia, and this show is a
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hit. and that crazy little girl there is the reason to watch it. last wednesday, for example, we found them at a barbecue place where honey boo boo ordered the chicken, the barbecue and the ribs. and when her mama says you really only get a meat and two sides, honey boo boo replies, i know, but why can't my two sides be meat. actually that's a pretty good question. but a better one might be why do we like this show? could it be we kind of feel better about ourselves looking down our noses at the living, breathing and, yes, eating stereotypes on this show? but, hey, this is america. word is the thompsons get four grand per episode. and if nothing else, that will buy you a whole lot of go go juice. to quote honey boo boo "that would make me holler". we go to a brick. we'll see you. -- break. we'll see you. [ laughing ]
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and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> the word cy young award had been attached to the nationals. by a guy hot on his tail is dicky. he brought 18 wins. and the nats looked motivated to
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keep it that way. behind a solid performance from zimmerman who went six innings. he gave up just two earned runs, including this one by david wright in the 5th. the nats bats came alive in the 7th. tyler moore sends a two-run shot to left off the dicky. nats back on top. and that would be it for their ace. then in the 9th, bases loaded for bryce harper. he sends one to left. kurt suzuki comes in to score. harper had his first career four-hit game as the nats win dicky a loss. the final. the magic number for clinching a playoff spot is at 8 games. orioles hosting the rays trying to get back into first place. big night for jj hardy. bottom third a two-run shot to left. those fans are happy but he wasn't done yet. bottom 8th he seems to like that spot in left. another two-run shot. almost in the same exact spot.
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in all tonight, 4 for 5, two homers driving in five runs. the orioles crushed tampa bay 9-2. and thanks to the yankees loss, the birds are in a tie for first place in the al east. we are two games into the college football game. maryland terrapins have already tied their record from last year. if they put up another performance like last weekend, they could surpass that. a win this saturday at home would not only be big for that reason, but it means they have beat the former team. the university of connecticut. a loss could result in some backlash providing proof that the coach hasn't improved the terp's program. his players say, however, they're not really feeling the pressure. >> the coach made it perfectly clear to all of us and all of us know from the start it's another game. it doesn't matter if it's the university of connecticut or virginia tech or anybody like that. we're going to play as hard as anybody else and come out and play our best.
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>> robert griffith the iii is hopeful for a good season. griffith is a nominee for the fedex nfl player of the week and the pepsi mack nfl rookie of the week award. one moment from the game has gone viral. remember the t bowing craze. redskins fans are trying to create a new one. they call it griffith. people are starting to tweet pictures are popping up everywhere. this is thompson from espn. she's out there. this guy doing it at work. it looks like they're working hard. that's for sure. people just glistening everywhere. they're trying to make it the new craze. >> we have our arms up. we can do that. >> we'll be right back.
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that's 9news for tonight. [ laughing ]. >> thanks for staying up with us. don't forget we're always on at and letterman is next. >> i'm tired already. [ laughing ]
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