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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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[ multiple voices ] a lot more height to be mr. brando to play that role. check it out. if you don't know what we're talking about -- let's go to weather. let's go to weather. [ multiple voices ] 76 degrees at noon with sunshine. it's going to abbeautiful day with high -- to be a beautiful day with highs in the lower 80s. 5:00 temperature 79 degrees. a near perfect day once again. winds southeast 5 to 10. good air quality. weather wise we're in great shape. we have generally clear skies once again this morning like the last couple of mornings. it's just a little bit milder than yesterday. not as many 40s on the board although we have 46 frederick. 48 martins burke, 4 # -- martinsburg. 48 cumberland. maybe a jacket or sweat shirt or something. 53 at andrews and easton 54 degrees. this afternoon near perfect with your highs in the upper 70s to low 80s.
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monika samtani, any musical theater in your past? a little but i won't tell you what because it will make you sing it. but i do like musicals, thank you, howard. if you're planning to head around town, things do not look so bad. on the southbound side of i-270 out of frederick to clarksburg and the point where the lanes divide, we're doing fine. we'll take a look outside on the american legion bridge. no issues between 270 and tysons corner. let's go back to our maps and this time head over to southern maryland. route 4, route 5, 301, brandywine, oxon hill, everything is fine. we'll take a live look at kenilworth avenue at the beltway. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:09. >> thank you, monika. for the second time in less than a month, a promising young student has been murdered. last month someone shot flowers high school senior amber stanley to death inside her home in kettering, maryland. >> now the latest incident, a junior at central high school
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was shot to death while he was walking to school yesterday. kristin fisher is in capitol heights with more on what police are saying about the murder of marquel ross. >> reporter: police still have no suspects and no motive. 24 hours after markel ross was shot and killed on the sidewalk less than a mile from his high school. he was just walking his regular one and a half-mile route to school when he was gunned down, his books and school bag were just scattered across the sidewalk. this is an 18-year-old who was very well known at this high school. he was an honor student, an rotc, a member of the track team. he was also part of a modeling club. prince george's county police cadets scoured every inch of the ground for clues while detectives interviewed his friends and teachers at central high school. his family devastated. they say they have no idea why
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anyone would want to kill their marckel. >> he was a kind person. i just want to know why they did it and what made them think about it. >> he was a good child, a very bright child. he made honor roll every quarter last year. we had been talking about him going to college. >> that was marckel's mother. she says she's worried there's a possibility that bullying may be to blame. when he first transferred to central high school in anne arundel county in 2009, initially he was bullied. last year he got into several fights with several students. she complained to school officials but the bullying wore off. she thought his school life had returned to a more stable time and then this happened. police won't comment about any of that. they say it's just too early on in this investigation, too many unknowns at this point in time but of course his mother and some of his classmates have their own near theories and
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we'll talk more about that coming up at 5:30. >> kristin fisher reporting live from prince george's county. an autopsy is scheduled today on the body of gary cook. he was married to patricia cook who was shot and killed earlier this year by a culpeper county police officer. daniel harman-wright is now charged with murder in that shooting. gary cook had filed a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit against are a man-wright. investigators say at this point it does not appear foul play was involved in mr. cook's death. the five men found guilty in the south capitol street shootings will each spend decades in prison. a judge sentenced the men yesterday after hearing emotional testimony from the victims' families. four young people were shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in march 2010 after attending a funeral service for a fifth person who had been killed a week earlier. the lightest sentence is 30 years. three defendants received life in prison. the ford crown victoria, a popular vehicle for police departments, but now all 324
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crown vics of the montgomery county police department have to be inspected. that's because if it is past six weeks, officers driving two of the cruisers suddenly found themselves unable to steer. >> vehicle's tires would go straight. the officer would have to use the brakes to bring the vehicle to stop. they could not control the direction of the vehicle. >> inspectors have discovered five more police cars that are on the verge of having a steering failure. but half the fleet has been cleared to return to service. ford and the national highway transportation safety administration are joining the investigation to try and look into the problem. 5:05. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> wall street heading in the right direction yesterday. that's a good thing, right? >> fingers crossed for today. as far as wall street is concerned, the center of the universe this week is washington, d.c. the reason why? fed officials are here for a two-day meeting. all eyes will be trained on the central bankers today and tomorrow. wall street did manage to push higher despite question marks
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heading into today's meeting. checking the numbers the dow stands at 13,323, finished 69 points higher. nasdaq pretty much flat on the day. still a green arrow there. the s&p 500 was better by four and a half. many expected central bank to announce new steps to revive the sluggish economy, especially after the government's report last week that was disappointing on the jobs front. but there are a lot of questions about what the fed really can accomplish. critics say a new bond buying program to lower interest rates is not needed because rates are already historically low. the move won't create jobs and very well could spark inflation. only 103 days till christmas. are you done yet? no. have you even thought about it? we may not be thinking about the holidays just yet but shopper track s. the research firm is forecasting solid sales gains for the holiday shopping season, just not quite as strong as last year. sales are expected to climb
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3.3%. last year they were up 3.7%. that's still below the 5% gains we saw during the economic boom time. >> how can they predict that? it's so far away. isn't that sort of a crapshoot? >> they do. >> three months plus till christmas but only 30 minutes till your next report. what are you going to tell us? >> look at that. we love it. how much exactly are you spending on your health care for your family? the number is climbing. we'll tell you just how much money you're shelling out every single year. >> thanks, jess. protesters target two american embassy buildings in northern africa. that story is coming up. >> plus, heavy thunderstorms cause flash flooding across las vegas and beyond. >> and ahead in sports, tebowing is so last year. the latest stage all thanks to rg3. we'll explain when we return. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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welcome back. your weather first. 5:09 on this wednesday morning. another fantastic start to what is going to be a stellar day across the region weather wise. a look at your day planner. we have some 40s once again, although not as widespread as yesterday morning. a beautiful dai. 76 by noon -- a beautiful day. 76 by noon. 3:00 temperature of 80. we'll top out about 81, 82 and still in the upper 70s at 6:00 p.m. i'll be back in just a few minutes looking toward that seven-day forecast and the weekend. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. thank so you much, howard. if you're planning to head here on the northbound side of i-95,
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no problems in lorton, newington, springfield on to 395. no brake lights there yet to the 14th street bridge. so a good time to head out. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:17. here's what's making news now at 5:10 this morning. a state department officer is dead after an attack on the u.s. consulate in lybia. the armed gunmen stormed the building. the attackers as well as protesters in egypt are reportedly upset over a film written and directed and produced by a california developer which depicts the prophet mohammad in an unflattering light. authorities in pakistan say the death toll from factory fires in two major cities has risen to 128 people. dozens more have been injured. many were hurt as they jumped out of building windows to escape the flames. more than 100 victims died at a garment factory in karachi. one person is reportedly missing after flash flooding
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swept through las vegas and the surrounding areas there. up to 2 inches of rain fell in an hour and that's a lot senate desert. rising flood waters stranded -- a lot in the desert. rising flood watered stranded drivers in their cars. those downpours in vegas are not expected to make it here. next at 5:15, howard has a great stretch of weather in his seven-day forecast. >> at 5:22 in sports, the nats aren't the only first place baseball team. the orioles are back on top, too. >> a couple of incredibly cute stories from the national zoo. get ready to say ah.
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. good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:14. we want to say good morning to the woods family. andre woods' dad wrote, thanks to the morning crew for the news every morning. we even reached his 10-year-old son who is now interested in the news. we thank you. >> good morning. hi, woods. hello woods family. we're going to get to weather because it's another beautiful day out there. i want to show you what's happening outside. let's go to the graphics and talk about the bus stop forecast.
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hey, we're in good shape. a little chilly in spots. we have readings down in the upper 40s. the warm spots will be in the low 60s. most of you in the 50s. it's going to be another great day with sunshine. mid-70s at lunch time. we are going into the low 80s today here in town. winds will turn southeast 5, 8 miles an hour. this evening you just are driving home, maybe you have a convertible with the top down or want to get out and take a jog, weather is going to be fantastic. here's the temperatures right now. 54 in easton. 55 at the pax river naval air station. 49 tappahannock airport. 48 culpeper. frederick, maryland down to 46 and cumberland still in the upper 40s at 48 degrees. locally you can see we've got a 49 now in reston and sterling and laytonsville. lovettsville 46 in northern loudoun county. prince george's county, you're generally in the low 50s. 51 for bowie. fort belvoir 50 and looking outside on our michael & son weather cam, another pretty shot this morning. it is very comfortable out
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there. 60 officially in washington with the humidity at 75%. dew points have come up just a tiny bit. yesterday they were in the upper 40s. right now in the low 50s. warmer testimonies in minneapolis -- temperatures in minneapolis and kansas city. that's ahead of the cold front. behind the cold front bismarck this morning 38. lots of 30s in montana, down toward yellowstone with 45 in casper. there's a taste of autumn back here. this front will be moving east. it looks like we may get showers with this but rain chances are down. they're up this morning across denver and minneapolis. high pressure was over west virginia yesterday. just starting to pull off shore this morning. so our winds are going to turn more to the southeast today. we'll have more of a southerly flow. temperatures will creep up just a little bit here over the next couple of days. look at the tropical forecast across the eastern half of the country. lots of sunshine. boston 78. philly 81 degrees. out to our west even, we've got mid-80s from the ohio valley, chicago upper 80s along with
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st. louis. just a beautiful day across the eastern half of the u.s. around here today, 82. looks fantastic. dry tonight. we're back in the low 50s to low 60s. tomorrow looks really nice as well as friday. friday may see a few more clouds 83. by the weekend, there could be a late shower or storm on saturday, 82. sunday looks okay right now. then a better chance of rain late monday into tuesday. it's 5:17. good morning, everybody. lincoln and r street in northeast, watch out for some police activity. you may have to scoot around it to get around with police direction. if you're planning to head over to the inside of the beltway, 395, 295 and 66, everything is fine as you head for the river. in fact, let's take a live look at the 14th street bridge. here's what it looks like. nice and light as you head up from the beltway to this point and into the downtown area. let's go back over to our maps. this time over to the bw parkway route 50 through dheferly. no problems to report.
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what a nightmare that was on route 50 yesterday later in the rush hour. we had an accident there. today all lanes are open. let's hope it stays that way as you come in from annapolis. one last look, this time at the west side of town, person legion bridge. no issue -- the american legion bridge, no issues right now. after just one start, rg3 has fired up a craze that's sweeping the country. >> well maybe. >> plus, the nats found themselves trailing against the mets last night. we'll show you how it ended coming up in sports. >> question of the daytime now. here it s. the average woman -- here it s. the average woman -- here it is. the average woman spends 82 hours of the year where? is it a, the beauty salon, b, grocery store, or c, the mall. >> this was posted by barbra who wrote b. can't afford a and c. here's the extra incentive
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to answer correctly this morning. if you give the right answer, you will have a chance to win a $50 gas card. one winner will be randomly chosen a day until all of the gift cards are given away. so get on the facebook fan page. this could be yours. >> we'll have the answer in the 6:00 show.
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welcome back. 5:21. your weather first. it's looking pretty nice out there this morning. we have generally clear skies. 50s, even some 40s out there
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while we're still holding on to 60 in d.c. we'll get toward mid- morning. lots of 60s starting to show up. milder than yesterday but still another great day. your lunch hour temp in the 70s. we're going to top out today in the upper 70s to low 80s. enjoy it. mike and andre that? >> thank you, howard. one regular season game and he is a sensation. robert griffin iii has sparked a nationwide trend. >> plus, the nationals actually trailed the mets in the late innings. kristen berset has the highlights in your morning sports. good morning, everybody. the word cy young award has been attached to naptions pitcher gi -- to nationals pitcher gio gonzalez, he could be a good candidate for it but a guy hot on his tail brought 18 wins into last night's game and the nats looked motivated to keep it that way. zimmerman gave up just two earned runs including this one to david wright in the 5th. that gave the mets the lead but the nats bats came alive in the
5:23 am
7th. timer moore at the dish, he send as two-run shot to left off of dicky and that puts the nats back on top. that would be the end of it for dicky. in the 9th, bases laided for -- loaded for bryce harper. he had his first career four- hit game as the nats win 5-3. the magic number to clinch a playoff spot is now at eight games. orioles hosting the rays trying to get back in first place. big night for jj harty. a two-run shot to left. those fans are pretty pumped but he wasn't done yet. bottom 8, he likes this. watch this. another two-run shot, almost exactly to the same area. in all he was four for five last night, two homers driving it in five runs as the orioles crushed tampa bay 9-2. thanks to a yankees loss, the birds
5:24 am
are tied for first place in the al east. if you go back to sunday's game against new orleans, robert griffin iii impressed but it's this move right here, hands up, that have people going crazy. trying to make a new craze called griffiny. it's gone viral. pictures are popping up everybody. people are doing it at work. there's pictures -- there's another girl doing it at work. everybody is jumping on rg3 train hoping that will become the new tebowing of the season. they may -- hoping that they'll get to see more of that this season. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great wednesday. the saints wished they had never seen this before. i can tell you that. >> they ain't doing that in new orleans. ain't sweeping the nation down there. >> i've seen drew do it once or twice but never caught on. there it is. >> 5:24. the gap between the richest and
5:25 am
poorest americans is growing. we have details coming up next in your money report. >> some local communities are being sprayed for mosquitoes in hopes of preventing more cases of the west nile virus. >> here's monika. >> if you're planning to head on the inbound side of i-66, no problems to report coming from centreville to nutley street and inside the beltway to the roosevelt bridge. more news, weather and traffic coming up at 5:29. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. >> the whole east coast is enjoying great weather. most of the area east of the mississippi enjoying great weather. here's a look outside. we have a nice shot on our michael & son weather cam of the u.s. capitol dome.
5:29 am
it is a pleasant morning. we're 60 at reagan national but we have some spots in the 40s once again. mid-70s at lunch time. going to be a great midday. in fact, a great afternoon. 81, 82 for the high with the 5:00 p.m. temperature of 79 degrees. upstairs we're looking down 22,000 miles from the satellite. it is quiet. the radar surface base aren't picking up any moisture either. your temps down to 48 in manassas -- martinsburg, excuse me. manassas 50. culpeper 48. spoke to charlie in cathlet. he's at -- catlett. he's at an even 50. look at the high temperatures. a lovely afternoon. 79 for the naval academy in easton. 08 gaithersburg and 80 in -- 80 gaithersburg and 80 in hagerstown. let's go to monika with timesaver traffic. i'm keeping my fingers crossed because so far it's been really nice out with our commute and with the weather. no problems to report as cow in on the dulles toll road or 66 to the beltway.
5:30 am
gw parkway heading inside the beltway looks great. coming off the american legion bridge as well. let's take a live look outside and first of all here is the beltway at kenilworth avenue. again you've just got the tiny bit of volume. once you head around the 95 interchange, a little more volume toward university boulevard. let's go back over to our maps this time to 270. no issues to report out of gaithersburg. we're looking good on the west side of town as you head down toward potomac or the east side here on route 355 heading toward bethesda. a live look one more time at 270 or the american legion bridge looking good as well. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:39. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. one american is dead and another wounded after attacks on state department buildings in egypt and libya. in libya armed gunmen launched an assault on the u.s. consulate building in benghazi setting the complex on fire. that's where the casualties happened. the attackers were apparently responding to a film by a california man and they say it ridicules the prophet mohammad.
5:31 am
>> americans want to say something bad about prophet mohammad. >> we will never accept that our -- [indiscernible] >> in cairo, egypt demonstrators scaled the walls of the u.s. embassy and tore down the american flag and replaced it with an islamic banner. this morning prince george's county police are looking for the killer who gunned down a student on his way to school. now classmates at central high are mourning the death of markel ross. kristin fisher is live outside the school in capitol heights with more. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: if prince george's county have any leads, they're not talking about it. the word this morning, still no suspects and still no motive. but marckel's mother says she believes bullying may be to blaip. she says when the 18-year-old
5:32 am
transferred from central high school to anne arundel county in 2009, initially he was bullied. last year he got into several fights with several students. she complained to school officials but then the bullying wore off. she thought his school life was stable but now she's wondering if maybe it played a part in her son's murder. >> when you have children that go to school, they're smart, everybody likes them. they enter all type of activities and then you have the kids on the side that are smoking, the drugs, and very unfortunate and those are the ones that come after the other children. that's what i mean. >> maybe people were jealous about the popularity. >> reporter: prince george's county police will not comment about any of those theories. they say it's still way too early in the investigation. but what they do know and what they will say is of course marckel was found dead on a sidewalk. his books and backpack were scattered on the ground beside him. he had been walking his regular one and a half mile route to
5:33 am
school here at central high school when he was gunned down. this all happened just about 24 hours ago at 6:00 in the morning. this comes just weeks after prince george's county police found another prince george's county public school student shot and killed in her own bedroom amber stanley. her killer still has not been caught but this morning prince george's county police say they do not believe that these two shootings are connected. andrea? >> thank you, kristin with that update from capitol heights, maryland. we have new information on the stabbing last night in woodbridge, virginia. prince william county police are investigating the attack on delmar drive as a possible home invasion. a man inside that home was stabbed and flown to a hospital for treatment. police have not released an update on the person's condition, but they do say the suspects and victim knew each other and they don't believe there is a threat to the general public. neighborhoods in anne arundel county are receiving some extra protection against
5:34 am
the west nile virus. crews with the maryland department of agriculture sprayed in some specific areas last night because recent tests came back positive for the virus. so far this year, three deaths in the washington area have been caused by west nile. one in maryland, one in virginia and another in the district. there will be another round of spraying in anne arundel county next tuesday night. later this morning maryland live casino is unveiling its finished casino floor. the casino at anne arundel mills mall opened to huge crowds in june. casino operators say phase for opening today has another 1,000 slot machines and electronic table games and that the completed gaming floor makes maryland live casino the third largest commercial casino in the country. it is 5:34. time to gamble with some of your money. >> jessica doyle is back. how rich are rich people really? >> we're talking about the wealthiest americans. their average net worth is 28le times that of the average
5:35 am
american household. 288. some are saying the new report is more proof that the middle class is shrinking. the left leaning economic policy institute says the median household net worth actually dropped to $57,000 in 2010. that's way down from $73,000 all the way back in 1983. the top 1% on the other hand saw their average wealth grow to 16.4 million, up from 9.6 million in the same time frame. the wealth gap of course has been expanding for decades but this trend was accelerated during the great recession. we know we're spending lots of money every year on health insurance but do you know how much the bill comes to every year? the kaiser family health foundation and the health research and educational trust are out with some new numbers. age health insurance tab per employee works out to be $4300 in total, including what the boss is paying for. each employee $15,745 a year, a
5:36 am
lot of money. the total sup 4% from last year and is -- is up 4% from last year and is rising twice as fast as your paycheck. corn is already hitting the grocery stores. the combine has been meeting the cornfields. farmers are harvesting weeks earlier than normal but also getting higher prices. corn prices could also cause problems down the road. we're talking increased prices on everything from corn flakes to meat to milk. so be prepared. >> looking forward to more corn. i tried a few ears of corn already. >> not so good? >> yeah. i don't know if it has to do with the drought or not. not as juicy and sweet as last year. >> we'll see how the really good stuff that's starting to come in tastes. >> very good. thank you. >> you're back in just a couple of minutes. >> with daily deals. we're going to tell you about the very special visitors coming to see the cheetah cubs today at the national zoo.
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welcome back. 5:38. your weather first on this very pleasant morning. cool and crisp. we have some 40s, not as widespread as tuesday morning but a dilateful start none the -- delightful start nonetheless. tysons corner this morning, still quite dark. sunrise 6:47 or so this morning. going to be a great lunch hour, 76. a 6:00 p.m. temperature of 77. let's check in with monika samtani and find out how the morning commute is going so far. on the southbound side of i- 270, a pretty -- it pretty much looks like this right now. most of wait from route 85 past 109 to 121 before the pace improves. luckily the lanes are open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:48. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites finding you deep discounts, even on lover. looking for your soul mate? this could help. pay $21 -- that could be really
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seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. i'm going to send it over to mike. how did you get a headline? >> i just typed it into the zoo. time for the morning's ah moment from the national zoo. zoo keepers are excited about the birth of this cutie pie, a male dama gazelle. visitors will be able to see the calf later this fall at the cheetah conservation station's mixed species exhibit. basically right where the cheetah cubs are. the birth is considered very significant for the dama gazelle population. that's because it is critically endangered. the calf is said to be active and gaining weight steadily and super adorable. two of the world's fastest humans are visiting the national zoo. they both won medals in the 100 meters at the london olympics. those olympic victories led to n. here's the other ah moment.
5:42 am
the zoo's baby cheetah cubs have been named car lead take -- carmalita and just continue. they'll -- justin. they'll sign autographs today. >> bring your camera. are they adorable or what. so cute. thousands of drivers are are apparently abusing maryland's ez pass system and are trying to catch you. >> not cute. >> plus, demonstrations on the anniversary of a south american coup turns fiery. >> it's birthday time. who's celebrating today? we'll let you know. you'll remember him in the lord of the rings films, ian holm is 81. she's back playing sue ellen on the new dallas linda gray is 72. oscar winning actress and singer jennifer hudson is 31. and this year's first overall
5:43 am
n.f.l. draft pick andrew lucke turns 23 today.
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good morning. the bearer of good news, howard bernstein. another great day. paul, one of our super photographers around here is outside. got this shot of the crescent moon and jupiter right now. it's just a very pretty morning out there. that's what's going on in the eastern sky. paul, thank you for that. a neat shot this morning. we'll start off with our allergy update. got a great day ahead. allergy sufferer, just take one of your allergy pills or something because the grass pollen and the weed pollen, they are way up there in the high category. mold spores moderate. tree pollen is low. here's the bus stop forecast. it really is another chilly
5:47 am
morning in spots. some areas down in the upper 40s. sunrise at 6:47. about an hour from now with low 60s in town and by the bay. those are the warmer areas. another beautiful day. we've been on a weather roll and we'll continue it i think for a few more days. 76 for the lunch hour. light south winds at 4 miles an hour. they'll be southeast this afternoon, 5, 8, 10 miles an hour with 80 at 4:00. we'll poke up to about 81, 82. then 72 at 8:00 p.m. if you have plans this evening outside, sports practice, just want to take a walk with a loved one, it is going to be delightful. 48 winchester. cumberland this morning. culpeper also 48. low 60s, about 60 right on the bay in reedsville. here in washington easton is 54. a 55 coming from prince frederick as well. bowie earlier checked in with 54. right now we're looking outside on our michael & son weather camera in northwest d.c., wisconsin avenue. we're looking west down through virginia in the distance. 60 degrees morning at national.
5:48 am
humidity 75% and a very light south, swerm wind. cold front -- southwesterly wind. cold front cutting across the country with 80s and 90s ahead of it. behind it with the rain, upper 50s in denver. in nebraska, 70 in minneapolis. yesterday they were in the 90s. so that front means business. it's going to be coming east but by the time it gets here late saturday, saturday night, it may not have too much moisture to work with initially. so we're watching the rain. you see it from colorado all the way up toward the twin cities. out ahead of it, we've got the temperatures as we just showed you that are going to be in the 80s and 90s. this morning we have 30s in north dakota. we have a cool start here. no 30s but some 40s. high pressure moving off the coast. so the winds are going to turn from a norm direction to a southerly direction. that means a little bit more moisture. it will still be nice. maybe not as dry and still rather sunny. here we are at 6:00 tonight, a clear night tonight. some moisture will try to move
5:49 am
down toward southern virginia as we get into friday. between now and then we're looking great. today 82 degrees. a beautiful afternoon. tonight we're going to drop into the low 60s in town. low 50s north and west. don't think we'll see too many 40s. 83 on thursday. friday a few more clouds, still nice, 83. the weekend features a chance for a thunderstorm later in the day on saturday, 82. i've removed the rain chances from sunday but we've increased them later monday and especially into tuesday. it's 5:49. here comes monika samtani with timesaver traffic. are we starting to build up some issues? >> you know we are. it's 5:49 in the morning. >> like clockwork every day. >> it happens every day at this time. this morning is no exception. i'm going to tell but it in just a second. first of all inbound # 6 you have slow -- 66 you have slow traffic in centreville and fairfax but no big deals. let's go to the northbound side of i-95 right near the prince william parkway. just south of that point you can see the fire truck here. it was a brushfire along the
5:50 am
right side of the road there. the fire has been put out but you can see that the equipment remains. so that will slow you down as you come up from dale city trying to get past this point near the prince william parkway. once beyond that you're still pretty good across the occoquan river and as you head for springfield. let's go back over to our maps this time to the north side of town. no problems to report out of aspen hill, wheaton, bethesda. the outer loop side still looking good out of college park. if you're planning to head over here at new hampshire avenue, the brake lights begin after this point into silver spring. maryland lawmakers are trying to figure out how to put some teeth in your ez pass. turns out that thousands of people have been zipping through toll plazas and never paying. bruce leshan reports they've avoided any consequences. >> reporter: thousands of vehicles are blowing through the toll cameras without one of these, anker z pass transponder. of course the state has -- an
5:51 am
ez pass transponders. of course the state has captured that. thousands of vehicle owners are simply ignoring the collection letters. one rental car company owes almost $209,000 in back tolls and penalties. eight other rental car companies owe between $80,000 and $200,000. >> we just raised tolls on ordinary motorists. people need to know the state is doing their best to collect from any large commercial vendors who are maybe running a rental car company and are racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and not paying them. >> reporter: regular old drivers owe big, too. some $15,000 -- some 15,000 of them according to "the washington post" owe more than $500 each. those collection letters have no teeth. maryland does not cite you for
5:52 am
driving through those toll plazas and so it cannot suspend or revoke your license either. and maryland does not send these fines and tolls off to collection agencies either. >> it's our intention to go after people who don't pay their tolls and go after them as vigorously as we can. >> reporter: look for maryland legislators to try and fix this in the next session of the general assembly. on the icc in montgomery county, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> maryland encysts that the problem is even -- insists that the problem is even worse in other states. about 1 % of drivers are dodging tolls in maryland n. virginia it's almost 2% and in delaware almost 3.4% of drivers are skipping out. i'll have more traffic coming up in my next report at 6:00. back to you guys. >> monika, thank you. making news now at 5:52, demonstrators burned security cameras and clashed with police in chile tuesday. they were marking the anniversary of a 1973 military
5:53 am
coup that extended the rule. police used tear gas to disperse protesters blocking roadways and setting fire. rangers at iew seminational park are -- at yosemite national park are warning visitors of a virus. eight cases have been reported of the hantavirus. it's believed mice may have nested in a winterized camp there. in campaign 2012, mitt romney flew into jacksonville, florida last night and will campaign there today before speaking in fairfax tomorrow morning. meanwhile, president obama and the first lady visited arlington national cemetery tuesday. mrs. obama will make a campaign stop tomorrow in fredricksburg. she was one of the first black women to enter the u.s. military. >> now she's 105. there's alice dickinson and she still has the fighting spirit. we are going to take you to her
5:54 am
birthday celebration coming up next. >> they are informing joe citizen about the issues and influencing what becomes law on capitol hill. oh, yeah, they're creating jobs right here in the district. we have a cup of coffee with the founder of a red hot start- up in d.c. that's coming up at 6:12. you're watching 9news now.
5:55 am
5:56 am
good morning. >> welcome back. one of the first african- american women to serve in the u.s. army has passed a big
5:57 am
milestone. she turned 105. >> anny hong found alice to be a woman of life, laughter and wisdom. >> god has been good to me, very g. he left me with a few marbles. >> reporter: more than a few many would say. spumpgy, feisty and -- spunky, feisty and sharp as a talk. alice dickinson shows no signs of slowing down. she's the oldest resident here at the v.a. medical center which has a nursing home wing. you can see the staff through a sell -- threw a celebration for her. it was a big party for a woman with an even bigger sense of humor. she loves telling jokes. at 31 she entered the u.s. army as one of the first african- american women, something she never really thought much about. >> i thought i was as good as everybody else. they said anything to america i said the hell with you. sorry. >> reporter: she joined after
5:58 am
diagnosed with a skin condition that causes loss of pigment. >> i thought the army knew all the answers. i said i'll join the army and let them remove those spots. i was crying. i said can you remove those spots? he said you don't have to remove them. you're going to be white. i said you mean they got me mixed up? >> reporter: to keep the mind sharp, she reads "the washington post" every morning. >> you have to find out what's going on. you don't want to be here and be stupid. >> reporter: she puts on her makeup every day, likes her jewelry and still enjoys getting her nails done. she's in good health but did lose her leg several years ago to an infection. >> if i had another leg, i'd dance for you. >> reporter: she has lived a full life and she shared with us why she believes she has been so blessed with so long. >> help everybody. you can't take it with you. so share it. you'll live a long time. that's why god let me live. i shared everything.
5:59 am
>> reporter: in northwest d.c., anny hong, 9news now. >> anny, thanks for sharing her story. she spent about 30 years working at the pentagon as a purchasing specialist. she's one of nine children. she has just one surviving sister and she says most of her siblings lived well into their 90s. good gene pool there. >> huge inspiration. >> happy birthday. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. if that story made you smile, the weather is too in just a moment. >> i just feel so good right now. >> monika samtani has traffic. >> hopefully the traffic will make you feel good but we know the weather forecast is going to brighten your day. >> another beautiful day on tap. we do in spots need some jackets out there. we have some readings down in the 40s right now. look at this beautiful sky there. about 5 minutes or so before the sunrise. a presunrise glow in the eastern horizon on our michael


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